The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, March 5, 1937
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LE COURIER NEWS PEH• OP MnnTtTT?* Orn Am*...»..-. .. . r***^ VOI,, XX'XIll—NO. 300 niyllievllle Courier Blythcvllle Dally News" Blylhevlllc Herald Mississippi Valley. Lender BLYTIIHVILLK, ARKANSAS, .FRIDAY, MARCH -6. W SINGLE COPIES PIV1J CENTS, INSULT TO HITLER Autopsy Strengthens , Case Against Dentist CIIARLOTTESVfLLE. Va., Mar 5 iUP>— An autopsy report showing lhat Cleo Sprouse would have become a mother in five months was added today, to the state's case against Dr. R. G. Miller, middle- 'nged dentist, charged with murder in connection with ,lhc chloroform death.'of-the , 18-year-old high EC-hool'glrl.'. ' ; ; . . , Commonwealth- Attorney \v. O. .Fife said the .report- strengthened 'the ease against • Miller, now held In Richmond', jail, after signing a written confession stating that Miss Sprouje died of an overdose of anesthetic while hs was prcparln« to perform an illegal operation. .' Fife summoned prospective stale" witnesses to his office for confer cnccs today , and announced he would seek a.'first degree murder I indictment against Miller He said he believed the "whole slorv has not been told. 1 ' Niagara's Glittering Wilderness Pennsylvania Miner's Wife, Beats Two Daughteisj to Death. CLEARF1ELD, Pa, Mar. 4 (UP) —Mrs. Jennie Galley, 41-year-old International, How e v e r, Not \£t Ready to Put Device on Market CHICAGO,;Mar.'iJ.(UP)—The Tn- Ifi-njitlnnil ; Harvester Co. an- .nmmccd lo:iay-it :haj iy;rf3clscl-a mechanical -'cotton uiita which shell!:! prove ; a<lav:t<ibl<) (or wide- .'pioad use nilhln a few yeais Trc coin oaiiy saij it would place the. pkkci in the Inn'ds of ..IP-IM maieimom a»alnst Mille unvote operators fo, expeilmcntal he believed the "who e purjxi'es dining the next yeai or • • • so, although, then;.is 'no Hkelilvnrt the nviclJinsi mil be put on the maik^l {'m the usai future " 'Half iliale an Hiiiir 13.' A. Johnston; vics-nresilent -if the company in ehar»n hf nn»l- nfcriii?. said the" Intermflonal picker had been given extensive experiments nuielly w jthjn a f s ; v miles of w'sere Hi 1 : Memphis. TY"in .Rust brothers had been conducting lesls with their machine. ^ , • Experience during the- past few .vmrs would indicate-that it will • be possible lo develop a. mechani- 5w.l picker which will successfully |?atlier the cotton from the plants, vill b= relatively small in construction, will IK durable, and can be manufactured and sold at a pric? that'-will be consistent with the prices of harvesting machines of various types. . . ." said Johnston. . TJie .Ia'ta4:-Internatioiial model, JohnUon said, ''will cov^r-anproxi- m^iely a- half-acre per hour . . with n' yield of one-half bale per hour ; which "is about, equal to tile capacity of 23 to 25 average hand pickers." A tivo-roir machine ivould ; havei double that capacity. -..Carries Oivn Cleaner '"•As In- the>Rust trials, the chief factors were lb« irercentagj.of cot' lonYicked-aiid Us quality" compared' to .hand picked cotton. ' Johnston claimed 1 the ' International machine "excelled tn performance others which now and again have been talked about so much. . .'