The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 4, 1934
Page 3
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- PAG !' PAGE FIVE: Volume of Building Repair and Improvement Work Far Above Last Year. Like a vast machine, the nft- uoii-wlde property repair and modernization program'..of the federal Homing Adriilnistrallon is -- from relief rolls ,is winter advance. 1 ;. uliitlons gowning HIP Inng-rnnirft lm-ffi (it Liic Notional Hoiisliip |-. ns embodied tn Titles' II anil III, has fn)- from mr-bnt n IP.OT<I- "kit: of activity Iti th<- field of inO(!ernl?!illoii anil repair. Tim acl/pr-rmiU ]onillni> Institutions to make tared loan's throng limit nil jof hi>xt year for (his work, ami if Is not expretod Dint tlm penk will )>? reached until well into Sludy New Plan- Ac the same Ume, however, home owners find prospective home owners arc aivinij study to the liomo mortgage Insurance program a( Hie Administration, which o|. I rprs '"Wcccdoiilod bciicflls In home financing methods and fit "" rc llre "™? «x»-™W» S the pay rolls .. . . . .The effect of the Administrations concerted drive on the laK- !fng construction and allied industries is convlncincly rencctcd •n statistics reported by community campaign organti-nllonr; in the Worth, South. East and West and try: Shrcvepoi-t, La., reports' that, o! •1 total of $1,959,811.33 pledged by properly oiwicis for repairs, $1,831,434 already has been invested in 3,627 jobs—93.4 percent, of the «ork pledged being carried out. In Springfield, Mass., construction circles took note of the sale irlnec of capable Journeymen finflsnifii in ]>rnclically every rrofl. .lobs nie Itf'lng hr-ld up •nusr of lack of labor. Remad- U' Jolis nie evident nl every .•trctioi) of ihe city. JMirlnj: ihe last two weeks of pclobf-r the number of ImiiEs I« Nebinskn making modernization Innns jumped from 22 lo 00. Building permits Issued exclusively for nUcvallons nnd te- P.-UI-X in Cleveland during October gained 230 percent over Ihe corresponding month a y'cnr ni;o. New York's enlii for a similar period wns 104 )>erec))l. These arc hut. a few of the hundreds of report* that jxnir Into Washington headquarters from the field, fiut they are typical of ae- munidrs where campaigns are im- livity In most cf thi> 4,000 coili- <ler v.'.iy. To date, more than 10,- tOO nnnncial Ihstifutlons, hnvlng resources in CXCK-; nl $30,000,000,006. Have. accepted liisumnce con- IrncLs of the Fr-dcriil Housing Administration. lacked im hv «•• . "r *" antl " m C "' C1M look note of the s imbtel bv ?,„ i° 8U , rCS , as "l ) - y ° ne lnmbf f C(mc " n of «" « ^intisii/.. «r lu Labor i tire carload of .storm windows f 3111USIICS 01 [hn rlFil\TrlT>in«l ntH,.,,,,!.,. ..:-. t . .. .' 5lau , Caustics h , o swm wil « l the Department nt trucks were kept busy Hie Vf , '•iil'mt of )o hours each iielIvcriii B repairs, ;iltcnl-|the sashes — '* "t-j,.iit.i, ; tion-s and Improvements to real -state in 488 cities during October limped 42 per cent In dollar vol- .imo over the. total for the same •™B of work in Octo'ljer, 1Q13. The ij'lele Bgnees were $10/i22C20 "'•'.Qber Hits year, as against .'10 during the same month year ago. The .September fig- re. 1 ;, recording effects of the first month of Federal Housing Administration activity, had shown i gain of 50 per cent over, the :orre.sponding period o,' 1333, Eiiiploymeiit. was given 2,.TOf> pel-sons In Oklahoma City by a total of $14G,OOo worth nf repair work In that city up to the first of November. From St. Charles, Minn., comes Rejuvenating Old Home Before- IflflLES USEFUL . ..,,— v, wi| *_iuin uUUJlfc Ulll builders have been busy all fall and two contractors already hnvt more ivork lined up . now thm they can vnlsh next year." Craftsmen Neeiled The vice 'president of a Sacramento, calif., bank is iiiforinpi Anno^mWofnteanrtreg- Ih.t ^"^"Tn that"d™a Give