The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1948
Page 11
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AFlUt, I, 1949 Union of Great Democracies Throughout World is Urged; Press Freedoms Emphasized' NASHVILLE, Tenn., April I. (U.P.)-Wltor Edward J. Neema,., ot •ie Memphis PreM-Sclmlt.r, today called for a "great union." a fertera- j >on of rtemocratlc nations, to turn back the tide of communism. '•* Speaking before the annual con-» rentlon of the Southern Speech ivI) Idea, but...«n Idea which has had an appeal (or the minds of men. Tf they are to defeat the idea of Communism. we can do it only J'llh a bigger idea, one which will have a greater appeal to the minds, heart* and emotions of mankind." Such a "great union" of "free press countries." he said, "would « created as the United Stales of America wa s created out of the 1-1 colonies. The nations of the great union would establish a free government which would provide a common defense, a common army navy and air force, a common for«e» policy, n common citizenship making passport* unnecessary. A common free trade, a common cur- Meeman ».„., anf of four speak . ers carrying out the general theme nf "Freedom Through Speech." He discussed "Freedom Through the Pre.«. President A. C. Phllllas, of ijavid LJpscomb College here, spoke .djf "l"reedom Through Education"; •Resident L. L, Hale, Gainesville. "».. of the speech association, on rreetiom Through Speech": and the Rev. w. R, Courtnay. Nashville, on "Freedom Through Religion " "The best, test by which to ascertain whether a modern country Is free or not," Meeman said, "is to note whether IU press is tree or not. Fre« Press Rmphasized He described "human freedom" as a "trinity composed of tree speech, free religion and the free press, one of them cannot long exist without the other two. "Of these freedoms." he added, "the absence or presence of freedom of the press j s mO st distinctly there Is. not." (B.T United Frets) A small tornado destroyed at lea.rt six homes on the Sheridan highway near the Pine Lake Camrj Southwest of Little Rock last night State police said reports received indicated that telephone lines and trees were blown down. The police reported no injuries. Earlier last evening some damage was reported from winit and nail at Glenwood In Pike County Hall ns large as eggs fell. And In Little Rock slight damage was reported during a severe thunder and rain storm that started about. 7 o'clock last night and continued for about an hour. Woodruff County Man's Body Found in Borrow Pit AUGUSTA, Ark.. April R (UP»Funeral services are being held for James Edward Osborne, 41 commercial nshermin, whose body wsa found in a borrow pit along Highway 64 North of here yesterday He had been missing since March 26 Dr. S. C. McGulre. Woodruff County coroner, salrt there was no evidence of violence and Osborne apparently lost his footing while his home. * °° d " 1 bottom *"* to He is survived by three sons. i Italian Public Opinion Poll Shows Strength For Christian Democrats HOME. April Proud Grandparent _BLlT«EvnXB (AMt.)' COUKtEK NEWB -•',,_—-._ . _ General Dwight D. Eisenhower, let,. b*»m, approvl,,,,/ „ hls ,.„, Srandson. Dwight D. Eisenhower II, mak.s Ms first "public appear at Station Hospital, West Point, N. y. The 'proud lather Bsenhower K all smiles » R hi, son make* , drowsy debut' In the of his mother, Betty Jean. <NEA Tclephnlo.i v-old Tornadoes Kill Three in Illinois And in Indiana l.v lo a« lower; »ow« steady'to CHICAGO, April t. (UP)_Rc s i *1 ' Ro<xl " ul cllolc » "0 to >nla In Northern Illinois and liv " ' ««• «nd killed a. !,,.« {>„« perl Scores of other person, u«r« Injured. P«r*. III., and one at Hebron. I'nrt' Th. storm hit first nr»r Urban*, In ».,t central Illinois, then Jump«* northeastward where H moved in «lB-i*g course through a tlev of Illinois an<t Indiana counties bor- derlng on Lake Michigan Pnssonser.. on an East-bound New York Central p.ssenxer train, the Jami* Whllcomb Rlley, said lh«v saw hr twister niovln g along about a h»lf mile rasl of the track, Pfisatntrrs became panicky as the storm viwred toward the (Vain. H crpswd n,e track and (tian a minute latei the crack streamliner the same spot. Debris fell on the train t.