The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1932
Page 2
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E, JARK.J COURIEK _NEWS SATURDAY,_N T OVRMRER_ 12, ,5932 A WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Religion and Social Welfare . Society Calendar Monday Woman's Council of First Christian church meeting with Mrs. Russell Phillips. Business and Professional Women's club having educational meeting at Golf Hotel, Circles of Woman's auxiliary In First' Presbyterian church meet- Ing at 2;30 o'clock; 1, Mrs. Ross Stevens; 2, Mrs. Lesto Hooper; 3. Mrs, JYed Sandefur; Circle 4 will meet at 7:30 o'clock (With Mrs. Lucy McAdams. Tuesday Young Matrons club meeting with Mrs. W. C. Higginson; Lan°o P. T. A. at school. Mrs. J. Nick Thomas having sented the Rev. and Mrs. P. Q. Rode -a gift it! wmebranco ot their year anniversary here. The Rev. Mr. Roric said the invocation an:l the mcmbeis were dismissed with prayer, by E. D, Ferguson !af(cr they had sung "Ulcssjd Be The Tie That Binds." * » * Elude Music Club Metis The Euide Music club mot Friday afternoon at the home of Amy Huth Morris for a program on Thurrlow Lleurance. the composer. These numbers were rendered: piano solos: "Ronomo In A" -Amy Huth Morris; "Jolly Farmers" Molly Guard; "German Song" Elizabeth Edwards; violin solos" Norwegian iLullaby" Alice Jane Hester; ''The Merry Hunter" Eugene Tuesday Contract club. I Crawford; "ifclociy In F" Bonnie Eastern Star meeting at 7:30 p. Jt . all Buchanan; vocn] solo "From tlio Land of tlie SkyiBluo'Wa I Mrs. Wednesday . Dillon Henderson entertaining Wcdnssdav Contract club. Delphionj meeting qt Hotel Noble at 9 a. m. ' . Thursday Mrs. Rusrell Phillips hostess to Thursday Luncheon club. Mid-Wcck Bridge club meeting with Mrs. A ( Con way. Rho Alpha- chapter of Sigma EpsIIcn Alpha sorority meeting at Hotel Noble. Frtfiay . Miss Mary pllzateth Borum is having tlye Modern Prlscilla club. Brown Catches Debs' Fancy at Brid(« A patriotic mctif was deftly carried out in the' brldga party given by Mrs. John L: Tlnlcy jr., and Mrs." Flippen W. Whltner Friday afternoon at Ihe Hotel Qlencoe. Red, white-- and- blue streamers hung from/the lights, large Am. erlcnn flags adorned flic walls nnri the tallies wer.3 of a similar design. Baskets ot chrysanthemums, in gold, Bronze and while were also used. There w.-fe teh tables of guests for cards and two other I ladies came in for tea. Included in the players were Mrs. Darrol Crook, of'Los .Ange',^1, (Cal., "and Mrs. J. W. Morse, ol St. Louis. Mrs. Farrisworlh Blpck 'won the •first prize, a cheese :and sandwich platter in amber, a hob nail gloss platter went to Mrs. C. W. Affllck for second high and th/q cut prize, finger tip towels, was received by Mrs. R. F. kirshner. The winner was the player having the datq ol Armistice day on her tiny American flag which made a souvenir. '.A'salad'plate was server! with coffee. Burin«3 Women Have . Netting on Edwathm Mrs. W. .T. Oberst, education chairman, is leader of a program Monday evening, 7:30 o'clock, at the Qoff Hotel for the Business anti Professional • Woman's club. The meeting is lo be featured witli talks by visitors and members. With "Education" as 'the general : tr-£im'e theso will take parl: "New Fields of Learning" Mrs. Obsrst; "Vocalional Training and Aid Furnished by the Local Library" Mrs. Bernice Jones; "Adult Education—Why -'Stop. Learning?" Mrs. Howard Proctor; "Current Evf.nts" Mrs. Samuel F. Norris; book report, Mrs. Sue R. Mason. ters" Frances Brtchl; ' "By the Waters of Minnetonka" Mrs.] Charles Bright. N;xl i month's meeting will be held with Hunter Hall. Modern P/isrilla Club Has a Party The Modem Prlscillti club, formerly known as Ihe Friday Night Bridge ^tlub, was entertained \ff Miss Virginia Martin last evening. After a supper menu wos served the girls sewed on the quilts which they 'are making. I Guests were Miss Frances Lit- I lie and Miss Ninn Barnes. Dorcas Class Meets There were ton members and Bits oj News Mostly Persona! Mrs. A. Comvay nnd Mrs.