The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1934
Page 8
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I , Nagurski and Fcalhers Pio Game's Best Ba! v < Canieis, Aie Beau. BV JIMMY IIONUIIDI, KFA Sscrvn-e S|H>rts Wilier NEW ; YORK.-On Sunday. !>«! B, the New York Clliiiils nnd the Chicago Uciis meet hoe foi tin professional football eliimploiislili of Uio Undid Slates—am) jinny I/MB's Louisiana rui|>lii> And unions HIP atnnts Induce- n niol) to sphll BionUici NisuifiM ofl on the lony long Udc>. nnd have Bealltc rcntlicrt, depoilul on Ihe groiimls of being part Indian Hfi golnt- to be the same old Morv —the Beni-s win s(aH anotliei winter barnstorming |oui ns lings of the coin game For the Bears. In Nnimrskl, have the best foolbill plnyei | n t) 10 world, and the second best In Feathers who. aUhoiiRh Inluicd 11 coupe of weeks nco .ind kept out of the recent qninc aqninsl the -5"iii^ umujj-»t uir ixtro t Lions Is exported to be able to play against the Glnnls As a unit George Halas' Chlcn- VO team has been the smoothest functioning outnt In the wester dlJislon of the league it satlc through tts Mhcdulc with ease lee hf the lireslsllble llnc-sinishln» n NogursH the biokun-flcltl ninnln of Fealheis, and Ihe great pin of Bill HcvUft planl nlnmnnn Broncho Is Tough M-u crick i Broncho, the former Minnesota mauler, is acknowledged bj everv man In (he pro Iwifiie lo be llie rreatesl llnccriiihci In tlie, game In addition, ho I? no rae«n pns fllopor, nnd his heive lo Dill H c wilt In the lost mated of the cm cinl gnnie- with Detroit resulted in Ihe winning touchdown Feathers In hh nrU vcar of Ihe Pro game aflcr an All-Ameilcn caiecr al the University of Ten- nes£ce, broke nil i-ccords foi n omul fttlnln? amassing 1052 ynrds in ^ attemots which Is Just n few Bears also "imvi^ (he- oilt- ..,-..,./*-iscoici in'lli> leasde In Jack Nfnnders llie fofnier Mihnc- Mtt voulh, «ho forml Into the ted nhead of Dutch Clnrl, Detroit ace,,»Uh Ins rpmnrkable ptncc. kicking Manclers booled n total 01 28 point* »(»er loiichdown and •seven flelri goils duriiiE the vcar Wilh Fcnlheis nnd Nngurskl luegfng the leather, the Benrshnve Gene Ronpanl former Mnrquelte star, nnd Carl Brumbiiigli, o.unr- terback furnishing the blocking-. The Bears' line probably is the strongest combination In the country Link Lyman, the huge luHe and Bill Hewitt, the e-mi, are the rfinduuk -J., B*ars- Lint Strongest ' Don't get the Idea lhat this superlative description of the Bears indicates thev nrc favorites They're choice^-but dldn t Princeton this year? The Giants have Olilfaso Hnr In emlnisli the lorn) Imls cnnslslpntly When Dinf happens, the Hears will daw the CilnrilK ilriwn )n ncr- Intra^City Cage Loop Is Planned of an Inlra-elty - . .similar [o the Commercial .Ignite of scvr-rnl years ago, Is. to be oflfelccl al a tomorrow night nt tin 1 of ComtiKHi' (ifllir in c (Hi hill The mi'ptlni' Is to 1,1-fin r ,t 7-10 ot'lofk All Dfifeafs Tiger Moore; Lewis, and Byre! Wrestle lo Draw in Prelim, , l.on Cliaiicy showed tin could not r>iily;dr,il nut the- riiiif>'l> stun tint could > wjesllo. ns-vvvll In wln- ninu : nvcr 'Tiger Moore -ut llic armory last niulit nirordlni; i iiipJM ITK of the "v,'lld mnn". ; Ohaiitiy. won over Moore. 