The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1944
Page 4
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PAGEFOUB IHEVILLE COUBIBS N1WB ittqf corona mm oo. .!,, B-,W. HAOTB, PubUdMT /;.' -8AMUKL F. NORRI8. Editor 'M1EH A. QATKN8, AdrertlUDi )Uuc« Wltewr Oo, N»w York. Attuu. Mempfcli, D»- Brtry Afternoon Cxoept 8uodV extend M *eooBd cltn nutter at th» - 00m at BlythevlUe, ArUnjai, under Mt ol CXm- iftober. I, l«7. Serred by (be Doited Pro* *• - SUBSCRIPTION RATES < J By carter In the city ol BlythevlU», »• P«* VMk, or 85c per month. By m»l), within a radius of 40 mils, MM per year, 1300 for six mojittu, 11.00 (or three month*; by'mall outside 60 mile tone (10.00 per rear payable to advance. Tovvard Simpler Taxation the politicians fondly refer to as the i voice of the people was 'very audible in thai 358-to-O vole for the simplified- tax bill in the House the other day It was the first unanimous vote on a tax measure in the oldest inhabitant's mcmoiv. Everybody from the rockboimd Wist of the Union :League Club to the sunny slopes of Hogan's Alley wanted , .simplification. They howled for it, and they got it So now everybody ought to be happy, with the possible exception of the editorial writers iind cartoonists, who will have to find some other subject for comment and caricature in Hie week preceding March 15, 1945. By that date, if the bill passes the Senate in its present form, the harried tax computer will have departed, to the number of soiiie 30 millions. The maze ohassortcd .nets ami grosses, Uio skip- p(BiT"4ow»L,lp figuve the Victory tax ajjd!.tt,ipph1g ;,back to the surtax table — 3Jll"his' brain-racking business will be }a' memory. The Treasury will be doiitj; tthe arithmetic for most of us. , | There are one or two clouds iii this irosy picture, however. The reason is •i that' the tax laws remain, fundamentally (unch'nnged. The basis of previous complications is still there ; the complica- .H^ns^hatfe simply been waived. Whether | thpy '_arc permanently eliminated will Jjirpjiably^rmve to wait upon the results jrk-''thelnew standard-deduction feature. 4 This feature gives most taxpayers Jan average deduction of 10 per cent '[(but not over $500) for contributions, |taxes, interest, and other deductions fallowed at present. II scorns unlikely' Hhat'a majority of taxpayers with in,' combs' subject to withholding could fclaini that much deduction under the .'current law. But they will all take the jcrcdit under the new one. ; If;;a, person actually faces a loss >' under this standard-deduction setup, he has. '.the option of filling out a form, listing his deductions and claiming up to ^5 per cent of his adjusted gross income, which is generally gross incomes less 'business expenses. Most citizens would doubtless choose to fill out,* a return lather than pay money for? the sake of simplicity. .•All this may cost the Treasury a coiisideiable sum of money. And if if, cloe.8, we may be filling out tax forms aga'in. . . What might be simpler and fairer would be a lower lax rate with all but business-expense deductions eliminated. . But in" the meantime, let us be thankful -for the not inconsiderable favor of the present simplification. And let's hope it lasts. , • The gangsters .with whom we nre at war arc no freaks of nature. They were the kind ot people *ho sooner or Inter were likely l o Bpncar ,„ the .economic disorders of our time, and if we are; to protect ourselves against the appearance of other gangsters we have e ot to get rid of the Possible Dilemma • The British government'may be facing another Dilemma, similar lo the Anjrlo-Kusslan disagreement on Polish recognition, in the newly formed Hungarian Council headed by Count Michael Karolyi. Except for the council of German officers in Moscow, this is the only organized-group of Axis or Axis-satilitc