The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE'six , Forced Back Inlo Game <'' By Revel ses Travels i Looking for Job , By RICHARD [HcCANN ,. NBA Smice Sporls Wrller NEW YORK—Tuenly-fiio jears ,liavB passed, but Jcnj Triucrs, 5011 inijjhl Aay, Is still puttering around t Travers, whose unening pulling ^l.iad thq boss swearln' on (lie gieen a quarter of a centurj ago Is now selling reproduction of the fa- >B>aus Schenectady, 01 ccnter-slwfl- cd, pi'lter which he used ulth such deadly accoiocy «ben jie a as tlie abb Jones of the golf world "You wilj nnd Travers, trim and 'gray and quite business-like at 45, ^at eo Maiden Lane tn New York ,Clly, khere he and his paunei, ^Frederick W GvviniirTun ihc put- Jcr business, or at 181 Broidvvav, ^vvhere Travers conducts n golt school. . » "I also give n set of instiuctions jilong vUth each putter I sell," sass »Mr, Travers i But he doesn't like tills Instruct- jng by correspondence or in Ihe close confines of a golf school ant he would like to get a post'as pio- fessional at some elub—urefoi auh in Califoinia , "I never dreamed thai I « ulm have to resort lo my golf for a living." sajs'the quiet-spoken amateur king of other jcais ' But, per'"hips as jo.i know. I had nnnncla leverses about three jeais ago I had been a member of the Cotlon Fxchangc for jcars, but Ihnl busl- -ness petered out us fai ns 1 was concerned and I sold mj sent and Jitrned professional' ' Golfers Arc Heller Now t Travers hadn't played in a lotir- "' 'flit for 15 yenri—since lie re- vvhile still at (he top Qf his at Hie age of 28 Golf had .^.. up loo much-lot his lime . itn and interfered witli his nourishing career In Wall Street um- mg Uie 15 .jears thai follow«l he pla>cd only*as jou aiid jour neighbor would play—on week-cndb, and only a round or two He came back lo find the game changed considerably—for the bet- ler In some respects,' for Ihe worse In others "Present-day golfers,' siys Tinv- ers ,' are really bellei—and they seem to. gel better'n)l the lime They hit the ball tremendous dis tnnces Of course, this is due largely to the present fast, lliin-coveic'd balls^and the- fine, excellentlv-bal- nnced>clubs ( Todn> the metlocre golfer gets good equipment In spite of himself 'But-hi'my {jay the good golfei not onty Knew |ib« lo use the clubs nu^'he^also knc'w hoj £6 pick out good clubs and good tilckoiy shafts ^Tlie mediocre golfer,look what was v }ianded him and I hu?" 'game bad enough, became' worse '<But> ns I said, things are different these days and the mediocre golfers are good despite themselves " Travers thinks thst the 14 club rule will make for more artistic -golf Thais really* all anjcne needs lo play golf any phce," says tlie man who won four National .'Aim- leurs, one National Open nnd 15 oilier slate and sectional tourna- m nts from 1905 lo 1915 ' When I was plajing the Only clubs I cai- ried were a No l iron, two No 2 Irons—one heiuy—a jigger n mnsh- ie, a mashie-nlblick a niblick, n diiver, n br&ssie—and of cours« a putter," this ivith a chuckle ns he remembere; his triumph niter triumph on the green ' - Big Bag Just a Fad "In recent years," he continued, 'It has become mainly n fnd to carry a cumbersome leather bag cluttered up with all sorts nnd su On the Outside—Looking Iii "BY DUKK" Manila Com^s Through Possibly ire become a little too prone lo accept athletic nccom- pllshmeiils ns they occur without enough enthusiasm as we gel further away from "school days." ' Having such nn Idea in mind we've decjded to print the following letter from our Manila correspondent. Jack Tiplon. Xfler all, a county basketball championship ts probably Jusl as much of ' : an achievement, from Manila's ixjint of view ns'n state grid title Is from Blylhovllloti standpoint. / At any inte the boys from "ivest of the late'? deserve credit for toppling over teams, nf the larger schools on their way to the county lltie i K.