2 m of-.'I- falls. In Ihei ffnliire mnlc on the armory curd, who are In Idlen^lfd In .. (entup nnd enthusiasts 10 are planning- on ml Ink 'pail (Utilities of the toop nrf^igul :o be pipsc-nt, by bukeit ft lh<> fo<;k Sutherland *) l sasonV Winner In Guessing Test Joek Sutherland. Pittsburgh Un- Iveislts- coidi. emerged vvlnnci in the thrcc-wny guessing contest on foolbnll games this fall when lie cnmp from behind to nose out Ihe Courier News sixjrLs editor bv n margin of 15 'polnt.s. Harry Qrayton, thlid member of the giicsshiK comblnntlon flnMicd » nooi third, 117 iwlntJS bdilnd Sutherland. The three predicted nctunl score.s of Important games over the entire country throughout the 'season. Sutherland took the lead by ttucssiug nearest the actual scores for tho fhst two or Ihrcc vveck.s nfiei which tlie Courier SPOILS ed- llor shot Into Ihe lead nnd held It foi some lime only In relln- tiuhli hLs position lo Sutherland is tli« cohtesl/ closeii. Oravson ran far fa6libi(l,'almi»l from the start, Cooler Alumni Cagers ' ; Drop G?une to Hayti COOTKH, Mo -T(ic, Coolci boys ihimnl nsttoolniloii plnycil 'tljcir , { rt .! r ' Fxldte ^liiDjg „- innlnder of out fitlier '-' I nil lo win, . . wn.s a drnw wit nl T'loyil liyrd fiic nui) nijiiiij.'.'tiic' re hour roulo with . Vie Raframcnlo NEW YORK, "Dee. 3. - Tli lirooltlyii Dodgers .have slimed 1 "•orkliig' with the Sac raineiHo club of the l-nclfic Coast League.. The Dozers will fan, out several players to Uio west const club next sp r fi 1g . Tuesday - Weds. , Mat. 2:30, Ki-USc Nile 6:45—10-35c 'ArtJ n I kink latim. DeprcNion your grandmother!... .. c^.s. 'SfitnmttcouM III Ultd In hard tlmti and %).,'•*$. I *% ^ j&. list game of thf spnson,iv,hcn hev met the' Hayli nhrtnnl team, oslinj by a score" of, 33 to 27. .{ Terry of Cooler amC Trainer -of Inytl v(erc high point plnyort of he Kfinic I Ttie bojs and girls bnsketlmll earns nf cooler hleh vvlll plfiy heir first games Hitli Dell, Ark cams on the locnl court Frlclnj leht The,Cooler girls nre im- efcated so"; far. "'™ " rc ovcrTCh c'niIng Ihe w riter's Ynlc beat — —., been handicapped bs the low of Hurry Newman their star qiiorlprbuclc, and lor the last couple of weeks have been experimenting with Ed Dim- owskl, former Fordham nnsh In hLs place Also, Jack McBrldc is nelns preppcd for n bnckfield post r " IUe , am "ts can whip the back- lield-tnfo shape for tlie neni con- cst, II will he a bnltlc ill U,e wny through, with Bo Molemla pitting hLs line crashing against that of Nagiirakl Danowskl tijlng to o»l""• Feathers and oul-gcncral ou-gcncral Biumbnugli, and Ken Strong, the Three Caruthersville Tigers Are All-Stars C ARUTHERSVILLF, Mo —Thre e member'! of the Cariithersville Tlj,eis football squael vveic given uoslllons on Ihe nrst nnd second learns of the all-star Little Sit Conference, of svhlcli Cnralhersville Is a- member. On the coaches', team. Nelson Creech, fleet halfback, placed at right half on the nrst Icam, and Ralph Ashei, big fullback and defensive Uicklc, was given nn end posl. The learn selected bj officials who have officiated In the Little Six Conference gnmcs assigned nnlph Ashei lo n tncUe posl on the first tcahi, and Kenneth A«ncr qiiurlcrback Suen Ihe cfptaincy and quarler- Mck of Ihe?. second team In addition to these, Cljdc Lonon got honornble mention ns n tackle J°" Corbc'U;ns a gimrd, and Ralph' McCaslln as a bick Creech, to he of many, although mi- WERE RICH ACAIM EDNA MAY OLIVER B ILL IE BURKE MARIO N NIXON REGINALD 'DENNY j O A;N, M A R S H LARRY y&ii.." CRAB BE '^DirtttiJ iy.'