The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1944
Page 5
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. .FRIDAY, MAY 12, Trachoma Clinic Plans Are Made ,, •A f Sufferers Of Disease Will Be Examined And Treated Thursday Those planning to attend the rnchoma clinic, held for tl\e bene- it of sufferers of the 'eye Infection which, If not treated will lead to blindness, today were asked to meet at tlic Blythcville Court room at 8 o clock next Thursday morning for registration. Examination will upfcMn at 3 o'clock and the clinic will close at noon, with only necessary minor eye surgery performed In the afternoon. Sponsored by the State Board of Health under the direction of ur. K. w. Cosgrove. the annual clinic Is free to nil those suffering fjom the symptoms of the disease, red sore eyes, wild hair, nncl granulated eye lids. . The Infectious disease Is found principally in the Northern |>nn of Arkansas. Many cases have been diagnosed and treated with excellent results, health workers pointed out, Ill the United states District Court, K.islerii District of Arkansas, Jonesboro Division. United State's of America. Petitioner • vs. No. ',5-275 Civil, .Ho acres of land, more or less In Mississippi County, Arkansas, and' E. B. Boyil, et al., Defendants. Older of Publication. Upon application of the plaintiff, United States of America, duly verified, it uppearini; that the United States of America lias commenced in this court a suit to condemn and enforce a legal claim to certain tracts .of land lying and being situate hi Mississippi County, Arkansas, said lands being'spcclncnlly described In plaintiff's complaint as follows: Tract No. H. The Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) of Section Twenty-Eight (28); East Half (EH-) of the Northeast Quarter (NE 1 /,) of Section Thirty-Two «"V)2), and the East Half (E!i> of lie Northwest Quarter INW!',)'of Section Thirty-three (33), Township Fifteen (15) North, Rmigc Nine (0): East of the Fifth (5th) Principal Meridian, Mississippi County, Arkansas, containing in the aggregate three hundred twenty (320) acres, more or less. Tract No. E 1005. The West Half (W'.i) of the Northeast Quarter (MIS 1 /,) of Section Thirty-two (32), Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Nine (91 East of the Fifth (5lh> Principal Meridian, Mississippi County, Arkansas, containing In the aggregate eighty (80) acres, more or less. Tract No. E 1007. The Northeast Quarter (NE Vi> of the Northwest Quarter (NW Ml of .-.Section Thirty-two (32), Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Nine (91 East "of Ihe Fifth (5th) Principal Meridian, Mississippi County, Arkansas, containing In the aggregate forty (40) acres, more or less. Said suit being an action of the United States of America to condemn said land for the use and benefit of the United States of. America for,. 1150" in connection lyitli'tlie estabMshinent-'of- : i,he- Manila- Auxiliary Field No:" 3,' to" the Advanced Twin Engine Training School' Airfield, Blytheviilc, Arkansas, and it appearing to the court that the following named defendants', and their unknown heirs at law, to-wit: E. B. Boyd, Tyronza, Arkansas; Jewel Rodgcrs, % Margaret. Ashabranner, .Vnniln, Arkansas; The Federal i^liiid Bank of St. Louis, Missouri; Business Men's Assurance Company of America,' Kansas City, Missouri; Land Bank Commissioner, of St. Louis. Missouri; Russell C. Flecjiitm and Dorothy D. Flcemsn, hts wife, Lake Providence, Louisiana; J. T. AshabnuiiieiV single, 37064G97, Co. C. 641 TD Bn. APO 201 P. O. San Francisco. California; Ray D. Asha- ; branner, Pfc. single ASN 38209549, i 3rd Company, ECPCfSCSU-1139, Camp Edwards, Massachusetts; are not inhabitants of and are not found within this District, -and are nonresidents of this Slate, and that they, have riot voluntarily entered their appearances herein, mid thai personal service upon said above named defendants cannot be had; it is hereby ordered that the