The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1937
Page 5
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JfARCH 5, i93f Inciease of Two-Cent Levy to Thiee 01 Four Cents Is Sought. JEFFERSON CITY, Mb.—A technical legal question as to the .right of the legislature to pass a law Increasing the gasoHn'c tax of this session \\as raised at a meeting oJ Hie house ways and means committee by Representative John 0. Taylor of KeyUsvllle, chairman of the appropriations- committee of the Jiofise'. The committee had before-it the Stark administration bill increasing the tix from lv,o to three cents n gallon, to lake effect Dec: 7,' 1938; when the^ constitutional limitation to the pieseut tax expires Earlier ln^the day the senate vajs and means commttti.e ap proved a bill for a four cent tax, going be\ond the governors rec- "ommciu! a "S"- fj"l, nouse committee deferred action 1 6K ife £•££$• until the implications of Taylor's question could be studied. Cites Amedhmeiit The point Taylor raised was that the language of the 1928 constitutional amendment authorizing the S7o 000 000 ro-id bond issue pro \ents the legislature from passing anyjaw for more than a~ two-cent gasoline tax even though it should provide that the, higher tax would not take effect until after Dec. 7, 1938. Trie.: amendment sets out that during a' period of 10 years after its adoption the general assembly shall hive no pcraer lo levy and collect state registration fees, license taxes or state taxes oil the feale or use of motor vehicle fuels in excess of Hie Jites fixed bj Ian at the time this amendment is adopted. License Fee Reduction The senate ways and means committee when it approved the Cope bill for a four cent gasoline tax voted to report fiuorablj also a companion measure reducing th> motor i chicle registration fees bj 50 per cent Senatoi Cope of Si- lem author of both proposals had insisted they be considered togetli cr ns the basis for i new program of highway financing .The gasoline tax increase has diann more concerted opposition than anj other legislation pending iri the legislature, and aov. Stark has indicated thit ho will support it more ugorously than other administration measures Under the Cope proposal a fourth of ill money raised by the foul cent lix would be reserved for use bj the bighw ay department In con sanction, maintenance and improvement of roads which are not now a part of ihe state system This provision is .intended k> re ciuce taxation in counties and local road districts accordmo- lo rjop° (AEk.) CotJtofeft Ask Legalization of Mercy Death Bringing Into the open an Issue which has been debated for jesrs, Dr Inez Ceha Philbrick, ".I, upper photo, i~ responslblo tor forcing into Nebraska's um- cameral'legislature a bill to legalize 'euthanasia" or mercy deaths for uersons suffering fioni painful and irlcurable ill- Ass Sponsor nf Itie bill is Sen- nlor .'oh« U Comstock 32, below attended at birth by Dr. PWlbrtck. Roth are from Lincoln British Query On H, C. L. Will Go Into Homes LONDON (UP)-Twenty thousand housewives throughout Great Britain are to be asked (o l rcvoul to the, government the secret of how they make "ends meet." TJ\ey._wlU' be asked how much they spend' on housekeeping, how much oh fooct alone, what foodstuffs they buy, and how much food, they waste. . This will be (he third great govi crnment. Inquiry this century designed to. find out how ' people iha and what are the minimum food costs to, keep a parson In health'. The previous inquiries wcri made In 1QB4 arid 1918. Or. these the official "cost of living" index figures have beerr based. Domestic; scales' and standard wiiste bins will, be provided Vor a selected percentage of the 20000 The housewives cl'.pien for this more, detailed investigation will be asked to weigh their food carefully and to , Keep the waste and weigh it,- so that' exact calculations can be made of average food eaten In' families <Sf different \\nge levels There will b» no compulsion on anyone to