The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1948
Page 12
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.FAO1 BLYTHEVILLE (ARKi)' COURIER NEWS Diets Stressed hi Health Talk at Harmon H««r North Misseo . D*moitftration Agent Miss Gertrude Band, aptalclhg before ih« studeuU of Harrison High School In ob*rv»nc« of Negro Health 1 Week, Tuesday, pointed out (hat perhaps the renson for the failure of nutrition to progre« was due to the. fict'. that knowledge lias been left t<5 text books and laboratories, and KM travelled too slowly from book or laboratory to the home. "Then, too," she udded, "when new knowledge bucks up again st old huMta, 6n«>must suffer." IB. Oils MM nutrition jnffered, for tnor* than two-thirds of the present population do not eat enough of th« right foods to keep them In good health, slia said. She divided nutrition mid dtels Into thr»« tones, the danger zone, which does not provide plough of the essential nutrients to prevent activities; and the udeqimle zone Which gives enough nourishment to prevent illness, but not enough to give strength for a full day's activities; and the adcyuate zone *hlch )s essential to good hcnllh • nd energetic activity. She concluded by telling the itudenfs th»t malnutrition could bt conquered only It each person assumed tlie responsibility of eat- Jn|" irood foods and the amount needed. Dessers Will Pep Up Meal Crisp Green Garnishes Provide Flavor and Fancy Touches, Too THURSDAY, 'APRIL'!, 1948 By (inynor Maddux NKA Staff Writer In the .spring, before gardens begin pouring out their generous of- feriiiRs, crisp* green garylslips . me nn. linnorUnl part of any meal. U;;e available' green leafy Vegetable* like spinach and watercress tu often as ......... Scrape a n)cdiui)>-.f'jied cni-rol and cut It: in-. 1-4-inch slices. .With a {•harp knife or tiny cutter, remove the centers of the slices. Insert a few sjuny.s of watercress in each ctiirot ring. Use ns a garnish around meats or fowl. Far ndded color, place a radish mw in Die center of each watercress bouquet. For Karnlsliing fish cut thin [Slices of impeded cucumber or loin-. j on. Remove ihe centers of the slice's ! with a sharp knife or small cutter. 'Insert watercress sprays ijj center I of each slice. Arrange around fish i on serving platter. I For centuries the Chinese have . added a toll of chopped green leafy | vegetable, usually watercress, lo : their substantial meat and vegetable | soups. The Italians add young ! spinach leaves to their jnineslrona j just before serving. Coarsely chopped watercress ' leaves add color and flavor lo veg- able .soups. Cook the vegetables Kil lender-crisp with the w«t»r- *.«; stems which have been cut I 1-8-inch lengths. Add coureeiy j t watercress leaves and serve Im-" I<*r(Mt Nugget Larcost gold migKcl on record wns the "Welcome, . Stranger," wlilch weighed 15V 1-2 pounds and was found In isoa In a rut made by a cart, only a lew Inches below the BUI face. mediately. Mock Suusagefl Two cups cooked beans, i cup dry bread crumbs, 2 eggs, beaten, 1-2 teaspoon sage, salt, pepper, fi:io crumbs, for-^olling 2 tablespoons fai. Mash the beans, mix well with bread crumps, seasonings and cg,j. (Reserve a little egg for costing sausages.) Moisten with a little mllK if crumbs and beans are very dry. Shape into sausages, dip in remaining beaton egg, then loll in fine bread crumbs. Brown in hot fat. Oarnisli with watercress, FLAVOR-PROTECTED I IN CELLOPHANE WRAP Fur » colorful dessert—strawberry Bavarian sweetened with honcr aiul spiced \vilh nuliiifnt.f, . A touch of spring- color In lY family menu will lift the spirits. Honey