The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1934
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'{''•i Served 'by the^ United Press BETTHEVILLE COURIER1NEWS •— ...... IBM DOMUIANT NEWSPAPER. OP NOKTBKAtfr AHKAW84B AND SOIl'l-HB *m> uiuaniiBT "~"^ * * *—/ VOL. XXXI—NO! 228 BrrthertJle buiy New BlyWi*rito Oeurtar krt.-*.~j—i yaiiey - - ' - r ,^ ARKASAS. WRnNHSDAY. DECEMBER' 5, i HOME EDITION — \ —— . SINGLE COPIES PIVfi CENTS * I 1*1 I (Mrs. Virginia Wilken j" -,. 0. S. L MLOST PACIRC FLYERl Heads Arkansas E. LITTLE ROCK. Dec. .5. (UP) — Mm. Virginia Lee yVltel, of Hn- ; zeii; was elected worthy, tron ol' the Arkansas Order o! Urn !lUg il Points to Rale Reductions That Have Followed Tribunal's Inquiries BY TED H. MAI.OY United Press Staff Correspondent LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP)— Flute reductions effected by . the state'! Pact, Finding Tribunal : during the past year will save Arkansas electric consumers $400,000 annually, Chairman P. A. Lasley of the tribunal said today. Greatest benefit came from the approximate 10 percent decrease. made by the Arkansas power arid Light Company In more than 200 towns and cities. Value of this reduction lo consumers was estimated uy Lasley at $250,000 anniiaUy. • p •••«* ^tn,- was t-itticu wortny. gnina-ina- nil in ' r01 ' ol " le Arkansas Order o/ llir Ull I V Ea ^ leri1 stnr '-"day it U'c ctoslnt nil r/ll'^Ion of the fifty-ninth nnniiu' UII.I.U convention of the grand chapter. She succeeds Mrs. 'Louln W She succeeds Cormrell, of I'lne nhilf. nni««>!l nf m,, n nr,,n- i"'i«i mien MII: riu« was lixeei. caT^'o" ^le Rock, WM Damage Is Estimated at McX'''"' """""^ tcim "" mo " Ulllnd wnrl tm n^rtii/1 ,\.i>rnn i'n,,_ it* n r\ r\r*r\ n ^ named worthy grand patron, .succeeding Dr. L. E. Tucker, of Mo- nct'te. Telephones the Good News Fr9m Florida to Sam Breadon, Collect , ~~. c , „>, ,,o». u ™ „„ UJ . ST. LO'UIS, Dec. 5 (UP)-Jer- Latesl triumph of the tribunal ° me . .Herman (DI '-W »»«. ace as at Helena last week where re- ?" rle . r . 9?.* u >e St.. Louis, Cardinals, was at Helena last week where re- ; , Y .•«.*"'<•- UV..IA«U»_ ouiuumi*, ductlons of from 789 to 19.Go.pcr- telephoned President Sam Breadon cent were announced by the Arkan- J""". his. winter homa - at Bra(5(!n . Utilities Company after,a! pro- ton ' ^O- /otlay that 1935 terms „,} i !..._ r* -_...-., --..,-..._ were acceotablo. sas Utilities Company after,a. pro- ""' ""•• "•"»*• «"> longed hearing. Computed savings V™ a «eptable.-. from this action is $40,000 annual- . lhe cxact an >° unt he will- 10- ly for the towns of Helena, West ce "' e wa ? -'^ immediately known. Helena, Marianna, Marmaduke and , Dea ' 1 '^ sl se!l£0 ' 1 was reputed Paragould - '•• . to "^ WOO; his brother Paul, $3,500. After the season closed Dizzy rather: widely heralded that it would be $25,000 or nothing In 1935. Somewhere between $13,000 and $20,000 was believed a fair Buess. ' Breaden mnde the annouftcc- Arkansas General Utilities follow- !£ Cnl 'rT'"^ ""^ ***•"* ' hat ed the reductions of the Arkansas H 1 * v °' u ft e ^ an ph ° n . e ,'L h J m col ~ Power and Light company but the If' ,1° h £, < une of f 12 ' 85 w °*': 'tribunal made no investigation or Ot , £° c ubs . monev ', % Ea * : •—-:-• -•• - • • * The terms you left are per- , Paragould. ..., , Other es ti mated sav in gs arc :" Southwest Qas and Electric com^ pany— $40,000. Oklahoma Gas and Electric com- Power com- ,. Arkansas- Missouri pany— J20.000. recommendatlon.. It was, neverthel r p '„,, o'T^ r^V'''. "p^T less, indirectly credited-to the tri- '^L?'