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Pasadena, California
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FIRE EATiRS A group of Southland equestriennes train their with fire. Read about their unusual organization in today's Scene magazine section. Page 3. PRICE 15 CENTS Independent GARDEN CONTEST to dttoilj big garden cenMit tfcnuatd by Indeptndtnt, Star-News. You'll find all the derails in Scene magazine section.

130 PAGES, 6 SECTIONS PIUS TWO MAGAZINES PASADENA-- SUNDAY, NOV. 3, 19S7 CALIFORNIA CLASSIFIED SY 64)311 OTHER CAUS SY 5-4811 RY 1-tlM ZE 2330. Robbers Grab $13,600 Loot Store Manager Victim During Drive to Bank Two holdup men yesterday afternoon made a clean getaway with $13,450 in checks and $250 in cash in a lightning- fast robbery that left a Pasadena market manager and his wife stunned and speechless. -Bill Pampeyan, owner of the Good Food Market at 1864 E. Washingto'n told The Independent, Star-News that the store manager, A.

A. Andrews, was transporting the money to a bank at Colorado and Lake Aves. when the holdup took place at about 5:15 p.m. Andrews was accompanied by his wife and made a stop at their home, 1953 Queensberry to drop her off. GLASSES SWITCHED As.Mrs.

Andrews prepared to leave the car, a man ran up brandishing a weapon and told Andrews, "This is a holdup." The gunman snatched Andrews' spectacles from his nose, pushed him down to the floor of the car, grabbed a brown paper sack in which the money was carried and fled with his accomplice to their car. Andrews said the men had apparently followed them from the market and stopped out of sight behind a large tree near the Andrews home. The victims could provide police with a description of only one of the men. He was about 40 years old, 5 feet, inches tall, from 155 to 160 pounds and wore a billed cap. Pampeyan said Andrews took the market receipts to the tank.for a Friday night deposit as a regular thing, but dis-The committee action climax- RUSS SAY ZHUKOV 'CONFESSED' Criticism Correct, Article Quotes By HAROLD K.

MILKS MOSCOW. Sunday. The oviec Communist Party has xpelled Marshal Georgi K. Zhukov from its rifling bodies a charge he fought party ontrol over the armed forces. nd Pravda said today Zhukov dmitted the charge.

The i official ewspaper said the downgraded former defense minis- er voted for his own expul ion from posts on the Central ''ommittee and the ruling 'residium politburo. JEEP REGRETS By its account, Zhukov ac- nowledged the error of his vays at a full meeting of the Central Committee that voted nanimously to strip him ol the high party posts he had ttained only last summer. counted the idea that the robbers were aware of this practice and had planned the attack accordingly. With only $5000 of the total loss insured, Pampeyan said he is extremely anxious to get the checks back. They have MARKET ROBRERYTrurn to Page 8 HALF-INCH OF RAIN DUMPED IN VALLEY A storm which swept in from Nevada yesterday brough frequent scattered showers to the Pasadena-San Gabriel area throughout the afternoon and evening, depositing nearly a half inch of rain before mid night.

Continued today and tomorrow are expect ed to increase the recordec Gasoline Fumes Ignite, Start 'Fireworks' A service satioc at 18130 Alosta Glendora, last night put on a fireworks display as a neon sign ignited gasoline fumes escaping from underground storage tank vents. recipitation to over an inch this evening. Accident-wise, the showers apparently aided traffic en agencies in thi. area as a report last nigh showed that no Injuries from auto mishaps were reported This was an indication tha most motorists were display ing extra caution on the rain drenched. streets.

