The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1934
Page 5
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, DEC^ftfeR 4, \9M 1' ^ I / PAGE THREI'! ' /, < illations governing (he long-rimee slinrtsg r - of the National Mousing Ar|.. n.s r-mbctllrd in Titles H ami 111, hns. fnr from mr-iint a lessen- iilog of activity In the field of modernization and repair. The act permits li>m!lnf> Instltullons to mate IriStire.d loans Ihioughoul all of next yr-ar for this work, and II is not expected that, the peak will lie reached until well imo 1835. Sludy New Plan' M Ihc saine lime, however, home owners mid prospective 'name owners nrc {jiving .study lo the I home mortgage Insurance program I of the Administration, which ,of, Ifors unprecedented benefits in vast machine, Ihc rm- home financing methods, and fac- lon-wldc property repair nml,illllcs for mnklng home ownership nodermzatioji prosraiii - of the j more secure and stabilizing the • Housing Administration Is | real estate mortgage mnrkeis. «oving forward at steadily In-1- Here arc .some examples of the •leasing speed, transforming homes j manner in which the property rc- incl business properties, from !in-1 h:\blljtalion program Is prowess- illltleii to asxcLs and shifting work- iiw In nil sections or the conn- rfS Trrtm r/iltnf .-,..11.. j _'.._._ n. ... frsfl. ' of capable Journeymen fii In practically every .lobs arc foe'lriK Meld up Voiume of Building Repair and Improvement Work Far Above Last Year. m relief roll': to pay rolls is winter advances. : . The effect of the ftdmtnistra- ion's concerted drive on the lustries Ls construction and allied in- convincinely reflected i .statistics reported by commun- ly campaign organizations in the South. East, and .'Wast, and Shrcvcpori, La., reiwrK" that of a total of Sl.850,811.33 pledged by property owiicrs for repairs, $1,811,494 already has been invested in' 3,027 jobs-93.4 percent of the «ork pledged being carried out. In Springfield, Mass., construction circles took note of the sate lifcause of laeli of Inhov. llemotl- eling jobs nrc evlilenl nl c\viy srcllon of the city. ,nmlii)> the lh.11. I wo weeks of Jclobrr Ihe number of Imiifo In Nebraska rrmklnji modernization nans jumped from 22 to 00. building permits Issued es- -.iistvt-ly for iiMernllons ami ie ; liilrs in Cleveland during October jnlncd 290 percent over (he corrc- spondinc month a year aco. New York's gain /or a similar period was 104 |» These nro bill/ n fe.v, 1 of tlie hundreds of reports that pour inlo Washington lu:ad(|Uartcrs from the field, nut they arc typical of nc- tminilies where campaigns nrc un- tivity In most of the 4,000 com- der way. To date, more that) 10.- tflO financial ifisliUitioiu;, liuvliig resources In eseew; of $39,000,000,- flOO, Jiare ncc(^ited Ihsnranee tracts of the Federal llouslnj; Rejuvenating Old Home m4^tf*^-t.-~*' !W-t-?S.*X ii" i —n ii lacked up by'official figures as- by one iimil)Rj-"'cbnSrn"of"aii cn- emuled by live. Bureau of tabor j lire carload of storm windows. Six ilalislics <if the Department of trucks were kept busy the eqnlvn- ''•||| tent of lo hours each delivcrin," Tamilations of repairs, altera- j the soshe.s. Employment was given 2,300 [lemons in Oklahoma City by a tola) of $140,000 worlh of repair work In that city up- to the first of November. Prom st. ciinrles, Minn., tons and improvements to real state In 498 cities during October umped 42 per cent In dollar volHtii: tiver the total for (lie same ypr; of work in October, 1933. The •omplMc figures were $10.532/J20 They Also Help to Give; Desirable "Lived In" Appearance. --a . -.»,•», -y*"'-—-,•'-• j - • — ••• uv. i^iii.i ji;,>( in 11 u i,, I:IMIH:^I u)L tOOK October tills year, as against | this retml: "Our contractors and in. one •J9.7IO rllli-lna tlln clrnn IYl/\»lll> hlltl/lm^. l.nt.n Lin nL . 