The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX, tid WoM'But Might tic ^.Welj/j'n ^Pitchers , Yocab'ulary , , i Tlifr4>ls a' movement afoot fo the % 'return of the spit-ball. Forme "-"t: pitchers,' an e\e<jutlvo nnd le of scouts suggest tlie spit, gain be legalized'so the oM pitching duel will be some more than a rarity , not a conceded jnovcti 5 — an organized campaign I Just "a setles_of coincidents (tin Walter Johnson 'and Big F Walsh, the old work liorse of 11. White Sox; Eddie Collins, geiieia mahagei of the Red Sox; Charlo Birrett, the Caidinals' daddy o foragers, nnd Ray Cahlll, uh trails, plajers for Die Browns racl should expiess the opinion lha tlie snliva ^i!l should be permit ted'agaln '^hc moeuh made a mlilak *hen they ruled out Die splttei, nsseits Barrett. ' We scouts know more, about this business than th magnates f \Ve get, oul anil se things We see bull pla>cii RJH we sit In the stands and dint will thf fans." N "It's ' time to change Hie gam a bit—lu Ing back effective pitch ing,' echoes CahlH As chief scout for the fai-fluni Cardinal- system. Barrett get. j Bound the country and shouli ki;ow moic than anybody tlie sell ousness of the scaiclty of hurllni talent and the trend toward light ei ball games For years everything-, lias been lr> w fa,\or of the batter—a lively ball that always Is new, slipper; and hard to handle Mi," Why Not? Bin De\vitt, \lca president o the Browns, doubts that major .league officials ever will pass legislation endorsing the sult-bal .again i <'JfJ Vny i not?" shouts Barrett What was wiong with the spit, ter? We had some fine pitchers BilTril"^',,'^ Butlcl Bl> Grimes oil* iwaic, urban Shocker, Uiban Fnoei, Stanley Coveleskie nnd Allan Sothoron, among them," "iJVilt points out that it Is the jstuff the spitter encourages If will keep-it, out. Tlie first gis of the spitter include trick *lng such as the shine ball -"^i ? f * mci y, "corice, mud, coffee - ,1 ot her'foreign, substance J cannot afford to 'cheat' stuff and t lesult If n the • splt'tcr^ as you'll retail, dirt ^sp at moistening the ball or ^fmgers They tried to fool *-- with tilck deliveries Tliey cutting tlie-seams-of the in sharp thumb nails aiir, -whatnot, and inserted dht into -"-seams By gasping the dirty "* »lth the foreftnge«; they "Wing to cheat. They palrne<l IV f an(I i> a Per inside their ^and when the ban wns •arp.nd to them, they'd rub ° lhc Any P ]a ie r W h 0 faced Rnh^ S£l h ±" ^pee^of 13 ^ •^Sror'SjS^^SS i ~u "U.--V will ICIl the tbt, P nf her who re «ntea to anything n]eg , W(S re ny id T /"V^™"™ 1 * suspend' ™ ' or I0 days at that time. Dan- Strange But True Bnild That Home Now " v?.. ^' nuj ' l * e coraWtratny nljher . . / } oa bay the loi . . . the F.H.A. will finance the honsa -and well,hdp you p!»n It »nd furnish the materials. i EAST*, ARKANSAS 5 BUILDERS,SUPPLY CO. (AR^,)' COURIER NEWS Now, Is That a Nice Thing For a Lad to Do? Thh nmy not be the accepted, lady-like way to treat a guest, but, when these women met in Chat lanooga, Term, It V,K foi a wrestling match, not a tea paity The main .efreshments-cnjoycd mostl. by the ciowd-*ere served wheu 'Tiger Woman" Holly Dallon dished out (his 'kangaroo kick" to he' opponent, Betty Blomlell The compliment literally swept Wrestler Blondell off he. feet while the third woman In the ling, the relereo, diplomatically dodged flying nuns, and feet nnnl honors' went t( Dallon Blytheville and Manila In District Cage Quarter-Finals TYRONZA, Ark (Special lo the Courier Neys)—Manila and Bly- thcvlllc, Mississippi county champion and rihmer-up respectively, advanced to Ihe quarier-fiimls O r Jin Fourth District high school joys' -.isketball tournament, along with Jonesboro, the top-heavy favorite, by winning first round games in to«r\ey play here. Manila and Marlon \Jlll clash In he first game of the quarter Iji'Js tonight at 7 o'clock \\Ith B'ythc- vllle meeting Corning In t/ie fourth and nnal game of th. night Hul- tert takes on llio highly favored Jonesboro team m the second game of the night,and Bay clashes with Trumann tn the third game Manila »on its first round game i declavo fashion, eliminating Markec Tree 34 to 2G, last nlglit Slylhtvllle cnmf through with fly- ng icolors this morning In a hard 'lghtppUlt \\lth Moncttc,20 to 24 Uixora, Mississippi count)'•; third ntry In the big tournament, wa<i oe-holds v(l)en spit-ball •illngci-i ere tolling The majority of them ad only a fair idea of the dhec- lon