..". '• The .international machine, developed by Johnston, has a large .cleaning jmit attached to the trac- lor picker. The,unit is for cleaning foreign matter 'out of the cotton after it is picked. "We have' experimented with many types of cleaners." Johnston said. -Probably it will be necessary to augment the, cotton gin clean- ill!! e'qiiinnient for handling machine-picked cotton, our experience indicates that this problem can and will be solved." ; I Heads Japanese ''Armada 1 Cruise wife of a coal miner, today beat rlver " le " say ', was,'the greatest since 1Q08 and which threatened her two daughters to death with,- crystal clifls rose 30 ° feel ''is'' nlong the sides of this gorge A a mechanic's hammer, then mini churning nit in Ihc rnrmn-nim^ — i.- _.,„_., ,..._• ,. •_ .-.".' ., - o-..»-.... « t ,,, t JLC . JUUVtlllCIlt, the greatest since IQ08 and which threatened, steamers , b, winter., docks mechanic's hammer, then told neighbors arid waited fov police to I arrest her. . , | Mis." Galley M readily admitted! that she nieat her; daughters, Virginia, 17. arid '.Mirie. 5. over the tead and stood ' bestfe them until., -they died. . ; '-•':>. .. District Attorney : Carl.-A. Belin', who investigated the tragedy' hi small 'miners cottage at'Hawk I . ° "»ii-j u. viijj tuj^L-. . mi xteii- 01 tne i p.t in thojoregvound can be gained from the Bladder embedded in fta P.lled CO. feet high at the ice movement, which, The of lhe Ellis Predicts Victory fov .His Memorial, on Judiciary Reform* j _ LITTLE ROOK, Mar. 5 <UI>) — iScnnlor Clyde Kills of Ilentonvlllc (today predicted 'his resolution' memorializing Congress to .sup- ' port President Roosevelt's court rcorgnnt/atlon.'... plan would.'' pass by a narrow margin. ,'..• I He said 'a: poll of senators In , I lhe Ilfty-ni-st gcin'ral assembly 'Hills morning showed a majoillv of two for passage of-the rcsolu-I Hoy. Introduced early tn (he ses-1 slon. the resolution will, probablv ! ^e called for H vole tomorrow. The senate spent one of Us busiest mornings acting upon 251 measures. The - house wrangled' over motions ami riinemliiienl.s to tills and al the end of the morn- Ing session had uusscrl but three | neasiii'cs. Urging members to ,speed up UVclr schedule, Rep Robeit' L Hendrick' of Franklin county gained the floor of the house to protest, against special orders, mo-1 tlcns, privileged measures and' klca- of tlie said the woman's mlrid '.his--morning. A. - Mrs. Galley ,'wallcd until her ;»«band{. Tuna s> 42,- - arid.. lier son; justav, • M,' had gone to work In .he coal '.niines. Then she- stepped into-the bedroom and t'o'lhp sirio "cracke'd"] Judge Neil! Killough ; Open Criminal Cpurl and to' the side if the bed where her two daiighl ters slept. , ''.The' oldest down to save .,. ..„ >.„.,„„„,, wave she had received the day before, Jumped up as the first blow : *'as struck t ;With the services of; :a. grand jury dispensed' with'Tor -the' first time in the hislory" of the dts- girl. steepinp face"!' 01 ', "'•? cllf( *"saK'ba district fresh pemanent v ircuit , cl1mlnal court will con•••••'• "•• vene -here Monday, March 29 with Judge Ncill Killough of Wynne presiding. .'.A -'Constitutional amendment voted last fall, provides foi- [el- . "My god, mother, somebody's hitting,, me," she screamed. • 'The-younger sister awoke icrcarned also.. throwing"i)ei- > ' arms iround Virginia. -.The mother, according to Belin struck down the younger sister ind then renewed her attack on older girl. both nirls had died Mrs rs Galley walked to her nearest neighbor, Dennis Mararity and , , , ... • rciBiiuor. uennis Mararity, and lcm wuii othErs previous IS LOSS Ot Lite | loltl him she had killed both iier'^ lclcd and at liberty on In Famine Is Heavy I daughters. ony'.prosecutions on Information filed by the prosecuting attorney eliminating