The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1934
Page 6
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,/PAGE FOUR- PubH»he<r Every Anermon Entered as second vlut matter U kansss, under act or Cootrau. Oc£*i lober S, 1817, . 3CTVN ov (*># BUBHCHUTION HATM By curler lu me wiy 01 Hiyuumit 319 on »i*n w f«.eo per ye*r in id»»n<* '• By mul wiibln » ndlu* 9t M tUJe*, 13.00 per t-enr, ii.Sg (or m momAi, We tot tbrte monttu; oy mall In postal ZOOM two to tix, Inclusive, W.50 per year, in aauet seveu mo eight, »10.00 p«- year, payttye ia Police 'Muss Up' Suspects While Law Remains Lax Jlow far is a (wtlcenwji cjititled (o go when he humps into a man known to bo a .desperado, hut whom the courts can Jievor seem to touch? Police Commission^ 1 ValenLiue, of New York has the idea thai the cop can go just about as far us lui likes, lie complains that his police have been "too polite to racketeers, gunmen, and such like, and he wants to sec these • gentlemen mussed up a little. The commissioner expressed himself in this vein after watching a man named Harry Strauss brought into a police lineup at headquarters. Strauss IMS been arrcsleil 18 times in the last seven years, on charges ranging all the way from homicide to possessing narcotics. He has never been convicted of anything, and when' he was pinched be gave, his occupation as a house painter. He came iu dressed like .a fashion- plale, and it was his satorial mag- 'nijiceine that exasperated the commissioner. V'- '""•• • •.' • • * • •• "This man is a paid assassin," «aid I he commissioner.- "Men like him should -be marked up and mussed up. Bloud should be smeared all over thai velvet collar, instead, "ho looks as if he had just gut out of a barber's chair." Very lew persons will quarrel with'*' Uils .idea, in itself,,,. Unfortunately, when the police sol .Oul lo muss people up,-they aren't usually very-discriminating. J'rcUy suori it is ..Hit-/.minor offender who gets mussed up; then after a while, some totally innocent bystander is arrested by mistake and gets rather frightfully mussed up before he can convince the cops that itA-j all a mistake. 1'V Unit reason, telling any police department lo be brutal is u mistake. The brutality is certain to hit the wrong parties, sooner or later. * •* • » Nevertheless, wc haven't answered the commissioner when we say his idea is dangerous. We must lind'somo way of taking tm . u{ l|K , S(J 0(lU , 1W!i . who can be arrested 18 times aiul ycl remain free lo follow their own devices. Something pretty shocking musl be OUT OUR WAY BLYTHEVILLE < (ARK,) COURIER NB VVS will) vw i')'Jj»i)w) Jaw and our method.of administering it >vh«li a tnun can be accused tlireo Union of - homicide, KJ.X Uiiics of cunning « «u», and nii)'jv times of felonies wiping from irrand lummy to Assault, \vil|iout even BO nuicj) HS-jsUwlinjf t}'i»l before a jury. So Ignp j»,s such contlJUoiiH obtain, l'io ])o|jc(! ura KoiiiK to ho VruljiJ'oul of «!)c«f exasperation. Wo cim never abolish the third degree until wo take /i few of ,thc kinks out of our system of handling accused persons after llicy been an-CKtud. —Bruce Catton. Why the. Electoral College persuaded (lie -peopli; of his home slate to try a far-reaching reform in substitution of a single- elmmlxT .stale legislature for the traditional -two-chamber b o d y, Senator George W, Noiris of Nebraska is now |))«iii)itig (q oll'er « imidwiecdcd reform to the imlion as a whole, What tlie senator proposes to do is simply to abolish -Die electoral college.' Uis scheme would not break down state lines, in the final count; but it would wmke.tlie electoral vote a far more accurate reflection of the popular will, since each ; state's votes would be pro-' rated' ,iii)i<)ii t r the candidates on the bnsis of their record ul the pulls. 