The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1937
Page 4
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193? per yjf?f^.t.'-^*\'-:'.). §U?SqiOTTION RATES ^"*£:By. ca'rri6r<m';lfejCUy^of .Biylhcville, i5o 'acek.'or 85o per'month f, -?5By"maU.' within n,'.radius o{ £0 mllci, $300 per .'**.} j<etr, ?1 So for six month!;, IBo To? three, months; Constitution ., who ^gi'ee wjlh Picsidcnt osevelf'aii'to "till jiceessity ^d cle- shability of what (is commonly cle- sciibed as the '.Now ,Dcal progiam— mf'the flection retains indicate that iity, pf* Am'cucanb aie m'agice- *- < '' him that a_ way must ,bc found to*£* freak the deadlock ,lpclu ecu tho legislative and executive branches of tho A gbveinment, on tho o»c hand, and the judiciary upon the other, which i^^JjjalJ^b.fought that piogiam, in a ntim- . ""*ber"bfils yajdi-'pliases, to a viitual' standstill. h ,. » ^Democracy- ceases to' opoiate—the field_ it? 'not' plowed—when one bii]>- ' posertly cooidmnte biauch of the novel mnent thwnitV the eft'oits of tlie other, 1 branches to fulfill tho will of the people.' The question then, t,o i.u as_llio \ president's judichuy icform piogiam i^ -~i& cimceinecl, tyeepmfe one ol! wliethoi' 'the 'obstacle to" oftective democracy ' ^ , ]KS in the ''pcibonalNficonomic prcdiloc- ' '^^tiort's' of ii nii\j&nty" of the supicme .""i*. f'coiiit or in the, constitution itself. 'If the court is lesoiting'to bliaincd * it.* «"d artificial intcipretations ol tho 'y ^ constitution to block New Deal, .legislation, "the 1 proper rdmedy would' Sefim * to be to change the^ comt. ft the '.. constitution itseff is tho'obstacle, thai >f *~ the only right and poumincjU ^cjnetly - , v is to change the constitution ^ j W°* arc inclined to the opinion that •""*"? J:he; president is justified in , maud'for* a change in tho comt, if <• f, £ 01 'JS^' 161 leason than that a ntiin- ^jer.JBf'Hhc/justices have bhown.' no e jcTBisposilion al nil to icsolve coiibtittP '-*' tiffiial-Moubts on the side of the popu- ~ - • lar will. 1 But it als>d seems vciy clear that the constitution itielt is in need 'of modification and paiticiflaily of . * ckuhcation. Theie aio too many f cases in ^hich the nine jubtices,- supposedly ^ among the 'best veised men in the couatry on' the constitution, - have been unable to aaive at any agieement- as to its meaning and ap- [ plication. If a written document ib to be the final aiithonty upon which dveiy ^ , act of goveinment must, icsl, then i ' suiely it is not asking too 'much to ) demand that its meaning bo so ^ at> to be imdeistamlablc at le.ibt to the leaned of^its hludents ,:-^A;number of tlie more^ esthetically sensitive .of oui" fellow citixens haye . apjAaled t<? this deparlnient fo re. Tiidnstr'atei. iii the intercst.V of. civic ;•> toiity^, against the niutiiatioiv of ^.' shade trees -along our/ residential. "• ; Strc'pts by siich a 'degree ot' 'trimming- : oi\ topping as makes them resemble,'e winter time a.t,least; nothing •SpJliuch as owl roosts in a '/oological :'garden. ''-..'•' ';;'•; To your editor the mutter is one to be appioachcd witb .some delicacy, as he is not at nil ccitam of the hpinid- 'iicss of his own taste in niboreal Hichitoctuie I), would embairass him ^icatly to be called upon to pioducc . hi.s credentials as A critic of tree; tiimming. 1 '.': ',',. Nevertheless, if tiecb aie maintained along our stiects lor the--sake of the bounty and shade thoj alloul, wo believe it is tine that those ends are usiially best achieved by peimittint' them to grow naturally, subject only to such piiinmg as is nccebsaiy for - t)io ^elimination of dead «ood and to prevent inteileience Milh buildings , 01 with tiavcl "beneath them Where special conditions seem to require'more 01 lehs ladical tic.ilmcnt, it would be wibc, wo believe, to cnlibt the services of, someone trained and oxpeiiciimF in that boit of woik, in ouler that whatever is objectionable may be eliminated without destroying lho desirable natuial effect. :: COURIER NEWS OB.iv DAIMI.VI! IIIIIJ'1'1', ' nniff Xt-w V'urk ti* hvr fliflu-r'rf • Co'mifcUi-'lit cAtiitc to I,.