The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTIIEVIU,K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAY IS, 1952 Air Force Chief Vandenberg Has Cancer, Reports Claim By I'ETER EDSON NKA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON (NEA) — Gen. Hoyt S. Vnnctcnbeig. Air Force Chief of Staff, has abdominal cancer. NEA Service learned today from what it regards as an unimpeachable source. This was the real cause of his recent operation, which was officially announced as exploratory surgery after X-rays had failed to reveal the cruise- of a sudden llness. A major public relations battle was fought in the Pentagon in an effort to keep this .smiple announcement fi'orn bcmR made. The Air Force chief of staff WHS not allowed to enter Walter Reed Medical Center for fear thru -,\oitJ of his " real disability would leak out. The issue involved was Inruely the oM-fn shinned belief mat cancer.! like tubrraiJosis, .should no! be! mentioned. T.IJ. was always politely] referred to n.s "complirationy" under ihe fame code, ameer u"*s not mentioned at all. In an effort to hide the truth, General Vandr nbcr^ was operated on in the private Doctors' Ho,sp;t:i] Knocked Out of 'Open Battle for Democratic Ned IIy The Associated Press nil 12 of Vermont's delegates, put A no-compromise slant! Iiy rres-lhim 'within 3» ruiiveutioii voles of Idcnt Truman on civil rl^jtls has put a new head of steam behind the free-for-all race for the Democratic presidential nomination. And a week-end sweep of Oregon's 18 delegates to the Republican National Convention by Ocn. Dwight D, Eisenhower narrowed the GOP race between the ficneral and Sen. Robert A. 7'nft of Ohio. This week's delegate harvest gets under way tomorrow in Montana, where the Democrats and - the Republicans both hold state conventions. During Ihc week. 105 delegates arc to be picked in six states scattered throughout the nation. The Democrats will name 70 representatives lo their national convention, nnd the Republicans 35. No Slate Primaries There are no state primaries this weiJc. All delegates In hoth parties will be chosen by state party conclaves. The Democrats wilt pick up 12 delegates in Montana tomorrow, 32 Thursday In North Carolina. 20 FrHay in Loui- sinnn and six Saturday in Delaware. Ths Republicans will select eight delegates In Montana Tuesday. 2-1 In Washington state Saturday and three the same day hi Minnesota. Hawaii Republicans decided last Saturday their eight delegates £houM go lo Chicago unfnstruclcd. Elsenhower's lead In Oregon's GOP primary — where Taft was not on the ballot — and capture of Tnft, in the Associated Press tabulation. The AP tally l.s based on deli-sates pledged. Instructed, or willing to e.vpre:.s a first ballot choice, and on candidate concessions. The Toft forces claim uboul 450 delegates, Tafl Has 37S 'Die AP tabulation nnw gives Tafl 375, and Eisenhower 337. out cialist In private practice In Washington. While Genera] Vamlenbrg shown 6!iti.srit<.!^ry progress following his operation, tile initial announcement that he would be away from his rie>k for only tuo wcek.-i )s now doubted. Ridgway to Tell Of Koje Break Senate Group Calls on General WASHINGTON 1,1V-All 06 members of the Senate, have been invited lo attend ft elosed-dnor -sos- tions of the Armed Services Committee Wednesday at v.'hldi Gen. Matthew IS. flidt:v-ay v.lll lie cjues- tloiicrt about, the Kojc island Incident. Ghost-Like Fishing Vessel Found Adrift By Coast Guard SKATTLE iiV> - A fishing vfKsel—lta load of fish j;nrtiaJJ,y dpamijxnfr! and H cold cup of coffee ii| H.s r.ibin—wns found by trm Const Guard yes- icnliiy running in ciivlcs about tln-co miles olf i lie Washington Coast. The pngimv; wcie wide 0])en, but nr> one was jilioiini. Tho Ctmt Guard Identified the vr M-l ;j.s the 37- foot Trirlnc. The owner of the crrifi. Richard H. Dill of Port, Anpoles. was prc- f.u mod to have, (alien overboard and drowned, Jait Expects To Gain Six In Montana HEf ENA. Monl. M'. —Backers of Srn. Ilobori A. Tin confidently expect to capture nt ICBM six—and perhaps nil—of Montana's ciRht nr"'onal i'c!.:i5«lc.s at the stiito con- v- ition lir'r« tomorio'.v. . ,, . . , , Onc !