Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 8, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1895
Page 3
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There's no Danger to be feared, even if you do use too much Pearline in the washing. If there's any danger of damage at all, it's when you use too Httle. In that case, you'll have to begin that dreadful rubbing— and carloads of Pearline couldn't do as much damage to our clothes as that will. Follow the directions on the package— that's the best way of ' all. " But remember, too much won't hurt anything. It's only a. waste of good Pearline. it Peddlers and some unscrupulous pprocers will tell you " this is as good as or "the same as Pcarline." IT'S FALSE—Pearline is never .-peddled. and if your trrocer sends you something in place of Pearline. be honest-^/// back. *» i.f,*c BVT* *~ v«*. JAMES PYLE, New York. F. W, KINNEY, 513 BKOAmVAY. DEALER Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. "STWo dress our own Poultry and therefore have'everytbing fresh. 0 WILL IMtEVKSir JIA\I>« AND FA'IK FltO.H CUAFFIXG. SOLD ONI.V AT n BEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. .i Kor -Julo. i W.I.ICDJ. Jimp Jjtt- Wint"i| t,i>n -in I ,VI:LMH Vjr d ila, WnntB'1 Sin ill ftirum For -mle. Wurr.-il BuHln^t moons F'>r iiile.' _ Wiuitflil en Exclwnw i-nrmstor Cit? "Properly. i"WnMtod HorcUanillm oTrtdnfor Kiinns. i .11. .n. tiUHl>0 V. 5|)r- Block Loxausport, Indiana. H. E. TRdAX, M. D. l atumtlon given to Nose, Lung, Llvet •nit Chronic DIXHH.IWI. omc« mill Renidttiice ov«r State National Bank. Boats lu co is it m., a to 4 p. in., aud 7 to S p. m. All rolls promptly attended. KROB^BR & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, 613 INCREASE YOUR INCOME! ' r • doliiR It way not you? Invest f 10. "0 to DeOBmber wtiwit Oiir system lnno«uratf n ,t,r Kio b tneflc or »m«II traders, 'ffers yoo nn ex ai ent ipp jrtunlty to try It Write n» tod -y foi mil taformntlon. PKRK1N9 * CO., »4 Blnlto Bldg. Ohlauto, III NOTICE FARMERS. I >tc1ulre ft n-»U«roi will be nt ,T. W « Keod Siorrt on North »tre«t Sft'nrdays to •xhlbltn WlrrhM OhraK Rower on wblca thoy feavo been allowed a patent JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IS EXTRA FISE, PIA'E ASP RROAO 1'OIHTS TO SUIT ALL HANDS. THE MOST PEKPECT OP PENS. DR. F. M. BOZGJR'S DENTAL PARLORS. State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNING, FEtt. 8. The Journal has a lew blrdseye views of Loffansport left. They can be had In pasteboard tubes for mailing or preservation for fifty cents. S. M. Closson has a few hundred dollars private local funds, also Eastern moQov in any atnouat to loao oa mortpape socurlty. Office JSo. 319 Pear street. It la a faot that nearly all reliable proprietary medicines were first used and thoroughly tested in practUo by physicians of mora than usual ability, and vet some physicians sneer at such medicines. The reason is plainly seen by takiojr Brant's Balsam for Illustration, known everywnere as reliable and sure to cure every sort of lung and throat trouble, except last stages of consumption. Way is it not just as good for your case as a physician's prescription, which might cost three or four times M much, though no-surer to cure? Large 55 and 30 oaitbMllei of Ben Jliher. A Friend* AJrlco Some four or five years ago J. A.. Goodyear, a youag maa full of. life and vlg-or, left tha Old farm m Calhoun county, for ihe more active life in the city. Drifting Into tna telegraph business, he secured a position on the C. & N. W. Railroad, at Republic, Mien. la addition to nls duties as operator, he was required to sell tlolcots, check baggage and make himeslf generally useful. Between the exacting officials on the ooe side and tbe inconsistent public on the other, he was worked aod worried to each au extent that his health gave out and one day ho was carried to his home, after having a severe nervous spaSm; he grew from bid to worse until ho had to relinquish his position, a physical wreck. Tae doctor could not cure him and told him so, but advised htm to go to Ana Arbor and place himself' in ctuirge o( th^t world wide Institution of learning, which he did. Ho