\.«HV .SIH'l'll, ntirlU'llw. linrlii'- lar nrvlillfcl, niiil JlrulB lu-Ki-lf llltjjiK Mm ircmcn r inie. »ls[t;r, , nix ut ot , Jmulfi-r J« u- vlvurltui),', \vlinl- Jennifer tighc'd. '''Oli>- Anne>, help oing ahout..\vith Tuck all lho You're going to : sy that it ' costs a' Jot and -you want, me. to make, good. .Well, -I never .will.' I ' sifnply Joatlic iecteta'ri'ai ; school aM -I; can't make, th'psc, funny little lines but Daph won't 'ict., me give it up. Anybody's '. think I hadn't tried to earn a living when I had my job in Wall Street. In N(MV ^'nrli hli« t AlNSI.llV, l>:nilnii: p s Old lii-ii I!ii|iliiif tun I" J> 1 "- i-lirllk-JiKC (0 IJiTKC'K— II f In t;ef a )Jl( niorr rroiu IJfn ffinii » i-iirct-r. - . ' irrj- I« mnr- itilll ,r,-juiir,-r niiniMliiciw «l[e lllKtlt tllllt tMFCf Ilflll IVlllCll mill Is Xi>T Illurrlnl. Slit »ll>» (o Ktl Iit-r fJiu for Mm. Till, nvxt ', '.Sunilny TlK'k '""'I iilllfur iiiij' niijilm,- vl«!l • Jin-It JI;.II iinii l.iirrj. I.irry "sk» If l"= .mi) s<-i- Dai.lini- iiBiiln. IliX-k In Ni'W York Jrlililfrr lrl'« II" »'»<IT. "So I-UII'VC flllll-ll I" l»Vl'.» I)ii|ilin« ili-iiEcs IhlK lull a stleiK nKKlc lii-lwi-cn Ilio l' 1 * tar Ilia IID itiriii Iji-eotni's n Proper Channels A survey published 11 shoit timo ago Jpvuilod {hat lynching had declined icmnikiibly (lining lho p.isl your. Sevoinl months ago,' night-riding mombcis of Hie nwlwesleui ..Black Legion \\eie bi ought to book by the lav\ In Pcimsylv.un.i, ,1 slAto Uoopor has been J-ouml guilty ot tlio "thud cfcgicc" nun dor of n liotol man. These facts aie al] tot.illv unrelated and yet, taken together, perhaps they me indicative of one thing >\^ Pcih.inb they reveal that people, in gcnonil, aie coming moio and more to K.ili/c that mfiactions against law and v oitlev muibt be handled, only thiough the piopoi channels of justice; that citizens cannot take the law'into theii own hands no matter how well Mich .1 couibc seems instificd. "If I t'.ln't cmim exception for Ih'ese dependents,- then I'm nol going to'.help you with that iux return." : 77-//C ft ir>ir\i ic W/r\m n I HIS .<LU/</UyS WORLD Ferguson IfOW GO ON WITH 'I'HE'STOIIY. ; , GHAPTEH IX ANNE-COCKEHELL ehoolc herself and bdit her liead forward. Water ran in rivulets down tho brim of her hat iind fell on the -carpel, as site bent to remove her overshoes. "Get your. lazy hones out of .that 'choir, Jennifer Urctt, and give me a hand with these packages," she satd. "Sorry, darling, I didn't, iaibw you needed help." Jennifer took Anno's umbrella and coat. "Come over by the fire. I'il bring you IN THE HEAVENS, EACH ON'-: COMW MS THOUSANDS. a-^MILLIONS- OF STARS S Eomn dry slippers. How about a cup of hot tea?" Anne sighed and then smiled. "Jennifer, when I get ready to scold 'you, you go and get sweet on me." • "So that's why you came early? Can't you wait until Daph gets here -ami you can both give me a good combined lecture?" Jcnnifci tweaked a curl at tlie back of Anne's head. "No, .that isn't why I came wasn't my fault that I got fired." "What do you wanlv to do?" Jennifer played with tho tassel on -her belt and-sighed. '"I don't know. -.That's tho troubled : There are so few -careers— ".