The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 8, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS I'HE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI XLY—NO. U Blythcvlllt Courier Slythe»lll« Dally Nc*» Mississippi Vullcv Lender Blylhevtlle Herald BLYTHEV1U.F;, ARKANSAS,-THURSDAY, APK1L 8, 1948 ,»IXTKKN PACKS •1NOLB COPIBft nVB SOP Presidential ?«»«/ Blast r j-j i c i Victim Buried Candidates Seek MidWestSupport Dtw«y and Stasstm Movt Info Nebraska For Crucial Vote Test Osceo/o By Untied Prcsa Two leading candidates for lhe Republican presidential nomination, •n« cheered by a victory in Wiscon tin, moved today across lhe Nebraska campaign routes just vacat- Ki by i third contender. Telling listeners at every Blov •/hat they thought was good for lhe larmer "in particular and the nation In general, Gov. Thomas Dewey of New York and forme: Gov. Harold E. Stassen of Minns£» were working hard for the top )/tlon in next Tuesday's Nebras- ' primary balloting, next crucial . test alter the Wisconsin race. Siassen was cheered by Tuesday's Wisconsin results, which apparently gav« him 19 of the state's delegates to the Republican National Convention as compared with eight for Gen. Douglas MacArthur and none for Dewey. He went into Nebraska with the reputation of a winner. Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio was on his way back last from the Nebraska campaign. His followers were still trying to figure the effect of the Stasscn victory in Wisconsin. • The Wisconsin race was for delegates. The Nebraska vote merely ahoxvs the voters' preferences for the Republican nomination, and Is not binding on the convention delegation. Democrats Knjoy GOT Battle Democrats, although plagued by rheir own intra-party troubles, . eould enjoy the Republican squaa- ble. Sen. .J. Howard McGrath, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said in Olympia, Wasti., that it showed how wrong some political commenators could be—an obvious reference to commentators t forecast serious trouble for i ident Truman in next Novem- elections. .. - j On the Democratic side of the [ picture, the face was not so "spectacular. Little opposition has developed against the renomination or Mr. Truman in the Midwest, at present, the nation 1 ! hottest pqlitL- eal battleground. Henry A. Wallace, former Democratic "vice-president and now a Funeral services for Mrs. D. C. 'alien v*re conducted tills after- loon at the Carson Lake Cemetery, near OficeoU, where the burial was marie Mrs- Parten, 47, died at the Bly heville hospital yesterday morning rom burns she received when kerosene tued to rekindle a fire got out. of control and destroyed her home and meted out death lo her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Paul Parten, Sunday. Mrs. Parten, formerly Miss Lena Nadine, had spent the greater part of her life In the vicinity of Dell, where her husband aiirt sons * - ere fanners Her husband, D. C. Parten, survives her. She is also survived by three sons, Paul, Silas, and Otis Parten, all of Dell, and one (laughter, 10 year old. Mary Parten, of lhe home; two sixers, Mrs. Carrie Hedge, of Jonesboro, and Miss Jessie Nadine, who lives In Missouri; two brothers. Ray Nadine of Osceola, and Charles Nndine, of Flint. Mich. Mrs. Otis Parten, who also was injured In the fire, still Is a patient In the Blytheville Hospital, but her condition is not serious and she is recovering quickly from her burns. Federal Control Is Sought for Cotton Handlers Lewis Goes to Court Again third party*i<B through In"' British May Ask Russian Apology Berlin Plane Crash Remains 'Hot' Issue In Note Exchanges By John B. McTJermott iUnlled Press Siaff Correspondent BERLIN, April 8. (UP) — Great Britain is expected to demand an apology from Moscow