Firemen from the Grand and RAINFALL UP Gladstone Aves. County Fire Slation 85 said a spark apparently traveling on the outside mum 64 Seasonal rainfall to UQ-ii- rtnm tailed 2.04 for the year, com pared to .63 for last year. Along with the expectec moderate to heavy rainfall in the Pasadena area today anc tomorrow, the weatherman which kept the fumes under predicted slightly cooler weath enough pressure to keep the er today, with the high hitting fire from backing down into the tanks. of the neon tubes ignited the fumes which flared up might A gasoline tank truck was filling the underground tanks 'Moon' Tracker Leaves for N.M. The big Baker-Nunn satel lite tracking camera left South Pasadena by moving van yes terday for Organ, N.

30 miles east of Las Cruces. The one million dollar cam era, which is 10 feet high and weighs more than three tons will be reassembled and placed in operation in the New Mex ico desert by Wednesday, in time for the anticipated launching of a second Russian satellite. The precision camera a loaded onto a 32-foot-long trailer. Baker-Nunn is building il more cameras for use at ob serva'don stations throughoui the world. WOMAN MAKES BIG HIT WITH OFFICER BERKELEY.

(AP) Motoris Mildred Copley, 42, of Oakland heard a siren. Her re- For Pasadena yesterday, tin minimum was 56, the; maxi about 60. Meanwhile, the rest of South ern California was slated get under the showers, too with cloudiness an doccasiona rain forecast for the west an interior regions both days Strong gusty winds are ex pected to accompany the rain ng a week of speculation over Zhukov's future, was an: last night. Pravda quoted Zhukov as deeply regret that only here at the party meeting did I realize the significance of the mistakes which I made "I acknowledge the criticism directed against me as funda mentally correct and as com radely party assistance to. me ersonally and to other mill men so that we may bet ter understand the demand of the party and the party line on the question of correct lead ership of the army and navy and in the matter of correc party political education of the armed forces." Pravda made its disclosure an unusual three-column editorial.

DEFENDED SELF It said was commit fall in the mountains am northern interior and th coastal sections are due for slight drop in temperatures. Rain wet much of the eastern half of the nation yesterday while snow pushed deeper Into the West. A shrinking belt of sunshin stretched from Ohio to th southeastern states. A low pressure area centered off the Virginia coast touched off showers from the middle Atlantic states to New England. The rains extended inland over much of Pennsylvania and New.

York. Warm southerly winds sent showers north through the Mississippi Valley and brought scattered rains to western sections of the Ohio Valley. tee meeting, some party mem Ders pointed out Zhukov ha Deen expelled from the Centra Committee once before, Stalin's reign, but that he ha failed to correct his mistakes Pravda said Zhukov defenc ed himself on this score, poin ing- out that he had not ad milled any errors at that timi It quoted him as saying "The present meeting has bee a great party line school fo me Now it is a differen matter. I admit my mistake. I give my word to the Centra Committee I will eliminat these shortcomings completely." In 'another Pravda article Marshall Ivan S.

Konev cused Zhukov of joint respon sibility with Stalin for Sovie defeats in the early stages World War II. Konev is com mander of the Warsaw Pac all'iance and deputy Soviet fense minister. The Konev article, splashec across two pages of Pravd, said, "There is no doub Stalin's incorrect evaluation ZHUKOV: Turn to Page INDUSTRIALIST COLEMAN DIES WICHITA, Kan. William sponse was instantaneous. SheJ Coffjn Coleman 37.

retired in- slammed on the brakes. Police officer J. A. Burke, siren screaming on his patrol car, smashed into the rear of Miss Copley's car. The speeder Burke chasing got away.

dustrialist and founder of Coleman died yesterday. The industrialist and inventor gained an international reputation, with his gasoline lamps an'd stoves. TODAY'S FEATURES Russ Claim Sputnik II Fired; Dog Aboard NEW MOON 950 MILES IN SPACE Circles Earth Every Hour, 42 Minutes WirephOtO PARTY CHIEF IN PEACE TOAST WITH U.S. ENVOY Russia's Nikita Khrushchev, right, and U.S. Ambassador munist Party chief revealed to newsmen that Marshal Llewellyn Thompson are shown in jovial mood when Georgi K.

