The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1932
Page 5
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_™12A_Y,_NpKMBER u, 1932 «ft^-~: ct3l (ARK.) COUR1KU NKWS PAGE SEVEN Sciison with salt niul pepper nml Classified Advei'Usinu Kates M!nit::-,::n Charge ,. • ^ Count 5 Average Words to a Line Month rate per line, I* 1 ' li'.'JiUh 60° Bl.x liucs, i>or line per <iay . 05c Three times per line pur My 06o One lime l>ci' line* iw Ali Ads run irregularly take il:c one time; rate. WitliCTOlCY COAL AND WOOD I'HONE 107 "Our coal Is black treat you white." BUCHANAN. but we FARMERS having livestock to sell or If they desire to buy iney will find it convenient una economical to use Courier News Wum- Ads. COAIj - WOOD - CORN COLLINS COAL COMPANY tt. KY. & Clllc. PHONE 41 8P-K 12-8 KINDLING mid WOOD lor henllni; and cuoklns. We deliver. W. M. Smllr., Phone 080 or Gateway Store. 21p-k 11-21 WrtMfcU—'lu overhaul jour ciec-( u-ic Mvci-psr. Won: Ileuncr IL-IIU i-uin Trantham Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky and Sunlight Goal Sycamore & K. R .Si. Plume 33-1. 4p-'kl2-4 AUTOMOTIVE NEW FORD BATTEHIES. HeiHal batteries, recharging u:id repali 1 - ng, 777 Tire & Uauery Stallon. IBfJ-K n-l'j WORK WANTED by good, ;;U:idy man, will e:ns!dar anyllilnj sUndy. Adth'tjj "j ', Courier New* TO THOSE wklng Jobs the Courier News Want-Ails oiler n ivsuK iirixlvtcing service cost. Pliunc SOU. lu* WATERPROOF Covers fcr trucks I - . rvn.* A vi.'n KTHAYKl) mill wagons. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. First St., Phone a-a. 17P-K 11-11! 5TKAVIC1) — 1 ulazcd face Bay Marc, 1 ti'own Mure, 1 blue llcrsc Mule, 1 Li-own Horse Mule. Th: Hirer nii'iuis for the day arc " tut Dimmed wllli the nec- r.iliTler>, mihcrnl content v,uuiilns ci\rcfully calculated. A rii-j:) f u ;d is In oach n:o;i! ami milk [s used in urlcqunl eal, mam, to;i', 1 . d'lKia Silted ornngeo, ccr- ecildlcd crisp or milk lor chlldicn, | No:«y Mad; lirycans K. O. AUTOMOBILE Class, new mid I Adiinis, Uljllievlllo, :inil receive S1U used nuto parts. Jackson Autoi Howard. 7p-kl2-V Parts Co. Phone G6. 3c-k ,:ectnc Service, ',i Gu- LI J at low prices. Phone .18. WASHING 75c - - GREASING- 1'V . CO. Phone uKO. Prunpt Delivery. BLYTHEVILIJS '^DAV ft NIGHT SERVICE V-Uc-k H-SO' COA1 'CO., Wulnut & Ralirosul Sis. I'HON'E 555 • -I 8C-K 12-8 oiii-w ii_')r. HHSVAIU) UPHOLSTERING and refinishms , furniture. II. B. Oakc-s, 115 w. PHONE m E - F - ray Main Si. ' 11' K-12-i|}YV.- ;1)I!R C1TY COAL CO.. FOR EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing. U. S. B.nnk- cnsliipll 11U E. Rose. Phonc 1G5W. Ic-k 12-1 • MONTEVALLO-STR AVEN RED "•- ASH, SIP3EY. OLD I3EN & KEN- •IUCKY COALS. lOp-k 12-10 24P-K 11-H5 FOU RKNT TOR RENT—One small furnished iijiarlnietil; (.wo 3-rootn and one 5-rooin apartment iiniuriiishucl. ! Iicnt ieii;;o " Ilb:p to satisfactory len- KOOM & liOAUIJ ,, , „ . „ „ - - ; iniiU. Frank C. Dmiylas. Phones 333 ARTISTIC SHO-CARDS Qr WEEKLY. Alsa