The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1937
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 5, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE' Easter's-Children to Look Tailored (ConM'iwd TVnin '.Pioe 11 ever senators hold office undei. the reappolntmont act. 'Ihe vote, was 9-3. ' Senator nowell of rinc plliff. one of the authors of the, bill, | which would direct the Democrat-'-! lc state central'committee, to cei i llfy present -. holdover 1 senators us the Democratic; .nominees In ' the 1938 general'election., was its chief .sponsor. tonight. "It Is, nothing but. fair that this be passed," lib s.ifd, "as we did not know'at,.yie time,we' 1111 oui term "mlBht be cut in half. All I senators elected -In*. 1938- have lo draw lo,.see If lliey gel two or four-year terms." oi'40iisseinblyjstov etaoin shrdlu. 3. He; admitted that under the drawing,-'holdover; senators who already had served two years'might draw' an additional four years, giving''tlieln a ! - total term of six years.. , , ,,-;. : Representative Thompson of Independence •attacked the bill as unfair and setting a bad precedent. Repiescnlallvc Ward of T^ee was another, .voicing opposition to the measure, which passed , the senate unanimously Wednesday. I S Bulgaria Promulgates : New'Electoral Law SOFIA (UP)—Slow taxpayers are ineligible lo inunicipal councils under Bulgaria's new electoral law. So are furnishers' to the municipalities. Further excluded are priests, women and such persons who have no franchise. These latter Include all -men serving In '(lie army or in labor camps, government and municipal functionaries and university students. Entitled lo vote are mah citizens over 21, and, for the first tims in ' Bulgaria's history, also womer who are mothers. • Library Readers Face Search on Departure BOSTON (UP)—Persons leaving public libraries In Boston will be searched if the city council adopU a resolution filed by Councilo Peter J. Fitzgerald.. Tile proposal was made in an attempt to slop continued theft o books by patrons. About 12,00 books were: stolen last year, Libra rian Milton E. Lord said. preview of Ihe Happy IJlllc girls utl Easier morning >y children for children. "Mni'ium'Kes" (It'tl) is cut on pr ruil. The other. "I'l'iiguins." lias a rulllfd organily cellar imes Ihoin dn'ssnl in Kastn 1 iid-.u linos nilli a lavi-niler i ami a iiiimvss swinf lulotv (irinls designed wnel down (In 1 a iftlted yoke. MIND1W MANNERS IV* I your knowledge of correct Bccliil usages by answering Ilic following questions, Ih'en • checking iisalnsl the nulhoritallvc Answers 1. Is It necr.ssn.ry for n man lo lunovc 1 Ills Imt In the elevator of i un office building? . l i. SliouUl ft man alight from n vehicle before or after the woman \liom lie Is nccoiripnnylnis? 3,1s II preferable to ,;sny "Ex- use mo" or' "Pardon me" • when M!klii[> In front of . nnotlicr? ', . 4. Mny i\ ninn keep n clgnrcUc n Ills mouth when In; lips Ills Imt? 5. If n ninn Is with n ulvl \vlio ut'iiks to someone wham ln> does not know, should lie tip lib lint? Wluit would you do If— You were walking with ni friend who .slops to talk to n xtnineer— (ft) Stop wltli him mill wuit Kuan Introduction? <h) Walk, on slowly, mid wait for yciir friend lo Join you? (cl Buy "Goodbye. I'll yo on"? Answr.s I. No, bill, most women upprc- •iiite it. 'i. Before, so llml he may assist Contractor Asks. Royal Mounted Aids In Narcotics Cleanup WINIPEO. (Up) -Tlie Roynl Canadian Mounted Polite nnd city moi ullty sfinait have declared Jar on tl)0 dope p:<|dl«r In Winnipeg. City police, fearing raids on run stoies slnc<$'lhe source of sup- )ly of heroin hns-bectrcut'down; iiiyc thrown social guards. about hreo premises. . Addicts, fearful of being forced o jull as i the supply pf naicollcs uns'shoit, have been gathering In groups lo protest the 'cold turkey ciue.V uwil effectively by'oftlclnh ati iK.ulingly 5<ill ' And the pilco Qf i do|ic lifts Ron? lly MAU1AV VOUNC NEiA Scivii-o Stuff (.'om'Sponilcnt NEW YORK.—Spring clothes,for ha smallest members of the family ire neatly fitted and made of fables that tailor perfectly. This year the smartest oulfits for Mttte tote are simplicity personified.