The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTPVILLE (ABK.) COURIER NEWS EVKN'IS 5," moling 2 inn Tf^an^.tn tj,-ni«ini ^Mm pfn>t Stiirlinii Bui}ch ^-.» «;.v *\«ii» vau^u, mmi ui i\jn- Mn> O.' 'Vf. i McCmehfn cntei- iillh, Miss Jainlo V Qotdan und Uinlng'^Tfui^Uy* Contract club Houatd n«nks, bolh of heie Ml« Mra ^yroa MOIM. hailng Tliuit- Ida E 'riiojnns <md Tliomas I/ at coimlry Uguc, both of Lcaclivlllc bj the Miss ., .. cr, ss oM McKay und Eiial Sniiford, bold' o( hcixt, i Born. day Lujichepn cluii Dance al country, olilb, 0 IV M. i"v" U ^ miu nuai csaiuord, tn Holy Kami! toclcly Of Church ol Holland, Mo., by the ncv, J. lhc ; Immaculate• Conception meet- ford Caldwcli; Miss Bllcji Kl,, V(1 i, v ing at pjjUi hall, 7:30 P. M. and Audrle Lsindrum, both of hero' Mrs. Cecil Slume having Mid- Miss pucvye Liall and Nolen Youne Wetlc Bridge club. lm "' ' xf '•"--. •"" ••- ....:" As&ocfatlorial B. T. U/ meeting -..- ...... ,„„„,.-„ m la 7-3« P.. M., FlrBl Baptist Steclq, Mo., by the Rev. T R church. ' • ,"' '"•"•* ' FKUJAY'S', EVENTS Red Pepper club ( of city high school entertaining' foolbull boys wiUi dinner piirty ;al ! country club. Elmwood Cemetery assoolatlon luncheon meeting with Mr£, OUp Bradberry altLllUc River n't li.30. Ladles /Bible class ,.o/ Fusi Methodist church meeting wllh Mrs. Alice Lee, 1:30 P^'M Miss ^Margaret .Merrill presenting younger pupils In recital al school auditorium, 8. P. -M. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. E. K. Mason, Mrs. L. S. ISrlscoe and Mrs. Spurgeon Patterson, of Jackson, Miss., 1 having bridge parly at Woman's club, 2 P. M . Mr.; aim Mvs. llamion Estts, formerly; of here anil now of Wilson announce (he birth ol n daughter ' Shower Gl\en Misses .. Maggie Campbell ' . and Naoma Rhodes' and Mrs'. Joe Hester., were hostesses at a shower party given Monday evening til the home of Mrs. Hester in honor of Miss Mary Rhodes whose marriage to Donald Leivls, of East Prairie,. 'Mo., will be solemnized this, month. The house was nltracllvcly decorated with '..Yuletltlc decorations lUth the centerpiece of the table, n snow mountain'.; under ' which «eic found the Inlcicstlng assortment .of gifts.. •dames and Contests . cnterUilncd Ihe 26 guests \ulh Mia Lois Lunsford' and Mrs Larry whirling prizes. •Fruit salad, cake and Hot chocolate were scncd ami mi. fa\oi!, were'.-ntinldutc brides. ' * « * Class Urx»nlze^ Youjig imariled women of tho First Baptist church fo|incd 11 new Sundav wjtiool claw in u mcollivt, lasl exnlng nt the hunic of Mrs Llojd Stickiiiun, who Is to teach the, group Tlie« officeii were named Mrs John Tyrolic, prcsldclil; Mis Miki. Bonibolaskl, nist Mco prcbidchl, Mrs. Paul KMcndall, bctoiid ute presl(}ei)l, Tllrs. H. C. Blut'kensiiip, Ihlrd \lcc pi evident; Mrs Prcti CoiKldlid, Ircasmci.; Mra. Victor Stlwcy, sccretury, Mrs Bus KU