The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1932
Page 1
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Served by the United Press M™EYILJLECQIJMER NEWS VOL. XXIX—NO. 204 Blyllievllle Dally News. Jilvdi.iville Courier. ^ AUKANSAS SATUUDA V. NOVKMIJKK |2. Tiffi IGHWAYS Bank Messengers at Little Rock Robbed ^MTTLE ROCK, NOV. 12 (ur>>- J'our men lu a large sedan bearing an Illinois license slugged kld- • napKl. and robbed tivo tank mrs- i stnse:s of more than $4.000 In the : down town section of Little Rock today. The messengers, Billy Hicks, 25, id Henry Perry, 55. npi-ro, were i T . . ., i -iroiitc from the federal ,'reserve intoxicatin<j Beverage; tonk to the peoples Trust com- 1 pany with the money when they wfw forced Into the .^automobile !>.!"! slushed. Later they w<rre relatwil In residential section. i The car., a Pierce Arrow sedan, bore (he license number Illinois 53117. , ! Just What Constitutes an Intoxicating Be Will Be Question. EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first of a series of sis stories dealing; with the present movement for the returr of beer, a movement intensified by the recent ! elections. j BY WILLIS THORNTON NEA Service Writer (Copyright, 1932, NEA Service, Inc.) The speaker's gavel which falls on Dec. 5 to open Congress will te a himg-starter.. But I'.ow great. a flow of what kind of bocr can issue from that bun3 in dry United States is a bift question. This last "Lame Duck" Congress will assemble with an unmistakable cry from the entire counlry rlnginj in its ears and demand- in? that something be done about prohibition. Something will be dene. Just what, is tea certain that some enthusiasts believe. They think it is all over but the shouting. Tho first move will be for. legal beer, immediately, before the 18th amendment is touched. Assume, that by adding together the wets and such former drys as accept the "mandate of the people," such ILfllfllL a bill can be passed, it be 1 What will •If the beer provided is really intoxicating in fact, it clearly violates the Constitution, and the courts will have* no choice but to .throw it out. If it is really non- will satisfy the /Jnta-,...-, TTursty?, :• <-"£ta££. h r'-'C' r Jjct'.vDcr.. . sub-zero near-beer new permitted, and a beer , with im. unquestioned kick, I|ts a compromise. A compromise 'tfiat will make' the brew palatable with maybe 'just the least bit of a lift to it, and yet not intoxicating beyond jhy reasonable doubt. In the range between 2.75 per cent and 4 pjbr cent lies that compromise, K; beer that the thirsty would be glad to 'get, and yet which leaves enough doubt as to its intoxicfrtlng properties to gel trfe benefit of court approval and avoid a possible veto by President Ifpbver, who is at'heart a dry. Arid How Soon? Any alcoholic content up to per cent is debatable, with equally reputable authority on both sides. Much of the light laser beer sold before the war was cnly arouno. 3 per cent, and nearly; all beer was under 4 per cent. The O'Connor-Hull bill, defeated 228 to 169 lost session, bill certain to come up early in this uie, provided 2.75 per cent by weight, a 3 cents a pint ta-f, and sale in bottles only. Between the extreme wets, fighting for the limit at 4 per cent, and the drys, such a compromise seems likely. But suppose such a bill" i: . passed? Can you get jour besr immediately? - Maybe. Hns yom Vate a prohibition enforcement act like the Volstead act, prohibiting drinks of more than 1-2 of 1 per cent alcohol? The chances arc two to one it has, for only 15 states nre at this moment legally prepared to receive beer even II Congress legalizes It. Before tlu Past election there were six: Maryland. New