The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1932
Page 4
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•PAGE $IX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) .COURIER NEWS University of California at Los. Anceles Is Undefeated This Season. They're Making Big Name for U. C. L A. BV ERSKINE JOHN'SON NEA Service Writer tOS ANGELES, Nov. 11.—The year is 1925. University of California at Ixis Angles and Stanford .University football teams clash on the gridiron. Pop War- ntr's Indians run wild. The score: Stanford University, 32; University of California at Los Angeles 0. | Time marches on. The year Is !932. Indian again /faces Bruin. Pep Warner's charges arc out to regain prestige lost at the hands ot Howard Jones' Trojans. The final'gun barks. Th.3 score: University of California at Los Angeles, 13; Stanford University, 6. That, In a nutshell, tells the sensational story of>the rise in Bruin football stock—a yarn which reads like a Horatio Algier story tmd contains chapters which rival anything that , Frank Merriwell ever did. And it (ells the storv. also, of Coach William H. "Bill" Spaulding 1 . • I Time was when Bruin football teams were placed on schedules for the same reason lettuce is placed on chicken sandwiches. But it's 'a different story now. 'After a loner struggle. Hie ;Bruin has .•"rived. and,oiiite definitely is entitled to big' league competition. • • • Take a look at Coach'Spauldlng's 8?«:ls so far this ffiason. In the first place his (cam 1 H'fts mcmbershiu ,'in that selcci nnrt steadily diminishing coterie ol undefeated and untied foo'.bal te°nis in these .United Stales. • ,In tlie second place, line Bruins 'pro shnrine a tic with tlvlr crosstown neighbors, tbe Trojans of tbo University ol Southern j California,-in the Pacific Coast Conference title race, with a good c>8n":f to go throiiKh the balance of the season undefeated. -.'For six seasons after it was frjn.rfed tore in 1819 as a brand) rf the University of Californ'a. | On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" FRIDAYNOVEMBER ll,_.932 ME OFTHIET Tfnrwssfe to Win Don't l« surprised If the Van- de-bllt Commodores turn back Ihc Kljditlnsf Vol.s of Tennessee Saturday. Bui on I the oilier hand <Icn't expect many picks to show Vainly as the probable winner ov- aOLK— SO 1 or (lie Vols. H.Jiist can't to done John Cnudil'li "defending ' ehamp- on tlic face of both teams showing ion, 15. A. Lynch and Uotlncy lian- I • • • John ^auclill Eliminates! Father and Bannister Outs Son. Ihls season. It It's | a wet day at Nashville the chances of the Commodores are going to L?. even bettor. But this to predict a regardless of column will have Tennessee victory, (he weather. litre are three cf the reasons why IS, C. I.. A. [University of California I.os Angclo£, If you ilfase) is undcfc.iteil In the 1'acillc Ccai,! Con fcrcm-c. At left Is Coach Bill Spauldin-. Kicking Is Bob Dd-kcr, halfback, who Js sahl to Ire t'le br:( punier nn the "Jolting "joe" Keeble, right, one of the most popular i-ho'ccs fcr All-America In Hie country. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Lanfer Captain raul "Bulldog" Rlcdcr, of the Pitt team, is 158 pounds of muscle, plus voice ... he Is bubbling over with pep . . . last year he yupped so much at the officials tlhal out'day the icferee offered .him the whistle, saying, "You'rb predy good—you go ahead .iinivnrsltv nsvcr won H foot• ball eamc from anv sortjof com- retitlon. The school was in the .small Southern California Conference then, and rlid not,p'.ay the rn«t's "bi? 'three." Trr-n. Coach Spanldin?, former Minnesota mentor, came west, in T=2S\and guided the Brains frnm fhR : cellar in the top nl the Pouthern California Conference. HI'' first team was so> ?ood that iv' ' mcellnir with Stanford was ar- 1 ranged. But the Bruins were fTvmoed. 