-vh» '? g ^ burial •- contract .right now and -mailing bunal. . Utilities Paid for Inquiries 'The reductions were made without a cent' of cost to the taxpayers,' Lasisyisaid 'The »2 tax p»r 11 <X»-or gross revenue taken in by" utilities paid (he bill Burden was not lifted bi the utilities to the consiim«K for rates elthei have wen lowered changed or remained im- Tiie tribunal spc'nt $70000 in effecting the $400000 savings Right now the bodj B tt ithout funds Chairman Lasle, held up ills own salary wmant last month until if ter all other employes R cre paid Expansion of the Investigations info gas distribution systems is e\ pected Requests have been made oy eight cities to revle* their =is rates • Warren Jlonticcllo Pmc BlufT Arkadelphia and prescott have protested against rates of the Arkansas Natural Gas company, Lasley sa d. Ashdown, El Dorado and Russellville have protested against rates of the public Utilities B i Arkansas an affiliate or the Arkansas Natural Gas company. Il-the gas investigations are made one of the first moves w m be to determine whether rates charged by pipeline companies to cities are justifiable, it was indicated. TiX would insure consideration of the entire distribution systems— from the welts lo the cities and from the city gates to th c burners of the consumers. - • • • Wants More Money At least $100,000 annually Is needed for the next three or four years to complete the investigations, "stay said, if the legislature provides this amount the supervision of thc utilities can be reduced to f>0,000 or $60,000 a. year once the rates ar« trimmed.' No recommendation vras made as to how to raise the additional rev' Ameiican Interests There .'Left to Mercy of Ger• man ^Government GENEVA, Dec. 5. <Up>-The Saar report, prepared for submission to an extraordinary meeting of the council-.of-this League of Nations today fails to protect the millions of dollars of United States Investment in the region, it was disclosed as the council convened. : The report to the council, by a special Saar committee or three" comprises Franco-German accords providing adequate means for repayment of French governmental and commercial holdings in the saar in the event the territory' chooses "reunion with Germany in the January 13 plebiscite. However, it leaves the United States and other foreign inves,- ments at the mercy o! the German transfer restrictions against which the United States 1 peatedly to Berlin. emic. moralise ofthTTaTon M- ,„??? rc ?° rt referring- 'o foreign "fes from $2 to 54 or $5 Jr SI MO lm<atmcn <s » the Saav merely pro- f<*s receipts would infurc ™ f"^ the council pass a^so- fund. "P 1 ". 1 - ">v lutioii recommending that repay Thr*ln lniii.,.1: —_!