for the latent Russian note charging Britain with | "provocative" aims in blaming Russia Tor the Berlin air crash, a high official source said today. The Russian note, delivered to Lt. Gen. Sir Brian Robertson by Russia's Marshal Vassiiy D. Sokolovsky, said the British version of the crash was a "defamation" nnd hinted that Russia might seal the Western allies' air corridor to Berlin. "II is apparent Ihiil Sokolovaky received . new .instructions from Moscow," Iht hifjh official sour.t BU Jha^ changed his turn ~$fltoMWPm MPdNUlo Arkansas Association Seeks Stiff Penalty For Misrepresentation LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. April ft (UP) — Mpa.sijif.s to flic) in ha! Luis; misreiN e.scnlRtion of quality anrl origin of cotton have bw-n endorsed jy the Arkansas Cotton Trade A.sso- ciation. The orgnnizrUion. meeting; hera esterday, askcrt lhe American Colion, Shippers AssocinLion to uro.e Congress to penalize cotton handlers who: Ship rcglnncrt or rrclranrrt r<>i- Um as originally jirlnned rnttnn. Ship Irrignlcd cotlon a* "raln- jtrown" collon. Remove original Rln tnjs wKh fraudulent talent. Import Mexico n -ffrown cotton wllhoiil marks of Identification. Knowlr/jcly false- pack and Hell any cotton. The penalty suggested by the association would be a minimum fine of $5,000, one yenr in jail, or both. In a rc.suIuLion, the association said foreign buyers and domestic mills have complained. And it added, "correctness of the complaint has been attested to by "shippers admitting ' il through payment ol claims," "Coi\Unuance of the practice Director of ERP Shows Speed in wining Agency World S«t-up To Havt Staff of B*lw««n 500 and 600 Lewis Put On Spot For Failure to John 1 Lewis, boss of t shipments of one growth of cotton | ancl haR unt |, ppx , Mon( ( ay to explain why another and bettor growth will ers "'is fn~comi™Ag'ni he has not ordered his soi cause a .substantial loss to fanner* ' in marketing .their crop," the resolution .sfiiri. "Eventually it will export markets to favor foreign growths, resulting In a substantial loss of exports." Officer. 1 ! of the association were instructed lo ajsk Arkansas and Missouri compresses and warehouse.-; "to give upon request of the consignee the origin territory from which such cotton was received." Misrepresentation of cotton quality "will defeat efforts to increase production of better qualities, and will result in loss of premiums lo farmers producing better qualities of cotton/' the resolution concluded. Dick Watkins of Hope was elected president of the association. coal miners back to the pits. He is shown here with William Hulks, deft UMW secretary In front of the union's hrndquRrters In Wn.shliiRloi Lewis IIRR been ordered into Jurtpr T. Alan Gnldsborongh's cniirM/) sho cause why he .should nol be cited for contempt for failure to etui a 25-da old strike. (NBA Telephoto.) to orjart: for '' he said* America must •'build tha new party" to insure lasting peace. He said the old parties were leading the nation Inward another war. JOewey'Must Deliver As Dewp.y and Sta.ssen began their final Nebraska efforts, the New York Governor was told by some Repub'ican state leaders that, he was in a ''two horse"- race with Stassen. Mrs. Edna Donald, GOP national committeewoman, said she believed that "a lot" depended on what Dewey had to say during the next two days. Sta.ssen likewise had a strong personal organisation in Nebraska, as he had in Wisconsin. Dewey and MacArthur followers contended that it was the intensive personal campaigning that won for Siassen in Wisconsin. They were up Against the same situation in Ne- a. • ^ Jamts A'. Farley, a New Yorker «Tnd former Democratic chairman. said that the Wisconsin results hurt, Dewey and that he will be bruised even'more