give the . required information, which will be treated confidentially. The collection of the details will be can led out by local authorities and the cast defrayed by the Trcasurj The result of the suuej \ ( ill be udled^byjljf Adusory Committee on Nutrition ~- ^. REORGANIZING AIR BUREAU' OAKLAND Cal (UPJ— gioes somewhere In the west haiing the smoke of then They giabbed a package' off a Rcorgamratfon of tlie'Bur'ean of Air Commerce, much since a sequence of air tiagedles on the west coast shocked flic aviation world, was slartcd with the appointment o(, Fred D Fagg, J" (above) to succeed Eugene Vfdal as director' Mr'Faee lias been consultanl to th~ bu- reSiir-iS aJ^orld/War ajr veto an and foUndtritt? the Nprfhwcslein University AiflInstitute. / - Midget Plane Speeds Above 200-Mile CHp SAN DIEQO, Col, (UP)—The )at- est thing In vest-pockel alrpUncs —so small two men can ntcjj It up and carry it, jet so powerful It zips Bcrois the sky it better than 200 miles an hour— is being groomed here for the National At? Races next fall H. o. Nicholson, who nut the tiny, homo-tnade in on op la lie through Us paces on )U first trial hop, said: "I don't think (here's «. thing In the counlry of her slse Umt can touch l(s speed. We didn't tmse Instruments on the test hop, but I knew It did 'better than 200 miles an hour. "Gosh,' he said 86 he pried lilni- wlf out of the r.udget 600-pounil ship, It's so small the rudder foil like n collnr button on the back of my neck ' Tlie tiny craft \\as designed by U. C. Flagg, an Inspector In n San Ulego aircraft plnnl, and IjtiHt miner his direction by six young air enthusiasts—Young McC)urc, Lionel Machadtt, Heibcrt Ja\\e|l, Joe McCannon, J. stiiibk and L Mao- Donald. The HtUc plane Is only u feet long and Its low wings spread but 12 feet it Is powered by a toven- cjUnder, SO-horsopossr rotary- ui- gltia Trading Post Manager Abdicates Over Debts MOOSE, Wy6 Um-'Vankec Jack Woodman manager of tlio Hying v Trading post here decided to "abdicate" and injected a new angle In the budnc.s4 of going oul ot biijiness,— •*-' In an ndvcirlUfment in a local nowspapcr, he , explained that his customers "(%« havo paid yet." Ho posted a list of back ac- ccimfi mid offered them for sale at one cent on Iho dollar, in, ad- dlttoji ho offerert for s»la "a complete postofllco, except, government cqulp;nsnt, wllh v » !r«$i f.tock of 8t»nu>3 »t Now Yoik prices." "Yiinkco Jack." rovmded out I|i3 announcement In conclusive atyle by adding, "To the 'purchaser ot tho postoilico and these deadliest accounts, we will donate one mayor's chair and one Justice of peace jnvcl. We are aixlicatlng;." Ohio Swamps Yields Molars of Monster UIIBANA, O. (UP)—Two molars of an Ohiollcus, piehlstorlo nnlranl of the elephant family, have been found In a swamp neiir here Dr. Marjiiret B, Cliu'rcli, Urlxtna Junior cpltcgc zoology Instructor, who Identified tho fo«lll«d tecthj said tho animal stood about 10 Have You Visited Our New Modern Service Station? White flose Gasoline G«edye»r Tl«s Road Stnlce, On - Gas - Tires - WreUs 24 HO.UB SKKVJCE Call 633 For Prompt Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. feet hlxh at 'th« afymltftrs' and was atjout 20 'feet ion*, The tfeth, 8'taohts-Jony and 3 Inches in diameter, probably *!!( Iw sold to & jnusium, Efforts fie being mads to find other parts of the skeleton. Liberian Site Lofty For New U. S.' Legation MONROVIA, Liberia, (UP)' — Work Is underway on a new $600,000 United States' legation building, muter direction of Lester A. waiCon. ir. s.' ify buiidtoii is u.