the necessity of holding a grand jury investigation at every term »r criminal courtl Bruce Ivy of Osceola. district proseculor, will file Informations on which prosecution of new felony cases based at the tcrr.l with others previously In- bond SHANGHAI, Saturday, Mar. f (UP)—Nearly 3,000 Chinese men. women and children died during January and February in iiorth- west Szczhuhan province of the worst famines in China in one 1937 Farm Plan Topic of Meetings Next Next OSCEOLA, Ark—Under the aus- or In jail' being brought to trial on the • Indictments already returned against them. Petit jurors, who will -report I " , - ll16 Missi£5 'PPl County aU ' a ' S ' erles ° ! ten ed »- m a generation, dlsoatches reach- rational nwtina^ii^v, 9 ^," -"•' ins: here today said . - ! cat '°" al meetings ivlll be held next week m as many communities for tne purpose of explaining the 1937 farm program. These meetings will be -held in the. usual community centers at 7:30 each night 'from'' Monday, through Friday and are to be conducted by county agent, E. H. Burns, and J. M. Cavender soil conservationists of the county agent's staff. The meetings and dales arc as follows: March 8. at Lu.xora and Keiser March o, at Burdelte and Dyess olony. March 10, at Wilson and joiner March n. west nidge and Eto- Cherrj Roland. .—'. Colony. wah. I wai talkln- to.a big business! executive in his office the other day' "^,,, 1 : C1 ,,. m ^.^, lauh ° h . i ^ remark beui* M'., , •«>•. couldnt help., notlcln' that this inan-s desk was Jest loaded w I, buttons that he pressed whenever he wanted somethin- done. ' I He'look pride-in telliiv m e thit. with'the aid of. these buttons he could sit right there and conduct .all his business without movm'-from his chair. Still he'd be awfully surprised and hurt if somebody called him lazy. H ain't that my folks are lazy it's . iesl that they ain't got none of I hem time savin' buttons and they hare (o figgcr out their'own'labor win' ideas, it's like the'lime me and my line), and'my Cousin Wai- ford was la'yin' on the floor" in front of the fjre one afternoon and my uncle turned to my cousin and he £1 7? "Warlord, is It rHinm' oirt- fitte? • and Wafford says "I don't Know." M V uncle says "Well, git up niirt lock." And WafTord says "dh, rail the dog In and spa U he's well" Local Group Will Advise on Appli c a'ri'b n.'s b) 1 Flpod Victims H. Highnil, chalnnan of the local advisory committee which will cooperate with the Disaster Loan Corporation in extending aid to flood sufferers, said this afternoon that he would probably confer with ol- ncials at the Memphis regional office within the next few days regarding the set-up to be made here. Mr Highfill po nteo. out that the Jocal comhsiltee will passion appl - cations for loans simplj In an ad- _vl"or; cipicitj and would not re- cefie or 'handle apphcatrorls"'dl- rectly ,11 is anticipated that field ex- alnlne^i vylll be sent Into this territory Jmrhediatcly and will CQ-PP- erat= with the Red-Cross and WPA in assisting those who iiave suffered losses. It is understood that there will be no hard and fast rules as to security. The act creating ths corporation, speedily enacted bv congress, empowers'it lo make su'.h Joans ns It may determine to be necessary o r appropriate under such, terms and conditions ns the corporation prescribes. Local representatives of the FA (Resettlement Administrationi will receive applications, w'nere grants for assistance can be made by the Red Cross the RA will refer applications to them. Loans for ordinary farming operations and purchase of farm equipment will be , -,-. ,.,..