•''_ ': lH6ril, Of nrn/ilfi- ''rKnuM - «A^.II._. . Thrc ° 'nvcsligations are under ••«• w , s mpany at Mansfield and the citizens Light and Power company at Tnpknrmn'n ^^WK^MSfi , covering several Southwestern slates. Lasley has made overtures for a meeting of officials in the states to consider the investigation «nd favorable replies have been re ' a Leachville store, entered pleas ^^^ m ^^^Z^^^^^^^- ^r^ho c'an sign fif yo, ^h^^S Ssu^^' V4 ,5I -Got What I Wanted' BRADENTON. Pla. Dec. o <0P) —Dizzy Dean, St. Louis Cardinal star pitcher declined todaj to reveal on what terms he reached a salarj agieemenl with President Sam Breadon but said what I wanted HIE mm $30,000;, Company Will Rebuild for Next Season Fire of unknown" origin swept thc Blythevlllc Gin company's plant at Ihe norlli end of Second slrect, at ihe city limits, early this morning, destroying the gin pro, per and causing damage estimated In excess of $30,000. Oily firemen, called out at 4-45 o clock after the blaze had gained full headway, before H »„;, discovered, succeeding'In'confining the "re to the .gin and adjoining en . £lnc keeping ft from spreading to other buildings on thc Kin company's properly Including seed houses, cotton houses, the office and coal bins. Two fire tnicks were called to the scene. ' J. II. Honey, genera! manner of the company, to!d"the Co'urict News this morning that the gii> would he rebuilt. Re-construction of the rrtnnt. win .p ro bnhly not ™ s to ° id. pointing out rebuild in mer :, reud in time for this season. The gin will be ready for full operation by Z! einnuig season next fall, he said.' «.!f V 7" ° ne of B1 l""wllle's est known gins and did a lame voume of business, having been built in 1920. It had been kept in ecod condition. It was an elght- f, H , B !"M A sljmmi "-y inspection indicated Hint the boiler was not damaged by thc lire but presses a ™ oth ^ equipment were mined f T h . R ? ley ^ that ' th e burning FDR «1 IN S Chancellor Asked to Reverse "Action on Road District Securities OSCEOLA, Ark., Dec. S.-Hear- ng oil n motion to set aside nn order directing payment, at face >alue of two past due bonds of Liixora-Little River Improvement District No..One, now In receivership, is to be held- soon before Chancellor J. F..Gautney in chambers nt JonesboroV The motion to set aside the order was tiled on behalf of bontl- holders of ihe district at a recent adjourned day of the September term of chancery court here by G- B. Rose of Rose, Hemingway ™ Cantrell, Little Rock law firm. The order had been granted ank Barbara, Osceola attorney about 30. days ago. It directed c] Sullengcr, receiver Jor the dls- c lo pay off two certain past bonds, 100 cents on the dolla In effect, it is claimed, this gav Twins Arrive for Third Time in as Many Years Hun v, ".>'"'•'„"" l " u "-' li "» i'»M STEEIjE, Mo.—Mr. and Mrs. Os- In ?? • cenl ? on tlle doll nr. car Boonc, formerly of here and -j ••"- ~utui, uiuci. " "ic uutigutl.1 01 ftir. ihe original order given the re- John Hughey, of Cooler ceiver directed him lo apply funds n his possession first to past due i.uHMci- restrictions against which intnriT^—rv,. VQSl [lllc the United States has pretested re surS £ na^'l to , pr °- r[lte «">' peatedly to Berlin. surplus to p»st due bonds. ; Miss Ruth Massey Hurt * 1 Accident at Memphis High School Tuition | Rate Reduced to $7,50 The tuition for the high school students lias been reduced ficin 53 to S7.50 tor cnch .six weeks teun, It was announced toiliij by W p Mt, CliirkljJ, auiicrlnteiideiit ' Ihe re- diiclloli was mwlei (jovslble by on enrollment : !nrgcr llian \\ns antlcl- when the rule was fixed Disease Prevalent io Some Extent Among Loral School Child) en Lfnvlnu \Vnrin SinliiRs. (;a., in' rein™ «> \V;isliijij;i( W nnd fiicci- ilin