unless he makes a pood showing in Nebraska. President Asks Air Force Funds $725 Million Sought From Congress for Planes, Expansion level'lt unexpected the mTtfeFuill be -dealt with on a governmental Sokolovsky'.s reply to the British note, printed in the Soviet^,my I M ^PP« Valley cotton. When newspaper Taeglische Rundscha.i, satisfactory results arc oblainc reiterated the Russian claim that the Berlin crash last Monday was caused by a British-transport which -crashed into the tail of a Russian fighter. The British version said the Russian fighter crashed' into the British plane while buzaing it. Fifteen Schoolboy Hurt; Dell Man Fined On Traffic Charge Frank Nowlin of Dell was fined 150 and court costs in Blytheville Municipal Court this morning on charges of falling to stop when a school bus is discharging passengers. Fort-y dollors of the fine were suspended during good behaivor. The charge was • filed against Nowlin alter the car which he was driving struck Bobby Gene Trober, seven-year-old Dell schoolboy as he nltghted from the bus at (he Rose- J land Bridge on Highway 18 yesterday a.Uernoon. .The Trober-youth received only minor culs and bruises as the result of the accident. He was brought IP a hospital here by Mr. Nowlin following the accident- and was late,released. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney H. O. Partlow, In presenting the case [ persons were killed. 14 in the- British plane ar.d the Russian pilot. Both British and American^authorities lermrd the. Russian re- pi v "insulting:, provoeatix'e and hosllle." Robertson. arriving in Berlin .rhorlly before noon after making a speech at Ducsseldorf yesterday, refused to comment on Sokolovsky'* not until hr hart conferred with his staff. Officials investigating the ci'a^n said the Inquiry Indira tori roncln- ' sivcly "both from the position of the wreckage and the evidence ot witnesses that the YAK was In & steep climbing turn when It hit the Viking. 1 They promised to call witnesses lo testify to this. Sokolov.sfcy's not rejected a proposal fo ra four-power investigation of the crash, although the Russians earlier agreed lo a joint ^British- Russian investigation. The Russian said he hoped the British would abide by air regulations in tlie future and thus relieve him of the nec&ssity of secur- ' n\£ the safety of air traffic over Soviet arras—which observers sa-v as the hint ot a threat to close the corridor. Shipment Received Hert ' Cotlon men in Blytheville and Northeast Arkansas last Fall protested practices of shipping West whe)n it was authentically reported that 1.700 bales of California''cotton i'"^ beea sent here arid stored" itV » Blytheviik compress. » This practice'wfts said to give col- ion grown here a "black eye" because the inferior California cotton when il i.s accepted by millers, as un•y results are obtained in working with this cotton, growers in this area get the blame for turning out poor cotton. W. F. McDaniel, manager of Federal Compress, said at the time (.hat Federal's warehouses held no California cotton and that "as far as we know, there is none headed our Spraying Device Wins Attention Mississippion Ask* .For Information on Blytheville Product way." Congressman To Be Buried In Kennett. Mo. ' ' WASHINGTON. April 8. (UP) — Funeral arrangements (or Rep. Orville Zimmerman, D., Mo., tod:.y nwaited the arrival of his son who Is flying here from Austria. Zimmerman died yesterday following Hfe was 67. Hus son. 1st Lt. Joe A. Zimmerman, is stationed at an army hospital in Glnscnbsch. Austria. The War Department made arrangements for the Air Transport Command to return the son to the United States.' He is expected to arrive in the capital either late tonight or eariy tomorrow, Zimmerman will be buried in his native