Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida on September 21, 1961 · 12
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida · 12

St. Petersburg, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1961
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UK STATE Sf. Ferertburej Timtt, Thuridoy, Sept. 21. lfel AT TAMPA State Building, Funding Study Is Undertaken TALLAHASSEE IPI - A two-year study of the methods o( plannm; ami (nam ins major projects in Florida was undertaken yesterday by the legislator council committee on appropriations and auditing. The committee asked its research staff to jrl up informs ton on current financing and msccst alternate methods. MA'. J. Kmory Cross of Gainesville fommrnted that the study may be rominj "ten years too late," noting that the Rover-nor and cabinet had already come up with their own plan of issu.ns state bunds to take care of emergency construction projects at state universities, Cross, who is opposed to this type of bond financing, supgcsl-ed that the committee look further into this plan as a part of its studies in order to have a recommendation for the 19W legislature which may be asked to appropriate funds to pay off the bonded debt. SK.V B. C. rearce of Talatka was elected chairman at a brir-l organizational meeting of the committee. Rep. .1. J. Griffin of Osceola was named vice-chairman. The committee also pro)osed a Mudy of a long-range financial improvement program for the state, in cooperation with the executive branch, to improve budg et and financial reports of state agencies. . i-T-7 I ' V t..V..---f r TTSK iy ) 4in AP Wirtphota Cast In Difficult Role With both arms in casts, 7-ypar-ld Robert Keith of Topeka, Kansas, finds class work a laborious task. He broke one arm in a fall from a swing and fractured the other a couple of days later in a fall from his bicycle. Canal Bailey Names School Library Advisory Group (Continued from Page 1A) from Cedar Key to the Suwannee Sound and $lfi.ooo for a flood control study of Thillippi Creek in Sarasota County. Another added item was $2nn, OYER WFLA-TV Bryant Press Session Slated In Tampa Today Several Questioned, Released In Slaying Of Pregnant Gr, 16 TAMPA tfl - Sheriff deputies (aid yesterday they have questioned and released several persons in connection with the brutal slaying of a pretty teen age expectant mother. The Rirl, tentatively identified Tuesday night as Sue Waldrup, 19. was formally identified yes terday as Jimmie Sue Marshall, 16, by an aunt in Zavnlla, Tex. THE Al'XT, MRS. SARA Hop- son, said Marshall was the girl s maiden name and she had been married to a man she knew only as "Wood" for the past four years. A medical examination of the body revealed the girl was five to six months pregnant. She had been shot three times near the heart with a large caliber Run and suffered a deep cut on the back of her head. The girl's body was found in a swampy area north of Tampa by a state conservation agent on routine patrol Tuesday. SHERIFF ED Blackburn said investigators have turned up several clues in the case. Three spent .45 caliber casings were found near a St. Petersburg waterworks pumping plant a lit tle more than a mile from where the girl s body was found. Deputies are also searching for I a light blue, paint-worn pickup truck seen in the vicinity of the 'j....u - i "WE DON'T HAVE a license; number of the vehicle, but we do have a pretty good riescrip- (ion of the make of the truck and its driver," Plackhurn said.' A 44 40 caliber rifle casing was found near the body, but depu-, ties said they don't know if it was connected with the killing J No slues were found in the bmlv aml investigators have not found any elsewhere. j ! The tern agcr s body was found ; fully clothed and the medical re-' port said she had not been crim inally assaulted. THE SLAYING victim regis ! tered at the Salvation Army shrl-! ter in Tampa Sunday night and told one worker she had hitch-j hiked from Augusta, Ga., and was supposed to meet her hus-' band here. ! She was last seen alive Mon-! day morning eating breakfast in, a