above named nonresident defendants, and each of them, appear, plead, answer, or demur to., the said complaint' filed by the petitioner. United States of America, on or before the 15th day of June, 19-1-1. and- In default thereof lhat the Court will proccetl !»i a hearing and adjudication of ajkl suit, and that this order be published in a newspaper of genera! circulation in Mississippi County, Arkansas, once a week for four consecutive weeks. This 3rd day of Nfay, 1944. (s) Thomas C. Trimble, Judge. A true copy I certify, Grady Miller, clerk. By Dixie N. Tolleson, BLYT1IEV1L1J3 (AUK.) CQUKIEiy NEWS X-Ray Plones for 'Broken Bones'< Jt . Resident Dies T. McIXmlel, . well-known ... ...1 countv farmer mid full M- ot W. P. McDnnlcI,' of Illv- hevllle, (licit Tuesday nl e lH nt lils home ncnr Jonesboro. lie ,wn.s II, 'Service;,- were held yesterday lit McDanlcl Cemetery, which WHS inrled by his graiidftUlier. Solo- iion McDnnlol, more Hum 100 years ago. He also leaves his wife, another ii. t'u'ul McDanlel oi the Army stationed at Dryan, Texas, rind [nice daughters, Mrs. H. i-;. i>opo "»(| Mrs. Glenn cummins, both of '• Louis, Mo., and Mrs, M. Schwartz of Orlnmlo, MIL N 0 TI () K I«tlcrs of administration on the estate of Lela BJylhe, Deciniscd, *erc grunted to llio undersigned, on ho 31st day of March, lOil, by iho Probate Conrt for the Chlckiisawlm Jlstrlct of Mississippi County Arl .«nsas. , All iwrsous I'mvlng claims nmilnst said csliile nro rcrinlred lo e.vlilhlt them, projierly. aullicntlentod for illOH'uiico, lo the , undersigned, us ulinlnlstralor ot said esUilc, tx'foru the end of one year from (ho dnte of tlio grunting of the letters upon ^ald estate, olid If i Mich claims lie hot presented, they will be forever barred. Uated this 31sl dny of Murch, 1DH MA11CUS KVKAIIU AilmlnlstrHtor of (lie Ks- tate of l«l« lilylhe, De- , dcyctoned ,m the mobile darkroom, part of which appears in photo. * EPSON »N WASHINGTON How I. G. 'Watchdogs' Prowl BY 1'KIKI', liDSON Courier News Washington • Correspondent When an Army inspector general comes on a military reservation to give an Army organization its official going over,'every mini on the post, civilian or soldier, is notified and If any one of them has any complaint to make about anything he can tell it to the 'inspector general as though he were a father confessor, without fear of later reprimand and with assurance that his complaint will be investigated. Tills is one of the proudest traditions of OTIG — the Office of the Inspector General's Department. The complaints they hear I1K15' ran^e from the chronic yowl that the chow is no good to complaints that a man lias had no pay for six weeks, that the post exchange officer is robhing the till, j that excessive discipline has been inflicted for a minor offense, or j that sonic junior officer feels he is being submerged by the c. o. The inspector general is required to investigate every complaint, and woe betide the senior officer ,.wlio reprimands ..a..subordinate for reporting ; to the inspector general. In peacetime an organization is visited by an inspector genera, once- a year for a check on training, equipment, discipline, finances everything, in war, inspection!; are more frequent. Before units are sent overseas there will be one or two special Investigations in the field to report whether the unit Is • Fine Workmanship by Expert Photographers. • No a p p o i ntmenr Necessary. • Proofs Shown For Satisfactory Selections. Q'Steen's Studio 105 W. Main Next Sunday, May 14th, is Mother's Day, and we arc ready to meet your demands for this occasion. We have prepared for your Mother; Corsages, Cut Flowers, Hydrangeas, and boxes of assorted plants thai will give pleasure all Summer. Novelty pottery filled with the best in plants. This is a fioiver occasion for Mother. Visit our greenhouse and flower shop and make your selection. Remember we telegraph flowers anywhere. HEATON'S Home of Flowers 200 Davis Ave. at