your wife a Christmas pres- 1§[ ent which''.will'please .all members '% of the family. Have the home made comfortable by the installation of an Arcola, or overhauling of the old one •and convert .the bathroom into a modern one with new fixtures. Work started now may be com- j& pleted by Christmas and you have 1 a years to pay. ' ^ > "PETE" The Plumber : . ;Phone 103 109 N. First ' Cook the;Clean Electric Way with WESTIN6HOUSE AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC RANGE A New Vogue in Kitchen Beauty Come In—See this New Range Today Tune in Tonight with a WESTWGHOOSE. World- Wide RADIO Now you'can bring the world into your living room—wifh a WcsHii"- liouse Radio. Stations across the seas, programs right — police ealli, ani'iilctir .signals, airplane broarlcasis. $22.95 Ul' S BB THE NEW WESTINGHOUSE APPUANCKK AND INDIRECT LAMPS j Walpoie Electric Shop Also Help to Give Desirable "Lived In" Appearance. Too often n Jiving room does not look as lhnii('h' it were lived in. One of the most effective ways lo correct this appearance, is hy the use of little- lables. Have a table beside the arm chair so magazines nnd cigarettes will be wlthfn reach. Have a little coffee tabln near the davenport; pen- Die sHtirijf (here will find it convenient. A table near the. bookshelves b a joy, ton, because it makes it possible to examine a heavy hook without having to hold it. A nest of decorative ta'- hles or .wvcral tilt-top tables aid the homo maker who entertains frequently, for these. Ubles arc so Ifeht they can be moved about easily and save guests the discomfort of balancing refreshment"; on their laps. In one rather small living room decorator put seven tables—a alclw table, a coffee table, a osdcslal table, and a nest of four brilliant, red Chinese lacquer tables. All of the tables were arranged so that they sven-ed a definite pnrpo.^ The gateleg table held a jamp and several books beside an. arm chair; Ihe coffee table was. in front of the davenport; the pedestal table with a bowl of flowers on it stood beside a Windsor chair; and the nest of tables was placed against the wall in front,.of an -Oriental hanging. A, common mfetake made In liv-' Ins rooms is ,to have a great niun- twr of smoking islands. Seldom are they beautiful, aiid the atmosphere they ate.apt to create is more in keeping, with a hotel waiting room than a charming room in. a . private home. A little table with an interesting cigarette I'o.v nnd nsh tray on it fa much morn distinctive and a welcome sight even to those who do not smoke. Today you can find perfectly • rascinatinj! things lo use 'or ash trays—little vases of Mexican pottery, old or nc\v pewter Dorrinsers. deep dishes from Italy., crystal cylinders, alabaster bowls—all of which are dccora- ive as well as useful and do not cost anj- more than ugly ash containers. Fireplace mantels constitute another living room problem. The common mistake is to put so many articles on the mantel that It gives :he room a museum or messy appearance, because the fireplace Is about the first thing that catches the eye. The rule of three articles, one in the center nnd one near each end of the mantel, is .he safest lo follow. ' other less simple groupings consist of five or seven articles. A particular arrangement tha thus been greatly admired consists ol an old map hung above the mantel, a ship model placed at the center of the shelf, with a Chinese tea jar on either side. In selecting dworn- ions for your mantel it is better o choose umisunl objects, as commonplace things do not deserve >ucli display. Strange as it may seem, some >cop!i; never have a fire in their fireplaces and the bricks arc as spotless as when (hey v.