The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT Winner of High War Honor Finds Misfortune in 1 _.BLYTIIBVII.,LE,_JA11K.) COURIER NEWS By VKA Service KANSAS CITY, Mo.—A Cansrcs- 5to!>al MecaJ ct Honor liaugs at the home ot Charles Denver Barger here for Ills exploits in Hie Argonne along \vilh valour m;rlr.ts trom oiher nations ami citations •;>; "Bravery frcm the United Slates government. But Barger looks tit the medals, glances at his 8-ycav-old son, J. E., and remarks: "I would rather see the boy In a penitentiary ltM\ see him take part in the. kind Pf ix war I was in." Barger is ono of Uia nation's unfortunate hr-roes. llv went to war along with ills tn'o brothers. Th< brothers were killed, larger cmic back (3ecora'?{l with i::e notion's Mghcst honor for his rescue of a cnjr.pany coEinnaniler anrl l',vo clher tud:ies under ."Ml lire. He was cited for a single-headed raid of a German machine gun ntst, where [ i'-e had gene to rescue a tajiltiRti comrade. After (lie «-ar came misfortune. Barger joined (he Kansas City police deportment. In R shcotin 1 -' aftray with a robber he was scri- ouily wounded and had to leave the police department. His tv.-o children, J. E., and Mati-1 I^;i!s.\ were -seriously 111. His wllu bocam: III. Bills piled up. Barger co'.ild gel no v.'^rk. Th? tvar tension plus siibse(|u:nl wur- rlcs had undermined his stcnv nerves..He cmiM not hold s3ms of: the jobs offered him. Furniture dealers started to remove his unpaid (or furniture. A kin:lly lin:'- I A l> SI 1 It A I. rV LOUD xi-:i. SON was i ho lii-i,i ••! i he l':i I i I e. KV. \.VGKI. INK'S h ii in < » a i. i ii i;H.l,YI> I'JIB. in Srnllii HAY < Mi- Mr M> IU'Uioi:-£.' " .I.HISTIHKS) C— lord save liini a rent-free hiiinc n live In and ju«t a mcniii a;;o ]'.-.' was eivrn a ni^hi watchman's jo!j n. $18 a week. The KovprniiuMil iiitn Sin a iiinnih. Everything for Ynur Enter- tainmont and Comfort IUTZ THEATER hast Time Today -- "He Learned About Women" with Stuart' Envin and Allison Skipworth. Saturday Only Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25e See Buck Jones iii 'McKenna of the Mounted' (His Latest Picture) Serial -and Carlonn Alinvc. Mr. and Mrs. Chark's in uniform wearing some of the I.,n!isi', 1, :IIK] .1. !: , «; pishl, Harder FRIDAY. _ 11/1032, Qsceola Society— Personal will taf;e no part in iista nay cclsfcration L:'cau:i-j lie Is no! (lie "fine: w.ivin? kind.'. but he ml[>!n go to war a' If the country was IhrealoueiJ with invasion, but: "Net across Ihe wal;r lo protect o'.lier nations." He thinks the bom:s should b? paid in full, right away. Of . ; |js- nriimiiient he says: "I Ihlnk the United States ihould asp every re.'Oiircc possible to p~o- tcot its o'.vn .soil, ift 1/13 otltcr iin- (ions tak™ car? i:l the-iis:!'---..' T;I- last war showotl Ihe ill effnel;; of disarmament." His greatest worry nov: is liov,' he Is gnlng lo save enough money Ircm his nil! in watchman's job 1C pay off the debts he has contracted lliroiiRli the Icnii siege of illness and injury that, has visited .his family. I-'cnrc Hall Killers Krvivril BEAVER. Pa. (UP)—A ride on a Icnce rail—-stern dlsciplin? of. a past c:rii -has b^sn revival li;ve by lavnu-rs in order to halt theft, of farm produce and poultry. Twc men from Fast Ltverpsol. o., were accorded the uuinual treatment r.fter they allegedly raided frtrmr, n:nr tl:e Ohio-I>c:uisylvnniu line. Tlilily-fivo Mulhodisl women lock part in the all-day prayer •vice held annually fcr niKsioi!- ary iir.-jjcc'.s cl the ik'.ouilntitio.i, which «as- obswu-d by the Mi'liio- ilist Woman's Missiunary tiotiuiy ei'3 Thlirs'Juy. 'I ho inominij's j>ro r 'i.iin"" u .. . 1)7 Mr:;. L. Jlinvion mm th: 1 all:-r- lio-.'ii program Ijy Mis. V/. I). I'"lanni;ian. Al limciioon, which nt noon Ijy nicmt):-ri ol the >v.:i L-uclcs ol the society, a beautiful candle livMuiim ccri.'ii'.onv wu.s hud illi Mrs. Eli My..;.; ii:T--.idiiv<. Ca".(llcfi were li^mcrl l:y M:-;Until Lynn Drake i'i nn'iiiory <••-• Miss Sarah Esther Cii:*. sccr-!