^'U'om'-^.- Stthr •'Pandit' : S,'''• Berti'in;: 'mcU'HM 1 . Matinee & Night—ibc - EFT50ONS! EFTSOONSI BILL, YOU HAVEN'T FIRED YOUR FURNACE FOR THREE HOURS- BUT THE HOUSE IS COMFORTABLE — HOW DO YOU DO IT ? IT'S EASY-I JUST LOAD^ UP THE FIRE BOX WITH CERTIFIED SAHARA- IT HOLDS AFIRE BEST OF ANl^COAL ( EVER USED ANol ^HOWITSAVES^ ^s'gt^oNw^ i»«(j ^^™ — -** *i E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE IOO ' ' U SAHARA COAL TKosc maddc huffoons!... in a taylc of oUc tyrae criivairic thai doili ihc bcllic shake , i^i WHEELER WOOUEY COCKEYED CAVALIERS • , Will THILMA TODD DO BOTHY If I Kill! Mi tirkr h Will Javn anj H Bctmln, PIC Pox News Comedy ', . ' Nflr "' P"!.?. .'.Anttf. /one, ".. '' ••'•.. tiffrmbrr- 1; 19SJ. Ifor^rrlMUs in niyfhevllle- •> - V«s sir, I tolii Mrs. Santa, a f«w days ago that of toys and >th«r braaUft,! gift, m uU my W/ •HI*, but erfwMirsftVuslom for( . es me („ walt u>1 JJi 'collMltnn all away $?••$&:.. ... ., .+' .+ '•,":+'. V:k',V. LOVELY., GIFTS.: OP PERMANENCE... WATCHES, DIAMONDS, NOVELTIES LEATHER GOODS, . PEN AND PENCIL SETS..;STERLING AND PLATED SILVERWARE. GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE IP YOU WANT1 TO GIVE , SOMETHING REAL PERFECT Make it D.mlcl Green Slippers for Her or for- Him BOOTERY Clo<xl Hhocs and Hosiery LADIES LEATHER , JACKETS Zipper style, light or dark browii, 410. New [Ylead Clothing Co. Dew.. Santa: ..We .know lots or little girli and big ones who want a permanent foi Christmas How about 'It? MARGARET DEEN BEAUTY SHOPPE GIFTS SHE'LL ADORE Atointors, Perfume sets, Bridge Cards, Compacts, Pangburn's Candies, ^Houblgsnt and Cotys Perfume Sets- Heating Pads and other acceptable gifts BELL'S PHARMACY BEACJTYY BRINGS HAPPINESS If you really -want, to make her happy this Christmas Include .In'your :giftj>.6rie .of our permanent • waves.' GRACE ELANORE'- SHOPPE GIVE SOMETHING PERSONAL Satin ami. Crepe Negligees. Velvet and .Corduroy Robes. Corduroy and Crepe Pajamas . .Satin anil Crepe Untiles THE FAMOUS Joe Applebaum LOW-BOY WAFFLE MAKER Bakes golden brown waffles' exactly to your " taste. Heat indicator tells vvlien to' poiir batter. Patented expansion hinge allows' batter to raise. Beautifully finished in chron- Imn .platc '- - $5.95. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO Walnut-Cedfir Chesls .Beautiful walnut finish Cedar . Chcsls, single or double deck style...A gift that nny woman .will appreciate...All moderately priced. . HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. .. •: * * + Such gills as compacts, watches, rings, necklaces, weekend bags, purses and other glfls found til Pat O'Bryant, Jeweiet .' *./+: + SILK H08E. ALWAYS : ACCEPTABLE Especially if it's, the new sheer-clear Allen A. . . 