The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1931
Page 3
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SATURDAY. m,YTJIKVn.L.K. (AUK.) COUHIKK NKWS - PACJK TURK! TOMB PEBIIS "'] A IT ij r ; Den.'hs May Spell Doom for Nautilus. This is Dip K-cnml of two arllc-li-s written CM luiivplv ffi-The (.'mirti'v X' »s and NEA Servii!-. In- Admin! H""h Kodman. V. S. N.. rrliic-l. I" "liich )i^ de^c-ib's Hie )ia-/ards '•" h« encountered liy I hi- vnvnsc nf Hit Na'il'lus. till v.'ilkins-l)iti>:ii- howi-r suhimrinc. nnrtcr the fiord! f.ihr lc« fi'lds. l-'rom hi-: own ex- fensiv" s'uJics cf art-lit- rtiN.Jilimi 1 ;, hp tol's torl-iv ,i: tilt- dinner:- pr?- •:en''(l hy Euliiv.LTWl ic? an;! ncran currents. BY ADMIKAI, lllXill HODMAN Wrill-n fnr'NI'.A Sc-i-viri- WASHINGTON. — It to f'^.scribo definitely th° c)iara'>; ^ terh.i ; c5 c r . Ll^c po!ar ice field 1 ;, but; verv nnccnaiiitv ro?3vdlii', r ' Dangers Confront IXaulilns J\ Osceola •ii'lv .-Pmoniil A p'.irty i!f Ov.-c-;l,in.i which !n- cluued xii.vlai'm-s H. 11. ,Jo:i'^. M. L. Stimncis, '!'. H. Tmrll;. Mi 1 :.-. I C..riii!ii' Wi'ii'Ii and lima Kimiucr-; ! and Lyiiiau Bhadd.'ii drjv „• n ' Joncsbavu Friday L'u-iiiiiB lu at 10:11! ! pivfc-iuatir,:! cl "Til" rii'Vtii !.:. •'. Wo.clh <;t Clnlst" nil I-iV-e: 1 Oi'.i-1, pr^ei'.'C-.t at J urn 1 •>•:'.-•!'> I3ai>- ( Us; cal'iegi'. ' 'the prodiic'.lon. ilii''~U':l liy iJ?. llemy VI. R. Hums, dh.'vor <•! m»- ; ,'.io lit Jone.sburo LJ:UI".'>'. ("...'V.;.'. Li- t'huIt'.L a chun.* cl *••) v^lre^ s.'.c-.-t- i;l Man ihe church char* ;if ,):ui.---- ' toro and si'.irt.'iil chun;s".s i:f t.:i- H.iplM and A. airl II. vJlli- '>•>, aivl . u -ll-piece uKiic.-lru ini-iulUK . '.lumber el M-.'niphls IV'!:-!-:L'.:IS. Gr.est srliits v.lio (u:*. s'jl'J p-j'.i-: in ll-.e orliTln included Mrs. ".iinkle, vio'.iuia: iir-ri:.-!- I'.."--.-:. or. and J.islt Vari>rjU!:h. liari- 1-. all cf Memphis. KH-j>%3aasr,j Mrs. C. E. Siill'.nx.i- In-'. !S* nicminc:! ai dinner ih; i K He.i Cro : s workers VYhJ'FfV have obtained a fr.-'at amount of information, at specific time? ondj nloces, thev all record thai tlw ic?l .is almost alwavs in a *t:ite of mo-j tlon due Io currents, tides and thcj terrific .strrnis which 31'.': |i:cva!-[ cut. ! Take the imt-er of thicVn'ss. a' ™>:t. consideration for. i ^2 Mr. nnd Mrs. C. E. Sull'.nx. nir.R etui .-i-.VKl during ilir: iccrnt dwutli dis- ijFjS aster. 'In- HCL-ivinq logins cl thclrljjC al'.racllvi' home on Wr.-t Hale axu.' iA were ariisticr.lly cleo(;r:i'.r-u wilh|ii$ .•.-prisii; ilowcrs and a i!c!icin l .i ', uir-lVj key dinner '.vas f.c-rvcd. The iMieilsjJS C. L. Moore jr.. local HeJ i Cioss chairman. Mrs. W. E. Hunt.., iCL-rc'.ary, R. A. CnrUvrijlH. SILH-I ley D. Carpi-liter. Miss Aline Woo:!, i S. M. Hedges, T. W. 1'olter and (j. ! lj. Watlde'.l. I © *& vhilr floalLivr will rn pi?ht'i abov ft nnd .icve abou*. one-' Tir Nautilus was christrrrd v:li.i! c-.itl:id ice. symbolic of iis dcMiny. a« fhe trr.ii'Jron of JuH-s Verne .center) loaScd on. tut the unknown • Ir-oth and nature c! the Arctic ne may [ore; It to descend inlo dangerous deeps. Eovr.u-olghthE of llo-uini; ice is be!c,v: ihe 3iirfac?. ar.-.'. ihc j nature of iis bottom is' itn:u:.-::.:itl'.'. There trouble may lie. ever • teams for transportation, and no 1 iTO-arrMi°ccl relay or supply sla- rrrr;U. :••!•.'.. m 1 miifliu?. ':ic-l value only as Eii'ju ;-rc aOtied. Luncheon nni^l bo more Ccifef liav and cram al-r>ut ciTht feet in thickness. • On the otber hand, where thcr^ luts brrii oueu watfr. and the h>!ds have been driven together, thrfvi "-"'1 s arc lapn»d and overlaid into: T have not o-.