The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1937
Page 5
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/ '.THURSDAY, MARCH <i, 1037 New'Developments Change Home Interiors COttoffifc NtlWS Social Security Tax ' Returns Are Overdue A warning that employers wlio liavc Jailed lo /lie tnx returns for January undor. the social security act «'lll be stibjpcl to iienaltics \( they delay longer was given today tiy Homer M, Allans, Utlle Rock, collector of Intorniil revenue for Aitiinsns. - • -', "I would appreciate publicity to llic effect Hint liierc nre m>i)io\- immely la.too clcliixmciit (a\|)aj- crs inulei- the socinl security not tiho foiled to llle returns foi the month of Juuuary," Mr. Adkliis sa.'rt In n telegram to the Courier Xcws tortny. "Every iiwon employing; ouo.or more porous during the month of January, 1031, Elionlil have Alert a ! fctuni on or before the lait, dny' of February. Plense urge them to file returns immediately to avoid isillllt. 1 ' ••„-•' Mb TownsenH Dollars, Put in Circulation Caruthersviile Grocers Find Protest Expensive CAnUTHEHSVILLE, Mo., March 1 — Eleven Cariithei-svllte giocers found ft costly to protest against a Sunday closing ordinance recently adopted by the council Eleven of the 18 merchant? who signed tlie protest petition, it \\ni disclosed, had not paid any merchant's license, and city Collector R. L. Ti;islcy was introduced bj llic council to collect these feus imedinlely. The closing oidln- ice, passed, and adopted iftcr ft umber . or merchants had l)cll- oned ;the council, makes It man itory lor mci'chjnits, othci than •»B stores, restaurants, limcli cms, pig stands and soda foun- ilns, to close Sunday . niotiilng- rcvlously, ]>ractleally all giocciy tores ami tome dry goods stores ad opened Sunday mornings The 9 protesting merchants arc icsi- mtlal grocers. Their : petition, king a rehearing on the mallei, •as tabled. A lie* tspe of mtcnoi decoration promises to came ,nlo \o_ue .uth the adoption of glass masonrj to take the place of windows. Note in this living room above, for instance, IHKV all furniture is kept, low,.to prevent blocking light, and the arrangement, of'lurnitlire permitted through absence of windows lu.the home of. the future, too, extensive use may be made of the just-perfected "unit kitchen' • (below;, including interchangeable range, dish-washer, sink, refrigerator, base cabinet and corner actions. Glass Walls, Unit Kitchens Decorative Schemes Modify B.v Ni'A Service -,-NEW YORK—in the years to come -you're likely to hear a lot about "health wails." Which is why you'd better get acquainted with what they arc right now. First thing you know the architect yc-u consult about remodeling your home will be suggesting that you ought to walls" in it. put "health Technically, they are known^ai translucent masonry. In other words, walls made of glass blocks. And they are touted as relentless eriemies.'.of dust, din and darkness because they not only lake the place of windows (entrances for dust as well as light) but let in a maximum of llglit while affording privacy and "are practical- ted plant that almost reached the ceiling. Lounging or rending furniture and gadgets in the living room were correctly and conveniently .\ir-ed near the glass side. Also worthy of consideration for remodeling the home is the new unit kitchen \yith standardized, prc-fabriciited afid interchangeable units which will fit any kitchen Tta-Slt-kltctan-mirbe-adapt- ^"Lf* ^™£^ ed to shaped kite-hens, and IJ T soundproof. .They've already found extensive n'doptipn by interior decorators, 'being used in t living rooms, sunpgrches, dining nooks, at the heads of stairways and in the kitchen. And—great bcon —they admit adequate light to bathrooms without sacrificing privacy. • .Changes- Decorative Scheme .There 'probably . will have "to be an extensive change in the decor of "health wall" homes, for furniture is strikingly accented against a background of glass blocks. . 