In which the ball would bleak nd where It'would wind up Spit is a horr'ld word, but no •ore dlstnstcfnl then W(>s Ule pltball to batters " swnmpcd by tho crack Jonpesboro tcsin, otic of the favorites for the stntc title, by (he astonishing-score of 11 to 0 In a gaine played lost night Other first round games found Marion disposing ol Greene county high IParagdlild), 42 lo 25, Hulbert detealtng Rector 39 to 25, Bay beating Tyroiua, 47 to:l8. Triiihann flouncing Barlo, 33 to 14. and Corning eliminating Jvfurmndtikc from title consideration 32 to 20 In the final first round game which was played early this afternoon. Consolation games will get underway this afternoon, giving away to the quartei ftnah ol championship play tonight Mississippi County Boys On Winning Cage Quint CHII.LICOTHE, Mo —Arkansas boys and Alabama-Mississippi girls \voii the state club championships at Chllllcothe Business college, Arkansas defeating- Illinois. 13 lo C. and the Alabama-Mississippi girls beating the Northwest Missouri girls, 20 to 18 On the Arkansas boys icam were two players from Mississippi counts, Harry Hill, Kelser, forward ami r L McHaney, Lcachvllle, cenlpi Plays Lilbourn Tonight Cat-dwell and Matstoi Meet m Other. - —* "^ii^viijjui^, i\io (Special U he Courier Ncws)-\Vith Kewanee the last remaining needed team eliminated by Curd mil, 24 to'23 last night four unheralded quintets will clash in the semi-finals of tb'e leglounl high school basketbal tournament here tonight Ulbourn will take on Caruthers Mile, the Pemiscot entry, In the first of the semi-final games tonighl and Cardwcli will meet Marston Carulhcrsvlllc moved Into th» wml-nnals by bowling over Hayt" in Ihe second roiled, 22 to n and PortagevMle I». its third game played lust iir°lit; 28 to n Kewanee tomney favoiitc. trimmed NCT Afaiirld yesterday afternoon, 24 lo 21, but was swept out of the tour ney In a giuclllng battle \iilli tlv Cardvvell aggregation. Ulbourn eliminated Maiden. 2B lo 17. to enter the semi-finals nnd Marston trounced Gideon, 20 to 1 to meet cardwell tonight The finals will be plajed Saturday Dlgln. nt the gjm here The n^t seini-nnal game tonight slar 7 30 o'clock Announcing the appointment of | Tom Little Chevrolet Co, as exclusive distributors for White Rose Gasoline and En-Ar-Co Motor Oil i National Refining Co. FELLER TO GET Cleveland Indians Management Will Season School Boy Slowly. By FKKI) A. McCABK United Press Staff Correspondent CLEVELAND IUP)~Bob Feller, sensational youiig Cleveland In- dlim strikeout king, in his first full season of baseball, will Orcball his iray Into the game's lop-flight money makers nnd this year will shatter Hie major league strikeout mark, believes, c.' C. Slapnicka general manager'of MIC • Indians.". 'You can put me on record right, low when I say the boy Is going to break the 1 major league strikeout mark—and I mean this season," ipnlckn asserted. Feller will not take his regular pitching turn -this year, he Indicated. : In preparation, .for his potential earnings, [he 18-year-old former Iowa farm boy is now "Bob Feller. Inc." Slapnlcka, Bob's personal munnger. Is Hie corjwratlon's guiding hand at no profit to himself. To say exactly how much Bob' will mal^e dining his baseball career," slapulcka reflected, "would be about as useless as my ti-ylng to predict the weather. Golden Opportunity Ahead "But ! will say, thai the boy, if he continues his sensational pjjjfe' and barring rnlsforlyu.(v...te j --' t | le greatest opportunity ol , my major league bait, player of this o r any ""'if age (o land In the big inoney " Feller already is off to a Hying start on his scramble toward base-' ball's golden jwak wilh a salary Umt is said (o be the highest ever paid a major league rookie. Although tlie Indian's management never has revealed the exact figure, tlie Van Afeler, la., schoolboy's 1937 contract is reputed to en I! foi $10,000 Slapnlcka satd Feller's salary thisiyeai w ni be equaled If not surpassed by his Income from com- meicial indorsements, which may reach $7,000 Confident He Can Slick Slapnlcka dismissed Die theory that Feller's earning power will not last for Jong because many consider him strictly an "arm pitcliei." There Is a lot of talk that Bob a 'herki-jerky pitcher. Why, that boy has one ol the smoothest deliveries I've ever seen. I'll admit ne is a little jeiky when he winds up, but when he throws that ball his delivery and foltOK--throu»h aie perfect ' ' As an after-thought siapnickix mused, "Carl Hubbell tosses his arin around a good bit and he's'been heaving 'em up for a Jong t!me.'