The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR COUtWEE KBWB COCJUBi H*W» 00, >OBU»H»W " .> 0, R..UMOCB, •*•*••••••• ifetlpul H Dajiv*,' Inc.;' Now sf uufc. p«ii«:'jaiSiji gyery jtneraxm ' Entered a? second (due mi'.Ur ml the post offlct «t ^lytheyllle, Arkansas, undet »ct of Conptu. October 9, 1817. . '••..., . • ; Servw QV r»» muma SUBBCniiM'JON HATK8 By c*n«r m int isiy « Bhru*wil», lie pw .Week or »8.80 per fear la •avail* By mill within t r»<lliu of M mikt, M00 pw year, »I.6U for HZ montlJs, Wo tor three mootiu; tty mall In pasial zonei two » lit, Inciuslrt, $e.5<L[Kr year, In zones seven »no eight, 110.00 per year, payable In tdnno*. The TV A Challenge The constitutionality of the Tennessee Valley Authority is under attack by the Edison Blcctric Institute, rcnre- switint' 80 per cent of the electric utility investment in this country, and by other interests—notably tho coal industry of the Appulachian region. But the life or death of the TVA program, will not be delermmud on that basis. Commenting on the opinion given the Kdison in.stitule by two eminent lawyers that (ho act under which the TVA is 1'imctiojiiiij,' is "palpably unconstitutional," the Wall Street Journal, in an editorial reprinted yesterday by the Memphis Press-Scimitar, remarked thai "in modern times the courts do not lonjf a mat ureat siii'fft-s of the popular will." Tlic Edison institute's lawyers may be right or wrong in regard to the coiislitiilioiiality of the TVA, but if the TVA program continues to enjoy public coiiliclencc ways will be found io gut around constitutional limitations. In Hit- long'>(iii tin} TVA will survive and the idea it ombwiks will spi-ead if it demonstrates an'ability to do more for Hie people •. it serves Hum private iuluresls arc abb m- willing lo do. TJiis is the challenge 'il presents lo Urn members-of the Edison Electric IiihliLulc. They niay impede its progress, tlicy inay force mod- iliciilion in detail;, of its organi/.iilion and program, but they-cuiiuut slop -it except by pradicitl demonstration of their ability lo'do its job; at least as effectively and economically.' The TVA, in dVect, is'a challenge lo tin; vaiinlwl initiative and efficiency of private uutcrpnsi: lo show ils stuff; The electrical industry has the right and duty to insist that the %VA "yard- slick" be an honuht measure. The TVA has promised that it will not un>: public opinion with i-nle.s lower than UK: cost of pioducing and distributing electric win cut. It should be forced lo keep that promise, thus marking the for a fair race. The private utilities ought not to be afraid lo meet the challenge on that basis. Let Out to Shoot-Quail! (( A great deal of the complaint about "coddling prisoners" j x ' sll , 1)i{ | ., ||( | OUT OUR WAY .'.• Howiiyur, t|je sjutc of Okluhonm jjjis just•provWwJ.ajj excel, |c|il, example of the serf of coddling r PlWJ!!?jilali : Kir?)«Si notorious-' Iwrjtjit mid HiHci 1 , ; for' n 'six-day (iiijiif "llujil, ; KjmcB ',WII.H : ordered, rcleafipii >viUi- oijt a gimnl. His attorneys, su'icl thai «Ul|ipi'foa(ion for (ho release cajnc from Governor ftliifray, who, lie said,'felt that Kimcs was •'onliUcfy to a 'leave of absence because of his excellent conduct while in the penitentiary. H in gi'iilifyinjr, of course, to know Unit a desperado has |;ecn behaving himself w.ell while in prison. Still, it is 11 little bit iiard to see just why this .entitles himj to a vacation. It is worth remembering thai this gentleman's flood behavior, so far, seems to have been confined lo one spot—the interior of ..the penitentiary. Bigger Game For Uncle Sam It is worth noticing that, at just about lliu limo when l!;iljy Puce Nelson was dying an unla'meiilcd death from Uncle Sum's bullets, New York's most notorious "beer baron," Dutch Schult-/, was .