-H. H. Houchliu, accompanied by Mrs. J. W. Mcrse of St. Louis and Mrs. I Charles Kirknatrlck of Charleston, Mo., are in Memphis today. - V. G. Holland, Jesse Taylor and Fred Fleeman arc in Nashville, Term., today for Ihc Vanderbllt- Universily of Tennessee football came. Mr. tmd Mrs.. Jim Evrarrt anil ton, , of New York clly,''" arrlvco tcday for a two weeks Visit with Mr. Evrard's parents, Mr. a«a Mrs. C. J. Euani. .... ' Mrs. N. B v MQnard lias relurneil from .'Little ' Rock, 'where "she attended a meeting.of tlia p. ;r '.A. associatjon. V ' ' Tlie Rev. W. Shaefer .of ,St. Louis, clircctor ol missions in the Lulhtrnn church for the wcslwn district, the Rev Victor- ^rueggc and the Rev. J.. H. Dueftcr, of Memphis, visited tha school-' of tlie church of Immaculate ^yesterday. ^trs. Roy A. Nelson imiri her mother, Mrs. B. -B-. J ' ; Coikc, of Leachville, arc spending the weekend in Memphis. • Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Stendmrm and daughter, Mary Envma, are in Seimcr. Tcnri., for X-wo days on business. Misses Mildred Loir Hubbard, Martha Ann Lynch, • Patty Shan:. Beulah Belle and : Burncllc Bradley. Jane Branson, Virginia Martin and Mary Elizabeth Borum, accompanied by Mrs. B. A. Lynch, attended the] game at Wikon yesterday. Mrs. W. A. Stickmon, worthy matron of the local chapter of the Mother Calm As Son Wins Presidency JiV Jl'UA IILANSIIAKU M'A Service Writer NEW YORK, Nuv. 12.—The lia- to present been arresU-d and put in jail. Of- i;mis and economic conditions than ' ten it Is only in the. collapse ol (his of making a living. Trosc who such'schemes that we discover the think that religion sliould. .5tick to rottenness that is at tlieir very Us own Held, whatever thai fteld j heart, the rcttciuicss by whicli may be, anti have no'.hing to do j groups'of ingcnius men exploit the with social problems, must surely | masses of [he people for (heir own be startled by th; dtrccuuss and aggrandizement, vigor with which Amos denounces' happy mauled — •• --- —. i .v.vtt u..u lllv l/lt.ul ..f^wii j u~>-..-fcj 1,4 ^lllyli l;>£ljl llldjl SY11O JS :ier. Hundreds of) induced by. the simple concliilons [ willing lo work will have reason-' piisned, crowded, of his rural life, does not see sin able reward for liis labor and a'new , each other to shake her hand and ask 'her how it ceomed merely in terms of what we might call personal Immorality. It is . * , ""« «,i*n i*viOsJjim tJILJUVJl ill II > . 1L 13 to have her son President, nut | a sin in bis judgment to trample ~, ,,,,?, Dean ? P 00 -^"-•«»••"-', "Fon the poor, lo take unjust cx- " not the j nctlc-ns ot wnat l!le y j. av= p,. 0 _ od dranmtics, bstraycd least specif <of theatricals and remained just—a mother. She left her special apnrtmcnt in the Blitmore and laboriously Debutantes aro doing evenings up brown these dayj. it's ona of their spectator at Ihc celebration of favorite colors for wear after the lights are ilt'jn New York. (LefU i tuition's biggest presidential li into "Frank's" specially wired apartment where returns were coming In and being tabulated. ji:sl as pandemonium broke loose ;u:d '.l.'W son was proclaimed next Piesident of the United States. * * » A OENTLE HAND I Quietly slipping into the chair \ next his, at (the end of the