'In the dining room of one such home, the table nnrt .chairs were placed jn the center' .near the .wall;, then, 'on cither side and .touching the wall, was n tall pot- wall panel and base units o drawers or appliances. Other cab uict sections nlso may be afldci where desired: The keynote of the'unit. kitcbe is Etandardization. Each section- cither a base .cabinet section „ an appliance section—is 24 inche Wide. The nutximtini height ' < a complete .section is 88 1-2 incl ov. Work suifaces .'arc all 01 height, and the toil storage cab iuets arc all one size. The wa panels, which arc 18 inches hig are made lo finish tlie wall are between the back splash and til storage cabinets. b r '" B ' so 'that as ecctlons as desired may be order- 1 ;d to fit any space : Uniform i,. Height n 0 ™ 1 ^' Orkcr ' testifj r° T"-- comralssi( > naclmn MANNERS. Test your knowledge of correct social usages by answering (|m following- questions, then checking against Iho authoritative niiswji's below: 1. To whom Is ii- wedding gift tent when the giver U a friend of the grooni?-- *' 2.1s It nccessnry to nnsww (ill invitation to n homo wedding? : 3.1s It necessary to -semi -ft wedding gift It ope has been invited (o n man-Inge ceremony, but not to the reception, .-following? '1. If one wi'llcs or wire? for hotel reservations, is it necessary to ask for u reply? . . 0. Is It good form to sign n hotel register, "Frank Adams and wife"? What would yon djo if— ..Your employer we're about to maVry— , (a) Send him n"n Individual gift? •;: -. (b) Sujjuesl that llic members of ll|e office force contribute whutevcr tlioy like lo « /mid to bo used lor n gift?, ' - : . (c) Pnrcliasc the gKt'and assess the members of llic. force for the amount? Answers 1. The bride. 2. Yes. 3. No.. • . " •1. Yes. •'::.•' ;! . l 5. No, the form Is "Mr. aiui-Mi's frank Admns/' ';.-'. Uesl "What Would . Yon . Uo' solution—(b).. - . . ailed EO far, jawaiian Raspberries Large as Goli i; Arkansas Lumber Men Guilty o! Mail Fraud MOBILE,'Ala.—Hay Laslic, John md fioscoe Mclntyro arid BlUert ^nghsh, lumber broker's. of Pine 'hill, Ark., were - convicted b\ a ury in the United States Disnct Court here of using the malls to Jefraud. . • ax and - Leslie - Mclnlyre v,er' enienced to four years each in prl- °n at Atlanta', Ga.. John and Ro-- coe"three years eich ind Eltert English to two years but- us-sentence was suspsnded Hirrj Mclnlyrc, a sixth delendant was icquitted. The case graw out of solicitation of lumber shipments to Europe Wiincsses came here Irom Ensland to testify. The trial lasted six d-ijs Negro Held foTlheft Preston Smith; negro, was bound' over to await prosecution at tha spring term of circuit criminal court on a charge of grand lai ceny by Municipal Judge Dojle .-icndcrson this monilng. Bond was s."t at $200. •-•'•• Omsr Recce was fined »IO [01 liublic drunkenness and Wurcn Fowl drew a S10 fine for the same oflense. A charge of embezzlement nr« lodged against Bill Robinson. Mrs Came Sabcn, Ol-jcai-old housflv>ifc of Greenfield, Mass, ^ets hei [hsl \nsic of old ago tuending delights ns slie (jiijs nc\('.clothes wilh the fund given hei to lest the JVmnscnJ old age T' olvini; peiuion plan Flaws in Yarn Shown By Polarized Light OAMB1UDOE M"\ss (UP)-B\- 'ensl\e rcs^aich by pro! rkh\iul R £rlmn» head of the textile liit-oratorir it Masbachusetts In- Dilute of leclmologj hns shown 'hit, weaknesses and tlawb in mint Jim C an be dlscoveicd by |u» lainbowi. caircd bj polarized From" these" rnlnbowrijr'soine- linics dlffeienl'shades ol the same color il )s possible to deleiinlne the ^e and to,discover imperfections In the yarn H is ],osstbl c to tell poMtUeh the exact age of .the cotton \\hei picked in the/ields Cotton picked before it is ,"ripe according iwa-z is useless for wciu uecau-3 of its weakness Itl Silver cojnngc is coming into greater use, in Qermany, France Rumania, .I'eru, and Mexico.''. rt . . .yield cjuickcr lo^liie "Poullice-Vopor action of Drs. Wert & Wert Over doc Isaacs' Store '( *WE HA'KG 'EM BEE'' • 'iMiohe 640 J ^-^. (UP) -rHawall is rpwlnj wild raspberries as largo is golf balls, according to \V. T. J oj)o of the federnl ox|)2rlmcnl sla- lo» heic. The only difference is n (he color and consistency, Specimens linve been round inrgc. nough-to nil Iho top o( iv water mnMer. Hoiwer, cfforls to cioss hem \\lth hardier varie(les liajvo Sloiic tu Dross, Dies In Firo OLRVELANU (UI>)_Ja,mes amptcll, 45-ycar-old -WPA work^ r, Elopiwd to dies* UL'forc.lcavIni! !ls biiiHliig liomo. Ho was foun'd cad, apparently