The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1937
Page 2
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'(ARK) COURIER Collection For Whole House 'afriage of «£- Wilson, |i,ftruj limiM ]r, of t)ils cRy, Tsokmntz^, -Biursday ajter- nooh at j the homV of the-'brides slstlr and brother-inilaw, Mr and Mrs Rctfph Robli}sop,} of V/}teft n Tho Re!* E W Faulknci, pastor of \he Baptist chUrch; at Wilson, askid to>»W'^before lumbers of { Uie^hfo families *t, 3,3? o'-lpck) \t, , MM 1 I •Ae alto'cliNC brld<! wore a Uo- pleie 5emH«ni»l frock, fashioned jot pfrtwnWe sheer crepe, »« h tinj lace ruffles, a^Uie neck Her y hat >as tnirmied with d her Ithtr acce^or- o also In beige, She Here a corsaVe of pink'>%ses,' valley lillls artd boubardla , , Her loniy attendant v,avMr s'** 1 Bits of News Mostly Personal Harris Draughh.'of sikcsU>iv attended to''business here Yesterday Mrs. T. G. Seal left today for New Orleans to spend the week cud vlth Mr Sei) Mrs Seal and children have decided not to move ,hcy will inafcp Ihelr homo with Mr Uarr's parents Mr and Mrs H L Shcrrlck, ho limp been spending tho pist six v,ceXs In points of Florida and ut'icr southern states, have arrived home. T Misses Marilyn Burnette and JeS- taljn Blomcycr spent Tuesday In Memphis W. G, Potts of Los Angeles, Cal., who- has been visiting his sister, Mrs! li. M. Burnette, has gone, to Kcimcft lo visit another sister. Weather-Proof Hats NowMade of Paper 1 ~ LONpON (UP.) r- Paper hats Uilch cni) be vorrt In any ucalhei and arp adaptable to the litesf cmiQrcn nave aeciueu-nuv iu muvi. **"•• '*r •—™, ,'to New Orleans until school cloM.b fashions |n colpr and design were this term , dlsflajed, al, an icxK/riUpn ,if . i n t, t« ihr. Scottish papcfmaklng held 1 ut the I J Orowder,ol bti uiuis, isane j, rllis j ( idjiiitries Ifousi pcre for a fc* days Mr and Mrs Pete Allison, ol (Xceola, VtC|e guests of Mi and , Mrs 0|an Allison last night They ^..J.. ' were accompanied home by I'eggy '° tains Lois and Joyce, daughters of Mr cll " u ""> and Mrs Olan Alllsori, \\ho nil! be I theii guests until tomonov, when all •""- --' Mr main over Ihc weekend, Mrs. K, D. Carpenter and Mrs r t Englcr have returned from hvo dajs stay In Meinphis, \yhero Mrs Engler consulted her clan Rlvps C. Al|en, .who. undcrwerit Phluins'^sister Miss Joy Prulllus.l '1^f/MTifmawmn^V&ff/fS/*sjxmx*wr--Tlf-rrv- 'limyr-i-l \ an operation at a Memphishospl- rnuuiB ^,f,L<:», _ j.^ ,„! \mr«tmmtm**m™ tal several weeks ago, Is now able Here is a collection, of allracVve needlework designs , for articles L ^ Qut white ^rTwhTtiTaccesserles 'Her jUt every home'hceV 'fho'ear|y bl-d, shown on a bd of te» lovsels Mrs D o McLean, who has corsage, was of TJaUBTtyiri W>scs ,^ hw was h[ n g out early on Mondaj, lions on Tuesday, and ho on been ill al and acacia. ' , through the week Thero also Is a bird house pan holder to match h«P»« Ralph^Farrftr Jr ( f was tht pee i ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ftre daln ^ ^^ p , Uow illps a|u , h caif Mclj0[m went d(nul i o be wtlh h{!1 . ""immediately'after ilie ccreBiQnyj ensigns—alphabets' for combining iilto monograms, cross stitch sllhou-1 Mrs A n ce womack and daugh Mr PhUlips and his Bride motor- mes nnd'-floral designs The designs shown on tlie table mo suitable - .a, £ !" >rt '", ] ^? y I for, many uses—luncheon, breakfast or buffet set These may be done :, tP jn« « • " culwork> • a ppiit| UO or embroidery j Oirhvork or applique dcslghS are for bed linen- If lime, is short, 4o\tho main outline In addition to the three pillow slips there Is a waterlily design for sheet, hem [ \ the In ,^ ^u^hion covcr ' Noctiluca arc the best knoun o Osceola Society— Pei sonal .': K.iO. Elects