York, Massachusetts Heiada, Montana, Wisconsin. Nine nntcs repenled their enforcement J=ws in the last election: Michigan. Louisiana, Washington. New Jcr- 1 C ' V> * CaI " or "la. Oregon. Arizona. N"th Dakota, Colorado. makes 14 slates which nave repealed enforcement ncU since national prohibition (Mary- ir.nci never had any), and makes than 40,ooo,QOO people lo receive whatever Con- press offers them. But in 20 other Mates even If the national law is lepsalcd, the state law remains. Furicus fights are certain In the legislatures of many of these states to repeal state tows and get them In shape to profit by any national modification. The A. F of L. and the Crusaders for 'the wets, and the W. c. T. U and Anti-Saloon League for the drys "re already active here What of the Slates? Bear in mind that so far as Congress has power to legalize beer at all, It must do It on the theory that It is non-lntoxlcaling. That brings up tha next problem If Congress declares 4 per cent beer non-intoxicating, it Is possible that practically an the state .'aws (which set a 1-2 of I per cent limit) will become unconstitutional, being in conflict with n law of Congress. And then all (Continued on Page 3) on u stream near his home at he Just a part of John Death Li'st at Santa Cruz f " cn "' Bm ia °" isoa Del Sur Mav Reach 2,000: JVIany Injured, j CAMAGUAY. \Cuba. ..„, ,„. <UP)-The last nilfful contingent I of the 1.500 refugees from the i stricken town of Santa Cruz del' Sur, wiped off tneimnp by a tidal wave In Wednesday's hurricane, was distributed among the emergency hospitals here early today Most of them/were injured. Estimates of the dead in the 1 ' Too > On G "'' HOME EDITION J5INGI.E COPIES FIVE GI5NT8' N. Garncr-H .success ni election day was the siring of 10 are holding, while U,, nni! 0!l v ,a:; cteclliij him Mce president tinnier c, T3X. 11, voted early in I he day nnd did net rclurn mull made ..Vs 25-i:oiincl cntch. of Camaguey province) WASHINGTON. Nov. 12 Santa Clara province. Italy ' Poland ""^ Czecho- obliterated I own ranged from '••"'••nlahlv conservative 1.000 to as high as 2.000. In addition many more dead were reported from other parts and from _^ t The reports were jstilF far" from' complete. An offlelnl telegram to President Machado from the secretary of public (works. who.. Is directing '.cite/ In 1 Santa Cruz estimated probably 1.000 dead and 700 injured. • '•' The .last survivors numbering about 500 arrived In a train of te ncoaches shortly before midnight. As they disembarked man; were limping and others jweri bandaged. One died en route. All were under clad. Barefooted women were wrapped .in sheets and towels. Many- were sobbing and all their face.s reflected grief. Groups of survivors who had arrived on three earlier trains searched vainlv mid in- lears for missing relatives will never appear. DEBTS CUT Will Join Great Britain and France In Appeals for New (Settlements. who CAYMAN ISLANDS HIT FORT LAUDERDALE. Fla.. Nov 12 (UP)-The city of Cavmabrach In the Little Cayman islands. 100 miles south of Cuba, was devasted by the tropical hurricane which later struck Cuba, it was revealed tociay In a radio message inter- C2ptcd by the const guard station here. Tile message revealed that more than 60 persons were killed, hundreds injured and all govenuncnr buildings destroyed. The message carried an urgent appeal for assistance. Six-Inch Snow Hampers Cape Girardeau Traffic CAPE GIRARDEAU. Mo-The heaviest November snow ' in 140 irs ftnick Cane Girardeau late Thursday, continued inlo the night and for hours hampered traffic on streets .and highways and causing at Ic/ast one accident. Six inches of snow were recorded Starting with a cold rain 'shortly after