con* tinned with their treatment constantly and faithfully for four long years, receiving little, If any, benefit. While In this condition, a friend gave him a bott'o of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital, izar, with an urgent request to use it. Not wishing to offend his friend, he promised to do so, butdld not, because, as he argued with himself, "What Is the use of taking- that 'stuff' if the most learned nerve specialises in the world can not cure me?" But as time passed be would occasionally thick of the neglected bottle of medicine given him and hla promise to use it. One day he picked it up and mechanically pulled the cork, measured out a dose aad took It; a change seemed to come over him, his nervousness abated, bis mind became clear and ho thought he felt something of his old time vigor. He continued tailag the Vitaltzer until he was able to sit up, then to walk a few steps; the sluggish blood In his veins became active, color returned to his Qsjh and he felt the need of more food. He eoon improved so that ha sought and became engaged in lU'bt labor and earned the first dollar in nearly two years; hope attained Us long vacated position in his brain and hU friends rejoiced at the wonderful cbinge. Mr. Goodyear Is now leadlnga thoroughly active and successful life which he says he is proud to attribute to Dr. Wheeler's Nerro Vualtzsr, the greatest nerve builder ever produced for nervous prostration, spasms,fits, sleeplessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For sale by Bon Fisher. Passenger men estimate that the maintenance of ihe east bound passenger nUes oui o( Chicago by the ten lines since January 1, has increased the revenue of the-cads $125,000. N Aruica Naive. The best salve in ths world for cuts, bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, tatter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. tions, and positively cures piles, or DO pay required. It IB guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per DOT. For tale by B. F. Keesllng. BAILEOAD MATTERS. £<«eal »«d ticuercl -\*w» Concerning K.ii»»y Ci«mp»nir» and Tnelr .Employe*— Pointi of Inl*rrttt to the Public In «mer«l »ud BmilruMd .'It n lu Particular. A FAVORABLE EEPORT MADE. The memocroof toe committee on railroads of toe house of representatives reported favorably on the bill of Mr. McCaskey for the lowering of the rate of fare on railroads, although the amendment was adopted making the rate 2J- cents. Mr. McCaskey is not Bailnfiea with this aad will fight for a 2-cent measure. The railroad magnates are not fighting this bill to any exteot, though their sentiments are belcg made known. With a 2-cent rate for passengers, it is claimed, it will mean a continued reduction of the wages now in force, as tbe earnings of the roads will fall off correspondingly, Wnen it comes to low fares for excursions and various meetings tbe roads assert positively that regular rates will be maintained. Employes of a cumber ot^oads are preparing petitions to be presented to the legislature asking that the bill ba defeated. Wednesday night a special was run over tbe Pun Handle from Anderson to Elwond, having aboard^ ihe SDerl3! of Madison county and hi» posse, thoir ODJect being tbe arrest of four alleged murdeiers. Several months ago the dead body of Win. Koiist was found Mng on the Pan Handle track at Elwood, and it was at first thouchc that be had been killed by a train. Tbe suspicion.-* of the coroner were aroused by marks of seeming violence on bU body, aod be set about to ferret out the case. It IB charged that Foust was killed In an Infamous resort by tbe keeper and three men, and his body placed oa the track to ward off suspicion. Toe accused are DOW in jalt at Anderson. The officials and employes of the Pan Handle had a trying time of It to keep traBic going Wednesday night and yesterday. At several water stations the tanics were frozen up and tbe spouts had to be thawed out before theengtnes could take water. The engine of first No. 10 threw a tire and had to be sent home. At Chicago the thermometer registered sixteen de, grees below zero yesterday morning and several yard engines were frozen up. The men