- Trim frocks of cottons and-linens, cut to mold their . budding curves, are smarter for small girls than frilly, riiifly creations. The princess dress is ahead of the type which hangs full and flaring from shoulder yoke, . Brother-and-sisler" coats, with hats to match, lor church on ; Easler morning, come in the '^Jeliesl pastels imaginable. Instead of na- vy, you might put your lv;o young ry, mum, white or maize tweed. A cht~niing brother-aiul-sister set include; two ensembles of cot- lon rep. crimmed ' with linen. Tiie one for the girl Ls finished with pert lllllc cap-like sleeves which stand upward stiffly and a liny Peter pan collar. This has a shoulder yoke, but the skirl Hares only slightly at the h»mllne. The boy's, including little pants and blouse. Is trimmed with bands of linen In matching motif. Both come In rust or aqua, \vllh white. Prints, designed by children for children, have an Important place in the Easter fashion picture for hopefuls in matching coals of chcr- tols. "The Goose That Laid the Golden E^g" and "April Showers" are two of the series^ "Marionettes" and "Penguins" are" other prints that children had a hand in designing and which other chllden will love to wear. . Minute tags, scarfs ami Jewelry are styled as perfectly as accessories for grown-ups. A printed bag lo match a primed dress, a hat which Is smart but at the same time flattering lo the wearer's itoll- like features, thin silver bracelets, petite Ascots—these-arc the touches which make children's wardrobes more interesting than ever before. Ten Native Nebraskans '. Attain..JWovie Stardom >.' ; .(UP)— Ten moving picture stars" and one of the leading: Hollywood -producere are former ^ebfaskans, 'a survey re-. vc8led. : .- : :f-. The native sons who "have gone terthest arc Robert ^'Taylor of Beatrice. Fred . Astaire of Omaha. Henry i-'onda of Grand Island. Hnrpld .Lloyd of Bu'rchard, 'Hoot Gibsori l ..6 > f;'..Tekamah i Shirley Ross of Omaha aiid York, Benny Baker of- Omaha 'and Lincoln, L,'y1e Tal- hot, wlip. stock companies in Omaha, Ray, Mayer of Lexington and Melvyn Dougles of Lincoln. Darryl P. Zanuck, the producer, is a native ''of Wnhoo. Two $100 Bills Offered To Secure $200 Loan ROANOKE, Va. (UP)—Officials of a bank here cncoulnered a new type request'for a loan when a man entered the bank . and . presented two $100 bills. "Will you lend me $100 or $125 if I put these up as collateral?" he asked. '•• "" . . Officials Were'puzzled until Hie man, whose name was withheld, explained , that if he changed the $100 bills, he couldn't trust himself not to spend all his money, uut if he bank would nmke him a loan then he .would be able to save part of F lils .Original funds, Tie rnah.,departcd after he arranged to jtfiy 0 per cent on a loan while receiving 2 1-2 psr cent interest on his $200. The London fire department answers approximately 4200 calls annually, and nearly one-half of these are false alarms or'mnllciotif calls. . : i- iA 'Swing',Tune ! for Her Public French Bird Lovers Pay Tribute to King Louis X; PARIS (UP)—On the occasion ol the bird show here, many orno- thologists - met and discussed the Ihbtory of their. .Ringed- friends One of the best of'these histories is the introduction of, canaries int Prance. XI, a great bird lover, of- cn heard of the tiny singers of the ilgh Tyrol valleys who came in the iimimer to fill the place with song. In 1478 he ordered H dozen for his jala'ce grtound. They were not real Canary birds but their singing in .he palace started a big craze for better singing birds. Parrot Calls "Kitty" As Rats Enter Cage liOLY, Cal. (UP)— Agricultural ?' rtmvisioncr Charlie Hardy is au'.hority for the statement that lie has a parrot so wise and linguistic that it was able, whep two rals sneakcd-'into ,it.s cage anil to cling and cry eating, its food, . :?.! 3. "Excuse me." 'riMvdon me" s never uood form. Usi! "1 beg •oiii 1 pardon.") •1. No, 5. Ye.s. Besl -What Would You Do" solution—ib), unless you nri; In liuny and know the conversa- r .lon is likely lo be a long one. l& the top : of.the case "kilty, kitty, kitty." • ' However, the family cat, snooz- inz a few yards away was neither sufficiently wise nor interested to wake up and come lo the rescue. Troops at Coronation Will Camp in Parks LONDON ; (UP)—London parks and commons.will be converted in- to campiner grounds during tne Coronation to accommodate 00,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen from all parts of the British Empire. " Hyde Park alone will no! be used for this purpose because it will be required to absorb the overflow of sightseers. FOR SALE We have a limited supply of nice Alfalfa Eced, and price is nltrncllvc. Also several tons of Stonevllle No. 4-A Col ton Seed Oriajycariffom the breeder, jvc- 'raised 1 and '• Rinhed them 'and state tested. We have several hundred bushel 1 : of Beans and Peas. ; Will sell or trade for any other variety of Cotton Seed or Beans L. R. Matthews Gin Co. Tel. 1511-F3 Yarbro, Ark. Cotton, Cotton Seed ana Coal WPA Worker, 53, Says He's Seeking Tenth Wife ftlAIHOJ^, III. (UP)—Aaron Roberts. 5^ycar-o!d' WPA worker, [Ices not believe in [illo\vin.