noon Thursday, n storm brought snow- at 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon and \until late at night a heavv veil of tha while flakes filled the air. T>;r> snow also ivas the heaviest in Cape Gtrardcan during the past two years, there being little snow last year. Reports indicated the storm ;was g^eral over the district. Motor bu s drivers said that a heavy snow fell all the way between here and St./Lo-.iis. Other reports said that the snow fell as far south of Piixfco. and there was a light -snow.nt Benton, Blodgctt Sikeston and Charleston WEATHER ARKANSAS - Fair, continued cold, frost and freezing tonight. Last night was the flrst freez- ng weather of the winter with the minimum temperature 27 degrees. The maximum tcmpera- i^ *» .«.« «* * sw Today year e minimum temperature was 5S de- firccs and the maximum, 79 degrees, clear. Roosevelt Rests While Recovering From Cold ALBANY. N. Y., Nov. 12 (UP) — President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt remained in seclusion of the executive mansion today, rapidly recovering from n. sllfhl cold. Household nttcivhms said a Irmiiciiitiiri? u.'u'cii accompanied Mr. Roosevelt's condition ycsler- clny was spcfrtily diminishing. "He Is seeing no one," ihey said, "and is di'tcnnlnort ( 0 ean-y out his three day res!." PLEDGES! FOOTBALL EFFORT Final 1. PHiu-.loii 7. lk-rin 12, Chicago 0. Sc'>s Duty lo Conncrnlp W , - ... ...... J "*-i i»m in UtiJMlLll tm Opponents for Na- "" n '" !(l "• Holy CrtKs- 0. Thin! (jinirlor Chin Kt.iic (i. I'enn. .0. Ciilumui'*, c, HVOWH o. l-'ordliiini 7. N. Y. U. 0. Nnvy-aii, Maryland 0. Cornell 21. Uiiiduoulh U. Army E, North l);iknln 0. KEISER 1TK Re covery. 11OOV- A1SOAUU I'HKSIDKNT Klt'H TliAlN, Nov. f'i ..„..._ ,„. Ilii' mmilnliiE f om - m iiull,s of |,|. ; l li'rtu in (lie Wlillti Home Prrsl- dcnl I louver will Inlwr on mi "i n- iion-imillsnn basis" for cc- niioiiili; ivrovery of the iiiillon lie rloelnrcil indiiy tliirlnir n brief ?to» »t CiUMidiilc. Ciil., fn route '•Furllinmoi'c. It Is nur (duly after Ihe fniirth of Mnvrti lo <•«- oiiei ale v.-llh our opimuctils In every -wiinil uiTOSiu-,: ifdr (he ve.stor- atlmi of |iios|M'rlly," Ihe presldm! i.ald. "The functioning of o«r gnv- rninidit Us [Impendent njvm strum; two jmrly orgnlziillnii. It is only Ilirouiih ii.nrly orKnnlvnllon tluil public questions cnn be imipi'Hv 'considered nnd determined." 'The political nmnniileii [s over." i Second (purler I Auljurn 1-1, l-'liirldn 0. Mississippi M, Buwnnce 0. Iowa 0. Purdue 0. Vinulniuili 0, Tenn. 0. Residents : volved in Half a Dozen AccitJenls Last NichV ' ' -- "• ••'•-.'!l! ,.„ , p. , 'loWll S P ri , 1 A I , r ,' 1 I, i-!otcl. Alniosl LiAlircly ' Demolished. « injured ln R ft? * r ' MJof " C(:tt " !llt ' '" "ml clulnied four llvw In sns -nncl im w ,unl number In, Icnncswc and Mississippi, apd re- si. itrcl in serloiiH Injury ton num- Iwr of others. Two highwny accidents In which j local ucoiilB ^(iKiircd caused death? ,nud Joc> Nnljers. DlythcvlU" i-ro-' ! f',' r ' "' ns wlously Injured when cnr cmsl w«l Inlo n ;frcteht 6! crosilng ' b 08CKO.A ,2 ,UP,I*" c)|:nl hotel, bullied beyond repair tost nlijht. The two upper ulcr- Ihe presliii-ni told ills listeners'.''''''