long table, she roomed unmindful of th; great honor that had come to him. Unlike the mob that | pushed, crowded, howled to get in 19.pump his hand, slap liim on the hack, congratulate him, [she scanned his face anxiously-- didn't even speak to him or kiss him. She just put her hand gently on his knee. ; She scorned only to see that her boy tired! I 1 was (ho oir.y reporter in the room at lhis dramatic moment when the ,final good news broke. I the entire: evening with (lie nest President's mother. From ei?ht o'clock, when she arrived accompanied by ; her life-long friend, Rt. Rev. Bishop Atwcod, formerly bishop of Arizona, through the long Erllliuj five-hour wait untii victory was rmnounced, (Mrs. Roosevelt -remained tlis calmest the Innd- (iuccd from tli3 soil, and to fail lo give to each his proper place and reward in th2 scheme of life. He sees in the disregarding of justice, in the taking of briiBS, and tlie disregard of t.-e iic?dy, sm> ajjainsi Go;l quite as much as sins iigaihst man, and he puts the welfare of the nation nnd th? safety of society the basis o: Ann Dcgnou wears the latest-thins'In. [iinner gowns, a corduroy vcT-- •)ot, with .1 brov..-n-high-waistefi skirt and n iviiito short-sleeved upper. jRJaht) Adelina Merrill sponsors brown velvet for the theater. . tls long sleeves belle Its low tack decollete; •,• Legion Aiixiliai'y Celebrates .; Armistice and Memorial Days achievements in this cle- . A fitting celebration of Armistice • given • for Day, the r.nnual. Memorial D.iy parLinenl. afc.wn-nncc, and a membership pro-j Mrs. Howard Procter, .slate Ficlnr gram were combined in the meet- j chairman, urged members to co- \ng of the 1 American Legion Aux- j operate in an ellort to win tile iary Friday afterncon at the home ! Edna Ward Miller cup for the ! unit haying the best Fidac pro- r four visitors at the mating of the Dorcas Sunday school class of the First- Baptist church last evening at the home of Mrs. T. n. Shepherd. f Giant chrysanthemums from the hostess' gardan decorated the living room. Af'-er a business session Mis. Will Rogers assisted her mother in serving a plate lunch. Mrs. W. M. Crow led the dfivo- tional and\Mrs. A. Rushing, -vice president, conducted the business. * • • ,• Have Armistice Day 'Celebration Armistic-, Day was celebrated al the Sudbury elementary school by •the "Upper Four" grades having an assembly projram. Major C. J. Little tchj'of his cxperiencT, in the World War bofore and on Armistice Day in depicting a vivid picture to the coys and -girls of an Armistice Day "over ttarc". The song "Many Flags in Main- Lands" was sung by the students. * • * Schocl Celebrates The school 'of ths Church of Immaculate Conception celebrated Armistice Day yesterday with the students" homing .n picnic. They spent, ths' hours from 10:30 tinti 2 \at Ihc social hall wfc-are sandwiches and drinks were server! a I noo;. ' "' ' * • * Mffhodisls Have Feltantiip Slpper There, 5?er.i 135 members of th: First Methodist church /who al tended the fellowship supper a the church last evening. Mix B. Reid was toastmasls for/the informal gathering. Afte a supper, served cafeteria style thtre was a group which carrlei out tlyj spirit- ot Armistice Da> Rsd, white and 'blue strcr— hung from the lights in decorai- tog' the social room. Mrs. n. N. .Ware jr., led the (salute to the *»?. Mrs. Will Trottor played a ^kedteT of piano numbers, popular In war days arid Mr. .Trotter itmg two solos. M. L. Milncr spoke «tt.'Tt»ce'', and Mrs.. J. R.' stead- Eastern (Star, go to LIlllc Rock Monday for a meeting of Ihe grand chapter. She will bo away nnlil Thursday. T. J.'Prcctor has gone lo Kanis City for a short visit, before cturniiij here to-spend the wln- er with his son, Howard iProclor, :nrt family, Lloyd Stickmon. who is now cm- ployed in iPnragouli], Is home for he weekend. Hospital Note} Pntienls admitted (o Ihe Bly- hevlllc hospital: Mrs. J. j. Ken- icdy, Delhi, Iji., Miss Mary Lee Sims, Mount Kisco. N. Y.. 