- t«iy uf the foreign ni:'':slotiary fcoard, v/linsc life :ui;l M-ork the pro^rnin esjK'cijiil^' cointii'imorafeci; l)y Miss Julia Mnv Morris.™ dedicating ii j>.irl ol UK.- iluy'.s ollcriii^' lo Eowuh College at Korc.-i. wlicic ;i liuildiiif; is licin;; ercct-jcJ to the nu'inory of Miss Case, and by Mrs. Mona Moore, dedicatlri« Ihe remainder of the ufi' ( -:-iiit$ to the Woman's and Girls s I.'cim-a, La. The society ins to Ms anniinl custom I lie dny's .special oircriiii- rqiially hetween a home and a foreign iniislmary project. A pap;-r tellimj of tiic life and vcik of MJES Case ivas read by Mi'E. W. L. Sc-ars. I Mrs. G. B. Segrsves W as clccte*' The morning pros ram was hslti -secretary succeeding Mrs Geo"" hi the church auditorium and ' Edrlngton, who resigned '"*" the luncheon and ceremony which Mrs. Harwell, Mrs. He™i-aws 1,1,1 followed il. In the church parlors. . Mrs. J. W. Eirlngton ° to -k iwlrt which «'?i'e l;oaiitlfully decorated in the afternoon'.? study of ••The ln •The S'cf f'-t the cccasicn with a profusion Autofiiograpiiy rf Lincol (.1 cl:rysantlKiiK'in.s and other nut- fin". vm-i flmvcr:. : Thc department voted lo devaa • their weekly meetini;s sn'ou. "(^ and to have cnly one 1? al meetings duri °' year ' • ter wee Tne CxtaK, ]ii;h School Pircn'J study and eucher r.M.-.ciasion mn Wetlnes- ; two sodal Ida; ffierncMi at the school build' Inij v.illi uveiiiy-Eoven members ' aiid lliK't visiiors jiroscnl. i Mrs. K. R. I!07an of Luxut: • iircwntrd tlia .••thool al |h;s meet. ins with i>. Confederate I!:r/ j.jve- by th? Ell!!,; t Iklcher chajjlcV o ;lhe U. U. C.. iinO also pre.'oiHc-t !v.-o br.-k-: iro.n Ihe rjiaptej. u . Ihe school library. A i:aj)cr »:i ehaiacler train- i»i: In the .'.rhool a;rl CMnmmiil y.i!- nrd 1-y Mrs. Harry Jone: :iiHl MiM Marjory Doyle rc:u "A l.»t!er tc; :: Molho". Nrusi' •*-as "fisiljru! !;y Mis'; Catln-rai, )fr.rvvell. [ The cr?ai:aalion . u r;r.i'L of i!-,o j-.i^ci-rdri r .fioni ils linlioive'cn l;o i: eai . io U.e iniivhnsu uf needed lor Ihe grade schna! library. M:;; Allies Ward's reuiii won ; '.In' jam- o/l'i'red niomhly for ()je ring ,, voted Ui |>lv jliz,.; |):ilt j ' hool ;a accord- divided mother attendance. ' ^The literary (i:partn;ent of tin Cstr.tla \Vo:r,at!s Progressive club ]Ma:; entrn:>ine'.l r.t the home cl I-Mrs. L. S. Mitchell Tuesday aftcr- | noon when Mrs. C. M. Harwell was elected chairman to succeed Mrs. F. A. H3«-ss, who resigned and Dr. L. Ilowton is a btisiness /isilor in Memphis today. G. H. RegravL'S of Osceola is i member of a party Including v. r». i-.'olland rind JcJss Taylor" of 3htheville. Fred Flccrnan of Manla and Walfon Wihm of Wilfon. who will drive to Naslwille id "he Vnii'J.'i-biU-U. ol T'^nni'.ss-pe cclbaH gumc Saturday. Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Harwell, Catherine Harwell, Miss N t .]| flhcadcs or Osceola acccmpanled by Miss 'Kan Frances Warren of Tyronza are driving to Naslivillq today to visit Malloiy llanvell who B in, Mhool at Vandcrbilt. and to We the VanderbiH-U. of Tennessee aame tomorrow. Rev. Eli Myers, pus;or of the first Methodist church; who was returned to this charge, is lionfe after ntlentling conference at Fort Smith. RAVENNA, Web. (HIM _ Prank liiltman, Ravenna barber, has shaved and cut hair for four generations of the Shcrrard family. , Read Courier Kcws \V:ua Arts. 3 Oper.illnns (n One Wrck NORTON, Va. (UP)—A Norton specialist performed three bron- chosco]>e operations in one v.-eck.l He took a glass out of Mrs. E. It. Tiillcy'a esophagus, a chicken bone from tlic esophagus of Mrs. E. L, Collier, and several pieces of coal from the lungs of a little girl, Virginia Francisco. Sunday asd Monday Adm.