vhiil lu-dbleiiis nt an iucnm-' in;: Coiisrcs.i. I'vesldt'iu Ililose- vcli'.i smile wns hroailer ilmii ever. lll.i sciitli,-rfi holldny; •Iicid Ijc-'C'ii crowded, wltli. con- icrericos oil IcBisiatlon l'o-;i)3- (Ills winter/ That tuberculosis Ii prevalent, runong students of Mlssls.slii|)l county schools Is shown'in'-n re port mnde public loclav by Mb. Erie chambers of Uttle Hock, executive secretary-of the-Arkansas Tuberculosis' association.'"who 'Ir, in the city asMSltn,; Marcil Evrard, Chrlstmnn Seal ciialrman lor the Chickusawbu district of Ihe coimly, In making hh sell sale set up. In the tests made by the Mississippi County Medical society and the Arkansas Tuberculosis 'association, under the direction 6f Dr.- A'. M. Washbuni dhectoi o! the county bcnlth unit amoifg Blythevllle school students lh-\" were 270' white and 184 ncgroos who took the test. Of tills murf- ber 4C white and 42 negroes reacted, showing Ihe. presence tjf tubercular Infection. Negro boys showed, the highest percentage pf reactors, 30 per. cent, igalnst i\ per cent for white bojs Whifl girls, were the loueat 141 pr-r cent, as against 20 per cent for negro'girls.' > In .commenting upon the repot ,»,,,;, • - • "iiug C ^^'r?h C St^ WouU^ft-Banl^)!^ ihe large (if children who -StnctlOHS Troni Z-Bale reacted to the lest aivl \pt thoh P 11 '"'• • parents gave no' history O fe\ "rmei'S, HoweVCl' posure. Of the 40 white chlldieii - • : — ' •'-• 38 had no. history of having lived WARM SPRINGS, ,ian,—Picsl- nbouf. tuberciilosLs. Of the 42 ne- denl 'i Roo " e velt aiinpuiiced '•:• last sroes;3Q hadjio history of contact i^'sht that he would'ask congress IVe -.siLspect:.that .n'n luvestlgallon lo ."" " lc restrictions' 'on.'• ,lhe of :• M.ic'-.'hollies' of-r these children i " lll ''° fc|! °ws" who now''"dreVs'iib'- .voBlil show 'active .cases some ppi J cct to "'? 'efnis of, the Bank- >roadenec By Holiday laps undlagiiosed but spreaders .of the disease. chronli. "Mississippi county Tiad a sub- stantlal, number : of deaths from head Cotton ; control-act.- At Ihe ..siunc -time, however, -'- lie reiterated tliat.'prpducllon control as n whole would be continued 'as a definite government iwllcy, In uberculosis last yea, 5 ,^, ?, ^""lle , pwprnmail policy, In means over 400 cases' TubercuI ' l ' 1C ''T 5 tllnt A««-three., crops esting has just-begTin It U now OI ', S ° ' C C ° lt °" S " r " IUS wol "<».> he .first stei> ; fnSi n i'f™Wfi rCd " C ^ '° thc pre ' wllr lcvcl '" < ? r •• chltdreu and Turning the ap|)roxlm! " e '- VI 4MRM!> ta ""=-; -Illc to nrlnlt. rfispc•• «c • tnKr.*-n.,i^,.-i^' T., „„,,,,--i:.,' „ -n. ,.,. ,._!_• ^, *•**, *iio*tmg II 1C clue to adult cases, as'tuberculosis' Is largely a household disease." The sale of- seals.' started Thanksgiving, will continue until clurcri: In connection with his intention to lift restrictions Ir. the, smsll farm categories, the president de- Christmas. Announcement of the :ommittce chairman will be mode tomorrow. , now of Dyersburg. Tenn., are an- "K the Bonkhead Cotton Control Act Is continued In effect for another year it is my purpose to recommend to the congress an amend- i w iaSvS rxB ML? »"«? ,,r s • -a; st lenger paid off the two bonds as directed by the court order. h - ? y ,V ° ' Mr ' ar(I l)oul ' 30 °' OOI) littlc or therefore --~v,,,,,,i>Lu.ii!g buni, lepay- ment of credits "should continue ^ w"hput impediment, on the under, standing that the transfer position way. They are the Southwestern T"?i" l lmpe °™ cnt ^ U*' ll| Kter> Bell Telephone company'at El Do- ,"?. ln S "'at the transfer position tfSMSfc-ssLSfsss: P^' «* ^ "^ - . Such provision would not pre- - , '-»uii VlULllU 11V r.' i'f"_ th . e Re'chsbank from a measures me pre.iuae to si regional invest!