The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1944
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1944 . BLYTOEVILLE, (AJRK.X. COURIER NEWS • CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION I Dally rate uer Une ror coruecu- iJve Insertions: pilnlmum Charge .jOa time per line Ho times per line per da; 12o times per line per day Bo tlmei per Une per day 7o 2 time* per line per d»y 60 Month per line gOo Adi ordered for three or tlx times A stopped before expiration will purged for tho number of times he ad appeared and adjustment of '11 made. All Classified Advertising oopj ubmitted by persons residing out- !lde of the city must be «ccom- ianled by cash. Rates may be easl- - computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular psertlons takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken more than one Incorrect fonjjfjany classified ad. For Sale For Sale Pie-war Baby Stroller. 405 E. Sycamore. 5|10-pk-13 BICYCLES for men and women, boys and girls. Tom Little Hardware Co., Inc. 5;s-ck-8 For Rent. PAGEBEVES.J,, Bedroom, 1125 Hearn. Phone 3310. S-10-C-IO Bedroom with kitchen privileges. Phone 2228. 1138 Willow St. CHEVROLET special Deluxe Coupe. 1941 model. Low mileage. Runs like new. Five good Firestone 'llres. Phillips Motor Co. 5|10cklO 1941 Chevrolet Special DcLuxc Tudor. Private owner; extra clenn car with seal covers, radio, heater. Low mileage nnd good rubber. If you nrc looking for a good used car, this Is It. Call 3131. 5!9-ck-lC piece dinette suite. Nearly new. Max Logan. Phone 502, 5H2ckl(i I'OHD Deluxe Sedan Coupe. 1941 I mode). Radio, heater and five good tires. Phillips Motor Co. 5-10-cklO I'sed baby buggy, James Summers, more. victory model. 405 E. Syca- 5|ll-pk-15 HOUStfWARES REDUCED! Smokers, SI; Wilier Kegs, $.175; Hmulle Uuffgy, SI; KishinK Seals, OSe; Tic 1'ressers, $1.25; Drop Cords 8flc; Glass Wash Howls, 8(Jc; Garbage UarrcJ, $2.75; Folding Ladder, S-l.i!8; Wood Garbage lineltet, S2.75; Refrigerators, §.'!«; Marble Top Table, $15; Step-on Garbage Cans $2.98; Waste Paper lius- kets, $1.25; 'Floor T.ami) §8. GOODYKAK SERVICE STORE, -110 W. Main. 120 acre hill farm, with small house 1 and barn. Everlasting spring. On mail route & school bus route. 3 miles from town. $650—terms. J. C. CHAPIN, Manila, Ark. I2pkl9 Electric Range. In good condition. Phone 2537. 151(1 Hearn 5-9-pk-lS Ine 4 room bungalow, with watti Igood as new for $1200 with $700 I cash. Ine 5 room bungalow, three years I old, in good locution and modcrr 1 for cash. $1800. Ine large 4 room bungalow in west part of city. Price, with terms | 51250. ) W. M. Burns, Realtor Anthony Bldg. Plione 33G1. 5-10-pk-13 JaMe model finrctrlo Radios at The | Radio Hospital, 204 W. Ash. 21-pi-2 INTERNATIONAL 1 1-2 ton truck 1103D Model. Plill!l[)s Motor Co. 5-10-ck-l llxie Lunch beer garden. 432 Wes lAsb. Good location, on corner W I Ash and 5th St. Fully ctiuippci |Rent reasonable. Phone 561. G-8-ck-t IFOR QUICK SALE list your prop lerty with: H. C. CAMPBELL 1 Phone 448. OSice 120 S. 2nd, wit |Luclen E. Coleman. 5-2-pk- 1 types of motors repaired, Arma jture winding. Refrigerators an Ircbuilt motors for sale. Rowe lElectrlc Co., 120 N. First, Phon 13921. 28ck2 lODEL A FORD. 1930 model. Rui Igootl.- $135. Phillips Motor Co. • 5-10-ck- HEVROLET Master 85 Coach. 1040 model. Heater and scat covers. A bargain ul $805. Phillips Motor Co 5-10-ck-l USED PIANOS bought am sold. George Ford, Hiird away Appliance Co. G-l-ck-1 hrcc room furnished apartment and share bath. 1924 W. Sycamore. D]ll-l>k-15 Furnished apartment. 