! | the "irou'nT lioir raimlm!' "" nm mnklng an early return to' The Imi, owned by Mis. Abucr Wftsliliistoii In upeclnl conc.i-rn' Driver, caught, frcm n ilefcctive thnt lli[>;moiisiirc.5 tinil Insliumcn-iiiue on the second tlcor of the tallies we linfc In motion on nn|l)ultilliiii. When the tiro wns — """"•" »<-• "«re in motion on nil (building, when the tiro wns dls- KillnmiK Imi-,1,00. ''" ', ' """ "" r "™ 1 lmls "hull | covered It had snrcnd under lup _ IS-lUOW'h Imposes I continue lo finicllon vii-ormwly comjKslllon roof nnd between sheet rack pnvtUlmis nnd the wlink: up- jifr jiiirt uf Die building, ivlilch <) iho iKillon who hud r,n])iwnod j ivua n Irinno slnicture, win; nmouUl- Maximum Ppmltv fm- nnrl "'"l' 1 """^ their .'iilniosl," nidxiimiin i enaii) tot Ml , , roov . ri . tlmnhc , t „„, V( , lcrs Assaull Attempt. Jrasle nollley, neijrr. OFS1JTE1EET County Will.Be Well Represented at Grand Cheiclcr Sessions. OSCEOLA, Arkl-Tliree fratcr- | lough on the nnnl day of the two 1 weeks lerm of criminal court here yesterday. . .. The sentence given the ncsro. \vho admitted an nttcmnlcd cilm- Inal last summer, was the longest i V" mclcd out nt the term of court.'''""' It fa the maximum for the offense. Judge Klllough told the negro lie was sorry that he was] (UP)— Slovakia were expected today to join Great Britain and France shortly in a campaign for relief from war debts due the United States. A French note regarding the debt was delivered to Secretary of State Stimson last night. The British note arrived & day enrllcr. it was learned today that the state department plnns to make uublic texts of. the French and British notes in inornlni; uews- pnjwrs next Monday. President Kcover is scheduled lo reach Washington at 10 A. M, Tuesday on his return from the west coast. While both Britain and France want n readjustment of Iheir whole funding agreements with this 1 , ccuntr.v it was not known whether their notes advanced definlie proposals along this line. Oltic- _ ials intimated the notes probably' fi,'k mnrninir io ,, , „ ' > M, , asked pK'ponement uf J i c LT' the nn " 1 <LP' ! " ld k^ n, 0 '" yC;lr f ° r ass31lU lo 000 due December 15 . pcudi'i- ro- '. s,l ' ,v,> ';, ° f Ellstcr " ' °" nr ' CS Wlllct! ' Ul ™ Vcnrs considern;iou cf the entire debt £„„ ""'™IP.S Monday. Mrs. ; for assault to bin , m[ , i fem ,. s(!y wjSM-jsv!=SreStsrsHiS ™ ~ " ~ him In Ibc election nncl iidrtcil: Ion mil 1 ] trine. a islffiiild not. he dl<- 1 Tiircc times llremen thought they , . . - cnccd lo ai years in the r.tuli! ' co -' ni ' : " '»' 'Went. Unther llicv hud Ihc Itec out, but It would I penitentiary by Jud^e Neil Itll- • sllc " M : ; l^"<stliPn nil forms of break out. from n now place no n """"••"' "'-' .............. ' natlo duct ncltoii.' isl. stale, countv, and nrc-i tirnft cf all' reached the trapped _organizations for milllnnt!flumes. Eiglilccu icgulnr nnd vol- Kill VUtt Dam oii"ii ''wh"iic'"Blr! "here} E[ ; PASO ' Texas..NOV...U uulcer firemen fought Iho Iron) ll:yo P. M., when the nlarm of a f> wns held ja» on . ....... ... in the death of Mrs. Marie Ul- nch. Memphis woman. Hornce Wiiipole, local electrician, who was driving Immediately behind the bit; truck when II .hit (he wo- mnn notlflM officeis nfttu- fnllln? hi an effort to stop the truck.and officers flnnlly succeeded In get- ling the truck rtopp^J. It was rc- rorfen that Gordon, who was driving fov James Sanders, had been drinking'. Sanders said ho was asleep and unaware of the nccl- ilfiil. The woman wns out'of her car Invesllunllns a puncture when she wns hit. ... Cecil MUler, .17, son (of Albert Miller of Kelser wjs killed when a truck on which Mllto was rldlm:. on the fender, I and g fc ITmvor \vlll visit llonvrr In Nrvndii o|i his return unable under the law to Inflict Tllc l :miltl| :ntlnl : an even licnvler piinislitncnC. ..r-wltch to Um Union I'a . . Besides Cottley plevcn others In- ""'• Cnl " nntl Proceed to I.ns ' trip to Washington, Southern PacIfii: rnllrnad olTlclnls here ndvised lo<lnv. sppclnl I'ncinc nl col- will well [attended by Mississippi county members. Mrs. E. R. Bogan of Luxora left. eluding four ne, to the stnte | Rock tomorro 1 if court. The 'ic:rnes " «•!!! te MCCnt Vrsns, railroad officials snld. The expected ta nre: lirnesl Caltl- well, 15 years for murder; Sidney a new settlement until the Roosevelt administration is established In office. It was predicted in Atknnsas district. ng the list of while men sentenced Is J. li. Richardson, five Aff ending Mils mrt-liti!! nisT will! Jcnrs fcr robbery. Others _ j be Mrs. A. S. Rogers, worthy ma- ' tlomcr Bratton. three miormed circles that President-! a - "°»ers. worthy ma- . ,' "'"""". inree ycnrs for elect Rcwevelt would te Evkcd for i trcn of tlle Osceola Clmnlcr. Mr. I ™ r e[ary and grand larceny; Eulis his rcnclioii to the French and British notes. New | Rogers, i.worlhv patron. Mrs. Mona '• Bracl) . °»^ year for burglary, tfola ' Moore, nssorin!-, ir.ntrnn. Mr-; E n ! c>nrk - °("> yenr for cmbmlo Smlth and Mrs. J. T. Fowler i'nenl; Elmer Bailey, one year for -'. B. Dimn. wim is senior grand > scl!ln ? lifliior, Fred Bethel, eight NEW YORK. Nov. 12 (UP) — CoUon closed bnrcly steady. Dec Jan March May July Oct open high low close 050 6S1 G60 671 GS1 095 d at C55 G50 071 681 G90 705 G-ll 648 C57 668 678 692 611 648 657' 658 678 692 . , of thn Arknnsr-s Chai>ler montlls r °r assault to kill of Free and Accepted Masons nnd who nlso holds the office of. district deputy grand high pv">sf, I nf the n-ler -f Roval Arch Ma- | sons, will attend conventions of both the."* orders, the Masonic Si'nnd lod?e conveninr on Tue.sdnv ond the RovnT Arch" Cliapl^r on ' Tt"ir«,|f, v i 0 f ncx ^ wco |j : Benny Weed, « Jfc year for larceny. and i "' ""• r>--eoin lTdw. A. S. R07- >,!>,•: rrs ' W. R. Allen, n. n. Mnn-? --- i Claude Thomns-n. Virgil Orcrn . NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 12 (UP)— a] " 1 °' n - . Cotton closed barely stendv. | Seeks New Sea to Sea SpeedJVfark ! COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 12 (UP) I Co! Roscoo Turner broneht 1 ;lnv (ho nshlngtcn nrrlval 12 to 24 hours. In Rcnublican Apparently Has Won Colorado Seat DENVER. Col.. Nov. 12 (UP) — Republican control of Ihe scnnk' nt (he forthcoming short session of congress wns Indlrntrd loclnv by United Press returns from Colorado's vacancy scnn(ershl]> contest, (lie outcome of v.-hlch will break n tie between Republicans nnd Victory for Karl Srlmvlcr, Denver RepuWlf.-iti. W.-iller Wnllt- cr. Grnud Junction iJcmccrnt, was forecast in ccnij)letD rr-cliccked re- luriir. from every proclncl in thr slate which Rave Scliuyler a. lead of CM voles. Thf count was Rfhuylrr. Rcpub- '• 201.3M. I 202. CCS : Walkrr. Deinoccnt Arch diap'crs !n Ihls brought, his speedy plni-c .'down tore nt Dec Jan March May- July Oct open high low close ; ftWHrt. Blvtheville. Oscnola.-Parn- ?, :22 p ' m - on his' sprint against C-H G48 059 669 G79 604 6 GO 670 DID COO 704 637 845 653 662 617 G92 G3B | ™«ld -tonesboro, G45 and Harrlrtiun;. are" nil lurnlin 653 i '" reports nnd bonding deleTalcs C05 I"*" '•'"• "rnnd c'lanler Convention G77 ] and their combined r?norts show iJH.'l'aril- *, ., , — " .,,,....(, tig , I?"lor v nr ?. from L °s Angeles to Vork. New A tire on the plane blew out as ne rolled across the field. Field „.. i ^.. ...,^,, 0 .~,, U w i . mndeilinste to change the — G02 [ f sufcslaniw, increase In in(-inl>-> r - , , n ." d rcfllcl l"c cyift for n. Spots closed at 643. up 3. steady.! ship over last year, according lo *" off Mr. ,Btmn. ! Chic(lfJO Wheat Tho dc!c ^ ! ^ and the chapters oecembe, (UP) _ 45 2, Stock Prices A - T. and T ........... 