Pecan Ilavnrhm (Serve* 6-8) Bananas Help Build a Brand New Main Dish , A likely dish, mid mighty good f* have in your recipe file for yew-round use, 1« & main rtlsh delectably different because of bananas. If you haven't had bananas "hot" as well as cold, what a treat X In store for you! Cooking bananas brings you their utmost in .mellow, tropical flavor, and Just u bananas eaten cold combine congenially with so many other foods, so do hot bananas have happy affinities for a host of food companions. ' This truth 1. dellclously riemon- rtrnted In the dish for which the >ecip« follows. A. combination of fluff? rice, bananas and rich cheese ^aucej.thls U Candidate No. i for ;thftf'"different" dish during Lent, •nd It's much too good to limit to one jesson. You'll W ant It all year ' "round, Do choose bananas that hav« ' ill-yellow O r yellow peel •lightly tipped with green for this V B»nana Rica SftTory '; I cap* boiled rloe , t oupj hoi Savory che«i« Sauce* .. 9 firm bananas** ', Melted butter , i Paprika. * (•• Use all-yellow or slightly I green-tipped bananas) i Ml* together rice »nd 'A cup Sn- >ory Ghees* Sauce. Spread over bottom of baking dish (10x6x2 inches). Ps«l bananas; cut crosswise Jnto Jialves and then cut each halMftngthwlse. Arrange pieces, cut Bide ,down, on top of rice. Brush baruuias with butter slid sprinkle •wlth-salt. Bake In a moderate oven ;(376 degrees V.) lo to 15 mi mites or until bananas R r« tender jeasily pierced with a : fork. Pour remaining cheese sauce over bananas 'and sprinkle with paprika ^erve hot. YfELD: Bight, servings. ; 'Savory Cheese Sauce 1 Z tablespoons butter * S tablespoons flour i 1 teaspoon salt Dash of pepper 1 taspoon prepared nitntanl '/< teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce 3 cups milk , 1 cup grated American cheese I Melt- butter, add flour and sen- *onings and stir until smooth. Stir in rni)k slowly Arid and Jookr Stirring constantly, until sauce js smooth and thickened. Makes ^ibout 2 cups of Savory Cheese Bauce. jHo/fW Walls Considered Serioui Fire Hazard i j Every day 1,000 American homes .•re damaged by fire and many are 'completely destroyed because the flames cannot be confined within .the area where they start, i Hollow walls are particularly dan- r«eroiis bfcaust they act, as Hues antl One package strawberry-flavored or orange-fln.vfS.grf gelnl in, i hot water, VI teaspoon salt, S'.-tea' cups spoons, lemon 'jjUce,;li3 cup.honey, Vi cup cream,'. whipped,' V! bii'p chopped pecan meats.- Dissolve gcnnttn In .hot water. Add salt, lemon Juice and- v ho'nev. Chill until slightly thickened." Fold m cream, whipped only until thick and shiny, but not 'stiff. PolS-'ln nuts. Chill until slightly thickened. Turn Into-mold. Ghlll until -Jinn. Unmplcl. " \ . • '.'••-'. - Several, rea'ders have.' written ' to ask for a good angel cake re'cijie. i They wan't, to serve-.,It with -fresh I strawberries,-now beginning-to conic In. .. * ' . De Augfl KiMjd . One.and-one-half cups egg whites (12> cg'gs>. 'i teasiMWn salt. 1'.-i leasiwons cream of tnVtnr. i Ida- siwoii .yanllla;. .;i te'asp'qon, almond exlract,- 1'i cups fine granulated sugar, i cup sifted cake flour. Sift flour and '.i cup of the sugar togelher four times. Sprinkle salt, , crenm of tartar and flavoring over egg whites pinned in a large bow). Beat whites to a coarse fonm. Then begin adding 'remaining sugar (1 cup) In two tablespoon portions. spriniikling It over the surface of the whites. Beat each portion In gently, The batter nt this s'( jre -should- 'lie moist, glossy, fine-textured and with slight tendency to pile F\)ld flour-sugar mixture Into meringue in 'mixture Into {tnalely 10 Inches by 4 inches), rlns- :cd with cold water but not greased. Pass a knife through the batlcr circling the pan twice. Bake In n pre.