The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1954 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1954
Page 9
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BLYTHEVILLE (AM.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoopl* OUT OUR WAY By J. IL Williams I'VE HAD ME EVE - \ OW YOU/ YOU PARK. \ THAT-BAgy By A I CAKJPY OR. BAKERY \ STORE ANP 5PL5T J UP TH' <SKAFT WIC? A HIM/ YOU WIP SUCH VA 6OOP HOME, /^. 'youR. OWN) BROTHER. \ IMTO A UFE O' \ E/rr'3HAEC? J TO BELIEVE/ WHAT A DARUNN5 ESABV/ ILL SET 'p LIKE A NICE COOKIE WITH PINK BORM THIRTY YEAR& TOO 5OOK) sooc, MASTER., •o e o <n JJ HZ "Is Harry dumb! He told me he likes to date me because f'm so sensible and not thinking all the time about getting married!" "Look what I found in front of the suptrmarket!" SUSPECT By Hugh Lawrence Nelson Copyright 1954 by Hugh Lowrwice Nelson. 0«*ribHt«d by NEA Strvic*, inc J IM DUNN lifted his six- foot three-inch body from the office chair. His wide but sloping shoulders gave him a deceptive air of slenderness. He was deeply tanned, and his gray eyes were sparkling with an added touch of humor. "I believe you will be able to pass," the woman said. "And the name is Mrs. Carlson, not Carson." "I see. And the passing. you mentioned is, I hope, at least into the second grade?" "Humor, I suppose," she said. "I have been told many times I have no sense of humor.*" Jim decided she was actually serious. "Business then. What i did you want to see me about?" "You were recommended to me by the San Francisco Police.' 7 ,'That would be Steve Johnson? He's the-only one I know personally there. Captain Steve . Johnson." Jim flicked her a | searching glance and added, "Of : Homicide." "Yes." "How is Captain Johnson? And his charming wife? You know it's an odd thing but Johnson's wife is named Nan. My •wife is named Nancy. Odd, isn't did not come here to discuss 'the private life of a San Francisco policeman. Or yours. I wanted a reasonably honest detective agency here in Denver. I inquired of my local police." "Fame," Jim said, and let it go at that Mrs. Carlson went on. "Th job I have in mind may take as long as a month. Two weeks, I would say as a : •will have to go to the mountains with me, stay up there. If tha is impossible, please say so now.' Jim thought of his bride' o: less than a month. He said slowly, "Going is possible, but is your job?" She frowned. "I've managed to rub your fur ttie" wrong way I often have that effect on people However, I am willing to pay well to get what I want" "Suppose you tell me what you do want?' I want protection. And I "I want protection,* she said. "And I want you to get something on nay mother-in-law." "A minute," Jim these Mrs. Carlsons. said. "A] It's confus want you to get something on my mother-in-law." * * TIM'S eyes opened wide. 'That's * blunt enough," he admitted. **Do you want to start off by telling me something about your trouble in San Francisco? •Trouble?" "Certainly. Mrs. Carlson, you've said you had no personal interest in Captain Johnson. And, «ven though you may be quite Influential, you don't get the head of Homicide when you phone for a recommendation of a private detective agnecy. So your contact with Steve Johnson must have be&i professional." "You show signs of having a certain crude intelligence." "Peasant cunning," Jim said. For the first time Kit Carlson (appeared to be having difficulty tin putting her thoughts into •words. "Have you heard of the Carlson family of Denver? The 'j. Oswald Carlsons? The J. Hilton Carlsons?" "Yes." "The grandson, J. Peter Carl•*on, is my husband." • • * fHE glanced at her wrist watch. 0 went on quickly, "The Carlson-family is a matriarchy. Old Mrs. Oswald Carlson has control of the money and is correspondingly despotic. She rather ignores me, which is all right. But ing, telling them apart." "It won't be when you've me them. And, for that matter they've evolved a simple way o avoiding any confusion. In th family circle at least they'r called by their husband's firs names, becoming Mrs.' Oswalc Mrs. Hilton, and I of course wa •am—called Mrs. Kit." ' "Why not Mrs. Peter?" "You might say I am still on probation. I have been, married only about a year. "We were having our honeymoon when—tha happened." "And your husband?** "We'll not enter into this ai present. His mother is enough to worry about/ "I see. Does that complete the Carlson, clan?" "Heavens, no. Distant relatives by the score. But those are the ones you'll meet. Oh, I'm forgetting Angelica as usual. She's my husband's sister. Not in gooc standing at present You see, she married a man named Jones Without permission." 