Officers At, Ihe last mecling of the or inlza.tlonal year, held Wednesday nffemoon at the home of /rs Edwaid Segrijves the follov,- ng officers were eletl,ed by the pcil P E o clnptej piesidcnt , Godliey White \lcc-prcst- Jcnl, Mis L C B Young; rec ccrctuy, Mis D Fred layloi r, coi secretary, Mis H.ilc Jackon, tieasuiei, Mrb A W Young hnplajn, Mis Edviaul graves seigcanl at arms Mrs diaries Lov, ranee A rehears il of the invitation cerenion> and a demon itra^ion, of a model meclnn, vn: 1)6 only piogtain gi\en Mi<; C B Young \ibitcd he vjother, NJri 0 P Stevens, u Blytlicvllla yeiteida> Mi n and Mis Frank Orlgsby o Bltlieilllc vMtc,d his mothei Mrb Wljjlam Stev,ait who has bee: quite sick for the past ten days Wednesday night Mi-..and Mrs. Everett Ballas lef Wednesday for a months vacation be bpe'nt In ^Shannon, Miss, 1 " Monday Dawe<rous'l)»y •; •'.- nd Cairo,-111. TORONTO, Oiit (UP)| •£ frhq J Fred Richie of the AgrlculUnal time to be'most caieful Is ^Monday 1 ixtenslou dcpailinent at Little between 10 and 11 o'clock',''and lockswas the guest of E H that .Is? true or every: Mbn'day j in r Bums and the Osceola office the year The Toronto IridiistjMai.' Wednesday, Ihuisday he and Mis Accident statisticians^ havel dis'cpv- Bmns liad'as their guest, Mi and ered Mondays, between tlie' lio'ilrs Mrs. Joe E. Walker of' : Blirevcport, nehtloned, to be the'most dan- .a. who formerly J In Osce- gerous for the average human.' ( The Rev. and Mr*. E;' L Cole were Memphis visltois yesterday Biaxtpn -Bragg jeturncd from Memphis Wednesday-' night' where ho accompanied , Mis Biagg to the Baptist .Hospital: on Monday In, a -serious condition from ane- ml a Mi and Mis Din Follz will Sunday morning for i nSotoi tiip to Mexico Citj and other points of inteiest in Mexico 'Thty vail be joined at Wynne by Mi and Mi-s W C Fisher wlioi will n\ake the tup with them They expect to''be awaj a month Both Mi Pol! z and Mi Fishei ,are connected'with tlie U. S- Ooyeni: ment fleet here. Head • Courier News Want Adr THE _r COUGH DROP medicatecj wilh ihroat-sootliliig ingredients of Vicks VapoRub, VICKS COUGH DROP A 5 daj old Aictio tcin v,is Inndcct in Libiidor on Jul> 22, 1927. and, within three months, was found In Li Rochelle Fiance Read Courier News Want Ads' ed to Memphis-fi before rcturrijng their home ' ' Mrs PhUlips, ter of Mr " J of Memphis, has' homf "-'"•' tho tcr. Mrs, Jesso M. \VhItc, have'gohe lo ^ua.Uy in .J, I, with cully ill time, Mrs. Loy Welch left this afternoon for Kansas City, where sh; will 1 visit, her daughter, 'Martha Wrecker Service - Gas Si O|l Open All Night] Phillips Service Center Fliohes 177, - 810 . ITZ Everything For Your Entertainment- and Comfort Tonight !s Pal Nile Adiills •' Arlrhifted for ' Frice oj ) •'•;•••'' Ahoalingcascofmur- .VICTOR d er fa Ihemiflhdigiee! MOORE He hns been ill for a long -bridegroom"- vhb"-u> Pi' eldest son of Mr arjd ^s J T Th II luL nas beeri' .. . , as J»^ mus)clan andsstucjicd pjano all a ChiUgT) con|er\ajory »m istiow connected ylth Ihfe 3tan,d ,| ard Coffee compiny. " affairs ar | besigns for making nil of these|llcm!> come on NUMO hoi iron | vho nl t' em | s Sc ii 00 i tlicre,' for : 'a few Jays She \<,lll relurii Monday Tuesday, Mrs, Joe Kirby, of Paragbuln. is. ha guest of Mr. and Mrs.. O. "W, McCutchen for several days. Crlttcnden Curry, of c'rawfords 'illc \\no hns ^Isltcd here a ier of times as Hie guest of ^w m^ <^. As •• con ctlon what, jou would normally pay ; order, ask for Np C8416,' 01 teui out illustiallon and semi Pmlljps, has sp^ntnimosU of hl^ , 6 cents { -itamps or ce-ln K Address \om older to BLY1HEVILLE lO t5^«l2l» C^JUER' llE\VS 'MAKE IT YOURSELF PAT^FRri BUREAU BOX lO out Mils lift 106, KANSAS chv,>MO