linger, reporlci, Ij'slu refictlniii'iils \\cic tcivcd us plaiii, \me made for iicllvilles. Mja, Margaret Merrill, pl,uio teacher, will present hei >oinii!er Eludents in a reUlal Friday even- ng al tho high tchool uudllurliim nicy will be assi.letl by dalicc puplb. of Miss Marjorlc UiKkctl. • * • Guild Metis The guild of the First Christian church, made up of young matrons m^ ll ^* omBUr "wH^«»«- i Miss Minnio . u „,,,, Miss KBlheiino Naples and Harry Ridge,' both of Manila, by ihe rtci t- W, Stanord] MISS sylvln Ool- oert ajid John Gaiiclt, bolh of Mn- Miss Jamie v aotilun and '" Mrs. Eslcs wn.^ Miss Eiila of ClinlUnooga, 'rtiin. • Bits oj Metis .; Mostly Personal ;>; ~ '• •• — • ••• '•lien/ElllQU, who attcijds Ark- a.iisns :Stutp;?college at Joncsboro, lias' rethrned lo school afler the holidays. Mrs. Liila Slubbs, who has been quite 111 at tlio homo of Mr. mirt Mi's. H .L. Bradley, fs slightly ln\- proi'cd today Leslie Hoopci. who ivns mno\td lo the Memphis Baptist hospital Sunday, la slightly bctlci lodny Mrs HOOIMI Is Hiili him v Mr and Mis j A Wtiipiman of Memphis, viero Diesis of Mi and Mis John r Lciill lust night and today Mis Lent! Is lUiinilng home with Ihcm foi » bilef etnj ! bupl Mid Mis J 1 MtCIUrklli/l of El Dorado, ha\e uluuicd home aftei spending several diijs with Mi and Mis W D MCOluikln | Mrs T B Ciufl of Qnrdoil, Alk, has icturned home aflei Uo weeks spent \\ilh Dl and Mi r I- Husband Mr Craft and clniLli- lei motoied ovcl foi hei jcilci- Mi\s Kmnjljn j!iv LJ uHnc, sill lenl nniso »l the Bljihevlllo hos- |)i-ouchttl.i, is how "improving Mrs. ni»-torl.'jjj-<nviili>(f und Ht|v chlldrci),-Ciuy, Betty'sue a»d Hei- bcrl Jr., ijnyc' jjojie Jo jlalnps ulty for an cxlendecl visit »ith reluthcs ; Mrs. M. FlUs'linniotu and Mii Charles 'Alford »re In I Htlc flock for ti iiicellti!j.,of..l|ic grand lodijo of the order of Eastern &lnr Mra Altol is .grand 'iiiurshiill of the Klnfvi 'erotip and Mr». rit/.slinmpns Is worthy iniilnm O f tliu luui! ch^p- Itr. They, will reliun (omouow nlghl. Mr. und MIS. A. T, cloai, forrtier- ly of here and now of Union 'city Tenn., aro guesls of frlcnds.iii.thls eily for several days., , - NIM. L. M, FiiiVnetie hns rrtuni- cd from Kennetl, Mo, whtic she visited her sister who is ill ' Souk Sanderson, teachti In tho Doll school^ spent Ihu weekend In Wilson ahct ; . Memphis. i h ill nt . ... --. Mi ,IIK| ivii.i] K. A. Fisher. 1 Mrs, ulliy Hurst has gone to ICea- nett, Mo,, where sbe is lo be employed In n beauty shop. Mines. E. R, Mason, I, mar- the home of W pa . . , , , oe R. n. Nolcn. wyalt Henley .and Puttcrfcon or wij, Ajbs , kpent joslcfday n, H ',,, . , ' y'l" »cr Memphis 'fneidflj. Mrf, w Iv , Crafloil' ts 111 'ut he })omc on* West' Ash (.(reel ( Mi «ld M|t A 0 d,iuslltej, Callierlne, j e ,<.