The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1934
Page 3
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B, 1034 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Careful Handling of Trumps Demonstrated in This Hand Connivance Charged Munitions Committee earing SIIINGTON, Dec. 5. (UP)-r- '.ps'that t!ic . Allied eo'vern- ; "cennlyed" to nk) shipments >.'def and otW munition? from any after Ilic war) forbidden I'e treaty or Versailles, wfro Uxlaji dl the sonata's arms In- •itpf Arthur H. , MiclU, acting , chairman ot mhltions committee, read doc- (f, from files of the DuPont >ny of Delaware quoting Allen wiles, a department, of slale 1, as declaring In 1925 tlial lie aware 1 ;, of the shipment*; :tter from'Alki'n Simons, vice- nan of the Delaware firm, lo dice on October 10, 1925, cle- Diillcs saitl liu was awarr. powdrr and other munitions Slipped out of Germany w !th connivance of Die Aliies-Ui n being tiiat the resulting swelled lli« reparations fund.' Solution to Previous Contract Problem Women Seize Night itruder in Farm House AHDON, o. (UP)'-No timidity to. C. J. Eoi'anske, or Mun- near here, when she hears in the night. Nor has he er. Boganskc heard crockery canned food being juggled in Utchen one night, she sum 3 her mother, Mrs. Jotiu ;l*r. Into the kitchen rushed ilueky women, and captured a who later said he was from land. two women wrestled with ntruder and struck ht m with fists repeatedly until Deputy ff C. n, Spaiiiding arrived. to Orleans Cotton VV ORLEANS, Dec. 5. (UP) — president's endorsement ol the head act, stronger foreign ets, and Ihe advance in grains I itocks stimulated cotton prices I and the market closed 17 to | Ints higher. open high low close ...... 1252 1254 1251 1254 1255 1257 1253 1257 , 1250. 12G5 1256 1263•i- »256 12C7 1250 1260 ; 1250 1250 1249 1259 v;...: 1228 1237 1224 ' 123C closed steady at 1283, up 11. lew York Cotton ,\y YORK, Dec! 5. (upj-cot- rlosed-very steady. ., .; : open . high . low • close .. 1248 1256 1247 1255 .. 1250 1255 - 1247 1255 .. 1257 12C3.-J255 1262 . .'• 1257 1265 '1255' 1264 .. 1250 1259 1247 -J25B 1222 1235 1222 -1234 ; closed quiet at 1280,-:up, 15. tsing Stock Prices YORK, Dec. 5. <UP>p 1 advances in.grains brought cm into the stock: market to- Stocks advanced one to more two points in the main list : some special issues "were up than nitie points. "" T. and T 109 3.4 aconda Copper 10 3-4 '"- Steel ;. 31 5 .g rysler 40 3-8 ;ies Service I j-2 ra- Cola 156 1-2 n. Am. Tank 33 n. Electric 20 1-2 n. Motors .:.;.. 33 3-8 ,. Harvester 391-8 mtgoincry Ward .... 30 L-4 ". Central —.. 22 7-8 ; ar d ...4 1-4 . s Pet IS 3.4 •dio 67-8 nmons Beds 11 "3- F ".:. 13-4 rd of N. j. ...,. 42 3.3 *, —• Co 21 7-8 IS. Steel 3B 7.8 S. Smelting ug ^.4 :Kessoii-Robb!ns ...... 83-4 nlte BY WM. E. MtKKNNKV oerclar) 1 , American llrhlf.c l.engac Tiie objective of every tjooil bridge player Is lo become rated on the National Masters' list. Todny there are fewer than 100 rated master players irt the country. Tills year, at. the national bridge championship tournament, which- v.'lll be held in New York City the week of December I0th by the Amevleim Bridge League, two team-mates will be keenly caniiMUng for the tllln of outstandhiB player of the United States In 1935. At present, David Burnsline leads on the masters' list, with 2C9 polnls. Howard Sclicnken has 221 points, but Sclienken, due to his winning llic masters' pair event this year, is leading Durnstine In polnls earned In 1934 and, of course, when the national tournament is over, iC he if still In the lead, he will receive the rating as the outstanding tournament player of the year. Musters' qualifying |x>ints are awarded at,all national i-vonls nt the loiir- namfriu. The Play In today's hand Howard Sehen- k<m gives a nice example of simple trump management. Against A A98 »AQ10 #A-J10 + 8532 Duplicate—B. and W. vul. South West Xorth Edst 1N.T. Pass 2 A, 3 * J'asa 4 * " Ojenlng lead— j, K. the four spade contract East, opens the king of clulis and continues with clubs, Sehenken, In the North Hiding the third round. Now the player who believes that trumps should be drawn un- 'ess dummy is shorl-sm'teil, .in .vhich case he could ruff one of the declarer's losers, ivouM fail with today's hand, because the trumps are the nneecled. entry cards. Finesses must bo taken in.'