Kcnnett, Mo. WASHINGTON, April 8. rU.F,)- President Truman today sent Li Congress his formal request for ai additional $725,000,000 lo expand the Air Fojce.., v^s*q^ ^v* ned/a^nr" 11 ^*^*^ expansion expected to be MhWiftjQ Mr. Tinman had notified , Con gress in advance that the Air Fore request WHS corning. It Is part the 13,000,000,000.the administrntio wMite ' to strengthen the armed forces. ; ' Mr. Truman's actual request was $50,000,000 below the first tentative osthnate submitted by Defense Secretary James Forrestal last month Technically, the new Air Force money—and the rest of the t3,000,- 000,000 Is a request for a supplemental appropriation for the 1949 fiscal year starting next July 1. But a spokesmnn for the Huusc Appropriations Commktfie-.srud Congress could permit the Air Force to start writing contracts before July 1 by putting an "Immediate" label on the bill and treating il as a deficiency-appropriation. This Is what the comtnittee plans to do. But the actual money would not be spent before July i In any cnsc. even if Lhe Air Force si arts letting additional contracts upon pasagn of the bill. , The proposed $725,000,000 appropriations would include 5105,000,000 in his office | *" cash and 5530.000,000 In new con- heart attack. ; tract- authorization for which Congress would have In provide money later. . , Most of the .contract aul.hori7.n- lion would be .for new planes. Of this amount, MIR Air Force would get 5315,000,000 and the Navy $215,000.000. Interest in.i spray dtsburser invented by two Blytheville men use': on crop-dusting nla ncs hus ''Sal-^4Hi£i^ J'L Norlhern Mls- -^- ... . . . .^ ir My OwiuM J. CiiHiftalmi United Pr**R SUff (!*rr«*i>oitdriil) WASHINGTON, April 8. (UP>-RP Chief Pnul G. Hoffman net out xl&y to "b*g, borrow or steal" em- toyeR dam other government agonies to speed opeiAllOU of the 15,300, XK).000 EuiouftAt) recovery pio^rAin The HUtoiuoblle niHinihictun'i who wns conllrinefl by \\\f. Sonnt yosU'rdfty as KR!* 1 - ftdmlnisti riloi •aid he will mum 1 u deputy tilrocto uid H roving •'rmibRKsador pot'lm oiiiiy and .surely within R wfolt, ArnoiiK those menLloned for the | deputy post Hie Uniilel W, Bell, for- ncr iindt'rfipcretnr'y of li^Hsury; Ker- illnaiul RboiKlndl. New York iin-e.sL- inetit banket; IHH! HkcliHid F. Mh;i\, dlrt'clor ot the intei'liu nid pro- HCRUI for Fruiter, Italy Hiid Au.strht. l.ewls W. Ooiiglas, U, S. lunbussn- dni~ lo nrlUIsi, Is Mikl Lo be muter i.sidci ulion for the roving ambn.i- sndorship, but there Is some doubt whnthci he wouM sccept n\\c\i R po- .sition. Hofliunn hnjt bfHMi Huttioil/ocI (a <!rnw enipltjyes from other K<J menl RK«ncies If necessary. More lhan S.OOO Arsons have niipllpcl for KflP Jobs, but lhe new admlni.strn- tor hn.s Indicated he will hold hi* slnfT to ftOO or 500, OFflcrit Are NVwr White' Hint** The ERP fluency wlll bo housed lit, five floors of H new 'office building one block from the While House. Hoffninn hope* to luy the Riound- work for his new agency b*(prft t>i« ill-tmportnnt Uallnn elecLlai)« f Just 10 days from now. J b .;< •••';: Detailed r«cni'nniondnUons fo> conducting lhe VIIM HiUI-Coninuinlsl >roject tmve lx?en drnwn tip lor rfoffninn by the State DcpHrtnienL and other ttovenuntml RRencEcs, The plans wlll get HofTniBii's carlv nt- :«nlion, bill he Ix ut;der no commitment to accept them. The -ERP MhntnLstralor was to confer today with Acting Sccrelary of Stnle Robert A. Ixivctt legitidlng; the blueprints, lie reviewed Lhe pro- gviini wilh Wtilte HOUSR Rdvtse yeslertlny, .tliortly ndnr wl tilling 1 unanimous und nueedy Seimle proval. Conflrmidlon came wlthouti bate or object|nn, - ^ , The S^nte DcpArttneulp-ineBtiwIille WASHINGTON, April 8. <U.P.)