'Angelica Jones," Jim repeated. "For Jones, she gave up the proud name of Carlson?" "Yes. I despise her for the way she gave up her husband when Mrs. Oswald ordered. That was the reason the tribe gave for descending on us—on Peter and me—in California. But Angelica had to have a change to forget. I don't know what the deal was, but there was a deal, and Angelica came home. The husband's gone somewhere. But Angelica isn't important My mother-in-law, Mrs. Hilton. She's the one. I suppose you have knowledge of a camera? Possibly of telescopic lenses?" "That sort of thing?" "There is always a young man around my mother-in-law. You'll understand when you see her. Do you have ethics, by any chance?" "Sometimes," Jim' admitted. "Then you will want to know any evidence you might get on Mrs. Hilton will be used only in- fajnily conference." "There's on* little thing," Jim jointed out "Just how am I to be explained at this Carlson place?" realistic if the caretaker had a wife." Mrs. Carlson considered the matter. "If she can look the part But you would have to leave for the mountains this evening, get the place ready for me, and, if possible, start establishing friendly relations with the Carlson servants. Do I understand you are accepting employ-' ment?" "With one reservation." "And that is?" "My talk with Captain John-, son of the San Francisco Police." She stood up. "Of course. You,' have a car?" "A station wagon." "Splendid. When 1 send a messenger with your structions of how complete in-. to reach the place, where to get the keys and so on, I'll send a list of .things for you to pick up at a local i store." "When will you be coming up?" "Probably tomorrow. When my cook arrives from San Fran-- cisco : by -train. She dislikes flying.» "You haven't told me why you want protection." "I won't need it as long as no one up there knows who I am. We can go into that latex. Do I pay you something now?" * ' * * , • TIM decided this was his day for ** brilliant inspirations. "My secretary, Miss Wister, will handle the financial arrangements." He reached for the communicator switch. "Wait," Mrs. Carlson snapped. Did you say Miss.Wister?" "Yes. My secretary." "Miss Wister. I wondered. You trust her?" 'Even," Jim assured her, "with important details." He waited a moment, then Miss Wister said, Yes?" "Mrs. Carlson is hiring my ervices and those of a female perative for the period of one month. Make the necessary nancial arrangements, will ou?" "May I say something?" "Yes." "She's trouble. I know that "I am—ah—buying a place i family, and they've always meant nearby. Under another name. You are to act as my caretaker. That is what I meant when I said I thought you would pass In different clothes you could be a caretaker. And you should have no difficulties in establishing friendly relations with the servants on the Carlson estate." "1 see." For the first time he Mrs. Hilion Carlson, my mother-j had the impression she was nid-jdown at him tttt trouble." "We are taking the job," Jim went on, "with the understanding we'rt satisfied after completion of a call you will put in to San Francisco. To Captain Stev« Johnson, Homicide, San Francisco Police." He rubbed his jaw, looked up lo find Mrs. Kit Carlson staring WAIT!- Don't beat your head against a brick wall Q^ until You've tried .--,., BOB'S GYPSY RUB LINIMENT rornpt DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Hours: 8 a.m t* 9 p.m. with Delivery to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main St. DELCO WATER PUMPS C Pump • Water Pipe Softeners WATER PUMP REPAIR SERVICE General Hardware and Appliance Co. 109 W. Main Pb, 3-4585 Call PO. 3-3531 BAD PICTURE TUBE? ONE OF OUR MANY EXTRA SERVICES Our new process will repair and restore it (in most cases) —at no additional cost! ELECTRONIC LAB 111 W. Walnut — Blytheville Robertson's Radio and T.V. Service 515 E. Main Wade Warehouse Bidg. Dav Ph. 3-4257 Mte Ph. 3-6704 Dodge-Plymouth Entire stock of Blytheville Motor Co., parts has been moved to 105 West Main, next door to General Hardware and Appliance Co. For fast service OB these parts dial PO 3-8278 Special Price On Dodge-Plymouth Seat covers WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co THEKE-6OSS LAFE.RUNNIMS W FIRE/HE SET ^ COM£ WH^JWC. . ww-t^WK^wew^pi THE eWER/WHAT'S M FME TO THE / HAKVCiN'9 AMD 5JSQS/' 1 T«BWSKSSSHC THAT SLO^/f IT LOOKS ^L HOUSE/ _-A WEVE GOT TO SET lAFE SAXON SETS RRE TO THE- HARKINS HOUSE AND FLEES WITH THE RARE DIAMOND KNOWN AS "THE CAIJPH'S EYE. 1 OH, NO, YOU. WON'T SO MUCH PUN WHEN GROWN TO GROW PRlSCU_L> T. M. •*>. u. K. PA ri»»r, 1«ttfcw Mr* c~^ HAPTsiT 9££W OM THE JO5AW HOUR WHEN HE 5AI57 THE OFFICE 5ENT HIM OVER...KNEWMY NAME ALL RK5HT/ YA MEAN L/KE THAT M6W6UY...THE ONJE 7H*T LOOKS LIKE A SQUIRREL OK TWO FLOORS TO AWVTHNe J WELL. AS iONfl ELSE I NEVER MAC? SUCH STUFlf 9UNJCH OF GLA55 ffsl jWy WHOLE LIFE/ WHEBEt^ YOU GET HIM x M. R»g. u. s, F«t, OH; IGOULPNT WvftKE THE HEAR ME 1 GREAT SCOTT,-rat THROWIM6 50WEOWE IT'5 CAPTAIN) EAf-Vi THEM THEY MAW ON THE SOATi SURE/NOTHING TO II.! WON'T HAVE HALF THEJ/ WHAT TROUBLE DOCt HANDLE THE I (SOING TO HAVE ( A MILD, fiENTLE MACHINE J TRYING TO WOO V^OUL LIKE DR. RIGHT? /> THAT ARMOR-PLATED? WONMUG EVER SAW IN I DUNNO...ALL I HOPE IS HE99E5 PREPARED TO DEFEND HIMSELF c MOM , GOT E(75'5 TH' DIMS PEP A 5'MILK i NOW AMAZIN6 WMAT I'LL

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