The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1932
Page 2
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1932 fTTKK USE J!:n- Frees Ekron Farmer Mini Three Hours Deliberation. ''Vitli only n brief recess for an r ' ! i'i-ss of commemoration by Vir' Ji (irccfic 1 , (lean of the county bar. ''iminal court continued its steady i • rid (hroiif.h Annltl'c' Day. Tlie (wo v, p ceks term of court will end lute loiluv witli many far r s (o 1)0 carried over to the r.pviivr. term despite • a cons'.ant [ffo:i by .JneluR Neil Killo'igli to "leu-- thi' docket of as many cases ar. imsiljle. All defendants who male; bond have been trivrii trials. IKIV i been held in jail unable to Cbn'iire Hunch, chargr-d with .-- ,-•"!' to 1:111 F,. n. Rainbo was r'r-i;- r d bv a jury (his afternoon ,<-,,- ,., rr ,, ,!,,,,, |], r( , e ),„„,.•£ (|£ ,_ likereUon. The jury reported divided eight to four i;hcn it first rrlim:o:l !o Ihe courtroom but v.". :;T! b-v* f 0 y further delibera- lion inn! Cirri reported 10 ID two. T!-c re' auiltv verdict followed a •!-":l 'i.v.n !a[<-r. Bunch. the d-rfendant, narrowly canoed punishment for conlemot of court, iliis mornin? n-lien la advanced mi s. L. Gladish, prose(:• tnv. v.-hih the latter was making file s'Mc-'s (ma! argument. St:trl Toward Prosecutor Gladish was ncarin? the raid of !•'•• TiMinenl when he referred to c. shooting affair wliicli the court tod earlier orders! stricken entirely from the record. Bunch nrosc ftom his cliair and started for Gladis!) desnilc the sharp 'vamln» of..his attorney. W. Iron Smith, to sit down. Arch Lindsav. flepiily sheriff. rmllcd Bunch fiow'ti into iiis seat but the do- f^ndant made I another altcmpt to p'-l-ic wr>i-n Gladish made a fur- "icr remark about the incident. T.lndrev -nushed RuncK bac'< to ills seat nza'ui /end Judge Killou^h learned tbn defendant that fur- 'liM- rsnetition of Ills action would b'i'17 l)i))i in contemot of court. Bunch was 'on trial for attacking Rumbo. a sharccronper on his rliirc. with a lice when a, diffi- rnUv nror.-; between thn (\va 'whilt: 'hev were in a cotton field. Bnncli r-'nimcd sc-H-Oefense. cliargine that Rnmbo wa-: Ihc aggressor ['nnd was I'sinj his hoe. A \r-lial clash between Bnnc-h. rho . defendant, and ; PrAscciitor r-iridiiv-had occiirr"'! f.'hile riniicrf was \»\n" cross-examined. Gladioli Questioned Bunch ahout the r.hnntin- affair, askins him if ho w"-.-, nnt the mnn shot at a fill- In^ station mi Highway 18 Me one ••Hit iMid if Ihe lock on the fi'l- MI-T ff.Ttior was not broken nt the tipin he was shot. Diinrh replied that lv< \viv; the mnn shot and nccused Gladish of refusing , to allow -him to testify l:ffft r f the grand .inn 1 nbotil t}ie slinf'iii". He intimated th?t Glnd- ish "v-hile-washed" tl-,-\ affair for Hie. Iv.'icfit of a Mr. Evans. Hose- land postmaster, who fircrt the "Cast Poor, Play Was Worse," Critic's Hcport on Campaign .BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • WASHINGTON. - If political writers performed llic function at'i crnmallc critics tlicj- would iv.w b.-l epcitlij,,' ih? close of |>crhaj« t!:?' -unrest season which It ha:l ever, t-'ceii their inlsfcrtm:? to cover. | Trose. in ihc audience arc likely i lo agree, There nrs always dissent-! «s. of coitrsp. fcr.t most of (he vet-i firs who think tile 1932 campion- was perfectly swell are "tther 1 friends and relative.'! of the actor.;' 01 became orslnllc on the t-r^inrl' 'hat the villlaln ijot it in tr; nr-L-Js M the last ens-tain foil. Briefly— Not, more (han on? of the fo;p principal characters could bo described even as "iitojuule" by luiy imaginative slrcteh. Th? supporting cast was weak. Tlis fctiinij wa< so built as to emlon- tlir «-::ol« cpn with a <li-ab and fniile aspect. Tiic lines. f or n, c ,,, osl ', )art were dull and uninspiring. An'l an t:iiprei'cdei)ie: number of spectators beanie so suspicions of tin pre«n t tendency cf tills form o: art tr.nt they wanted to t?ar -lawr f^e theater and biiila 1 a new OIK on different lines. •> » ' » I'erhaps no two presidential candidates r-ver entered a campaign th .such a !ovv stun total of personal popularity. Anyoii- who 5 a» tliciii chosen for their parts at Chicago early last summer will near Ito very low- ebb of ent)nisia.