downtown restaurant. FIFTH end CENTRAL SOFTLY STYLED j ALL WOOL SUITS by Friedmont ' c5 59 98 Agreement Signed WARSAW W An agreement on scientific and technical coop, eration between Toland and Tunisia has been signed here, the Polish Pres Agency announce.!. area. He w ill be accompanied by road board member Warren Ca-son of Tampa. Bryant will look over the Tinel-las Bayway. U.S. 41 improvements at Bradcnton, the Tampa TALLAHASSEE - Cov. " ' i P n a . n i.U i nno for improvements to .Naples rdms UTmi ' nnin ms TP Harbor. Holland said these funds lar Thursday meeting with news-are included in money set aside mcn toda'- bllt u wlH be In Tanv for small authorized projects. j Pa ,nstcad of thc Capitol. n.. .,,;- j ; ,UJ The governor will meet the i ( " I khi . TamPa Bay Press at 2 Pm- at expressway system, and the m2 f;h.Trl!JnS5. Mi ithe studios f WFLA-TV. which Welch Causeway, linking the Pi- L r S TBi 2 Vi r" carrV the nlire con-Indian mainland to .Madeira ami section of the Intracoastal , . 'n.. t ii-iuiice me. au newsmen m me oi-ain. 'area are welcome to participate,! After the news conference, Bry- Bryant said. ;ant will take part in the dedica- The televised news conference tion of Tampa's new police build- Waterway. $2,200,000 for Port Ev erglades improvements, $115,000 TALLAHASSEE OH A com-! 'or reimbursement to local au- n,mw 01 " wca ors na jay - r .Tnn ?' t Tampa will be the second ing. then go to St. Petersburg. Liijcvuo noa nit-u uv ouill-, " ......... .'v ( 1 i u.u u. .1.. n ...111 iimnias u. nancy -r-y hae h,H nn fnrmal neut rnn. hnnor eiven hv Srhvil Sunt j..'. ... ... , . . 'Jll l,U J Mnnnnn . fiaS 110(1 One . i BiLiuciy iii iii v lav ill l I'M'lUll im l " "." , i : . ! : ci tb. i..k- j leiemc hi .uidiiu. Before meeting plans for improving school librar- Sl- M-irks Hiver harbor and ICS. Among them are two person from St. Petersburg; .Mr. Howard Weenirk, long c-live in local, county and state PTA work and current state channel work. EXCLIDING operations maintenance funds which nnn controversial items and usually approved as routine, the following are the rest of the Florida funds in the bill, all for surveys or advance engineering and design: Cutler drain in Dade County $7,000; East Tass $.10,000; Frenchman's Creek $8,000; Jacksonville Harbor $45,000; Martin County flood control reception in his given ny tne bt. reters- burg Committee of 100 and speak the newsmen, at a Florida Presbyterian College 'the governor will make a three-; program in connection with its and hour television inspection tour of groundbreaking week activities. are roaa projects in me lampa nay lucians, accuon b. WEEMCK ELLIS president; and .Tack D. Ellis, supervisor of educational materials for the Pinellas schools system and former librarian at H. Petersburg Junior College. The committee will hold i Governor Contrasts Communism To Spirit Of Freedom In U.S. JACKSONVILLE Ufi Gov. Bryant said a Communist Is Farris Bryant yesterday praised not satisfied to look within him- mnnn. p..j;j n,., Ai,kl ; the spirit of freedom he said pre-1 self for improvement but looks !TLJ: ?ld !lyJ,an"m" vailed in the United States and at the other fellow and says 'Til aim i iui ma ' .:w,iniu, l ume de Leon Inlet $37,000; Sarasota Bay channels $7,000; St. Lucie Inlet $11,200; Tampa UarKni IllltcVinri Duf tA 000; Hendry County flood control '." " l"c ' i i'L'cnnin 1 1 a ivou s inn nr o particularly Florida in contrast with the tyranny of communism. "The people of Florida are nev er satisifed and that is a quality $7,000; Johns and Pass-a-Grille passes $27,000; Apalachce Bay channel (Two Mile Creek i $12.