^. the. summit! of^a cajfe into ttie Atlantic and will Hoc • oeetti^»IVeeJc; of dynamiting necessary, to Jevol hugs' bouldera? on the roclcy tUt. soil was th«tt. sprwd so that trets an* flowersg may grow. • * 'The lection will be about htlfi a mUo froni the British legation,* which' sUnds on tht so\ith shore'? of tho cape. The cape Is tfit i cct part ot Monrovia but' never before been vied /or d^ Ings btca'u&e of Its ringed aUt •• ' . •-•• •• -t& CASH For Government ban Cotton A.R.WETEHKAMPandCO. Phones 289 and 330-W 112 South Second CERTIFIED ROWDEN COTTOfl SEED Land's End Plantation Seeds Trade Mark Registered WE SELL ONLY SEED WE GROW. R. H. ALEXANDER Scott, Arkansas Non-Zero This Winter Means $1,308 to Bettor TORONTO, Ont. (UP)—There Is one man here who is piillmp hard for the winter season to pa^s without the temperature going below zero It means $1 308 to him U it does not. About Christmas time he start co hetting- with fr.ends that the temperature during .. the' winter i ou!d not go below zeio He got 10 1 odds for a while but now the odri.s are down to 2-1 with lew HVers He has bet $218 so far, at average odds of 6-1. Dog Goes To Sleep , On Two Bowls of Beer HONOLULU (UP)—Never let a dog havo more than two soup bowls of beer That is the advice of navy men aboard the U S S Lark who •have'discovered that 'their mascot. Brutus has just that capacity As Brutus likes beer and there are always plenty .of men •'ashore wlio l stand treat he has bfccme a problem He doesnt get boisterous though^ explained i, W Miller chief engineer He just sort of passes out peacefully and goes to :!eep International MafesstHS Biggest Winter Delivery bf Tractors and Farm Madnineir| in Mid-South History! i ' t^ < , TrairUoads 1 A Solid Trainloads BEVERLY, Mass. (UP)—Fourteen Gypsy children have' entered a special-'class at the Washington' school. Miss Beatrice Renzi/ a special teacher, has been aifeigiied to teach them their A B O's. The "General Sherman" tree in Sequoia National park is 2724 feet tall. "BERNAT' KNITTING YAENS FKEE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer jams Latest Styles Classes' Friday 2 30 P M MRS lEStlE HOOPER 1109 ChicKasaisba Phone 192 IMI'KOVE YbllK PROPERTY NOW Well help you secure a FKA- loan.' Wall Paper Paints - Varnishes Aulo & AVmdow Iwtc Glass BLYTpEVlLLE I'AINT arid WALLPAPER CO. oe^Bldg... I'honc 880 BROADWAY SALES, Inc. Offers Yoii Special liargaitts In Personally Endorsed GOOD USED CARS '36 '35 '35 '3d . '35 ; '35 ,'3'2 '35 '35 '3'( Standard cfovriocl : Town Scv da'ri. Radio ................ S525 . \r ,.. , A-l dhevrolct. Gif^ dfivcn. . ^5395 Ford ' V-8. Coach. /Copd''". J^fc-', ; . ' ing, car ;:,.....:::.•; j';.;V §485' .. Tcrraplane\ Coacii; liw (iinll a'gft ....... i:'..^.v,...':.i Tcrraplane Sedarf. ^' ' $135 Ford Model "&' We^Up>N4* r \ - l fires ---- ...... ;"iiV. ; j.';i.'. ! .''$2i5 Chevrolet I'lcis-Up. ,|J<K)a;tI^sj§^)5 ihteraalional '• Pitk-Up} ..'.'v. -;|365 EJodgc Pick-Up ;i'iV^ ''.':: X'. , v $ *'» i- , ' Phone 111 "'••', Farmall Tf aHnrc 1 1 'Ji McMorick - Deeiing Plows • Wagons- J. dJUUill irdUlOrS JL V HarrdwK^Mry^quipment^laritefs^tr •^••^•^^^^•••••••^ ii i - - ' *i ' ^ * TAfs Tremendous Public Ac^ptahce Proves the Economical Operation of the ' ' ' '',*' ' .''l' ,' ~N New Improved THE FAMOUS ( FARMALL FAMILY Farmall Tractor F-30 and Plow Farmall Tractor F-20 and Disc Harrow Farmall Tractor F-12, ahd Plow These'tremendous shipments "of farm equipment, in .the mfdkv^ South ^rea prove, beyond a doubt, the tremendous public pfef- v -"' erence for McCormick-Deering products. And there's a reason! McCormick-tieering Equipment Means More Efficiency, Greater Economy of Operation, .Equipment for Every Purpose And now the Harvester engineers have brought out hew/ improved tractors and farm equipment with many additional features and new developments. * ' i. Wo are thankful that in spite of the flood, We are in excellent shape to make deliveries on all types of equipment. We have a " v ' complete stock of the new FARMALLS and the new farm equipment featuring the various improvements. Invest in time-tested machines that are backed by the quick, convenient service rendered by this complete farm equipment btore DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. Next to Armory Phone 802 Blytheville, Ark. • Inquire About the New Easy Purchase Plan Repairs and Service Available At All Times

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