112 1-4: Pa,,] J. W. Hamilton "f Pi«Ht; R. _ Harvey FarreU'of Parngonlri; Quill TO' - O and c. A. Co 1 ^ of Jonrsboro; J. E. Vanblbbcr nnd R. H. Holme 1 * ! of Harrlsburg: Geo Dnrhnm 'and ; and return. Anaconda Copper . , supply. r h ° pc " ln broak ' Jlm i Bogan and i' ola. ' of Blvlhevillei E. R. „„, ,,' ,' " upc " tn broak ' Jlmmv J. B. Bunn of Osc e -|""J^"!, c ?! lc "l.. (l :«'«-«>n'taenlal Caterpillar Tractor 91-4 Chrysler 17 cities Service 3 3.4 Coca Cola 91 1-2 Continental Baking 5 General Electric 18 1-8 General Motors 15 1-41 POONA. British India. Nov. 12 Mlridlev,est Utilities .... 7-15 (UP)-The Mahatmn Gandhi an- Gandhi (Threatens to Resume Hunger Strike Montgomery Ward New Ycrk Central 14 1-8 26 1-4 Packard 3 Radio Corp g 7.3 Simmons Beds 91-2 Standard of N. J. 32 7-8 Texas Corp ............ 15 U. E>. Steel .is 1.4 nounced today he would resume hts (fast January 1 tf Tournvayur temple Is not owned to Hindus of the "untouchable" castes. record of 10 hours and 10 minutes. Tills record was established last summer during the national nlr races. (Turner finished the Den- dlx race In second place. E. K. Latimer HoWs Meelingfj at Osceola ^ 24 Killer! in British Coal Shalt Explosion WIGAN. England. Nov. 12 (UP) —An explosion in the Gnvswood Hall colliery at AMilon MakerHcld near here, killed 24 miners todny. Four were mL'sliic, ihrce serlous- .'V Inlurcrl. nnd (lircc slightly injured. |I?esci!crs brought out 72 uninjured. The Gnr.swood colliery is onl three miles from the mine in which 19 'were killed In n pit caec crash l.v. mo:i!li. It Is fo'.ir miles from Ashtnn Mnkcrfleld. whose traffic police were sent to control hundreds /of weeping relatives of thp miners M'ho clamor- od nt (he pit liend In (ho grey dawn. wns flint, turned In, until lids o'clnclc si: • which 0. H, Bro»doj*l'<Bd M Thrcn Gcperhtc strings Ot three- Inch tiro IKBC plnycd over the building constantly during Ihl.i lime. W. W. i'rewltt, chief of the file dcnnrtmcnt, said It wns one of the hardest fires to control that C.iceoln lins had In years. Only n few guests were In the hotel for Die night. None 03 injured and nil were able lo save their personal .eliects. In spL',i of (ho hniuKvny the fire, had go'.ten befcre It was discovered, prac- licnlly nil . (he furnishings were colten out a tho building. Mnny of them 'are water soaked imti Mr.?, nrlvcr snld this morning shr would l« minWc lo estimate tlu totnl dnnia^-o until the hotel furnishings equipment had been checked. The Inn wns located on Enst Hale nvcnue and was built by the Abner Driver fcr u tourist Gir] Bank Employe Foils Armed Bandits The E. K. Latlmcr. pastor the First. Christian church. Is rrn,,. T jr i i "' "'" * "• 3U ^iiiiautlll Lllurcil, IS The Indian holy man revealed | conducting an cvanRcllsllc meet- Ills Intention to y United nt the First ChrMlan church In hi' i » i, In Gandhis jail cell. . C through next. Wednesday. collltmlc HOYI.TO>f. III.. Nev. 12 A 21-year-old woman assistant bank cashier frustrated tha attempted rcbbcry of the Hoylton Slitc p.nd Savings bank here 'o- dav. Two bandiu with drawn revolvers entered the bank, leveled their «uns nnd fired nl Miss Corinne Bcckmeyer. The girl was saved >y bullet proof glass as she rushed to the rear of the bank and sounded a burglar nlarm. The bullet proof glass of the cage >ras flmlterrd but (he bullets did not penetrate It. The bandits linncd nnd fled us the alarm sounded. hotel In 1020. At that time the slruclure cost approximately S30,- «». Since the Brail Hotel burne-1 scvernl ycnrs ngo, the Inn lia, been Hip lawn's urinclinl hat;l, nnl lli c only hotel ncccmmoil.i- llcn nvnllnble here now Is n sinai: lourlsl hold which occupies ths cecoiul floor of a business builn- iiit; at the Intersection of Hal venue mid HWi-.vny 01. The fact that there was very ll'.t'c wind saved from dang;r Mrs. Driver's two slory home nd- Jacent. to the hotel, and o:hi! rii-.