<./ The letter: • ^ (To the Spoi Is ndltor ) t' \ ', ' It happenedI A game and jou looked like >ou did not hold (lie ball properly Why, that Marmadiike plajcr got It every time. f!ut!j'0(i.v,;Qn the tournament am! I hear ! yOM ( are going to 1 Ty- ronxa for'Ihe, District mecl.:Vou'vc got a wcek.-to.cor'rcct : 'i,hat''/aull. Do It and go down there and ; play ball for.'ypur .'Iwimj.yfor' iporUs- manshlp, and 'for' this -'county: and If you meet nvc-other piiye'rs'who arc a imip bcttcr.ffand.'thcrii arc sfine) yoii' can "corile! back" :: l!ome :wUh the cheilshed honor a deserving team merits for clean baskel- 'Manlla liasVlwo fellow-teams of tills comity .going lo • tliat, tournament. . All' .three will; be' \brollier couiitlans down there. ''"FVjrgct.; the .struggle for supremacy here. Forget that for years two ' . B y Harry Grayson Deering and Hprnersyille Trouncecl-Xe'w'a.nce . .Looms As;Likely. Winner PORTAGEVILLB, Mo.,ijJar. 4~ (Special to the Courier News)— Two of the favored seeded ''teams Deerlne, Pemlscot -^county '•cHhm- plons, and Hornbrsville/ .'-'crack Dunklin county "quintet,''-;. were'- eliminated in the first round of "play In Hie regional high school basketball tournament here ycslorday Play continues .through' 'ga . a night when the finals wlil be held Lllljourn had an 1 .. unexpectedly easy time in ' trounpJiVg Deeflng- 33 to . " ' .17, In the «s and shapes 01 irons" Some of trem were ne\er used "Limiting the number o\ duos Vrill improve the play—majbc hot the score, but the play—becaus- a man or woman will become more familiar with his clubs nn1, therefore, play (hem better They ulll -',-- played lost wbck'-'iil Ssccola Several tlmcsjln the past, 'euro* of exceptional 'merit participated in these annual tournaments out lire best they did was mi occasional second or thlid place.-'-.'-. 'Hie Manila Uons have accomplished a fcal in athletics, and .scho- n.stic history that will nnd 1ms brought recognition aflu years of 'ffoit Reports dribbling back to tills city ore to lift effect'thnt the Lions did not plaj ball over their heads' but concentrated on team work nnd efficient, organization. 'Bj virtue of ih., ment they : have earned the rigliL lo participate In Uic district louv- namen; something no other team In this school Ims cvei clone By virtue of this ncqulslUon Ihey constructed a chapter in Manila liLs- tory thai. will, not lie forgotten. llcrelofoic the pie-toinney cry In this city Ims been 'Manila Is out- clashed She can t win because olh- ci tenms have nn advantage. This school does 'riot linve n coach, u gym,-or even enough practice,' 'Manila hns a gym now. She has a conch Ami llicy have piacliccrt flay In nnd tiny out In prcp-untlon for (he lonrnaiiicnt rnc> played basketball like uaskellnll .should have been plnjocl .ind they won. ' r\ins of tills low n sliuuld sny lo ? game of" is besMtrliijT ,oji you -. ivilii •:•: their wcll-wLshe.s turn jilayV a. in-arid of bull the way yau know'how lo piny. , "Manila Lions, you. <8rc. riot the best tea m In th'q; conn ty;•.Ypu > c a n and .have been' beaten',' FJorget nil lhat nnd enter- the coidliig disti-icl, tournament ilclurmintd .16 : play ball, mil ball, you are playing for Mississippi county now—lind iiol for individual fame, or Manila nlone. ' "Uon voyage and Best of, wishes for honor and wins." - 'Hal»h' or Tom' i saw tliat mnkc half shois and three-quarter shots, Instead of just H haling away loi n full ilioj, with n club umde for- that particular distance." Of course, you know. Ihnl Trnvcrs no«s his way around the course when he discusses lions He was, perhaps, the greatest Iron-man .the game ever 1ms known. He" 'won every one of Ills titles without the aid of n «ood club Sllghtlj built. Travels \\as nlvvavs shoit from the :ee, but his second shol \v as lone mid noiuralc and. his pulling-'was ^vvell, It was leinfle Ha coulrt putt town a fllglil of steps Tin\ors moie than