1....... -II r-n 7,439,710 during the same month year ago. The September flg- es, recording effects ol the first nonth of Federal Housing Ad- ninlstratlon activity, had shown i gain of so per cent over, the •orrespondiiiB period of 1933, ,,,^^,,, ^ a Announcement of rules and' rei;- that there biiIMm Imvc been busy nil fall, w!lvs ln an<i two coniractors already have is more work lined up . now tlinn they can vnish next year." C'raflsmen Needed The vice 'president of a Saera- memo. Calif., bank is informed oc Su „. ° Give your wife a Christmas present which will please all members of the family. Have the home made comfortable by the installation of an Arcola, or.overhauling of the old-one, and convert the bathroom into a modern one with new' fixtures. Work started now may be completed by Christmas,and you have 3 years to pay. "The Plumber Phone, 103-—109 N. First Cook the;Clean Electric Way with WESTINGHOUSE AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC RANGE A New Vogue in Kitchen Beauty Come In—See this New Range Today T«nc in Tonight with ;i WESTINGHOUSE World-Wide RADIO Now you can bring the world into your living room—with a Wcstinjr- hotise Radio. Stations across (lie sen s, programs right, — police calli, anValctir .sij-nals, nirplanci broatlcnsts. $22.95 HI' SJ?E THE NEW WESTINGHOUSR APPMANCKS AND INDIRECT LAMPS Walpole Electric Shop <m a living room does ns though il were lived of the most effective correct this appearance, by the use of lluio lables. Have table beside the arm chair so lea/lncs and ci»arettes will lie wlihln reach. Have a little cof- ff." table, near the davenport; peo- Improve <inra$i- tyonn Mow Hull MnM winter rnorr.lius nre ol. linnd, ImjiMl the wnrfchw of ynur isnrngp iloor.1. 1'ln-rc >', renl comforl. In lirhig uhlo lo op-?n and elrvc t)ii< dooi« without W. Uitf K'Hr «n, find nltarhrneiiL' ulmli nie ^Impli piSolkrtl and liipxptrurhfi lm\r b ru foi DilB purpose sldinfc', an enclosed porch and a liulc naite Hie remarkable chniigc tu appearance shown In the home )!ctnr«I above. Improvements of this type, including the. planting, re GllRinlc foe llnnnclui; with funds • borrowed from jirlvale flniknchl instltnlloivi co-opcrallng with Ihe Peileral Ilouslns Administration. I hc 'enlent. A table nenr the bookshelves L>; a joy, too, because it makes It possible to examine a heavy hook without having to bold it. A nest of decorative ta'- blcs or several tlll-lop tables aid the homo maker who entertains frequently, for these, tables are so Hght they can be moved about easily and save guests the discomfort of balancing refreshments on their laps, In one ralher small living room decorator put seven tables—a satele? table, a coffee table, n table, and n nest of four brilliant, rod Chinese lacquer tables. All of the tables were arranged so thai they served a definite purpose.. The gateleg table h«lrt a. lump and several.books beside an arm elinir; the coffee table was in front of the davenport:, • the .pedestal table with a bowl of flowers on It stood beside a Windsor choir; '. and the nest of tables was placed against the wall In front,,of an Oriental hanging. A. common mistake made in )iv- g rooms is to have a great number of smoking stands. Seldom are they beautiful, and the atmosphere tliey are . apl to create is move iii keeping with a hotel waiting room limn n charming room in . a private home. A little table with an interesting cigarette box arid ash tray on it is much more distinctive, and a welcome even lo those who do not Eiuokc. Today you can find perfectly • fascinating Ihings lo use for ash trays—little vases of Mexican poltcry. old or new pcwlcv r, fln ' il !f,'':;• , de ?, rt rt hcs fl 'T. 7" ™° !X « - sm >™ "' lllc »•«'•»'. " ll[ L.,c!1 "' , ^ ^ rS ' «" r ««*ody ever did aiiytlm, S about H, Repair Approaches to Home to Guard Health and Safety Winter conditions demand that water will not accumulate under it home owners give attention now 10 