< |j. slowed down. King Paul of Greece And American General Hare Harrow Iscapes Truman May Attend '48 Legion Convention WASHINGTON. April I. (U P I — President Trumnn may attend the national convention of the trouble today wheri were traveling i of one on which uiey were traveling :mb±S. and " <"*" '" ^^idtt-e President hoped to attend If his schedule In October Wnntri r^fntLt Authorities reported that a quick check turned up no sign ot M borne up no sign O f sabotage, and for the time being they wtre reardin wtre regarding the would permit. If Mr. Truman Is nominated for reelection, he probably will be campaigning at that time. Legion of- W '"' of CAA m ' ARK - A " v!l »• (UT.)—A skyway from chnrlcslou H. C.. to Los Angeles for private and non-stheduled fliers has heen unproved by the Civil Aeronaut Art- todav 1 ™" 0 "' ' l *'"* "'""" lnc ' rt I""'" It will be designated as Skywnv M. and win be, marked with a special Insignia. Arkansas cities along the roiile Include West Mem,.hls. Fonesl city Wynne, Cotton Plant, Brlnkley Mr- Crory. Augusta, D»» Arc. lionoko n'm 1 Ule n ° ck ' M "'r"'"". ni,s- sellvlUe, Danville, Clarksvllle, Paris Charleston, Owrk, Van Buren and Fort Smith. The skyway will consist of a l[>- f^J, stl ' lp wlth "wkera visible at 1,000 f#ct. -. ., . World War II would not have occurred If the federation had been tries must unite." ^Political parties. Meeman said, are jKi'eried In national affairs and perhaps in state affairs. He added, hon-ever. that "party politics should be undergirded with a non-partisan organization of the processes of democracy so strong, so unselfishly public-.'splritcd and patriotic that this character," re-election sur- seriously, when five cars of the S per cent of S |larri lr »'n rolled down a 15-yard uld support the em °'Ui'<ment after the engine lett — wvini-s and 21 per ^ e rails. , cent planner! to vote for the Com- ""'^ wa « Van Fleet's second n»r- ; 4!?' n Pop , lllar Pi-ont. i row escape In three weeks. About that th ". D ° Xa ' re P° llcd ! i°° P°" nds <" dynamite wa.s found speech to the members. . ^tloked" ""' «" at i just nticart of his train near Kllkis : recently. C l Speaks | Af KfWOnis C/ufa Luncheon PSC Sc/iec/u/es Hearing On $?,000,000 Bonrf Issue .Arkansas Kennel Club Holds State-wide Show LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. April «. (UP)—Today wa.s dog day in Arkansas. The . Arkansas Kennel Club held its fourth annual all-breed do» show in Little Rock with nearly 300 entries. Breed judging began at 9 a.m.. group judging was scheduled for 7 p.m., and .selection of "best In show was slated for 9 p m LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. April «. Major B. F. Hussey. director of (UP) —T^ 6 Arkansas Public Service ie Reserve Officers Corps for this Comrmss10n scheduled a hearing to- dlstrict. of Jonesboro, spoke to mem- day llpon Rn Application by South•—" ' " — western Stales Telephone Co. for permission lo issue »1,000,000 in first mortgage bonds. The Stuttgart firm operates In 2S Arkansas cities and In Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The, money would be used to reimburse the firm's treasury and to finance In part Its 1948 construction program. bers of the Kiwanis noon meeting tn Hotel Noble yesterday. He also presented a film on •Our Army", in observance of Army Day. which was celebrated Tuesda" John White and Bill Boone were inducted ns new members. Guests for the meeting included R. L. Johnson, of Jonesboro- E I, Synnes. Cario, III.; H. Alexander Lee. Chattanooga, Tenn.; and Jake • Sellers. j Doctors Delay Meeting The Mississippi County Medical ufhfT n ' eetln f' sc heduled for las ' • «. uoo*. ib. at Tyronza, Mrs . Osceol! ;;* i>s Postponed, formerly lived In Steele. Mo. Un5 - - Accident Injuries Fatal JONESBORO. Ark.. April R. (UP) —injuries suffered two weeks ago when she fell and broke her left hip today claimed the life of Mrs. Aria N. Cook. IS. at Tyronza, Mrs. Cook ; , -? *".' be held "«r until . . au-vlving are two sons and four daughters McDaniel Auction Co. Highway 18, West, Blytheville Formerly Known as Lost Boy Garage Phone 951 JPECIAL SALE PRICES 24 Count Candy, Retail Price $1.20; Now 75 Burge Relish, Retoif Price per case, 4.40; Now .... 