The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY, APBIL 8, 1948 Canada Is Scene Of Uranium Rush Violence in Kansas City Strike BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NfWS ' Prospectors Flock L' To Rocky Area to Seek Precious On ,, „ J ».v R-J. McCleve United Press Staff Correspondent PLIN FLON, Manitoba, April ». UP)—More than so claims hav« been staked In the rocky hills around this town i n the first wee* of a uranium rush that has brought atomic age prospectors flocking here by airplane with Geiger counters In their knapsacks. Smooth-faced-nuclear physicists have taken the place of the old time grizzled miner in this modern day version of the Klondike gold rush of 50 years ago. _ But the fortune-seekers who have — -..«••«• nmtH atomic uomns'«,• "» ' packing plant'In Kansas Cfiy, are made are Just as hopeful of I n " thl * "' uclc w " »K>PPed by pickets. The driver was pulled from the z™idf."f£ 1 '" <1UiC £ " V " f th «"' r* b "" d """""' """' P " llce lllt « r ™»«<. Two strikers, including the local grandfathers who sought yellow j union president, were arrested. At left, police and Cudahy officials 8 ,,ard Airplanes loaded with wildcat-1 truck **» lnst 'urther violence. (NBA Telephoto.) ters, diamond drillers, geologist* and • ~— : ' speculators h^ve arrived dally since prospectors George Branscombe anil John McClelland announced a week {^fgo that they had struck uranium ~n the hills North of here. Announcement belayed The two actually discovered the valuable atomic mineral two years ago, but for security reasons the me',""" 10 "' dclayed the announce- filcd 18 claims in the region^ Claim seekers have staked out most of the territory surrounding the location of the strike since the announcement. Prices are soaring In this community of 12,000 persons, which was — ,„.- „« „««*«,„ primary established 17 years ago by the Hud. j 'gave the people of the staU « v, 0 ^ ,\ p 01 ™? 1 "*- Supplier are chance to speak their minds but he hard to bring m JOT there ij no •>—'--- J -••--• 5 uul '•" highway and only a single rail Una. The nearest big city Is Winnipeg, P30 miles to the Southeast. Flin Flon is a curious mixture of modern and primitive. Houses are built on stilits over muskeg am Jock. Sidewalks are built along th = top of sewer pipes ?;hich are laid above the giound because it would be so difficult to bury them in the 'lard rock. It gets so cold here In tha Winter that light bulbs must be kept burning. -24 hours a. day. If they are turned of/, the filameuU freeze and Silent On Wisconsin Primary Result TOKYO. April «. (UP) _ Gen Douglas MacArthur Issued a short statement on the Wisconsin election today but remained uncommunicative on whether he Intended lo withdraw from the race for the Republican presidential nomination. He said the Wisconsin cess In Japan, or fails like failure. The stock market was lower today, but brokers said this was due to a tight money situation. The U. 8. has exported aero nautical products to purchasers if foreign countries almost from the time UK first airplanes were built. Preparedness Will Postpone Radio Growth ATHENS, Vs., April'*. (tJP)-Ex- pansion of the radio Industry will P™bably have to be postponed because needed materials will go to «. military preparedness program, Paul Porter, former Federal Com- Porter addressed the Georgia Radio Institute last night. He said mdustmi and military mobolljatlon may goble up moat critical materials needed In extending .tandard broadcasting and especially television He pointed out that a B-M bomber requires a s much radio material as a art-watt station. He suggested that th, FCC survey available radio equipment and let broadcasters' know what is in store lor their, Contractors' Board Fails to Get Injunction FOET SMITH. Ark.. April 8. (UP, —Efforts to halt construction of a drive-in theater near here were at a standstill today following action .of Chancellor c. M. Wofford yes- h terday. Judge Wofford over-ruled a re quest by the state Licensing Board of General Contractors to halt construction on the grounds that a contractor on the job was not licensed WoiTord held that the board failed to establish that the job was belnK done by a contractor subject to 11 cense and said the owner was doing the work with no general contractor The suit originally ask sd for Injunction against J. H. Wisdom of Fort Smith and Oklahoma City J D. Lee Sr of Salisaw. Okla.. and J. D. Lee Jr., of Houston, Tex. .