If the drainage Is good the coii- -'- ..... ~" ....... •- ----- ' -------- sidewalks, paths, steps, terraces, and similar approaches to • their tiouses. Besides the comfort and convenience afforded by properly conditioned walks, there fa added jrolectio)] against fulls which night result in serious injury. Lack of good, level, clean walks also means muddied, ruined shoes, wet feet, often followed by'colds and pneumonia. In addition, walks repaired now. will minimize breaK- jng and buckling due to water get-, ting under the walks or in' the' cracks, (lien freezing and expand-' ing. • •-In laying a concrete walk, drainage should be provided so that wete may be poured directly the ground, although in bcttc construction the practice is to hij a base of about 8 inches of cln dere or gravel. This is covered will 3K-to 4 Inches' of mixed aegreguti concrete, over which Is pourci three-quarters of rut inch to at inch of fine aggregate concrete. .Wood forms usually are used t obtain straight sides and to kcc-i dirt out of Die concrete. They ar placed so that Die cdgeij, of t'a boards mark Die surface of :li walk and arc used as giiidcs il leveling. Tlie surface of the wal slipiild be about 2 Inches above th adjoining soil. Home Owners Now May Do Something About Weather Besides Talk. Twenty-four years ago Mark Twain made his famous remark Ilial the weather was the most discussed .subject in the world, but bowls—nil of which nre decora live as w«)l as useful and do no cost any more limn ugly ash con tainers. fireplace mantels constitute an other living room problem. The common mistake is to put so many articles on the mantel that It gives the room a museum or messy appearance, because the fireplace is about the first thing that catches Die eye. The rule of three articles, one in tlie center and one near each' end of the mantel, is the safest to follow. '. other loss simple groupings consist of five or seven articles. A particular arrangement tha thas been greatly admired consists of an old map hung above the mantel, a ship model placed at the center of the shelf, with a Chinese tea jar on either side. In selecting dccora- tlans for your mantel it is better to choose unusual objects, as commonplace things do not deserve such display. Sittings as it may seem, .tome people, never have a fire in their fireplaces and the bricks are us spotless ns when they were Lild. It is impossible to have a livable room niul a spotless fireplace of glaring bricks. If you don't want lo have an oimi nre at least blacken the bricks at the back of the fireplace with store polish so thai, the room won't have a stiff mmscd atmosphere. Perhaps it is even more hnpor- lanl lo tell what not lo put. in n room, for the worst offense of n room is to look over-crowded. Do sure that, you have enough clear space in the room to allow for (raffic and to display every piece 01. furniture lo advantage. . His words are still trile today, us far as outside weather goes, blil there has been attempts, and very (successful ones, to control temperature indoors. Perhaps the most important Add Biy Window space and comfort can be increased ln your dlmng room or i 1 "" 8 rooi « % building on a hay Be surc w!u% " tn * is done ™ around the window Pr , cperiy ' Dor i "^ he 'P the a house. steps in science .making for addei coiiifort ant! health is tlie great in crease. In alr-cohditioning 'inn chliies,. and '.automatic fucl-rcedlni devices. With anywhere from 2 lo .'10 per cent' of fuel bills belhj wasted on' heat and-'cold passmi llirough walls of the avera'g house; Insulation Is .advisable i keep the operating cost of thl equipment down. The Healing .iii Ventilating .Engineers Guide 'iis'l as one of the most effective of il insujalors, rock or mineral woo Uy having this material blown im the wall space of your home th savings In fuel may balance Hi initial cost after two o: years. Productiog Crcdil Associations May. Now Finance Improvements. More than 000 additional sources of loans Tor'repairing, nUtvlnu and Improving (mm homes have, been made available, by the FYm Credit' Administration. Rules and regulations have -bren announced H'htrcljy funds' for (ills purposo aio'now available through IVoduc- tlon Crrdlt Association. 