-nin'oiideriiig to the authorities on an income, tax evasion dim-go anil was laiKiujshing in jail for want of S50,- 000 bail.' ; Two types of criminals are represented hero., Nelson was of the old Jesse James typo—lawless, t|iiick- shooting freebooter,-a strong-arm man |)iii'o and simple. Schult-/., on the other hand, is of the big business variety of crook; the". Capone type, which killed" and sluggqd only incidentally lo tho main business of producing ami selling. This second.type probably represents' a greater menace to our institutions' Ihan the firei. The downfall of Nelson ' was, spectacular; that of Dutch Schulta is .actually more of a feather in the cap. : . ^Tfic Utrc ofT-ilic ianiimay prove _ lo :lhi;.:clt.y.|)rc(l us; Ihc :-liKhU,oI llic city to : those who iiiiyht, belter have stuck lo llic soli. —Hobcrl 'Whllkin,consult!!])!, to . Nin Yoik alule's •. HccoH-ry Is: iiliicil by j))acliiE cuipliasls on vuluiiic uf business unU volume of employment, rallior (li(iii mi wiigo mlw uml prices or'tmm- iifncliireU goods, when tlic volume «f busincv, is ubnohnally low. • —l-rof.' Geoi-gc !•', Wuutn, muiicliiry cx[x;rt. "''.••* * * . - . 'Hit imiln cnusu-or modern war i.s uniucs- itoimWy fr«r. -of. iv^yiuni Upli.u u, Be , tornicr "Olooiu IJciiii of St. I'aul's." * *;•.»'.' Till* century aiiinot admit tlic JiicvltublUly pt pqvcily. —Premier llenlto Mussolini. • : • »' * Niilioiis, llfcc men, mny prefer nthlm.. to slnrvlni!. -KniiicLs li. Snyre, iissbtnnl sccru- tnry of slutc. * * * We lire isoing to put lubor 011 a pcrtxniiil basis In Ocrmntiy. -Dr. Robert Ley, German Trade Union Commi&slimci 1 . *, ;.*'• .* Obsessed vvltli the idea tlml cvcrylxxty v.-as fit for college, we have lenitol to insike the college fit fur nnybody. —Dr. Dlx.on Hynn Fox, Iirr«ldciU of Union College. H,, WE SHOULD GO :]/ UPSTAIRS 'CAUSE YOU AMD DAD ARE HWIN6 CDMPAWV THIS EVEMIWG? WHY? WE WON'T BOTHEfi By Williams VOU WOULDN'T LET' !i ' ME GO OUT, LAS'NIGHT- AM TOWIQHT VOO DON'" WANT ME 70 STAV IM~ AT. LEAST, MOT IM THE FRONT ROOM! I DON'T SOU AT ALL, MOTHER. IF- tou DONT HOP UP AMD DO 'I SAY I WMV MQTi-iEK?; .SIDE CIRCES. •• : "By "Then, just to get his reaction, I ( tl iol«l him a low our manufkHimn,, ,„«(» ' m '' our manufacturing tost. , THIS CURIOUS WORLD B / e William Ferguson A OF EXTCEMES/ MOUNT ITS HIGHEST PEAK. IS APPROXIMATELV 2-9,000 PEET ' ABOVE SEA LEVEL..', .Hie panned lady, butterny OCT5 Ils. world-wide distribution to "the acl that it •thrives on a plant winch, ilwlf, has bccn n!05l 51lccc js ful i.eauiuis a loolhold throiiflioul, the vrarld. This .plant is U.c lUistle 'htcli sends its seeds on aerial journeys of thousands ol miles ' NEXT: H'Jiat [ir.'im iviits when it i s touched? Child's Behavior Reflects That of ^Mother and Father BV IJIt. MOItlUS nSIIBKIN dllor. Journal of Ihe Amerkin "Hcdical Assocjalioil, und of Ily- Rci», the Health Magazine E.xpcrl.s In ciuui Dciiavior arc cgiitiiln;; to concern llicinsclvcs of llic liicL Ihal modem uiulUluns' of clvllimlioii . have reduced a child wlio is cxcccd- >Bly <HITicnlL lo lumOlc fro^n llic oint ot view ol its social con- tic t. However, ever since the time of ain ami Aljcl, children liayo had ..xniblc getting along with one another und Ihnrc sccins no rciu:on lo licllcvc tliai motion pfctui-cs, niolor mrs nnd ulher innovaVIons In uur enviroiumnl MIT. ])viiiiurl- ly rriiwnslWc for development ot tt'liat arc called mutable, urdldi- "Ull cltllUrcn.. . H seems'•.iMxy.iblt! Ihul (lie shattered ncrnw of iwrciit:.. whn-hnrc lonuti difTicnlUc.s in Rctliiif; ihrongh llic iwslwar mid depression limes, inuy he rcHccletl to a considerable extent In,' llic children. « * • Authorilte recognize llic broken Humes as unc of ihe mast, jxilcnl fnclor> In causing juvenile delinquency.