^lwrt .pasi I c linmm-ok-! ini! "rr-s'-Dre --idaes", constant mental strain, the c.ntiu- «™ch cft-n reach "n opMn' i«Wit nous state of i-.ncerlainntv. or the cup of^ea and a cook^. A cream ?^ s «cf a cS fcllnwlnc: the. n ;i -,.mn ? .tural and unheallMul life of re ,,p or some oilier hot ' Spring flowers nnd Easter dcco- 'ialiens made ray the receiving' rocsrs ef >lrs. J. \V. C.Trtwri«!it r. i iiome. when he: ilan-^l'.le:-. Mrs., Charles R. Colcinan. enlerlaiiv.'J I nienibej's of tile t'An table bri^ clu bio tt-lnch shi; bi'l'jniis and number of e^tl-.l y t scjl^ ivli.h a bnf- • — ~ fc-t flipper fuUc-.\eil by an evening! •-H ;-'id i.TO to IV.O nt dinnsr. at conlnict ln:dsc. !: bicakfast planned tr supply! The fiucsls inclii.-lf-d besides li:e CC3 [o 8CO calorics will consist of "club members, their erjnivn.-• Quinn. C. U. than or a II. L . Driver. Janvs Hriv-! er. Gcdfrcy White. O. F. Brysnt. | M. W. Sheridan. W. li. Dyi.'si. R. J W. Drags, l r . P. Jacob;. 15. S. I/.l- ncy and .Misses Hva Munta^ue air- Mary Calhcrine Ward. Hijjh sra'o club priie w:is award• ta'ion rule, it mljjht cxlcr.rt 200 j r-mnnen-.-nt in the cramiKd spa:" hearty saiatl mlh feet bclo-.v the surface. Report-; of a sbn-irine- Panicu'.avlv \vi have ke-n nnde of ir™snrcir.i-n',s| svch a siroin be fell when t!ie cr pi - . 1 fiirly'in- nare i'l a position of extr?me -u: are nctr-rsary to furnish suf- Eolation. bread and but- cd Mr.;. W. J. hijli score !riiH oi -oire sort, and a cookie Piest priw went to Mrs. G. F. Bry- pieee cf cake or any simple dcs- .am and Mrs. H. L. Qmnn cui CDII- Ehowini; the ire. even 1001 dar.-^r. Withcnt power, and wi'ii m-:cnt calories. | 1 tl-i> 'l-3ticr ! " -xhaustcd. life fcelor- A nonrishins diim.'r of n:ca:.: Mrs. Godfrey Whit? vvns l-.o:,te£i ro;!ld bo 'maintained cn!y for six two vegetables. s:,lad, bread and ta tv.-enty-four "(ictls. en'.cr:ainln? at the incst. There woiiid \\i bulter and dessert is as imperative \ at bridiie at her country horn; but :o atlempt to ;„. 3 L-US.- M-n>an ar- it ::, for the north of O5c:o!a. A profusion c! man of She iicuse raid the chil-' Eyrlng blcsscims v.ere r.sed i:i :ic=- dren. : oiations an:l each gups' was prc- •n>c toe thin woman must prr-.seiilcd an E.iiter f;.vur. level fie'ds. tc be from 50 to feet thick. i ' Rough Go"'n^ on Bottom j But in scivral. the upper sur-jdnys face of the Ice fields is extremelvi no nltfrnitlve'i. ducto a^esof hnffetinir nnd | tore hrourh the ice and abaiuUn grinding and extreme pressure. It ship, srcmo nsrfectly reasonable to as-1 Success rccms runie that the underside of the iroi uvsfi on nrvmai 1s correspoiidingiy uneven, and that i -lation. am it indeed rough sledding I misbaps. In my when the submarine atlempts to nrert co::ditir,ns -will be very ha, elide along Us bottom side. ! 'n find. Mention p.rcadv has been " Leads are fractures in the fields! ir-i'- of the danger of compass where onen water appears, bull failure to have been cnnrthions of op- s ; s tcritly eat food in excess oi'iirrj Mrs. Bruce Ivy wen high score sorlo'js deays or . ca !cr]e" requirement if she would pri^e and Mrs. K?ri>erl Riippsn iv oninioii ihese de- !_,:n hi wr-iiihi. Few women who: second, -high score. Uolicions ra- r-re tiixler weight real:'? that !n'fr"hmrnl-, were servrcl fnllrnvlng b? more ilinn !en per cent undtr weight for one's height usually Ihe same. Oat o( town g'.icsu !n- I for one's heiaht usually eluded Mwdames Louis Cherry. A j irast-ncd physical efficiency. Ccn-.vay. Terry Moss and Mis;-, Vi,--1 ian Dilhihunty. all of Blyiiieville | ........ ... height which .cas? Reotrraphic tlvse mav not occur for days at "lit noritions r.nd ilii-Htious would have', - n ^ , hill v cman shculd incrrr.s-? lime Hence I cannot imasinc ho-.v! to depend so'ely on observations of; 1:ei . orc |i llar> . calorie rtquircmcnt Ihc'Nautnus can depend on cither! Hie sun. since stars will be invis-: trom 50 o to 700 calories. i Mrs. R. A. Car Wright. Mfc findinii or regularly ntiliziii!; tlicsciible in the Arctic day. Such ob-. Mid-morninj and mid-afternoon'Mary Bowen Cait«-rii!rit and their ' rcrvattais. of couri.v could be m?.de- ] lmc hes make it easy to idd to the suest, Roger Ppilras of Miami. Fin., only en the surface. .amount regularly eaten at meals, visited in Blyinevllle this morning, j A. gla^s of milk taken with each : Mrs. H. !,. Quinn is spc-ndinj the 500 calories to her' week-end '.u'a friends hi P:\ra- rcgtilar diet. Each extra pat of gould. leads. To those on the surfac'?, the rarsonce and location of leads are indicated by a dark reflection in the sky. But the Nautilus will be going it blind, and can only drtert Kvfn on the suppcsition that j i new batteries may give the addi-' m ,- a | w j|j tional submerged cruising radius ! predicted by Commander Dan«n- . jj mt{r about 100 calorics.! I me. tr. justify the objects of the If I wrc- to venture a guess, it ' \vou!d ''c that she Nautilus' propei- she detect leads, j leri will be disablrc! in the loose to (he surface.! May Nol Get Far by. icoking through a glass deuk plate. If conditions were fa- voraWe, she niinht bare through the ire and use her conning tower to locate such reflections. Misbt Ke CaliBlit Even should nnJ find her way *~ ..— they might prove more of a men-sice around Spitsbergen before .., are than a Wetsing. For ' ev.:n --vious Mw.l has U:en made to. wiih shi.'s designed especially to; Lake the " lltla! .P 1 " 1 ^. lm °;. r ,., tl ^i iny (jrlts wllh cream, creamed eggs, „'!. p wl-.ole vheat muflins. three fruit : niariualr.dr. milk, coffee. LUNCHEON — English monkey, lirrdded ,lraf leltnce wilh Thou- Island dressitn, toasted ninf- Ague? -Vaid who hower, the chances against success Crcam arul O ii ve oil a]so increase' school fit Jo;:'-?!: > : o A. and M. col- are still too numerous, it SCCPIS tc !ne fuel jnt ., kc _ i IL w 5p ; s s^,,:]..;^ -.lie-Easter holi- It is never wise to eat out of days with her prints. Mr. and .Mr:. proportion ta one's needs, either J. L. Ward. :u Ojce-'ia on the side of insufficiency or ex- i M:s. J. W. C.irbiri.'l)!, p cess, tat it is important that ener- gelic housewives maintain a nour- ishiue and suitable dietary. B.iily . 3Ienu " , Mrs. W. J. Shfildr.n and Mrs. Stic-:i- . dan's small dangliii-f, Hilll? Fain. 'shopped In M't.ipV:'' ycsle-diy. ! Mrs. H. W. Sheddar. and Miss BREAKFAST— Stfcwcd figs, horn- asler is not infrci.ucnl wh.^n leads close abovt Ihem. And any pressure nihicb might, start a leak by; c^^ninR Ihe seams of the Np.ntilus| of inr'.ild probably result in in™ lo=si c.f happen, T uould consider it a fortunate arcii'^iit. After ail. what coorl can come ; such an attempt? What bsnefil '_ any sor: cr.n lie derive;! from"' , Mary Bcllo Cowan were BIythevill; visiiois Tr.tirxh, ^veninj. Oeorge B.isil EDSIMVOS, who attends school at S:>::;;tc:n Un: of much of her tol oil. I •'-: wlwt ""• dat:1 ™ 1lc ro'lMlcd 'Hicre is ctiir another feature] v.liich can bo heivKc-.aily which has been brought home to * me by actual experience in the ice — that a submarine, even while running :n tile surface, is about corcst type possib'.