• I ', ' ' i A NNE studied Jier for a few minutes' and .bit her tohgu'e to keep back all she •knew.' She might have said: ''The .'trouble 'in that you are having a lovely time playing house in Daphne's apartment. ;You don't want to do any- .h ing but stay in bed until noon and slay up all night. \You don't a'nt to lielii." She didn't say it. She was saved from saying anything more. Daphne called from the oilier side of the door. Jomu'fcr-'jumped up and openeti it. "Oh, .Daphne, what on earth liave yoir there?" .She began relieving Daphne of the packages that weighted her down. "Hello, Anne. I've been Christmas shopping. Not that,! can afford it, but H's got to bo done an Christmas is only two weeks away 'And what anight to be shopping. 1 "Winter seems > to have come Tiaisiiw of vngcs is forbidden . . mid the average wage Is $9 to 510 n week. —Dr. w. Sollman, German Socialist Democrat leader in exile, speaking of conditions hi Germany. * . . » » It was great -C L Pelcison, of Seattle, Wash', aftei eating his first solid meal In to jeais,, following a Ihront opeiation * * * fir ncoscvclt is the only piesulcnt in the lust. 20 jcars . whose formal (.lollies have not, looked moth-eaten —I H Mllbcmcr, prom- Incnt New York tailor. , ^ (11 (IjVf]m< OUT OUR WAY By Williams BOV, WOM'T A WE . OM WE MIGHT EV6W SEKSD V WELL, WE GOT HIM, MOWJHAT' A 'FEDE.ISAL oV • ' THAT/S CX3UMTERFITTINJO, WV KIK3D Tf-IAT WA"p \ / QUICt4 OF 1 1W WATER VOU, PlCKtM' U COLOfZS.BUT UP OME OF A AWV K.IMPA THEM BUMOLES, WHEM ME.5P.iLT TI-!/\T GI2IP FULL O' MONEV RIOH'T IM PROMT OF US OB MOSJEV A VEEV SERtOUS CRIME PEK!> GETS HEM- MEM r ARE TME MOST FAMID/ IN THE ENTIRE PLANT BOTH THE MALE AK£> f-£MALE P/6CON PRODUCE'THE.-SUB5TANCE KNOWN AS "PIGEON'S 'N WHICH THE VOUNG BIRDS ARE FED The grass family is • spread Over most of the carlh, find it includes nlnnls ranging in size from tiny species no largci linn moss np l c (he bamboos, 'flic roots of grass hold the soil together nnkine it pos sible for larger vegetation 'to grow. Most of mans food is movidcd bs members ol the grass family, such HS corn, vhiit rice- etc. NKXT: When is Hie average day cohlcsl .in tcm|>cratc climates? Winlcr -Alladc ol.' Wiiooping'Cougl?. 'Begins iir'Sajne. Way as a-Colt eaily I wanted to sec. Daphne and v,c h?u planned to have din- icr together ionight but I've got to work so I dropped by on my wij norm. And I'm a Eirl who believes in seizing opportunities. Like this one. 1 iusl thought niaybu \vc could have a goo'd old- fashioned talk." 'About what, Anne, men or mono}' Jennifer was pleasantly impudent. Mono-} Anno was' curiously embarrassed. "I mean |abput Daphne's money. I, lmov/. ; y,ou aren't going to like this, ,11ori'cy : but I think you ought to'.'know about it. Daphne's sending you,io a secretarial school means that...' with a vengeance," Anne saic comfortably,-stretching her toe. out to (he fire, ,' , "Hasn't it though?' It's a nigh out not-lit for man noi- boost.., I feels like vain and if we have rail over these frozen ruts H .will no be any fun getting • around Ne\ York.'!.. •-....- ..'. "Speaking of gelling around"— Jennifer looked up'from! the te she had' poured for Daphne— "Tuc>. is taking me'.to a party i the Village tonight." . paphne_.ha<1 not had her tea her nerves were jumpy and sh whs tired.. "You're : not going, she said flatly. _ i ."Come ''Off it, Daphn^ Any body'd think I was ah infant i swaddling clothes who couldn Ireep. Jier. eyes open after o'clock." ' ; . " ( '"That, isn't '.the, point," .Daphn went on .coldly. ; '.'.'Th'o^po'int that. youW got to.iet to-school i the l ;rnorniiig' anct. T, know 'th cfovv'fl.iri th'e Village..;! don't hap pen to "like them'."..for (hat nia tcr ;I don't hapgen to like -- . -?• :. ^ .. me. I told you thai. His friends •o entirely too sophisticated ioi- ou. 1 YOU are li'ot going out with nek lonight." ' , : , • , : . .'**'*.. it DIDN'T really ni'can it, Anne, , but . . ', oh, I give up! I'm caliy annoyed at Tuck. He knows he's only, 18 antl'i ho has delib- atoly disregarded my wishes. I on't want her running with that illjtgo crowd." . ' "Oil, since we're iiv the romance cpartmcnt, any . word from niith?." .