The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1937
Page 10
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' ' ,'< > N t fc '|ih(!$>me .(Taxpayers May Offset : GairibHng Gains With Losses BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' J«S /s,(lie second of..n.series •('vfc~ jthbrt'jrdiles on dntue- tlonjj^ that"nuy b« made lij (he ; avtrafe ^taxpa'jer in making out ;his f«4ffal income la\ return. , By 5 NE^ Sen ice Suppose jo'ii followed the |K>i|I<!s last. >ear,,and'never qutlc caught f !>P In other words,"you were out $100 oh race bets Can jou deduct that loss from jour income Hv return? ' Not unless jou also son $100 In a couple of jw^cr sessions That Is, you jnay deducl your gambling lo.'s- f> onl> to the esicnt tint they offset, gains—jou, may cancel out r jour, gains if-yoii have equal losses OlhtrnlsG the') are Just you hard luck; no deduction And of course If you -veie winner nil 5'<"»r without ill) lasses to deduct, that-i jour good luck, but the ta\ collector wll) expect to see It alt listed on jour return ns income MiOOF hFQUIRFD Be careful Mbout deducting tint *W Ihalijoe makes Ins onert joii for <a many'long months if Jne his owed jou Ihc money for jciis and je-irs, you can't Just dtdilrl H any lime You must deduct It in Ihe return for Ihc jcar In which "you nnallj- decided It <v,as uorth- Mess ' v-lf you kfjen* books, they'd Wtier show that Joe's debt was charged oft in that year But you can t let a bid debt run along and then ng an en J*k sour sepr, to clnrgc it on Jiheneicr It looks like you'd have h a high tax lining the circumstances am! Just why you gave up that year any hope of ever collecting from Joe. TAI'KK LOSSES' DON'T COUNT If you can produce 1 definite cvl- itcnoo' thit 'a bond or'notc due >oli during the jcalr wis'iwid oir only fn prut nnd Hint the rest Is HOMM Boln^^to be |xil\l, 'yon can deduct Hint mrllnl'loss, * But notice that, mere depvecln- Uoh In Uic value of a boml or note, or other such debt, is nol-n los.s for income tax purposes. The loss comes when you .sell II nnd actually sustain n loss from what you put hi, or when you definitely find out that if Is worthless, "Paper losws" [rom mere dor'rcase In value nfc not. deductible. MX1': How livis and lnl(r. fsi tire lniU'dl in iuninu> las rdui'iis. Soybean Restrictions Lifted for This Year jablo (o pro;o rthless, loo sany doubt attach • n return out- ''WAITED jrriment i Cotton one 167 ' . BROS. ! - - \ COTtON CO. Dattt ttOt. KythertUe, Art. Due to Hit? fact that ..„ Grown .on conserving or rented acres ilhdcr the 1937 farm program may be sold to oil mills foi crushing, It Is behe\cd that Ihe'ncrcjige of soy bcuis In the county v,lll he in- crcascd this year. The restriction ngnlnsl sale foi crushing, tn foiec kit jear, has been completely ic- inovcd Soylx"in<i crovin on land out of cotton and lentcd to ttic Boverumcnt can be handled In any mnnncr that the piodmcr sees Girl Strikers Sal iri/e 5 and .10 Heiress Reiser News Harvey Wilson ,has bought Hie slock of the Watson Grocery wiic and look clinic the (list of Maich >Hr>im<fl)t\V|lsoii.or Ofceoln Is helping this \\eek'but nlll necept a IxisHloii at Aimpifrl soon D R Jones hits letuined to Kcl- •i fioiu Mlssouii lo icsumc ills place «ith Ihc Kelsei Supply Co •Mrs W W Watson Ji visited her parciiU;, Mi and Mrs W W Ward, hi Keiincll, Mo , liiesdaj John I'. Kelsei took his oichcstin the Kclsci High Hnrmonl/cif to piny for rhnpcl service at the Shawnec nigh School morning I WOULDN'T OF BEUIVnn^ IFIH^TSEEHITWITH HYOWN EYE* f I!V WAI. E, MoKKNNGY Srcrnlary, Ainciinui Hriilgn U'acuc Declarer Is one player In n bridge game who fs privileged lo "" ns lie pleases, because he has no partner who can be fooled by the playing of 11 liish card when n smaller one would hnvc served (he .s-jime pnr- po«c. "False-carding" is playing n higher card of n sequence In nti iffort to make the play of an opponent'difficult: Defensive false-carding Is dnn- ,uous, Ijccnuse the partner h just is likely lo he, fooled as the declarer, in a recent sectional. tour- mmciu. however, William n. Hill, Ji. of New York, false-curded dc- A. Come in and See These •;'/,. Slartena-red Chicks! MOT TIME you't* ov«i our way, dtop tn and nee lia Slarlona il cluck* b«inj gtown in oar rtor« Tak« time whil» you'ia In l£:£?s, , ™?P ma ">• Wflglt of thew chick, with the a lot I d H * ** r ? m<!n .' Slan darcl weight [or baby chicks What tirtb? a \e£d's™rtlaa °b —* - Q * 6 . I ° 9< i- P?^,"* 11 ! 011 Mp«cU of a Fortified wilh Pur-a-tene, buill o[ a bolonc«d, Hended mlituro of many different icgiedlenti, Starlena it bound to fa,mg out th. bnt /^/fuiiiHA (kaf* in a chick, . V r / I "."i!S Cam* <• and «c* tfctii cUchi, AM »ttn youi 112 E. Main THE GOODWIN COMPANY Phone THURSDAY, MARCH 4, :.1037 clubs In Die South hnnd, Therefore, there Is no biddable slam, Mile of I'l-iinli's- Snuflil PERR'YOPOMS, P.I, (UJ>) — A mile of iipimies is llii' goal s?l by" a .Sunday 'sehool cluss of tlie local Mclhtdist Kphcopal church in n drive for funds to repair the church building, Compulation re- venls that It would lake U4.4BO |K j n- nlcs placed side by .side lo reach the goal. H*oil Ooiirler News Wanl Ad« ' . .1 Ifave Afafe CLEVBLAN D. (UP)—Out at viwkswc. 