^. lflk(>n " rc °< ^' RA or referred to open high Jow close Sternberg, Matt Monbghan Ir ?/w lhe Parm CKa> <- Administration U 135 1-2 133 7-8 135 I'.-i 1 w.i.i, ~..^ ™ r „_,.. " y RA and Disaster Loan Cornoratlmi March 12, Osceola and Whitton. Chicago Wheat on the of .court, summoned by the sijenffs 6flice-,are as follows Cljde Ltjtes Clear bake LJoxd Stickman J L * ' Applcbaum, Jeff .„. Guard Ira Crawford \ and J. J. Daly, BlyUL.... uuc Sevilj, J. D. McCafii. teosnell; 1 Milton Hunch. Spencer J ! Bunch, •Yarbro; Eddie Reginold, Armprel;' B. M. Turner. Barfield; Joe Ranis Box Elder; B. G. Gill. H. R. Crawford, Dell; R. s. Rose, Roseland; R. A. Lawson, Lost- Cane- Allen Holt, Skidway. Ashbra nner, H. David- Joe Hutton, Bert Louis Nr;dham, V/. ... son. Manila; c. L. Smith. R. A. Childreso. Stanley Hancock, Walter Davis, Johnnie Swihart. Leachville; H. C. Brck, Half Moon; Pele Dopnell, Shady Grove; C. E Cagle, Boynton; E. H.' Caldwell. Rcece; H. M. McLccd, Ij>ne Oak; J. ,H. Curlcy, Promised Land. Alternate petit jurors are: F. ' E. Black, Frank Webb, DeWitt Man Killed and Companion Is Injured DeWITT, Ark., Man 5. (UP) — James McAdams, 30 of DeWitt, was killed intently and:Mike pich. 35, of Stuttgart, .was injured when an automobile. In: which they were riding plunged down an embankment near .here early today. . The two men were euroiite from .DSWHi'-' to- Stuttgart;' 'M'trAdamv':w survived by his parents. Mr. hnd Mrs. '-Tony; McAdams of-DgWHt. MJV.134 Jul 1151-41171-81151-4117 Chicago Corn Wclcn a w | >• ' V ,? „, . of Blytheville. . o . h „ Dlsaft " Loan Corporation Osborn c. all offlclals are expected to work to- gc Owr in handling loan applica- open h May,lt>7 . 103 Jul 102 1-4 103 > low close 106 7-8-1JV7 7-8 102 1-8 102 7-8 York.Cottan Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Mar <UP)-^Ho2s: receipts 5000 Top 10.40 . • • . . 170-230 Ibs 10.15-10.30 Light weights 7.25-10.10 Bulk sows 9.50-9.70 Caltlc: receipts f laughter steers fi.CO-12.75 M?'" 1 ycarllngs and heifers f laughter 'heifers 6.00-10 so Dcef cows 4.75-5.75 ' <tjp, NEW YORK, Mar.' 5 Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1301 1386 1356 13S6 1322-1246 --12H- 1341 1293 1324 1290 131, 12M 1283 1245 1281 1244 1278 1240 1275 1245 1279 1242 1277 Spots closed'steady at 1301 - <ln seventeen. ! • ' .* March May July Oct Dec Jan Spot Average Is 13 73 The average price of 7.3 mch middling cotton on the ten dcs • ignatcd spot • markcls toia'v 13.73. according to the wos ;:. •:•-"••" .. ng nml ) 0 «- cutters 3.2S-4.50 Board of - Trade. Cactus juice Is US 3d to clean rust tn heating plants and to kill grontlis in city water mains. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS,' Mar.< 5- <UP)~ Cotton futures . rose more than Sl.50 a bale in some months to-, day to close at new highs for the season after .an early drop. open high j ow c iosc March 1340 1358 1340 1£5» May 1315 1337 1308 1334 July 1289 I31S 1283 1312 Oct 12« 1277 1240 1275 Dec 12« 1281 1245 1281 Jan 1245. 1281. 1281 1281 Surprise Amendment to ,|Navy BiH , v Wpidd : Ask U Presidenf; to Act. ; : - ' "'WASHINGTON. Mar. 5.' ( UP)An amendment to the navy apnrd- priatlon bill,, which would 'place congress on record -as requesting President Roosevelt to cull ternational disarmament conference was • introduced in the house today 'by Rep.-wm. B. Ulmsteaci •(D»m N. C.)i '-.'