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BERLIN CRISIS St. Petersburg Times, Monday, August 14, 1941 3-A 4... 1 IK I i If film jr i i i i a a I Mi I BUILDIHG, VA Ait a ill wrw I J' I I 'V I ill 4. trrLjmZSXi E3L STORE HOURS: 7:30 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M.

ft 7 -fi. If It's fun to give your home "MOORE FRESHNESS" Cart Spout jA CHROME MIXING FAUCETS WAll AND DECK TYPE Complete With Aerator 7 EEL 14 1 AP Wlrrpholng REGULARLY $10.50 $795 EAST (i EKM AN TANKS SIOVK THROUGH EAST BKKLIN near West Borlin border to halt any fleeing refugees yesterday. SPECIAL NIKITA PRESSURED INTO MOVE with Moore's Regal Wall Satin Drict In li kr Cltam wild Mar w'r I SPEC Border Closing First Soviet Step palmy ir Mooted 20 REGULAR COLORS NATO May I Tit: 30-GALL0N HOT GALVANIZED GARBAGE CAN (REG. $7.95) i AS ADVERTISED IN IITTER HOMES GARDENS AND SATURDAY EVENING POST Impose Travel Ban Stvtn Special CtUrs $5.40 Gal. no PARIS (HTNS) The North SATIN IMPERV0 ENAMEL TO MATCH REGAL WALL SATIN 190 qt.

105 pt. Atlantic Treaty Organization will consider this week the imposing of a complete NATO-wide travel ban against East Germans in retaliation for the sealing off of the Berlin sector boundary, it was BRIGHTEN UP YOUR CEMENT TILE Roof with S0MAY No. 345 learned yesterday. This step, which is one of the first in a scries of possible counter-moves against the Communist 1 1 tit nry- "if' .1 it block and which was used with White Roof Paint some success by NATO for a brief time late in 1960, will be Resists Mildew Reflects Sum mer Sun discussed at the next regular meeting of the NATO permanent council on Wednesday. Peace Pact Now Seen Irrevocable By SEYMOUR TOPPING (c) 1961 New York Tlmrs MOSCOW The closing of the border between East and West Berlin was regarded yesterday by informed Western observers here as the first in a.

scries of unilateral acts the Soviet Union will take with respect to Berlin. These observers also view the Berlin action as signifying that Premier Khrushchev bad decided irrevocably to conclude a separate peace treaty with East Germany. Moscow's Berlin policy is siid lo be aimed at making East Germany a more viable state. KHRUSHCHEV HAS BEEN tinder East German pressure ior years to curb the flow of refugees by sealing the sector border. For reasons of broader ooliry, the Soviet premier withheld consent.

Khrushchev apparently felt that any one-sided abrogation of the post-war Big Four accord nn free movement within Berlin would prejudice the chances of the West joining in a peace treaty that would recognize the status quo in Eastern Europe. It has been regarded as inevitable, however, that the sector border would be closed if West Berlin lines of communication with West Germany were to rs-main open. THE BLEEDING away of East German manpower through the West Berlin refugee centers has It will be taken, however, PORTABLE against a background of growing 75 gal. i BRUSH OR SPRAY dissatisfaction within the alliance over the general handling of the Berlin diplomatic strategy by big PARALLEL LINE CLOTHES DRYER NO. 7324 powers.

Although Secretary of State Dean Rusk has been report am is ing fairly confidently on the "state of the alliance" since his Paris visit last weekend, matteis SPECIAL! 8.95 are not quite so serene. 4 BELGIAN FOREIGN' minister Paul Henri Spaak, it has been i learned, has given Rusk a writ We Shall Be Pleased To Recommend Reliable ROOF CLEANING AND SPRAYER CONTRACTORS to apply OUR SOMAY GUARD VINYL ROOF COATING ten memorandum on the Berlin i i ii Chrome ADJUSTABLE Shower Head Reg. 29S Special $1.89 crisis which in effect warns that the United States is preparing for the wrong kind of a showdown with the Soviet Union. At the same time, a move is underway in NATO for a meeting of foreign ministers of the alliance in either New Y'ork or Washington in mid-September for a detailed examination of Western diplomatic strategy. All of this has been engendered by Rusk's admission to the NATO council last Tuesday that the "big four" had not yet gotten down to discussing the substance of the Berlin issue.