- lm~J , y measures against gntlon.of the telephone company i,™ 1 investors wiilch already covering several Sonlhn-p^i»i-n c wm applied in Germany. - Germany. • Asks In(em»«onal Police 5*^*1 ***• 5- (UP)-Estab. of an international police OSCEOLA, Ark.-Miss Ruth ,„„>- ey, forinerly of Oscebla, now ol Memphis, was struck by an automobile as she crossed the street to her work yesterday morning. The wheels of the car ran over "er head, causing B basal fracture. Miss Massey's condition Is reported °s titille serious. The doctors sav they will be unable to 'determine her exact condition bctore Friday or Saturday. Miss Massey is the sister of Dr Says Guilt of Hauptmann Established Beyond Doubi KU5M1NGTON, N. J., D oc r, " -New evidence which '«.)» csliibllsli without- doubt Ihe tiillt Hnmo niehnrd llnuiitmann In tlm l,liull)ei-ith kidnapliigi'nml klll- ii'l!, has been iinrarthed' In ihe - ——; i I'rosecutor. Anlhoiiy M. .iiauckT'. ail R, Wiseman Fnvorri-""sffi 1 blniiilon "wllh" Ihc'^'Mclropomuu delegtlvc force, discovered the new evidence, the prosecutor said He declined to reveal the na- luro of the evidence but snld "It ble to Suggestion of Ljt- tle Rock Posl ••• .'. UHLE HOCK, Dee. S (UP)— Tenlntlve .nppi'oi'nl was given (o- ilay lo Iho proiwsed 'American legion volunteer stute wide police piograui by Jlevemio Coniml.s- nloiKi Karl ft. Wlscmaii nnd Vln- iciil. M. Miles, of Fort Smith slnte comninndcr of Ihe Legion. . Tlip oVgniiteiittoii wns suggested I)V the M. M. Ebert-s past of the American Legion hero In beludf 'or lictlrr enforcement'. nf Iraffle, Jnws, AVIsemaii Approves • Neither Wiseman nor Miles hail ncelved announcements of the [iroposal when Interviewed today but bolli inillcnlc'd they would cn- ilor.M>. It. , '. . ' Wiseman said: "If-nftcr.-3 read the formal nn- nmincemeut it l.s what I thlnk'lt . will he 'acc and the pla'n will be days. I 111 commrssfa ilrcs of the enforce the traffic laws. 1 Miles assured,- the Unlleil Press correspondent tlinl members ; ,of the Legion "nrn nlwnys, nvnilable and willing for community.-service when the need arises." He said ho may have a detailed' stn'tement nftcr receipt of the tittle Rock police,' working I,, e om- ^° TlUCC of Slella Alls- ' lialis Repotted After; More Than 24 Hours ; ^ cstnblJ.slips (ho without, a doubt unlit Load Is Up a Million Fam. ilics From Tolal.. of A Year Ago : WASHINGTON, Dec 5 (UP)— The- falevnl relict lonrt hicrcaseil more than 1,000.000 families be- Yorl^g wii'hin "io „ , ccn Ocl °ker, IBS), and October, ulssteii oiitstaiidhiR :">', , yci !!'' Emcrgcimy Heller An the state to heln """ s(r «l'oii .figures showed today *Ic laws." - ,VI C1 ' C werc 4,082,0110 fnmlitrs on relief during. U K 3 o-dny period this year .compared ciroposa.l. Gov. ' ,J. M. PutrellV who nn- . . - nouncci) lust summer he would seek a slate police service, could (omlior not be .reached for a, slatemenl.' - muer ' Post .Officer Explains"' " '.An nnnoimccment by C.'O King' chnlr'mnu of Eberts post -American- Ism committee, explained^, thai ijcnjbefs tof ,LepJori 'ixxsts 'liirough- mi.t.;\rjf^.flJiJ.f,' would nbe, seloc'ted (01- t% volUJilter unit, nnd r iom- mlfslo'nad iby ,the RC'jei'ine Department as speehil of fleers, serving wlllidul> : pny. These spe«li\l officers )vould devote -their: activities to preventing (lie''operation- bl'.