'j. D. )cr3. city: Ncclcy Sisk. ci " Oarrett, city. •rrocurement. Plans Ready for War WASHINGTON <UI> --The Corpv EnjhiM nrtbcks has loi in time rf I-.T:-. Mijor '-.jile Brcwn, Cl.lrf of .:as reported. The coimiry. RIO-MI ":c?n divided r'.o fi'.c iirnc-jra- ~cni diuriclc. Rich of -.'.icm. h? aid. "is prop-ire:! tn lunr-.iim cl- .e:ently in tin.v «: ran i-,:ew.-." A argc- crrps o! ir-servr- c.;i,'vrs »ir.3 trained to arcian-ial" S.IHWS of war. Djiing (he fiscal yrv cr.c •3- : > Juno 38. Browij rtiwrtd Corps of Engineer.-, coV-.-jlut^d ^'i_intcr ff surveys. Thos; iiioiii ^65 EQuaro mile lyj:asrap"i:r: r :i the Tire control •.,-;,,, Ml , Nc.v Vork Clly and map.-, ,.f' ~ ^ inc Hawsiiaii aurt pniilni ,,,Si5 cr Is Team's .Ma-wot AUSTIN. Tex. (UPj-Thc Un! of T Csas football I, "m 1 as lhc v > car luye a longhorn Te>;a f Mrs. Ncill Heed. ntminiscenccs cf McGavccl: rld.or, "ths unknown aviator", nnoumement of the prescnw- icn of a cup to the Arkansas epnrtment Reed Mayor nnd memory of Mrs. their I Eva. cram next year. The finance chairman, Mrs. Follnrd, announced that the chess for the linen was completed antl be given away Christmas' .aughtcr, the late Phyllis Ricd, 1 In planning the Yuleliile aciivl- nuoi.ncemenl of 50 p-.ikl up mem-j lies the. group voted lo meet the :crs in a drive for the quota, I rehabilitation requirements which jlaiis for the year's Fidac pro-1 includes sending S15 for Christ- ram, th" Flag Button sale today.] mas cheer. 512 for the smoke fund, he giving nway of n chcs: filled j cf clothinc; for one veteran, five ;;lh linen, Ihe complcticn -ol the j cretonne pillows niul several peppy bed nnd Christmas aclivU- • panics to the Fort Rcot hospital. es and n social hour featured the 1 ifternoon gathering. Plan Grider Memorial Mrs. F. P. Jacobs, second vlcs, p , Ib ,, c ] lbl . ai .'. af(c resident of the auxiliary and a j prcTams For local work a So membership was taken in the Red Cross. II was vclcd to place the iiiau- nztne "The Fidac Review" in the usiiiir ii for ist=r of McGavock. Oridcr. whose: lu Kmcmtcr i nK the tovs .. ovcr k ' War i ihcre" the guests lincri up V.i I>V - aS>Se r UlD Birds, talked about her brother.. (loughboy , a , Mon nntl filc(lmto lh filled in the world war, and read : dinhlg vocm wherc u , wer( , sm ._ extracts from the bosk she h:is; C( | doiighnuls and coflee liv Mrs compiled of his life r,nd idlers. I Kccd am | • MK R p Prtrt; . s , n ' This was in Itccpmj with plans ! hostesses, assisiecl by Mis. Marbii nm.unctd by Mrs. John W. Ed- , \yjin nn .<; ol Osc:ol:i, vice rcui-nt of i the Daughters of the American j Revolution, nnd chninntm of (lie memorial committee, for a nicmcv- .a! to be erected for young Uriclcr. Flic unit is planning to ca-cpiT.ili; | the movement being Ihe tirs!,! -ircup to join with Ihc D. A. K. j wn s before clcilio'n mid a Good lor Suckers KAN'KAS CITY, Mri. (UP- It rid cf such evils aiid cstatlishing just conc'Uions. '™ ly ™? n « s .; 1lealli! f, ll ! e CX " tbls applies m car and a new share in the national wealth, • wh'ile we aisrcgard elemental matters of honesty and rijjhl? No matter how much certain mages anil practices may be entrenched In lnw and financial cus- tcm, honesty can lie the only foundation. Tlie widespread el- fort to got something tor nothing, or to control what, one has done littls or nothing to produce, is inherently wrong. To seek ,1 living whci-Li uj cave not lived ana made our lives productive is to take from til; welfare of all for our own ends. More and more we must insist. upon the fact ihat every individual in the community must make a living. Wq ;mi?l put, life upon tlon's wealth, will have his : able and proper share. These principles are as ny.i-h grounded in true politics anj ;'j[,' n economics as th3y ,ire In religion. 