>' o;rimcnl GOP leader nnd I-Vaurw I. Dnrtd hy|Tnfl Ijutkcr. who asked nnt to bi For Congresi, That It—• Senate Expected to Approve House Bill to 'Ease Taxes' tty Kmvi.V B. IIAAKIS'SON' : lars to provide operating funds for WASHINGTON W< — Some key f Congress and its acencies during French, seem determined to, use regional forces us much as possible nnd conserve their so-called "elite, regular troops" for big operations. In the early days of England Scotland there were people called "sin-eaters" who would take upon themselves by means of food and drink the sins of deceased persons. .senators said today the special tax deductions voted h> f the House Inst wct-ic for all 531 members of Con- urrrss [>robnh]y will be approved in the Srnale \vith -some limitations. "I think the principle of it Is correct." Sen. George <D-Ga>, vcioi',i/i chairman of the tnx- vvntiiiK Finance Committee told a reporter. "I have not studied the House provision in detail but It probably ROCS too far." Sen. Bridges IR-NH', minority flour louder, said in ;i setmrate intervicw that infonnal talks he lias had wit)] other lawmakers indicate moM of thenl favor it. The House provision would allow all congressmen to deduct their living expenses while in Washington as n business expense, not subject to federal taxes. The congressional lux rider was attached to the annual appropriation carrying some 83 million ciol- the fiscal year that begins July . The House passed it without debate or a rccrded vote. The issue now is before the Senate and Sen. KJlender <O-t,ai, clmrimm of tlie Appropriations Committee, which will act first on it, already has announced he !;ivois It. For sever! yours past members of Congress hove received a $2,500 lax-exempt expense allowance In addition to (heir annual salaries of S 12.500 which are taxed. Sinning next Jan. 1, this expense allowance becomes subject to lax. Elleilrier, who pointed thai out said bu..ine.-,.snien and others who conic ti> Washington or must be away from home nro nJlowed to deduct these extra expenses, .said the House provhion would about equalize (he nriditloniil i.M's [rum loss of exemption or ihc $2.r.OO. ATTENTION GINNERS! With the exception ol Jack Logan, we still have the sam« personnel to take care of your ginning repair needs. We refill, file and train saws; refill and balance brushes; And have a complete slock of valves, elbows [from 11" to H") and pipe. Also, a complete line of bearings for your gin. We have the pnr.sonnfl and equipment to meet your ginning repair needs and we're anxious to serve you! All work is guaranteed. Joe Atkins Machine Works S. Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 A cll.s))[i1rjh from Seoul today said the. r''"'ith Army reported a Imnrd of If : iiy lu-. c nniplr-lrd Its Investigation of the M'ixure unit i^Ioa-o of Hri;'. o™ Cmn!rH'nl;t piisonrrs o( Red-Led Vietniinh Is Hurting In War Against /vencj Army war onjiimnc;!, Ka |,| „ c: ,,- c r u | ch.eck of tiiel «r,j,.. ,.,„.„„. |j 5() .,,,.,,„ ttoleKatcs sliowcd n ^-1 The findings have hrcii ioi-\viu(l-1 pref!;j-el!ce for the Ohio senator for rtl to Gun. Mark Clark, .supreme j the party's presidential nominmln. Alllutl commander U) Tokyo. \vho; Su[>pcji-ters of CJcn. Dwijht D, will ^end thorn on to Washington. | Klscnhov.'LM- say only that they hope The fl.iture of Ihe findjnfe'.s uas J3i)t{ to oJjtj-Jn n sjjlit <le!e£atio/i. innounced. Passport Denied To Clergyman NKW YOIiK </i'j— The state De partment has denied a passport (o the nev. Dr. J. Henry Carpenter, . . . , a clergyman who had planned tfl poh;tat The Taft organization is bringing in its national leaders. Scheduled to speak at convention or pre- convenlion .se.vslons are Davlde S. InflalKs, Ta/l's cainpjt'gn manager; Sen. Everett M. Dirkscn of Illinois nnd Gen. Albert C. Wcdemeyer, chairman of a national Taft-for- President citizen's committee. Democrats, who also ho.'ti their !ly I.AKKY AI.I.KN delta e HANOI, Indochina !