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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida • Page 21
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida • Page 21

Tampa Bay Timesi
St. Petersburg, Florida
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FROM LONDON COORDINATION, NOT PANIC, IS PROBLEM St. Pattrtbura Ttmti, Wadntidoy, Nov. 2. 1 Local 7-1 ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Nuclear Attack Reactions Described Amazing New HEARING CLARIFIER Salvation Army Chief To 'Visit St. Petersburg may help you I spoke at the J.

Mollis Miller Rail Signal Plea Goes Back To Cily Mrs. Robert P. Wallace, 3601 By WALTER ROBINTOS Of The Timet Staff Are you finding it harder to hear clearly and distinctly? Do you GAINESVILLE How would Gen. Wilfred Kltehinj, interna- you react following nuclear at strain to understand conversation? Let us send" you full information oa the amazing new Clarifier Principle. Learn for yourielf how you can enjoy a richer, more productive life.

Just mail coupon and 10c to cover cwrs and we will send you the information. Mrs. Kitchin will accompany rather than disintegration. He emphasized the Immediate need for our Civil Defense program as the establishment of a concerted national preparedness network. "This would be set up and maintained by our national government," he staled.

"There is a 'shelter lag in tional leader of the Salvation tack? ner nusband. She Is world ores If so, youll be interested in an Army with headquarteri in Lon Research studies show the dent of the Home Leagues, the amazing new principle just devel Health Center in Gainesville last night. Before coming to the University of Florida, he spent 12 years with governmental agencies studying human behavior in national disaster and nuclear attack. "Panic, hysteria, looting and a reversion to the law of the jungle probably will be no problem at all at such a time," he said. "Co greatest oroblem would not be don, tngiana.f jp salvation Armys organization oped.

22nd St. president of Nor- panic, but a coordination of sur win come 10 di. a -v" Pelersburfi Nov. wood Elementary School. PTA, is vivors' actions, according to We call it the Clarifier Princi determined to get somebody to America, fully as much as there ple, It not only clarifies sounds, It MAIL THIS COUPON NOW I Install warning devices at three Charles E.

Frits. A research associate in the department of psychiatry, Fritz is a missile lag," Fritz said. "We on an official I 4 visit to the Sou- 3 them District, This will be Gen. Kitchine's lor women. General and Mrs.

Kitchlng will speak Nov, IS at 7:45 p.m. during a public Festival of Praise, at Christ Methodist Church, First Avenue and Fifth Street North. The couple will arrive at noon at Tampa International Airport know from experience that 90 unprotected railroad crossings TIMES IOX 1111 fnclotad Ifle (la lUmsi t0, I Plana itnej in Information on th per cent of the populace recog also helps you better locate the direction of sounds. The result is almost a miracle! You hear more clearly and easily near the school. ordination of survivors' efforts will be a real problem," he added.

nizes the possibility of nuclear U.rin.r rrmoplo. Now, after unsuccessful pleas first visit to tnef POLICE BEAT attack. Less than 10 per cent have made any sort of prepara to both St. Petersburg and Pi He called this an explosion of city and to the Southern 1 -trict, com- from London and leave Nov. 17 nellas County officials, she a go -in a more natural way.

You can feel years younger, because you Addrtil. 1 7na t4. for a tour of inspection of Salva ing to take her case back to the tion. A Civil Defense program should be given equal priority, emphasized fully as much as the a popular myth. People may be shocked, but survivors will take charge.

In reality, research shows a unification of society stop straining and start HITCHING tion Army work In the West In prtsint 16 states. City of St Petersburg and try to get some action. She has re dies. armed services, he concluded. served time on City Council's business agenda Nov.

ALL CROSSINGS Mrs. Wallace said her school group is interested in seeing warning devices installed at all unprotected rail crossings in the Septic Peril Feared In McKay Creek Area city, but is particularly concerned CLEARWATER The Pinellai teria, indicating the presence of County Health Department yes Now Compact Model Listed On Report The daily report of St. Petersburg Detective Ross Boyd, chief of the auto theft squad, carried a short postscript yesterday. In addition to listings of stolen car esses the report also noted: 1961 model, serial number unknown, new arrival, American type baby girl, pounds, 10 ounces, designation Susan Elizabeth Boyd. Gunshot Victim Reported 'Fair' Mrs.

Fannie Mae Wilson, 23, sewage. A large number of sand filters terday issued a strongly-worded warning of possible epidemic dan ger In existing septic tank con and other stop-gap systems have been installed, but McCall said these are only temporary substi ditions in ana around the proposed McKay Creek Sewer Dis tutes "and do not discharge treat trict. about three Atlantic Coast Line crossings near Norwood: on 30th Avenue North at 25th Street, on 28th Street North near 32nd Avenue and on 38th Avenue North near 32nd Street. Last January, Mrs. Wallace filed a petition for the signals with St.

