The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1934
Page 7
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER <J, 1034 BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.) COU1UI3H NEWS ', PAGE FIVE , CLASSIFIED SECTION •a Directory of the City's Wants PHILLIPS' -USED CARS JUS'!' A FKW OK OUK MANY 15AUGA1NS '28 CORD ROADSTER, lium- blc Seat, Real Tires and Motor ...'. S 09 '29 FOIID TOWN SUDAN. New I'alut ?11J5 '33 FORD TUDOR SEDAN. New Motor $115 •33 CHEVROLET COACH ... 5385 •SS CHEVROLET COUl'li ... S ••a FOKD UELUM; COWK. Rumble .,..: $325 —TRUCKS & TRAILERS— I'ICKUr. Closed B. F. Kigcr '30 KORI) Cab . '34 KOill) prCKUP. Cab, 1,500 Miles '30 CHEVROLET Closed Cal>, Large Body •so CHKVI!OI,I;T Closed C;il), Ilurgaiu Closed T K U 0 K. 1 1-2 Ton, T Ji U C K. I!'-Ton. A At 5 57 Dual KINGHAM TRAlI.ilt, Wheels, New Tires $10 \VE PAY CASH KOU GOOD USED OAKS PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT L'o'rnei' Walnut & lit .Streets I'hcinc <ii3 OI'EN NIGHTS 'TIL <J I'. M Restaurants Best Oy.slcrs & River Cat Fish Chicken Dinners Every Day Jimmie O'Brieu 105 S. SceullU Business Directory LET US DO YOUR WELDING AND MACHINE WORK BOILER - DRAGLINE - ' TRAILER, REPAIRING Vo'Carry A Pull Line of Shiiflhis 808 BLYTHEVILLB MACHINE WORKS Operated by Huy I'acc FOR RUNT—a room furnished house. 508 N. Oth Street. Coujils preferred. (Ill Large HOUSE, ore','tnxl ;in dear- den. Mrs. S. P. Murdnugh. TO N. 6th St. -l-pk-ll 3 room modern I'UKNISHED apartment, private bath, ijuraui;. 224 Dougan. Cnll 031 W. 1-ek-u Chitwood & .Weidman Ucctrie.'il Wiring - Metal Work Between P. O. and Chevrolet Blclg. Pi! one 286' Closing Out Entire Stock of BOOTS At PRESENT WHOLESALE Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co. oug 3 Room FURN1SHUD Apartment. near high school, 914 1-lo/ini, :>8p Ml BED ROOM, close In.. Men only. 310 W. Wulriul, Mrs. D. B. Nolen. Me kil NICELY 1'UHNISHED MENT. CALL 202-W. Ai'ART- ao-ck-u KOXY LUNOH ROOM. Doing 800(1 HU.,1, Walnut business. Will accept car.:J. II. D '«CK TT a In lit Real Estate Conclnml. -Business , For Property Sc\lc CONNOR & MATLOCK ELECTRIC and ACETYLINE WELDING No Jol) Too Large or Too Stfiall. HeasoimWe Prices - Guaranteed Work SE Corner Ash and Railroad In Old Trinity Farm 13!dg. EDHOOM, steam heal, 'enrage. Men preferred. 911 \V. Ash. Call 60. 8ck-8 Seven brick store- buildings In •100 Mod: oa Ash street, simill cash payment, easy terms lor bal- mcc, also, brick business property on Mnln shvet, located li\ the 100 Wl 200 block, price will be quoted o those who are intercatecl. You can' buy n business home mid |i«y ilmosl . like puying rent. \V. IW. Bums Agency riioucs ats & '212 Farmers! For $6.50 and the cotton we will make you 11 Good MATTRESS. "Trade With a Home Industry" UPHOLSTERERS J. W, Jenkins & Son llti S. nnilraiii - - Phono 13S 'WO nicely TORN1SHED BEDROOMS, moderately priced. Mrs . A. P;sher, 101 E. Davis. 24-pk-59 BEDROOM; a<fjolnlii!; tatli. Mcr preferred. 212 W. Kentucky. Tele- hone S8U, 8-clc-lI RITE I'KICB GROCERY BUJf GKOCERIES KIGMT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRO DUCE, FLOUR, MEAL, ETC. in Old P. O. Bldg. Phone 234 We Deliver Factory Authorized FRIGIDAIRB SERVICE Fucfory Trained Mechanics Day 67—Phone—Night 382 107 Main St. E. B. GEE SALES CO. Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC worfc at ulglit. Reasonable rates. Call 306 or 192. Automotive ,, TOR. < BATTERY.. aESlVI.013 Ben Clinic 203 W. Ash -- Phouc 8. "WINTER AUTO SPECIALS Dc- Freslonc, Alcohol, , Henters, frostcrs, Wllliird BHlierics. 