asphyxiated, naai bedroom window. , r Tj le . Hist «e<xleilc survey ml the unite? StMcs v,as mjide in 1841 by (Simeon Borden. > f/fff'\o sufferers of STOMACH ULCERS' »£ HVPERACID1TY. Willard's Mossaqo of Relief MICELESS IMFORIUnON for , EipljJiii Ihe nn'rvcloui WMard Treat. mmt which li bHnsIog analog r^W. IIV3Y BROS. DRUG CO. ROBINSON DRUG CO,, Inc. MANILA: PEOPLE'S DRUG STORK Opening Saturday MANILA CAFE One door South of ; Post Office 3 years In Golden Cafe 15 years experience : VEKA Head Courier News Want Ads 0 tlitions, fold (lie commissioners , section. Each section has four di- Nine inches of rain fell in 3 ' visions— lop alorage cabinets, light- mmutes at Assam, India, '-probabl ' ing strips or molding, back'splash , , a world's record In rainstorms Unlisted nmpinii of money f« ! 0 an fa,- purpose O f making (his years crop. Liberal advances on Cnt- on Corn, Jieims, etc. Interest note '*%. No stock BEST PRICES IN TOWN. WE BUY OUR GOODS AT JOBBERS PRICES, WE GIVE YOU CHEAPEST PRICES! WHY NOT? IF ITS HARDWARE, OR EVEN KIN TO HARDWARE, GET IT AT HERE IS PART QF THE PROOF 1938 DODGE TOURING SEDAN. Heater and Radio ...... 1»35 DODGE TOURING SEDAN. Clean 'as a Pin 1937 License, Radio, and Heater ...... : Phone 32 I93S BUfCK ••36-46". clean. New Tires. 1957 License 1635 FORD V,8 TUDOR. Ran'io. A Real Bar- lain at 1935 FORD V-8. DE LUXE EEEAN'. Bnrcain i Come in and look over *•'' ihc olhcr proofs in our . showroom JOYNER MOTOR SALES CO. Biu'ck and Fonliac Sales & Service 'HONE 1000 PPY GROCERY & 100 West Mam St. Phono-15 1 Ftce Dol'very gli.ecials Pot Fnd.n,, B.itnrilay & iMoiulay - JUiirch 5, (>, 8 1% rtlooti — Z'l His. 05c; •IS His, $1.80; l)(i Lbs. §3.50 1 'Whitewater Kose — 2-1 Llis.;$J,05; -IS Lbs. $2.05 Qnicga — 5 Lbs, 35c K) Lbs. GSc: 20 Lbs. S1.15 HENS, Full Dicsscd Lb. • 25 BACON, Sugiir Cnrc Sli. No Rind. .Lt>. 35 •EGGS;;- Fresh Country. Do?. 20 STEAK, Loin or Hound. .Lb. 27 C SAUSAGE, 1 Pure'.' l'orl<. LI,. 20 C SAUSAGK; mixed •Lb. 18 CA.-B.BAGE,- New ft 1 C A? Green. • Lb. 10 Lbs. 37 C APPLES,'Slark.'Dcl.'. QAC or Winesap. J)oz. OU =I).OG FOOD,. Val Can 5 MILK, Cariialion iCC 2 Lgc. or.4\Sm. iV SOAP, o. K: -t -Bars •'.- SOAP, P. & G. 4 I?uis •-.,-.'. CAMAY IJAND SOAP War .' SO'Al', Mtfl. -I VOT - V i\IOPS Each 10' LAH1), liring Your ICC Bucket. Lli. IC la Cure I ADH IrHnU S-lb Ctn $1.18 25 Llis. . '$3.65 50 I,bs. . $7.25 MI5AL, J'urc Crcant 2'1-Lb. Suck 7«I IU PURE'CANE SYRUP . Gill. ....; 3; «I." '•• COc KELLOGG C. Fl or P. Toasties. ;i for 1 Grapcn'ul Flakes, QCU 1 I'osl Bran Flukes *V (IJowl FREE) OATS, Mother's Plate FREE 12-Oz. liotttc -||i IU SALT. 3 '-Boxes '-for. SALT 25-Lb. IJat? •CA'iXDY.-AH.Sc Bars 3 for ' ift IU CRACKERS 2-Lb. Box IC 13 -WASHBOARDS Silver ,|n c Brass .jgc WASH ijf-j nn oh TUBS '--yi- $£ ^0 ' - BROOMS 25c - '10c - .15c -• §1 Fresh 1'ork Hrii'ns 2«c Salt Meat He DURKEE OLEO 22cLb. , 24 coupons CH- • ': lilies you 15 \ u C Q(. alum-' | in,um si&wcr, Rest Quality VEAL Hoimrt Sk.'ik • Loin Steiik <i 25c Lb (Jhops 22c Lb SWIFT 1'RKMIUM BEEK > > (Compare I'rlccs \Vlth AujbflcV I.oin .Steak; lib: ' ......... 35c T-Honc Steak, < Lb. . .?.''. . .' ''asT Sf\ort Cuts, Lh ........... 30c S\yifTs I'rem. 'IJacon, Lb. . 38c Krcy Mild Flav. Uaiion, Lb. 3nu SPECJAI THIS WEEK Rose Glas<s SALAD P L A t -E HOBNAIL DESIGN 8'/2 in. salad plate. An authentic repitxluciion of a'famous Early American design. Clear glass, delicately rose tinted. At this remarkably low price you can get a whole s'el for your next afternoon club—or as a breakfast or luncheon set. EA. Limit 12 to a'' Customer WASH B OUER Copper boftom boiler. BrighHX -fin sides. 54 quor.ts cop. Seamless Hn cover, hook handle. A splendid value! QUALITY B R Q O. M 49.} First quality broom corn. 4 rows of strong stifch- ing. It'll take long'hard 'use: to weay-out this broom. •40 H. CLOTHES LINE • Full 40 foor,strong 3 ply Sisal line. Get one for a .basement'or porch line or for the youngster's skipping rope. SELF WRINGING MOP 45<? more • tired ' back! Wring - easily without ' stooping oi\eve'n iouch-' ing wet mop.-Mop head eosily removed SKQUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. "The Progressive Store" . • J. W. Shousc " ' " \\'ii?on Henry Phone 35

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