Petersburg officials. City Manager George K. Armes, directed by council te study the problem, held a meeting ia March with railroad and county school officials, which ed sewage of the high quality expected from a treatment plant George R. McCall, associate chief sanitarian of the health de or the type proposed for the dis trict." During and after heavy rain falls, McCall said, ground water seepage presents a grave prob lem by running over curbs and into the streets. Examination of this water shows a potentially 20th St.

critically wounded when shot in the chest at her home late Monday, was so far has brought bo action. Armes said it was his under PUBLIC NOTICE RUE RATE CAB COMMIT will charge ZOffi RATES Effective Immediately Zone Rates will be as follows: 15c per passenger First Zone (Bounded by 10th Avt. No. or So. or 10th St.

Wait) 30c Minimum 10c each Additional Zone (Or 10 Blocks) 10c each 2 minute Waiting Time 15c each piece of Baggage No Charge For Groceries Under 50 Lbs. dangerous combination of sewage and ground water, McCall said. standing from the session the county and ACL would share the partment said it was fortunate that no typhoid carriers had moved into the area, since all other requirements for a major epidemic were present. At the time of the Health Department release, two letters were being circulated by separate groups of Harbor Hills residents. One argued in favor of the proposed district establishment, and the other opposed any sewer installation at the present time.

Commenting on problems eon-fronting health-officials, McCall said reports of septic tank repair companies, complaint records and observation would indicate from 500 to 800 septic tank failures have occurred in the area in the past year. McCall said many of these fail cost of two crossing signals and that all agreed eventual ACL re Judge McNulty: location to 34th Street North would eliminate need for a 38th Avenue signal. The crossing is to be eliminated by construction of a motor traffic underpass or Pinellas' First Flying Jurist? Judge Joseph McNulty of the reported in fair condition yesterday at Mercy Hospital. Police are still holding her husband, Andrew. 39, for investigation of aggravated assault Burglars Even Takt Pans To Cook Haul Burglars got a succulent haul early yesterday at Becker Jump Market, 1763 Third Ave.

S. Owners reported the haul as 30 fryer chickens, 7 12 pounds of frankfurters, pounds of link sausage, 15 pounds of pan sausage and 2 frying pans, all valued at $80. overpass. TAKE TEARS Mrs; Wallace takes the post Civil and Criminal Court of Record became possibly Pinellas County's first flying udge yester- tion, however, that ACL reloca tion will take -another-year or two to accomplish and that the During busy day, he hopped crossing should be protected in in his light ures have been corrected by the simple expedient of connecting drain field laterals to storm sewers, ditches, and even to the bay itself. Examination of water samples from selected storm sewers, ditches and drains has revealed IT plane at Albert i.v; Whitted airport Easy To Digest St.

Petersburg, about noon and soloed to Clear the interim. On Oct. 18, Mrs. Wallace went before Pinellas County Commission in Clearwater to find out why none of the crossing signals had been installed. Commissioners told her they had never been asked about the signals by the a high content of conform bac Eggs are among the most easily digestible of all foods, ac iter cording to the Florida Egg Com water's municipal airpark.

Bailiff LeRoy H. Marker met him there with a car, and drove mission. Negro Lunch Sit-ins Resume Sit-ins were resumed in St. Pe city. They referred her to city officials.

Nor. I is her day to try to find out who is going te put in the signals and when. him to the court McNULTY house in Clearwater where Judge McNulty drew three jury lists from the box containing possible 34TH ST. AT 1ST AVE. N.

"We're As Hen As Tow Telephone" PTOMG 7-81111 tersburg yesterday as teen-age Negroes closed the lunch counter at the S. H. Kress Co. chain Jury names. The chore done, Judge McNul variety store.

ty hurried back to the airpark, A man was with 11 teen-age girls staging the sit-in at Kress. revved up his plane, and buzzed back to Albert Whitted. Total time: A little more than one They entered the store about 3 p.m. and remained in lunch hour. counter chairs for two hours Waitresses placed "closed" signs In front of the demonstrators, but 2 WOMEN INJURED IN BUS MISHAPS white persons seated at the count ers finished their food and drink Two women were hurt in minor before leaving.

bus accidents Monday night. W. A. Pittman, manager of the Kress store, was in a conference within half an hour of each oth with Kress district manager. er, police reported.

Both were treated at Mound Park Hospital for scrapes, then released. W. J. Shugard, and could not talk to reporters, according to the receptionist at the store's information counter. The conference was Mrs.