— John I,. L« w i» today was I'.oiiiYonlcd willv (he threat of iilill another sourt kctior* The Soutliciti Coal Operators Association announced, it will ask Hie National Labor Relations Board to's««k a court'' injunction forcing l,£wig »nd the United Mine Worlcwi to with them OH the pension dispute. Lewis HlreHily is timler court order to appear Monday and show why he should not b« cited for contempt for failing to call off the 25-day soft coal strike — *» directed by Federal • .Indus Matthew McOuire last Saturday night. ERP Director<J"nt. Tritmnn luis chosen Paul C, Hotfman, above, preslrtent of the Stuileliaker Corporation, to be In charge of the European Recovery Program.. Mr. Hoffman's formal acceptance is expected shortly, INEA TclcphotoJ . : mntion nnd fin engravers cut of the j airplane . the new equipment i*| mounted on. , . i The device, which permlU rapid' triinsilion from • croji-dustjng to ' crop-spraying, wa.s 'invented by Paul Lloyd nnd Bill Hynll oif Planler.s Plying Service here. • It wns described in tin llhis_U'Hled story in the March 30 edition of the Courier News. Both the story nnd the engraving hnve been sent the Democrat-Times. Mr. Foster also said yesterday that lhe Stonevillfi, Miss., Kxperlmcnt Stnlkon is scJicdnling R demonstration of the new equipment there In the near future. Using ihfi new equipment, a plane used to spread dust-type poisons may be converted in about 30 minutes to one that will disburse liquid poisons. With ordinary equipment, this transition period I* as. long RS 24 hours. reiktrtpd^liatjl hpii MarsliRii*^ piiiir countries lo pledges lo abide bv terms pf bllnlci'Al » gl ' ecmcnt * lo f* 5tsncd lnt * l '' wUh the U'^cd Stoles. The NcthcrUnds »l«'»dy.hHa given Its pleclHe, Mississippi County Hears Red Cross Goal law rp^iiircs that all trofd come tn R full stop when biis slops on the highway p 8sscn B8'". c must school i to rtls- 1 Mrs. C A. Duvall Dies In Home Near Hightower Funeral services for Mrs, Minnie Lee Duvnll. 46. Who died at her home West, of Hightower this morning. 5:30. will be conducted Saturday, 1:00 p.m., at her borne by the Rev. Allen D. Stewart, pastor of the First Methodist Church in Blytheville. Burial wlll b^ In Elmwood Arkansas State College Singers Appear at B.H.S. The Arkansas Sla(p College Chotr of Joncsboro presented a 45-mlnute program In the Blytheville High Two Drivers Fined R, L. Dudley wns fined $35 ami costs in Municipal Court this morning when he entered a plerf of guilty to a charge of driving whtle under the influence of liquor. George Dickcr.^on. Negro, was fined $50 r\nd costs this morning on a plea of guilty lo the same charge. Wilh several cornimmiUct; .nth] un- re ported Lhe Rod Cross drive for funds in Mississippi Coimly is within $1,000 of Us quoin, Mrs, Floyd Haralsoti, executive secretary, announced today. Ward '2, whose cliEilnniin Is Mis, W. D. Cobb, hus reported an additional $25. Wtird ;i, led by Mrs. Rupert Crnflon.'hii.s repmieri $5 more; nnd Chnptcr D of P. E, O.'hns contributed $5. .Hmriue Edwards .anc Jnck Robinson, in charge of contri- ' butions from Lnke Street East liavs nu additional (100. Tli ft largest, con Lrihu tinti HM- nonncerl tortny, which has not been previously reported. Is from lhe Dell community, which turned in *306 as a partinl report. W. D. Cranford Is eh air num. The contributions reported today bring the grnnti total lo $10.206.39. which mcnnft only $937.07 must be collected before Mississippi County quoin Is reached. Autry Announces For Re-election Burdcttt Educator Seeks N«w Term in' State Legislature I,. H. Anlry of Bui del le, one of Mississippi Colmty'n four member* of Lhe of Representative* ill tlic 1947 sewilon of the Stale's General Assembly, Announce, 1 * locliiy Ihftt lie ^'lll lie ft cnnclUltilc for iti-ylcuHoti, subject. Lo.