*....- , . "No word from Smith," Daphne aid shortly. "No fiarm'mca'ni'.'l'jusl thought' hat speaking of 'lho right man 1 ; The telephone rang in the bod-! oom. "I'll get i it," Jennifer( J ailed liack. "It's for you, Daph, It's Smith." Daphne really bounced out of, er chair. Anne couldn't hear', vhat she said but she ; could hear he purr in her voice. - • ., She put on her: overshoes: and ucked her hair, under heir damp lat. - .':•..•..".'-. "I guess you , won't . mind if I un along tonight?" • . - • - Daphne, -with' a fiush.on.her •heck, a broad smile, said/ "Must : •on, Anne? He's ^coming, right J'p, We're going to a Gorman 1 •estaurant and to see that •ridicu- ous melodrama, The Drunk'ard." "1 call that subtle!" Jennifer said. "The first time he calls up ind asks for a date, she accepts. Keep 'em dangling. That's my nethod." "Anne, -shall I wear .the black taffeta?" _ \ "I think a liitle Tyrolean costume would be cute," Jennifer proffered: Then, when Daphne wont to tlie door with Anne', "Jennifer slipped into the' bedroom, closed the floor behind her, artd ; ; took the telephone from its stand. She: was going to" pursue h'er" learning- her own' way.' " : ' ' No "sister was goipg" to tell her what to do. Keeping her in. like a schoolgirl. She was a woman who had- a right to do as she pleased! She dialed her number and 'bit on her lower lip. . ; . "Hello _.;;'." she said alter '-.a moment; "I, can't talk now but . ...'I'll mect-ypii.lator . :. . yes : ,".. I told yptf'i, \vould ... I've been "good' 'tpifjpng/'";'_ She 'put tlie receiver ,back on the hook. . .- '*.' . ';'! <To Be Continued) lere nrc instances In .which whoop- ng cough hns fasted, two or' 1 Ihre: lonths, and even longer. * i/ - Mosl serious in this period:Is the oajMlity ot a secondary attack of > onclulis 'econdnry infection of he ciri, pneumonia,' or secondary nltic! s of 5°\ere bleeding from- the nos» or throat. ';-'. .-" • .; From th" deseriptlSn of: these symptoms it sho\ild be clear to everyone that whooping, cough is not disease to be trifled with. : It is bsiisved that one-half'ol J3 \vhcoping cough .victims .under 3 months of age die of it, anil that Jiap? .olie-fourlh of thnse who iater gi. the disease die when they scorns mi^ctcd. With proper care, ho-.vever, and nss of ^modern, methods mast such totalities may be avoided. ' : Tribe Pu'ncess Recalls i Indian Buffalo Hunts FEMBINA... ^f. D. ';(UP>—MK. Catherine L:na Pascal Rondeau es-year-okl Indian princess,' is' one of two or three persons living wn to have attended the missionary school at Walhalla, N. p., co'nductid by tba famed Fttthc'r Bcicoiirt in the 50s, '.•-•;'. : :• •. Mrs. - Rondeau's- inothsr \vas~a' mixcd" blood' ch!pp5\Va, : a daughter of Cliief Little Shell. Her ftaher was a Frenchman from Quebec, Dan Pascal. ' . -: . When Chief Little S'ncll died 'in 1850, Mrs. Rondeau's 'mother be- 1 came Father ; Belcourt's hous2T keeper. The school sit Walhalla was in the basement of the log mission' erected by Father Bslconrt in the late 4.0s. Two nuns aided the uriesl in teaching 'a clas.5 of mixed bloods and Indians. Mrs. Rondeau recalled regular buffalo hunls over North Dakota in which Indians participated. The hunls. she said, usually in June and November when t'nc Indians'; larders were exhausted. Often l.h»re were 200 ox-carts in tlie parly and a priest generally want alonj to baptize babies, offi- ciate at weddings arid perform lust rites, for the.dead, the aged Princess explained. During ..a 10-year period,, 5000 patents, w'ere' issued to women by the TJ. 3. Patent- Office. Ahnoiincehtents Th'e'Courier wows nas teen a'u thorized to nnnoiiiice th'e .following candidates for Bls'thcyllle municipal offices, to be elected on April 6: ' ; For Mayor MARION WILIJAMS W. W. HOLUPETEli ' G. K. GREAR , For Alderman, First Ward ' J. L, GUARD (full term) : . E. P. PRY .