who wore so unfortunate as to be out on tbe road suffered intPnse misery and several had their ears and fingers severely frost bitten. Trains were but little late, however, and the officials have reason to congratulate themselves on getting along as well as they did. As an outgrowth of the A. R. U. strike Senator McLean has introduced a bill In the Indiana Sena-.e providing that when an employe Is discharged he shall, on demand, receive a statement of the cause of his discharge. If the statement is not furnished within a reasonable time, it shall ever after be unlawful for the employer to furnish any statement of thecauseof discharge to any other person, or corporation, or to prevent the discharged man from securing employment elsewhere. Mrs. M- E Castle, grand vice president of the ladies' auxiliary of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, has gone on a southern trip for the purpose of organizing auxiliary branches at prominent southern railway centers. Fort Wayne, Ind , and Columbus, Ohio, have the largest and most prosperous branches yet established, The meeting of railway surgeons will begin Its-annual session InCbU cago May 1, and will continue several days. It Is expected that fully fifteen hundred surgeons will be in attendance. There is a great demaad for empty carsat Chicago aad other grain centers. Evidently ths shippers are getting ready to send wheat and corn to Ihe seaboard in great quantities. John Bloom, one of the oldest Pan Handle engineers, died in Plttsburg a few day« ago. At one time he was employed on one of the- western divisions and had a run out of this city. BEFORE THE RAB OF JUSTICE. The Three Meo Cmnshc at Camdenon MiMiiclou of Bemic tbe Hubbern of DrUKK'Mi Er»injure Arrclencd. John Cummiogs, Rictard Lamont, and Ed Wiuoa were taken before Judge McCoonell yesterday al 5 p. m, They stated that they were not ready for trial, and on being sworn, averred that they had not the means to em. ploy counsel. The county attorneys, Nelsoti & Myers, were appointed to look after the prisoner's defense. John Cummiogs, who claims to hall from Indianapolis, where he baa a married sister. Is a well built, healthy looking man with light hair and a faded moustache and a reddish tinge to his complexion. He appeared to be the one lr the lead, as the others apparently waited for him to speak and took their cues from his utterances. Richard Lamont, a squarely built, dark complexloned man with a black moetache, gave Pitteburg-, Pa., as his former home. He had worked last summer. as,ha said, at street laying, and claims he was on, his way to Illinois when arrested at Camden. The short one, whose came is Ed Wilson is only 21 years of agO'and said that be bad no home, but that he was rubed in llllnou. He represented that be had a brother at Alton, 111., but did not think his relative __would help him ou- of hid trouble. Judge MoConnell announced that be would call tbe case of the ihree men tomorrow morning. The Judge said be. saw DO necessity for any delay in the matter. STATE or Onto, CITY of TOLEDO, i.L'c!*S COL'S i V. FKA.VK -1. Cn'-.fKT m ikes oath 'liat l>i> Is the SHiilur purtner of ili« llr.n of K. J. CUI:SKV A Co.. dol itftjislmws in Wecluof Tols-i ', Cuuiitj and Suua iiforesulil, »n? luat said llrm will nay Uin sniii orO.N'IS K 'N'DftKD DUU-1R3 for o.i-liand nveryc-iseot'Ciit-iTh thiu cannot Iw cured Uy tlju use ol BALL'S CATAHRH CCUK. PRANK .T. CHENEY. Sworn to beforo mo and .-ubscr'bcd In my prc.wnce, tills lilli day at December. A. D. I8SH. , ,~. — , . I !.KAi. [ . . . W. GLEiSON. Notury Public, Hiiil'K Catarrh Cnra Is taken internally and acts direct y on tbe blood an I mucous nur'ucas of Uio system. S. nil for testimonials ireft. F. ,). CIIR N' tfY. & CU., Toledo, 0. tcqultted' John Wilts, ihe Twelfth street salooniat' was yesterday acquitted by a jury of the charge of soiling liquor to a minor. Tdree charges of a eiinU !ar nature are etill standing against ntm. All Vrre. Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and* those who have not, have now tho opportunity to try It Free. Call on tbe advertised drug-gist and get a trial boule. free. Send your namei and address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and eet a sample box of Dr. Kane's New Life Pill* free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, free. All of which ia guaranteed 10 do you good and cost you nothing ac B. F. Keesllng'fl 'drug store. EXTERNAL JUDGMENTS. Free Fills. Send your adorers to H. E. Bucklen & do.. Chicago, and get a free sampfe box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits. These pills are easy In action and are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles r-hey have been proved Invaluable. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weak- et by their asiloa. but by giving tooe to stomach and bowels greatly invlg. orate the system. Begular alia 25 oenta per box. Sold by B. F, Kees- Druggiit. It la DlflJcnlt, AlDioftsJmpoHfftblfe, to Kirmlc-r a Fair Estimate of Another. Who can stand at tho center of another's action, and see how '.t strikes the actor? s Half the villainies perpetrated in this world have a softened aspect in the doing; they are a.pproached by gradual ascents; the world only sees them in the abruptness of the precipice. They have a plausibility with which no outsider can sympathize. Even the extravagances of crime arc reached by covered by-laws. No one walks up the broad, blatant path, avowing- intention. Augustus Hare very properly says that Shakespeare, shows something- of a prentice hand, in making- Richard III. approach his degradation voMS-l^pen eyes and a deliberate purpose, Xo, it is all glazing- and glamor. A. slig-ht deviation from rectitude promises a great and disproportionate advantage. Or w« are brought up in the social atmosphere of an evil, so that we have traversed three-fourths of the way to doom before we began to talk. Or there is another consideration which staggers and arrests all outer judgments: there is the Satan that gathers with the sons of God, and his busy fingers are among the busiest on earth. That brother of mine yonder presents, it is true, a pitiful appearance. Ho sits on tho dung-heap biting his nails with the black outlook of a villainous despair. Is not here a clear case of censure and condensation? Alas, it is that grim spirit that holds him in a vice, and ,tngs the strings of insanity in his disordered mind. It is 3. matter aot for anger, but for compassion. I ivill.not drag- him into the confessional,' out, with my hands on his lips, to ray neart- Strietly speaking there -is no one I can judge but myself.—Watchman. - . f "Which would you rather be," said one ambitious young man to another, "a great orator or a great writer?" ••I'd rather be a great orator," was the answer. "When yon just taJlr it doesn't cost anything for postage ."—Washington Star. Holldnj In Florida. Jane 3, the birthday of Jefferson Davis, has been made a legal holiday in the state of Florida. MORE GOLD THAN EVER. An lacrcue In Production tn Almort Erery Cold Kccl°n* The world's gold product for tho last year will surpass any year in its history. The production of last year exceeded that of all previous years, and •n-as reported by the mint bureau at $150,5-^,000. Tho production for 1SO-4 seems likely not to be less than $175,000,000, or a gain of nearly $20,000.000 over the fig- wrcs of 1S03. The principal guins have been in tho United States, the \Vitwa- tcrsrandt repion of South Africa, in Australia and Russia. It was evident last summer, says a Washington authority, that mining activity in Colorado and other western states would carry the product of this country for tho year from fS5,055,000 in 1893 to f4'3,000,6oO. It now looks 03 though the total would reach $45,000. Director Preston has checked and pruned the estimates from the great mining states, but even with large reductions they indicate an incre.ise of $•1,750,000 in Colorado, $2,000,000 in California, 81,000,000 in Montana, and ISOO,000 in Idaho: Large gains are also reported in Oreg-on and Washing-ton, for which exact fignres have not been obtained. The increase in the production of the Wiuvatorsruudt region has boou steadily maintained for Cve years. Tho production of 1S?0 was -10-4,S0t> ounces, at about S17.50 a.n ounce; the production of 1S01 was 7iO.'JSS ounces; of ISO'.!, 