Julia M. Finnie, 43. 3763 Lakeview Ave. lost her foot ing while boarding the city bus in session during the sit-in. Kress.

F. W. Woolworth Co, PATIOS on the southeast corner of Lake- view Avenue South and 20th Street and McCrory's variety stores have been nationwide targets for lunch counter desegregation. The Mrs. Mary Peres, 67, 912S 83rd St.

Largo, stepped from the CARp1 rear door of a bus at a City Pier bus stop, slipped, and fell on the cur. Both accidents occurred while firms have desegregated lunch counters in 112 cities throughout the South, including Tampa, Largo, Bradenton, and Sarasota. The Mayor's Bi-racial Committee will meet today, but committee chairman Dr. Earl Edington said a discussion of sit-ins was cot on the agenda. riC4 0f9(2EO the buses involved were stopped, FOR YOUR HOUSE ROOFING SIDING tUTTUINO INSULATION SOWN INCLOSURIS AWNINGS PATIO ROOP PORCH INCLOSURIS KITCHIN RIMODILINO CIILINO TILI ADD A ROOM CALL OR 1-8595 ef OR 1-9111 FOR FREI ESTIMATES MONTGOMERY WARD according to police.

Heads Cattlemen OM llftar So if. l7 Ipmf I 1 JT boausa wo makt Iho BB8T you'vo mad us BIOOBOT President of the Florida Cattle men's Association is H. O. Pearce ef Okeechobee Research Council Postpones Meeting CLEARWATER Pinellas Re. search Council Inc.

has post IT OF? poned to Nov. 17 the regular monthly meeting originally set for this Thursday. The group ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT meets in Clearwater and St. Petersburg in alternate months, with the November gathering set for Clearwater in County Commission Building. ADVERTISEMENT "He bean ta the JamJr far year, When Vour Child NEW medicine acts on cough control center That' the spot where coughing ia controlled (not in the throat).

Thorexin aoothei your throat, then ipeeds relief right to the cough control center to prevent excessive coughing for hours! And Thorexin worka tafely without narcotics. Thorexin! How To Held FALSE TEETH More Firmly tn Place Buyour fail tth ftnnoy and ra on rrs by dipping, dropping or wobbling when you eat, laugh or talk? Juat tprlnkle Uttlt FASTEETH on your plates, ThM alkaline (non-acid) powder holds falae teeth mora firmly and mora comfortably. No gummy, taste or feeling. Don not our. Checks "plat odor'T (denture breath).

Get FASTEETH today at drug eountera arerywhere. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Vitality Regained When Basic Causo Is Corrected iirt. .11 I THE II. IJWiHi-r I I 20 MORE ON YOUR Auto Insuranet Cheek Oar Lew Rates Per Preferred Drivers Phone 5-5166 eriN hi. til i KENTUCKY BOURBON Will definitely DR.

DAVID MILLMAN -f, Many people who- complain of that "always tired" feeling awaken ex hausted and 16 hobbids to choose from The ralue of hobbies fa today's fast-paced living makes them as important as they axe fun. And if you haven't found the hobby that's right for you, be sure to read November Belter St Gardens. There are 16 different hobbies listed, each completely described with how-to instructions, reference books, necessary materials and costs. Get your copy of November Better Hornet A Gardens today, wherever magazines are soldi better taste Proudest of til fine whisties is the true Kentucky bourbon. And of them all, Old Taylor has the firmest claim to flavor superiority.

Delightful the flavor lasts right down to the bourbon dew on the ice. Try Old Taylor 86 tonight til can hardly walk basic need In this condition. Nerve energy may be blocked by displacements of the spinal column which it similar to a dam holding back the flow of water. A chiropractic doctor repositions the displaced vertebrae (spinal bones). The normal flow of nerve energy is then restored and vitality is regained.

If that "always tired' feeling is your problem, an appointment may be arranged by calling 5-7067. The Millman Chiropractle Center is located In St. Petersburg at 1034 9th St No. Tel 5-7087 end 3-5 IS. about the house without becoming fatigued.

Restlessneu, sleeplessness, irritability, poor appetite tnd nerva ten 'if. DR. MILLMAN era i '-VJ sioa are almost alwayi present Nerve energy seems to oe the IttUUCKY SIRAI8HI SOUKBON MSKT II PROOF THE 0L0 TAILOR 0l3IILLUif COMPANY, fRANWOKI AND'iOUISVILLE. HtNIUCHY OlVlRiSUItO SY NAII0NAL OlSTiLUSS PRiCuCFS COMPAM.

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