„„,„ from Hot Spilngs Mhwo they at ended Ihe luner'aj of MIS Hilo" u ' uncle, Heiirj lliimphrcis will dny fiotn Memphis - - f —.. *M^,,,,/mo wucicyiic ha been with his father, of Gatrs Tctin, who is lit at a hospilal Mi and MI'S Ned A> res arid chll <ltcn, of oscco/a, silent Sunday will Mis Ayies' ipolhei', ' Mis M A Bar/ms, «ho liiis bec'o quite m i,,, who Is now able fo be up AH and MIS C C Langston »i leaie toiiioiron foi Rulevllle, Miss whole tliej Kill attend tho ucddln of Miss Mniidlne Wllbon nlpie o Mi Lansslon, »nd Hon-aid; MC by Miss Atlele Lni)B5ton, wtio join them at Oxford * Mi and Mrs j w Maloncy art in Memphis where Mis Mnloney Mill undeigo a major o]»ialioii nt »iu lute ThmsJjij Itfi' d»uj[HUiy ! Mrs. carl Siilllv»n, will go lo MemphtB 'j-hurtday morn- up to Dr witli'fi'ff molhe'r" ,. . Miss Eftlc Moore, accompanied by u!';, an(l ,. Mr * >iL 9 llll 1? | i Qean, of ; ^!rFS^a?».^s?^;l'-" lit ThilllkMjivillo En tnnni.,-' '. Memphis. , apctil yesterday Hi Sleele-Cooter Society -— Fersojiai • • Jiliy*. 'roinmy'.qsoi'gc,'.who irc- fore. her marriage liisi week was' Miss Viola Williams, was (juesl, °t lidnoi- nl' ii miscellaneous bridal rtwwcr fiivcn by Mrs. ft. A. Kelley ami. Mrs. Lute Williams at. Uyc KU'elc.Ijplcl last Wednesday evening. •' 'I'vciiiy-five yucsts attended. , Mr.. ami". Mrs. T. E.' Urlgganc.T cnlcrln^icd 'tlie following guests for Tlirinksfjlvlng dinner. Mr. and Mrs. 0. D; .Travis and- family, of CiiruUicrsvllIc;' Mr. and. Mis. J. A. Trnvls-and sons, Dowen and Doiven; 'Mr. and Mrs. o.- c. Travis and son, any Stewart: Mrs. J. w. Boweii, ot stecle; Mr. and Mrs. Wclmer Campbell, ol cooler, , ;jrr,iir was in , honor of the birthday anniversary ol a. C. Travis. ' Week End Specials Beginning Thursday Shampoo, Wave Sui anil Dry BLOW iiiul Lash- Dye All For , $1.25 (iu.iiiin(|!iil Oil I'cnnaut'iilh, ?2.r\d or 2 foi'si.oil I'redCruk Vit.itomt IV-rmdnwits,, .?5 or'2 for'$S I'liolic ISO foi Aiinointmoiii v "» \ Powder Puff,Beauty Lounge Haircut, Finger Wave and Hair Duv All For ' " Mrs J Cecil Lo« 0 , chalrmnn, oiinied the meeting wui, a salu- Mr° n v°o" Pcac<! on Enrtl >" »>«! «,« 7' H B " ttcr » ortl > conduclccl «io de»ol tonal Heroic MISS L cla ^ k |H 1> £ 5c " lc<1 tho |)r °8""" o«> Wor| d p cacc BI1(| Co(w ,, g atsislel by Mrs Joo"vValion Mrs HUmlllu ' cy nll<1 Mri B "t- i i, r , boll, of M , , Mo , by Ihe Rev. Slu fcrfan Vrt'' tcrian church; ''oo 'i Mrs Mnltlc cnri ^ SlW " Ccr B ° ntl ' both 0 ; s Duv , c B »• Lh ° f Carull," u —--••, „„,,, o[ Hajilla; Misi H,J J^gWd -Hcima,, W C, HOME SLUMBERON The Mattress Luxurious 1931' *W" « ... - T y V»M .,-„..,..„ in IxipaiHo un BiiccU of Mr. and Mrs. Daii for. tit, Jr. ..•'•• Miwcs Kii&y Ashley it()il Hazel McAdains - ipcnt Jasj,. week-end h> Ocxler ;tb Biirat.s of Mr. and Mrs Charles MtClord,.. Mi'8. ; McCiovrt was ihc former Miss Elvia walker, of liere. ••.'.. Mrs. Sarah Jiiman |ms rctunicici lo her homo at Benloii, Ky., after a visit with Mr, und Mi's, -f G Be'aslcy. Mi*. 