The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1955 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1955
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBBR W, 1998 (ARK.)' COURIER PAGE THIRTEEN OUR BOARDINi HOUSE — with M ( j.r HM»k OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HULLO, BROTHER DEAR/ ^' Lltfe A PILE THAT'S NOT THWKIM<a--IT'5 MOTSJ HE BORROWEPTHATACCORPIOJ TO LEARN TO PUT PLEATS W RPBOARP CARTCNSSOTH6V CLOSE POWM ASTH' STUFF IKI •EM IS USBP UP AMP (A4K6 MORE BOOM IN TH' CUPBOARDS-' LOOK. AT THE SOOFV . LOOK IN) HIS J LET TM' KIP ALOWE — WHEN HE DOESTRVTO CO SOME THINKW •>OU HECKLE HIM; A DAY YOO HERE AAV CKSAES AS F A6 AM DOlfi 'PER. Trie DOS CATCt-lER -A WHY MOTHERS 6ET 6R THAT I HAVE To SPEND wrf WHOLE PAY iM W-WELL, TWAT WILL- HUSH is THE BEST SCHOOL IMTME STATE—* BEST ORGANIZED—BEST FACULTY'-. TEACHING METHODS EQUIPMENT- FAR AS r CAN See THERE'S ONLY ONE ThIINS WPON6--/THAT IS — . MOW YOU TO &E BEAU WITH ME—WHW AT P ANSWER. • MR. WILSON/ Ttlevision — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 Wednesday nisht Oct. 19 6 00 Superman 6.30 Cisco Caravan 7:00 TELEVISION Theatre 8:00 This IE Your Life S 30 Mr. District Attorney P.00 Eddie Canter 9.30 News 'Reporter . 8:45 Screen Directors Playhouse 10:15 Weather 10.20 Tonight 11 no Mystery Theatre Jl •?,(} Sign Off Thursday. October 20 6-50 Meditation 7 W Todny 7:25 News — Memphis nrea 7 30 Today 7:55 Weather—Memphis area B.3I) Storylnnd 9:00 Home Show 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 1:30 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:00 3;30 4:00 5:00 5:15 5 ^S 5:30 5 '45 6:00 6:30 7:00 Tennessee Ernie Ford Feather Your Nest Shopping at Home Charm with Cathy News Farm News' TV Movie MaUnee It Pays to be Married A Date With Life First Love World of Mr. Sweeney Modern Romance* Pinky Lee Howdy Doody Movie Time Cartoon Carnival Interesting Person Weatherman Dinah Shore News Caravan You Bet Your Life Gang Busters Dragnet Theatre Video Theatre 9:00 Playhouse of Stars 9:30 News Reporter 9:45 It's A Great Life 10:15 Weather 10:20 Tonight 11:00 Mystery Theatre 11:30 Sign OH WHBQ Channel 13 Wf'nesday night Oct. 19 6:'0 Little Rascals 6:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 Disneyland 7:30 Waterfront 8:00 Wednesday Night Fights 8:45 sports Picture 9:00 Masquerade Party 0:30 Penney To A Million 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Les Paul and Mary Ford 10:20 l.nte Show 11:50 Weather Thursday. Oct. 20 8:45 News & Weather 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 This Is Hollywood 11:20 Stu Erwln 12:00 News 12:05 LunchtimP Theatre 12:45 Early Show 2:15 Miss America Matinee 3:00 foreign Intrigue 3:30 Bozo and His Friends -4:00 5:00 6:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:10 10:15 10 -.10 12:00 A u try-Rogers Mickey Mouse Club Lktle Rascals Do You Know Why Stop the Music Star Tonight The Lone Ranger Johnn Carson Show Damon Runyon Theatre Crossroads O'/Kte ff. Harriet News Weather Patti Page I,atc Show Weather Kirby Drug Store $725 For Your Old i ELECTRIC RAZOR on *. new Remlnjton, Schlck, Sunbeam, Ronson or Norelc* EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Indlvidnals-GroBps-Farm Bureau Blue Cross - Blue Shield Call representative WAYUN CHESSER P.O Hoi 307 BIytheville, Ark Phone POplar 3-3106 FARMERS! Clean Your Own Beans and SAVE With the Clipper Bean and Grain Cleaner • Lightweight • Compact • Completely Portable SEE IT TODAY! BYRIIM IMPLEMENT CO. 118 E. Main Phone 3-4404 THE COWARD BV RAY IAPICA Coprriifct 1955 br N£A S»-rk«. Inc. THE STORY: rim HnKc-r. i« [Tim took his rifle and pointed «n,.l,, K nu d dreninlDK ,,.. n Irnln j t at , he ca lf of n j s left leg. This u ihink'nR .7t"Vii'"y. "i'rear, [time he pulled the trigger on IN ll'niVai; VolntYiiK MII.CWO. * * * VI his dream on that train THE huge 