-pcrty, including both residence and business Inilldlii7s near Inn. Karl Roberts, son of Mr. mid Mrs. Jimmie Itcberts, who ' ncross the street from the 'i,,, discovered the fire when he returned home nt I!:30 o'clock ;u,: turned in the alarm. At thnt lime the bh?.e wns streaming along (he front of tho sec; s'ory, ho snld. Tourists Hurt In Road Accident Near Holland Members cf a Mount Kisco, Ne« Vor* family nnd Mrs. J. j. Ken- ::criy of Delhi. La., were itijiircc when their car turned over 01 Highway Gl new Holland, Mo this morning. They were rushed to the- Bly- Ihevllle hospital where their Injuries were reported nat lo t( serious. Mrs. Kennedy iufTered severe cuts while her granddaughter, Mary Lee Sims. 14, was severely shaken «P but not otherwise hurt. Mr and Mrs. John £l:ns, the girl's pnrcnts. received miner cuts and their baby boy was nlso bruised. The party was en route from ew York to Mrs. Kennedy's horn' ihe car Into a rut on tfcc dirt shoulder when the driver pulled over lo et anoiher car pass and the accident occurted when he attempted pull It back onto the con- c«; . . .. . f- BtytlwHIfl were, rirtlnj,-' ru»r ' ed li'.severe cut nlmul. Uife hea'd «iid" his hip .was .dislocated. He was : " broiiRht to the Blytheylto. - hospital. Broedon wns aLw'hurt. * .Tnmes -Porter, football player, and his brother, La- mar, 14, flons of R. L. Porter, were nlso hurt. They were riding in the truck, returning from a football Rnme at Lcpanto to Reiser, and hud picked up the Mll?er bov. They were taken to a Memphis hospital ' . Naben Badly Hart .. Nnbcrs suffered {serious nnd possibly critical Injuries wtvm hh car smashed Inlo a freight train qri a Cotton Delt crossing at tns . south (limits of this city. Nnbers' sustained a broken lc?, rib fractures nnd possible Internal injuries. He Is nt the Blythevllle hospital. i . . •••;" A short time nfter the Nnbers ;J. W. Martin, magistrate it Hlghtowtr. south of Blytheville, drove hts cnr (Into a ditch near the same crossing nnd was Mgei in Jnl! on a minor charge. He was . released this morning Ito appear In court Mondnj-. Officers have still to figure out what parties were in ,'a wrofk less limn a mile below the crossing Inter In the night. When they arrived at the place wh^ie two cars had crashed the officers found a number of men, some sober and others Intoxicated. They Iodgi3d Ocorge I Duncan, well known courfr.'-t frequenter, Brown Crews. Littler River farmer, and Joss " lnl\ on minor charges. Crews and'.'' a man, known oniv ns Moora from •>, Osccoli, were driving In . Crews.r; "ar. but Duncan denied being.'in the other car nnd Shaw ihid no-'x thing to say, according to re-.ports. • •-',.. The two rfars in the v;reck were •Inmapcd con-tdcrnbly. Pastor Ills Close Call ' E. K. Lallmer. rastor of the - SI Christian church,, had a narrow es- - 1 cape when a wheel'rolled off his car while traveltni at a hlsh rat3 ' nf spesd on Highway 61 near Lnxora about 9 o'clock last night. The whc.-l cme off of the left T strte rf tbe car and rolled 100 yards down the highway. The driver stopped his car without damage except to ths brake drum j on the left rear axle. Contractor Killed riKATTAN'OOOA. Tenn.. Nov. U (UP)—A Birmingham contractor v-'as killed and his two companions injured on the Chattanooya- ""r* Payne hlshway today whtn defective steering apparatus sent .heir autcmoblle against a culvort Tho body of Charles H. Scrugfs. f . moms coniractor, was found " "'c wifckiige of the machine... oft the concrete ,| s - O f Birmingham, received brok- ' h» rfl,» .i....u.. tn 1;?s . -,-. crete. TVvl hi Trt-Stal*i "' MEMPHIS, NOV.. 12 (UP) — A scries of accident* ' in the trl- (Contlmwd on pag* thr«t)

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