82-0. ' Betwi~n 1925 and 1928 Bruin f-ams ^wi small and raferee" to which Ricdcr replied, "Okay," and giabbcd the 'hiahly successful in leaeue. At Ihe same Captain Sits Out Rieder is a roommate | of Warren "Fats" Heller, who played so rplendsdly this year against Notre Dame, Army and other teams'. Heller is the starting half of that pass combination. Heller to Rieder . . . 'but this year a junior 1 named Mlchaal ifohn Sebastian ha: been taking 'Rieder's ^lace . . . and It" wns Sebastian who Imadc the fust touchdown nsainst Notre Dame. * * • Hormey Of Is Up Tb-f center of the Pitt team is nister have advanced to the semifinal round in th3 Rolf tournament of the Elylhe 1 . ille country ciub. Qaudill won over C. L. LiiH/en- Ich one up in the quarter finals. Lynch gained the .semi-final round by eliminating R. F. Kh'shner, three anil two. Lynch tcured tlie first uino holes in 35 strokes, two under par. HoJuey Bannister dcfcalcd Leo Llnl/cnlch, juvenile itar of the club, one up to enter Ihc semi-finals. W. T. Barnett and E. E. G:t> arc still in the middle of their Mini-final match with Gee lending, three up at the 13th hob. The match is for 18 holes. niesl sightlon tlie field. But Ken- j ln lllc "econd flijht Jed Fo- nctt Eoon. found out there \vas' lilncl !>1Hl Judge G. E. Keck re- llltlc fun In trying to run over[ ma ' n '" tne '' ai -' e . winning Ihrout'h Smith's side of the lin.?.,Long be-1 defouHs. Bill Afllick and Jchn er nl that Xol Clown Affair The (own football game t.y.a-een Kennett and Dlythcvillc the oth- Jil was not the clown 'affair. many expected. Addison Smith, hi? ex-lackh of Valpariso University, tlppng the scales far ever '.the 200 pound mark and dolled out "In overalls because- he couldn't find a pair of football trousers big enough was thc\ fun- fore the game was over tbe big boy was begging the Kennett backs to comu his way but they-turno:l a deaf car to his pleas. Joe "Irish" Tormev . for two vears/hc served as understudy to Ralph Daugherty this year timi\ IK- institution had a r>hen- r-menal development. It's enroll- mbnt reached 650n and new build- ii"-s were rrectcd on a 384-acrc c.inpus in the ^Wi^toond Hills sev- c-al miles from the 'city. Fjoiiiv. in 1028. the University o' 'California at Los Angles was r-dmitt.vl to the Pacific Coast F"?*ball | Conference. The first four seasons wer.i dis- pstrbus. Til? Bruins were at the bottom of the percentage column cafh Yt>;r. ' During the fourth season, 1931, i--v.-e-.-er. U. C. L. A. scored n great \1-n urs:t over St. Man''s College. In doing so the Bruins gave the rational title to their cross-town rivals, the Troians. St. [Mary's i'nd previouslv defeated the Trojans, who, in turn, beat Notre Dame. he was injured in the Ohio State tilt . . ; and /ordered to bed a week before the Notre Dame game . . . the doctor came to sec him on Monday, of that wmk ... and expressed regrets ,'tliat could not play against the Irish , . . whereupon Tormey sat right up and declared, "Sun .'I'm goins; to play. I'm the regular center" . . . and he did. Sophs Get Break In his analysis ;of the Notre Dame same, Coach Jock Wirren Heller. Izzy Weinstock and Miller Mungas in a sign-yl article, Sutherland praised and didn't , P- 'ar this year, the Bruins have "•on five cames. In addition to de'•-.tin? (Stanford, the Bruins took ! "ti camp the California Aggies. Idaho. Oregon and Caltech. The viciorv over Oregon came on that now famous list, second EO-yard p:r.-> and 70-yard run for a touch- dcw.