401 R Ash and Lily Sts. 5|r2-pk-lC 'urnlshcd 3 room apartment. Mod cm conveniences. 2 nil. S. on Hwy. 01. Phone 104. 5-9-)*-13 Nicely furnished bedroom, adjoining bath. Couple preferred. Phone 334Q. 510-pk-rj NOVELIST Bedroom, private entrance; electric writer henter service. Phone 2037. 5|IO-pk-17 Well furnished house. Mrs. Laura Carter, Luxora, Ark. Phone 06. D|C-pk-13 Comfortable bedroom, .southwest Tenth nnd Chlckasnwba. Plione 2413. 5-1-ck-tf •1 Musical note 5 Erbium v; (symbol) 0 Remainder * 7 Measure of cloth 8 9 Dreads 12 Wearies 13 Golf device M Anger " 10 Upper pavt 16 Telegrap 20 Snake Comfortable bedroom, adjoining bath. 1017 Walnut. Phone 2510. 28tr Rooms for men. Harry Atkins. 4|18-pk-5|18 Office in Ingram Building. Inquire at the Parkhurst Co. 11-30-ck-tf Bedrooms lor rent with kitchen privileges and maid service. Phone 2133. 19-ck-tf Help Wanted lIOm'ZONTAL. VERTICAL 1 Pictured 1 Age famous writer, 2 Accomplish 3 Capable OBack 10 Unclad 11 Fate 13 Beverage M Symbol for , illinium A IS Street (abbr.) 17 Part ol drill 1U Each tu.v (abbr.) IStfp 20 Exist "". 21Pcilnl digit 23 Of the thine 24 Eradicate • 2(1 Section of S wall "• 28 Drink slowly 29 Things (Latin) 30 Writing tool 32 Skill 34 Secret signals 3G Onslaught 38 Like . r/i ,y 30 Humor : ' «• •11 Enemy agent •12 Area measure 43 Seine 45 Railroad (abbr.) 46 Lieutenant (abbr.) ,, • 47 Twisted ''-• 40 Tree fluid 50 Operatic solo 53 Dance step 04 She has ... written Wanted to Buy Small porlnblo rndto In good condition, 1'hono 2111. 5|10-|>k-n Pre-war baby stroller 1'hone 3MO. • 5-ia-pk-lO Com nnd hny, top prices pnld. Ulytliovlllo Clrnln & Elcvivtor Co. 8-ck-u 22 Auricle ^ 2S Pointed a tj weapon ^ 27 Approaches' 30 Artificial a positions 31 Novel iciecrnpn .a oj mj>s (nbbr.) ,,,ilW 34 Is able Snake •" a< ?. 1 35Courlcs 33 ChOOSC 37 Attempt 40 Trough 41Slnvic •Hllat •11 Existed •ID Father 51 Registered nurse (abbr.) 52 Typo of molli 35 Coui'lcsy title 53 Plural (nbb)'.) Will pny 20o per itoz. for wire cent hungers. Hudson Gleaners. ' t; 33 Rips Male bookkeeper. Must be efficient mid extremely accurate. Meyers Distributing Co. Phone 431. 5|ll-Ck-18 Vestinghousc porcelain table size ironer. Used very little. Phone 2380. ' ClG-pk-13 registered OTC pigs; weaning sta, males and femnlcs. $25 each. Button's Tourist Camp, one mile no. of Osceola. 5;C-pk-13 f you Intend planting Hybrid Seed Corn, contact Mrs. Howard Bowen, agent for "Pioneer", the only corn with a replanting agreement. This corn is bred by Garst and Thomas of Coon Rapids, Iowa. First Comes, First Served, so see Mrs. Bowen at Luxorn, Double Bridges Community this week. Phone 1-P-ll. 2-pk-lG fcel watering troughs, any size- led Pressure Tanks— leel Culvert, Any Size— liod Used Small Steam Boilers— |:el Oil Drums & Garbage Cans— liod Used Lnwn Mowers— lw Electric Motors, Any Size— |l/XTHEVIIJj MACHINE SHOP ? 207 8. Second 3-15-ck-tf Nearly new 5 room modern home located on corner lol at 1521 W. Chickasiiwha Has KHA loan of §2800 Monthly payments of S25.<)(> pays insurance, tux es, interest and note pay menl. Can he hoiight foi $2200 cash and you as sume the loan. Vacant— you can move in today. Al so, you can buy the fiv rooms of furniture if yot want it. Call Sfil. Ton Little Realty Cn. 5-11-ck-l ieamstresscs and checkers. Apply Hudson Tailor Shop. 28-ck-tI "xperlenced cooks and Apply Hotel Noble. waitresses. 10-ck-tl Stenographer. Must be fast on typewriter and able to take dictation. Meyers Distributing Co. Pho. 437. 