-m which prevailed. And it can liardly t? said thai either ever die! much to correct irr eneral impression. The last days of the campaign found one candidate weaviln about the stage rather desperately mumbling dire threats that th- roof would fall in if the audience didn't stop giving the ether mal- lead the applause. And ths othe; candidate was playing the p.irt ol Insull, Jr. Silent .•=i;ot nm! bourn! oi-er to the iiuv l>v the mnnicijial court. The 'invnsfination anparently ended in '.he irrand iun- room. Al the time of the preliminary bearing iu nnmiciral court for Kvans. nimeh testified tbot he^ wns shot while walking toward! Evans IIOUST ali-T Iiis car had run j out of gas near the Rosebnc! I postmaster's iservicn station. Slier- j iff W. W. Shiver and a deputy f-i:nr! (wo half hiirnerl sliol R"n .c'ioiis in .1 dove in Evans' .lioi).^. On motion of Bunch's counsel Judire Kil!oii"h ordered all cvi- dcnr« of the rfiootinff affair stricken from (lie record. Later when nhullsrTs rcninrfc^ in his closing ai-mmiint brouihl on the disturbance .'the court again ordered all refcreii'.-' lo the affair stricken. Slissruri Vouth Freed John undcrslall. Missouri youth. '••_ freed on an instructed verdict nf not Riiilty when the stale fail"•I to make nut a casn against him. He -,vas rhareed with grand lar- fu" tn the Ilieft of ,Mrs. W. M. T^vliir's car from Ihe streets of this city. The car was recovered After pnnarstion for IrisI of W. "- "Rcmnv 74oy" Westbrook on o fclonv charee of selling liquor had stalled nn agreement ' reached betwcin the prosecutor and W. Leon Smith, defense counsel. dosinn th= cases. By the. coin- promise W.-slbrook agreed to pay •si fr*.v illegal posscssicn of liquor for the purpose lof sale, the fol- cnv charirc being reduced to mis- elcnvttnor Mains. Another rellin? charee against the man was nolle pressed. Fettltmcnts on payment of costs and suspension of fines, nolle p;osscd c.V"fi and affirmations of lower court appeals v:ere ,'pushed through swiftly this afternoon as 1'ie final hour of the term ncarcd. Todnv marks the final nppoarance "f GIndish In the role of nrose- cutor. Denver Dudley of Jones- toro taking over tl'e office in January. the handsome, smiling ):ero. just high-hatting t!tt other c.iiid!diU3 nnd displaying no other ;'sp:c:r.t prowess. As for Ihe vice presidential cn:i- dldntes, no campaign ever produced a more pathetic pair. C!:arlie Curtis vein campaigning and apparently lie never gel Iiis name In print excepl In the local newspapers of the (Own in which he happened to be appearing Jack Gnrner. the smarter of tl-.e two. got iiiuc^i more publicity IK- cause so many folks UicughL ho was oven more ot n llaljillly to his party thnn Curtis ani b:c:iMs? Jack carefully laid his pinn? ^o thai tlirfe might te 11 tthlo and lii- rloiis dLscmsion as to just wlnl liad become of him.' Trim, jack miKle one speech nnd issiivd a slalcmenl now and then, hut Ihe Democrats were farced to answer' the nllncks upon him wllh (be d 1 - fiatit query: -Will, wlioi aboir Crr- ILs?" • • • Posterity, fortunately, will have a hii;i;er oiilnion of this camp:i![?n Ihnn it really deserves. Posterity, •.rill I 1 ? spared Ilia cxpir'.znce of listening lo the final speeches anil thus cnn never realiz; just hnw ba; they really were. Posterity, living; in a more en- l.glitoncd age, probably »-i!l Kluss to believe that any t'raup ol candidates and supporting speakers :ia-J (lie nerve to assail 120.000.000 people with the lyp; of caniDiiun to whicli we have' llsleneil this fall. Bui despite the liopjs ot Iho?: who decided lo h;lp swell the "protest vote," the same typ» of show- may be repealed in years lo come. The old-fashioned polilicians of both major parlies, it s^ems. are like the Bourbons — \\-iio never :cemed to be able to learn anything. or lo forget anything. BILL HILL II BIG GUI TH dohl-i'lccl Roosevelt, and both he and Sctiiitor Jos T. noWnson lisvc received from the -!'