The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1932
Page 5
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1932 JHA'THKVII.Ll.;. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ei THnecto>ii/ of. Classified Advertising Itatcs Aliijiuiiwi Charge 50e i^u-i 5 Average Words lo &Uo« Wo::!.'i rate per line, i«r i;:onlh We Six tinieSj per line per day . 05c Hirce times per line per uny We Uue time per lino 1UC All Ads riuj Irregularly lake ihc onu time rate. COAL AND WOOD PHONE 10?" " BUCHANAN. "Our coal is black bui we treut j'ou white." 2lc-kll21 COAL - WOOL) - COKN COLLINS COAL COMl'A.N'Y R. HY. & Chic. PHONE 47 Ul'-lC 12-H KINDLING and WOOD [or heating »"d cooking. Wo deliver. W. M. Smith, Phone 960 or Gateway store. 21p-k 11-21 Ti-nntham Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers In Kentucky and Sunlight Coal Sycamore i: ll. H .31. I'hunc 9G4. ,'ic.u—'10 overhaul }our ck-c-| HIT titeirie btmce, •;„ un- ] C ° A _j; a . 1 r , 10 , 1 *' P rl " s runt, O'u. i'nonc ooO. '""' ----- " T avu-fi 11-iU ui'HOLBTEUING and refmislii'nj luumnre. H. B. (Jakes, Ua w. ---- . Phone 48. Prompt Delivery. BLYTHEVILLE OAL CO - Walm «- Rallrond Sts. 8C-K 12-8 Mam. PHONE 417 E. P. FRY EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing, u. B. U.ann- eiismph 110 E. Rose. Phone 1C5W. Ic-k 12-1 j WONDER CITY COAL CO.[ FOR j MONTEVALLO-STRAVEN RED ASH, SIPSEY, OLD HEN & KEN- 1'UCKY COALS. 10p-k 12-10 AUTO.MOUILE Glass, new «nd usud auto parts. Jackson Auto irUi Co. Phone Cli. Sok 12-3 WASHING 750 - - GREASING V&s DAY & NIGHT SEHVICE PHONE 5D5 24P-K 11-25 FOR HUNT KKWAIU) 520 HKWAHIJ fur return or Information Iradlnjj to relnni 01 lverwnri! sto!i>n lio:« my IIDIUU night of Nov. 3. E. M. McCnll. I'C-K Ui-S FOR HENT-0110 small furnished apartment; two 3-rooni and one I 5-room apartment unfurnished. turn of Diamond rlnj, 7 stone. In plathn:in ir.oiinthiij, lost In or mar Now Dixie Steve. Cull Courier Rent reiuounblc lo s:illsfnc'.ov.v ten- 7^ .. ants, prank C. Dnuglas. Phones J or 454. 14c-ktf STORE building. Gil Franklin. S3 L. Kowler, Phone 450J. -Icttf WANTED TO HUY CORN WANTED-Marlljn Httlcli- ery, Blytneville. USED Stoves and Ranges, n. j. Dodsou Furniture. 4c-kl2-r WANTED—Turkeys, Gccso, Hens und Ducks. PIGGLY WIGGLY OR KROUEIl STORE. lie-kit KOOM & BOARD WANTED of Ilia Court House, between hours proscribed by Itiw. In AUTISTIC SHO-CARDH i c ,- WEEKfY AI™ Small Si S1 ,s Gaic Banners ^0 1(x;ms . ,.„, ™° n(1 ^^^ \ McCALL 3U5 E. MAIN 2p-kl2-2 GAUAGliS ~ TO RENT—4 or "" I "T", Courier 5 rcom house. flOO.M ,t BOARD—Close in. 103 W. Ash. Mrs. E. Gay itjs j— ; j.N'ICE MEALS, 25 cents. Phone 807. EXt'LHT MECHANICS and Wreck- \ SVi West Ash Street. LT tour Vim. u;:i'ii jn iii|jiil. JJAi j' ^ MIGHT CAKAUU. I'nune 'ii'-u. li-J WANTED TO RENT—Small. furnished house preferred or furnished apartment. Box AB, Courier Newa. 5c-k 12-5 DcSOTO SAiES &. SERVICE Commercial Auto Repairing ROY BAK1SK JOE WILLIAMS PHONE «aa ' 11EAUTY 1'AKLOKS WE SPECIALIZE IN HAI11 TINTING & Di'ELNG NEbl/S BliAUTV SHOP, Phoilc 02 200 it 11-ai FOR SA^E AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS BURROUGHS adding machine with stand, cheap. Phone 1G5-W. 7ckH NURSERY STOCK SITUATIONS WANTED WORK WANTED by good, steady man, will consider anything steady. Address "J", Courier News. __ . 