5[ll-ck-18 Young Men (10) recently discharged veterans, or draft exempt, who are not working for defense for pleasant outdoor work. Drawing account $100 monthly, phis bonus and transportation. Opportunity for travel. See Mi 1 . Rogers, Got! Hotel. 5|8-pk-15 Wanted Wanted—4 or 5 room house unfurnished, by permanent people. P.O. Hox 525, mythcvfllc. lO-clh-k-17 Wanted To Trade VIH pay caah for |10,000 worth of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Cn. PRESCRIPTIONS Fr*»hwt Stock Guinmt««l Best l'rie«« Kirby Drag Stores Elm«r Cunningham VULCANIZING Tire & Tube Repair ' Cotlou Bell K K. * H. llw». «1 (Formerly with tiijlrr AB. mj Every typo heel Li repaired or| attached here—| tho work \a donej perfectly, reasonably - and, 111 j'ou wish, white you wnlt. Complete Shoo Itepnlr Service here, LOY F/C$r, CHEVROLET COMPANY W. M« I'M .ft T MEMOER OP IBERVINO NATION- WIDK KKI.I'OT A LOT IN IlEAUTIFOli MEMORIAL PARK Terms On I'mnlly Cfinclcry Lots 1101/1 1 FUN Kit Al, 1IOMR I'honii '611 for Details Electric Ucfrlgeralors, lor oil burning rcTrlsjcrator.s. Lewis Sales Co., Sikeston. fi]9-pk-M Experienced Parts Man. A real job for the ri^lit man. If now essentially employed, do not apply; Sec l,oy Eich Chevrolet Co. or War Manpower Commission. Jj-ll-ck-14 Services SEED and FEED Complete Lino of Field Seeds. "SPEAR BRAND" Poultry, Hog, and Dairy Feed. SOYBEAN MEAL Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main St. Phone 856 or 857 Girl will lake care of children by hour or day. Reasonable rales. Call 3127. 9-0-pk-lG lible and Console RADIOS. lEIectric and battery. IHARDAWAY APPLIANCE ICO. Phone 2071. 7-ck-7 lite Certified, Ceresan-trentcd •Deltapine 12 cottonseed, $5.00--100 Ibs. $90.00 Ton. Halsoy soybeans, pertifled 53.25 bu. Not Cert. $2.75 Ini. Tcnn. and Dortch hybrid corn, l trade 2 bu. our treated for 3 your untreated cottonseed, llurdette Plantation, Eurdette. 10-ck-G-lO Certified cabbage plantt, free from yellows, tomatoes, peppers hot nnd sweet. All kinds of flower plants and seeds. Heaton's Home of Plower-s. Davis Avenue at Frank- Un ' ' 3-2-ck-tf Lost SEWING LESSONS — Complete 8 Lesson Course. $10.00| Personal Instruction. Your choice of Dressmaking, outline and fitting,' fc- styling, etc. Afternoon and night. Classes now forming. Repairs for all makes of sewing machines. Singer Sewing Machine Co., Phone 2782, 111 So. Broadway 5-5-ck-6-5 Four keys on chain. Highway 18. short distance • east of city. Return to Courier News. Reward. • 5112-pk-lG In Walker Park, beige color girl's coat with brown collar. Size for 9 yr. old child. Finder return to 217 N. First. Reward. j 5-10-pkl3 Brown billfold with ladies B.A.A.F. picture and house key. Finder return to Courier News. Reward. 5|ll-pk-l5 All Auto Owners 'Spring Check-Up' Maintain your car for the duration with our thorough "Protective Service" and avoid damage anil destruction of vital parts hard to replace. * CLEAN RADIATOR AND COOLING SYSTEM * CHANGE ENGINE AND GEAR OILS ^ TIGHTEN ALL BOLTS AND BRACES if TUNE CARBURETOR AND DISTRIBUTOR Come in NOW for our srF.CTAT, SPRING CHECKUP. Minor repairs and adjustments TODAY will prevent expensive overhauls tomorrow. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel UI AEthorlted Fora Dealer tth * Watait I ROYAL, DON EDWARDS The TTfewHIw Mam" OOBONA, AND REMmQTON TTFXWR1TKKI POBTABL1 111 H. tod (TTRKKT (BVM7 Truimction Hurt E« Btttsftctoir) PEON* no Good Used Horse-Drawn Equipment t -Also Harness- NITRATE OF SODA 3-9-18 and PH7 Fertilizers. J. L TERRELL 111S. Broadway Phone 2631 migh dry Intmclry, nlso, spreads, blankets, light quilts. 