In effect, therefore, Rusk presented the council with an impressive set of WEST BERLIN MAYOR WILLY BRANDT stands with aide near Brandenburg Gale, yesterday. FEW LOOPHOLES REMAIN vw.WiTi Weather Rack-tested Paints You Can Buy With Confidence and Use With Lasting Satisfaction. 1 been dislocating the economy nf the Communist state. According to well informed sources, three factors counted in Khrushchev's decision to restrict the transit of Germans across the sector border at this time: 1. Khrushchev came to the conclusion that the West would not join in any peace treaty that would recognize the division of Berlin Border Sealing Tightens Escape Hatch Herald-Tribune Nowi Service Berlin.

Now ail incoming Snow White HOUSE PAINT Carefully formularta, Durable Doxxllna military plans but offered no ideas of any kind on how to meet NON-JIGGLE TOILET TANK BALL. Reg. 75c STOPS DRIPS PERFECT SEALING the crisis diplomatically. SPAA K'S MEMORANDUM, Germany and that he must sign passengers will not be permitted Iniivn tha etntinn until thnr given to Rusk over breakfast The once free flow of traffic 5.60 irr'A 1 1 Hi 1 1 1 separate treaty with the East dividcd dty Bcr. Gat.

here in Paris, is aimed at this void in allied policy. It is based Germans, thnt rndprf vrsterdav when lin MILDEW-RESISTANT 2. It was tcared mat the lne Communist East German flight of the refugees would reach government established a "sov- on the overriding presumption all over Europe that the Soviet dangcrous and unmanageable jereign border" between East and MOUSI PAIHL-p1 Union is not going to risk war over Berlin and that therefore proportions before the peace West Berlin, has all but closed have passed through controls. Road Crossings Until yesterday there were at least several dozen points on the sector border between East and West Berlin where road traffic and pedestrians could cross. These have now been reduced to 13, including the Brandenburg Gate.

However the Totsdamer 39' treaty was concluded around the the escape hatch for refugees the United States must make some diplomatic decisions aboul fleeing to the West. Special end of the year. 3. A stormy Western reac tion to the border closure was ex- negotiations. Spaak, like everybody else, is circling around the central point that NATO is not prepared to go peeled and Khrushchev wanted it to subside before undertaking negotiations with the Western powers on the question of their Master Painters Exterior Primer Provides Ideal Surface for Smooth Finish Cat Application 5o35 Gal.

Platz, once the heart of pre-war Berlin and now a point where the four sector boundaries meet, has been closed to all traffic. Travel Permits CHROME SHOWER CURTAIN ROD with BRACKETS REGULAR 3.25 The new Communist regulations sealing the border in direct violation of the four-power agreement of free travel between the sectors of Berlin are summarized here: Elevated Trains Several elevated railways lines called the S-bahn which is the main escape route used by the refugees since they pass through both East and West Berlin and also between West Berlin and the Soviet zone, have been canceled. A shuttle service on the 5 SPECIAL OHM JfjPWjW $149 some 50.000 Until yesterday, East Germans and East Berlin- ers crossed into West Berlin BEFORE THE RAIN COMES USE to war to stop the signing of a Soviet peace treaty with the Easl Germans, and that in the end the nettle of recognition, or acceptance, of the East German regime must be grasped. The planned NATO travel ban would not hit East German citizens as such, since they are not allowed to travel, but it will strike at officials of the east regime and above all their trade missions. It produced sharp results in East Germany when introduced for a couple of months at the time of a blockade threat last December.

daily. Now their passes have been canceled and they no longer will be permitted to hold jobs in West Sit, Berlin. In order to travel into main line net ween rncacricn-strasse Station, the last station: GARDNER'S Asphalt Asbestos FIBER West Berlin, East Germans and East Berlincrs must now have special written permission to visit in East Berlin, and the Zoo Station in West Berlin, has been started. East Berlin passengers GARDNER'S ROOF CEMENT 10-POUND CAN $1.00 SO lbs. SJ.4S must leave their trains at Fried- right of access to West Berlin.

