The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1948
Page 13
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THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 1948 One-Meal Dishes Are Timesavers Meaty Casseroles Come in Handy for Busy Housewives The day of the dust mo)> and garden tool Is here, and with it com« the demand for foods that leave plenty of lime for Hie yearly seine of gardening and housecleaning. Casseroles, popularly known as one-dish meals, are iiartlc- ulary suitable, according to Ucbn Staggs, food authority. An answer for the hoiuciiiakcrs really Intent on savins time is to let the casserole Ingredients ready while breakfast Is In the process of preparation. Cook the Ingredients which must be cooked, then combine all In your best casserole. Place in the refrigerator until time to bake, then there will be no need of interrupting mid-morning planting or cleaning to take care of the forthcoming meal. The mcal-in- one cooks while your spring actv- ities continue. A slightly longer cooking lime Is necessary If the Ingredients are chilled 1 rather than being hot as they go into the oven. A supply of basic ingredients such as macaroni, spaghetti, noodles and rice, is the starling point Jyr most casseroles, and vegetables «re also used frequently. Meat is the primary flavor-adding ingredients, and herbs, spices, cheses, and tomatoes, in a wide variety of combinations, are usually considered secondary flavor essentials. For quick sauces, condensed soups that match or enhance the other Ingredients are other "speeder-uppers." Quick cooking meals, such as canned luncheon meats, ready-to- serve meats, ground meat" ami left-over cooked meals are the most popular for these dishes. Bacon »nd .sausage are also chosen often to lend their meaty goodness. Attractive toppings lend much to «ny casserole. For example, you might try mashed potatoes with «n egg or two added, a pastry lattice, buttered corn flakes, pln-whcel biscuits, bread or cracker crumbs. or cheese (added during the last few minutes of cooking. Fruit for Salads Abundant _BMTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER By fiiiynnr Ufaddo* NEA Staff Writer Not only arc fresh fruit, salads | Important lor sparking jaded appetites at this time of yc'f, but also the Important Ingredients of apples, oranges anrt grapefruit are abundant. balanced spring liihchroii another Ideal fruit salad luncheon For that, spring limclicon or supper, try this new recipe for loma- souffle. Tom»(o-Chw»«i Souffle (Scrv« 5-8) From the ,,.,e of WMhInf!loI , ^ Horn-'Tcup 1 'milt' ^ where Delicious apples are In Huge I coiulensetl tomato L>U|l''; cm supply, comos the suggestion for a I grated cheese, 'i leasnoon dn luneheon of'Waldorf sala.l, erlllcd I .imslnrd. 4 OBBS. 'separated > frankfurters a,,,:1 rolls y , lt (he &W, P «d rt fl6nr and M»l<lorf Salad cook until frothy. Then n<M the *£ ,T.SiS'T 01 ' 5 *""" ™ a « r <Sd JCe, c ^,^ d ^s,^ T ss'^ruW^^rs salad dressing (about =1 ct,p). Jed. Remove from fi?e and add the Balmy Weather, Perfect Biscuits Go Hand in Hand Now Hint ihe neafon of truth (mil shortrr.ltcs and new vegetables and grcr-m for .s.ilad Is nl hand, It's lime for the housewives lo laKe stock of Ilielr bUctill technique. There's no better shorlcak* than one miulc will) rich biscuit dotign and there's no better accoiupanl- inenl lor salud.s Ihnn A hot, tender flaky biscuit. Hebii Slasgs, authority ott biscuits, has a few suggestions that Insure l>l«uit success. First of all, she cautions, use quality Ingredients, mid keep these Ingredient* cold. Use lard and milk just as (hey conic from (lie refrigerator, and 10 keep ilirm cold, work wit], a pastry blender or two knives, rntlicr Ihr.n the fingers. Cut UK- lard In until H Is (lie consistency of cornmcal. Handling of me dough should be nt a inliiliniiin, but a brief 30- second period of kneading improves the texture of the biscuits, Last, but not least, look to your laurels in biscuit variations, says Miss Staugs. Hiscuils come in an Infinite number of flavors iuvl shapes, with Ihe addition of other ingredients and by being baked In various shapes. Venice, Ilaly, is built on 117 small islands, and Its so-called canals are natural estuaries of the Adriatic Sea. World's first commercial radio- ^/lephone service was opened be- w/veen Long Beach, Calif., and Santa Catolina Island in 1020. 'licet tf juicy wkfcr cheese 8 will'"" 1 SC rt U °" S; C ° Ut>Be '" a " an ot hot »-»tV,-"for"°5o"or'«0 s^^iniis'"^"^?' 