'Key are the elemental thing.; ur 5;i which a sound society can be built •* * * Underlying them, of course, is tii: need ot character and education. Such conditions cannot IM artificially produced out of a s:::oty in which men arc dishonest or insincere, or ignorant and unconcerned about the highest way cf living, But in building education w; must build character, and in ouildina character we must build in relation to goals that reprc3?iu the welfare of all. The slothful servant who disregards his talent, even if H be only one talent, and who fails thro'i'ii ignorance or lack of character "lo do his part, is Inherently as much a social weakness and a .social m-3ii- ace as the man who nilsu^s his larger talents for the exploitation cf other men. If we are to build up a tru2 democracy in which every m:in be.irs and receives his share, we must -take heed to its foundations iu righteousness and (ruin. CHKRC! In aii'l b'evenfii Slreeis . P. Q. Kurlc, Pr-.slur Worship and Sermon 11 A M and. 7:30 P. M. Sunday schcol 9:45 A. M. ! First meeting of the new Board cf Stewards, Monday 7 P. M. This is a very important meeting, full allcnuancc is urged. Prayer meeting Wednesday. Top: "Sermon en the Mount". Choir rehearsal Wednesday 8:15 P. U. bor and friend and take a part. S nn J C«~.._' T in Ihc singing, and other features r °° d &MSOnmg IS of the meetings, strangers in the city are especially inviud. The mid-week prajrer service: are proving to be times 'of re- fi-rshings from the presence of proijcri sctt: . OKc3 , the Lord. 'I no .pastor is giving Pvreriments hiv, Bible Reading at each of "these - jXl - cunlentb havi services.- Bring your Bible \Ved- nctday evening anil lake part.'' Fattening to Pigs OMAHA, Neb. (UP)—Pigs, like human beings, prefer their food PILGRIM LimiL'KAN CiiUKCIl •i'.ide. (IUEETEI) BY Bhe held court, in hospitable, old-fashioned manner, in her. private rooms where returns .were announced, Kreetiii;? hundreds of clownser' nsishhors and-- fricmfe and all her many grandchildren and their families and friourls She called each by his or her iirstj name, and genllv countered nil I consratulations^j'with. ,"It- is too enrlj- yet to be' certain!" She looked the dov.-ager-mothcr reonified, a conmintidingr. tall. brond-shoiiKlerecl woman, with her white liair '.obviously not coiffcd specially for the occasion, and wearing a black ber.dcd georgette nnd satin evening gown that haii H. J. Kleiiidicnsf. Pastor Sunday school, 9-a. mi ; Divine Worship. !0 a. -m",. ! . Thcnic: "Tiircc Parables' Christ." . Friday evening. 7:30 p. m. Sun day-school teachers' meeting at the School; 8 p. . class. LAKE STRKIiT METHODIST CHURCH - • W. J. fyeRoy, Pastor ' Sunday school, 9:45'a. m. Church, 10:50 a. m. ic "Honest Confession." Hl-Lcague, 6 p. m. •Senior league. G:45 p. m. . Preaching Iserviccs, 7:15 p. in. Sermon topic' "The Common Pco- periments have shown lhat swine fed 2V- pounds "of cait iu every loo pounds of ground feca showed a 35 per cent incrcaw in weight gains over pigs noc tn favored. MATERNITY AND AROPTIONS— Seclusion £or Unfortunato B'rls. EKjiense reduced by workinj. Ad(irESs: Fainnount Hospka), 490s East ,27th., Kansas City, 'Missouri. Let's make the first Sunday of the new; -conference jjear a big | clay.' -Bring your family, invite of | your' friends, strangers arid visitors. All 'arc welcomed. j Traffic Police to '•B'leEsei!