10P-K14 TO THOSE seeking Jobs the Courier News Want-Ads offer a result producing service at. low cost. Phone 306. SHRUBS—All prices. We set them | out. Hester's Fruit and Produce.' 123 Fast Main. 19p-k 11- STRAYED EAHLY Bearing Papmhell Pecan trees, peaches, pears, plums, m»io ouauii onwr Brapl!S ' strawberries, etc. Quality Wionc M8 2BC-K 11-2B e"arantee<l. Quick growers. Easily planted. Catalog free. Bass Pecan SCALP TREATMENTS OUK, SPECIALTY McADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP HOMECKAi'l' FREE demonstration on latest sewing art. SINUERCKAl-'T rugs, toys and gifis. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 24p-k 11-M . Co., Luraberton, Miss. FARSI LANDS DRESSMAKING DRESSMAKING— Coats relined, alterations a -specialty. Ruth Thompson, .Qpff Hotel. 20c-kll-20 -^j_»^ — !._JiL-,^_L_._.j ----- ^. CLKANERS. TAILORS FOR SALE—53 acres in cultivation. 3 houses, liig barn, in C miles of Blythevlllc. 1 mile of good school. $25.00 per acre, terms. Phone 887 or 838. W. T. Barnett. CC-K-TF COillMISSIONKK'S SALE NOTICE is hereby (jlveii Hint the ii(i(ic'rslsi:cd commbsioner, in comnhaucn with (h c . icrms of u ilccice .runderul by the Chancery Court fcr (he Chkkasuwta District ol Mitsitslppi County, Ar- knnsns, on the 22nd duy of Feb- runry, 193^, wherein The Western & Souihc-ni Life insurniK'c Co., .1 corporation, was I'lalntill, No. 5C32, und W. 13. Rayiler, et al., tvcrc Di-foiirtaiils, will sell nl public nuctioii lo the highest and best bidder, for, on n creilil of three mcnUis. al Hie front door ai:d a Itcn will be retained lipon M!d urujicrty as Hddltioiuil security fur tho ixiyaicnt of such pur- Hiasi- money. WITNESS my hand ami liic. senl "I salil Court, on this, the iilsl day uf October, 193^, Ri L. GA1NES, Cummlssloner In Chancery, inuk c. Dougliis, AUy. for 1'lnintiir. 31-7-14 Iron) date of s«14 until paid, nnd x lieu being relutiwd oil the prem- s*s wld to secure tho payment uf the purchase money. 'Hvcn under my hand this 25th day P! Oct., lilt. R. L. OAINIOS, Commissioner In Chancery. the the City uf lilytheville, Arkansas, on the 22nd day of November, 1032, Hie followliij; real estnle, lo-wlL: I'art cf (he Fructlonnl 'West Hulf of the Nortlmesl Quarter nnd of Lots Fcur u> nnd Five (5) In Section Thirty- live (33) Township Sixteen (1(5) North, Range eleven (ll) East, described as follows: Beginning 1178 feel South of the- Worth- west comer cf said Section Thirty-five (35); run thence South with the Section 1335 feet; thence east pnrallcl with ihc south line of said Lot, Five (6) 132-1 feet; tliencc North with the East line of said Lots Five (5) and Four (4) 1335 feet; (hence West 1320 feet to Hie paint of beginning. SAID sale will be had to satisfy said decree In the sum of $2575.00, with 10 per cent interest from February, 1U32. STRAYED — 1 blazed face Bay Marc. 1 brown Mare, 1 blue „....,, ,„„,.. Hort» Mule, I brown Horse Mule. I THE purchaser KV said sale will Notify Mack Bryeans or E. O.