nationals'working for the Allied cause in an Allied capital. It is likely that the Hungarian Council may be able to aid Britain with its program for overthrowing the present puppet government and encouraging the underground in local resistance, sabotage and co-operation with Marshal Tito's partisans and other anti-Nazi forces near Hungary. Hut the council will need Britain's help. And in giving the help Britain will doubtless be .strengthening the ties of Central Europe with Russia which the British government is balking in Poland's case and only belatedly ;recognized in Yugoslavia. Count Karolyi was the first president of the Hungarian republic in 1!)10. A member of a famous, wealthy family, he curly espoused Karl Marx's doctrines, fought capitalism; in the hist war he also sought to break with Germany, negotiate a separate peace; some .years later he was expelled from Italy for circulating Communist propaganda. And Speaking of Taxes We arc intrigued .by the story of the man in New York whose stale return showed that he owed no lax, and who scut (.he state income tax bureau Ji money order for $00.00. Trying to fathom his reasoning, wo luivc discarded timidity, practical joking und relief, and have concluded that here is a man of patriotism and impeccable civic conscience trying to express his regret that, in this year of decision, he has but one life to give to his country and $00.00 to his stale treasury. SO THEY SAY Ambassador Lord Halifax Every :jew |)llol tlilnks lie Is g oi »B In be killed on his first, mlsfjion. But ntlcr the first lour or five missions U\cy gel over Hull.—Lleul.-Cbl. ,Jolm P. Hcacbry, U8 missions; iji i Pnclfic. » » • II must be realized thnl while 11 Is compura- Ihcly easy to semi 11 soldier liomc It l.s miicli more difdcult to return him licrc.—Ltcnt. Gen. Robert C. Itlchnrdson, ccnlral Pacific comninnd- cr. V • » Our iioHlicnl dtetniilnrllics with Russia need not lie the sotirco of friction If we seek uutl find the many practical ways in which we can work lo n common end,.—Gov. Thomas E. Dcwcy ot New York. : • • • We liavc cxlchiled Hie life of OPA for another year. H mriy even contlmic after the war —but Congress IIRS (lie (lower to eiid it the-dny peace Is signed,if 11sees fit,—Sen. Alben Bnrklcy ot Kentucky. • • f ••.••«. I Uopc the Aiucriean people rcmciDbcr Hint Joe Goeubels Is in business for his own health —not theirs, When it's really the works, you can be sure the Allied coiunmnd In London will announce it shortly alter it licslns.-OWI Director Elmer Davis. • • • Ertiicnllon loo often U jilacud on n prodiiclfon line basis. Textbook learning alone does not qullc equip a boy properly to meet Ihe comnlicalioiis of modern life-FBI Director J. Edgnr Hoover • « » The chnractertstlc mood of Ihe returned soldier is one of bitterness, resentment and disillusionment. The veteran knows he Has been sacritlccrt in the naiionnl interest and that the notion will never ,cl,,n, to him whal it has taken from liim,-Sociology Prof. W nia,<| Wn ,, cr of Barnard College. >ut Boarding House with Major Hoople Out Our Way FAMYADAJti rL~r. f ~^ t ..i,,._ CS " : n i i J BLYTIIEVILLB/,;(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS \\c got n Idler from Dad, ant! lie's,Jjecu promoted'to sergeant—guess they're through kidding around wiiji those Germuns!" • - THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson. IN THE UNITED STATES THE CULTIVATION! OF ONE ACRE OF CORN REPRESENTS ' ONLY ABOUF IN CHINA, IT REPRESENTS ABOur U FIRE A FURNACE YOU PUT IT TO WORK," fs TOM PRICE . BELLES of OLD ITALY PUT 6EUAOONNA IN THEIR. EYES TO MAKE THEM AUURIN6... HENCE THE PLANT'S NAME, WHICH MEANS NEXT: Is a. iilppbpolanjus helpless In Holly wood BY ERSKINE JOHNSON NKA Staff Correspondent Exclusively yours: 'Ilio film censor ban on sweaters ran cause interesting