1,210,SOS ounces; of li-OR, 1,47S,-175 ounces, and the estimated production for 1S04 is C.200,000 ounces. The complete figures have bt,-ou ivcoivcu up to the close of November, niul every mouth shows an enormous increase over the corresponding month of 1503, with nn advance during the present year from I-IO.'JH ounces iu J;i.nu:iry to I7j,;!09 ounccsin November. The value of this product\v:isa.bou( 520.000.000 iu IS'.):;,and will bf:ibout, 638,000,000 iu ISO-l. Other portions of America are expected to show slight gains, but they produced in the Hg-grc-g-iUO only about $:;,000,000 worth. Australia, which shows a production in 1S03 of $:;5,CSS,GOO, is credited with an increase of $o,000,000 in 180-1. The Russian, empire was credited in the last mint report with the same production hi 1S03 iis in 1S02, which was $2-1,800,200. Official figures since received show an increase in ISOS of about $1 .nOO.OOO, and it is thought that this will rise to f2,000,000 for the present year. These gains alone will swell tho world's production by $20,000,000, O.nd would make nn aggregate of more, than $151,000,000, if no losses were indicated in..other countries. It is expected that such a loss may occur in China, where tho product in 1S9S was J8,420,000, on account of the war with Japan. Even a largo loss there would leave the world's production above 5175,000,000, and would exceed the most ennguinc estimates made by Director Preston Lfi his last report on the production of the precious metals. Mr. Preston is endeavoring to keep his estimates within conservative bounds, for he docs not wish to make a larger claim than the facts will finally warrant; but it would seem that his estimate for this year of f 170,000,000 was certain to be largely ex: cecded. ^__ £3'~A democratic organ in delcnaing- Secrctary Carlisle sneers a& "the last republican secretary of tht| treasury, who was a bankrupt." Misfortunes will come to men of business, but "the last republican secretary of the treasury" did not bankrupt tho treasury. Neither did he sell millions of bonds to fill it up and hide the holes. The people have never doubted Secretary Carlisle's honesty, and do not lay the blame of mismanag-ement upon his shoulders, but to the vicious legislation with whioh he has bocn environed, —C.lii/'n.cro LntGr Ocfrsm. —Talents are nurtured uest in solitude, but character on life's tempestuous sea.—Goethe. Weak,Irritable,Ti ««1 Was No Good on Earth." Df. Miles' Nervine strengtbea> the weak, builds up the broken,* dovra constitution, and pcrmanent cures every kind of nervous f 'About one Creeping ncnsation in my le«r*> Slight palpitation ofmv heart, • Distracting confusionofthe.miM Serioit.* loss or lapse. o/°Mieinoi*tf> - Wei.aJttCd rfotn* with care worry. JT completely lout. app And felt n>» vitality wearing •*I» J MY?J» Mvwfc, irritable and Jltf irtiyht ira# rarfnced to ISO j»» /net JT irnj» no -fOoA, on A friend brought roc Dr. Mites' book. "Now and Startling Facts," and I finally decided to try a bottie of DR. MILES' Ko- oratlvo Net-vino. Before I bad taken one bottle- I could sloop as well as a 10-yr.^ld boy. My appetite returned greatly inci-cascd. " : '••'& mien I liaa taken the sirthbotO* My tre.ifflit increased to tfO h»»»'.. The. limitation, iniiiylcffit tratt aonef,j Sly iieri'cit Hteatiied cotnpletdft' 3fU me.ntoru Iran fnllu i-e*-fore*-', Sly brain seemed clcarvrthan cnarv ••;'- 4 X felt att gootl a* any titan on. enrtttt s>. Dr. Sliles' Jle.vtoratire Xcrrin* i*~ A great medicine, I ansiire- v«H«f •' Aupusva. Mo. WALTER II. BCKBANK,. ; V TIT. Miles' Nervtno Is sold on n, poalttv*; pua.ranu-0 thnt the llrvr- boiilo will benefit. --J - - ' ... . . bo;tU-s frtrS, < __ it wilt Vie sonr-, propniil, on roootiis of prio^. byUioDr. MilcailodicaL Co., Elkhart, in& . Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health^ n^Xrfj -.i HORTICULTURAL NOTES." ' Tni-: l:i<ly bug :s the frit-mi of thi, fruitgrower. They live wholly on ' sects. . ^v Tin-: root lonse often causes appl*;^ji scab, and ashes or lime around th» : v£ trunk will ilx the root lonse. U* IT is very seldom that nn orchard.U^ cultivated too much. The fault is us*«'.-j ally in the other direction. • ;.