-'llri- lls.hted wngo'niv aiid-autbmoblles 611 lilglnvays, nnd to (lie .prevonUon of air other traffic code Violations endangering lives.' . v . . .A resohillon adopted by ,'tho post called attention to the : numerous deaths and the large number of persons Injured In Arkansas ns n result of automobile accidents on highways, and no>>» d out that the limited number of stale patrolmen now employed by 'the Revenue Department cannot be expected to cope with the problem successfully. . ; . • - ,— --• 111.,^ 11,010 61G the eorrespondltiE month last ycai, nil -Incrciuc of 1,011,484 families ^B'lrjng. each family would, av- tllMc were 21.- ----- * (IciieiKlcMit U|)ou fiovenim'enl In Octobsi of The. families on relief l» oc- lober Increu.-icd 37,000 over Sen- ffmilvnt- - . ~-i< mum i'W. MeyeV and C. G. . Redman ; ": : Will Explain Situation at Washington W ' Mcj ' nl "' British Who's Who ' Fails to List Kingfish LONDON, Dec. 5 (UP)— Adolf Hitler «-ns given only, two lines of ment granting an exemption for '' y '' c '" lllc British Who's Who, ihe full amount " '' ' ~.i.n.i •>— . .. d'jrtlou to each „ .._ .in eslabllshed base 'production of xii u.\uinpiiun lor -Ji- ••• --"^ iji,LL.-,Li wuu5 ^vnu, of-Ills-base pro- PiWlslicd today, and Huey Long farmer who lias of Ncw Orleans was Ignored. — ,... u asc production of A survey of Ihe. galaxy of not- nqt more than 'two bales of cot- nbles founded up by the editors of the British publication shows that some famous Americans have difficulty in making For Drainage 'nshington, D. c'.'-'wlierc thcymm seek Io enlist (lie help of army engineers in' n program for the 'fur- the ea :ent work by lh e federal gov- '°' <rs nllci th ? d'scovt cut has put the levee nlong , y of her husband, i mst side of Big Lake In good '° ln ^ hlc U two fed ttnn > *.. *r. . . . . & H'ftVn /.]nl>. ' " nnl Big Mc5 ' cr of about HONOLULU, T. JI, Dec 5 <rjp) ,< -The u. s Navy centered iLs ' needle hi a haystack" search tot niteliig plane Stella Austialls within «„ Q( ;cau ar™ JTO' e'i hortheaet of Honolulu Twenty ships _ m|i lc weepers. (tcstrojcrs, siibniarlnes,' nhd Biiai d Jwals—wei e roshed into 'the area where the plane and "its Ihioo orcupnnh plunged yest'r- dny. ' v ' Rain Impede* Search linln squalls ImiJCdcd thc search, _ the seamen clinging to — „ t«r above the decks eeek- »>g signs of flares or ft.isbliglit hlgnnls to lead them to caplain Omilfs T. p. uim and his two companions, Qeoi-gn Littlatalm ai\ti Leon SMllIng . The nionoplniie flying from Oakland, Cal, lo Australia by way of Honolulu, fell into the sea S'cstciday morning when its mo- lois stopped for lack of fuel Wide Sfarch Started '", Spreading In a .wide circle, l>!nn«s i<xjc , 0 ff from Wheeler Field, and coast guaid cutten, Ihice dcstro>ers submarines nnd a pnsscngci liner Joined in al- tmipls lo locale Die missing plnnd Hope h c id (hat the land e a plane would floU until tho searchers found 'It. i ' Ului spumed a lifeboat before Inking oil from Oakland Monday and neither he noi his