liousekecpma i or 454 - '' Hc-kll Small Signs Sale Banners flD [ULUK Y t , ( Uu( , I TOlTnFNT~F 1^ HAHVEY McCALL 305 E. MAIN ..... . ] FOR RENT—Five HOOAI & BC-AHD-Close in. 109 W. ™ ^™ :ie ' 20 ° GARAGES Asli. Mrs. li. Gay. room fiirnish- W. Kentucky. I0c-kl7 EXPERT AJECHANICS and Wrecker Service. Open all night. DAY & NIGHT GARAGE. Phone 555. } 3P-K 12-3 NICE MEALS, 25 cents. Phone 807.' S T.ORE buildlnj. Cll Franklin. $8 UiG West Ash Street. 5c-k 12-5 I L- Fowler. Phonc 450J. 4cklf FOR SALE DeSOTO SALES & SERVICE Commercial Aulo Repairing HOY BAKEK JOE WILLIAMS PHONE 838 AUTO GLASS, WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS WANTED TO BUY CORN WANTED—Marilyn Hatchery, UlytKeville. 21t- brni3 (o the bslllna point. Tomorrow's Menu lUtL'AIU-'AST — Slewed drleil pvliMts, crrorvl, cream, crlbj) biirtin, corn broad, milk, conec. linuil bciins In i'1'caiii, ernpeirult and! [upper Mind, peur up-sido-dDwn cuke, milk, coifee. l>al!ul Suiinlws Vulcrs Plane PHILADELPHIA. (UP)—A roduT- t!on oj Jp to 20 per cent In noise and approximately 15 IKT cont.ln vlbri(lon liasltiicn made on the "'•' no 'oi 1 Jil passjngcr planas ot eil crackerfi, apple nml celery snlml; ioaalrd corn bri-ad, molasses cook- lea, milk, tea. a liEWARU for return or in- rormi'.tbn Icndin 1 ; to return ol silverware stolen from my liunc liiShl of Kov. 3. E. M. McCnll. DC-K Vi-'J SUBSTANTIAL KRWAliD for re- 5-ur.cli-on: Ci'oam of • VomntO rcup, cr~.ulaiiR. cotlase clipriio nnd Jiov.a trend ;mi:d\vlches, apple ti !i:c: i.-.iddini;, Krapi' JUIIT. . J.;:-!!^-f: Veal nilk'ls wllli lo- mr..:. snvses, (wliv b.iki-d potatoes, trjunih croquettes, Btiiflcd pnniL 1 Ecl.i:!. cup cukei. wltli bntlcracotcli waiter, milk, cofl'c?, Aiv- ):lnln or pimple-sponge- cake vim be baked In individual basin-; cups. Tliu ciikcs should rot l;e mndt' of p. rich bnlltr lw- caiiK. 1 t!ie sauce Is nullc rich with en-inn. llullvrsrntcli Sr.ucc DlNNtJU ~ Mllet of linclilockln cnndld;i tiled In dei'p fat, turtiu saiicu, |-eutTiil. dTjimjAlunrs'criTdusTr |>rUes to nuiny volors. In Oregon, for Inslnncf, C. H. Svenson, .an Astoria blacksmith, was listed us idldalc [or slule attorney Air lines through a new mpthcd of. mounting the center motor to UK plnne In bushings of liver.rubber. Tho stem of H giant bamboo tree may grow more than n fool a day. By Ahem 29ckll29 I USED Stom ""* _._ ___ Dodson Furniture. . U. J. 4c-kl2-j BEAUTY 1'AHLORS WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR. TINTING it DYEING BURROUGHS adding machine with j B ta,ul. ctecap. Phone 1G5-W. Tckl4 i NURSKRY STOCK DELL'S UKAUTY SIIOI 1 , phone S-i 123 East Main. SHRUBS—All prices. \Ve set them out. licstci-'s Fruit and Produce. 19p-k 11-19 SCALP TREATMENTS OUR SPECIALTY MCADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP FARM LANDS FOR SALE—53 acres In cultivation. Vhone 2B8 2SC-K 11-28 pi Bl; iichool. HOMECRAFT FREE demonstration on latest sewing orl. SINGERCRAIT russ, toys"aitd gifts. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 24p-k 11-24 DRESSMAKING DRESSMAKING—Coats relined, alterations a specially. Thompson, Go!i Hotel. Ruth 20c-kli-20 CLEANERS. TAILORS 3 houses, blj Blythcvillc. 525.00 torn, In 6 1 miic of Phone 687 or miles good per acre, terms. J. W. T. Rarnett. 6C-K-TF DONT THROW THEM AWAY. I We rc-Iine, re-model and repair! coats nnd suits for men and wo-, men. Experienced tailor nnd exper-1 ienced dressmsher. Hudson Tailor! Shoe. 12C-K 11-12 -30NT DELAY, Mr. Bargain Hunter Now is the golden -opporuuiity lo juy a. 40 or 80 or larger farm. Improved lands can be bought at prices ranging Ironi 515 to 540 ,icr acre, cash or terms. It you ouy a home this fall it will m- .•ri.-ii.SG in value, pay a, good divi- icm and hc!p make a living. We :an locate you, write, or phone. nd OR KROGER STORE. llc-ktf WANTED turn cf Ulp.mond rinj. 1 stones ni'ni mounting, lost In or mar Mew Dixie Bterc. Call Courlw | K ^ ^up "ne'mum corn syrup. 1 W-K14 mbli-.'.pcoii buller. 1-2 vnnllln. Mis iTc-iim, siijnr and syrup, ctlrniv; mull ix-rlcctly bk-iulcd. Ccok In double bnllcr ovt-v for one hour. Hemovc from hcnt mid bcitt. In butler mid van- Illu. 1'cur over cup cakes nnd giirnif.h cncli cnkc with n GJIOOII- Iiil of whipped crenin. Trmiilt- Saiu-c I-'cui- cii]>3 diced tomatoes, 1 lou- apoon sugar, 1 leas]>con Milt., 1 onion, 0 cloves, parsley, celery !:a\cs. 2 tablespoons bntlcr, 2 labior,|:ooi:s flour, 1-u teaspoon pr|,|K-r. Cniined lomnloL'S can Ije used wllli equally [jood rcsulls. Use onc-cniiirt cur.. Melt I tablespoon butler In siHiL-e pan. Adtl union i»clcd und KITCHEN BY SIKTEH MARY NKA Service \Vrllcr - i Very tltfii the s:uio;- aver the Gcesn. Ifcns | meat, pu:iclini;, snb.d or \vgc- WIGGLY ; [ttblc . 5 |,i (t:; B m,..,! rro|l , „,„ rei ,| ln TO RENT-^! or 5 "T", Courier News. WANTED TO RENT—Small fur- j cur nlshed apartment. Box AB, ier News. i 5lQ OUQ UGXTWOVE, NE1^TUE:6, IS TO OUT A.ND SHOP / POT?. IX LAT?j(b£ tL 1 BOX,/-'ONE 6PECI/M.LY M/VDE TO FREEZE &T LtAST UUN'P'R.O.D OF OUR €JNGER ALE ICE CUBE^ AT OM6 ' L'U-' £,ET ^AV COUSIN ROSCOt TO <SO KuON6 —-HE KNOWS HOW TO BUV ft, T^RiSAiN ?*-- OHG Tlfv\E H& lA^6GL.t.^ OVER ft. BID OM 1^,000 PGET OT FIN/\LV.Y 6OT VT W HI'S HE'LL SE.U. IT "bOrAt 'DftN' TO COW-BOyt. -^-BUT t TOLt) HIM, T4O&COE,! SAYS, T*V ^^aPE G. G. CAU1MLL ISu.v 1»8 1'iioiie 797 15C-K 11-15 HATS CLEAiNED and re-shaped, 75e. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 53. 12C-K11-12 RADIO SERVICE KADIOS HEPA1REU. Work guaranteed, estimates free. R. L. DEDMAN. Walpole Electric Si:op Phone 31-1. Kp-kll-14 the lime lo buy farm cr home in town is .vhcn prices are low, this may not as;, we oil hope not. If yon want jvoperty at low prices see us lor prices and terms. W. M. BURNS I JOMPANY, INC. Oc-k I QUICK SERVICE on all types ol radios. Watch for our advertising car. park hurst Co. I'hone 57. 