(|; Tin; hog is an exceedingly valuablf;\|; insect destroyer among the plnm tre«%j.';| and plums are better than apples'—"*•* the hog. SUCCESS on any line, as a rule, result of study. There is a vast deal ignorance about orcharding among- ui,|«(|j Many 01 us grow fruit, or tryto,M«';| game of chance. Tire farmer need not expect a .. |i} small fruit patch if he merely plant* vj and does not take care of the same. It^ must be kept clean and sprayed for th*v/gj prevention of rot, mildew nud kindreJ 1 ;.-^ • .''•".••« '•'-^' is a fnschvHing 1 T)nrf»?$ and perhaps seldom meets tb.3 "high expectations of the onth-usiasV But fruit growing under favorable cir-: cumstances is a reasonably profitable business. GHAI'ES should have a spa.oo of eight'- feet wide, nnd if eight feet apart, fa rows properly trained and tied up W two wires, n:vl kept clean, will sul*'. _ pris,e the nverngo farmer in the amount-.>^ of fruit they will produce.— Farmer* '.£§ Voice. evil.s. FKUIT ^rewi ness •>! 4 ,'iS Have Yoa Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK," Soldbr BEX FIHHER, Druggtit. CHICAGO, Maxell 7, 189L DR BURSMAS, CHICiOO. jklv OXAK -in— Mj-aitsntlon was flTit called to SAN-.TAK last year In the case of Captain J. M. Broslus. «t Terre Ijautn. <nd., wh i was Htucked In Ui s City with acut« nephrltU and cj-stiH-. (In- llannmtlon of cue bladUf r and Kidn«>s). After pnsicnDln)t theiisi: ii remedies wltnont aval] Snn- Jak was smti-sted. and <tn Improve nwi. was so rnp-i alu^r tne (Irs. dos", ami acumpli"!- c ire lOK-^o so spl^»<lllJ•, that I at one* comra-nced Mn es'liFitlo.i or Its uiTlts and htvuiiuica pr>»- srrlbeo It In almos: t-very known form nf Kidney adder, ur^tnrvl. va^.iirtl «iui oi-arrbal troubles, iiowi*'! IM e ch Insuic- 6s 1 ts« h:ipmt>;.t rc,-oa<. A oi.se of -nur«si.-(involuniar) (!-jw of urine) In rayo»B f.iinl'j: w/ii vi-ry no'icn Improc-d by a fi'w do>es. and radlc-illj curi^d in le:ss tba-. u w^t-jc. Tom onictu-al rapftrlwnco In a ni ufx-r of Mim ca t's ol IciiC'J'-rnu^u I aiu free !•» sfiy tn^t i h^ve found no remod; tnat Is -f|uil to8 W JAtv. And while l Q.iveneTrtrbcfnrn given a professional lu>1*ir.ieine->t to a uruprln^arj- rora^ly, ! say uiilifs!t<itlni;li and -Itnirit rev?rve ihnt . con •:cr o*S- 1 AK « verlLibl? boon 10 na'iiaolty imd (ernp:'lrl'»^ It to tn^surot oro'*»^s!0 »nl w-i's. c«n .^f vi h oxifldeuoi. It Is better ttian it is recommended to be. so-tll continue to D'pfcnbfl It In all ew« of t enlto-urlnary or calarrhai irouSlei, In preference to al • "toer ten'iwn rirmMies. fa a XEEVKT»S!C, Si. W iKciin be rell»d ap^n 'nllyand >nt!r-My. The d-liclous ttste of lie m«il:lne is J.so In It* f/ivor. In iir^cnbinz tt f >r children." I amat :ire.i*nt usl IK -S A.X-J' t K as an alterative In Klein dls«i*-i!!. ami In sever il cute* of iniceczem-i have yeid-?ds'>reiiliiy t> Iti in- Ox-no- that I snail continue K> us* It In similar es, fcellnzconfl-lent Umt it wU meet all itte ludlca Jons in sacb ea-> (SJpied) L.IEBERKUUN estimate tent of respiratory surface in the lu^;- man lungs is not less than 1,400 square- f««t. . -'.'•;;§ GODEY'S MAGAZINE. 18»O. Volume CXXX logins Jan. 1999 During 1895 GODKTS MAOAZISK will conUl» J ,_ series ol article* enuttel - "" t "FAIR WOMEN." ;. tJW). W. S.fnJKR, M. D. Chicago. HI which will contain Imlf-tone ol-Jtaret 4l tub tno'jt: uejiuc ful w imen o£ tb.3 wor!4 —of Am-rloH, Kn^iand, france, AiutD% fi^dlj an4 oiuer countrlf-i. A series of. articlwi ou WOMEN ARTISTS ? OF THE DAY. sm: their worlc, beaatllul lllaJtrat**, .-•: THE FA MO OS WOMEN SERIES' ' '• ••• : ' inw'iicbwill he (inscribed the IamoB> ; --,»-.-,;n^i ol 'n» «>fld. pir ' wli • !nvt- ma-Ir hutorf. ^ .';?! • ». M o^ Art anil rrtvcl; sx^tcttes; Sao<.'' Stories; >brUls, Poetry, Boofc fter*wt. etc. THE FASHION DEPARTMENT; " whlcti for . . b ws!»»n the litett C« , is of pHrtlcuiar laeewit 'lisUnctly » woman'* msfMi rlT-. j-nt It,- fr-^tnMxarftsaca unto Pi-al Until mern'wr* ->f ib" t^rol y. the ;o* prtc- tirlagsll wiOna lie 01 »U Subscription »1 a year. Ten ceuts a number, BEN FISHER, DRUGGIST Send tbrw two-cent Fabili a«n {or a >aio pie copy. The Qodey PlM*

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