- 000, Intracoastal Waterway ( An-1 dote River to St. Marks) $25,-, 000: Intracoastal Waterway 1 Mi-1 " ami-Key West) $10,000; Miami Jacksonville News Club at charter - presentation luncheon. The governor also said the Florida Industrial Commission plans to build a $7.i0,000 office building in Jacksonville as as it can find a suitable site. rob: or steal or kill" to get what he wants. "Communists." the governor added, "don't know what a revolution is what they have is tyranny." The governor received an honorary membership in the club. The club's charter was presented by John S. Walters, executive soon;editor of the Florida Times-Union and the Jacksonville Journal. first meeting at 10 a.m. Friday; Harbor - $4.000; Palm Beach Harbor $5fl,000; Earman River flood control $10,000 and (hoctawhatchee Bay Gulf of Mexico channel inear Foint Washington i $2,500. $15 MILLION PLAN Florida Road Gang Escapee Given Life Control Board To Start School Expansion Plan TALLAHASSEE The Stateiother buildings in the $19 million Board of Control will start the j university construction program wheels turning Friday on Gov. ! as a result of the bond issue pro- Farris Bryant's plans for a $l5;posal. million university building pro- In Tallahassee BAILEY SAID Florida wasn't making the effort it should on behalf of school libraries. "Only one librarian is available for each 1,074 children in average daily allcndance too few librarians lo give the students the time and attention they reed and deserve," he said. "Florida provides an average of five books per pupil and spends less than $1.50 a year per pupil for library books. This is woefully inadequate. "MANY LIBRARIES arc housed in doorways, storage rooms or around the walls of a classroom. Sometimes there is no library at all." Other members of the advisory committee: Mrs. Davida Caldwell, Orlando; Miss Lucille Colten, Tensa- cola; Mrs. Josephine War, Fort Lauderdale; V. A. Grow. Tallahassee: Mrs. i trt Iras rrcf in Tn rA n fUn M. Lewis Hall. Coral Gahlcs; 1 and is sen ing a prison sentence 1 .KKestrd that consideration be jvuss t ranees naiucia, ron Lau- jn Ohio. derdale; Mrs. Lora Hunter, Or- Brown and Loft in were, prison-mnnri ftparh- .T. Velma K(pn. Tallahassee; Mrs. Betty Lunnon, tentiary and escaped from a road UTt!P. PrP?i!l55 iUi?n .,s?.u5l HOUSE FURNISHINGS ' 1 kU:i '' I Mm WB y-A "tr LENGTH MADI TO SELL . no FOR 84" LENGTH MADE TO SELL . 00 FOR FLORAL cl raw d rap cvs Witk wondtfful flood loelil nd lunurioui d r p i n q qualiiict, thtio euttom-tailortd, raidy-to-hinj d r p-trlii will bring fad-preof btauty to your room. Buy iavral for your largo Wmdowi. 10" wida. Pr. PILLOW SALE MOLDED foam latex Pr. gram and expansion of off-cam pus graduate study facilities. The big part of the board's two - day monthly meeting in Peace Corps Accepts Lake Alfred Student CHARLESTON, W.Va. (T) -George Edward Brown, 30, a fugitive from a Florida road gang, was sentenced to life inj '? " n.f 7! 1 LAKELAND (LTD - Winston prison in intermediate court yes- ;a,ncsv,,le llb 8' u" 0vaXlFord Lawlcss Jr- 21- of Lake tcrday. I111" f grams h ch, Bryan.l Alfred has been accepted as a Brown, of Tampa, Fla. and callod for. ,n Scpt-, Ru h i trainee in the peace corps, it While Sulphur Springs, pleaded Vr ' ' h - T , was announced yesterday A resolution adopted by the State Cabinet last week directed guilty last month to an aimed robbery charge. Police said he and a partner. Dounlas Loftin. De-, robbed three finance company Mrs. offices here last April. Loftin la- Lawless, a student at Florida Southern College here, has been atcirnoH tn a Pparp Torn nrni. the board to make recommenda- cct jn West Paki;;tan following tions for a plan to pay off the two monlns of training at Colo-$15 million issue. The resolution . rado state Universitv. He completed his sophomore year at Florida Southern last June, majoring in citrus culture. i given to projection of I fees, rentals and other I sourc es. student income Miami; Mrs. Sara Srygley, Tallahassee and Wilson Wright, Tallahassee. Parkway Bond Issue Goes To High Court caiif March 24. Brown was smt- kv,0,ido i Boca Raton would finance $.rmTtlion in build- Cruiser U.S.S. Miami To Be Sold For Scrap at the new university at and science build ings at the other state universities. Dr. J. Broward Culpepper, executive director, said the board would reconsider priorities on HEH7 Homestead Exemption Ruled Out For Cubans TALLAHASSEE W - Atty. Gen. Richard W. Ervin held yes WASHINGTON iD - The Navy has announced that the light cruiser C.S.S. Miami will be sold for scran next year. Bids TALLAHASSEE UTD The'arp to he accepted in March. governor; $160 million bond is- The cruiser served during :terday (nat Cuhan alicn refugCPS eue to nnance extension oi ine ""im "oi " 1,1 i"c i aunt uu Sunshine State Parkway to Sum-'anl(,d six battle stars, ter County went to the State Su- RcP- Dante Fascell, D-Fla., preme Court yesterday. jsaid lhe Xavy informed him that State Attorney W. D. Hopkins'3"3? relks f th t.A mn r r d,n .,c!sn'l should w"te the curator of i" "IT 1 . 