75c ,-IS,* 1 ' 35 also Ladles House Slippers at ixipular prices At the New York Store FLOYD A. WHITE Handbags for Auntie! Handbags for Motherl Handbags for the Uttle Woman! Little evening delights too, In melals-and sefiulns, and brocades, that. will brlig lasting -pleasure. Every feminine . name on your lust can be checked with a smart H-iiidbag from the NEW YORK STORE Such apnropriate gifts as hosiery, gloves, handkerchiefs, lounging robes can lx> found at PA.R'KIiURST'H. The Oif't Supremo The modern servant that banishes kitchen drudgery... the new Hotpoint Range with hi- speed Calrod units. ..sold on convenient terms If desired. Several models to select from. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI : , POWER CO. 4,5"At Your ,', Service" for Him Sports Equipment Golf Clubs, Bags and Balls Guns of every description Exercising equipment^ .of all kinds... HunllnVt clothes and' accessoiles All Modern lelj Price (I I HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. * *' + LOUNOIMO HOBES Black flat crepe. ;Wllh contrasting trims, $10, New Mead Clothing Co. + + + PAT O'BRYANT, jeweler, suggests bill folds, fountain pens, jwncils, vines, filled zipper sets, rigarclle cases. UshlcR. watches, chains nnd bands. . * * * At Haynes' Men's Shop can' be found gifts for the man • from 25c up. May we Fnesest" handkerchiefs^ .lies, pa- jnmnsv''shirts, scarfs, \ounslns robes, hats, belts nnd buckles? See our stock before making your selection. PARKHUHST'S — iheadquarters .for shirts, lies. sox. handkerchiefs louneln? robes, scarfs and'other masculine elfls. + + * PURE SILK PAJAMAS All colurs plain models $5, ' ouhs[ln? w: style? <010 . New Mead Clothing Co. Now I want lo Ml you something els*,' A'-'wliole Irt nr IM«.. i, : V , S»nla Claus factories will be on dlspl, y from noAjl / "? "£ - 9 " 1 th . e • r »'»««s Blythevllle. You <- an *t a pretty food itoT^at a r," My ioo^ChrWrn'' 1 'U* ^™ " ! have by mltinr all of thtse stores and looking ""r (he jjft^ Cl " l£lma ' i w ^ rt t»>»t *» B«ys and girls, I knov you'll be excited 'over ' Ihe' 'to« this year Th^ A ir of the cut«st:you ever saw Then the llltlp f,,^r,» \. • * '' dolls are same U just like uLt.pwn-.^' ^ ^ "mill/r And' ?™** *"* ev " 3 ' h - in « " d ° u ""A* (hinr, for bo^^Tw ffnTf^lh^mfa? S^^WlT^hr? "" **'•'««#**" Ihings all 4iy. ....'. . »ason_, irucks...why,I could go on naming y I've noticed that powii-uni soent -i Inl engine and other ' toy* 7hHh??hUdr,t ' i • " wllh Ynurs tor Joy .and HipptneKs, ' : SANTA CLAUS. Every ChiM Needs Or)e of course, It's the ne» A E s. Study Lamp—"Better light means tetter siglil'—Floor and Tnble Model*. , Buy Prom "Your Dealer or •ARKAMSAS-MiSSOURi POWER CO ' At Youi Service * + + " A COMPI.ETE TOY DEPARTMENT—for all ages Every thuig, moderatelj prlcqd OBERST STORE CO. Bicycle .Tire's,' Horns, Saddles Baskets, Handle Grips, Spokes] Wheels. Rtms. Brake Parts Repairing CARNEY 8 SHOP 113 S First, Phone 643 + * * TOYLAND 'iS OPFN Dok Tp t ddy Bears, Trucks Popguns Airplanes Fire .Engines Toolv chests Games, Chemical faels, Puzzles Play Houses Doll Dishes, Sevvin? Sets Trlcvoles Wagons Doll Buggies Tables and Chairs Story Books, Christmas Can dies and other Interesting Toys BFN FRANKLIN STORE (Toylmd l^Door East) We Hay* Wb/il They Want! Skales, Tricycles, Scooters, Bicycles, Coaster Wagons. Buddy Bikes,- - .22 Rifles f . (Stevens,- Hamliajn and Springfield). Pocket Knives, ,- Flashlights, Watches, Hunting Knives, Buck Jones Air Rifles