200 Alice Sirat wails coyly r 01 . a mnlc s | 1(; . s |level . sc[;n HO's on his My from eqimlorln! Africa. Alice ,ts n jicrfoimltig chlm-\ pan/ee, iuid the jicn- arrival, If fy takes kindly to learning, W ||i. ^,..' irnlncd with her for a <toulj|p nc t, w " 1 * '•'X'nlfil ut In I Norih Srwiu! ADDING MACHINE & TYPKvVRHTR SERVICE BUREAU . - 4 I>O makr. jf Keli of (ho main WM | W orth S-and-iO ^t'\! 0!Ul ? W ! lh ' C " CCllt lmrc " i " ><11sc - «" o man MW or S-a tmcti,. Detroit romped and sang sonfis svhlcli gal)y S atir|,cd coimUss von Haug W it7-neventlo'v the former Barbara Jlultoi), Wonhvorlh heiress and formerly "the i-'chest Bin m ,„,',", f l,ike, s are piclnred here. Meantime, Uic.strlKe lea.iers'thi^o ^ c ^ ,™ the enure WoolwcrU, s ,sle,n. demanded . »,orc pay, 'shorter hours/ ,^5 B s in Do , : m,d a do,en In .another, ate at I,, C .store's fountains, s,e,,t on m,,itre«es d! Sg e,l „, o the : Ls Defender'Drops-.His King : •' • •.•'••,•• ' O to Defea t SI a m Gon tract fenslvely with sucii telling, cffec' that he and his partner t'nliicd n clear (op. When the dummy went down It wns evident to all tlio players particularly la I!ll], w |, 0 sat South, that West's contract was safe, In rubber bridge nn extra Duplicate—All vulnerable. South .West North Kast Pass J* ' p ilss ; ,i v Pass • f.'t , .-J'uss r ' 3 A PaSS f * ''V.. PlISS I'afj Open ing -lead— » 2. JgniTISH dominions ;iml olhc; . possessions arc plamiini! special slamps for the corona I ion o! King George VI. May 12. Canada announces such n'set. lo be placed oivsalc immediately after the coi- onalion.and lo be .ivnibble for several weeks thereafter. Before this set 'appears., however. Cnnad-i expects lo issue a regular scries of George VI slamps. Newfoundland will ue included In the colonial issues planned in London, on! will add II stamps of Us own. making a tola) O f H values. , South Africa plans a scries ol live pairs of slamps. in Knglisli nnd Afrikaans, making n tola] ot 10. Soullnvesl Africa will issue similar pairs in seven values or M in all. Coronation issues nlso will come from Southern "Rhodesia. I'.ipiM Australia. New Zealand, nnd other British units. * « • Cover collectors should prepare envelopes for firsl day issue of the forthcoming 4-cent army nnd navy slamps. Send self-addressed covers (not more than 10 for each ype). wilh money order covering total of slamps reciuired. to Post- mailer, Washington. D. C. * • * Although it may be too late lo arrange for covers on the first return nighl of the Pan-American clipper ships between the United Stale? and China, envelopes may ] 5-1 DC prepared for the firs! flights to Macao and Hongkong, scheduled .° '.,^ vp San Fr «ncisco about Aptii 1, f* t. 1937. NBA Icrvlcc. Inc. (rick or two is unimportant, bin; In duplicate these tricks play nn! Important part In' deciding bc-| twcen tops and bottoms. This fncll was the basis of Hill's strategy/' The opening lead was won with- tlie ace of diamonds, ami n club was led from dummy. South played the four and the queen lincrae held (he trick. West now laid Today's Contract Problem ' South opened the bidding with one spade, West overcalled with two hearts, North bid two spades, East went to three diamonds, and South, torn spades. West now bid five hearts, which is passed to South. Should he double or bid further? SOUTH AKJ 1042 VA » 1072 * A IOCS None vulnerable. Solution in next issue. 4 Now Open for Business Our New Service Station 2-J Hour Service Tires Repaired - Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co Phone 633 drwn the nee of clubs and Hill cleverly played the king. Tills play made declarer change his Indies. 3ie 'led (hi'cc rounds of trumps, leaving one trump in nidi hand, nnd then laid clown the 10 ot clubs. When North failed lo cover, declarer- discarded a heart In dummy. The trick was won by Soulli, and was held to five odd. As the cards lie, West ran make six, but he must find the ace of hearts and the king of $195 FULL * '— QUART SWaPIHG THE SOUTH ! GULFSWKNOCKPROOFGAS AND DONT FORGET-1'AA QUICKER- STARTING TOO! YOU TURN EVER/ KNOCK JNTO A BOOST' IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS, tlic sales of Gulf's new No-Nox Ethyl have hit a brand- new high! for motorists hare r/iscorcrcil that the gas itself bils.t brawl-newIi!gl>— in anti-knock value, power, smoothness, and economy. Gulf's new IVo-lS'ox Elhyl is a knockl>rot>f gasoline. Starts instantly—requires less choking—cuts crankc.isc dilution. Golf's new No-Nox Ethyl costs no more than other premium fuels. It is sold only at the Sign of the Orange Disc. Drive in and iry it. With Gulfpridc, the world's finest motor oil, you'll have a team of champions! FREE AT ALL GULF DEALERS- and other features. FUN FOR MEYER BROS. COTTON CO. BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS

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