2.00 Soap, Retail Price 600; Now 2 50 Jelly In 1-2 Gal., Retail Price .80; Now .50 Syrup in 24 Count to case, Retail Price 3.00; Now 2.C\1 Lee Pocket Clip Combs per Doz. 1.20; Now 50 Double Edge Razor Blades per Box 2.00; Now 75 Single Edge Razor Blades per Box 2,00; Now 75 Mn's Long & Short Dress Sox, per Doz. 4,20; Now 2.00 Ladies Rayon Hose, per Doz. 6.00; Now 2.50 Ladies Nylon Hose, per Doz. 12.00; Now 4.50 Men's and Boys' Tee Shirts, 1.00; Now ; .50 Leather Gloves, 149; Now 75 District Farm Agtnt Visit* BlytheviH* Area j J. M. Thomason. district exten- jsion agent for Northeast Arkansas i.V ' n «^ th<vlll <= today and to i attend 4-H club and farm burenu | meetings In this area. ! Mr Thonason's headquarters .re in Little Rock. Hogs 10.800, aal,bl« 10.000, M 240 Ibi compare.! with T.MO yesterday. Mar- "'" ' ket uneven; weights ISO Ibti mul ij|) 50o to 7Ac lower (hail Wertnes- « to KLBTIlf to , bs 1 >''«-»».7er 130 to 150 Ibs 18-21- ', *H Fire Destroys Theater STAR CITY, Ark, April R. (UP) i —Fire of undetermined origin destroyed the Star ThoUor here last night with loss estimated nt J30 (too No one was In the hulKIIng when the fire ularted. Livestock STOCK- April 8. <UP)_LlvMlock: C_attle 3,500, sal'abi, ],*(»; calv M It's on the IfPande r 's much the same way with carj as with people. Some "have it" — some don't. Some you ((o for, all m ,t - without quit* b*irnj able to lay . firmer or. why. And thone - w«ll, they usually become your firmest friends. What I* it that makes .«o many <ood folk* •ay this trim honey'* "got it"? Good looks? One ha» to admit it's nice to ride in a car thai is unmistakably itself and not ju«( a ulitfhtly modified version o( something «lj««. Size, weight? Well, the polls (ell „* if, a pretty important factor nirtce, if you like nn •utomobile that doea thing., there just !» no substitute lor brawn and solid substance. Power? Naturally. You ean'l sit Ion* behind thi* bi* Fireball sh-«t<ht-ei<ht without (all- ing for it plenty hard. Handling? Ride? Room? They ail b xve their avid fans among Buick owner.. Rspe- cially now with a completely new kind of engine mounting ironing out vibration buildup a, never before, and in this Convertible model, with automatic top, door-window •nd front-seat adjustment. Is it the wonderful new Dynaflow Drive* that'll causing so much talk? In RO\I>M \.STRR models that la certainly a big factor. You'll never know how silky .-moot)) a drive ran he - what fluent new cnse there is to a || ym, r going - till you drive the car where liquid replace* both (lie cli.tcli mid first, second and high genrs. But ns nearly ns wc cnn find out - and we talk to n lot of people - it isn't any one thing lhat puts liuick nt tl, c (op of the "it" pnn,d c . It's the over-all richness of thin honey in all the things you've drcnmed of finding wrapped in nn automobile. Ask any friend who drives a Buick - then »ee your dealer nnd got a firm order in, with or without a car to trad*. WHAT'S DIFFERENT ABOUT DYNAFLOW OKIVt'T =" .«;<;.„! „.*• P i™ p t,,,, „(,„„,, guttl ^ ainwt .H a 1ru« turhin, (righll and or> Ino.nioui n«w 1,,.™,1,_ " g«i and <Jir*clion. uM to (III f|» Wtea better automobiles are built BUICK will build them BUICK alone has al/t/ies* fraturtt *»rNAHOW DRIVE <r,n,,.j. »„*,„„„ ,..,.„ * 1AW.7HRU SmiNG * VIMA-SHIfiMO HIM * nt x-nr on KINGS * «IO;D ro»ouF.Tu« * OUOMAHC SPARK ADVANCE * HOAD-trrf >4U«Wt ' * OUAD*U«fX COIt SWINGING * HI-TOISfO FUFBAll eOWH * SAWr-*IB» » * JOUNO-JOMF.K TOP IININO u», ..< *„,,..,.„ SMA«r MODEtS

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