100-year-old elm stood like a half-opened fan in the graveled driveway of the Braver Falls Academy for Girls. ; a ream on UML uam •> Ul -- <1 ^ <-' * " 11J1 "-" •> * 5 ,ng Pennsylvania. Tim Rog- As Tim walked slowly up from ; remembered Al Holinsky dis- jlhe highway where the bus had appearing over the rear edge of long time for the shell crater. Tim waited him to come back. Half an hour | school building dropped him off, up the narrow country lane bordered with silver maples toward the barn-like and the great Suddenly rifle fire be- stone house, it was already grow- maybe, gan nearby. Heavy guns clattered and tommygun bursts echoed. Tim's .company was moving forward. A few minutes more and a figure threw himself into the shell- hole almost crushing Tim.. "Move over, Fatstuff," Al grinned tensely. Tim didn't answer. His teeth were clenched too hard. "Okay, boy," said Al, "let's SO." Tim clutched the ground as he lay there on his belly. Al shook him. gently, then roughly. "Come on, kid, or you'll be left behind." . Tim choked, "T can't." ing dusk. corner. This one was tall and very thin—his face, his shoulders, his bony hands. The third one toyed with a book by the fireplace—obviously the youngest by half a dozen years. He was of medium height, mustached, handsome, also 1 thin but better proportioned. A cigaret drooped from his lips. All three men bore B dark, brutal resemblance to each other. Tim sat down. The thin man said. "No need to be scared of us, Mr. Rogers. You're Rogers, Timothy Rogers, yin't you?" Tim nodded again. The burly man at the door took over. "Did you bring liv*; 10 grand with you?" Tim nodded. "In cash?" Tim shook his head. "Check." The man laughed ha.-Illy and looked at the other two. "I told o -s came , . No sound from the school. Cows; and sat down beside Tim. To mooed in the pasture alongside • • - the road. A rabbit hopped across his path. An owl swooped down from a nearby oak, pounced on something that wriggled and squeaked in the road and circled wide to return to the tree. "- ing up to the veranda, he could feel the swelling grow in his stomach. He was so tense climbing the steps he knew it was his _.,„„„„, . „.... .. .imagination at work making him Al srasped Tim by the scruff j think the old man in the windfm hi*„„,.!, =,,,1 rnllorf him nVW < of the 1'OOm ahOVB W3S bOUlKl nf his neck and rolled him over on his back. "I said get going * Al pushed and what happened the next moment burned itself into Tim's mind forever. Tim's finger somehow had inserted in- self in the trigger guard of the M-l and as Al pushed him the rifle got pointed at Al. Al was iust saying, "You'll be—" but the next \vovd never cnmc, for Tim's (inicr had pulled the trigger. Al looked down at Tim with a shock of surprise in his blue eyes as the bullet plunged through his chest. His eyes were still open, with the shock in them, when he 'ell atop Tim. As his company crept forward, Tim he said: "Let's have the check. We're jonna take it to Mrs. Holinsky in person." • « « TIM ROGERS finally found his He ] voice. "I can't let you have the shuddered. ! cncck ;, The money ' s not a " Then as his heavy feet: mine crunched across the gravel lead-1 "What did you do, steal it! 1 •' asked one of the men. "I borrowed part of it." "Borrowed it!" The hoodlum laughed. "The way you borrowed t, I don't think you'll go to the police if we take it." Tim tried to put some confidence into his voice. "You can't cash it. It's not made out to you." The man beside him laughed again. "Clair Holinsky'll be glad to endorse it for us," he said. Tim sat looking at the man. He was so absorbed in his ugliness that he never saw the blow. The back of the hand struck Tim, catching him on the cheek and knocking him back against the sofa. He raised a hand to his face, shaking the dizziness out of his head. Without another word, Tim pulled