Franklin Phone 549 Hoiuled Member of F. T. D. Assn. rcndy, not ready, or ready provided. / There arc two Inspectors general —a lieutenant-colonel and a captain—assigned to every division for constant checkups on details which may be ordered at any lime by the commanding general on whose slnff they serve. There are also corps, field army, and service command inpectors assigned to every commanding general's-staff. "ACTION LliTTKItS" 1'IUiI) After every Inspection, there Is a one-page report sent to Washington. H will not-cover the little things thai can be corrected in the field, only the major things .that need further attention. At the bottom of each of these one-page reports there will be n nolalion that six or eight, or nny number of "action letters" have been filed. Action letters covering one specific thing that needs fixing are sent to the officer whose responsibility it Is to fix it. 'It may be a shortage of men or a surplus of over-age officers or lack of equipment or training:. As each corrective action is .t,akcn, the responsible officer must report on what h e has done. All these reporting letters then conic to the inspections division 'of the Office of the Inspector General in Washington. If corrective action stalls a report goes to the War Department so .that higher command can take action. Before Ihe last war. Inspectors' general were frequently considered officers with little black books who wont around preparing "skin lists" of petty criticisms on which lo skin the hide off some officer. Today, under Inspector General Peterson's polities, I. G.'s nre Instructed lo look not only for the things thai are wrong, but nlso for the things thai are right, on whicli they cnn puss out commendation. Tin: .io» is nitoADUMNti . Expansion of the Army Into the neiv highly skilled technical services has of course meant many new jobs for the Office of the Inspector General. There Is a whole new office of the air Inspector-general, headed by Maj.-Gcn. jmiius W. Jones aii() reporting directly, to the commanding general of the Army Air Forces, Gen. Henry. K Arnold. Six officers, all' pilots, brad up llic various tactical and technical divisions of Ibis branch, mid Ihe 55 officers now assigned lo It are nil specialists In engineering 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vulcjinbdni-Tlre tad Tib. Repairing :Tr»ctor TlrM Oori Bpeclslt;.' AU Work Gturantccd WADE COAL CO/ Alabama Red Adi Coal N. Hwy. 61 Ph. jj29j PLUMBING AND HEATING Pumps . . . Well Pipes . : . Strainers BUTLER ENGINEERING CO. Osctoln, Ark. Phone .640 D.P.L.14 Cottonseed 1 3-32 to 11/8 Inch Staple : Early Variety ALSO ARKSOY SOYBEANS 2913 See Dell, Ark. : Phone 635" EARL MAGERS RADIOS, WASHERS and REFRIGERATORS Should Be overhauled For Summer; GUARANTEED WORK-REASONABLE PRICES HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. 208 W. Slain Phone 2071 Gradually the work of OT1O l.s &I»B shitted overseas. Today, Hrlg.-Gon. Klllolt n. Cookc Is licnd of a small overseas Inspections division In Washington, with one of- Ilcer In chiirgc oi administrations Inspections nml one (o Irak after Ihe life of 'the enlisted mini, llul Iherc arc Inspectors ucnerul In each theater of operations rcsimunlljle to the comminuting general of llial theater, and us each major unit goes .oversells It lakes along its own Inspectors general who then become responsible Within the theater. Only the reports of thlnus. Unit Ihe War Department can fix come to Wnshiiijjlcn. There lire ,1«8 Inspectors general overseas now, mid the number will grow. Shade Salvage H.v NK,\ Hen-Ire Lamp .shades aren't what ihi-y used (o IK since wire r<ir diclr frames tms none to war, so If vour Pro-war paper parchment »r ~t,|||; slmdos look a bit llic woiw for wear, Iry giving,,lhcm this simple rejuvenating Iroalment, Clean that old paper piirelum'nt lamp shrtdi', which dirt hiis l(>. lose Us luster, by wiping-not wi'tlliiR—It iirsl with « (,-udsj- rim, Ilien one dipped In