-ere bid. t is impossible to have a livable room and a spotless fireplace of bricks. If you don't wont 0 have an open fire at least Jlackc-n the bricks at the back of lie fireplace with slove polish so hat the room won't have a stiff, mixerl atmosphere. Perhaps It Is even more impor- iit lo tell what not to put in a com, for the worst offense of n oom i.s to look orcr-crontlcd. n « lire that you have enough clear pace in the room lo alien- for raffic and to display every piece of. furniture lo advanta°e Now slillnu, an enclosed porch nnd a liuic architectural trealmoiK made the rcinnrkabli! change in appearance shown In die home pictured above. Improvements of this type, liifhidhiu tho plnnllnr, ure eligible for financing \vllh funds borrowed from private flnanchi institutions co-operatlnsj with the Federal Houslii 8 Administration Repair Approaches to Home to Guard Health and Safety Winter conditions demand that j-water will not accumulate under it home owners give attention now lo If the drainage Is good, the con- -UlflPtfnllrc* nntVir- <-t«.nr t .•,,.„•*, «».*• -__i_ _ . ° . ' >.uvj , paths, steps, terraces, and similar approaches to their houses. Besides the comfort and convenience afforded by properly conditioned walks, there Is added protection against falls wiiicn might result in serious injury. Lack of good, level, clean walks iko means muddied, ruined slices, wet feet, often followed'by'colds nnd jmenmonia. In addition, walks repaired now will minimize brettk- jiig and buckling due to water eel- ling under'the walks or in ' the' racks, (hen freezing and expand-' In laying a concrete walk, drainage should be m-ovitol so that I Comfort'- Home Owners .Now May Do Something About Weather Besides Talk. Tvv.enly-foiir years ago Mark Twain made his famous remark Hint the weather was the most discussed subject in the world, but nobody ever did anything nboul ft. His words are still true today, us tar as outside weather soc.s. but there has been nUcmpls, and very successful ones, to control tcm- IKntturo indoors. Perhnps the most Important cret« mny ba poured directly 0:1 the ground, although In better construction the practice Is to lay a base of about C inches of cinders or gravel. This Is covered with 3'.d to 4 Indies'of mixed aggregate concrete, over .which Is poured three-quarters of tm Inch to nil liich of fine abrogate concrete. ; Wrxxl forms usually are used ' obtain straight sidts nnd lo keep dirt out ol Hie' concrete. They urc placed so that the edges., of l,he boards mark the surface of ;he walk and arc used as guides ill leveling. The surface of the walk should be 1 about'2 Inches above the adjoining soil. ixs in science .making for added comfort sn<| health is the eicat' increase in. air-condltioiilng nia- chiiies, and'automatic fuel-feeding devices. With anywhere from ?0 lo M.per cent. 1 of fuel bills being wasted on'heat and cold passing through walls of the average liouse, insulation is , advisable n' keep the opera ling cost of th Etiin'pmenl down. The Heating ,uiil Ventilating .Engineers Guide lls'ts as one of (be effective of iJ Insulators, rnck or mlncrnl wool. By having 'this material blown Into the wall sixicc of your home the savings in fuel mny balance the initial cost afler two or three years. Converting Waste Space Inexpensive Home owners who have often MA B.iy Wlnabw space and comfort can b« Increased In your dining room or ».hirt g r ° 0f " by blllldln g °" a bay ftinaow. Be sure when thta Is done ; it * pafe around tlle window cauiKed properly. Etorniers in .ic rooms also h«l p the appearance of a house after the day's work; is essential to the .nreservati&n of one's efficiency and ability to carry on. In the home of evwiingK notliiiifi- will add 'more (o your pleasure than one of our High Back Upholstered Rockers or Lounge Chairs and Ol Ionian Christmas- for dear old Dad, with one of these unusual value* will add to his pleasure, comfort and efficiency. CHARLES S. LEMONS Household FURNITURE Moderately Priced Product iorj Credit Associations May Now Finance Improvements. More limn 000 nddllloim! wwrc- s or bans for repnlrlng, alterlnc nd ImproviiiB fiuiii home.? hnvo ten made avallnblo by the frill Ji'cdlr Administration.