.both' hearts and diamonds and you 4 5-8 \ChicagoJVheat open high ] OW c]os= 100 1-2 103 7-8 100 1-2 102 3-4 100 7-8 105 100 7-8 103 7-8 Chicago Corn open high ] ow close 93 1-2 95 5-8 93 1-2 34 3-1 91 1-4 93 1-4 91 1-4 92 1-4 .Wrecker Serrke Phillip* Motor Co. Today's Contract 'Problem Soul|i JM iilaylnc the ron- Irar.t nl. K |x hearts. West OJIMIS Ulio nc(\ of diamonds and continues with Hie H. llo^y svoulil you proceed to I'lay (lie Imml? id K Q C 3 2 V A 11) » KO 7 4, mar, *08 7 4 AJ 10 » 9S 7 • A.QJS ^ 2 4, K a W N s DMli 3 4 AS V KQJ 6 5 4 .#10 + AQ7 C .Solution ID o«it issue.. can soc, that If you draw three rounds of trumps and limn lend another club, trump, and lake an- othor heart finc-sso, you would mil! have to lose uvo diamonds. Instead of drawing trump, scuen- feen led a diamond and finessed tlie ten, which West won with the king. He luul to return a trump, which Sehenken won with the ten :,pol. Nov.; mioilicr diamond was played l the Jack finessed,.when it hold, Miken cashed the ace of .spades in dummy and relumed u smull siwile to hLs hand. = A small heart wtis played and the double finesse tnken. Of course, when the ten spot held, a club was rcturnsd and mired with ihe king of spatles. Now a heart was played, the queen finesse taken and the dummy's two aces won the lost t'.vr/ tricks. OUR BOARDING HOUSE BECAUiSE THBP. KMGWV IN TH' PA, • ' OWN A "R/XCt V\OP.S5 CAN &tNSt FINALLY 'DID YOU NOTICE? NOT A, VAP OUT OF THOSE h/ON&W.uv, /XT ME-/—E6AO,TmST TIME POURTEtN -THEY ALWAv-YS AMNOUNCED MY COfAlKl.cb AND OO\NG WITVA A FANFARE OT- TBAP.K1MG / BIG AN" WHISTLt WITH V EN\NOW/ Hospital Notes Admitted to the Blythcville liosP'lal: Mrs. j. A. Brown, Cooler, Mo.; Mrs. J. P. Thomas, Route 2 STOPPED-UP . lo help open the nosfrils and permit freer breathing. . MENTHOLATUM city; Lloyd chlldcrs, Dell; Connie Wallace, Dell; Mrs, Lull McCormlck, Briigf City,.Mo. Dismissed; J. B. Chaplin, Porlageville, Mo. Read Courier • News Want Add. NEWBURYPORT. Mass. (UP)- Ctirrolivcome nnd carrots grow- but not usually the lengt hor this one. Don Lawlo,- raised a carrot 17 Inches: lonu and weighing 4 3-4 pounds. WAYNE, !>a. (UP)-Oltt, , from the Presidents of Mexico anc Guatemala, to complete un extensive Pnn-Amcrlcan collection luivc been received by the Vnllcs Forge Mllllnry Academy. OT€L COMFORT CLARIDC Osceola Society — Personal •flio rroijrt'Asivc club mrl todm . Iho eliilj room nt 3 ;SO o'clock Its. W^lby Vounit) tlic presltl^nl rwldcd. - Tlic meeting \yiis inken np with iscusslon . of Otirhlriin.i .iirpjects. tio.elnb decided lo aiiixln li^tit il^ trees on Iho court hoiir.r wn. Tliis lias' twen mi nnriun) ork of the club for several ycnrs lie .mwnbcrs olso dertdcd t» co- p'Tiilo with MIT>'. J. 11, Mitchell aw orgnnlpntloiis'of'tlifi city IK It old toys-[or thflso.rlill- . 10 ftiirio )jc . ' d Siinln on Cfirlslnnis Five new iMinixrs ivcro elcelet 1 o tlio eliih. Tliey lire: Mines. Cleo oylo, Hob Croiner, J. \>, Olascot' . C. li. Young nnd Ccorge nlck- hosteivsp.s tor Ole ndemooi' ere: Mmes. s. I.. GltWIsli, J. W xlrliigUni,' C. 11. Drake/ H, J. Hale cotqp. Mrlngton, FI. M. u<l li. Mi Rheubuv.h. J . , Maw. IUP)_A qiir*. lion In the minds of townsfolk here h wliethcr Police Sergeant Jlllflm g Clmndlcrs alibi worked, , Ills autnmaWle »a^ tagged im- knowlii(jly for n parking violation wlitle lie iiUondcd a movie. HP PX- plulned t!wl u tniok came (lions ind puilirti tho oar irom Its orl- linal spot lo l)io raili-lcM spot In front of ii,hy;lrahi; A iMlloiuil Klirli'.n IIILS hi'cn ninilf 'litlii! hoinii of Koiiltl Aiiiiiiulscn i Oslo, Norwuy, \ PoKce Swfeant Qfferi' Alibi For Hit Auto YOUNC MOTHERS Uon't experl- m«nt with clillilren'j colds...Treul Ihem as your own mother ilid- extcrnAtly. Nodos- [ngl Just ruti ihroit und chtst witli, , , PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS fl There's something about the fragrance and aroma of a Chesterfield that is pleasing .. and different c cigarette thats MILDER cigarpttc that TASTES .BETTER »1IM, itjucri * Mv|»s Tos«« Co, GIVE SANTA GLAUS A BREAK THIS CHRISTMAS J YOU KJIOII »ho lie is He's Uic follow who noes down to work every (toy; who devotes mail of his in- conic to providing ncrnssiU&s for tlio wife and children;'who digs up the extra money trj bring liappincss to tlio family at thin glad season. \ He's- entitled lo a little; something for himself —.1 new suit or ji new overcoat, or both. He'll be n better, happier Santa Clatis if he gets them; the wife and children nml his employer will 'all think more of him. Hart ochaffntr & Marx SUITS AND TOPCOATS Alt-wool, of course, anrt (incly tailored tor lonjte.a wear NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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