'It is hard to think of any very good- awjmeiit, ajraiiist this reform. The electoral college is not only a cumbersome; anachronism; it actually makes it iKi'SKjJblc for a ninn to be elected president by u minority of the couii- l-ry'a voters. 11 .is high timu the system 'was changed, mxi Senator Morris' plim for chunking Jt. looks -as good as any. Education Above Sports Now tliul the smoke of the foot-' ball SWISOH is dying away, it i s M - m -u, while tu heed some remarks made recently by President James Howlaml • Angoll of 1'ule on the subject of intcr, collegiute athletics. "The young mun who wishes to give "II his ; time and energy ( 0 '^y^ is tlUite entitled .-to do so, if he ean/af- Jord it," says I'rcsident, Angell, "but Ho -ha,s no place in a really reputable college where intejlectual development is the primary concern. • "A collegiate instiluliuii of which Ulis' is nut true is a traitor to its trust." This provides sboul ns good a-yard- slick for the measurement of "over- emphiisis'V UK you could wish'. Collego, in other words, is a place for study, nnd football is a game the students play in their spare time, for fun. The college which enrolls students who are there primarily to play football, aiul Who accept college work as u necessary evil, is, as President Angell says, being false to its trust. Every <IOB should Dave lions. -Edward A. UNeal, president, American Farm Bureau rcdoralion. By Williams , BOSH.' THAT COULOM'T BE BUCK YAIS IT is f BUCK S —\ LEAST BIT NERVOUS WHEN THE BUCK ! RAM UP THAT HILL! HE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL, I-WELL. 1 FOR&OT TO SH06T TILL AFTER HE WAS GOME THAT'S MOT BUCK FEVER. ,uro, U FIVE 5 HOTS INTO -fc>RE HOE; BEFORE YOU RAISE VOUfi! GUN UP, TO SEEIKJ' NORMS OM A DOE! VO(J |°0 MUCH ART IN VOU WES, TO BE A GOOD HUNTER TUESDAY, DECKMSEI TODAY "You must not be BO bin whtn mother drops in to see vn Pituitary Gland Is Organ That Governs Bod/s Size BV I)I!./MOKKIS 1'ISlllir.lN Kdltor, Journal of the American Medical A«0(iHtioM, and of lly- e»l», the Hf.-tllh Magazine Tliere^are certain types of pco- ilo who dovclop, som'cvvluil lulu iii ;lfc- or ucciisloiuilly (iiirini; c)ill(!- lootl,-nil excessive aiiuiunL of uc- lon on Hie part, •b/'a Bland which s tocntcd in the-skull. This is knowp--as lira • pituitary Bland.-. A [nii-L-'of-lhe piliiitsrj' Bin ml (In- Vl'ft in(p llw ;l!]o<Kl' il SlllXitilllCU hicji Is associated wilb , ( sllml| . atlon to grpwtli. When Hie dinoiinL of tills siitvitgucc is excessive, growth, is; (speeded up ami ,he j>prlo(l of'-^rovrUi Is extended. Under such vlrcuitiislniices ii'ini ji'owi vciy tall uiut-l»ri;c to tlmt, he.V- are saiii to lie -giHiits. -Tlie condition 'is culled gisan- •isnii', In mnny 11stances Hie coti- lllloii It associated with a tumor of Hiis : gland, alniits arc said 1.0 he wcukJx. al|d of inferior intclli- jciicp iind_ seldom do', :tlicy live beyond 40 years of age. « t c There-arc other cast's In which he gland falls to deliver :iilc:i!iuic nniouuls of Che growth-produclni! ubstance inlo the' lilcod. In siicli uses the person tends lo IM; inucli niiillcr than noniinl. The rulluri! to