- Rules and filiations have been announced I'lK-reby funds' for this puljxiso i-o'now avnllnblo Iliroimh Production Credit As.soclallons. located In Viirloii.'i iKirts of Ihe country. KIlKlblit for unnriinty under (lie •edeir.l 1 lousing Aibnhil.slrntlon ip to 'in percent, ol Hie. principal, lie loans arc restricted solely to iiid borrowers need not be owners of Credit Association Class n HUJIIC liuprovcnient loans on liiBlel dwelllnt;.s may run from ICO lo $2,000, for a period of one 'car but, nmy be extended to 18 tionlh.s, When loans lire obtained or u iicrlud longer thmi n year, lie borrower must repay in unr-! lal payments at least one-half of' ' mite wlllilp- n months. I MIIS made by the nssoclntlons vlll boar (i per cent Interest,, plus I ilhcr hio< oluu'go.v, , Production Credit Ar.soclatlovis also imike loans for general repair,' alteration unO improvement or silas, lianir, and other farm equip, mnnl, provided suoli loans iin- for ae'iSeiiltural purpase.s. loans are. not eligible for guarantee under the provisions of the Federal Housing Ad/nlnlslmllnii, however, and pros|wctlve borrowers, under the present, regulations, musl purchase association stock . In nu amount of $5 for each $100 w- fraction thereof obtained. At the. unminl meetings of the local associations of the • Federal Credit Administration next Jan- nnry, stockholtiers of the various gvoups will determine whether loans will be mndo to fnnnere 'who arc not also borrowers from the associations for genera agricultural purposes. Improve (Sar^sp t)nni' How tlinl. fili'lil wlnlor ni P lit linml, ln.spnri Hi,-, u- if your uarnge doom,- 'I'hfre n rcnl romfort In Iji'lng able lo op ( ,>n and rinse i)>i> donis without k-nv"- iiiif jour i>nr, nml ndaehmMi!" which nie uimple, practlcKI, ami' lelnilvely lne.v,/en'ilv.» Iwve (IITII lierfecled fov ihis VALUE to/w.ffj. ATWATER KENT RADIO Tlw Atwalrr Kent Kadjo iMufltiMfril H ihcnewe»t|irixluctuf wood* dill jwj »ilj Iwjvuudtuovin./ltui yitu'iv no»r ill S« il—hear it your. Wiuiiou KOHKlff'N SHORT WAVK .,,J Anwtitin BKOAD- CAST model. . Thec'ibtnei In Ixau- 'liful work In hard CAVITT RADIO GO. Kxotiisiv«> Afwfitei'-Kout 1'linno J>;i;i flloncoe Hold Clifford Cavil t, iMgr. felt the need for another room on the top floor, ,or in the basement, but who have thought the expense might be loo high have discovered under the Federal Housing Program 1 that- converting- \\mle space means spending very Jiuie money. Most of'this waste space K ready I to be cliiirigcrt'inlb n livable' room i with only'; a-few additions. -The space Is (herb; |hc heat is being supplied, taxes -arc being paid, ; llio foundation -for ''walls and floor is ' wafting." ' ' ..... On the top.floor a room can serve'. IT,multitude of purpose. 1 ;—a eucst room, a playroom, a den for fatherl .In'tiic cellar, a "rumpus" mom cor' dancing, ping pong.' aiul a .hundred and one oilier diversions/ • ' A SIGN OF THE NEW DEAL A New "MULE-HIDE" ROOF "••• --. . . , ,. Can Be Financed ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 ./^ even Reasons for NESCO'S Popularity HERE ii a modern kerosene Move that rooting and llicn go .iboul your IronscliolJ or outdoir chores! Vfi, wonitn who arc using ibc moilmi Ncsco do ihii. Tl»y ili« nioarrn Nevo n 3 iafc Move. Full Porcelain with 3 Cilnnl nniiiers and C-.1A 2 Slandnrd Burners 5"l'V. Seml-1'ortelain with 2 Giant Burners and 1 SlJindard Hiirners ...; $39.75 S*mi-Porcclaln with 'All Standnrci limners ........... ......' Liberal jMlowawn On Vou r Old Stove •NESCO Kerosene Stoves fxRanoV "With Ihe Blue Gas Contact Flame" HUBBARD HARDWARE CO.

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