am other :hnnip!on in any line of spoil, owed ils success, lo an indomitable ng'ljl- ng splrll They sny ho did not Ijave he perfect form And jet he was he best of a field that included such mighty men ns Walter J Iiavls Chick Evans, Francis Oul- mct, Jess Giiilford, Chandler Kgon,' Mas Marston nnd iq many others. Dlfecst Thrill Came . tn 1915 ' None of them could beat hini in hend-to-head matches when :thc chips were stacked on Ihe green. But n card and pencil w. ere '• his nigaboos He was a bad mednl player in (he nmaleui quail tying rounds he would shoot (lor'rible' scores o[ 165 and 162—In fact,' he meraged about 80 strokes icr qual- fjlng lotmd in the four \enrs lie von the amateur. : 'Tbats whs," sajs Mr Travers 'the 1915 Open at Ballusrol stands out more In mj inird than any other tournament I made up my nind that jear to sho« them lhat t could plhy inedal. I changed my ?ame completely—instead of baing bold on the greens, Irving to sing ill ,tfie long ones like I did in ualch play, I became conservative. I jilst ran the ball up and oot'inv par: ° "Winning that tournament cave me nij biggest thrill 1 But it would be a bigger thrill •ight now, if somebody would walk ip to me and present me with a Job os n professional somewhere." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••^•^•••••••••••^••^^••^^•1 Notice To Property Owners "I will have representatives at the ,County Courthouse in Blytheville, the Manila Banking Company at Manila and Buster Phillips' Cafe at ^Leachville every Saturday in March (o take your assessments of "property and your poll tax assessments. Assessment for poll tax is an absolute requirement of a qualified elector in any election and the time to assess is NOW. ^ SEE TO IT PERSONALLY THAT YOUR PROPERTY IS PROPERLY ASSESSED AND THAT YOU ARE ASSESSED FOR , ' POLL TAX. invitalion Event' Scheduled Al Mfetiiila- On -Friday, March'-).9.,-''- - MANILA, Ark.—The! second annual Western Mississippi County Grade School bnskctball touni.i- mcnl will lie held in the 1 high school gj'miiaslimi in Manila on March 10. : ..,.,'• " , • Any: school west or Bi» 'lake is cllelble but special inflations. are tensive. Ijattlc wi ., --- '. /i; tui,i doing much scaring and PorUge- villc nnally coining : out'aliead,-;'13 Ip 11. Ulbourn and Portagcvllie : iwefc' Immediately established :,-. amonk the -favored-teams with triejr"inore' or lew unexpected victories'.-'hut Kewance, New Madrid county •entry, Is slill generally regarded as the outsiamllng fnvorlte. Kewanee meets New Madrid In Its first tourney . test this afternoon • "' - Canilhersvllle's "quint started the toilinniiicnt off with a victory over Arbyrcl, 22 to 11 Gideon t.imined Halcomb, 3d to 24. Parma dron |)«l. a 27 to 22 decision to Maiden Marston swamped Risco. 21 -to 0 nnd Cnrdwell romped to a 38 (o Leo. Houck, former great middleweight fighter who now coaches the Penn State boxing team, comes U> the defense of college boxing, which was severely criticized several weeks ago when Cadet-. William Eastham of Virginia Military Institute died sra.bout. .''..- Tlijs ; death -: of a young man from injuries '•wti(l#;. '..participating h) ;a isport > naturally u'rln". 1 ; ,fprlh wiilespreod 1 criticism of : Vhat- sport, whclltcr : It's .;. baseball, boxliig or loptball, 1 ' says.ifouck. "injuries and deaths. in .fcotball .-(luring 'the 'early stages dr'liie r ga'nie' resulted -In a certain hysteria which almost '-wiped out 'the 'sport.;:!. •';•:-; \\;: '. ..-.J.' . ^'trowever,'': instead Of'; abollshin» football.', entirely/' .and' depriving :housands'of.youiig itieii'of healthful ,- exercise,' - the,' rule makers set tor work and.,wisely made the game Sftfrr nriiiriltait- .•; , • .."That's'vyim Bought to do •' • - : ' " r-."V "Voiin LV/ U' with 'college boxing. Don't ubol- xu! II? just make a Tew changes n the rules.