|fc required to execute bond with Adams. Blytlieville, an-i receive S10 i approved security, to secure the NOTICE OF COMMISSIONKII'S KALI; Nu!cc la lifiuby given, Hint In iiiiiinuicu uf Hie aulhorlly and dl- Hi 1.0113 coiiliilnrcl in HIV decretal ci'dir if tho Clmnm-y Cmiri of M:i:L'slpp| Coimly, Arkansas, made ami enicied on ihc 2Cth day ot SepicinbL-r. 11)32, In a certain causa iNu. 53ao) (iicn jwiidliig tliei-cln lKt\\cen Tho Federal Land liann of HI. Louis, a corporation, coni- l>liili:nnl, nnd A. CS. Little, ct ill., "cli'iidants, (he underslgnixl, as mmisslcm'r uf .suld Court, wilt ollrr for sale at public vciidue lo Hie lilijliesl bidder, at Ihe soulh dcuir or entrance of (h L . County Courthouse, In which said Court Is liflil, in (lie County of Mlssls- stppi, #vithlu ttie hours prescribed by law for Judldnl siilcs, on Sat- urdiiy, tho 13lh day ot November, A. 0. 1032, the lolloiving described real cstnto. to-wlt: Th c South Ten UO) acres ot the Southwest Quarter (8WK) of the Northwest Cjuartcr (NWH) and Hie Norlluvpst Qiiintcr (NW'i) of the Soulh- wesl Quarter mw'.I) and tho Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) of the Sontluvcsl Quarter (SWy 4 ) uf Section Thirty (30), Township Sixteen (15) North, Kanuo lilcveu (in 1 East, containing One Hundred Eighteen illBj acres, moro or less, • In Mississippi County, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute u bond ns required by law nnd the ordci mul decree oP suld Court In said cause, with approved security OUH'BOAKOING HOUSE Reward. tearing Interest at the rate - i <« n -."-V.HH- LUX, ijuinmg illtcfPaU uE< 'H-K12-7 i paj-mcnt j>f^ih c p urc hnse money, Eight i>cr Cent (B%> Mink fiMvrt* to Fur Farm • VIRGINIA CITY, Mght.,(UP)- Ten large Alaskan mink, -six'ma- lure ones Uuxl four kittens, have bten slil|Hicd here from Wasllla, Dual r WILMINGTON, ;Dcl. (UP) - Olilnik \r, alXHil six lime.s as large as llio slato of Texas. develop an mink arc much larger tcr furred than native I mink. and M. "<"• "' Xt *^-' Montana Uciul courier Now« want Ad*. More than 1600 types of alloy steel have been developed by steel research workers. By Alicrn BOOTS AND HEK HUDDIKS iinnuiii LETS SEE, NOW—IF W£ *6LL 12OO 6INGER. AvLfc (CE CUBES A t)/ AT IO* A. 'DOZEN, THAT WOULD fe US ^lO^-UM^YHST's NOT ENOUGH . .„. ..' TO SPLIT "B>tTWEtN NER.TLES AND fAY&ELF ? -~ BttTER £>EL\_ TU£M W ("o^ A "DO2&NTO 6IVE US.^7.50 APIECE—NO, 1\L MAKE IT TUREE DOZEN "FOR.PIFTY CENTS ANT5 WE MAKE ^lpl(o.E)O A "CV\V-*~NOt 1 ELECTRICITY TO FREEZE THe" CUBE.'b WOUUD BE, I SHOULT3 SAY, ABOUT <SC I KNOW YOU AWT f ASK\N' T<^?. N\V VJWSTLE O^'lVC SUBJECT. "BUT I'U-TEU_\oo WHAO- VOliRE (SONMA GlKJ&tR M,t \CE CUBE^s -^^-VOU'LL UP YOUR. ^8C AN 1 \T WOMT , TUW OUT/ %*A'.' •^« % v« ^ .t r ^J ^mmiiiiiiu- w\ I. U. t- MT. Off. _. .;- Mr. Bargain Hunter .S'o\v is the golden opportunity to I buy ,1 40 or 80 or larger farm. Ini- TO BE WELL DRESSED r YOU MUST BE \VELL PRESSED proved lands can be bought at PRESS WHILE YOU WAIT 'prices ranging from S15 to $40 \HUDSON TAILOR- SHOP | Kr acre, cash or terms. If you CLEANERS 12c-pl2-12 1 buy a home this fall it will in- rrc.ise in value, pay a good divl- HATS CLEANED and .ra-shapcd, 15c. Hudson Tailor Shop. Phone 53. 12c-kl2-12 RADIO SERVICE RADIOS REPAIRED. Work inar- antrcrt. oslinir.tcs free. R. L. DED.MAN. Walpole Electric Shop. Phone 314. 