coinpan- lp,ns carried life- pnlirras - 1 __ ____ J _ v Nelson's Widow To Be 'CHICAGO, bee. s (upl—insp's* toi K H. Clegg of the'United States department of juitlce announced lorfny that Afr'i Helen' anils', widow of "Baby race" Nelson, ^1)1 Be^re- ' turned to Msdtsoli, \Vls7 shortly'for action on charges ol violating pro-, ballon * * " i Tne announcement came-sunul-' tineously sUih a ^declaration' by' Judge Patrick T'-gtono of the United States district court In Madison that he nill insist on Mrs alULi 1 return .. • - •- I-'-JO-.-KI "U* 11LC ml- >r llicr-slreiiitheiiliig'ol the district's s ' G1I "- 1> ^n 3 nTested here last Bli; Lake-Little River levee sjstem Tliiirbday, a" littlc more than ^ Recent work by lh e federal gov- ' ours nflci th ? discovery of- the. irere sltiln. ctlm of '( deral ajent-i till the . Secretary of Slate Cordell Hull .- - „„ to Ihe however, Ls found In the book foi markel price allhough aiding im- Iho first time arid so la Grela measurably (he little grower. Garbo—n distinction the actresr shares with the' newly adopted daughter of the Brllish empire, Princess Marina, 'now thc Duchesa of Kent. "nw Ji4i wiiiviv i tfjjic* liave DCvn rC~ fnr/'ft t t "«*«*i ^wii^u. : -•»-«* nn-^nj^j ia tut OIALVI 01 ur, celved from Oklahoma and Mb- i™™ maintain order in lh e Saar L ; D. Massey of this city, with Bouri. rif^?r°??l e ,?,,°, l! l e "-"y" 011 °f, the who "> site often visits, she has a Admit Shoplifting B i' , ITcllch forel « n mster Britain and Italy announced they oul V/IIUUII1LIIJ1E , »«u Afcrtiy aiiuuuncCu InCV • I I. -II C* r ul<i con l r ibulc troops If the no- in Leachville Store K « force is created. ; men, accused of siiopliftlng Three Lose Liv« a« ^anVi.,ni A -i— —i^-^i ^t«^^ _ V 45 in mi i '"s tjua ' court P. C. Storm Hits T<k,,S al court 3«l«fday. I MANILA, P. I., Dec. B (Tip)- cn rt" d(10 ^ r . fl»es were ordered siis- Three lives were lost today ln\ UJ1UUQ nllt-Lti*. t i. ^i. -..!___ _„ J i \, . . . . »»j-*« buuaj in ,; rt, • c " dur lng goo( i behavior and of costs '» days. , H. DoWxsvnnd site -- -. — ^. ,i^, w Uy m ;; typhoon which deslroyed scores of homes and damaged crops in Pal- awan province, - , The .'itorm was moving 'cast- ward* •-.. ••••••••: host of friends in this community. Dr. Massey is at the bedside of his sister nt the Baptist hospital. Second Auto Tkeft in Two Days Is Reported Claude Whltworth repotted lo Police the theft of his car from j» Main street parking space early l«st night, \ It was the second car theft In two nights, a Pord car belonging '<> Paul KirkcndaU having been stolen-from Main street Monday "Do you wtjfi K for yovmlj or aj Negro "Surprised" When His Jug Contains Whiskey Dave Jefferson, negro, picked up paper sack, containing a jug : ull of liquid, hidden in a wred Mich and started home with It jut didn't have curiosity enough , to pull ilia cork and seek what j w»s in the Jug, he stnted In raiin- cipal court this afternoon. ]l Bob Craddock. deputy constable. 1 who arrested the negro walking down Sixlh street nt 2 o'clock In the afternoon with thc sack under his arm, said the Jug contained whiskey, it «,i.