-JicatC'd; moderate oven 1350 degrees FM ulKMH 1 our. Test by pressing surface lightly with finger— no print is left if cake is done. Invert pan. Do not remove until thoroughly cooled u hour or slightly longer). To retain maximum crust on cake rpniove from pan ns soon as cool. four portions. Pour tube pan tapproxt permit fire to spread throughout the house in a few minutes. Where lire-barriers are Inciting, this deficiency can be corrected by j blowing the walls full of fire-proof mineral Avcxil. Many building^ code' ndminlstralovs accept this-as compliance with laws requiring *'fire- retardant construction, .since gdv- ernment te-sts show that walls filled wilh mineral wo<il will stop the passage of fire lor one hour or more. i Ohe nf-.tho longest canals In Ihc 'world runs' from Leningrad to the frontier of. China, i\ dlstanc* of 4500 miles. APRIL U to 18 (2 P.M. TO J0;30 P.M.) Shetby Coonry Building MEMPHIS FAIRGROUNDS r-T\ i n .- 1 ' ! :* IN HOME BUILDING! yy^- lj SEE NEWEST !N HOME EHUIPMENT! ^V'niil FRf£ PR/ZfS Show ever p r ,d ;„ r . *ndh "L° V .? n ; 9 >K = h ° USC " {rom foundation io roof *m«! "I 0 ™ T hM '. i "9. 'y'-"" fo .Hie fan. if, , must »c for overy home-mlndcd per Son in the Mld-Soutk Admission 25c plus 5c tax MEMPHIS and MID-SOUTH HOME SHOW »«d Dir»cf«'d by t u ;id«^ BuilJ,', Al|<»(j CLOSE PLAY BUT HE'S "SAFE 11 ! ... and you'll }>e safe too, with <h« split second timinjt we give your c«r! Our check for spring goes into every vifa) .Mechanical movement to assure unexcelled performance. Giv« ue your car today for « SAFE and SOUND automotive check! We Cater to Truckers! LEE MOTOR SALES 308 E. Main .OLDSMOB1LE—CMC TRUCKS Phone 2056 COFFEE Grade "A" Fresh COUNTRY EGGSS - - -'«49c Wonder, Taysree or HART'S BREAD-••-2'«25c 1000 Sheet Rolt TOILET TISSUE - - - - Ea. 10c 1 Long Grain Polished ARKANSAS RICE - 2 m 35c * * • • * * A/c GRAPEFRUIT JUKE - - 3'«25c 3 Tall Cans or 6 Small PET MILK No. 2 Cans Slokelv No. 2J/i Can SAUERKRAUT ^ 12 i'ranco-Aniericait MACARONI '.. a , MB 35 e Hcoit Co. DICED CARROTS K , ; ,«12 I'Vanco-American SPAGHETTI 2(ins 29 c In (he lilue IJov SUPHESUDS ,„„„,„ 35 Lar^c Si/e llo\ VEL Wh 32 a'llli Si/.e PALMOLIVE tar 14" CASHMERE BOUQUET 25 ({og-iilar Si/.e PALMOLIVE „„ 19 For Lauiu'lcrinfC— 2 Bars CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 15 I'urifnn MARSHMALLOWS , 10 liordcn'i Kafilc Brand CONDENSED MILK 25 Gre;i( Nnithcm or PINTO BEANS ^T Kdclwciss' "A Case of Good ,hi<l|jm"~nl" BEER _1 SI.25 Value BROOMS 5M ,, nd 98 c America's Joy Smoke PRINCE ALBERT ,„ 1 5 All Popular Brands • • • • CIGARETTES clu 1 Hem's Oven-Baked BEANS \i w. jar 21 WIENERS King Cotton Skinless Wisconsin AMERICAN CHEESE 49 Connlry Slylc PORK SAUSAGE 39 Strcak-O-I.ean SALTMEAT 11( 33 Lean and Mealv PORK ROAST n) 45 Loan, Fine Flavored SLAB BACON ,,43 As Y(i U i.ikc It SLICED BOLOGNA 35 Shanklcss. Heady to ICat PICNIC HAMS .49 For Seasoninc DRY SALT PLATES Ib 25 LUSCIOUS Red Ripe FRUIT pint 31 c 3? S Pound Mesh Bag FLORIDA ORANGES in I'ound Mesh Bajr TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT 39 Delicious WASHINGTON APPLES ,49 Cri.siiy lechery Heads LETTUCE h ..,10 Garden Fresh RADISHES „„„, 5 Kabv Yellow TENDER SQU ASH 1( , 15 I'orlo Ricnn SWEET YAMS , lhs 25^e Green rascal CELERY ,«10 Red Ki'pe for Slicing TOMATOES »25 Fresh From the Garden GREENONIONS ......„„„* Tf Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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