1 ..located in various prut:; of Die country, lli'lble for guaranty under Die ernl Homlnf; Administration p lo 20 iwrcpnl of the prlndiitil, loans arc restricted solely to nprovcincnlA lo Die farm hoinc nil borrowers need not be owners f Credit Association Class n . •-- •- inc»rwf»l (iroduct of Home Improvement loans O n ' l * l f* nl<H: " n *' icr0 ^ ; »8le) divelllng.s may run from f' ne '"l>t*.iti>iiivm- iCO to $2,000, for a period of one w "»«i«> TOKKIGN far but. may be extended lo 18 SHORT WAVK »nJ lonths. When loans are obtained Amtricm BROAD- ar a |K>rio<i loiiger Ihan a year, CAST model., lie borrower must repay In par- j Vli«al,liifti««L»au. lal.payments (it, least one-half of tiful worV in Jmrd lie note within' 12 months, j Ixiaas made by the associations •111 bear « |»f cent Interest, plus ther modest nhnrges. Production Credit AMoclatlons Iso make loans for general repair' illenilloi) .1111) Improvement of llos. barns and other rarmeqtilp- , provided such lonns sn-e for agricultural These loans are not eligible for guarantee 1111- ler the provisions of Ilia l'\Kleral slnif Administration, however, and prospective borrowers, under ho present regulations, miLit purchase aswcfatlon stock In an amount of $5 for each $100 or action thereof obtained. At the annual meetings of tho local associations of the -Federal redll Administration next January, stockholders of the various groups will' determine whether loans will be made to farmers "who are not also borrowers from the associations for genera agricultur ol purposes. wave ATWATER kENT RADIO wumla that ytiu witl U'jirwiii Hi own. you're imvr hta,A u tike til Fxt it— Iitar il jour Klf! felt the need for anoiner room on the top floor, or in the basement but who have thought the expense might, be too high have discovered under the Federal Housing Program 1 that 1 converting- wnsCc spnce means .spending very little money. Most of tlils waste space Is ready tq- be ch a used Into n livable' room with only; :a few additioas. The space Is (herb, the heat is being supplied, taxes are being paid, Ihr foundation -for 'walls and floor Is wailing. ."'•". • Cm the lop.floor a room can serve a multitude of purposes—a Sliest room, a playroom',-a. den for fatherl In' the 1 cellar,'a "riinipus" vooin for dancing, .ping pong,'and a .hundred and one other diversions.' • CAVITT RADIO GO. J'ixcln.slve Atwatov-tCciil Ik'alers 1>llon(; 2;l;t , ..Oleiitoe Hotel Ithljr. (Jnvitl,'MKr. Converting Waste Space Inexpensive Home owners who have often ComforJ— after the day's work is essential to the presci'vatibn of one's efficiency and ability to carry on. In the home of evenings nothing will add 'more lo your pleasure than one of our High Rack Upholstered Rockers or Lounge Chairs and Ottoman Christmas-- for dear oki Dad, with one of these unusual values wilt add to his pleasure, comfort and efficiency. CHARLES S. LEMONS Household FURNITURE Moderately Priced iJjgjl U ven Reasons NESCO'S Popularity rosene stove (haf has brougru tfi« com ei of city gas cooking to the farm and t Ncsco will bring neiv joys lo your kitche saving of time, new simplicity ol opera nk what i( would mean to Mart your stov out your household or outdoor chores] g the modttii Nesco Urt this. They knan le stove* 3 Giant Dinners and 2 Giant minim ami with All standard 149.5(1 $39.75 $34.95 ral Allowance On Your Old Slovc &rftt MORERft lrro,,n, ,i a ,,. Ii, «, * NESCO Kerosene Stoves ^Ranges "With Ihe Blue Gas Contact Flame HUBBARD HARDWARE CO,

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