..,." . r. The proiwsal came as a suiprls- to state department officials, who "ave voiced private bpinldns that a disarmament, conference in the near future would be futile. . • Ulmstead, chairman of the appropriations sub-committee which considered the $502,000,000 navy supply measure, said he had iiot consulted administration officials on the proposal. ' Under terms of the amendment congress ivould authorize and rc- n.i:est Mr. Roosevelt to intyte lead- Ing nations of the world to a conference on armament costs ' Specifically mehlioncd ' Iii the measure were Great Britain, France Soviet Russia, Gernfany. -Italy-4 ' Japan but the president would Closing Stock Price? NEW YORK. Mar. 5 (UP) — Steel shares with gains ranging to more than 4 points led stocks lo new, high ground since 1031 in mode/lively active trading today. Profit, taking developed near the close but it was easily absorbed. A. T. and T ! ..,. American Waterworks Anaconda Copper 117 1-2 25 03 3-4 Biithlehem steel 103 1-2 Chrysler 1323-8 Coca Cola 145 General Electric 62 General M-:;ors r>7 7-8 Int. H'nrv.'slcr 109 5-8 Montgomery Ward C8 1-4 New York Central 4n , Packard \\ 1-2 Phillips Pctro 55 1-2 Radio Corp 1238 Simmons Beds 52 3-41 Standard of N. J 7-1 5-8 Studebaker 185-8 , —o"- 1 " i'iwua\n to I11KI other parllamentarv compllcallons that kcpl house bills fiom comim; 'o vole. • . Cljiarclte Tnx Ciil Hloeked An attempt to biing Scnatoi Ellis' bill reducing the cigarette 'ax to a roll call! failed House lenders, hoii'ei'cr, succeeded in passing a bill to place a tax of 15 'j percent on bnnk night awards. Sponsored by a number of burial associations, a bill to nllow the governor to appoint a commission .o rcgulalc the organizations. Ink- Ing them from undci the supci- rtsion of lhe banking commission 'ailed. The house voted to make Ihe^.reapportlonment bill, affect- "'ng "hold-over mchibeis of' the •senate, a. special-ordei .foi" this afternoon. , In the senate . Senator H' 13 Flardy.'ot Greenbrlci Inlioduced a resolution urging.the govcrnoi and the parole board to dcnj clemency '.o .persons convicted of murder irson. or robbery with fire arms ' Included In the bills passed by the senate were H. B. 273, to •.erminate double liability for holders of bunk stocks, antl S. n 448 to reduce the gasoline tax 1-4 cent per gallon. ' I'rce Libraries Authorized Arkansas yesterday lok Its first slcp toward participating In the 1930 Now York World's Pair when the senate passed. 21 lo 11. an acl seuing up an honorary publicity commission of three members with a director to be paid not more Mian $3,600 annually and a steno- jrapher at S1.800 a year. Free community libraries In nil counties in the stale are aiilhor- 'zed by a bill which passed the house Thursday afternoon by a A Irinci bill defeated In the house, 33-49, would have placed sale of tax forfeited lands In hands of lhe 75 county clerks rather than in lhe state land commissioner as at present. • . Late yesterday afternoon the house, by a vote of 48-30, refused to back down from Its action last week in cutting the salary of the state commissioner of education from $5.000 to $4,200 yearly Ken- rcsentallvc .Murry of Dallas ' who originally introduced . lhe amendment lo lhe educational appropriation bill, voted to recede. . The house did recede from its action in cutting the traveling ex- P««c fund of the commissioner and his assistant from 52,100 to 51,440, and restored • It ,to the old figure. . ^ . , The bill then \vas passed with little opposition and sent to the senate. . Srnafc.niil Rejected The house judiciary committee