(short term) ' • " JESSE WHITE (short term) For Alderman, Second Wird ,. ', FLOYD A. .WHITE JOHN C. McHANEY, JR. Fffr Altlprman, Third Ward .., " ' .DAilON RfcLEOD ESTKS LUNSPORD OUR BOARDING HOUSE ' With Major Hoopla \o. ir,, 1 ; JM?.ny reader^ lue flipping an-.l saving- lljr.'-p "J c 'nmily Dnclor" ;ir- liclp.s to make,their oivn medical rncyrloiirAiiir. To t;uilitib Illing the nrtidM, uml krcpin-; lli-ttn in order;, thpy will'- ln-rc- after lie uumtiprcd. —Erli(cr:of Courier NJ-.IS. ; By I)K. MOlildS Editor, Journal of Ilic Ai'nm'r'lti Mcrlicfil Asioclallon,'anil cf-' 1 . Hj-f;ria, the ijrillli Slagniinc The worss epltiVnVics of u'lion'ping cough occur in wjnter, and il- th:r3-. fore is dlfnciill -to distttiguisl) tho curly symptoms of the disease from' those ot the ordinary cold. The first stage "ot "w^iai'iji.'i'u" couglV is\K period of about in -.lays in'\vhlclrthe victim has an onlir.iry cough-and lyplcnl sympl-ams of n cold. -Alftr fivelor six day$, |-,o-,v- cver. Instead of, getting belter as one usually docs, this cough goto \vorse and" begins to occur In s-pslis or -ssizurps. . : ' At first th.ess arc rather mild and , Iliere may. be onjv-;t«o pr.thrcj'af them a day. Finally they get :» little more severe .and irc^iiD^t.' ?s- pccliilly at ntgrit. .Then the "whoop- ing'', begins. This Introduces the second stage of wlionpinj cou;ii. Til this stage'the ohllcl will give vent to a series of explosive coughs, coming one after.HID other, wincr. limes' with • no opsXiitiHiity, . to', breathe between coughs. The sound..Is,.»... long .."jvlioop.: 1 . which represents ail attempt 10 draw in a lot ,-oi ,air.... It : -thesc. coughmg ' spells are severe, tho child's face j will become red or purple, the vein;, of his face ntid fcalp will -well,; and his eyas will. fill with tears. • * * A child'nwy"Toiibw oil6 . r -wnoi>i> or crowing soiiiiil v,ilh nnolher succession ol rapid coughs, p.nd th:n another "wV.cop," Finally, a mass of mucous material may bo brought up, alter which the coughiivj and ".whooinng'' will stop temporarily. Very young children may vomit promptly after a spnU'of coughing, particularly II they have just eaten. Thes: attack-, are 'exhausting ; antl may 1>; tlvcre enough to make the victim rnem dizzy or conlusccl. Cases vary Iron tliosa that nr: mild, with a half dozen coushing spells in 21 hours, to those that arc .wvorc. with 20 la 50 attacks in iiiat |>:rio:l. It is known now that Ih3 attacks of coughing may te a??rj\- vnted fcy cxpasiiro to cold' dralU of air, torncco smoke, cold drinks, overexcrdsc. or any other irritant, Eomsll.-ncs ; the coughing may bo FO r.^vei^ as to cause no_33blc2:l. O;ie of the worst '- fc.l'uTrrs of whooptns coujh Is the fact Hint the child is unable to cat! or los;s his appetite. EO his nutrlliou suffers. Tho sefnnd ftario of whooping cough niully passes, in Tour la .fix weeks, into the third stage in which the spells of coushlnj gradually decrease. In msny cVscs the child .will get \vcll In another west, but, I _S^_g »'»"yM> AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, L1CK-CLIC|<), I'D SASf YOU , HAVEKl'T CHAMGED rALJCH ^-STILL TKYIMC3 TO BORE A HOLE IM SOMEOK5E ELSE'S BAKIK ROLL WITH TH' SAME OLD AUGEP,-~THA.T . OLD a'R&^6E-spaTTeo VBST MUST HAVE AM ELASTIC. H SlEE IT COVEP^-S ~TH' IO-IMCH EXTENSION) YOUVe A'DDED OMTO YOUR •BAY WIMDOW WELL,TOM, I'D PECOQMIZE YOU IK! THE 1 WEVER COULD THE WAY YOU Cl PAL-SE TEETH OP A TRUTH, YOU OUGHT TO see. PETTECT A SLIGHT T^ATTLE> MAYBE OME *OP YOUR IMHAT1OW TUSK,S ISA LtTTLE LOOSE THAT WISHER UP ——, -YOUR CRACKS . FP2.OMTVVO OLD

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