Zhukov, busted Russian defense minister, they made a recent toast to peace at Turkish embassy would get another job "but we have not decided" reception in Moscow. It was here that the Soviet Com- what ir be. Power Strain Evident in Zhukov Fall By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON, WP) United States said night 'hat ouster of Marshal Georgi Zhukov, coming on tlie shahpup last June, FOOTBALL SCORES str'airis that within the Soviet-bloc." The comment was made in a State Department 'statement which referred to Zhukov as 'a-distinguished military leader." It. also challenged the Soviet Communist Party line that it was Zhukov who was "adventurism" in Soviet foreign policy.

RIDING CREST The statement said it was 'difficult to reconcile" the acc a i ol adventurism against Zhukov to 'with a mission of high trust and confidence." Khrushchev, in the view of Washington officials, is riding the crest of Soviet power after Ms victory over Zhukov. But it may be a costly triumph for him in the long run. U.S. officials said privately it is Impossible to see how a man" of Zhukov's prestige Influence be thrown out of authority, as announced officially in a Moscow statement yesterday, without arousing resentment and hostility. The State Department statement was issued after hours of consideration by high partment officials, following Missile Czar Mulled to Halt Arms Rivalry WASHINGTON.

(AP) The defense Department is trying to head off new rivalry among the armed forces, this time released. PACIFIC COAST UCLA 16, California 14. USC19, Washington 12. Oregon 27, Stanford 26. Oregon St.

39, Wash. St 25. ROCKY MOUNTAIN Idaho 31, Montana 13. Missouri 9, Colorado Air Force 7, Wyom, 7 (tieK SOUTHWEST Texns AM 7, Arkansas 8. TIV.

Christian Baylor 6. Soth. MeUiodls-t 19, Texas 12. Clemson 20, Bice 7. MIDWEST Midi State 21, Wisconsin 7.

Purdue 21, Illinois 6. Ohio State 47, N'ivestern fi. Minnesota 34, Indiana O. Iowa 21, Michigan 21 (tie). Navy 20, Notre Dame 6.

Oklahoma 13, Kansas St. 0. Alabama 14, Georgia 13. Auburn 13, Florida 0. Owwttta Tech 13, Duke 0.

VanderDiit totulana St 0. Mississippi 20, Houston 7. EAST Princeton 7, Brown 0. Cornell 8, Columbia 0. 14, Dartmouth 14 (tie).

Harvard -13, Fenn 6. Syracuse 24, Pitt 6. Army 53, Colgate 7. 1'enn State 27, W. Virginia 6.

"an open letter to Knight yesterday the Calif or- in development of a missile to combat ballistic missiles. The necessity of creating a defense weapon which can counter the ballistic missile is even more critical than the perfection of 'the offensive weapons themselves. And it is vastly more -difficult. To gain. control of weapons.

Indeed, almost 30 are in -use, development or test Opinion at the Pentagon gen erally on the missile problem is that: 1. The programs of the between the Army arid the Air Army and Air Force in their Force in the anti-missile mis- respective Jupiter and Thor sile field before it gets out intermediate range ballistic of hand, Defense Department officials are reported mulling over the possibility of appointing a to coordinate the projects. WORK TOGETHER The Army is launched on its jZcus project, the Air Force the report of the Central Com-i mittee of the Soviet Commu- on the Wizard. Actually, two services are working to- TV, TM through a common nist Party Moscow. or.

on at least one phase of the AMM program, although each is pushing ahead with its own general Old Grad Ike at Point for Class Reunion WEST I N.Y., OP) President Eisenhower becam just another old grad yeste day for a reunion with West Point class of 1915 an joined in cheering Army'sj football team to a bruising 5oi The Zhukov mission to iho'create long and intermediate to 7 victory over Colgate. Obviously pleased i U.S. comment reflected a lack of concrete information as to the precise reasons why Zhu- kov was removed from his positions as defense minister in the Soviet government and a member of the Presidium and Central Committee of the Soviet Communist MISSION TO U.S. concept of an weapon system. I for the diverse efforts to Army's powerful a i United States, which the state- range ballistic missiles.