grow nlfccts not only Hie IHJIICS, hut utso the w- !»ns :ii)d oilier liwiies of llic !ody, so 'ihaf dwarfs mielil be quite wgll prDpoilioiied. SOJDC- Imcs llicy may glow very slowly, o thai «s tncy yet 'older they akc on the i-ppcarnnc'c of prc- iiiiture old ngc. A-ssocititcd with these- disorders! of yroivll) iiiiiy come other eliiing- cs in the body, depending on th inunner in which llic gjundiilnr subslnnccs arc delivered by the Elands. One condition is called Tn (his condilioii the lower jaw becomes cnlnrecd and protrudes, eyebrows act prominent, lliclccth become separate! due to Hie fact that the jnw bones grow loo ton" Inc.hnnds and feet gel Jar«'e IK- cituse all of the small hones grow loo much, and (he spine develops a; forward bending. The nose and lips become large —ul the skin acts coarse. This condition usually comes on between M und -10 years of mje mid may airect both men and women. . If it :• is determined Unit llic.-e is a. tumor; of lliu yland when Ihcse changes. hc B iii ip tuke place, it is .sometimes possible to per- lorm mi operation und slop the changes, it ( s n \ so possible in some cases, by the use of Hie X-ray, [o stop the 6vcftlinc(ioiiiii£ ut the gland'and thereby to sava Ihc person from llic extraordinary changes that occur. Most of the glnml.s'or Uic bpjy arc associated in their activities, a> that when one is disordered, utlicrs may also l« disordered. l-'or this reason, activity ot tlio • •ij'roid, the advcnals und th» other yiatjds should he invesli- Balctl at the tame time, because sometimes correction of tile ovcr- acttvily of Die associated Bhmife will bring about significant chau- scs in the activities of Ihc pituitary gland. The Editor's Letter Box Klskils and Wagon WliccN (To the Editor:) To Mr. Dili Yap. Bear Bill:— I seed in the Blytheville Courier News wlier a man said that the wealth of the United Stales was divided as follows, lakcing 100 n.s the basis, one man would have 5D dollars, one man would have (9 dollars, 'Xi men would have Sl."^ CfWs Hjilrco IIDIJ 7C, Him wfiiiid liavc 7 cents npiirc. Now Hill 1 Know thai, this i. s hard for you lo understand. You are not used lo fignriu finances-thai takes brnius. K> 1 am going lo pm this lo you in the terms ot biskils cause Bill [ know' you know nil about bis- kils and their short comings for the last, four or live years ro | the biskits is divided up >o one man has 50 and one man has nine 'i.1 men has n biskit apiece and the class yon belong i 0 Dill r,r 7D million other lijlls aint got no tiskll nt all. Now jjill there just alnl no use in you tryiti lo figur tins thing out throiieh your slom- ack when they aint no biskils hi il, Jo you arc just goin lo have to use your brains a lltllc. ^on sec Dill you transact all your business with a monopoly ofsoinc. sort and- :i muncpoly Ls like « wagon wheel with a 'hole in llic hub at the center. Now BUI, get inc. yon arc right out on"llic end 'if he Kimkc tryin lo yel romr. ntklLs when you buy somcthlni;, Mr. Moiiojwly chm-Kcs you two prices for It, and right back do«» he .siwlcr. the money goes hiio llie hole at Die hub. Now \vlien Mr. Monopoly buys sonu-llilng from yen he only lakes out n liujn " the money you have ah'caJv Slvcn him HI,,| | C1IVCJJ u , c ijjiij,,,^ l» Hie hub hole. Ko .von fee Hill cver.v lime you . ,| Ca | w |, h Ml , Monopoly the ilclicr he g els and (he poorer you get. riia money U) the hub hole .is called pronts- so llv.a why one man has 59 ulsklts and you