-'an : they that'htm- thoj Obey Speed wortfof Gc^d 'and ikeei> it." Luke'l •"• _. - ' 11:28. seen many ev.?.nlnss white long jiovrs tint linti keen cleaned ninny timcs. Her only concession to the evening was a spray of -lavender orchids, which "Frank sent." • CI1H)RS GALLANTRY WINDSOR. Out. (UP)—Speeders in Wlnrtsor. will be given an evon chance - against arrest by police •("cruisers" as the result of « rc- ! iwrtport 'of the Windsor police • corinnission. As the n^siill of an F1KST CHRISTIAN CHURCH E. K. Uitimcr, Minister Church jchcol. 0:45 aPiii, Holy Coiiimiiiiion, 11 a. m. Vesper services, 6 p. m. There ' auto' accident in which one of th., will be no sjrvica at the morning • cruisers was batily damaged, the "• h «*• commission has issued orders that 'police shall observe :the sp?ed Charges of reckless drving against Alex. Shayko whose car v.-as in the mix-up with the police hour but (lie pastor will preach at the Vi:-;,per services. Marsh M. Callaway, Minister Tlie worship program of the TOO IATE TO CLASSIFY The onlv way she betrayed the Ee r V "i C( , .Sunday School will besin at 9:45 [ car, were withdrawn, a. m. A : class that fits the needs of nnyone aticnding the school is offered. J. Nick. Thomas is Superintendent. At ifhc eleven o'clock worship n the project'which .Is expected i ( [ wen: .sitting around ' n davcillov;a club swn|.;•!>]'.; guesses .0 be state «ide.' Mrs, Nclll liced .read "Novrmbtr i an d innkhi" ly>ts Eleventh" nn article from Ihe iin-j Every', iprl cf fre.ik btt had b- n ;lonnl bulletin. . A nocm "TI-.v Un-. r.flcrcd and taken v.hc-n s:-'i.i'i-iv knov.n Soldier" was rca<i ty Mvs.| cnn o[ the circle, n MTO- -|.".'; C. E. Crlgecr, chapiam. Mrs. i rtour-fuccd, sa:l-lookin' iiidiv ; dr 1 Howard Proclor led the la pros-1 raised his voice Icr (he fir-,l tin ' eiu in n sslute to the fhir. Th? [ "it doesn't make much <rflc-- ;cngs "Lest We Forget" and "The I C ncc who's election." ho saul "I h'r.[l of Ihe Day" were sun;,- by] don't see ony iiope either way' Mrs. George M. Lee. >!rs. Hiissell I "In fact. I'll t?!i y-n «ha- 111 Farr and Mrs. Paul L. Tinlon. Ic'.o. I'll bet you r-.-ii tno-ifv i-^u least excitement was in the various sallies shei made _ froni her npArtuii'iit to see , friends. She dod?cd in nnd out uf her npart- meiH all evening. She looked up Th-aclore Rooicvclt's sister, Mrs. Robinscn..far down HID corridor in another party, nnri .Mrs. Dora Forbes, her own sstier, who sat through t!:p evening in a front scat in the 'bintiuc-t "room where returns V;CIT auno'.mced every tow' second-.. While in this room. Mrs. sat clown In listen lo a program icf Italian songs by Metropolitan opera singers. CEpeciiHy nrrnnscd for her because of her love of Italian music Slopped in Iho corridor by John I'arlcy. brother cf James Farley, she chiocd him when he kir-sed her hand by savins. "Vou must .have just come ov,v from the other- side. Us much more American to shake hands." Ar.:l \ she took Ihc hand-kissing wiih no more grace the average elc'.-:vly American woman takes it. half-shaking his hand as he kissed hers. GK.'U'IOL'S TO A7,7, Two little Wcst'.nn Onion iToys p:ishcd throus;li the crowd to for ; Ki,r aiuogiavh. She envc it. npo!o(lmr:s mi the side lo them by Fayin:;. "I n-on't 1)0 proud of that sir.ntauro. for I can't wrilo in glovr."> and I c^n'l write stnndinj up this way. just hcldinr; the pa- out of the city for the past two Sundays, will preach using as his theme 1 , "In (he Face of Deafh." The evening worship will be at 7:30 p. m. 