-" which ended after Iha gun crrtod the game, i The ULCAns have five more psm°s on thcfr schedule. St. Mary's Montana and the University of Florida played, in addition <o tv-a ronference games. Wash- ineton State and Washington. The FlOTida tilt will bs playi"! at Gainesville. Florida, on 'Dec. n. Coach Spaulding, Bruin mentor uses a backfield shut somewhat similar to the Notre Dame style He has gained \pn enviable rcp'.i- talicn as a-defensive coach in hi? eight,years with U. C. L. A. A no time .in the last three seasons with the exoj.otion of a 52-0 lac ing at the hands of the Trojans has any team scored more thai three touchdowns on the Bruins even mention the two gents who made the touchdowns. Mike Sc- histlan and Ted Dailcy . Weinstock and Mungas arc sophomores . . . Munpas a IfiO-potmri ••ophomorj from JBellairc. O. . . . iid Weinstock a soph fullback of 1S3 rounds, from Wilkes-Barre not. so big, either of them, but swift. / » • * Ccmcs to Life Paul Cuba i s a tncklc . . . from Old Timers It was a line-up |of old timers in (hat, forward wall of the Bly- thevllte team. Smith. Joe Craig, tj-- coach who school way bac': when. B'Otls Koonce, a tackle with that yiow.vful '22 machine, ani? Oscar Elliott, \vlio ihas been out more than a few years, \\rre ill that line. Not to mention nub.'Colston, Ben Elliott, Jaggers Wallace. Kirkendal and others. Kennett didn't get very far through that wall. Not Yel Wcrlh While Only about $13 was realized for the lighline emn'pment at Haley Field out of the frame (after ex- cenF-s had been paid and the net profits divided 00-40 with Kennett the winner. Another game, possibly with Pcrtageville, Mo., has already been plained and the backers of the town team, hope/to draw a bta- ecr crowd next time. If not its hardly worth while running the risk of injuries to the old grads to make IIP or $15 for the lighting fund. inley were even at (he end of 18 holes and will have to play nine more. In the third night Floyd .-\c!on won ever Bob Barnes or.e up Frank Whitworth and J. A. L-sech adduced by default. Gee Switches To Be On "Winning Side" Is Report Our Slant Here ara this week's grid picks: Winner Bellevue Blytheville Jonesboro Tennessee Alabama Pilt I Hendrix Yale Army Indiana Notre Dame Michigan Auburn Texas 1 U. S. C. L. Cornell Holy Cross - Fordhnm Tulane Minnesota Washington Navy Ole Miss dlss. iSiate Kansas Everett B. Gee, Blythevillc golf ers say, always liies to be on the winning side, explaining th transfer of his allegiance fron Kennett to Blythevillc fcr the inter-club golf match between ttu two clubs Sunday. O/eo Is the sponsor of a Ken nelt town fcotbatl team which hi brought down here Tuesday nigh to hand the local town team 14 to 0 defeat. Now Gee says he will play un der the banner of the Blythcvil! country club when tlie Kennet golfers come here Sunday and e:: pects to again. the winning sid the 1.250 ajd 1.300. It is practically articles on; dead when this instrument' reEis- I'.rr,-aralinn of the automobile for ters below 1.150. winter. Newcastle, Pa. for two years ars arc made . . . they said he acked aggressiveness . . . but Ihis car. I;.-, suddenly got tough nd has bsen one of the best line- charge into the .battery thai is be- ', on Ihc battery- in cold wca'.hor sen on the PHI,'team . . . how do "^ drair-.d out of it. That Is all because the oil in the Irnnsmls- 011 explain things like (his? | w11 during the nay, while Ihe car . S i 0 n |, ns stiffened and the moving ! Is running 'along at an average of; p nr t s mc et ; so much more resist owa Represented | "0 or 25 miles an hour. j mice in plowing through this stir I fcncd oil. Ol course, lighter ol Ticket' S«H on Installments COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP)—Scaso Ilcv-Jts to Bthletlc [james «t tl- University of MisvJuri this year ar being .sold students en the instal ment plan. The student pays $2.1 c"own and the remainder in monthly installments. Th; cost to the : student per athletic contest Is less th»n 15 cents if he buys a season ticket. has been playinsr. uff and on. ever showing the stuff of which I. A well-charged battery, mean, , ,, , , ing one with a good .mixture of Probably the greatest demand i ncirt nnri wft(or wil , no[ itmc or energy during winter driving : dcr lhc wo , st willtcr condmnns wo is from the poor carba cry. De-! cxuerh , lc ^ A Tlln . down baUc £l>ite the generator, the cold weather drain en tliis unit Is so :pe: because of th3 lack of acid, will freeze not far below the freezing great (hat constant attention is, point of water, and inanv times'at necessary to keep this part work-, , llat , {fcang IK) , ]U )f - ing efficiently. The generator, of course, is on 1 ~ j II:'.