1,E1' US PREPARE YOU WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Phone 416 phone FOR AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Cobb Undertaking Co., lm SEEVICE & QUALITY .AMBULANCE riwn« 26 KOB BEAUTIFUL- FLOORS RENT OUB FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OF ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDER room, hulli, Unfurnished APARTMENT. K Simon. Call 7ti-i. 28c ktt Filling Stationii OIKAPEJt AND HEri'KK fiAS AT Southern Service Station STEELE, MO. !'lillU|)s CO Products AN'L'l-llNQCK OASOUNU ai hour service "No iirlcu lower lluin ours,''" Lost Aid to Carolina Farmers source for tin U. N, C-.u')-U'c fivsitit mill ciiiily i:oiiip:intc.s nvutlccl blnck walnuts, KvniuM 1 * ncwleil nmncy. stale department of ngrtail- lurc slopped in and helped them l logo liter. Many fnmiiTs lnul bluck wnl- nnls going to wasle, wllli no hojni of selling them. Muny iiuvcr had o[ sellhiij them. In nmllni; n market tor the nuts, tlic l)c|)art- of Agriculture oiK'ned a new some African Irllifs the loclors, mill not the patlcnLs, Ukt the nu'dlclno. For Sale FOH .SALB-CAPE-CJood lOfJltlon. good ' rqulniiK'ul, (jooil building, reui'ouarjh.' rent, Urowu's Cale, Lnx- or;\, Ark. Bl-pk-l BARGAINS In Used Heaters. Hubbard Hdw. Co. RKWAHU for return of blue coin Jinse coiitainljig iilioiit I'Jl ciish. Mis. Clldord Joyncr. 4c kl Eggs, Poult 17 Utiy FRESH EGCIS Ihc day they uvc laid. At PICKARD'S Hlorc, 10-U Chlckusuwbii, or rtlrccl from our hennery. • Newly mined diamonds have been known to. explode. TlWne 111 At Nljlit—Sumla.v—Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service 1 Phillips Motor Co. of nuicU-necdcd .- growers. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. JNSUHANCK ur.i-r. MIHV l-iiealeil :H 101 Nurlh Seiond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON imWAHIIS, I'ro|irlclor ill nrnkra of rebuilt Typewriters, Aihllng Blnchlnea ailu Calc llcimlrlng—1'urls—Hlbbuns EAT 11 us is 'iiu: i'I;AOK WHLI;E YOU CAN OKI ANYTHING YOU WANT, Kresh Grapple, From Reolfoot' I<uke' Oysters High Grade T-Uone Steaks Fried Chicken Roasts of All Kinds Cold I'latc Lunches CHANOH OK MKNU DAILY GliORGK WKIGIIT, Cliff HARRY BAILEY'S State Line , Service Station ALLEY 00)' NOW WHAT AM'I GONNA'DO? (TRACK DOWN' THIS WOB,TO RESCUE OOOLA^'J' I FIND THEY'VE ALSO GOr TH' PPINCESS WOOTIETOOC' HOYKAWOW, WOTTA MESS/ {< .f .. /T"/ Rend Courier News Want Ada.' Hamlin FIX YOUR CAIv FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices Faint jobs, Ilcjnimnff Iwilies, Si- iionizhif, Changing ' Transmissions, Washing ,t Greasing with Marfak Grease & Quaker Slate oil. John Heavn—Jiunuiu BinUley BARN BIT AUTO SALES CO. Phone 888 Shoo Repairing' WINTER IS COMING! SPECIAL PRICES on rcpairins shoes before cold weather. Progressive Shoe Shop 103 a. 2nd St. Get Tour SitOES ready for winter. Newest machine just installer!. L'very job guaranteed or money refunded. E. E. Ratcliff. Across Crotn Hubbard fldw. Co. Simon P. Lee Oldest shoe maker hi count "Trade With A E'tonccr" 111 6. Hailro;ul W. J. KNOX Having made all kinds or shoes for ABNORMAL feet, can repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL fee'.. Wanted BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second I CAM RID£0(- DINNY RIGHT INTO THAT GANG AN 1 RESCUE OOOLA.WJTllOUr ANY TBDUSLE AT ALL —BUT IP I OOTrlAT, I'LLHAKTA ' RESCUE WOOTIE, TOO f ! GUESS ILL JUST' HA1MA LE/Wt; DIUNV 6GIIINP,AM'OUIETLYSTAL>i TIV PARTY UNTIL I GET AN OPPORTUNITY TSUP IN Ml' PESCU6 OOOLA|WITHOUr WOOTIB GETTIN' WISE ' AN' THEN — MOP THA'S. OUT? 6UMPIN.' j CANT LEAVE OOOLA TO BOOTS AND HKK BUDDIES S. 0. S.