ment referred to, would have involved talks between Zhu- There also are competing missile systems and projects Eisenhower rose and cheered: kov and President other than those for the long- missiles projects now are too Ear too thoroughly integrated in the separate serv ices to expect much good from the appointment of a czar. Bu the AMM program is still in its early stages. i 2. There is. as a matter ofi Either Fight or Resign, Knight Told By Wire Services SAN FRANCISCO.

LONDON, a (INS) Moscow Radio re- iported yesterday that the j'Soviet Union had launched its second earth The broadcast, monitored in London, said the satellite, was hurled-into the sky with a dog aboard. 'Sputnik was reported about. 930 iriiles above 'earth, circling' the globe every hour and 42 minutes. Technicians atfReuters Ite- tening station in London said they heard radio transmissions emitted from the moon on th'e same.frequencies as the first satellite, 20 arid 40 megacycles. The technicians reported hearing the at .3 ond intervals.

DOG NORMAL Sputnik II was launched in a longitudinal orbit at 90 degrees off the equator, the same as the first satellite on Oct. 4. Moscow Radio said the first Attyi messages received from the said Sputnik; Indicated the dog was i.L._.. continuing "normal" existence. 'either fight or The letter was Issued by Brown's office after Knight's continued silence on reports he has agreed to abandon his candidacy for reelection and seek the U.S.

Senate seat to be vacated -by-William Khowland. Knowiand'is seeking the gu- bernatorial'nomination. Brown, who innouncefl ta Los Angeles he will seek the in Modesto when the letter to Knight who is reported somewhere in Arizona was satellite represents me i nia chief executive should last stage of a carrier rocket with containers inside it housing scientific appartus and radio transmitters. An announcement by Tass, the Soviet hews a gency, said the moon weighed 1120 pounds, more than five times as heavy as Sputnik T. Tass-said Sputnik It was launched in "accordance i the, International Geophysical year program of study of upper layers of the stratr democratic nomination, was sphere wells and study of phy sical processes, conditions and life in cosmic space." The open letter said in part: "You are in hiding.

You need not be. Only last Monday you told the people, you would fight for reelection; you would, make no deals; that you would not run for the'United States Senate: "All is' changed now-mysteriously, furtively, sadly. his right wing backers so pow- Report Asked on 'Teen Mob Senator Raps Justice Dept. Over Records WASHINGTON. (INS) Sen.

Estes Kefauver (D), accused the Justice Department I lUi. 11 i Are Senator Knowland and yesterday of withholding a 5- year-old report which, he said, prompted Truman administraKNIGHT: Turn to Page 6 tion officials to consider anti-. trust action against U. S. Steel Corp.

Kefauver said in a prepared statement that retiring Atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell and his successor, William Ik Rogers, i autcuoaui, i i fact, a coordinating agent LOS ANGELES. (AP) a a i to heed his request the person of William M. Hol-jPolice Commission t(iat tne rec ords be turned over aday.

Defense Secretary Neil asked for a full report on to tne Senate Anti-Trust Sub- McElroy's assistant for guided teen-age mob that harassedj cornm i ttee missiles. And McElroy himself, UCLA students and spectators ne sfina or now has taken personal hand in i the missile competition situa- antimissile tion. Talk of appointment of a There have been demands missile czar has produced a in some quarters, including speculative list of names rang- critics in Congress, that ing from former Gov. Allan administration name a czar Shivers of Texas to John A. secretary of the Air Force.

Me- Cone conferred with President Eisenhower Friday, but in talking to a newsman he dis- along the route of the Bruin homecoming parade Friday night One policeman was injured and more than a dozen others were peppered with eggs, beer cans and bottles. Officers said one car was overturned and a Ing a probe of steel Industry: pricing- arrangements, ex-', plained that Asst. Atty. Gen. Victor R.