409 E. Main. 5-3-pk-G-3 x;t us sharpen and repair your lawn mower now and avoid the rush. Blytheville Machine Shop. )ne bull calf about 3 months old. Paul Nokcs, Rt. No. 2. A. G. Little farm. , 5|ll-i>k-15 aragc convenient to Walnut. Phone 2333. EXPRESSED WITH SENTIMENTS properly designed, are remembered nlwnys. Our (lowers are always fresh, nnd nil work Is guaranteed to please. L«t our expert iestgners help you with your lloral needs. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your properly. Call me for chock-up without cost or obligation, HATS, MICK AND KOAGII CONTItOli GUARANTEED WORK FLOWER SHOP F.T.D. Herrice W* DHIrer Anywher* Ph. 411 Un. J. M. (Hie) WlUlinu, owner <31tncM K*|. H. C. BLANKENSH1P 109 E. Kentucky , AW, I AIN'T SORE, POC, IT'S JU6T TH' DUMB HE poes THIM6S.., WWT HE LOOK WHEGE HE THROW \K PUNCHES? • . CINCH /• A kl'T uun, c » HANDLE A JEEP \\rrn AMKSEP-UP HANDJ OUR TREASURE HUUT HA5 A CRIMP IN IT JOW FOR SUCE WITH OSCAR-AFTER AIL, OOP, THE WAV YOU DHM HIS JEEPUNNERVEP ORDER FOR A SPELL' IMCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Very Thoughtful ' "=-" : "-^•-"- ••-"- ' v SKKHWE/ Jusr' A ^^^ KEEP AM EVE ON THAT GRUBBLE • HOUSE, AND STAY HIDDEN/- CASE VOU GET SLEEP/, , HERE'S SOME HOT COFFEE/ , ' HSR OtARy EV6R.VTHIMG SOONER. Of. LATER- HILDA WILL- LEAD US TO THE EVIDENCE WE WANT.'.' y CAGEY, you Wanted To Kent 1305 West 5;ll-pk-14 Tly FRBD BARMAN ^/ urnished apartment or house. Call 808. 5-3-lik-n THAT'S DISGUISED MEXICAN OUTFIT! ON\ THUNDER: WE'RE TRAILW A GIRL OUTLAW African ground hornbills have yelashes. Hold Everything WASH TURBS MUST MAKE A BREAK R IT WOW. OS I'LL BE CAU6HTIMK\Y OWN TRAP-' MOMSENSE! YOU CAW WAIT REAILV, CAPTAIN EASY... I MUST BE COINS J A FEW MORE MINUTES. WANT TO HEAR MORE ABOUT CHINA ® MLY FIVEVJUUTES REMAIN BEFORE THE CHEMICALS EAT THRU THE WAtLS OF AW INNER CONTAINER AMP SET OFF EXPLOSIVES 1W THE BOMB 6IVEM EASY BY A P1S6WSEDJAPA«E»T "Spring is here, all right—the janitor fixed the radiator to-; day!" ; FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber Ry EDGAR MARTIN SOOTS AND HER BUDDIES imM t SAVE MOMEY by tfr/vmg one of our fine recond/floned lafe model used Our recent shipments from Eastern markets have brought our stock of Used Cars to the most complete selection between Memphis and St. Louis. PACKARDS, BUICKS CHEVROLET'S, FORDS, DODGES, PLYMOUTHS, PONTIACS, MERCURYS, OLDSMOBILES— SEDANS, COUPES, CONVERTIBLES, -,1934 to 1942 MODELS. 10 POINT TUNE-UP C)) c c k pn'mpvcssinn, 'riglitcn Cylinclor Head diul Ivfnnifold. Adjust Jlcat Valve. TCKI and clean Spark HH. Adjust Spark Gap. Check Ignition Wiring. Clean and adjust Distributor. Set TCngme 'J'iming for best Wnr- timo perConnnnce. Check Coil Condenser, Voltiit'e Control. Adjust Generator. Tighten Connections Check nnd adjust Cni- burclor and Fuel Pum'p. 0. Service Air Clcanei TOi liest gas economy. 7. Inspect Cooling Sj stem Tighten Hose Connections. A just I^au Belt S. Test and service Battery. Clean and tighter Connections. 9. Adjust Valve Tappet: and Tune Motor foi best 'Wartime Opera lion and gas mileage 30. Report Motor. Condition oi Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 Osceoli, Ark. WE FILL ALL DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOB MONET STEWARTS Drag Store M»In A Lake Fbom Labor Only LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY OPEN DAY and NITE

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