The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1937
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MAflCH 4, 1937 IE1THDF MCE VI '.Regency.'Measure Stir Gossip About New Rul c'r's j HV MILTON ,BRONNl!Il Ni:A Service Staff Correspomlen •LONDON,^; Just,, ns some tim fl,';o Hie biff .question Ih BrHali was whether, or. not King Edwtm VIII would . jitjrtieate' (lie throne sp- now the gossips are busy will HIK query-Is ;. his successor, Klnt tieorge VI, a sick or a well man? Impetus was,.'given to the matter when I'ccentlj' Hie new King sent n message; Jp.Parliament,nsk- >"S it lo'i>as$| ; 'sbmc laws rcenul- i»K Ihe • sikcesssloii to the throne nnrt;.nls6 regim!iii£ n regency In fuse the monnfeli died or wns'lh- raipncltnlccl. •Much', to everybody's sin-prise me regency .law, as passed, provides D,at, if the present King becomes Inactive mentnlly or nhy- slciilly, the Regent,'until" Princess I'.ll/ftoelh comes of age, will be Jus brother, (he Duke of Gloucester. He will also be Regent if the present King ilies and will so "«.l until Princess Elizabeth is 18. * King George Not Mentioned hi Bill It Is true the law is written In general terms, without mention- Ing tlie present monarch, his brother or his children, but there were some wlio took it to apply especially to the present, case The section which caused most comment rend British' King T!>c wan complexion nml prominent cheekbpnes -of yet uncrowned King George vr of England arc pointed out as evidences that lie is not slrong and may be In questionable health. TO KEEP LID! SLOT hts "There will be a Regent during nny period when the Sowlgn has been declared, as provided In the- Wll. lo be suffering from an infirmity of mind or body which renders him wholly incapable of performing the royal functions." Ire of Tories and Reds Aroused Things went fairl smoothly in the House of Commons, the Labor Iiarty Joining with the government in agreement on the hill. The only dissenters were the small fraction belonging to the Independent Labor party nnd the Communist party of one, represented in the House by "Battling Wullie" Gal- wcher from a Scotch constituency, -who got Tory hackles un «y cynically declaring: "Neveruefore was (here such 'a bill as this.- NO other explanation can be given for il than that the government jlocs not expect the present tilne. monarch 'to last "out .his ,_-_., v '^j 1 .^-"---'' •-"'.' '• of T -: 'omarlt. raustd'a Hood-gate nroJst T '7 anci 'tenant molest — .largely similar to, ' the word-rest,. that used' to'be <ninpd when Edward Vlli was still Ki,,V , has walked, an average of six miles daily since he began delivering -cokes" and . other orders for Borum's H years ago. That adds up to 30,330 miles,' whicTi ivoulO have taken. Spider around the world and 'several thousand miles to spare, .had' he :. chosen thus to direct his ' energy. ' , Spider, whose real name is Robt. SinUh.,says porte ring for a drug store. l^ ,T young man's- game. He admlls.he isn't as fastWh'e" used to be- s b.ut,-.believes.'-; that., he ican stand the pace for several years to. come, • ; , . Two nest Periods for Coronation • "bout the king's health continued o, be heard. Fuel . . the names when was added to a week later it usual e.