- car to return some of the' I acid in the mixture to help it. Starting demands an extra drali There arc two lioi-cailrrs on he Pilt team . . . one Is Franis "Cowboy" Siegel, 168-pound <!uard from Sioux CHy. la. . . . he other is Melvin "IJ'.iz?." Brown, haliback from tb;. same city . . and an undcrsludv to Heller for three straight years! What's In a Name? Hut winter days an short. Few | s i lou ld be used in the crankcas? Looser Patxx>se.s Wilson N. Little Rock Vanderbilt Georgia Tech Nebraska Arkansas College Princeton' North Dakota State Illinois Northwestern Chicago Florida T. C. U. St. Mary Dartmouth i Harvard N. Y'.U. Kentucky Wisconsin Washington State Maryland Sewanee Southwestern Missouri Gee's home is in Blythe\m but he spends much cf the fa season in, Kennett where he is 1 the gin business. He is th founder of the Blytlieville coun try club here. Death Offered Argument LIVERPOOL (UP) — An argu ment for moral disarmament contained in th; recent death o Gordon Stanhope, aged two, wl strangled to drnlh ufter swallow ing a tin soldier. Leads (he Fillks Top .Flight, during her two yeais in competition, has earned nore money than any other filly or mare in history. She has turned in IS275.000 for ln?r owners. Read Courier News Want Ads. Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 ~ THIS CURIOUS WORLD - '] CARRIED OS; COMPARED TO THE WORLD WAR. 6'OLDieR.. ONE GRAM CONTAINS ENOUGH POWE.'S, TO tlFTA •2&.OOOTON BAfLESHlP ICO F£E~ INTHEAttt.. • 1932 OY KCA ECJWtCEU l::C. (;.( The life of radium is 20.QCO yars. and during that length ol ime the electrical discharges emitted by cr.e of radium vould create suilicient horsepower to lilt even the \YoolworUi building high into the air. World' War snldicrs often carried equipment welching considerably nore than 100 jxiunds, yet the ability of the armored. !:n»hl Ho carry on under the weight cf p. CC-pountl loa;! at ill excites wonder. NEXT: Who ended the n-.cnlai dcpro?iion of Kins I'hilip V ol' Accident Saves Man's Life ST. LOUIS (UP)—Gecrga O'.^iii, 37, probably ov:os his life to the 'act he was hie by an automobile. His clothing caught fire when ;i gasoline tank exploded. A3 flames mveloped him he stepped blindly ntc a street. At thai moment an automobile struck him. rolling him along the ground and extinguishing the flames. Un~ncor|:oraled County Scat GOLD BEACH, Ore. i UP)—Tiiij city claims to be the only unincorporated county seat town in the United States. It also pVide- fully claims that never in.its history has a Gold Beach lot, or propeity been ssld for laws. Watchdog; ant] Hens fUclm MUNUliN, Kan. (UP) — Will Crfiii!.e Inok his family into town, leaving a watchdog to guard the CrouE.2 chickens. When the family returned they discovered the chickens gone, and also the dog. Portrait in Silk CAMBRIDGE. Mass. CUP). — A portrait • in silk embroidery of Francis A. Walker, president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology frcm 1S81 to 1887, hr.s been presented to the Institute. The unusual portrait, created by ori- I cntal artists, was the gift of Chinese alumni and was presented through the Technology Club of Shanghai. ! hours arc spent 'driving with the ' f nr winter lubrication, but from the office is made with the headlamps globing, and