aint got no biskils ill all. You see Bill Mr. Monopoly I wont hire you because he's got Machines that can do Uio work cheaper (han what it takes to buy biskili- for you. Now Bill I Hope you understand Hits now I used the wagon wheel cause I Knows Hint you know what a wagon wheel is, and liow to wrap a lot of hay wire around ;i ole loose tire. Bill in my next letter I will tell you how things got this way. Say Bill. I was .sorry to licar that your wife ha;l qiiib- yon. You sec ilill when they i-oljbed you <jl yum wife also hr- <-aii.w yon know Hill, ihrri: aim no Bood woman like your wife going to slay where tiler aim no biskils. Uy, By, 1)111. Simon P. Lee. The longne yields approximately 8 per CCIH of the oil extracted from cacu whale. MI. i. i.« ro W( ,, rf |,l ..,,,, K™? /«•'»•• *'« KMT, ktr rnm, m ,,t, ,'••'<' "»e mttl, I'Bl'Eil KK.N- 1)41,!,, wo.lik, ,. d fra ,,i,ti,, "J".'l, '"«•«'< t« VAI.KRIA HhAAI7l>r, MCJ<(7 KlH, V.l>rl> .nmj. »»vb ft !,„" „„, w ,,y'; SSmTi'ir * *' l ' cl " u "'" vl °« 'ru»y »k> Ann lo m*rir him »ufl «lic ngrren. Allhuugk Timi k«» vriMiil»d to ".rill,, Juon'' |"V C •.'"•"•' •• ""-y «»• fc« lird lie iloo^ not do (hi*. i..... 1 **' 0 '""" «»B»K«il "> JOHN BMCIMIftAM) and dl>|,Ui>> na to- WnCfliirMI thiE. Too,- luroniltp* Ann (i ring; fur n Chrlnliiiiiil s lfl bu< „„ Clitl.lw.ii, Ev* v,tr. J nil • nd .Sur>|i utrujlire » follve <tln- «<r ')•„„, full, lo .„,,,.„,. tnlrrln llfnnrlt nllrniU n mittj n( <rl.lrk . ma , ,, mllut a|li , / Julrd. |Vli-r* (lie rrgurt In '' .VOW CO Olf'wiTM 'TJIU STOHY CIJAPTB1! XI yALJiUlA'S eyes were wide and * fiJJeil wHIi tears. ;(er sqfl, red lliw dropiicd aisconsolalely. 1 Slio sat on n small sloe) near I'cLer, t pleiiillnsly ii|i Into liia face. Pcler Ilionght lie had never seen her look moro cliildlllic and lovely, Inil lie was not movcil liy tlie tlioiiglit. "A l>micli came by a[(cr yon Icfl — " Valeria liegai). 1'cler said stonily, "You were go- fiip to wrap pachaecs. You liad a MElitfijl lieadaelic— " "Jt's terribly Jiaril to refuse. Eometimes. I didn't want lo go." "And iierlinps yon cntr explain Uio oilier limes you've liccii at Dirk's lilacc." There \\-as :i look in Pclcr'a eyes lliat was new. Valeria lliougut of the allliirt she liail nrcparcd, liut none of them seemed ialibfiictory. "You're lielni;: cruel am) unfair." slic pohbcd. "If you could only see how U liaiipeiicii! t wasn't to lila me. ami I could explain if you would only try to understand, I'cler." Me slooil up, lookin:; down at lier. He said tensely, "Yrjn can't oxnliiiii nnydiiiiK. We're thronyli." Valeria nlip]n:il ;lio ring lliat looked like a (Iron oC wliiie rirc from lier.iiiiHcr. A» I'utcr made no move to lako il, she laid il 1,11 die lahle. She was Ircmljlini;.. "You're breaking ivilh me—" "Til have lo bo able to Imst my wife." Valeria's voice rose sliiljy. "What you want is an augcl fur a wife. All riclil. go out and scu il you can liud lier!" - ^ Her hiUer'laiiut rant; in his cars as lie kit the house, lie was glad lo gel Hmo', to feel llic cold, clean air wliln against him. CJnislnins! Merry UtirlsUiia.'