the check out of his pocket and handed it over to the hoodlum. (To Be Continued) of the room above was bound and had a gag in his mouth. Before he could frighten himself further, he was standing at the door about to knock when it opened. A man's husky voice said, "Come in," and he faced three grim-looking men in the huge, semidark sitting room. The man who opened the door turned on the light and said, "Sil down." Tim stood paralyzed. "I said sit down!" Tim looked at him. He was short, powerfully built with huge hands, arms »nd shoulders, thick, dark, beetle hrows and an evil face. Tim looked at the second man standing at 'the desk in one I Continued from preceding page Home Cooked Meals 716 W. Ash Mrs. Ed Foster IC;i3 ck 10,19 "Your Uncle Walter more than evens the score for my Aunt Martha—at least when she visited us she used to ^ dust off the furniture once in a while!" "Why don't you deliver the mail by pony express?" I am not responsible lor any debts or Incumberances Incurred by anyone other than my sell. Signed. Patricia E. Tolbert. 10(15 P* 21 Private Rooms Room and board. Hot meals served. Couples or singles. 212 S. ath St. 1018 pit 11.18 j Nice larse bedroom, pvt. bath, couple or men. 3-4U9 after 5. 10|18 ck 26 Nice steamheated bedroom, adjoining bath. Double or twlu beds. 901 West Ash. St. 10;15 pk 11:15 Large, comfortable bedroom for business women. Ph. 2-2514. I0;i4 pic 11:14 10;14 pk 22 for girls Pn 2-208 Sleeping room Men only. 110 E. Rose St. Ph. 3-3311. 10:14 Pk 10 22 Nice bedroom Men only Pli. 3-4432 9.12 ck tl Sleeping rooms 104 E. Davis. Ph 3-6313. 10;5 pk 11 5 Bedroom, private home. Kitchen priv ileges optional. Ph. 2-2909. 1504 Hearn. Services Tired? Worn Out? Run Down? Got the Blues? Well cure them all at the Kiwanls Club's annual benefit minstrel in the High School Auditorium tomorrow- night. Doors open at 8. Admission 75c and 25c. 10 19 <* 20 Situation Wanted 1.000 persons who enjoy a good laugh to attend the Kiwanls club's annual benefit minstrel at BIytheville High school Auditorium tomorrow night at Housekeeping and baby sitting, with transportation. Ph. 3-6259. 10 18 pk 29 Wanted Wanted to Buy We buy used furniture HALSELL it WHITE' 113 8 DlTlslon Ph ' 3-603B ck tt Pecans prices paid New location. 421 E. Ash. C. R. Lewis 10:15 ck 10;31 GUARANTEED Always a Good^ .ViV.V-V.V.Vi Sufide gloves can be re-napped by rubbing them with a fine emery board. Attention: Men of the 461st Wing! Hudson Can Supply All Your Clothing Needs • Uniforms • Belts • Caps • Ties • Slacks • Shirts • Cheverons • Jewelry Cleaner • Clothier • Tailor BIytheville, Ark. S'OUDOM'TWANTTO DO FLASH-THE WHEEL, PLEASE/ Until she speaks For in her hurry she forgot To kiss .her Pop But wait! She's comm$ She's leaving for those doleful words: the movies and , Once more your world Cjosh, I forijot You siejh a little 5OBKX BUDDV WOBOPVN PLEASE.' I CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT VIC. NOT A 5INSLE CURTAIN CALL, ANP IT WA5 £Uf>SRB,,,THE SIM&IN&, THE ACTIWS.., EViRVTHINS THEY MUST HAVE FOUNP OUT .ALLOWS? B^CKSTASR. I i COMB HE \VA5 NOT A^E, NUWZIO BrKCI. . THERE'S SEEN A MVK-J TO TELL He DESERVE? A CUPTAISl HE 5ANS BEAUTIFULLY . rJ(=,ILEP WUNZIO/ J THAT I HffwATi SWELL! ILL wwi IW TH' CAWVOM BELOW TH' FKAWKE...REA,Dy TO S.IIPOM ROYCE'S CLOTH&& WHEW HE PLUNGES TO TH BOTTOM I A.BOUT FIFTY VABP* BEHIKID SHAWPYl BLAZES., KWCE AMD HI& SISTEIZ. CAN'T BE UERY MUCH FARTHER. AHEADI HAVE I THE / I' I WONMUG. Ur-W.! C. OLIVER/ ViONT ^fOU LOSSAL/ COME IN, MR LOSSW.: NOBOQY I EVER SAW,. BUT HE DROVE UP IN A PRETTY SNAZZY WAGON! WELL, LET'S fiEE.YEAH.X SO SEE MUST BE SOMEONE OF IMPORTANCE.' WHO'S AT THE DCOR? AND TSVY WOE?KINS A LITTLE FASTER! I'M NOT PAVINS YOU BV THE HOUR TO LOAP! USE THIS TO 5WKP THE WALK ...VOU'LU FINISH QUICKEK: 10,19 ck 20

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