-the Rction of Lhe Democratic voters In Lhe parly primaries this Htmmier. Mr. Anlry rms been snperhiUu- tlcnl of schools «l BunJetle for 20 yenrs, Is president of the Northeast Atkamu.s District Knlr, and also president of th« Arkansas Stale Fail 1 Manngers* Association. He I* a vet-' ernn Of World \Vnr I, Seeking re-ulec'llcm, Mr. Anlry said thai he would continue to woik for the educational nnd ngfLuillLuritl of the county and slnlc ns a member of Uift lower house of the stale's ICKlslatiire body. He also * McGuIre »lao h»d ordered Lewi* and. the coal operator* t<i barjiln u toad l»llh'ln ah attempt to Wile the pension dispute which catw- 1 ed the walkout. Joseph E, Moody, president of th* Boiitherti Coal Producers AMbcta-. Ion. SKld UMW reprenentatlru have refused flatly to recojnlM th« ' association u bariralnlni a«ent tor southern eoal operator*. Individual memb«i« ot [he aifco- clallon are covered under McOulre'i order. Ttiey have delegated their,' bargalnlnK powers to. the auocU- llon. The UMW contends that tb«" HMOclitltoil cannot b«rf*ln for IK« Individual operalorA because th« oiwi'Hlor* sinned Individual contract* . with the union last year, ' John C. dull, counsel for lhe u- soclKilon, wlll go before the labor bor.rd later In the day and a*k It lo seek a court Injunction requiring Lewi* tn bar«atn with th« t«o- clntlon. If nn liijuncllon In Issued, Lewla would be required to recognize th* ns-soclallon a» bargaining agent for the Southern operator*. As lhe iilrlke enlered 1U 2Sth day. (he nation'* iteel producUon dropped sharply, mau layoffs »«r« under w»r and the poMlblllty of elec^ trie power "brow'nbW loomed. Thi' government already hu announced Hint It wlll cut coal-burning railroad operation^ to one-half of'nor- mal "earjr next week" becauM «f " the ilrlki. The bankhiK of laciea*in( aunt-' b«r< of steel blast furnace* rallied lhe prospect of deep cut* In automobile production. Th< Automotive Newn said producUon will drop by' more lhan J.OOO can an.d trueka week and that a further i .seemed ce'rlaln nent week. Meanwhile, lovtrnm^nt pcrln->|Mcu!aUd on l*w etw Marine, Killed on I wo Jimo in 1945 To Be Buried Tomorrow in Osceola Pfn. William Franklin Rodsers of i Osccolfi. wiio was killed whntl the. Fifth Division"of Hie U.S. Marine Corns landed on Iwo Jima thrca years -ago, will be buried tomorrow aftcrnrxm in Ennen Cemetery at Osccola. Son of Dr. and Mrs. Mark P. Rodgers of Osceola. Pfc. Rodger'^ body was reUirned from a Mld-Pa- School audilorium this mornlns; tn I cific military cemetery last month the first of a .serle* of trips for (and will arrive in Qsccola tomorrow the choir. four They are making four appearances in Mississippi County. The others wlll be in Manila, Burdctte Mrs. Duvnll was bom In ville nnd i.«; survived by her hus- ' The 40-voicc organi7^vtion. under r""?.." ! th o direction of Dr. H. C. Manor. ^FTraffic moving in the same rti- band. C. A. Duvall. four rtaughlcr.s. Tcction as the school bus must come I Mclba June. Mm I ha Jane. Cynthia Carrol and Jo Ann Pale; two sons, Donald and Bobbie Wayne Pale; four stepsons and two stepdaughters, all of near Hightower; her mother. Mrs. Ida Nolcn of Lafe, Ark., and one sister, Mrs. Ben Gardner, also of Lafe. Pallbearers will he; George Duvall. Floyd Duvall. Troy Duvnll, Clarence Duvall. Harold Hood and Arthur Walklns. Cobb Funeral Home Is tn charce. New York Cotton 1;30 3S52 I to a full stop behind the bus," Mr. Parllow explained." and nil traffic meeting the Wis must, come to R full stop In front of II. The prosecuting attorney's office-feels that the enforcement of this law Is necessary for the protection of school children." However. Mr. Partlow pointed oflt that the same law requires that school huses must be properly marked with six-Inch lettering. Deputy Sheriff Holland nf Blytheville, Investigated the accident. Soybeans July i os f. it. b. Chirac") oncn high low ... 