last night voted to return with the recommendation that It do not (Continued On Page 3) BIT FE SPEECH: IS Acts as German ..,Nevvs- papers Continue '[ Attack Upon U, S. , . ; WASHINGTON, MflrVV <UP)'-=i Sccretaiy of Stale cordelt Hull | today tendered nn official, apology lo the German government Iniough the embassy here" foi the cilllcism of Ch'ancelloi Adolf Hitler of Gerrfiany by Major' Floiello^UQuardla of New York, Thh wus" , the second expression or "ic.tret 1 ' issued by H((U In connection vdth'the Laaiiardla- Hiiler' ilijldeitt, ; linnuid.iiul} upon tin. ,ip|ionu- iHinl of Adimul (Kim jNiic.ino. .1 .prominent liRii'ri;: in I' p. i mum iridn of ,1 ip,n,., ll'Ji'l, lhe 'powrrfnl m ; i.irf , | c n ih Imnul itid fin m ,11 uvris it •i ••tun IdciiiKin o K I'll Hint! luuitlv cm Hie mod u in/id iMllkship MuK>. Cone;iess Will Go Ahead Wilh Piogiam Says Senator Bankhcad .\YASinNOTON, Mar. 5 (UP)— Senator Wlllliinl - B.- Bankhcad said today congress will go all cart Yelcidny Hull, at ills ,rcguln> I !,( 3 ] conference expressed .. ft, over the Incident? '"_ , ho ntntle a Jiiorc'^foimnl f '*apfl!ogy to'a, representative of thej Ger- wn Pnil)ii«sy, 'DI' Ha'ns Tlioinn- ' Ml » + ' { J 'II'D apology viis made orally lo Thompson on behalf of Hull by aiiulnei officia' of the state I HcllcM- Geni'pny SalUflca ', Whllo "xpressln f the .regrql of ..its government^the' > ''Ncw X Yo-k majoi's uttef.incd had given otTe. se Ic Germany, Hull ixmiled ,, out (Int ' the rii'hl, of freedom ' of sn-icl. h guaranleed by'Hfie coiistilutlo'i to every citizen anil is chcrHiEd as a part of the na- llonal hcr.lage." , ' • '. Hul), E.ild, howc-ver, that this did nol l^sen, tlic, regret of this sovcinmer.t over the- Incident arid said he "vny earnestly' depiecal- cd Die i! lerancc^ "v\hich have thus Qlven offense lo the Gel- , •iian government" b * _ / • Hulls'slatenifpi, vas regarded as sitlsfactoi-j' bv, authoriv'ativo Gciinan circles' ^"10 ,stiltl they " <ve:e sure the German' government would consider the Incident / closed • , • •• , Tin; yen was ^bjsed on their iniitei.'iiiiKlliig timl (lu^ s(ate do-"" ppijn.cnt had 'gone as far In'the- matter as It coii'd, ' >-' • Bhorges "lami Handling" ' ' BLJRL1N, Mai 0 tUP)~Th.o !«spapei Dcr Angrlff, owned by - Rctchs propaganda minister DI. Paul Josef Goebbels, charged today that the United States slate department's "lun,e handling" of an ' anti-Hitler speech bV M^iyor FIo- -„-- - „- i* 110 . LaOuardia of Nc«ftYqrk wa's> with'.: Its legislative progiam for inciting the mayor to' n& (insults. "• aeiiculturc .and industry \Uthout| Secrctnrj of state Cofdqft Hull " waiting for supreme court decis-l m Wnshincfrtn Vncf nr ^«.. v;«,i _. Ions. . "We arc iijixloiis, of course, for cftrefiil coni.iUeratlon of all bills," Dankhcad said, "but I don't think thcrV is any hesitancy about .going ahead with the agriculture and Gulfty coal programs, foi example, regardlcw of \\hat the supreme court may do." Bankhcad said he was not certain whether the''administration would urge wage and hour legislation at this session. Services at Manila for Poplar Corner Man MANILA, Ark.—Funeral services will lie conducted toihj for Joe Grcig, 63, who died In his home at Poplar Corner,' three miles north of. Manila, after a few days'illness. He Is survived by his wife. Mrs Ada Grelg; two sons, Scwell and Junior Greig; t« o daughters, Sa- D — yesterday hac) tv- prcssEd Informally his regret over the incident ' - , { Tlie American embassy meai'vT" ) while forearded to the state depart i mcnt a complete report of German.