i-loar water. A silk simile usually can be clciiiu'd In ii soup buds' b.ilh—|iro- vldod (he trimming Is nol lo fussy anil Is snvisrt oir'iallii'i- (him glued —If you'll scrub tjenlly with u brush rinse anil blot dry with n Uiwcl. If bindings and oilier trtimnlntss are frayed, rip llu-ni oil ilu> shade before washing It, and replace with new braid, rucliliiK, frliiije, uplml- .sli-iy or drapery wining, which ran l)f bowihl for n« mile us an cents a yard and will make It look like IK'H 1 . Head Courier News Want Ads, oitntiit ..;• , li) llle Oluuiccry court, C'lilckii- -suwiiba District. Mississippi Calmly, Altaians. Owen McKay, -I'lnliilitf . vs. ._ • Hulli McKay, Dcteitiliml No. WH. ' The defendant, Ruth McKay, is hereby warned to uiiiielir williln tlilvty days In tlic court mimed in llio caplton hereof nml answer (lie complaint of plaintiff, Owen Mc- Kny. Hated Oils 28 tiny of April, 1044. 1'ci-cy A. WiUjlil, nllorncy for DlainUff, Olmiite K Cooper, attorney for (letcndnnt. ' , HAUVKY MOHI1I3, Clflk. Hy DOKIS MUM, 1>. 0. 5-1-8-15-22 OIIIII;K • 111 the Chancery Coim.'uiilrkiuinw- bu District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Marilyn Uvvls, IMnliilllt, vs. Ni). !ll)03 Luke H. Lewis, Uerciulanl, ' Tlio ilrfoiulimt J,uk« II. u. w | s |. s iicix'by wuniMl lo appear wllUIn Ihlrly tluys in (ho com! mimed in HARVEY MRIS' okV:. By Dori' ''''''' ! Percy, A. WrlgliV Claude P. IN THE f ,01'' JOHN T. OKASEfJ. NOTIOE'OP f The undersigned admlnisltrator-pfc I siiid estate gives hollce that'he'lias"' Hied his llnnl, reixirt! 1 as"" such administrator In.tjio Probate'cowrf HT* niythcvllle,- Arkansas'. ,AU.:pe«t6)ia hnvlug cliilms flgiilrist ^suld Yslsle are hereby notified to'flle'th'e^Rfc' vllh me, or w.'lli the 'cjcr£'onhe.. • i'robaUi' Couii within , thirty'-'days! from (Ills (Into, Duteil this WIH E. M. HqL'I', Administrator i ' By Virgil Greene; Attorney, ' ' MINOR SKIN IRRITATIONS MOROLINE ITIWHITE PETROUIIM JEUY" H She's a disease -carrying DEMON! Hi-lily Of WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE nlAMIPACTimiNG CO. I'luMiG aim A. few 'tons of D. P. L. No. 14 COTTONSEED and Ralsoy Soybean Seed H. C. KNAPPENBERGER Theme Sfilt JUST RECEIVED! 2 Carloads of 6 Foot GLIPPER COMBINES On Rubber — With Motor RED TOP GIN ,. Call 2142 or Write llox 7!)9 Quick! Out I bo KMT. Snvo yourself from th». I ill.! llml brlnus lnirinni>-cbilliiix mbcrliH of ; nmlnriu. Yi>si l ; lit kills Anopliclos, llio nialarift o, ns tjurcly na il mows tlownscomnldri ' I mosinntocs. So why lake n clinnca?.-.. Jlolp prolcct yottr family from tbis i wlngod . """•'BO , . , buy n big eupuly of Fill, tddtyl ' klllsfilei,! moths, bedbug« •hdrl''-'''?'!'*;. all mosqultoei. i , "t .4k^-,i),. . "SCiUAKF. I>K Al," No. 101CS3 • ^ •,,': : . J tiniualii Sluto • Olmniii Inn I'.lt'i, Senior nnar Pic. j: .; fj,, ll Araerlraii Cli:un]iln n, 1U12, Senior Boar Fig ! ' :•'',' All F Q R S A L E ; A few choice FALL BOARS sired by SQUARE , DEAL. Thick, smooth and well grown out, with , plenty of quality. - ,'iiL JOE t/CAGtiE'-v-^lr; S. Hwy. 61—Phono 3390—Rt. 2, Blytheyilir We Pay HIGHEST CASH PRICES For CLEAN USED CARS See Us Today! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. «3 Walnut at 5th I I I I I I I I I I I i i i I I I i i i i I I I i I'M SAVING WASTE PAPERS Z.1 23 »-; :.- All over tha country wives and sweethearts ar« collecting wast* paper. They understand that our fighting -pea desperately need thi* critical war material. They are making a weekly habit of taving ' old newspapers, box**, wrapping*. They ar« not burning or destroying waste paper — th«y nee sending it to mokt or wrap mor« than 700,000 different war articles used by our armies I>o your part along .with these patriotic women. Got your clubj, civic and ciurch group* behind thJj movemeat. Collect wast* pap«r—bundla ic—and turn it in . *. and help iho««Q the warl , u. s. VICTORY WAST! PAPER CAMPAIGN

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