complications.' Take, for Instance, Betty wearing sweater Kutton. Hatty, and slacks, was having wimlrobe fillings of .... coslimies slic'lt wenr in "Here Comes the WAVES." A cameraman was present to show Uic clllfcr- ence between ,Ijii Hutlon In a sweater and in uniform. There was no difficulty about Betty's sweater. !)ut when she donned the WAVE uniform It was Immediately apnar- cnt that, no censor would pass 'Die pictures. Studio stylist Edith Head did n quick re-modeling job of- ilie Gl de-sign lo keep Mr. Hays happy. Comedian Lou Costcllo's dreams of an overseas cutertnhiincnt tour never will Inatcrialia;. Doctors have warned he'd just be courting a recurrence ot the dreaded rheumatic fever. * • • There's a weighing machine outside the Warner studio cafe which .bears a sign. "Read your weight and also gel a picture of a screen star. The other day Ann Sheridan _ni'oppcd In a penny and received n By J. R Williams OJT' IM FROW AS THA-SS \\jHv7TE FOLD UP-—- 60TISOTA TRILL .PRESSES * ^ ALL.ALIKE AJW'T LCOK FU,VMV TO 5EF5 A MACHINE "WlO ZOMBIES COULD STUMBLE ACROSS GEORGE THEM He EXPIRED BOY HAS TO DO - A TAX1K CORP5 ItJ TK' NEK' RACE AUNT DtoSV, ' SHE'S 15 TO 1 LIKE A MOVIM M*. CHIME SHOP, THE. INDOOR GENERAL photo of, tier ex-husbnnd. George Brehll Couple of days after Veronica Lak c paid that $50 fine for speeding, the locnl police 'department asked her if s;ic would be a guest star on Ihe department's radic show, warring against traffic violators. Veronica said she would— for. $50. The police department promised to cull her back, but never did. A MIKSKNT FOB ASTA Just to prove there's no Jealousy, BUI Powell's pet dachsunrt sent a present" :lif5J Powell's canine pal of the the •'ThTn Man" scries. Asta. It was the- book, "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn." Talking' ijboul a certain magician friend, Spade Cooley said: "His best trick is disappearing when the dinner check coinrs." Promised and hojiccl for: Susan Hayward as the film heroine of 'Dark Waters." Fln.t Top mountain, on which Carole Lombard was killed, is now owned by Ohct Latick of the Linn and Abncr -'. team, it's' part of n 153,000-acre ranch he just purchased near Las Vegas. Judy Garland, set for a straight dramatic role in her nest movie. •The Clock," is worried about the reaction lo her appearing In a nonmusical film. "Maybe," she says, . lo , , the title to . 'Without a Song' and then the public will know what they're getting Mrs. Tyrone Power- Aunabella— will be starred in "Father Chopin" Ihe first French talking picture ever produced in Canada. Teresa Wrights first, picture nf- shc has her bab.v will be "Si- monc." a novel which will be the Literary Guild's selection for Aug- "•st. .,,, There was h to pay when a [;* producer looked at the rushes of a ;^1| new . movie. Seems the sound department had slipped »|, („ a scene where an actress hits an actor 'over (he head with a chair. Wnlled Ihe producer about the Inadequate noise: "This isn't a B picture. 1 want an expensive sound." Joun Blourlcll's little daughter noticed a gray hair amongst mama* tresses the olher day. "Mama." she said, "can I pull out your Imtlng thread?" AVrt--\vlth the new 30 per cent FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1944 The Watch on the Rhine tax on dine and dance checks, Vivian Marshall thinks lhat no matter where you sit in a night' club, you lace the music. TWO WILL HE THREE Virginia Field and Paul Douglas', recently rumored divorcing, have made a date with the stork. The tendon of Achilles, located in " • can resist, a strain ol 1000 pounds without breaking. BPTICHL STORE Let Us Help SAVE YOUR EYBS1 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 OLIVER I-'AHM EQUH'MRNT Sulcs and Service HARRISON AUTO PARTS CO. 517 W. Ash Phone 2552 Sare 50% On . TRUSSES . Steel and Elastic S T E W A R T' S Drag