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Independent Star-News from Pasadena, California • Page 74

Pasadena, California
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Walter Scott's learn truth about prominent personalities? Write Walter Scott, PARADE, 7 3 3 Third Ave. name will be used unless otherwise requested. Volume of mail received makes personal replies impossible. Q. hace read in half a dozen different publications that Sen.

Barry Goldwater has suffered two severe nervous breakdowns in the past. Is this Los Angeles, Calif. A. Irf'trie May 1964 issue of Good Housekeeping iriagazfncYjn article entitled "The Woman Behind Goldwatcr," p. 62, the following statement is made: "One crisis occurred in 1937 when, after a period of.

intense work in the store, Barry suffered a nervous breakdown. After a lengthy rest, he went work. But two years later, when he went to Prescott, to help open a new branch of the store, and spent five days and nights without sleep, he cracked again. 'His nerves broke says Mrs. couldn't sleep nights.

He was very immediately said we were going to get away to Honolulu. He was seasick all the way. But then he relaxed on the beach and just The change of pace was, apparently, all he needed." Sen. Goldwater contends that in this interview, whose accuracy he does not deny, Mrs. Goldwater used the term "nervous breakdown" loosely.

The Senator maintains that he has never suffered a nervous breakdown in his life. He is upheld by his physician, Dr. Leslie R. Kober of Phoenix, Ariz. Says Dr.

Kober: "1 have been Barry Goldwater's physician since 1930, when I was first brought to Phoenix by Dr. Kimball Bannister, with whom I worked. Dr. Bannister previously served the Gold- watcrs as family physician. I have the medical records going 'way back.

I tell you flatly: Barry Goldwater never suffered any nervous breakdown in 1937, 1939, or at any other time. 1 have examined him year after year. 1 have on file his complete medical history, including service reports. To my knowledge he has never even had to take a tranquilizer. A few times he has been physically exhausted from his work, but so has everyone.

I repeat, he never suffered any nervous breakdown, never bad any psychiatric care. He is in excellent physical and mental condition." Harry Rozenzwcig, Phoenix jeweler who was responsible for Goldwater's entrance into politics and has known him intimately "for more than 40 years," says: "In 1939 Barry suffered from physical exhaustion after staying up five days and nights in Prescott to open a new store, but a nervous breakdown --that's bunk. The man is as strong as an ox." Q. Connie Franca, the singer tcho a married to or will marry Ijis Vegas press agent Dick Kanellis--is Connie really worth Eva Brummel, Las Neo. A.

She has business interests worth that much. Q. Time magazine wanted Goo. William Scranton to be the Republican Party's Presidential candidate. hn't the publisher of Time brother-in-law? Philadelphia, Pa.

A. No, its president, James Linen, is. Q. Nancy Dickerion, the NBC commentator--it she Harding, Short Hals, N.J. A.

She married C. Wyatt Dickerson, a widower with 3 young February 24, 1962. Q. Sammy Davis, who stars in the musical cer- sion of Golden Boy--doesn't he own that stage attraction outright? Isn't that why he gave himself the L. Johnson, Detroit, Mich.

A. Davis owns 23 per cent of the musical capitalized at 5465,000. Q. It it true that the Dallas Citizens Council, which runs that city, will accept no member unless he is a leading businessman? D.T., Houston, Tex. A.

The Dallas Citizens i i consists of businessmen, but Dr. Willis M. Tate, president of Southern Methodist University, is also a member. Q. Who said: "I shall pass through this world but once.

If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do, let me do it now; let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way Hentsch, Ely, Minn. A. The quotation has been attributed to many writers, particularly to Stephen Crcllct (1773-1855), an American Quaker of French birth--but its true origin is as yet unknown. Q. Who the most money King Crosby, Gene Aulry or Frank Si- nalra? In order, if you A.

Fredd, Spring Mills, Pa. A. Crosby Autry, Sinatra, Q. Who is older --Joan Crawford or Bette Davis? Virginia Gutlmache.r, Newark, N.J. A.

Joan Crawford born in San Antonio, March 23,1908. Bctte Davis was born in Lowell, April 5, 1908. Q. I read that Alan Lerner paying his wife temporary alimony of $1,500 a week, and her lawyer, Roy Cohn, $15,000 in lawyer's fees. loot come from the Lerner dress Kelly, Bridgeport, Conn.

A. Lerner, whose family owns the dress shops, is extremely wealthy in his own right and is paying alimony out of his royalty income. He wrote the lyrics for such Broadway musicals as My Fair Ijidy, Brigadoon and Camelot, has been married 4 times, is a multimillionaire. Q. I understand thai Heinz Nordhoff, president of Volkswagen aulos, was blacklisted by the U.S.

occupation authorities in Germany after World War I I Why was Schulz, Milwaukee, Wit. A. Mainly because Nordhoff had been production chief at Hitler's Brandenburg truck factory during the war. When the Americans blacklisted Nordhoff, he traveled (o the British occupation zone, offered to start up the bombed-out Volkswagenwerk. The British gave him an okay, and he wrought West Germany's outstanding industrial miracle.

Parade THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER MAGAZINE AUGUST 23, 1964 President and Publisher, Arthur H. Motley Editor, Jess Gorkin Managing Editor, EDWIN K1ESTER, JR. Art Director, ANTHONY LA HOTONDA Associate Editors: TETEH D.ALBERTSON, NEAL ASIIRY, MARIANNA HASSOL, JANET WARSHOFSKY Assistant Art Director, CHARLES VOLrE Assistant to the Editor, MARION LONG Women's Editor, ROSALIND MASSOW Home Economics, DEMETBIA TAYLOR Fashion, I I I A POPE Washington Bureau: JACK ANDERSON, PHED BLUMENTHAL, OPAL GINN West Coast Bureau; IAOYD SHEARER Cartoon Editor, LAWBENCE LARIAR 9 6 4 Publ kation Inc 7 11 1 Alc N-V. All under InterniUonal and Amcrir.n onvenl.onr. Reproduction In whole or in part of any without permmlon prohibited.


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