<; O n display in the ccurlrcom. The negro was fined $100, the minimum for Ironsporllng liquor. Texan Will Speak at Nazarene Church Tonight The Rev. J. p. upchurch, of Ar- $100,000 is regarded ns necessan tc eliminate danger of breaks furthei south, along the Little River floor!way. Plans for the proposed work have not been completed. Mr. Meyer said that the Immediate purpose of the trip was to interest «w department oflida.s In (he situation nnd lo advise lliem In a general way of «hot is iiecessary t o complete the program or Big Lakc-Ultle River flood protection which they hnvc already started. u 1 Gentry Denounces Laxity .in Insurance Supervision ST. PETERSBURG, Pla., pe c 5 (UP)—U. A. Gentry, ArkanWs in- siirance commissioner, today, urged that all Insurance companies and associations bo brought under the supervision ol the slate Insurance departments. His recommendation was urged as fcc spiritedly denounced "wide ta- lly'' In permitliTig (he operation of unlicensed companies. His address was made before- the sixty-fifth annual convention of the National insurance Commissioners association lore. A law giving the Insurance oom- missloncr power to cancel the license of an Insurance company that enters a foreign stale ami solicits business without having compile with the laws of the foreign jurisdiction also was proposed by Gen- trv. Congressional legislation to supplement stale laws was urgH by hs Arkansas official Case of Carl Woodford,,^' Goes to Federal Jiiry LITTLE HOCK, Dec 8 (UP)-A' federal court jury this afternoon- received the emtertement case ol LI Carl Woodford, former United States proiierty and disbursement Ior tllc tJu-ce of the original o'iglu counts charging embezzlement and •.. prcscnlalloii of fake claims to be considered by the jurj. Frees Hitchhiker Held at Kidnaper MARIANNA, Pla, Dec 6 (UP) — SheritT W. p. chambllss today released Rufus- Harris, Bristol, Tenn hitchhiker, detained jesteiday because he resembled photographs of Thomas M Robinson, Jr, Nasli^ vllle, lugltue kidnaper of Mrs* Alice stoll, Louisville society matron Atty. Roy W. Harper Joins Caruthersville Law Firm STEELE, Mo-Roy W. Harper, University { 0 Texas ^ Seeks Owner of $100 Bil) AUSTIN, Tex. (UP) —University of Texas' library Is finding diffl'- cully in disposing of a $100 bill. It was found between leaves of a boo), ast jear by a federal relief work- The book had belonged to the QUriier estate. Ui\tU Gllmer heirs aie heard from, bibliographer E W. Winkler can do noihlng about lhe bill TWO of the heirs jesld- In hiigton. Texas, nalionally known local lawyer, has jolnsi the firm eclurer and speaker, will talk at of Ward mid Reeves, at Caruth- the First Church of the Nazarene J crsvlllc. Thc "firm hcreaflcr will be at 7:15 p. m. this evening on known us Ward, Reeves and Hai- Modern Vice nnd Immorality,"'per. Mr. Harper will maintain his $IOO m w ,. sued from the National Bank ,of Cincinnati, O. Local bankers saj It cati IM redeemed for $100 In g6Idi B Jfa\ Xfehl, coin collector <jf Port Worth, .has'offered ^150 'for the bill. WEATHER and will show stereopllcon views of thc Holy Land. Tills church is located at Second and Vine .Streets. A cordial welcome is extended to.the. public* office In stcele for several weeks. I Arkansas— Increasing cloudiness, Mr. Harper, son of M. nnd Mrs | warmer in west portion tonight • M. H. Harper ot this city, has'Thursday unsettled, probably rain 1 been a leader in civic activities in s Memphis and vicinity—Fair f to. ' ' ' " "' night, Thuraiiy cloudy »nd. r*lrf! r

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