1- T,: :Mhe Navy at Washington. trom the Scpt. 14 Leon Circuit; Court ruling validating t h e bonds. Hopkins' opposition to the validation is a routine action to bring out all questions about the issue. o hearing dale "was immedi- (0( tor wtirn Bieiy sci oy me nign court. Detachment Turnpike officials have indi- chusctts National Guard reports rated if the bonds are validated fur active duty Oct. l."i. The by the court, dirt will be flying town's onlv doctor is Maj. Rob-on the extension project by No-jert V. Ivirke, 37, who commands vember. Ithe detachment. prevented from returning to their homeland because of the Cuban political situation couldn't qualify for homestead exemption in Florida. The ruling went to Stale Comptroller Ray E. Green. Frvin said Idler of Presi- Town Loses Doctor dcnt Kennedy indicate that the rvnmfivn hrnnnh if thfl fprtnral The Vcstern Massachusetts, government considers the status community of H j n s d a 1 c,0f Cuban refusers to be tempo-population 1,451. will lose its only, rarv. and authorities classified the fiMth Medical their status as temporary, of the Massa-t 1 carat diamond used $50l 117 diamond bracelet used $ 4 si Vi ct. diamond pendant used $40 Eversharp Pen t Pencil Set Reg. 12.95 New - my price $3 Gruen Watch, 17 jewels, new $14 Elgin diamond watch, used $16 3'j ct. diamond, used $175 114 (t. genuine blue star Sapphire m baguet dia nd. mtg., used $350 13 ct. genuine Emerald, used $20 Gents' t ladies' Expansion Bands Reg. to 9.95 New, my price $1.65 MAIL ORDERS FILLED PROMPTLY Radio-Television On Page 19-D TtiaJSitoiaJDIomeBwilaM f Non allergic pillowf with xippered cover. REG. 3.98 NOW imported down Luxurious loft ness. s Covered with blue striped ticking. 2 1 "x-27". REG. 8.98 j NOW 5na niAi imj.i:iits NON SKID BriqMan your bfd-reom, bath er hall with ona of tha aHractiva, waih-ab! ruqi. Solid colors and twaad. mi 24x70 30x60 ea. PHONE 7-4950 FOR DELIVERY S I E R K E S E soo central 2)' Since 1912 Let your first fall utfit be one of these wool ensembles. No details have been overlooked. Look at the beautiful buttons and silk scarf, too. Look at these full end easy lines. It comes in grey, black, and lipstick red in sites 12 to 18. 2nd Floor ilk i ' If f ' ! - V S Also Featured at Madeira Beach and Clearwater IT'S RUTLAND'S FOR EEAUTY AND FOR HELENA RUBINSTEIN'S COMPLETE BEAUTY CARE FACIAL HAIR? o s MIIIMT IN U U I I FOR THE FACE Helena Rubintein' m dit for the ace in the only medically teMod formula that removes facial hair in minutes then protrcts your skin from irritation vith a follow-up smoothing of Super-Finish. It leaves skin satiny smooth-works with such ease that you will never apain put up with unsightly fiiH-with irritating depila-tnries-with a newly-exposcd look that cannot help but mar your facial beauty. 1,50 And for photo-finish leg' discover Helena Rubinstein'e Nudit Leg Qeam Depilatory. .S0 mIum Lf our qroduatt toimtticiom pcnonally help yu with your problems. Also Featured at Madeira Beach and Clearwater REPEAT OF ANOTHER SELL OUT! MOTHER and DAUGHTER MUU-MUUS Sizes 3-14 99 fi "7-1 " 1 MOTHERS' SIZES S-M-L 2 99 A new shipment. New, Hawaiian type prints in colorful cottons. Girls' Dept. Main Floor Also Featured at Madeira BOLD PRINT ARNEL JERSEY SHEATH DRESS Beach and Clearwater only :98 Transitional dark sheath in rich-looking, exotic colors. Completely Self-sash f and elasti- cized waist. Bateau neckline and blouson bodice. Sizes 12-20; l2li-22'2. 2nd floor A i .-aw" . - i anr nu . v .i.kiU'm aa iwvm. a I i Mil r

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