Hansen rejected request for the files a month. Kefauver quoted Hansen as stating that information from McCone, a former assistant fire was set in a pile of debrisL he stee uc iy i being used litigation and in an alleyway. Police reported that most of the demonstrators were be lievcd to be students from a could "prejudice our enforcement tasks." Kefauver declared: "It ap- with the cadets at each touchdown. The game was the high point of a nostalgic day in which the President a visited the austere room he occupied as a military acad emy plebe and chatted with He sat in on a class in mili- Auld Lang Syne Estate A-6, 7. history, traded war rcmi Boy, 2, Saves Self From Drowning BEACH.

UP) the" barber who trimmed his Two-year-old Philip Tringle; hair just before the World War II Normandy invasion. Autos C6 City News 3, 9 Classified Community Chest Story Editorial Sports Ol, 5 A-l Finance A-4, 5 Footlights Home Garden Scene Kids Scene Show Times A-3; cences with' old Army Society D-l, 10 jcron jes and shook hands with Stargazer lOTheater A-3 TV, Radio Scene Valley News A-2 Vital Statistics C-7 Your Birthday 8 Wealher Forecast--Cloudy with occasional rain today and Monday. Slightly cooler. Minimum yesterday 56, maximum 64. Sun sets today 4:59 p.m.

Sun rises tomorrow 6:15 a.m. some of America's future generals--members of the present cadet corps. The President rated a re sounding cheer from the cadets when it was announced at midday mess that he had granted amnesty to all members of the corps being disciplined for minor violations of Academy rules. couraged the idea that he Iiadjhigh school in the vicinity ears S0 mewhat late for such POWER: Turn to Page 6 and intermediate ballistic offered any federal postjthe university. Case of Corporal Punishment almost lost his life in the re-i ceding tide off Newport Beach! yesterday, but he had the ence of mind to latch onto a I mooring line and set up ai series of anguished wails that brought a rescuer.

Oscar H. Schock said he heard cries yesterday morning and at first thought they came from a neighbor's baby, but they persisted, and when he investigated he discovered they came from the water. Schock finally saw Philip hanging onto the mooring line and brought hlrn to shore. Five-Foot-Two, Eyes of Blue, Sees Red in Pub TATTERICR, England, dpi Pretty, blond Pvt. Mavis Ashton began a 28-day detention sentence yesterday because she was more soldier than lady and proved it by beating up a corporal (male).

Miss Ashton, a five-foot, two-inch, IS- ynar-old WRAC, actually was charged with assaulting Lance Cpl. Anthony Hutton, who stands six feet, one inch in his stocking foot. He described his unsuccessful attempt to halt a barroom brawl between Pvt. Ashton and another WRAC. When he laid a brotherly hnnrt on her.

5hr went to work on him. he said. She kicked him jn the shins and when lip bent over in pain she kicked hirn in the stomach. He swung around and she kicked him in the back. His hat fell off and he fell down.

She stomped on his hat and called him an unendearing and highly unladylike name. finally was rescued by some women MP's who arrived. As he was carried out to a hospital. Pvl. Ashton gently laid her whine head in Ihr Inp of one of the pirls and peace- went to sleep.

action based upon an investigation made beginning in 1949 and concluded in 1952 I can see no reason for withholding it at this time." 'Buck' Berny Now Cow Hand CRAIG, Colo. (INS) Television star Jack Benny and three other businessmen have reportedly purchased a huge cattle ranch near the Colorado; Wyoming border, about 40 miles north of Craig, Colo. I S. R. Phillips, representative jot the United Farm Agency, iestimated the ranch at closq to 50,000 acres and said it would handle about 1000 head of cattle.

No sale price was dlj- closed and Phillips said the' 'transaction is scheduled for Dec. 1..

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