\a . was announced the monarch would »ol go to India this year to hold a Durbar, nor would he proceed on n, ,?" r f »« Dominions. All these »M S t, ^ ' en l"«vely been plan- lira for Edward VIII. With the 'Uimmeiy the •^rn^ t SPeare's women,' piote-st too much"-said all these ppstponemcnts were not due to «Whln» the matter with t. e King-, but because it was not considered desirable to add "to t lo mmense strain of the flulles of "'= "7 , Ki »S-" His physicians hart o dcred he should have two complete ,-este-one before and one after Ins coronation. King George VI has never been n strong man. All his life he Jm had.. trouble with .his d igesUw '"ct. During the world war whe,? jcrvmg with the High Seas n e c twice had to be sent ashore to '"'rtergo operations-once for in PJ'Wieftl, and once for an ulcei" of Ihe duodenum. Today It is THE USE OFOilR-. Motor oil .make., valve Srindinaf as old-fashioned as "Hoop skirts"— P°r Our oil guma no fines and no valves- Use it for belter performance and feu-or repair bills aud- it will win for both you and US. PHILLIPS Service Center elleved lie has trouble ver. Even when Duke of York he as. not nearly as active as his rotlter .the then Prince of Wales did not RO on many long trips ke .Hint Indefatigable traveller did not haunt .the-golf course Play a'smashing.|urd game of •quash rackets like brother Ed- ivard. He did not shake a nimb.e ' and untiring foot on (he dance' floor like his elder brother. In fact, he led the life of a man who has to take very (Md care not No! Tolerate Them in This Dish-id Says Bruce Ivy JONESBORO. Ark.-"Operation of slot mncliiiic.s is a racket. They serve no good purixwe.lo miy one except the owner." Prosecuting Attorney BIJICC Ivy of Osceola declared today on a visit here hi innounclnu that Ihey will noi be tolerated In the second Judicial llstrlct. ; "Tliey said 1 couldn't stop operation of slot machines In Grit lenitcn county," Mr. Ivy said 'They aren't operating there any iiore. 1 Intend to sec that they are kept out of every county In he district." J Mr. Ivy declared that "a man vim 25 slot machines can make more money than I can as nvosc- uting attorney." The prosecutor also warned on rators of pin ball and marble •'-chines lhat, gaming connected vith them, in any form, includhi" We liels by players. Is In viola" ion of the law and will not bi permitted. "Marble ball machines operated for entertainment only will not be. molested," lie snld. "nut gaming will not be tolerated." (ARK.) COURIER NEWS smen Seem TownseiifT Cash Pemiscot Coiiniy -II Mc'iiibersliii) ^ '' 200 his strength. His recent pictures show a man, pale of com pfcxtou and with alher prominent. CAHUTHEHSVILLE, Mo.—Nine new 4-H chihs have ized In Pcmlscbl the past week Tlie facial °'C; dute ° r »"«-ki«1 "> The ^^ ""•''" "OlleS hl'lnoinlr t),,, Inlnl ,„„.,., ,., ?' part of Dean of Porters Walks ' 30,000 Miles in 14 Years ucpii organ- T ' • — s'=5 Internali °™l Mind Alcove al Library Has New Books "Spicier," store dean of Bly'theville's porters, estimates that , . . . ;. ens, Mrs. T. P. McCloskey, Charles McCloskey. Concord — Mrs. /Albert Webb leader, 'twenty-five members. Cotlonwopd— Mrs'. • W. H. Baker leader/seventeen members, Other- newly, oruanized or re- ogan.izc'd clubs for this year together with leader- and membership, are as follows!" Canady Switch, Virginia Cain File Siiit : to Prevent ;'• 'I Closing of Road Mrs. S. P. Martin, -' Mrs! Clara D.IVIS and June Ga^nell have iiled suit m chancery 'court here against Mrs. ELsle Bell Cox.- asking an order .restraining, her from "carrylno- intention to . wl o . c e »hat the plaintiffs, say : ls a public road connecting with the old North Sawta road, -northwest of this city They allege-, that- the 'road has been used- by. the public - for 20 'i"';, 3 alcm S slde »i<* property rta^ Ir ;™!'™. 0r !""