{ lack )f money to stand in the way of romance. Divorced from his ninth wife. Mrs. Clara Hastings Roberts, on tbe grounds of extreme and repeated cruelty, Roberts said lie ^515 ready for another marriage net-use as soon as he had the money and the girl. Paul Se-njY. above,' is<' ri MUwiui- Isi'C tile cunlriict.oY who ; svls tile himself on his jobs, 'i'hc Tik- Layers' 1 Proteclivk 1 Union objected, picketed Bonn at his home 'am! on his jobs. Si'lin, in Him, objected to that. :tnd his appeal to tht*'courts fur relief and lor wlml ho belhi-vcs to he his riyhl to wo'ilt, is soon lo be heard by ihe U. S Supreme ' Court. Dynamite Replaces Ax, Woodchopper Injured wnas'mtvii.i.E/vi (up)-i Clallnnl. M-year-old quarry worker, ivcn'L substitute dynamite for mi »x the next lime he wnnls firewood ^ Onllnnt wns cspe^hnenllng with dynamite, 'believing It would :be cosier to blast Ibe wood to .bits' .linn to chop It with,, ah''ait''I A charge exploded prematurely and he was taken to a hospital with nose and eye Injuries,*» 1 '•To»n.Mm^Hrrs AwnlnpJ ', WALTHAM, Mass *<UP)—Wal- thain jwllce, arc holding an awning Inspection of all street-door business cslabt!smwnl.s Inilhe'ctty, Patrolman Horace A Sanders9n, n six-footer, bumped his head on th"! same aw;jng twice. Hence the act(on. ,, , ,'' Queuing, Saturday MANILA CAFE One door Soiillr of Post Off led; 3 yeais In dolden Cafo IS jcnis expeilencc V fill A BRAND OPPORTUNITY FOR MAN WITH LIFE INSURANCE EXPERIENCE to build a: District Agency for n compnny.wilh over ?10p,000,000 in assets mid over.$420,00.0,000 in force. Write ])iirtidip(ilin{r tuu) noii-pniticipntinK, uccidcnt nnil hciillli niul juvenile insuritnco. CommiHsion propo- silion. Interested only in thoBe withgood record that ciin linnncc tlioinselves. Possibilities limited to your ability. Give experience. ;\Vi ite Courier News, 'liox No. "R." • Specials All Day Friday, Saturday' ti> Sunday' I-'RKSH LEMON' 'l.AYKR. Ka ..... 'PECAN BREAD BRIDCU-] STICKS . ICHOC. 19° 10 U 8° 1(T CRBAM' Eal ',.... jLge. OATMEAL 'COOK IKS. 1)07. . 'PECAN ROLLS' DO/. ...; Specials for Bulertg . Hour - 5 lo 0 V. M. Friday-Baturday-Sunday PEGAN PIES 3 DON UTS Do* ............ CHOC. BARS, Doz. ..:...* ..... PINEAPPLE ROLLS. Doz. . 1'AKKKItHOUSE ROLT,S. Doz. . . . 5 C , 10° r BLVTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Anna Lee, British film favorite, must know her ropes or she wouldn't put so much failh in those she's swinging on, espe- ti.illy since the'shadow which faithfully follows her on the wall would help' little if she •ell. If the public tumbles to her, newest picture, she niight be jijpep I - ' • Our Neighbor DOWN THE STREET A iriend clown ihe street from us is a good neighbor.' Although the passevsby may not point him out as a leading figure in ihe town's activities, we.think he is a real asset to our community. 'Every-time-we pass his home we (eel glad lhaf this man lives in our neighborhood. Even his yard iriviles visitors to our block— ,its grass and trees bid a. pleasant welcome while the flowers nod a cheerful hello. The other evening we paused to walch our friend, absorbed m cultivating his home's at- Ire.clive setting. Just to look at him—putting con'witedly on his pipe as he spaded the earth—made us itch to slip into comfortable- old clothes, grab garden tools; then huslle 'out into the spring air and lidy up our own place - In fact, that same evening we studied a seed catalog. And the next afternoon found us following our friend's good example . . . . Our yard's going to be a beauty! Modernize Your Home You may Install city water in your home with the Rid of on F. H. A. Loan...consult your plumber for full details. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone 80 113 S. Broadway • ,f I For all-around good SERVICE day or night VISIT OUR MODERN NEW SERVICE STATION Conveniently Located On Walnut Street at the Frisco Railroad ' Phone 633 Goodyear Tires Willard Batteries 24 Hour Road and /' Wrecker Service NOW .OFFERING WHTTEROSE GASOLINE At A Cost No Higher Than What .You Pan For Regular Motor Fuel EN-AR-CO MOTOR OIL The finest oil for your motor. !,et us remove winter-worn oil from your crankcase and refill with the proper weight En-Ar-Co for spring driving. > COMPLETE LUBRICATION Full knowledge of'ocry point which needs lubrication and type of greas* best suited for that point is combined \vi(h painstaking attention at our grease rack. PROMPT TIRE REPAIRS .'* There's no delay when you're waiting to have ! a "fiat" fixed. A phone call jwill promptly bring our repair man to your rescue. Tom Little Chevrolet Co. __-ji :_If '"ONE-STOP" SERVICE STATION

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