—SAVK OUK STOMACHS! SAW FILING of all klnfls With automatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second COPPER WEATHER S1RIF Saves fuel,at small cost Arkmo Lumber Co. Coal & Wood PARKS BROS. COAL CO < PHONE SHI TOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Energy Illinois" "Hlack Hoyal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL—LOW PRICED My Coal Is Illack but I treat you \Vlii|c. I-'ill HJI noiv. JOHN BUCHANAN - THOM: 107 WINTER IS HERE! J''ill your bins IIOH' with the muus Manic Itctl Ash Coal—high In heal, luw in iuli; (ir Majestic tfitalily t/'irdc Illtimis t'oal, best quality from Wtstern Kcnltitliy. FEED—SEED DllY WOOD—KINDL'ING . We solicit your palronnnc on the basis of high quality products, Salesman, casli prices, prampL service am Wauled—Experience!! «ilary {(liaraiileed. c.\|)enencc In |honest dealing. j You get what you [jay for here Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. Parker, prop. Phone 127 coal business not essential but must be experienced ami have good personality. Apply in person Thursdiiy morning. Doc. lilh. Superior Coal -and Mining Co., North Highway 61 nml ColUm Kelt. 3-ck-C SOLICITORS ID .sell S. Railroad. Phone WD. Attention Fanners! \VB BUY HOY BEANS, COHN AND COW PEAS I'aimers Cash Kccd & Seed Co. J - W. PAHUER, l'ro|). t'lmuc 117 itidlo a w <l liotii.-. ana ravi , dren. AH,,, j j, Slecle. Mo. See Us About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. "Kacliant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL a 14 WASH TOBBS PRINCE PHIIKRT HftS S*\ NO WE DUCHESS OF MflRMEWPE IS TRVIH6. 170 FIMO WASH AWD EftSX, TO tELL THEM HE HORRIBLE NEWS. ' ^___ ^. ( vo, HO,HO!"WJD"A HI, WONWV, NONWV/ V^PTUREO A60LOSWIP TROM fHt SPflM SPflMISH^MflN. J t 15^^-, SALESMAN SAM 'COELt, c TO BE PRflMK, I DON'T LIKE YOUR ^U5l ' -' - I CAR& LESS FOP VOCIRSOCKS (is THERE OMV- HIGHKA1AJTIN'! flWD DOM'T FAUCy VOOR GLOVES.' /THiMG ELSE ._-— < ' CRS1 SHOW V-, V/ 1? V_—. WOT FROM VOUR TRftSHV STOC« ! ] VES^IR ' MR. HOUJEVER, I WOULD LIKE TO BUV <HflMDLESTH'T(CKET ft Sfe-flT FOR THE GRAND CPERfl ) SftLE-HE'LL DUCHESS FAU.S To RKID HER HEROES, BUT WELL, i S'POSE vfl SOLD -mar STOCK-OPPITV GENT A FRONr ROW ORCHESTRA SEAT ' WELL, VES ! HE PROB'LV GETS A KICK OCITfl LOOKIN' OCX«M ON PEOPLE f Personal Will ([nilL QUILTS reasonably. Work neatly done. Mrs. Leonard W. Hull, S. Lilly St. woman to keep rliiiri o-ivk Cafe 1 l ' m ll)ton >™li°» leading (e lh« HI - OIHHI. u.i '" • MI and convlclloi; of paitlcs who smnslicd Gtiara's window Monday, For highest prices on Pceans see Nov. 12. V. E. Tomlinson, Chlel Wolf Ai-lan, us E Main ''if Merdmnl's Patrol. We U4 • 13ckI2-13 AS O MATTER OF FflCT, ME TOOK ONE [M TOP ROW OF THE BflL- CON Yfl (MftGINE THAT? FRECKLKS AND HIS I'AUl,•••KBVKKB, .lit! FRECKLES M IS'COMING AWNS ANY MINUTE, CAR, FOLKS.' ' He's MY \Ts .WO'US'E,FRHCK! THEY Y5LL, EVEMTVIOOGH THE/CANT S6E You! MIGHT JUST AS V/ELL SIT.UP AWD TAKE IT-' IT SUFiu BEATS ME HOW. THESE PEOPLE I'M HEREEVEIJ I AM HIDIMG.', 1 ' -i i,. 'jlc STEPOM IT, NUTTY. 1 THOSE PEOPLE 1 EMBARRASS ] ME... I'LL J »iDi£ I 1VIE BACK 1 SliAT

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