Be sure (o «i\e namp and ".' .' ,. nti!d ' address Tuesday"' atapioon" b> Mrs,C, 0 Crockati at,her. ho InjVjUson, Included In .trjej gut were Misses Frances Conuay and ^ Dixie Lee Qulnn, of Qsceola Terry Makes Profitable Bid and ,|Goeg Down One Trick BV, i *» I V»iiJ ,~ -~ — 'cfrelar^ Amcrfcan Brlilgc league Sacnflco bidding pjajs an 1m- inxK i*u <4uiim, vi vcv..;^.. AV..J, ortaivf pait in both duplicate and RoWnson. pepheVfof thec,bdde,hlibber bridBC,t»ln.dilplIcfltc Mhc rewasent^d Cupid ia the d(strjl)Ut-| iilucs are fixed and a plajer, it In|[ of gifts wl^ch'were personal j hb» )qiov.S' Ipw many tricks he ,- t . Elton. TJV Kifby and Mrs H&fry Klrhy ^-ere guests of Mrs HitfTy w Hpmes v,hep she had the f iVeek Bridge club Thursday inch and aT^rldg* game imUs deeorafK) the small li)n- j lab.tes, n arrapged In tjia living f oom Jgr^ Harry JSirby aud ,Mrs , J\ LtSus Cherry ifon the prl^s ' \ ,^ » • T Entertains Cli^b Miss Luc!le'\VflkJn'!»ii ot'Dallas Teias housegqe^t of Mr"i and George M. l*e*\W. Mrs C", p Wuley ^ere entertained bj Mrs Qut|irl£ Khig ^hen sVi^ had ttu Toyp and Country "cjub; ^htiriday afternoon for a bridge game fihe seryed a salad plate after the gam,c Mrs G C Langs ton and Mrs O P -Tucker vron among the club members and Miss \yilklnson re ceived guest Wg$ ;J \ • v \ Frteent Pro{r»n)i \ \*-i\ )\< \ at-^Vfilson Club Mrs Hllej B Jones was leader of^lhc program for \l\e meeting of the,Wilson Cooperative club Thurs day afternoo >, at V.'ilspnj h fpl the program Miss Marjono WSrrsn read ' Madame^-Bultsrflj " Mf^s'Eyeljn Smart plajed Uie pl- arjp Selection,,' and Uie, lv,o v giflsI presented two one act pip" ' F^urette and Co," ana 'Tlie Acid |i» Jones, Miss Warren apd Miss Smart vrere accompanied lo the meeting by Mrs Charles Perry VI v • • < • Gjald Meets •vlll go down, can toll whether he snciifice wild lie \\oith Today's hand exemplifies, an imiMiiiL type of sacilfice Tlie player who toqk it felt sure that he. could beat the adverse ' con- AQ953 41072 - * A 10 05 Duplicate—None vulnerable South West North tast 2V 2*' < 3« -I * • 5 V 'Pass Pass 5 4> l Pas!;' Pass' Double Opening lead—* 9 but his. partner had tod,' and, unforti nalelj va. Mimd lor make Ihft nla> thti ould probiblj glv oeclirei ' due to th^ bldd L C M« IE R iMason gave a readirtg f roTtn ' The EiflfcS ' forr Today's Contract Problem Aftpi 'Squill lws i bid heiilij and diarr\onds' I'ast gels Ihe ^ (.onliaclfor'ioui spodc v ind i dgubled He Ins lost Uo hcirt lnc)fi ,md luffed (he thhd )e.u| of the suit, ^ortli disciidmfi i dumomi Can dccli)ci dill make Ills conlinct, although he nppcirs lo )\n\c p losing club and trumf)'' "> * JO 9 S 4 2 VG5 V 1042 • A875 103 »m a. ylsit In Birmingham Ala j'^Icri linn, MISS and Now Orlcaps Mr and Mrs Joe P Pride jr Uio have been at Wjniie, wheic \Ii pride \\as %titloned \\ith the U S Engineers di|rlng»thc flool ^rg guests of Mr prides picnU ^ih y y^ill oltlier be- transferred licre r lo Meinphis The condition of Ed R Jones vho ii> STlously 111 al the Memphis taptlst hospital Is nnirnprovcrt to n> His dailS"t<i'',- > Misp Mirilyn who hab bejn «itd him since Irst or-ration about ,seven w ?o tame homp \vcdncsdty nigl] because of 3\a\lng become ill influenza Mrs Qu> Maxwell hns gone k the Bernard hospital St Louis v'nsrc she will receive treatment. Mr and Mrs Eubscll Marr le odny for near Scdalm Mo whei * None » AKQJ87 f J 103C-I All vul. Opener—¥ K Solution in ncxl issue. 'Sweeten it with Domho Refined inlilA -rjstal Cane Sugar Tablets Crystal lonlract which he felt quite sure could not be fulfilled. I Copyright 1937 NEA Service Inc ) the program ! t fl.