-. Ol m consecutive cjsci of clultl Uclliiqitency thai apiwar- ctl In u chllclrni's. L-ourt in'; England, 101 were found to comr. from liomr.s In uhlch the parents wen: unable lo gel alone loBelhcr. In every v one of cases, Ihcre weic. sloVies or family quarrels, bickering, -ovmlralmxl nerves uf inollwi-s, und ll]-leni|ici-cd fn- Uieis, The tlealh or desertion .of a l»rciil, cruel Irealmem, desll- iluliou, and long llrjiess are fre- 'quent factors In-causing a chiw to EC I oif the correct path of living. s tin indicatln of the fact that llic delinquency did not represent, any distortion of the child's Intelligence or character, the vast majority of these cliildrrii, when placed in Institutions where they hud healthful .surtouhdhujs and proper living conditions, dcvel- oi«cl quite properly so far as concerns iheir menial and physical growth. * * « However. In some cases the damaye done in childhood in a very ted environment may be so Kyciil llm I even years of inslltn- liomil care will not biitia about a satisfactory result. No Institution, however perfectly run. can supply ii, B inllmatc, nucl loving contact and Ihc ma- tcrniil curcsscs which every child craves. Tlic dlllicnll child te one whose behavior tends lo mate him a nuisance lo his elders. He is lliti- bili "^ SCM!liltvc illul Iacks 50cla " He wilfcrs usually willi nail bll- p, Ihiimli sucking, stammcriiig d Imblt, spasms. He finds ditli- culty In Bcltlni; along in school »ild he is also likely to wander way, li<v slcal or betray extraordinary cruelty. None uf lliesc performances is normal lo a child under proper conditions. A Mucly of the situation at huuic, and of llic physical uimll- Ion of the child us well, will ic-' Veal In inusi/ caws faclurs 'which »re correctable nnd .which when controlled will urlr-g. nbotil • n jtliange In ihe entire nature of the child concerned. ' WEDNESDAY, , on BomcthlDg pow tbat I'd like c, • . , • • mk **"*tm I-BT1S11 KEN. ifcr mut pro.i.,., ° l ?' - lo VAI.BBIA . tl r l»o»ti>B • pod. n •So "**"* %ri "" l »' 'i°"I " k * A " '" »»«)' »'• •lid ik« if,,,,. Allkuuck Tomr tat «u» H>rilfd mamtf • ke tort Ikij cm ki ikU. •• k-T. T/i-rt I * " » • aj ajaai «<a *\mT* KACOONALU a»4>,. ,„ „.- Fatfcaient rloB. TOBJ protjiUri Ana a rlac roi a Rarlitun* liltl but on Carliluaii Ere vrhrt A»» and Sunk prepare a fecilve dim- aer pin; at fall, lo appear. Ann- Icaroi a«i itj caur at «ptni ike alEfel al a drlnktnn aarl;. llrnri- •Ick. >at Irlli him eieryililn* U ever b«i«ftvo tarra. • la * rMianrnix Aaa «aa I VIM Kt ndal), »lt, tltlllanlaata lircauu lie Uai Iracaid aon Valrtla kn. accvlTed klm. Tk*y dlftcutM Ihclt mufual oahapplnr»». Vclvr n»k» Ana 10 «Arrr klm. KOIV CO OX Wllll TIIK STOHt CIIAPTEn XII A NN Glared at Peter Kendall and repeated tie words. "Jlarry you'.'" "Yes," Peter said. "I couldn'u Aro you crazy?" "No. I lite you a lot. We're botli uuliapiiy nnd lonely. l( you'll murry me we catt go away together. Alter while It you w$\nt to^ you C.ID Get & dlTorc*. "It's awfully kind nnd generous of you." Ann Bald gently, "but I couldn't because—you see there Isn't any cliancfj that I'll eel over Hie tvay t feel about —Bouieone else." Wlien they woro almost In tront or Sarah's apartment Ann rccos- ulzcil .Tony's roadster. She saw Tony—b!s hut niillcd down low over his eyes—walking toward Hie car. Ana fought'the Impulse to cry out to him. Oh. slie.was weak as water where.Tony was conceruod: "Please drive on." she said breathlessly. "I've chanced my uiltid. I'll marry you