-: for cruis- areas. A woorl- singlc. slow-re- is far less liabV? e' ' S'unnavi^ And s °sr dnterminin? the fins, canned cherries, hermits, milk. lea. vei'Sily in Meniph-.s. if, sp'-iia;:'.:; Easter holidays with irj :ia:e Mv. a::d Mrs. G. II Sagr.ivrs. Mi.'s Francc-i Ba~[i:i:n. who is n j student at,! college, ^l j \itli oy- Charles. Mo. arrived several day? stcr sauce, potatoes in parsley but- ago to spend Easter holidays with] Ur. spinach, watercress and orange her parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. F.j ing hi ic:-infcstcd en vessel with a volving propeller to injury than one with small, rap- idv revolvinj twin screws. Ten years ago whfn iii command of the Vacifie "fleet. I nllcmplc:! to cn".:r Yakutat Bay. Alaska, with'1 F?vcral destroyers. Though lhe| ice was very loose, and there wasi n" : ch op.?n water, we found it ha?.a r c 1 oi:.T Io prscrnil tind promptly withdrew. Even then, one of the pr;p^llcrs was bent- H'jddrrs Arc Exposed ..In addition Io this snrl of handicap, a submarine I'.as horizcntal rudders, or planes, that aw used in diving. They also arc in an exposed position near the propellers and liable to damage or <!e- raiigrircnt. Whether or net ice mav firm en these ou'.-boaul fit- linBS. and cripple them, is anotlu'i Ihiiie to be considered: to say notliin? of ice that may form on Ih; hull ilself Should the tattcrlc-s tecoine exhausted and the submarine attempt to rest against the under •-jl and drift of Arctic currents by I his venture. 1 am fr.?e to confess, having spent some vears in this r,nd similar work, ihr.t I do not believe anything practical or us>?-\ fill can be obtained by diving nn-. i!er the ice. salr.d, milk, steamed coffee. Grandchild May Enter Movies pudding. Barham. Accompanied by her fath-1 cr. she drove to ,Joi:esc3;-o "['hnrs- I day to S2e Miss A-:r,:.~, Ward, who returned \vilh her from Jontstorc; A. and M. college, for the hol/Jayj • SISTER yHARY' KITCHLN FL ^Trs. J. A. Moran of SpniiPii?ld.' Mo., is -the sucst of her sister, Mrs.; Lalah Swift, this week. j J. L. Wa/d ami Morris Silver-1 field were Memphis visitors Friday. ':) Mrs. Eclva Martin arrived yester-' " day Ironi her r.Dnu in Liule KD;.-: • to spend Eastrr v.hli her mciiitr. i For tempt to resi a^aniii u-.u uimci ^ surface of the ice, I believe she Will have trouKe. In staying hi one I'm pcsitlon. The Arctic is a place of storms often of hurricane force, which no doubt will cause the ico to drift and be in motion, and hence list cr heel the Nautilus ar.rt inaVe her berth precarious. Rurh n lack of stability might seriously endanger U'? storage baltcnes and other equipment, and cult off <il' power. l.lllle Chance of Escape And finally, even should the Ice boring a])]iar.iti;s for the conning lower and air tutcs be found practical nnd should H become necessary to abandon ship, the chances BY SISTF.H MARV XEA Ptrvicf! ^Vrilcr Fomo reason cr olher. too home-makers rjive the 1 rame thought and attcnlion to. their oiiii die; that the- ?ive to: that of their families. They .rom tn overlook the (act Ihat ihcir; bodies need food or fuel to keep • hem running efficiently and often • <-e! tired nnd "nervous" for no j'hcr reason than that Ihcy failed ' to "lake time" for hmchcnn. The average wcinan who docs iCr own work, with the exception of i nf the heavy cleanln« and •A-ashin?. ' needs i:le:ity of good wholesome food. Ash constituents a:ul vitamins as w.'H as an arirrniale number cf calorics ninsl be supplied ', has teen ronsidcrc-d as a ! inovie actrcF.s followiu? her win- i 'i"n? the tit': of mos: beautiful : girl in Austin high school here. FI°rry Carson, movie .'.cout. in- i (crvicwed Miss Fall- She declined Mrf - Na » Sawyer, to say however, whether she would H. L. Quinn and Dr..