% Slapnlcka revealed that Feller now is v. 01 king on a change of pace FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 1937 Yeah, It's A Baseball Boli Feller, right, of whom you may_ U,;; vc he!ll(t ball vrii^r S inge<l the eyebrow., p, Amencan League" biltors 'late ";i.^«nr. The wiaational schoolboy rookie Is sucndlno. |,Ls first -eason In a mnjor league training. camp ,as j lie-works out, with the Indians in New Orleans. which he said will make his delivery more bewildering. The schoolboy will be brought along gradually. Seasoning (o lie Slow "Bob is loo valuable a pitching asset to the Indians to lake a chance on burning him out in his first'full season." he said. "Feller lias three advantages over any other of the game's big moneymakers," Slapnlcka went on. "He Is starting at a high figure, he has a long career ahead oi him and he has captured a following of youngsters such as no one else with the possible exception of Babe Kuth." "Why, half the letters we receive right, now. are requests for Bob~lo appear before boys organizations all over the country." Weekly Grade School Cage Meet at Manila MANILA, Ark.—TJic following teams participated in the weekly basketball meet, played every Wednesday night in the high school gymnasium. Scores are also given: Brown girls G, Pawhcen girls : B- Manila boys 16, Pawhcen boys 12; Box Elder boys 4, Block.Water 25- Box Elder girls lo, Black Water girls 19; Shady Drove bays 8, Carmi boys 23; Ro,-ky 11, Brown boys 24; Manila girls 15, sliady drove 4; Black Water .girls 15. Boyntoti girls 22; and Unncy boys 4, Boynlon boys"22. : ' Senior-high school students are used as referees and also are taught coaching In these games. Next week's meet between these grade schools, the last contest before the Western Mississippi county grade school tournament. to be played-March 19, are as follows- Brown vs. Black Water boys; Box Elder vs. Pawheen girls; Rocky vs Box Elder boys; Black Water vs Govevnmen} Sponsors' gram td Make Its;People Physically Fit ; • LONDON (UP)—The British government has established • a $10.- • PM.OOO fund In an attempt to make British' people physically fit. . ' The fund will be administered by • famous athletes and sportsmen. -.. Plans, published in 2 while pajjcr. Includes promotion of all.forms of sport, games; physical training and camping; setting up of two nation- si advisory councils for England - f and Wales and for Scotland and of '' local advisory councils; 1 creation of n . National college of Physical Training, to train teachers and ; leaders In physical- education,, and also more swimming balds, playing n elds and sports club.l, . : ; • The government lias emphasized that there will l»> •."i»l"-'" of compuUirin.i—r;-*~ '•'** terr * Ifr:< -*/ v r .-^..iv.>»»'Wtake advantage of -! . these facilities. : • • ; . • .. in England and Wales the min^ n r J e( f 0 ^ ll)lc ' ^ Parliament win be the president of the Board" of Education, and in Scotland the Secretary of state ' ; - . . The council, for : England,:- aiid Wales may have a royal chairman and Lord nurghtey,. M.P., and former Olympic hurdler,.! will be a prominent member. The council for Scotland, which will' have $1,250,000 ! of the fund, l s likely to have' as chairman sir Lain Colquihoun of Luss. clan chief. Ho.will be helped by the Marquis of, Douglas and Clydesdale, M.P., boxer and flier The two councils will have about 30 members. each, all experienced In sports, physical training, and lo-cal government. Tlie National College of Physical Training will he established near London. Teachers already qualified will be able to have refresher" courses, and those wishfiiT to become teachers may take courses tal expenditure. paired yet, Lehman Holt, tenchei In.the high school, is In charge of these games. ; ... _~ A California scientist states that ,1 miles. - -Nour Located at 101 Worth Second- • ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU noN FDWAKDS, Proprietor ! ' '' All make, of Rebuilt Typewriters, Adjin ff Machine, an* ' - g—Parts—Hibftonj ONLY BOTTOM SUP WHISKY ^K«A M ^_«> ^•___.' i i__ ••: -._ -..-•-.^^:" : .•."••• •••-^P«»B BECAUSE IT'S MADE OUR SLOW MASH WAY-TRADITIONAL FOR 3 GENERATIONS YOUR SEARCH IS OVER, MAN. COME OV£R TO MY YE5 f BILL-l'M LODKIM FOR A WU/5KY STICK 7O! Yes... 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