it you waul mo lo." Peter drove rnpia)y.,DDliind Ilicm Aim heard Hie familiar sputter of Tpnjc's niolor. It groiv fainter as they raced on. "We'll get a license ami then Und a nUnlsler." "Tho license bureau Is closed." Aim eald. ,. "There nro ways,'' Peter told her. Thcro wero waj's. no Ann learned. V A sleepy clerk, routed from lied, was angry at flreL Then. lhroyj:h BOIUD magic or Peter's, he rurncd Into a smiling, cagor-to-rleaBe Individual. With tho license forthtoinlus. I'Elcr and Ann sought a minister. Tlicy stepped out ot Uio parsonage Into a world turning whiter under a driving uaow. A queer, rcmolc. cold world under Its 'blanket of BBOB. All part of tlil 3 stra'uBe, no- illovablo drama. , She was married, but not to Tony. To Peter Keudall whom she Iwd seen only three times In her life. Becausa Peter was miserable and generous. On an luiuulac, 5ho utrctclicd out her uand to hJni. Peter covered l( for a moment with nI 5 strong, big ono. .' "You'ro miming a liig risk," sue said. "For all you know, 1 may be a p'prtect devil." • • • • i PETER, guiding iho car th'roiigli tho (Irllta 'of snow, ealil, "You look aoro jiko a llttlo augel." "Do you really \vant to run awaj Peter! Because if ymi dan't we'.'J slay. 1 ' - mciiu a great deal to me. I'd bate (or anything to go wrong." "Tbeu we'll stay," "No." ' "How much time' could you spare wilboul making auy real difference?" "Two or three weeks." "Let's go to Florida for two ot thrco weeks." Ann suggested. "And then come — come come." Peter thought that it wna slrangc for Aun to bo suggesting Florida. working out the problem as he had asked Valeria to da Valeria dad answered, "No, darling, I'd rather wait uotll you get that old Job tin- Ished. fve been to Florida dozens of limes and' I've set my neart oo spending our honeymoon abroad." Peter argued wllb Ann. But Ann knowing now that he had no business to be running away to the far euils of the world, argued oven tet- ter. Presently ho was telling her about the place tie had bought on tho b'lorlda coast duriug the boom days. You droro through a deep wilderness to go! there. And came at last to his small place, curiously called "World's K«d." Ho had named it that because tho beautiful amall lake curved about it and some mornings when you woke the mist would be deep over everything nnd the opposite side of the lake hidden. It scorned eiacily as though you were looking into a misty void from tho rim o! iho world. Then after a while the sun would come up and you could see tbe orango trees In tho grove about the ll house, sparkling with dow, tho beach sloping down lo the' ahe. There were trees, heavy with gray moss, bordering Die narrow drive. Paler had tiouglit the place when everybody was buying. Hut be iiad never lieen sorry. The site was beautiful nud pieturesijue and would always be a flue place to go wljen ho wanted rest and quiet If Ann preferred they could go to Palm Reach or Miami instead of lie lonely little retreat In the lda woods. 'No." Ann toll! him. "I said I to go to tho end ot the wanted vorld. Peter, and that's "where vere going." "Il Isn't us though we'll be cut off from civilization." l>elcr Mid. "Wo can drive to Orlando anil lainira and St. Petersburg." ow— 4 'Tin not crazy. I'o>'re»|ly 4 r.led." Ann laughed Qucc Sarah's eyea »Jdea«i tcll|ug me lli« truth! Whit peucdr How did—oh, hcaveiib me something quick!" Ann began ner slory. And a llule Sarah was 'piecing ll Belhor, wisely titling la trt which ADO was loyally wllhaoll Ann bad married Peter becausj had dad « terrible quarrel Tony and Valeria had hurt I. What a elranga, mad thing il "We'll havo to hurry," Ann 'Pcicr said ho would be bacl an hour." ' They , luniblciJ Iravellug from the closet Sarali wiped off carefully, keeping up > ru_ conversation, trying to eeero c| fuj. She was dazed. Surely was a dream. Presently the open sleepy eyes and say. "/i had the most ridiculous drea "IghU 1 thought you walked , calmly announced yon were m; to Peter Kendall." Ann," said Sarah. realize Petur Kendall has sidered tho most eUgiblu b> ID town? Thlnt of »H th* aj mammas who'll rea a tbout tbl morrow and wish their litn e were in your shoes. Think, c lerla Bennett, It's a good you're leaving town for a wliil • • . I A NN wasn't thinking ot VaJ 1 She was thinking of Tony.] done ft," the told herself dulli ache In her heart. "I've don Ann's things, rery simple) dainty, were packed neatly. S folding ihe plain little silk] ments, said generously, "1 some things I want you to I'll havo plenty of time to set before Mac and ! step off." Ann shook her head. "lt'aaw| sweet of vou, but what I have do." Sarah stared, nerptejed 1 . Af moment Ann said, "I c;m cct [iretty clothes later." "Sure." said Sarah. "You cai| out the shops—later. But that bo now, Look here. ADD. darned attractive man. Ton' ahsoliiiely crazy If you Toiiy out ot your mind." Ann did not reply. Withl packing flnished. she sal In' chair, looking tery sniall, weary and sad. She was wearll b|ue suit; a white ruffled blouse small blue hat. 'Kiting 'c lier bronze hair. , — Tile icleriltono rang. Sarau oitenccl the door when nervously. "Peter. You'd ! llicy arrived at Ihc auarlinoiH. Hello. Ann." She sUircd in aranzcmcnt at I'clcr and acknowledged the Introduction .Bllrtly. V "-Flensed to ^110,17 jon.~ Sarah 6"ld, rcalizlue lioiv- "c'ountrilirii" Ihe words Bounded. Il was nwnn, rJroprlng into small-town n-ayj wlienevcr she agitated. ' Aiid caught lilio tlila. tier face as shiny is .a kitchen [tan. and wearing an old rag or s tiouso dress. "Come In," Sarah said, "only gire me a little tluio for n riiuuiug start—" . A inomcnl lalcr Ann followed Sarah Into her room. .Sarali narl Bopped down In a chair. ._.'_• ''Ann! -Whero'a Tony? Where did you pick up Peter Kendall?" Will "1'vo Just oiarrJcd Peter. Ann whispered. "It's Tony"/ It was Tony. Aim Heard Sarali'feayiiis Ann la hero. tony. No. TOU see ucr tonight. • U-you come,! can't get In." There was'silence for a monl •Then,: "You mustn't coma, if you slie can't soo you." — TMr Sarali tiung up' the IclspVoho turned to Aun. ! "1 couldn't do .1 'thing, with . He says lie's coming rlglu-out.) said he'd break (town the do'or f didn't open IL And be will."."It won't mailer aujvvay," said slowly. Th6 doorbell rang. * ."Ooodncss. i bopa -Il's Pell Sarali exclaimed. "Let him In « you help mo pack some things? 11 get your baga locked. Aid oil We ro going to t'iorida tonlghu" hurry and get away from heril Sarah, olaring at Ann'a while don't want murder In my ajl faco and Bliadowcd eycn, taldfmcntv •', '* quietly, "Are .von ill? Veii'd heller J' - {To - ncCoSiinScH) ; | --but be sure of your tirej A Blowout at High Speed Would Be Disastrous EQUIP TODAY WIT! ires i on* 440 x 20 OTIilJU . ACCOHDINGLY GUM DIPPED U iff h Speed Tires JUKI N l!» 5.25 v 18 5.50 x 17 $9.75. $10,85 $ll,?p' .Other Sizes Priced Aceordingji FIRESTONE CENTURY OF PROGRESS Tires 450x20 ................................. 5 7.65 475x19 ...... ....................................... $ 8.45 525x18 ........................................ $10,05 FIRESTONE OLPF1ELD TYPE Tjres 475x|8 .................... ...;. .. .$'7,75 525x18 ............ .$ 9.25 550x17 ............. .......$10.15 $1,7 $1,8 $2.0 Tube $1.8 $?,pi $2.3 PHILLIP MOTOR CO. ' • i AN!) 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION

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