/!'»— The Coin- 1 Hnnoi the ciu!r Frrnrh One in the Democratic platform with n Saturday night speech lo tlio Americans for Democratic Action (ADA). Truinnn demanded enactment of pni[)[)sals he has submitted to Congress for a fair employment practices c o in m i s s i o n tFEl'C) with enforcement powers to prevent racial Job discrimination. This Is the Issue that stirred tip a Southern Democratic revolt in «io 19)8 presidential race. The President's call [or no retreat from the 1018 Democratic platform — civil rights and all else — may have knocked otit ft plnn by Democratic National Chairman Frank E. iMcKlnncy for a compromise on the issue this year. The Assyrians used tjank checks of baked clay in the 9th Ceutm-y BC. Only Japan wonlrl nnt bn In tin? best in-j.slrllct Die n-vote Demofrntlc dele- of the United States. < t-:ition for their mini. Sen. Byrd and Opponent Agree To Mountain Climbing Contest RICHMOND. Vn. Ml—Son. Byfli (D-Vn> and his opponent for the Democratic senatorial nomination nay reach n new high—literally- lit political baltliiiB. Last week Francis Pickens Miller's campnien mnnager. Collins ambeth, mrule n speecli Rlld re- fcrrcci to Dyrtl—who hns been _ ui the Senate 19 years—113 a lira! nator. Byrd.. C4I replied Friday nisht. He denied ho u'ns tired. To prove It, he challenged Miller. 56, to n moim- tsiiii-eHjiihinsj contest. The mountain Byrd chose: Old nng Mountain, clevntion. 3,291 feet, near his home in Bcrryvillc. Miller quickly accepted the clinl- | lengc. Cut he told Byrrt that the pcnks of Otter In Southwest Vir- Klnla wmilri lie "more my si?.e." The peaks rise 3,875 and 4.0B1 reel. Then Miller revealed something moimtaln-cllmbini; is nothing innnlst-led Viclminh secn\s lo Fin inexiianstible supply of manpower but them's no doubt it lias I s;u"n'o been badly hurt in the war Against | |ii. |, t French Union forte.-*. | [jTii,,^ The Victminh Is luslnu heavily. | jnl'.i?;!' Their casnalties are t'linnin^ ^ol hfgh that they have resorted to [ raiding villages and impressing young Victnaniese into their army. A compilation of French Army reports since last Dec. i up to the end or April shou' the Vletmlnli lost appro-xitnateiy 24,000 killetl, 11,000 taken prisoners, and probably 2,000 lo 3.000 wounded, The Victminh suffered more than :ialf of these casualties in their attacks against the French Union Iroops In the Hoa Binh sector. 40 miles southwest of Hanoi. Town Is War-Ruined Hoa liinh is a war-ruined town i the Black River and once a strategic highway point for the Victminh. The French captured j Hoa Binh lasl November and! abandoned It on Feb. 24, estimating j ?my casualties during U'tit peri-; od at around 23,000 killed and ! captured. The rest of the overall enemy losses are the result ol the big cleanup drives the French have been putting on in the Red River 1,000 1.000 neu- to him. He has scaled the Mat- terhorn. no less. Milter said he a^cended the famous Swiss Aliiine peak In 1G32—all 11.780 feet, of it. He indicated that Old iiac Mountain and the peaks of Otter are mere bumps on the ter- i! I.T tin- I'X'.ivinftly heavy oni-my c.i.Miiili vs !;: Hint the VlelnKlih utii'K faniUirally attack stron;;;.v fortifiod Fri-iii'li [lOMtions with rifles and atenades and are mowed C'-.MI liv ntm-li'iiL'-vuti fire. Hlj; Losses Called Heavy nupuhn bomlnnns by French pilots flying American- supplied BM bntnbors also has caused biff losses ainons Vicuninh troops. Thus, slowly but surely, the French Union forces are hacking away at the cream of Vietinmli soldiery. What the French are finding now is more nnd more so-called "regional bnilnltons" of Vieiminh. Many of these auparenlly have been recruited in villages occupied and fortified by the Vieuninh. although "impressed" is a better 6 DAYS FREE TRIAL! We'll install absolutely FRKK in your office or home a Fn'Kuliiire Window .Model Air Comlil inner. Knjoy cool comfort for 0 days and if you're not completely satisfied . . . you're not obligated to buy. 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