-And.i'.sa'ys Houck with empliasLs, "see that these rules ire strictly enforced." • Hoiiek is of the opinion, you see .hat the blame for injuries and Icalhs should be placed on referees and. o the r ofllcttils, instead of on I (he ' 8 triumph over Clarkton. Hayll .meets Cniutlieisville this . e s Afternoon nltei diawing a bye\ln first round play yesterday. Ke'" ......... ' " wnnee and New them Into action Madrid Maiden follow meets ....... — •• n meets Lllboum in a second roiuid game this afternoon and Gideon take on Mnrsloh In another, Tonight the vvlnnfer of the e Haytl-CnruthersUlle game faces Portageville nnrt Caidwell tackles the winnci of the Kewnnee-Ncw Madrid tilt CLEVELAND (UP)-Since , HIP lime she first stood alone the 2'- months-old (lnnghtei x of Mrs -i-i^uvtii uk/m \\j Balance lienelf and dance on the U|xs of her toes extended lo iteoas'oT the lake TSst^bbJns'f' 0 ? ° f «« Schools entering nre: Box Elder '----- , Oibh ?! ls hns bee » able to Black Water, last year's champions; Sfcidwny, Cnnui, Shady Grove, Boynlpn, Rocky, 1C, Lost Cnuo. ' '••"•''.. Trophies':'will, be awarded' lo the teams winning first, second, "and lhir<| places. Awards .will be given to the three boys and •• alto three girls making tlie best.,.'ihoi\'ings These schools have inel on-Wed- ne,sttny nights for the past season ind during these games* ho mention'«-ns made'of Indivldiial playing, Tliey hnve-played ; in"ihe hlali school gym'. ' ' ' ' Black Water b6ysr w piiice Hist year, in' thls^evciit and Ihe ^-..._ ... n*ip,- p ujviil/ '^llu UIG Box Elder girls w : p'n>Tl)eS!lnck-Wn- ler boys-show.prbmlsS 1? of%tninln» their'< clinmplonslilp i. bliit'.ttie i'Mn'iiila gills, arc pi'e-lburriey- favqriles - ' Referees 'are Bill shockiey • nml Raymond ;English;-: - .Lshmnn -Hoif-' teacher in Hie high ; school ; I, -in charge. , ;...../.'v'".;^;,;.-. .; W'ndjMakc 110,M» ;j Brooms' CLEVELAND -., -.(UP)., —gighlless ivorkers.; under -tiie" ^ilpei-visTon- of .he ^Cleveland ..Society ' for the Blind, nuuie and - sold-. 90,399 itl" brooms- nnd -ia;o0'6: whisk.' brooms n '1935. .Total".sales: amftijnle'd. to S12.872.14. More limn.37, per-cent or;th'!s:sum Vns.'pfild.'hr vvages to the -workers. : ". •• • ' •''• --1 -.- > Ui-eec 12-Ounce Mills •Tho.Pciin State c«ich, considered by many tlie bcsl college Instiue- Jpr in the country, made five s«»- gestions which he hopes vsill be adopted by the -National Athletic Association.. They are: Adoption of 12 'Instead of 10- oimcc gloves; prevention of amateur boxers from competing on college teams, .unless Uiey enroll ui college Immediately after )n»h school gradiiatioii;. disbarment college boxers ' who . participate i amateur, bouts alter they l mc e n lered scliool; stop all bouis in «hldi one contestant Is hopelessly' out Classed; and elimination of all haiv Bandaging A vetcian of nearly 200 profe.s slonnl fights, -Houck believes ii leaching Ills boys tliat "to oiitpohi by skill and speed is more credit nsle than to win by knockout Hi principal.instructions are "keep in shape" and "use your left." He not, pnly coaches the Pem State varsity—which annually 1< one of the best. In the nation—bu Houck also conducts intramura and cJa.s.5 .tournaments. Many of these boys'hove never Wen In the ring- before, but Houck sees to It that, each has had two weeks gymnasium work and has been examined by the university uhyslclnn, slclah. ;'" * -, '• ;v -...-?-. f •' 't No 'Hough stuff ' , : Houck Is very much in evidence at these"tournaments, sitting next to the timekeeper nnd when one boxer Ls noticeably tired, he shortens the round. There are few knockdowns and almost no knockouts, Hoi.'ck doesn't agree with some college officials that all boys.'who boxed in amateur tourneys should be^ barred from college rings. A-''But," says he, "these •amateur- professionals' should be barred. You kiiou the tjpe I mean—the amateurs nho gU paid so well they never turn piofcssional. They shouldn't be allot tcl to box with college boys.' The Nftlan'y ,Lions' coach also THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 1937 dlsagiees wllh MnJ. - Hnrvey I,. I Mlllei. Mnrj land University coach, I Woman Gets Qiuiliit MANCHESTER -,BY - TJ Jou line on their faces, that coaches be iwmltted to act ns seconds and to allow heavier hand bandages, "None of these things would cto any good," says Houck. . "And, of course,, neither would abolition of the sport. It's good for boys and men to box—good for their and bodies and hearts." _-_,,„„ ,,._. v( xiiivui yj i town. Her duties, according to la written in colonial days, will lo round up nil slrny cattle. Chick A. C. Meeting Is Delayed Until Wednesdaj /Clarence H. Wilson, president of lie.. CJilcknsaw A. p., announced his morning that a meeting of he club, scheduled to be lield tonight at. the clly hall, has been lostponcd until Wednesday night of next week. " ..•• Mr. Wilson' said that the mect- ng had ben post'poned because" of delay, encountered in a member- Mp drive, which, was to h.ave been tagea.. early . this.' week, A large menibersiiip in 'time for next week's meeting is anticipated. POT OS I. Mo. (UP)^A youn«" sypsy mother, being cared for in lie Washington county courthouse icre, lias ofTercd her two-wccks- Id son to anyone who' will pay for epairs on an automobile belong-- g to the gypsy troupe. WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, ARE NUNN-BUSH. TOO GOOD? Many of our:customers actually tell us so ... -But the way they come back again and again for additional pairs is proof that it pays to sell a definitely superior product., . . , Everything For Your Entertain- f mcnl and Comfort Last Time Today H Will Mean "GO!" To Your Heart! / Nunn-Biish IDSG'GftfC FALF/fQN :)' ; ^ : r.iast4 ; nODGE;- SEDAN. '.';. .; ; -.;• ' ; --.;1934 .. CHF%RO|iEJ'- SEDAN- 1 ^ : '' , ••;'•', 1035; CHE^P'LET, Tuiwiv; / - • 30IS5. PLYft|oiJTH:.TOlJ-RtNG;V ' LEE MOll SALES, Also r;ii-.imoiint News ami "March nf Time- —^Admissinn^— iUadnrc—10 K Me Night—10 & SCc Friday - Pal flight •>. Ailulls Admltlcd for Prlre of ) i A hoioling case of mitr- 5 JPHIUP HUSTON ^LOUISE LAT1MER '-.t ROBEHT McWADE cVlNTOIj HAWORTH R. L Gaines, Mississippi County Assessor. flfrtcltJ h Ben Hc'.mu Also Novel I y ami Cnmeily KKO-SADIO i r i c T u g E w — Slad'ncc—10 & 2Cc Nisht—1C & 3(ic TUESDAY, iMARCJI !)^ \ I '525.00 HANK IS'.iGHTlA fj P,, tKJ(3HES & CO. ••• . :.-:.-" • lilytheville, Ark. RO Adm.—Alivays in * 35r—16 Tax Sliow Hvcry • Kiglil • • Matinees Friday, Salnrday, Sunday Friday .& Sumlay »Iallnee^-r2; 15 Salitrilay Matinee — Conlliinuiu Shnvi-inj — 1:011 Till ]1:0o V; M Last Time Today 2 Ailulls. Ailmiilpd for Price nf-1 All Cliililrcn—10c rtmoriM! "M stands for March and for Moderafion," ^The lion roars ou> Ihis recommendation: "If tomorrowyou'd spend doing heavy Jhinking Be sure that tonight you go light on your drinking." Htr«'i h.w: WMl tli« |utc« .11 l.mon ml, 0 |ij»lf«(CALVfm'S"REStllVE".r I 'SfKI«.l" •*4 1 iMipocnFul •> suow. let, iholi», on d strain ln(« wSIikty iovr fll.u. Add i«d 3 w«l«r a» rf»i!t«J. D«»nH «hS tlnrry end lllct »l. *rang«. Sly 11 and :. . . j m ||, | .. * >*»r«pM)l11 ttralcM«hki* Dobhs Cross Country — Coast - To - Coast Choice For Conu'ort — soft aiul.criishablo, 15 K lit in weight, rich in texture. Regular $5, Supreme S7.50, DeLuxc $10. Smart —' as only IJobbs styles them, R. D. HUGHES & CO. Blythcville, Ark. MAKE WAY LADY 06RTRUDS MICHAEL GRA R HAME/ Dl».tl<J h DuuJ Builm A»fmw.?KmMr<,, ^ itowto riciuis Also Sdfclcil Shorts Friday Only SPECIAL On Our S(;tRc Friday Aflcrnonn and iS'i.ulii Uncle Jim's KLCN Cotton Pickers Follies >C Tropic Slase Slum —All XPH- Show— Trll Vniir Friends l!rin» Hie Whole ramily N'o Advance In Vriors Friday - Saturday —ON THIS SCREEN— Charles Sl.irrcll in "TRAPPED" A Itcal Oiildocii I'irlurc Also Cartoon anil Serial— "FiRliling Slstinrs"

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