&? held, April at the " ' the first VfiU give a book rcvle* *, S, ' » • f Ctab Ha<) PaHy Mrs Hram Wylie had the Thursday Bridge c.lub this weeV when Mft jj H Elkiris 'pt{ In the'card gaijk^ i«rs T Jl£l A' ylor \Fon the prize A >alad plate, was ssned late Rejlzmg tills, is a si irtin pui'H/Soiilh who hid'opened i'i "•lildinj! deliberately n auc i sac riflcc bid, and found . Hint h ludErm-til Was conflviu-'A by gel Mnif r.u excellent scori 1 .'The di '(•nding side casl'crt the - «e ar :lng of dinnioiids ond tho u »t triimp thus dofeM)n:: tlv coi ^i.-ct veilet Irtck . Tlic contract could have been ;|, t«o tricks for n pcnaltj of 3«> paint 1 ? ho \e\er 1 , hart West opened ^Ihe' singleton club "As tile-cards-;,lie; ; five hearts :ould be defeated-only .with Uy: opening of a club or a low heart With filther of tiiesc leads Sou!,' •ould cash the ace: of clubs, and he two trump tricks give North and. ijouth just enough to beat Unpopularity Contests On CANTON, O.-fUP)—III an effort to abate the smoke nuisance Can ton Is sponsoring a citywlde unpopularity contest Cllljens are to \ole for the wont offenders It has ,been suggested .thai .the nnmes of winners be published Crystollized by Adant Process Cane Sugar Squares ROXY xdm.—Alimys 10 & 25c—lo T»> Show F.vcry Night "Tallnccs Friday, Saturday, Sundaj 'ritlay & Sunday nlatinccs—iiV Saturday Madncc — Conlinuoni showing — 1 00 Till il 00 r M PHILIP HUSTON OU1SELATIMER. r ROBERT• MeWADE'.;.; VINTON HAWORTH Also Novclly' and Comedy ' . — Ailmissjoh— . . . Tract Bloispms For Five Generations i: j j . EVENING SHADE, Ark CUP)— Fiy« generations of Tjipners •he,1di\d . , . ~Biit With Uie aritkipatcd sp-iJe cad, North and South are help less: Thua South, although h felt tl^t, r there \\ere defensi> tricks available to T)cat the con tract, was 'right In undertaking Pong" from a Unglcd, flower? into farm land i J pond\4 is j?»i level i tract? of '«; land j.coiDpri^fAg-jnany acres aiid, * is ,composed of'a^black soil un- '» like, ^att£ otlie_r irf~"this "jc^JJon, »' of an^ eictlnct' yolcarjo* Large '*« boulders, are, strewn about the *| outer edyes of the pond as If J throv.n there by some upheaval ' •». \ -.}.L_ r ' FUNERAL HOME A bea ii I itul-and'sympathetic semen al moderate cost - ' ' Ambulance < Li >-'. --.u- 1 ^ ;if\c \ .,* Service -111 N. 1st riionr. 58 Pepper because I know //J vacuum cleaned Friday - Saturday Charles Slarrcll in "TRAPPED" A Outdoor riclurc ; Also Cartoon anil Serial— '"Fighting; Marines' 1 . I A lieart-stirriii'E to- niancefrom the heart of Murderers t uilll PRESTON FOSUR ^NN DVORAK JOHN BEAl Oirecledbf Christy Cabaana An Edward 'Small Product/an . ,• --Also Fox Slovictouc and Comedy SPECIAL OFFER For a limited lime . . . NEW EASY TERMS on a Genuine SIMMONS _ OBWM ,, .' as •'••• • .a BANK! BOWIE .>;' . will, A ' I Heather Angel j johri Carradine ''' ! Clarence Muse bJ-'lw tail Hiatalj. A GEO/JGE A. HIRLtKJAIi 'Pntiatvi • • V ^ cr,Ltanat<i GoIJtttln. t (crilt Shru kv'EJgtf Also Carloon end Serial— "Jungle Jim" Until : 5 S>. SL-^10 & 26c After 5 P. SI.— 16 & 31c' —Continuous Showing — Sunday - Monday IN HIS ARMS... sheifouad' strength to face an angry world! When-you-awake from sleep on a Beauty rest you 1 awake s like a : ne'\v person-r-dvery inch of:-yoiv. vefreshed, for the new day. Such sleep builds health—and adds beauty. For a limited time, we -of for you aT genuine Simmons Beauty- rest on very moderate terms—so little you'll hardly miss it. Come in and try the Beautyrest/fest its; amazing comfort for ,yoursblt And then/ if-yoirlike,'instruct us~to deliver one-to- your home on these ternis., •.;. . : : URNITURECO /N'pveUy Shorts. —Admission^. , c— 10 A '2Gc '- Monday- Night— 16 & 36o — Continuous l S ;:: MARCH >U— SZ'o.OO'UANK'NIGlit!'

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