^ dint he- ii>nni\is ire pro- (Continued from Pnijo'onc) suit in the liilins of the rccolver- -'•lil|>> nml l!:f ending of 'their jobs, ' ave Ignored tile mutter. .Mr. acott, he said, hns disrassMl '•I'.; matter p:-rsonully wilh 1'iesl- IUI li'ft Thursday inoinlnr; for Seyppt'l f<r u visit with ivliillvos. II. N. Om>u of Sleel", Mo., wa= " Usilar heie Thmsday. Mi. nut! Mrs. Karl Mar- .,1 Blytlicvllle weie visitors lieri; \Vcd- nesdav. FIVE KILLED IN E Three-Year .-Old 'Child Among Victims of Accident Near Nashville. NASHVILLE.'Nov.- 11 (UP)—Five persons Including a three-year-olcJ child were killed last, niglit when Iheir plnnc crashed in Ihicli woods near Kempvllle, Tenn., 75 miles east of here. The rairsc of the crash has not. been"' ascertained Joseph H. Hirt r>f Fort Lnndsr- dale, FIs., the pilot, v.-ni amon llhose killed. - Others killed were j his wife and' their guest. Mrs. Elizabeth Hunter cf Henry, ill., i and her two children, three and ' fife years old. Mrs. Huiucr and her children had come from their home :il j Henry, 111., to visit the llirts and jcincd !hem un an air trip to ' Fort Lanricrtlale. The plnnc fell 1 in the \vocds oil n steep hillside j afcut, ICO yards from Bean Hill read. The crash was reported hy several fannois living in the Kempvllle coiiiniii."!ty. The flv; todies were at thi ! Kemj)ville Funeral parlors. Huffman News r.ot* of Compiny Wren tho Royal Family cf Ens- Uiv-i travels on trains, afcsnt 4C iv.en accompany it. Thess incltidr t«n mechanical and technical ox- ports who arc ready to repair th' train in case it breaks down. Tlie • Chinese land covers one ciuarter of Asia, from Ihc Paml 1 mountains to the Pacific and frorr E.tcrln to .India, ; 3d: from Europe a.tcr aiding lib iiitl-.;r. indicted former milili2s ;zr.r, in his Irjlit to escape extrn- dillon fr;m Athens, fiamuel insnll. Jr., is shown ;:s he awaited ciis- c.i.3 iii.sjwi.lioii on his arrival in :.c-v. Ycrl:. Annoyed by reporters' -ucsticns, 1-.15U1I refused to ilhcuss :iis father's alfairs or hopes (or !C|!on of the vast utility interests tire latter headed until .heir collapse. He denied, liow- .ver. he had \isited his fallier while in Athens. Holland lias ,n queer tax en all Clirisliau names nfler the First. ! Nfrs. Mac Ash'.sy of HornbccX, ; Tenn., was the gucsl of Mrs. U. | H. Williamson the past week-end. Mesdames Smith Brackin, Ena liay. Fannie Moore and Miss Marj ie Ray called en Mcsdnmcs Jim } Erackin nnd Karl Mnrr of Uly| Ihevilie Monday. Miss Velma Ixjflin who h:xs been in schoo! in Kncxville. Tenn., returned lo her home lirrc Moni day. j Mr. and Mrs. Hului ; and daughters returned here frcin Seyppel Tuesday. . Miss IxKiise Chandler is ' ing .1 feu- days with Mrs. I. A. Harrison. Little Miss Rcna Nance of Ons- i-.cll Is the guest or her aunt, Mrs. A. L. Bearers. Mi.-s Piggy Holmes \vas the giics'. of Mrs. Emma I'cery Wedncsdr.-, night. Mr. and Mrs. Union Holmes and ! danghlers I'cggy and Billie Jcau , I'uhils to llrnollts Ar'o]il!o» cf (he Cilcnil-Smltli .'I-'. Mr. Krhiu (lee!:ir«l, will m e :U i II"' eonoMilc Milvulloii of Hie |iior( Arkniisas-souilisast Mis- jsoini d.'lin urea. Ucduclion by 75 I Iji'v v.'iit uf tin- driilini?:' lux Inir- . i'.c mid, would enable farin- and hind ownm lo p:iy llicli- Y t:i\vs IIIKI inortsns? obli^i- . «onld keep inin'lons of dol- 'ni's n! home for local Inulc- nn ' <l«'i'lo|iineti» and wmild n,,, tw-aiuiK mm cultivation of hind >:<>»• lylii" jdlo. M^-issi]i]ii county's lin "ill at prw/.'iii is nbo,,, $|,ooo.(X)0 :i >'<';»'. II (lib could b( , 1( , ( |,i C(1(i by 5/30.WO. or even | >V $ 5 ot),oOa n your, "I ivuiilil iibvlunsly work n ittmvn- f'n-.i:. iiniii-oviMin-ni In (he finiinclnl coiidittan O f the inn- owners wllo PAGE THREE • (he bill ami ot Hie county ns ' • UOSTON (UP)_I>si)lto Ihc depression, ino miimifiiclurlng com- piniles have Marled Ijiisltiiw: In Nii'ln'ixillhm lUslon this yn\i. nc- lo it dnamuci' ol Coin survey. AT THE FIRST SNEEZE uu . EEL Gillette BLUE BLADE • You will like the way ihe "BLUE BLADE" feels as you glide it across your face. 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