14p-kll-14 QUICK SERVICE on nil types oi radios. Watch for our advertising car. Parkhurst Co. Phone 57. iap-kll-18 I'l.UMBINO REDUCED RATES mi plumbing work done before cnld * weather. A. d. Aitken. Call 8Q4W. Mc-kU-14 ELECTRIC A!, Dust-proof bacs. Brushes and mb- bcr-covered cord for your electric swetixr. lioffner Electric Ftvvtcc, r ,i Gillcn Furniture. Call C20. • 13C-R1U3 FLKCTRTCAL APPLIANCES, fixtures :nd tvirii-,!!. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP, Phone 314 14p-kll-14 RKSTAURANTS WRIGHT'S Wall SI reel Lunch. Greyhound Hiis Station. Phone I1C. 31p-k 11-31 TAXI IN A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 270 ISl'-K It-IB W K R T iiL- BI,\KES 'I:M SI-:E O.Ticc Over Joe Isaac's Store Night Ford Service EXI'KKT FOKI) Ki;v,UKS WKKUKtK Sl.ltVlCE PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'honc 810-777 liclp ma!;e a livina. We ;an locate you. write or phone. G. G. CAUDILL Bo\ 1SS 1'liuue 7il7 15C-11 11-15 DON'T DELAY, the time to buy a farm or home in town 15 Alien prices are low, iliis may not .ast, we all hope not. If you want, property at lo\v prices see us tor and terms. W. Al. BURNS INC. 9c-k U-0 LIVE STOCK FOR SALE-Jcrsey Milch Cows with young calves. See R. M. 3eck at Harris' Barn. lflp-kll-19 MILCH COWS lor saie or trade. Hester's Fiuit & Produce. 19p-klllO FOR' SALE—Fresh load of 'milcli cows. 10 head of shoals and slock bull. E. M. Beck. Ilp-kl4 ?ARME1JS having livcslock to sell or if they desire to buy they u'ill find it convenient and economical to use Courier News Want- Ads. AUTOMOTIVE NEW FORD UATTEKIES. Kcntal batteries, rcciiareing nnd repairing. 177 Tire & Battery Station 18C-K H-13 WATERPROOF Covers fcr trucks ar.d wagons. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. First St., Phone G43. HP-K 11-18 Have You Tried ACTON the best Second Hand FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD R. J. Dodsorc 301 K. Main Phone 153 Phone 100 For Free Sample E. C. ROBINSQN LUMBER SO THICUK! By Martin BROTHER SALESMAN SAM " "SORRV TH' &UARDS K us Tft pp,r& ROCKS -cue FOoTBftLL PRflcTtCE- HIGH AND LOW! WASH TUBIJS , O^ER. -me REBELS; AR& BROKEN- WUQHTtRS 16 SAFETY. I WERE. STEEL EEN FRftNS, I QEEF TO VtXJ V. Fitk'K i. i-:s~\NiT~H isTmioNirs f I DOWT L^£ VJAS STERIC WEN • SHADYSIDE TcX3tC T^E FIELD R;R ASAIWSr THEIR AWClENT RIVAL, L/lkl/CcTXt I ll KAS\ TO THE UESCUK! sur, fti«si"i XM KUIN? i w A Whw MEETHOUT A COUMTRV-AN OUTCftST. All I OA.M OFFER E.ES ME.D&LE.' Crane WE COULDN'T W P. WIN M6PAV.S., BVMES, WO 1 . THEH 1 vV,N PO HOiSINO.V' , 1 £AIWT E«£M INUITE 1 V «H1 TO FUi VI66TH US f& THECOft&T, BECOS OOR / EES WQ>SOEt> 77. £ ISS4T HlfA OUT. COACH- LOOK' SETS 7HROU<5!) OUR LIME....CANT THEy STOP HIW? LOOKS BAD! IT LOOKS AS IF WRE DONE FOR.... KINGSTON IS STOPPIKJS LIME Lj, L, VJE ray:.' , AH' VJITH PED WISS1MS, OUR PASSIMG IS SHOT TO PIECES, 1 Bv Blosser I'D SURB LlkE WHAT HAPPEMED TO IT HIM To &IJIT ON THE TEAM, COACH !.' T TUS EHO OF THE FIRST WALF KW6ST&M IS LEADIMS 6ToO-... AND A SORSy LCOKtKIS 8l)rJCH OF S.MAoysice FH.AVERS DRA6 TWEMSELVeS IMTO THE CLU8 HOUSE/

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