385 381 385 391 ... 318 380 378 330 open 3625 3560 May July I Oct Kn Dec 3177 'Mar 3157 3051 358« 32o» 3185 }16« low 3623 3237 3164 3153 presented nine numbers. They Included "The Lamp of God." "O Trinity and Blessed Light." "Madame Janctte." "Battle Hymn of trip Republic." "Stardust." and "Russian Picnic." Two specialty numbers Included a bass solo, "Old Man River," by Ralph Bench of Walnut Ridge and the male quartette, called "The Statesmen." singing "Little Clasc b Har'mony." The last number by the choir was "Smoke GeU In Your Ey<w," They were scheduled to make their next appearance In Burdette at 1:30. 3177 3160 Laney Promises Early ' Decision on Candidacy ,L1TTLE ROCK, April 8. IUP) — Gov. Ben Laney today promised to announce his decision on a possible third term campaign within the' next U hours. morning. Services will be conduclcd at 3 p.m. lomorrow at SwiH Funeral Home chapel ITT Osceola by the Rev H. J. Couchmau, pastor of the First Methodist Church, who will be as- siste^d- by the R£y. L. T. Lawrence, pastor of lhe First Presbylcrian Church and the RCY. Charles Lewis pastor of the First Methodist Church at Luxora. The" Osceola Veterans of Foreign j Wars post will be In charge of mil| Itary honors t at the graveside. Six Osceola Marine veterans will servo as pallocarers and two others will be colorbearer.s. Rodgcrs was killed March 1. 1945, while attached to Company p, Second Battalion. 28th Regiment of Ific Filth Division. He \vas 21 yeais old at the lime of his death. He was born In Luxora and -Vas graduated from the high scRool .there May 19. 1941 He was employed by lhe Frisco- Railroad before Joining the Marine Corps May 19.1943, Rodgers w&s sent to the Sou'.h Municipal Magazine To Carry News Item - , Of BlythfYille'i Growth i survived by two.brothers. Otis Goz* Jr. ol San Francisco. Calif., anil Wade Rotigers of Oiccola; and eight sisters Mrs. Cleo Murphy of Sioux City, la.. -Mrs. W. O. Collon and Mrs. Elberta Jennings, both o! Memphis, Mrs. W. f. M-Dopslrt of Hous- lon, Texas, Mrs. Robert Bunn of Rlytlir.vllle will be featured in the April Issue of "Arkansas Municipal I lies," a magazine published by the Arkansas Municipal League 'Hie At'i'JI Issue Is scheduled to be published about ttie lasl -week of this month. Knch month, "Arkansas Municipalities" features an Arkansas city or town. [ . Two photographs were submitted with the slory. prepared by Mayor R. R. JacVson and Worth D. Holder, manager of tile Chamber of Commerce. at the nfngazine's request. One sho-*s the cotton field West of Walker Park In which the National Cotlon Picking Contest Is held and the other Is an aerial view of Blythcville, looking West on Main Street- The story briefly review* the history of Blylhevllie and the park- Ing meter and city llmiuvexpanslon measures approved l*ucsday by vol- crs here are included. It also tells of agriculture, recreation facilities, churches, transportation, climate and industries In Blylhevllie and of lhe rlly's airport and garbage collection system "Blytheville." the story concludes, "is (ast coming out of Us growing pains from a good jl».ed town to real city." expressed keen Interest In matters pertaining to veterans. Aided I.lvr^cK-k Sh In the &4lh General Assembly, Mr. Autry was one of the sponsor* of ninny of the appropriation measures acted on by the lawmakers and wns one of the members selected lo serve on Hie pre-scsslotl budget, committee, lie wns vice chairman of the committee. Mr. Anlry .assisted In obtaining passage of appropriation* for county district and stale fairs and livestock shows and was InslrumetiU In obtaining $25,000 for new buildings [or tile Norlheast Arkansa Fair, which is held here annually and for $10,000 for awards lo exhlb llors. He also nsslsled In obtaining slalc aid for the National Cotloi Picking Contest, which Is held her annually' under sponsorship of th Blytheville Junlon Chamber of Com meice. During the regular session In 1947, Mr. Aulry served ns chairman of one of the two House committees mftiersTwck 16 work thi* i attempt-to fomUll contempt ,'•< court action. They HaM the government 1 Lewis "on the »ppt" jr««Urday" it obinlti«J a court ordtr directing) him to explain neat 'Monday why- he ha» not obeyed an earlier.