1,. w. Weaver is visiting relatives In points of Alabama and Illinois. One !0f the elcvc}i-inoiit!i-old .wins of Mr. and Mre, Plilllii) Lancaster Is .seriously 111. Mrs. L. E. Cooper and-Mrs. Marcus Llmtaugli spent Saturday in Memphis. . Dr. mid Mrs. P. p, McCutcben, Mi 1 , and Mrs. w. D. Hudglns anil Mr. mid Mrs. Herbert, Hudgins ivci-c dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs, j. w. Henderson, of Haytl, Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs. D. \v. of Washington, D. c, ... „.„ the birth of an eight-pound son last Tliuraiay at (lie Jiojnc of Mrs. Silencer's parents,' MI. and Mrs. ch.iflcs King, of Stecle. , Mrs. JM'.vard Davis and dmigli- '"• Pegaic Ann, nf Raellen, Teuii, Hazel Jasliii, 0 (. !, C |. C . •Mrs, Lewis..Johnson and buby two ecitie to C|ara|noiinl,,' Calif., last.Friday from-(lie Canal zone w'llt!'? they have bc.jn (or Hie pasi twp years. Mr, Joj|iwo» W |u jpjj) Ihctn there Jatmary 1. Mrs. Johiit son : is the foriiier Miss Ketlia Cfcsl, of Slccle and Blylhevillc. . Mr. and Mrs. D. Collcns entertained Mr. and Mrs. |(. Nor them, Mr. ana Mrs. S.'B. .M.vrant, and Mr. and ^f|•s. Tliotnas Northsrn six o'clock.dinner on Thante- ' - pay. Mr. and Mrs. Will TIVUI^HCIU Diive relumed home after a visit In. Okolona. Ark., with relatives Mrs. Baxter Taylor and son, Johnnie, of Santa Panin, Cullf. arc, llio lioiiscgtiesUi of Mr. and Mrs. nobert Holt. : Miss Mary Dee Baker, of uthcrsville, spent last week-end In Cooler with her • slslw, Mrs H Talklligton.. .. : Miss Mildred Harris- has returned to her home In Cardwcll after' -,i- visit in Cooler with' 'Miami Mrs. Chester Taylor. Frank Harper, Mrs. Huth LAW- lion, .Elbcrl Lawlion and Miss Ruth Harper spent Thanksgiving at Poplar BlufT-wild Mr. and Mrs Charles Gnllirlc and Miss Elizabeth Marvcll. Buril Lowci-y. Lee Ycagsr and Miss Riilh Harper and Miss Jul Clark. ,c lait week hero \ c-nts, Mr. .and: Mrs. c Mr.'and. Mrs.. R. ] Jolliers, Barbara a,. M „.„„ Jo, qieiit, last week in Marble visiting relatives,: • - . . Paul E. Milbrondt, Jr.,'of Joiner Ark.,.and Lloyd'-McHride,'. of; i ullierivlJli!, spent last \vrek- Rm here as guests of Mr. ' arid-Mrs. I* 0. BjKnccr. Dr. aiid Mrs. .T. S. Cooper left Monday for 1'oit Mycr.s, p(brida where they, will .spend thu .'»'i»lw, Heniy : Holmes, who has bid!) here the past two weeks; having been called litre by Ihc• death'of tils father, loft Friday for his home al .Flint, Mich,, to reinovo. his family! litre, where they will live willi his mother, Mrs. Tolliu Holmes. ' '•'"•" Read "Courier Xews Want /.as. are guesLj of Mv. and MIS. Arch Doii't let thorn ' get a ' strangle Mold. Fight them quickly. Creomul- sion combines 7 helps in one. Powerful but harmlcES. Pleasant lo takc..fJo narcotics. 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