quite a few workors have to burn their lights when they go to work. •n this grade eels stiff when tho tem- pciatnre falls fast. If the drain on 'the battery is hard, the bc-st thing to do is nr/* the crank until the oil Is The prize name belongs to Tar- haltcry keeps diminishing. " , . , u i Mil. VHXIir.MJH.Ll 1.1 It U LI J3 1W»»C Jill tl That more than counteracts he | ,, p I( . s , lnr(| fln ( , 1C mllsclcs> ))Ut pccharging of Ihc battery- by tli= H ,, lc bnlt T , i prnerator. And the charge in the civio Onttt-r a .'lD3-pouii(l "i'nrd from Jeannotte. Ja. thcv call him "Cheeso" a junior, and just a reserve . . . but with more r.ght than ;you could shake a stick at. * • » Antique. T>ye There Uro very few 200-pound- Atteatoace Record Preserve A ; WAKEFIELD, 'Mass. (UP)-In I 'V-'- order to prestrve a perfect 10-year 1 ; attendance record ol a member, .-•-tttt WakcfleU Rotary Club recent- btid metttat »t Maiden wberc tbe membtr mi A battciy'is well charRcd when the hydrometer shows n specific gravity of Ihc solution between ers on the team one Is John Lnch. a fullback from Wheeling W. V» type of pile-driving back. » • Aha! a Scolcliman! old-fashioned And, oh yes. coach! Tlv he name Is Dr. John Bain Sutherland, bom in Scotland came to this country at .„ and went to Oberlln Academy, ' fn*t s a f 7 " 1 WKT star untU h« entered Pilt, to<n« years later, he never had played a game of football In his life. • » • T;iiif>hl by 1'np Pop Warner was his coach at Pilt ... in the days when Pop was turning out those undefeated Pitt dcvcns of the pre-war vlniag: ... in 1919 Sutherland moved to Lafayette as coach . . . and won Ihe eastern championship with his 1921 team. After the 1D23 sea- con, Pop left Flit . . . and J«k v;as called to tlie Job ... he has been coaching ever since . . . and ("aches dentistry during the win- ttc, Ihls is don?, get in and Iry tho battery, turning the engine ovrr with the spark retarded, the clutch disengaged, and the choke full out. • t • Th? battery should lie tested more often (during winlcr.' 1 because It is less efficient at thl: lime. It should bo kept filled properly and th.? grnoratnr should IK charging it well, at least during the day. ' Driving slowly win not help The gcncralor doosn't charje much at low speeds. Yet, since low speed 'prevails when snow is on Die ground. It is well lo have the battciy charget on a line cvety time It shows sign of tailing off, In order to kc-ip It up. Read Courier KCWI Want A6» NOTICE TAX PAYERS In Drainage District No.,17 IT IS ONLY A SHORT TIMK UNTII, Till: BOOKS W1U, P.E CLOSKI) TO TIIK ['AYMKNT OF 1932 TAXES. PAY NOW AND SAVE i'EN 1 ALTY, FEES AND COSTS. If your property is delinquent for one or more years, it will be to your interest and advantage to redeem at once. Call at, or write the District's office in Blythevillc for statements ami particulars. CLIFTON H. SCOTT Federal Receiver, ' DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 17 SAFE ANTL FOR YOUR TIRE DOLLAR r~T"'HE smooth-mile waste I of old-fashioned tires is •*• out-of-date. What you want when you buy a tire is safe anti-skid miles—not tires that wear smooth at the halfway mark. Seiberling Air Cooled Tires deliver twice as many antiskid miles as other tires. They give you 50% more safe miles for your money. The far thicker tread of this patented Air Cooled Tire is all anti-skid—and at today's low prices this patented, safest tire costs even less than you have paid for ordinary single-tread tires. Before you buy—measure what you get. . . * these prices ,-t quality Scibcrlir.g Balloons. (Convex t ic t.-c,id style . . . I zJt othtr tites) . . . tut r tire bargains. Other sue*, too, si Iqw prucs. T<nijh AFFI- NITE tccad . . . iMter-h-.i cir.i . . . low. Hubbard Tire & Battery Co.

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