'The subject will be "minnows." Christian endeavor will hold vesper services at 6:30 p. m. i r.ot a bank in the the dav open fouv mcmhs fi the new prcildi-ni i., A paper on membership was given by - Mrs. Edsar llorum, membership chairman, who announced that cf th.2 50 paid members Mrs. W. J. Pollard antl Mri. Floyd White each obtained;h mcmtcrshlps lo bo,-mvu; '-wise". . The drive will continue j men I and dar.h.-rt In: until ihc December meclin-j in nn | The inaugural <:.v. aiiRiirattd whether l!oovf: o: HooseiTHVi elected.' There \v;re pirn 1 .,- c,f iai : .-. 5 Then roir.eriir llu,-nj;i ' n ' ' m;> t f-a!- ndsi. l"l :i!: 31M:Ci. per. She 'wrote her y-. rinhl STKAYED — Brown horso mule, blind in right eye. Five dollar reward. D. O. Warringlou, Gosncll. IZpklS Tlie Popular New "Swirl" : PERMANEiNT Fully Guaranteed ELAINE BEAUTY SHOP Phone 43 Pasteurized Itiiik 74 lOc Qt. Delivered Bulgarian HutterniilU 15c Qt. Go to Church Sunday cffut lo obtain the qim:a of 01. it wni dtscovci-.-tl. A prize will bo p.ivui the Individ- j and four months usl winner. Mrs. Pollnrri gnvo a message from the national presi- (ienl "The Meaning of r. Membership in the Auxiliary". Itccils Give Cup The loving cup lo be would be July •.>-.-; Mnri-i, h-oin xiai'di -i Cnrn Measures Ov<r 11 iwi IOWA CITY. Iowa HJl'i.-Fran! has answered tiip 'n^ under I'nosc ot .'nek Dfinnit-y. Sally Sweet, nnd dene Timnoy. No io:|i:cst was ton insinn for her to comply wiih. She posrd nsaln nnd arain for photographers, looking at returns with her i;ranrt-tlau[:htci', Mr?. Jamcsj Rooscvcll who lcoko:l very youivi n\'.'~, very bhmc'^ in black crepe with " fiSvev .srq-.unncd shoulder ca\:o, and with this pcT>oti anri that shaking liniiih. ^milinr; an:! I talking. "Of course I wo't P,O to Washington with Franklin." she sain, in i spirited manner, about midnight iwhcnlshr conrrird t';at "I'm no', the Prcsid:-:it'.s mother yd but it does appear I will be. if I live FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH W.llnnt an.l HiRlilli Strci-ts Alfrerl S. ILirwrll. I'nstnr Pastor's Fiihjrct al 11 a.m.: "The Bride of Christ." And at 7:30 "p. m. "Good-by God." Sunday school n:-lS a. m. Alvin Holiej-. Siiwiinccnctcnt. i B. Y. P. U. 0:15 p. in. Miss Luna WilKrlm. Director. Orchestra :mi.-,ic fifteen min- I ulcs prccedinr; evening worship.; Evorr-lt MrDo'.vell. Director. The W. M. S. m2ct s in circ'.r- 1 ; Monday 2:.'ie p. in. as follows: . Circle No. 1 will be announced I al mr.rniiiT service. ! Circle , N'o. 2 with Mrs. RolKrl, Gilmes, 205 F.ast Davis Street. I Circle No. 3 a' the church. Cirr'.? No. 4 with Mrs. K. L. Chambers. 10.78 West Walnut, Street. | Mrellii!: of tlir .-\V. M. U. exccn- i tivr' Hoard wllh Mrs. E. F. Bio- | mcy;T. IfilG Hearn Strict. Friday. 2:30 p. m, Siimby school officers nnd tracric.-s Wcdiifsday 7 p. .m. U. W. Mullins. av!ociatc Snpcrititenrlrnt, in chance. Mid-v.?ck mrvice Wctln-sday IM p. m. Leader announced today. Choir Wednesday -S:M p. 11!. M-s. P.uil L. Tip'.on. Leari- cr. Mrs. Miirry Smart at the or- •V.'e i:rcc nnnffiHat:cl Bantlsts to join o'.ir church, mul others to v oi' hip wiih n<. CHIKCH OF Till: Socontl •'"'•a Vine K, S. Rushinjr. raster Simciay schc;l, S :« A. M. M. Y.'p. S.. G:30 P. M. Mcvniin sermon. 11 o'clock. Ev-ninj evangelistic service, 7:30 o'clock. state department by Mayor antl tal corn slnte. He matched n Mis- For dependable cleaning of you? winter garments or sheer evening gowns you can always rely on our master craftsmen. Phone 327 for a White Truck lytheville Laundry

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