- „.,„.._, n, vti U1IHUS UUli I'f! declined direct comment on the re- I suits which gave him only eight I of the state's 27 delegates. iv, J ? I ? neJ;e editort in Tokyo agreed that the Japanese people were surprised that MacArthur did not win the Wisconsin elections. However, the editors could not agree on whether MacArthur would •lose face" with the masses because ol the election results. This was disclosed in i survey ot the editors of Tokyo's three top dailies, Mainichi, Asahi and Yo- miuri, along with (he editors of two top Japanese press services, Jill and Kyodo. Editors of both Mainichi and Yu- miun nelieved MacArthur »>ould no: suffer loss of face as a result ot hh defeat In the Wisconsin elections I The Asahl editor said' the people were not well enough informed on the election and conditions sur- ! rounding it to react either way. ' The Kyodo editors thought Mac- | Arthur might • lost face with some ! ,,,., „. Japanese but said the general re- food Uste. action wa« one ol disappointment since the Japanese had hoped that MacArthirr would be the next pres- i The Jijl editors agreed that MacArthur would lew* face on the basis of his Wisconsin showing. They said that nothing succeeds like sue- What To Do For That Sluggish, DowD-and-Out Feeling Remember tho tlms when TOU could e*t like a horse, bubbled-over with energy felt happy u a lark? Was It not becauas you liked to eat—dldnt know what Izx- dlltwtlon -was. frit strong aj an ox? As aw advance, the • ol* atoenacb and th* cvtr-ehanglng Wood" ne«t<h'lp. How you may again release Ttbraat sntrar to every muscle, flbr*. cell. Brery day—S7«ry hour—million, ot tiny rexl-blood-cells mint pour forth irom th« marrow ol your bone* to replace tho» that are worn-out. 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TMES REAL BLOOD Worried Fed Nervous Dread Duties Fed Tiretf Resistance Low Blood Is Ihe force of life. Blood !• nf*^«. i.iry lor proper (urwtlon of yourorMiSTs™i all bodily scltonj. Blood carrl« e«emhS mbslanrej to every bone. And Ihe nr, „! jour red blood cells I, only about 30 d,« for « normal person nnd rausl be reclacil at A rale of about one hluton five htrnri»Ji million red blood cells daily without vS rropcr red blood cell count It I, no 4 n S you can suffer exhauillon • from ilmrvl. bSk'vi^lna''" ""v d »«""*• KS ±S bnik \igor and pc^, have no appetite r~i horribly nervouj. u-orricd ntrlirt IiiliJ? i and In R woman's case, Jaclc that "ruu f blooded" looklne jparkl! anil vim that con £%£ i'^"'S..I? .£?'? <"!«."" Mn w^^n n .^«^^" r m ,n. w" fa ;- K ^"";U .rf rr, ! c ^r.'^^J^SuCtfS^ K,; C ^ '-t±rfn^ *« x '"' ; c »r, k ffi,r.h««" i " uie °""Ao g « blood building materials, ^ ! 'f ur red bl<xyl «» cot Is low Jrom the nulrillonal need K ! !lr ton Table!,, Ep.rton 1 H" s lrt « u « r *"leed to MI- 3 nays or mon^y barV Ywri- J« &HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY Chest X-Roy Units Begin Survey in Pemiscot County CAHUTHEIISV11AE. Mo., April • —The PcniiscoL County Chest X- Ray Survey got underway In this county Tuesday; with Unit No. 2 first calling In the Klnfolks Rlrt->e community, where Ho people weia x-raycd. in the alternoon Hie uii'.L moved lo Mccaity where loo people went through the unit In lorty minutes. This week, Unit No. 2 will appear in Cotloinvood Point, Tyler and Cooler, and will be In Cooler MJII- dny and Tuesday or next week, an-i Ihen travel to Number Eight, Unit No. 1 will arrive in this county Friday, and conduct Its (list survey work in Pascola Saturday. It will tlien go to Bragg City and Wardell next week. The Rev. Floyd V. Brower, county chairman of Ihe survey, said tn- day (hat (he people ol the various communities were receiving the project enthusiastically, and anticipated the undertaking will meet Increasingly Inrge response as til" work progresses. Th*lr Drivbw* If Infectious ribettn were eliminated, .11 p. rls of th , , ^ would b« sulubli for hablti'lon «id *srlcultur«, tccordlnt to the Encyclopedia Brlt.nnlc.. MEOFORD, MMI, (UPJ-Auto. modtle thieve* are Uklng «long Ihe (trt«c, loo. A two-car fara«e «• port»d itolen here waa (ound 'by polk* m mil* trom lit original ille HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs • For WooUni — ---^— m^j^iMii m t f * Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North t Second Street Phone 4474-4475 KDOT •LY/MYILU IO»£AN COUP. •ca»«k«i LsathriUa. Ark. 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