! to all! -A merry, merry (Jimstmas! : . -' i ' • • • rPONY-aml. Ann li;ul (lined. They liail gone lo a musical but tbc feeling ot depresoion bad not lifted. The big libx .with Us any wrap- pluBs wag In Tony's car, slill ini- opeiictl. Tony liail looked cinhar- rassed when Sarah liml walked out of tbc licdropm with it, saying. "Ami, aflcr al! your trouljlo you've forBoltcn lo KJVO- Tony Iij 3 CJirist- imis present." Jlili. Tony did not dive down Inlo liiii pocket uftcr Hiirah hail lell, cayiiifc-, "Aud here's your present, Ann." Ann decided lliat lio was wailing fur (he constraint between ihem to lift. lint, try as fine would, slie coiitd /iot lie natural. JCvcn tht Uionght ot tlio small, twinkling ring which n-aa jirotoWy in Ills pocket rielit uow did uot Mas bap plnees. • . • • * JT WAS while they were driyinjB home, darliricaa eatlierliiB afcoui them, that Tony said, "I've a l)ttle souiQliilng tor ygu at my -place Ann. I'll droj) tiy and pick It up.' 1 Ho parked (lie car in front nnd stepped out. Ann said, on luipuli?, "It's cold out Jiero. JUnd it I come In wllb you?" Tony Bald sloivly, "wliy, of course not." Ann hud never been Inside Tony's apartment, though slio hud waited ouistdo for him many times whilp he weut In for a quick dmitge. Ho lived In a small upart- ment Ijulldiug, ale out, and shared Uic eorvicea of a maid. Ha opened tuo door and they sleppod inlo Lho gloomy, ^ox-like llvlug room. KumWlne for the switch at Hie door, ho said, "Not much lo sco. Just a lot of furniture llirown together.' 1 Tlie light flaslicil on, revealing ,1 scene of-wild disorder. Chairs In every position, clgaret trays filled wilh ashes, cigarct stubs ou the floor, a table covered wilh glasses. Am! hollies, hollies. Kvcrywliere. The light fell upon t. coneh In Lhe alcove. Finns carelessly Ihere where Tony's nice new robe should -e been, .was a bright green negligee, dripping wilh lace. Tliero was no alibliis away thai icgligce. And over In one chair, a very largo ami expensive box of candy, tied with a huge red ribbon —a box without seals or holiday wrappings, \ Ann heard herself saying clearly, Tlcaso don't $uy anything at all lo me. I couldn't posslhly bear It. \nd nothing you would say could nake any difference." 'J'ony liaii slare'd at her, had seen something in Ann's eyes that hail •whored Ijlni completely and thor- Highly. He said harshly, "The trou- )lu with you, Ann, is IJiat you hare i iiionotjaiulslle mind!" The words did not register. Ann vas walking out ot Tony's place, closing the door. Sho was walkim; liiickly, dazedly through Hie enow" How far she milked, she did not iiiow. A long way. sho was sure, Hicauso her hands and feet were hilled, and Hlie was in the center f town. In llic center of all the Is and slider. and caw? over 19 her. lost your Job, Ann Uollistl "No, Put I've.lost . wn nrl/ed more." "Tough, Isn't It?" ,, t . Iliougu ho understood. Anl bercd lueu lhat.l,. r . something, too. Just ivhal lost— faith and coufidcrnl one he loved, f Tlmt accoimlcil for (ho I look ou hfa face and l| eyes. "Maybe I shoukln't sayl I'm terribly sorry for >T Kendall," Aim said J "And I'm sorry for yoni Her old humor hrnke th[ dark wall of ijnluiiipinc makes us even, in more one/' hard to believe could (el you down." Thcl gallantry In his tone. Ji| file statement of fact, as it. '.'H was just 1 ex mic-li of someone. I'm old-l I sucss." "Sujinose," „„__ - order eatnct:::sii l,,r M lo cat. You look all in. drive you home. You somethlng-llkc a good »-- • • PKEIJNC his eyes ou | forced herself (o cat Peter Kendall did not hungry cither. ft was Blrange how par troubles were. Stranger liad eorne to tills siiialj in llic heart of thccily, Peter said he'lc day. "Coins where?" "Any place. Far away.) Ann thought Peter wns 10 able to-leave. Sho wj :o stay here, to see Tony i .0 wait while her heart ior the slow processes o| briiis some healing of Pcler must have rend I these llioiigliis in bcr'faj lon'l- you i-o awayV" Wouldn't it help?" "I coiihln't go fur, L coiihln't afford to give upl "i\'o." I'elcr frowned, hif icr drawn racc.