^ ! newspaper comments on Mayor La- I ' Guardia's suggestion that Chancel- ' lor Adolf Hitler be made the chief c\hlblt of a. "chamber of horrors" ' at the New York world's fair in > 1939 it was understood that the'' ' embassy had made no official con- I tact ivith the German government, j on the incident *• . "Freedom lo Perish" " l J Der Angrlff's attack was inspired { by LaGuardla's reply to the first I outburst of Nazi indignation to the i "chamber of horrors", suggestion The New York mayor said the 'i Gennan goiernmcnt "ought to pro- ,. ' lest' becaii'- no exhibit that could ' be Installed at the World's fair' i! nould 'adequately "rtepiofelther the! f psrsonalitlcs of the Na?l govern- I mcnt Hitler himself or the type of ^f > government he is giving" i" r latest'declaration of, NCJT j f l. S. Smelting 08 U. S. Steel .'..• 124 1-2 1 Warner Bros 15 1-4 Zonile n Attempt to Save Negro Children 7 1-2 r reg; « o augters, Sa- aes eclaration of New rah and Hazel Grcig and one sls-l Yor1ts chief gangster tops overs- tcr, Mro. Nora Kine thing" Der Angriff said - "Lanio- ' Rut Xfinrf^n im,,.«n —..„ _< handling oE'the'case by the Wash-'' ington foreign department, which'\ t.•' Maurice' Hoyvell, pastor of the Christian church -here.' will corjuct the services at 3 o'clock. Burial will b5 at the Manila cemc'- terj-. Lihney School Last , in Flood Area to Open .MANILA. Ark.—Word' has been received here that the Llnney school, in. the Flood«aj dlstnpt, "~ "'"« :u oiaies ano united Stales will reojKn Monday morning after j a ,', rs wntc h would not be pleas- havlng been closed'since Ja'nuar I an l' Is Inciting LaGuardia to ever ne,w » Insults, is characterizing in \en\<, i t American dimensions this state f I «here 12,000,000 have as their onlv , freedom the freedom to perish by i the roadside without a word ' land of Gangsters -f These passages were printed in bold faced type on page one of I>r Angriir, which warned jesterday; ' We could lake an Interest In the United states and United Stales having been closed'since Ja'nuary I 18 because of flood conditions All' Angn other schools In the area are now i "Baling; 1 of —iri,-theVShaay Bend school hav- "" ^reopened several days ago. . , I WEATHER 1 ___^ • ' ""LVHtpleU Id Arkansas—Pair tonight, Saturday j ( ? rcn from a fair and warmer ' They were • Ernest Halscll and Bilbo Gilbert , were-"unsung heroes" In a fire at| tllc nncy" scoo, wich Ins two Turrcll Wednesday night when they tc . ncni;rs . Miss Alv.i Holman and I attempted to, save two negro chil- A - ^- Smith. I drcn from a bm-Tiinff i*rt,,*~ ' ' • ' ' • ^_ Seventy students are registered n. which Ins two ~..x,.;t temperature 42 'o 46. Saturday probably fair and war m or. The maximiin ^ yesterday was 53.. minimum 46, " .H of. an Inch raln- Cracllc Hunted Der Angn If's charge of "lame '""ling" of the LnGuardia incl- by the state department was cd by a full page "spread' ot photographs • under a , heading—In one Inch high red Ink—sayuv "This is America, the land of freedom—for all gangsters." Ba'ssett Baby Dies --- "«xj.jnim.t; (t inem her two young. "."•'" ™r iwo young, children were asleep in the house. Because of the n. temperature here Intensity of the (lamps tiiev°iver" fi:\ • i^ihthviiit)^ sfi nt. firtl ..HAI... ». . . . •." - ^ - '*•'" y vei" "rat got Inslcje. When v niMsnn-.^ ' >_ 11 '.• . •_'.- •• • >ocn burn _ house. cnroiito to Atemphis in names " w^f^SiaSSsSaHS- g ', .

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