5 ;; ff utcs or unt " tirm in the ""Expert on Foods Advises Care In Selection of Home Freezers You can depend on th« qualify of rich, fine- grained Ever-Good Ham. Enjoy fh»t fragrance, thaf ipecUl, hickory- tmoVed flavor. Malet thrrfry leftover dlihes feo. Serve Ever-Good H»m. Aik for ir «t your deal•n today. MtMPHIS PACKING CO. Memphis, Term. Miss Gertrude Bond, Home Demonstration from North Mississippi County, recently set out a group of instructions designed to assist PC-SOIL'S who are considering buying a home freezing unit. Miss Bond pointed out that if a person wants complete satisfaction from a. home freezer a thorough check should be made before deciding m favor of any certain machine She staled that a freezer made bv an experienced, dependable manufacturer was the wisest buy. inns- much as repairs and replacemcijls • or the off-brand freezers are often very difficult to obtain and even more difficult lo install. Must frccwrs carry a five-year guarantee, one year being Insurance on the entire work, and an additional four years against mechanical delects. Family Ncttis Vary '•The size of freezjr varies with different lamilias and an individuals needs." Miss Bond said. Home freezers range j n size from four cubic feet to SI cubic feet, one cubic foot of space win hold from 30 f.o 35 pounds or pints of food Housewives usually freeze enough frui!<> and vegetables for a year, but should r.ot freeze more than a few months' supply of meat at one time Miss Bond warned against leaving frozen food too long, and said that a. well planned "turn-over of food, made lor a better service from a home /reezer. Variety may be added to meals by different methods of preservation, Miss Bond said, so housewives should not try to do all their preserving of food by use of a home freezer. There arc some vegetable:; which do not freeze successfully, tnd that Jacl should be kept in mind, she said. Thermometer Needed In buying home freezing units Miss Bond pointed out that only a llicnnornctcr will tell (he wact temperature, and that it is most 1m- porlant (o know what temperature the freezer will maintain. Some null* will accommodate a large" number of pounds of food than others, and some are arranged more conveniently for putting in and tak- uig out foods, and some mates h»ve a lower operating cost than other.; All these points should be considered before buying a freezer, Miss Bond advised. She also stressed the need lor following manufacturers' directions, they have checked thcfr freezer and know what It will or will not do. GRAPETTE The one, the only, the original, created by Grapette. Lush, Ripe Ffavor .,. Soft Carbooelion ... Delightful Aroma.,. Quick-chill Bolllo ... Full Six Ounces Remember (here's only Grnpetle—Demand it. Say: "A Grapette, RlCELAND The tropical "89" butterfly is named for the W design on" Its wings. from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN Arkansas Rice Growers Co-op. A«n., seuU K «r(, Arkansas 6 slices bread 9 slices rifajrose Bacon 12 thin slices Mayrose American Cheese BACONl* CHEESE TWINKLES (4 SERVINGS] Toist bicaj on on; silk Jn<! rum. Place <«-o ihm sliits nl (hccsc an c«li pioc of bread. Cui each ilicc of bacon in two. Pl«c three h jlf slices of bacon on top of cheese. Broil slowly | 0 ctiip bacon jnd melt cliccsc. Scr. c lioi with pickle r:hiri if dcsirc>l. Prices reduced M Canned foods AVOKDALE PEACHES Sliced ir kilvet i,. IK Clt KROGER FRUIT COCKTAIL »». I Cm GREEN GIANT PEAS Sweet No. ;|();i Tender ,- iln &U JUICE «„;« 17< St:tiul:ir<l Grupcfruit PRESERVES , 19- Cluvi-r Valley Apricot SPAGHETTI ^ 20 l.iljli.v's With Meat TUNA FISH N U 40 C Standard UglK Meat EVAPMILK 3r,39 c Silver Cow EMBASSY „„, 29' Saliid Dressing KROGER (limrl 63 C Magic Mix— I'eanut Butler PORK AND HEMS • Vtlil Hill) DCHRO Kroiter Tender Mealy Hearts 2 No. 100 A^e tin* £f KROGIR-CUT BEEF 6IVES YOU MORE MEAT, LESS BONE, LESS WASTE I Long end rut off before steak it *' e i g h e H priced. |MP*S^< Krogcr.Cut B*«f .j v « you "."" "«« for your DKHWV. Excess bone ind wi;<t arc removed *,/„„ you ^ Better value, tad belttt bctf [„ c US V' >S , "« f ">™ «op FIJ. S. Guctes. AIwij, bui. Kroger-Cut B«ef. ' Flat loin bone rt moved htfore you buy. ,-«r SALE ENDS APRIL 17th on HOUSEHOLD INSTITUTE ALUMINUM COOKWARE Get Yours Now! While It Lasts! IB. Buy 2—Dtubto Ywr Savings mm CRACKERS :.;:': Kroprer Salted Sodas CHUCK ROAST V&S"-' » 49$ PORK ROAST ,49' FRYERS ,69 Practically BoneltM Full-Drawn—Pan Ready * 19' CARP Fresh River—Rough WHITING Dressed STRAWBERRIES Louisiana Sw«*t R«d Rip* Hi* 330 Washington State — Extra Fancy Wincsapi - —•"— -f rw ••VWfllfU APPLES 5 GRAPEFRUIT *£*«% Texas Whit* ... TOMATOES «.»• LETTUCE „ U H.dRlp,sli«rn»«™lil, ». <H«my B»h Crti ANGEL FOOD "£> 35' S.!!!, „«„ lb - r CC * RROTS *• & W Kroger IS-Rgg Recipe Crwpy ' Fresh Youn &. Vltamln-rkh ,;: CIGAREHES Crackers I'opular SPOTLIGHT b ;, 40 C Brtn<h Kroger Hot-Dated Coffee JOHNSON'S KROGER TEA ^ 43' S^ST Special Blend of Fine Flavors CORN FLAKES 2 29 FILMS Kellogjr's— The Orijrtnal Gcvacrl WHEATIES Breakfast of Champions GELATIN Kroger Assorted • LAVA SOAP Cln. 1 199 fi-20 or 15 SPIC & SPAN 23 C few L*w Priw M fto 25-lb. Bag $2.09 Made only from *v/!*^ the heart of the -». /x "-. -" wheat. Value. ' Bar MARGARINE 2 c V n 65 Kafmorc—Fresh and Pure ' ( '" fs Gr ' ase CHEESE a 89" " Wisconsin Windsor Club SPAGHETTI " P s 27 Kroger Dinner ?EHL»«-? t' RICELAIIORICE J9 LIGHT BULBS 12 SPAGHETTI ?7 SWIFTING » Westinghousc OTIIUnii I 11 DINNER£1 *™, """' J «*» Kroger With Jar of S»wc Swift • BtaM Ij|rd 1'owder PORE LARD Firm Whit* mCAL hag White Cream No. 5 fiiM

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