«rd«r lo end the W-da.V old lirike. . Federal Judge T. Alan Golisborw ugh said Lewta would go on trial or contempt next Wednesday ii he xiinQt give K ulslfactory explana- , -Ion' al lhe Monday hearing. Some government expert* beHeve4 IIKI Lewis might encape contempt >roceedlng« If coal production ii re- iumed by Monday. He would fac* he pro.siKd of a .stiff flue and a po«- ilble Jail sentence, -however, ; "fl the ^Irike goes on and eonlempt chartf* " pressed. *wh met Judiie Oold.sboroujh .In eonlempt cose once before and U cost him and his United Uine Workers »110,000. They were fined for Ignoring the Judge'* order to end a strike late in IfrM. County Election Board to Meet in Osceola Monday The Mississippi County H«ctk>« Commission will meet at lo a.m. Monday In Osceola to certify r»- tui.u In Hie Blytheville and Oocab- JH , municipal election* held TUM- day. The meetlnr will be held In th* office of Commission aecretary I>ave 8. Laney of Onceola. Other members^pt the commission are L»- roy Carter of Leach ville, chairman, and Oliver Clark of Frenchman'* Bayou. I Weather on Pducntlon. and WAS a member of he corporations committee, also committees on general welfare, lev- ccs and drainage, nnd penitentiary atfMrs. Blames World Crisis on Small Group LOS ANGELE.S. April 8. <U.P.> — F|cet Adm. Chester NimiU blamec Pacfic°in September, 1W4, and ar- ! Blytheviltc, and Miss Mary France? i »'small group for world crisis today ' Rodncis, Miss Betty Rodgcrs nn-l j but, said he doubted It would resort rived on Two Jima Feb. 19. IMS. In »aditioa to his parent*, he it . Miss Loien* Rodgers, all OJ O«<o)*. I to war. Store Managers From Five States Plan Fall Buying forecast: P»rt!y clotidy aixl cooler, *c«ttertd irmwen In extreme East portion today. Fpir'to- nlghi «nd Prldny. Cooler .tootght. jMlnimum this morning—(3. Malxmuiii yesterday—»». Sunset today—6:27< Suhrtxe tomorrow—S:J«. Precipitation, M hours lo T"».m. today—18_ , ToUl since Jan. 1—18.43. ; Mean temp«ratur« foaidwiiy. In- twcen high lind low—74. Norm«l mean for April—»l. Thin D.le Ijurt TFU ' : Minimum this morninf—M Maximum yesterday—7S. Precipitation, Jan. 1 to thit rtatt New York Stocks J. C. Penney Company store managers from 12 towns, in Illinois, Arkansas. Missouri, and Tennessee, are meeting In Blylheville today lo i Anaconda Copper M 7-1 plan fall purchasing, Wv P; Pryor, ! Beth Steel 34 l-> local manager has announced. ' Chrysler . .'.V..'.'.'.'..'.....; go Those attending the meeting, yes- o en Heclrtc ."..........'.. »1 lerday and today, are: E. L. Synne.s, <jen Motors S« 1-J Cairo, 111., A. M. Smith Cape Glrar- Montgomery Ward M 1-J dean Mo.; H. R. Tribble Kcmie-U, | N Y Central 1* S-l Mo.; J. F. Hettmansperger, Poplar im Harvester . .. ...*.... M J-| Bluff, Mo.; J. 5, Taylor. Carulhers- ville, Mo.; B. R. Crisl. West Plain*. Mo.; T. F.. Maddox, Jackson. Tenn., J. R. Smnl). Djci-sburg, Tenn.; W North Am Aviation U 1-J Republic Steel .-. M 3-1 Radio . ...'..' I VI Socony Vacuum 17 1 -I I). _Hcrshbcrger. Paris, Tenn.; R.;L. \ Sludebaket Johnson, Jonesboro; A. E. 5aiton, i standard of M J T» 1-4 Newporl; and W. P. Piyor, Blythe-j Texas Corp M ,7-1 ville. j Packard -4 3-1

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