In private conversations with Western diplomats, Khrushchev-has left no doubt that he would be ready to enter into negotiations on the status of Berlin that would be concommitant to his signing of a separate peace treaty with East Germany. THE SOVIET PREMIER holds a strong bargaining counter. In return for guaranteeing the Western Allies free access and other rights in West Berlin he was expected to make a number of demands. Khrushchev will ask a ban in West Berlin on propaganda and other activities lie contends are having a disruptive effect on East Germany. He will also seek Western affirmation of the Ordcr-Ncisse line the eastern frontier of East Germany.

Moscow asserts that this is essential to block any West German effort to take back by force the 41,300 square miles attached to Poland and the Soviet Union after World War II. Roof Coating erichstrasse Station and go ST. PETERSBURG TIMES Tlrntl fubliikin fr.m The Tim.t through control points before boarding the shuttle for the West. 95 uiWinf. ttk St.

txi lit i- St. Gallon Subways Subway lines the U-bahn Gallons S3.20 This Complete Kit All For Instant Lighting. N. Spec lal Skill Required. Handy at Hammer and At Easy T.

Use. This All Purpose Kit Contains: Pencil Point Burner Assembly, Heavy Duty Burner Tip) Flame Spreader, Chisel Point Soldering Tip, Protene Tank, Spark Lighter, Metal Chest. West Berlin. West Berlincrs may enter East providing that it is with a "peaceful purpose," by showing their identity cards. Allied Personnel Automobiles bearing license plates of the American, British and French garrisons in West Berlin are being permitted to drive into East Berlin without being checked.

Berlin's life lines with West Germany have not been affected by the new or- der. Allied troop trains, and con- i voys using the autobahn go! running completely within East FOR EMERGENCY REPAIRS USE GARDNER'S WET or DRY Berlin were not affected. How- 8 $40 GAL. CAN ROOF CEMENT ever, these lines inai run irom East Berlin into the West will stop only at Friedcrichstrassc Station, where passengers who have cone through control booths operated by the peoples' police Prtrabuf9, Eitttr fcnj clan (nillw fait OHic mt St. ftimhuri.

CltCUUTION IATES Daily 10c iunity 10 ptr ipy. Home attltrtrf by ctrriar, Daily ana) Sunday iS ptt Daily aly 35c par r.k, ajayablt im car-riar i advanc. Th Timat f(ic will ccapf aymantt far fufar cradit fa fha in-ajapandant carriar fftf pariadt af its manllit $14 )0, af ana yaar 21.40. MAIL suiscmmoNS Daily Waal.

Sun- and day day! Sundays Only Only namh 1.7 I 20 1 manthl 1 IS SIS 100 I yaar 91 0 30 1100 Alt mail igbic'pfum mail ba pt i in tdsanta. Mambar Aiacalafl Fran, Uimb.f Audit luraaa a( Clrculatiani. will be allowed to Doara me trains. I 1400 CENTRAL AVINUE PHONI 7-7791 Hoin.t load 28th St. North Phone) HE 5-2103 333 75th Av.

Sf. Pefersbarg Beoth-fh. 21-1371 9401 On Alt. 19, Boy Pinei-Ph. WA 1-9975 through Soviet checkpoints instead of East German controls.

The three air corridors which are used to fly out East German refugees, arc still controlled by the Americans, British, French and Russians. However, the East Germans have told the West they will take them vcr when the Soviets sign a peace treaty with them. Khrushchev was scheduled to leave this weekend for the Ukraine ei route to his vacation retreat near Sochi on the Black Sea. He has told associates that he plans to do a good part of his ork in bathing trunks near his dacha pool until the first week of September, when he is to return to Moscow for the visit of Prime Minister Nehru of India. Trains One or the important escape routes for refugees was to take a long-distance train to a point where it was necessary to change at Berlin.

Instead of continuing the journry, the refugees would 02 tost JeHords Cleorwoter-Phont 44o-40l I board a U-bahn or an S-bahn to.

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