and Scout Knives and Axes, including carrier. Burke Hardware Co. "We Sell for Less" * * * Visit our toyland, We special- ke In dolls and toys of ail kinds. LOW PRICES. I. ROSENTHAL. INC. For Him We Surest A Pipe, Cignrs. Shaving set or Shacffcr Fountain Peti BELL'S PHARMACY ' He Need? O loves \ and we have a large selection of Kielsklns and imltAtton pig- skin al 880. $1.49 and |I98 . • .Lined or Unllned ' . J. C. PENNEY CO •+:•»' * A Comforlabie Chair for'Dad I. 1 . How he'd love a comfortable . chair all his own...You'll .find ; fill styles, sizes arid prices In , our complete stock. . HUBBARD FURNITURE CO,-; TOYLAND NOW OPEN \folhers »nd- rilhers^.. ,1s well is children «11 enjoy a visit lo our compltte Toj Depafl • 'iment. J. C. PENNEY .CO. V +- *' * for Family * * * REALISTIC "FLOWERS— corsages,, vases- and potted plants. Call 428-J. ,-r ' . . : MRS. CIEO.^W.' BARHAM " ' '+.'•'.*•.'+ '•'••' SHOP EARLY! You will be pleased vvltli our selection of ladles',- men's.' and children's clothing "and -gift goods', Ren- .sonably priced. ' X I. ROSENTHAL. INC. • ' ••' : .-+ -*,..•+ '. .. .. : A'lTEN'l'lON MER! . A spiaU cash poy.ment will give your wife the 'perfect gift— A HOME. See our listings. Thomas Land Coi THE IDEAL DIPT • A theatre Coupon book for the • family or friends, '$2.50 and 15 •'••• QflOd^Any Tlmel . / Rilz and Roxy Thealers - s *. ( + * + ELECTRJC percolators toast- .ers, healing pads, lamps, vac- ulalors, sweepers, wnflle irons POPULAR PRICES WALPOLE ELESCTRIC SHOP. SMOKERS CEDAR CHESTS *gS S^SR^ 5 CHAms MAOAZir- ROCKERS CHILD s RUQS TAYIOR TOTS" DESKS MATTRESSES MIRRORS And many oilier items CHARLES ,S LEMONS irouwhaw iiirnlture ^foderalely f I Priced -t * * + See the largest and most complete stock of gift goods m Northeast Arkansas Toys glassnaw dishes pottery, leather goods, all makes radios tubes and batteries lamps electrical appliances pictures and many other lovelj things- all MODERATELY PRICED PARKHURST'S 107-109 E. Main Crystal ware-dlshe.s - silver w-are-lamps-io make . the' •Ffome Beautiful." ' Pat O'Bryanl, Jeweler ' Have your FURNITURE up- • ' holstered & repaired for a.per- .-" feet Christmas gift. SPECIAi, PRfCES. ', J. W. JENKINS & SON I1G S.' R. R.—Phone 139 •. <!•» ',. DEEP KNAP BLANKETS •- =•• 70x80 Deep Knap Double Blan- xets In a wide selection of beautiful plaids. 50 per cent wool - - $458. • ' J. C. PENNEY CO. • • ..-*. + + . America's . Finest Glftl Karpen Living' Room Furniture ...Made ,tq'endure throughout .the ages.: .Single pieces or complete suites. •' ' HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. **** ; ft rrnanence .HURRY! HURRY1 Right ho* «c have' nlmost every Und of a.Blcyc'te, Tricycle Mia'Wagon,'but,we ad' vise lmm*dl»te selecilon as replacements are hard to eel this year, .'..'• HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. for Hom Constant Enjoyment for the entire family with Hotpoint Automatic Electric Water Heater .in Uie home...let us «lve ydu the details. • - ARkANSAS-MISSOURt' ' : POWER CO. .-.-•:. ... A v ;w«ttnihou£e/' ELECTRIC : Raiig*,<oi; RADIO, would lie a - •-'• - . ,• Walrx>te T Electric Shop : The. ..perfect gift. One 8x10 .; tinted in oil and .three 4x5 nor' ''

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