--'!Tbhiiis-i siuinle as lliat." - ''..' ''•": "I wish they were." shel ike lo go to llic cml of III 1'clcr paid the bill, tool otn,' i . »-(!icr pain tuo bill, to (yil, passed several reslimranls a,,. :( ,,n Jlnd k , d | |cr uu[ where, people were coming anil roadster. — ^r.,.-, D ^. ,, o . .j,,^ n UU jij -11 mi jtoi, ii]jjiii. i 'vnicria i movie wlierc she could sil in |"(,efs ride Iu the park iirkries*. §lie would slay thcro -ft will l« rhHo anil Mm I nl^n>,r,..,. .:. . o_ _''i... » _ . . , . • .. . . _ ' licforu one of Hip EJuallcr hiccs Blio Ktojipcil. Ann wcnl Insirlo and onlercil a ol ol-con-cc.- Two cuiis of coflcc •uuld give her strength to go on. wherever she was going. She would find a movie the da until llic lelipbonc iii Sarah's liail slofijieil rinsing or Tony became lireil ot camping on Die do.or.stcp. .aho never wanted to sco him again. CJoiug on" on Chrislmas Eve anil gelling drunk, forscttini; that he had ever thought of an engagement ring. Tlio waiter act llie pot ol coffee before her and Ann poured out n cupful. She drank li otowly, poured out iifiollior cup wiUi stidkinB /in- gors. . A man ut a (able aeriaa limn )icr was slaring at her otit of Kumher eyes. Ann resented his slare nnlil slio saw It was 1'ctcr Kendall. J'clc-r Kendall, looking haggard and sober. She smiled at him. It was a queer smile withoutjnlrlh In it. lie did not smite, but he sol «p roadster. "f.el's drirc aroumJ u., said, lucking a warm rug ; "The park? All risj tiRroct! wilhoul ci]lliusla\l| Pelcr laiigliccl. lie wssl lliat last nigbt Valeria Another hotiri Anolliur lite jiafk meant notlifrig. lilaccH meant noLhlng heJ was stiffcrlue JHSI us )io| ferinrj. He wished Ann could lie woulil like to see Uio cl back to her checks am] her iitormy eyes. She was fcreiu from the lui|i[)y glrll talked with him tlial ilay mcr. Tdey were driving l>ark now. A ticaulifu), «T ivilh siiiaJl t-liiiiljs Jiuddll Biiowy cloaks and tal| tre Ing with juyrlad.f of iciclea Hmhlenly Peter stonpcii] said soinethlna strange miling. "Ann, marry m antl you can go willi mc. (To Be Continued Ohio Congressman Will Be Speaker Candidate CLEVELAND f UPl-Roiiert, Grosser, of Cleveland, veteran 21s"t District Ohio congressman, will be a candidate for speaker of the House o[ representatives. His decision to permit his name 1 BOAliDING HOUSE AS CHAIRMAN)' OF WOUSE ESKIMOS \ ..:HOOPLA,I JUST / MUSHED OVER, TH V PA.SS, " "&Y T>O<3TEAr/l,TO A-iK \V YOD WILL SUPPLY rAY TEOPLt WITH EXTRA 'BLANKETS TOR TH LONG to be presented for presiding olTi- ccr of the lower IcgL'ilativo hody was made public by his colleague, Congressman Martin L. Sweeney, Sweeney revealed lie bad written Grosser u'rElng'lilm to seek tile sprakersliip, left, vacant by the dcalh of Speaker Henry T. flainey lot Illinois. Grosser replied to the letter, con- senting-to have hLs rmmi cd, hut asi-crtod h c won Icr into any unseemly sel election." There is a supcrstltiq that tlie amethyst will tlil sliai|Kii the Intellect, .toxication, give victory 'and protect one from soil V\ONEST,MRS.V\OOPLE ; ;{ ONE OF THESE s ; ,( aAORKllNGS 1\L '*TO BE DEFRO NEXT TIME I SEE A STATUE UN 6O1W6 TO PLEAD TORTH v -fv\USL)N, TO "PUT OM ' EV&T YEA YOU Hi

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