*'•'« Holland and Barham, local attorney.; represent th e phintiffs I bringing the total membership to almost 200. The nine new clubs have a total membership o[ 10D ' Tlie new clubs are: Cnnithersvitle community—Mr£ me f Robel ' tso ". leader, eleven Mind Alco»e of the Bljtlieulle 'Tnggadocio-Six cluta, TCmem- 111 ™'' ' mC *"*" ™^ ll ""'' h»rs Leaders: Mra. C. J. Long, "-- Beck Dye, Mrs. N. R. P i ck . foi adults' b, Mr, , leader, .eight members; books for fhe solving f|, c pUlems of modern .civiltaatlon. "Yang and Yin, 1 ' Alice T. Hotarl [s n liook which portray aiiothei liirbulent and 'icstless comity bill is a novel and so clifTers fiom the usual tjp- of book selected for the alcove, it was selected hecnuse 1! sliows the problems faced by foreigners who settle in china ; and .also prcscnte. willv sympathy and There aie four books included in this shipment' I'he Spanish Tragedy," 'E. A. Peers, '0 mi account of the destruction; suf-- fering and crii'e! struggle go!n= on In Spain.'.Tills.;took, ,,'hlch' "n'oes .New -.. ^ F ...... Aino;uyuh, 1,'illtn tJOcS to the heart''or!the slfuatlbn, sets forth in no partisan spirit the conditions and -influences which have led the Spanish - people to their present- impasse.' ' ." tr *• ! "'••-' "iiij. 11. ijr. Hedge,._ lenders.-,.: eight ; members: Gibjron," Mrs,--.James ''Miller, leader nine members.^ T '--V. •'v .•' 'Club .organization is under direction of 'M, .D.-Amburgey coun-' ty extension, agent; 'Mfes -Lorene Dryden, home '.;• -demonstration "gent, and W. R, • McCiillough, ;«- sistant county agent. • \*' —• -J".'.o "fill lljulfjlMlln:) JUKI rugged'sea coast,,its'villages, towns nnri cities and-shows a freedom- loving. Independent people, often in and., picturesque scttigs lien Injures JMolorisf HARTVILLE. Mo. (UP)- Gils Moore was treated at a hospital here for cuts on (he face received when a hen, attempting-to-dodge his truck, new through the windshield and out lhroii«h i reai «m (low. Tlie. hen continued her n>hl . , pay an insight the reactions of the Chinese. ' ; -~ . ' - . ' . : A study. In labor is given In the book,' :(\yimt; the International :ba^ tor. Organization Means to America," by .spencer Miller Mr.. Since l&t-m 1 . .«<llS.t«fcs..bbca4'R nieni- bev.'ol this organlaition two'Vind '•»" half years ago'. It is. said that nc Arnerican can afford. Mo be- Ignorant .'of the coripprntlve work which is_ being carric'd out by some sixty- odd nations from the, center, at Qe- ncy«, ;,Thls book tells In untechnl- cal language what -is being 'scconi- • 1 • pushed. dresses It 1 is.'n collection of ad by a distinguished group of and students-of • • CASH For Government Loan Cotton A. R. WETENKAMP and CO. mSotifh Second Phones-89 and 1,'C!0-W wid economic problem*, included which Is one by John \, Ijcwlr in the books for children, Uien i"' lOjhs of 'l>nmtiik Caravan, I'nljlob I'lpi' nine Net-, mil uec *ills nnd ohlldien 01 Jbiimy ~' lh A Hip In nn iinloinolilk IrniU'r lo Dranmrk Is lold In "Di-n- mark Ciinu'iin." Pablo Is n little \le\lcfm bj^ niio hid lo luivel nil ilic wiiy to murkcl.on his own reel "id uilei he isuched iheie he eiun- rt petmies |)la\lng his plix. What if ellil vvllh his iwmihs. is told In 1 iblos l>|p' in rilu6 Nets nnd ml balh jau ILMIII of whut two Itile I ho^s did whon Him. vvuiL sailing nnd Icaincd to ctiUli linii Ohl'dieii of Siinnj Sv- Is lht» stoij of llnbul) tin. Inn hoy mid hit sistc, tt | 10 | ln ,| OirinV.liu"'* UmL ' UOxSl " ( 111L ' V!rs. Roosevelt Reveals Southern Tour Itinerary _.. Mur ( (ui')~ •i" l-unklln u Roo'cvilt uxliu .iinoimn.fl (ho rollowln? ithicmy iflitli 4 lo Mm(jj JQ Mnich C-Nuv Oikniis nnd i) i on Route Much 8-Poit Woilh Mnreli ID— < 3hic\c|iou March 12—Alvn/OWa Much U-Okhhomn Clh Much 15-misn. Mni'ch 17—Uurotit oklt March in-llousloii. Maitli 20—Austin les March ai—Bnllns Mnith 22-Littlc Hoik Mnich 21-JiK.k-o'n "j[l\, Mmcli JS-KnoMllI,. —"" "* " v ** 4 v ll ^^ *-"''*'11 yctv Hie folltmlcr polling placci slm be open UHvvron. iho Hours of : i. M and (, -jp )>, j>) on s.iimdnj Mniih 20. 