18p-kll-lk PLUM KING REDUCED RATES on plun'bins work dosie cefore cold weatiier. A. G. Aitken. Call 8Q4YV. 14c-kU-H ELKCTRICAT. Dust-proof bags. Brushes and rubber-covered cord for your electric swe-iiwr, liof fner Electric Service, To GUlen Furniture. Call C80. 13c-klirj ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES. Tix- turra ir.t! wirins. WALPOLF ELECTRIC 3HOP, I'hone 314 14p-kll-14 RESTAURANTS c;EO. WRIGHT'S Wall Street Lunch. Greyhound llns Station Plionc il 31p-k 11-31 TAXI IN A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 27D I8P-K 11-1 W E R T in: MAKCS -KM SKE Olfice Ovr.r Joe Isr^c'5 Store REAL ESTATE 4-20 Acre iniils. z ime at 6 FOR SALE blocks right, at o cash balance ilodcrn cottnge, 5 rooms and bath, :%3 cash. -Room Bungalow on Kentucky Avc. cost S3200. Sell for 51050. 5300 cash, $20.00 month. 'retly BungalOft- 3 High School, S1075. l owner S3000. THOMAS LAND COMPANY. LIVE S10CK IOME GROWN fresh. Cows ond Springers fcr sale. Stamen 'cpiwr, Huffman, Ark. 7P-K12 FOR SALE—Jcr.scy Mitch Cows with yoiir.g calves. See Tl. XI ,'snck i\l Harris' Itarn. lD])-kll-19 MILCH COWS for snlo or trade Hester's Fruit & Produce. lOp-klll! TOR SALE—Fresh lost! of 'milch co'Ji's, 10 head of shoals and stock bull. R. M. Beck. llp-kl Ford Service T vonn -'nKj-Ains K SEUV1CK PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'honc ~S \ : Second Hand {! FURNITURE BOUGHT AM) SOLD i R. J. Dodsot?. 301 K. M.UII Have You Tried ACTON the best Phone 100 For Free Sample E. C. P.9BiN of every day Into the unusual nnd popular. Tiie fo'ioivin- gains miii-h lra;n In sliced ,-in:l ccok slowly tinlll llv;hl- VL!I ' cutlets nnd the ly tronncd. Acid lonmtocs, sugar, salt, cloves, parsley nml celery butterscotch smice sewed with the nisncd house preferred or fur- quite (hvoiigh a colnndcr. Melt re- malniiii! butter, Btlr In flour nnd 10P-KU biilli'itcotch ivlu-n b'.ibbling atlci HOOTS AN'D HER BUDDIES JALESMAN SAM VKRV .MUCH SO! AS LONG- fts uj£R& OMTH' jRlUB!ROTEftM J oJs.OU&t<'(ft ouT sone.' eoRww5.o PASSI M'- / KETCH IT OM ~w' I —o—— y/J 0 i BJ2 QintA tenner., we., nrf. y. s. WASH TUIHJS MKKT 1'Al'A! HOURS INTER, WE 61RIS UNiVfi To 6E TliE lOI,^ Tut BORDER 6V ft HORPE OF FlKJITVJfc PANAZUELAN AN!) SKEPTlCfM. BUT TO ft IOH6 STORY SKORT< THEY G1ME WE GIRLS A LIFT. IHCLUPIH6 HEARTBROKEN 'S "bZ* •»" '•*- ' ^^~~ >- KRKCKLKS AM) HIS FKIKA'DS f PAGING K!-;i) KING! ] FOOTBALL PLMS 11 7H£ MINNESOTA , BOVS O'JT OF EVERY PL AYE Pi IS THE BEST THAT V.£ HAS IN HIM ....60 IM FISHT CLFAM .'! (Oxh 'J IIH- Ur.^frs:!) oj ^{L-^K'Jol.l, KifE llie <Jc\ck>iKWni r( jhifl now kr.nv.Ti .is \\<? "Mmw^ot.i sijL was pto 1 W), am] luJ a lol of op(»!m!! Icm vs SHADYSIDE %-^VWV COACH 3ooSE 6WK . !l is noiktil ilif way: TV six IcAiirJs fee 1151 a few yateU b.iclc n( fcr.ld, isiili A; barb n • mm u hij''' into l;r.f, fo3o^cd tjy thf K^ft<, v\Sd l.ilr up the pcOion Wat ihc ril). Jbis posi- \'sn tin be t&a lo r^it ci Wl of ffcltirii j^ ^ is rJj)i\STi}< wcrVoJ lion lliis'Ul, snd crJ luns, lo patMt^nd IrxV •mws.

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