—JIatinee and Night— 10 and 40c BROTHER Tarantula Crop I'rosrcsse.s LAS'ANHvTAS. Col. (UPi — The [nrntuula crop appears to be do- ins all right this year. Usually, taratuulns rto not.make it as far north as Colorado, but. du= to the siis'.nineri dry sp,-l), they have migrated from their home-lands In New Mexico und Tcxns, nnrl are seen in this section of the Colorado. BROT — in The Greatest Football Drama Ever Screened! with RICHARD ARLEN Andy Dcyint, James Glcason, 1 c h n D 1 1 1 o v» , Candco Albic Sooth, Ernie Nfiv.cM . thy Schrrjr, Ernie Pinckert «nd the 1931 ALL AMERICA TEAM STOCKHOLM IUP>—The Salvation Army has celebrated the 50th nniiivcisnry of its activity in Sweden. It uas started by a woman. Commander Hanna Ouch- trrlony. General Edward J. Ktt;- cir.s of [ho "Army" was pri'E»ii'. al the celebrations in Stockholm. Rend Courier r^i-ivs Want Ails. HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Adm.—JIalinco ana Night— in and 25c 'Old Dark House' with Boris KarloiT (His Orcalosl Hole Since ^>^f^ Bargains for Friday, Saturday and Monday BmB&SSSgs; ~L 25C aa^aE 27c ^ weet Calif. Valencia', targe 176's while theylasi Pnt^lnoc fanc y ^d ir SL roiaioes Truinphs ib-jB- ONIONS ?'" ^"L k 39° GKAPES r ""' ' im TJ:,. 25 C APPLES Y " k "i't,,, 25 l> Mso Gloria Sluart, Jlilvyi Douglas and Lilian Hond Rorinl and Comedy Sunday and Mondav i\dm.—Matineo anil Kijjht- 10 iind 2oc A UNIVERSAL PICTURE by Ctrl U«mii! f News and Comedy BEN LYON ZASU PUTS J*MES GLEASON '««•« PURCELL "• HUCl'hUHEIl J^sw-i n^.,i Novelty ConieiK- CABBAGE l.b. 12 HONEY DEWS Each lettuce Bread Crisp Heads, GO's Country Club, 22 Oz. Loaf Sliced or Regular S 110BUCE DISPLAY aeh 5c SUGAR I'uro C;ine 10 LIis. MILK l.jri'. CunsZ.'Jc 10 Small Cans BUTTER SALMON Chum OfTC ;i Cans for U<J Cmintrv Club 1-Lb. C.-iii 'ilisbtirv's. 2-1-1.1). PF1CHFS L'un IOC R;u-li It) Pineapple Libbys each I5c Crackers Wrapped 2-Sii. carton 17c Fresh Psg Hams m » te « Salt Meat Fin " f PORK STEAK aSTW BEEF ROAST " rfelid ,. l .. 10 C VEAL ROAST '"""• S. 12'J : pound Gc MACKEREL "'""L,, 5 C lffiraB53a3K3S PORK BOAST ..... 9', VEAL STEAK T1 " ck ? k . Sliced Bacon GmiJ ^ Sausage, All Pork !S pound 7ic "Cake flour" quality at Mlif/inS - such as you have never tasted before Have you ever tasted Muffins made with OmegaV'cnke flour"quality? Until you do, you'll never know what deliciously tender morsels they can be. And Omega will make the same improvement in flavor and texture in everything you bake, for its quality is equal or su[yc- nor to the highest grade "cake flour." Yet it costs only half as much! With Omega it is no longer necessary for any woman to buy two kinds of flour -- an expensive "cake flour" for special recipes, and ordinary flour for biscuits and bread. Omega gives you the' finest "cake flour" quality for only a few cents more than the cost of ordinary flour. It brings improvement to all your baking and still enables you to save money. You can appreciate better the standard of excellence maintained for Omega when you know that less than 1% of the world's wheat is OMICA DEV.-L FOOD. Omega "•ill giic jo:i a devil /oul (nut nils i\<mc o/tlv 50«sii:c!S io hclrtl to cifoiil ii':;Ji this cuke. I/ ymi ««ii!J like tnirtcxed recipe, urite /or i;. good enough for Omega's requirements. This cream of the soft wheat crop is milled at constant June day temperature and even the air in the Mills is washed and filtered to keep it pure. Tested hourly in milling, by experts, Omega comes to you the softest and finest soft wheat flour. A HIGHER PRICE CANNOT BUY A HIGHER QUALITY. Just one week's trial of Omega will convince you that you cannot afford to miss its economy and the improvement it brings to everything you bake. Ask your grocer for it today. He has it for you in 12-lb. and 24-lb. sizes, plain or self- rising. Also the new smaller-size Handipak package for the convenience of small homes. * OMEGA FLOUR MILLS CHESTER ' ILLINOIS OMEGA CHEISE STHAWS. Ma<lc u-itfi Omega ibcy nrc tktictout — and net be- ytnl rlic ikiUof any c«*- Scnil /or (i rccifxr i/ >o:' * not hat-cone. MEPA PUREST jfoF/AoFT WHEAT Ai'iMuiyun M / ( Gixsl HiHi.'clcc^ln^ IrnfjtuTC . V ^' \ ' THB HIGHEST "CAKE FLOUR" QUALITY AT HALF "CAKE FLOUR" COST

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