1037, for (hi «foremen Honed election 1 ""X?± 1 ?." Yd'"* Rosu nigh SUioo Ci os nul Huliiimii Clea _ v Sr . High Sclioo C!o.siiell School School Scl'Oo 'School High School U/wll's Arniorel S'lmii'iiec iV-tim Point, Carson C«r*nn (M »"" 11 ' , Clly"i£ii l.ynch's Store oyuion Sdiuol School . School School High Schopl School School • School •-.•School . ..'. Hnilk School Niiml k'.i • • Sdiool N ml,,, MI,,,,. Sc , iflol mi<(H..i> lltmletlc School ».-»vi\h lintehVi- adiODl „, Eiowarrsbteil 10)1 ' ' • ' Sti-aol Slmdy Gnn' SUiwiy.a Sciiool Bank Wbllloii Ynrbro : Ueil Skldvvay • Wilson I-onc Oak To'mntn Kelsor Heed.' 45. Ff'jlicfv 47. Kitlf Moon Stlonl SO Brown a 52, Little River 53. Ulnck Wfltei M. liocky Utt School find Colony WINNIE ViROH, TOKNER County Kxanilner. j 3-10-17 FOR SALE . .soveial tons of Slonevlllo No. <-A ColUm Re fl ,| one seni fioln the hiccilei WP '«l*d ami B i imca tllm , s nto le.slpd. We have sevr-ml "rt Ushcl- of Beans and Will sell vnilHy of Cotton Seed or L. R. Matthews Gin Co,' T.I. IM M-J vifbro, Ark.' ('otlnn, Cndnn y Krnl and (Vial Demonstration Club News Notes rhe Oosncll 4 H el,,), ], P |j giilm month!) uaetlng lucs-lm he picsklent having moved n»n\ i! Uce pre&ldcnt Jolin ODcll nr^- dul niunlc 1, Fiibnnks wiis ecled presideiu He then Introiluc D . ,^ , L ' rlp colml l "««» ho told of the count; plans f 0 i ,, ^ 1|IC|||(II "S the Countj H Club Basketball loimmnwiil id other recreational fenhues Miss Cora L»e Coleiimn. homo ntonstratlon agent gnve a dcm- vstiatlon in n, e collect meisinc- ents for cookerj' recipes. Sh e urg- h?il , P ?v '° mahB »-I-H Club Milblt at the county fn| r | n n n loses of ,4-H c i,,i, work OTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION Pursuant to. Act Nutnbci 'JO of 38 cuaclert by the General As- mbly of the State of Arkansas Id act providing for Ihe clec- on o[ School Directors lo be clcct- (1 .nt^.a special School Election to e.lidfl In each School District of c Stale of Arkansas on tlie third ... YOU GET IT IN A GMC • I you operate a modern bu,ine«, you want a modern tnlck. Thp moans o GMCI In every copacily range from VI to 12 tons slandard and cab-over-ungine" models-CMC's are Jlreonufyled lo l|,e modern pace of progressive business Come ond see for yourself w hal GMC slreamstyling !s-|odayl Qualify a( prices lower.lhan average. GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS £ TRfllt FRC 'In'? K. They all look alike.. but mw is a 'f '•s 91 PROOF T o t)ie casual observer, ali polo players look alike-bur, •'on performance, one man is awarded top ranking ... In tlie liotllc and in the glass, all whiskies may look alike. But on the palate, Windsor shows those superior ilics which nuke it a champion in its 'price cla«. Try it. Ufinfeor STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY NATIONAL DISTILLERS PRODUCTS CORPORATION', NEW YORK, N, Y. K you have not yet tried Phiko Automatic Tuning- don t waste a moment! Come in and ask us for a free dempnscration. Try it yourself and sec how it works!' A single, split-second twirl of the dial, and ''Click— there's your station!", — tuned instantly, automatically, accurately — as easily as switching on an electric light. 'And remember —with a complete range of prices for Pmicos with Automatic Tuning, this new feature is now, Within reach of everyone.' ' Hubbard Furniture Co. ; "Blytheville t <Ark.

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