\v. J. 5h?a- i 1|;I , . , .->-,;, ri-=t. ^ r - were Blylhcvine visitors Fr:Since the puoliealion of her day. 1 phol..i!riiph r,s winner Miss Fall Bnico Ivy is a busings visitor i:i = ha" receiver! .••ovcraj proposals of Li'.'Ic RCK-S tl^.", \v«"eX'. ' marriage aurt more than 100 let- Courier f\i : us Want Aris Pay. ar.d if she is to keep her brxly nerves functioning smoothly. The energy rcriuirfment tor a mcdrriile-ly active woman is ue- •,wc.-:i 22CO and 2100 calorics a day. The requirement increases in proportion to muscular activity. An active woman needs from 2500 to 30011 calcrics n day. She mast receive aboul 700 calorics at breakfast, 700 to 1200 at lunch- in any language, OOHL CO,' Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 FROM THE 1923 CROP Or 10 MILLION BALES 1924 I CROP OF 14 MILLION BALES FROM THE 1926' £ CROP OF 18 MILLION BALES JT N 1931 BALES BROUGHT 2/2. BALES BROUGHT #300 #300 Iffia-Sl BROUGHT^ r WILL BRING #300 The above chart proves conclusively that its folly to raise a big cotton crop. Two bales from a ten million crop will bring more actual cash money than 42-3 bales from an eighteen million bale crop. Why work twice as hard to make a big crop when you only receive hah' as much as you receive from a small crop? Mississippi County farmers ask yourself this question:— Barring drouths and floods, you cim be on the highroad to farm profit and permanent indepciule'iice if you will adopt a sound cropping system at planting tune and Farm For a I'hinl cnoii.uh acrciific in feed Io supply your farm 3!;, r ! days in the year. I'ut Soyhoans in every acre »f torn you—nothing will niiike as much feed at UiL' same expense. Have a year around garden. Tend to il. Can and save as much fr.ini H as you can possibly handle. Nobody ever had loo much fund. Chickens! Make money; jivsl layinfr around. Fifty Bimtl h«ns will brinj? in a '^ l ' c money every day in the year, antl nothing cafs beftrr than fried chicken. A Good Cow Will save llic average family §150.00 :i year on grocery bill and furnish the verv best of fond for children — .Milk and Butter. A Good Brood Sow Will raise 2000 pounds of meat anil lard every year if given a chance, anil do it at about one fourth as much as i« cosls to buy the meat and lard you need. Why Not Try This Plan? A M Co time of cotton farming has hrciiKht nothing but mounting debts and blasted hnncs, morlKagcs and depleted soils-:. Only (hose farmers who follow a balanced fann program arc permanently [jicsperous—cxpuiiencc proves that hc- yoml successful contradielion. it's a [end pipe cinch thai you and your family will not suffer if you have plenty of and feed on your farm, even if cotlon goes to a nickel a pound. FARM FOR A UV1NG FiUST and prolit from your labor will be a natural result. Remember! The Hlylheviile Cut Ion Oil Mill has nt;rced io buy all ths Soyhcans we can raise this yc:ir ami pay cash money for thorn. AH they want io know is ho\v muny Io prepare for. Let us know how many a'.res you will plant. There's no limit (o (he arrciiKf. Tell tts now what yours vvill be. ' You Can't Break A Farmer Who Raises Food And Feed! S3 Egpys'''? 4 **'-' -P3 tPMMtft- • jyvfc^;-i?»spai--s Hj<.!«fflsii<=u;.'- •.< sv -• -.xysFja This Ad i 7 aid for By— JceIsaacs I C. Penney Co, Farm Equipment Co. Courier News Ark-Mo Power Co. First National Bank Three States Lumber Co. Chicago Mill & Lbr. Corp. F, C.. Robinson Lbr, Cc. fiubbard Hardware Co. Blytheville Cotton Oil Co, For Agricultural Committee, Blytheville Cliambcr of Commerce

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