Stare Main & Lake »Phone 2822 Have Pan & Refrigerator Motors Cleaned For Summer. New Location 116 N 1st J. T. (Charlie) Stalcup Phone 2993 or 2598 If, jo« wint lo i U , Bond* SELL CS TOE FURNITURE *OU ARE NOT USINQ lor uuhl Also liberal (ride-In •U.WMC* for ol* furniture'ML new. Alrin Hardy Farn. G>. Ml E. Miln ebon, tin CLOCKS REPAIRED Electric or Stem Wind. Work Guaranteed. A. B. F 0 R D At Put O'Bry»nt'> Jewelry Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn Across from High Schwil J. LOUIS CHERRY Representing NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. lilylhevUle, Ark. .Mra. DALTON C. FOWLSTON, B.A., M.SM, ORGANIST and TEACHER PIANO - ORGAN and VOICE Former New York Organist & Teache Writ •/ , ™_ Por Appointment Write MrVFowlston U 01 ChlcKmwb, or Phcn. Spring and Summer T U N £ - U P Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Get All-round Better Performance! T-1. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler De»!er Pwli & Service 121 W. Ajh Phone Z122 DRS. NIES-& HIES OSTfOPAJHfC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main BlytheTille, Ark. Phone 2921 Copyright, 194*. NBA Service, Inc. THELADY HEIRESS XVII COURTRIGHT came hurrying toward Ihcm. "Tallyho, kids," she called, waving. Link chuckled. "Tallyho yourself," he said. "Norma and I have just decided that- Captain Azaraski is the lox." "Nonsense," said Couvlrighl. "Azaraski is just a kind Japanese gentleman who is joy-riding us around the countryside. He says so himself." "And snakes liare wings," Link added. | "All right, all right." Courl- .right put one arm around A'orma's iwaist and the other around Link. '"All right, I'll slop pretending. I'm scared, too." ; "Nonsense," said Link, under :thc impression she \i-<is fooling, i Courlrighl said, "Do not banlcr ;a frightened old lady, kids." f Link eyed her sharply. }{Q d c _ :cided she was frightened, too. I'flie discovery didn't do the pit of his stomach any good. "By •golly," he said. ' "You mean it!" I Cominght's fingers bit jnto 'Link's arm dr.imalicnlly. "[ sur e do. But let's not give them Ihe satisfaction of seeing us ;ict frightened. Let's not stand here in [plain sight talking about it. Let's ,have sonic tea, and discuss it over our cups." ! They had lea in the corner ot a small veranda where the matting curtains rolled up and permitted a view of many flowers 'and green hills and volcanic mountains. The little innkeeper, the one who was a walking collodion of wrinkles, went away to bring them tea and cakes. * * * "T.TOW long have you been j •*••*• alarmed, Courlvighl?" Link iaskcd. '. "Longer than yoii thin!;. I j tl sl ikept buttoned up," Courtrifiht said. "Have you and Norma dug up any ideas about it?" • Link shook his head. "We were combing my past, I discovered. Hut there didn't seem to be anything." Link was keeping one eye on the door, watching for the old Jap to return. "Next," lie said, "I thought we'd comb Norma's past." "There's nothing there," Norma said. Courtright said, "Don't jump at conclusions, Norma. The weasel in this woodpile may be under any stick." "PssU" Link warned. "Prune face." The innkeeper came in bearing an enormous tray of tea things, and took his time in arranging everything, the lillle cups, pots, the tiny charcoal brazier for making the water hot. "That will be all," Courlriglit told him impaliently, "Arigato." The old Jap showed them most ot his teeth as if he thought they were wonderful people, and vanished again. "Broken Arrow," Norma said. "Broken Arrow, in Oklahoma, is where I was born. It is my mother's home town, and she went back there to have me, back home to grandmother's. When I was a year old, she returned to Japan with me. My father had remained in Japan while f was being born. Father stayed in Japan while my brother was born, loo. I have one brother, older." "Her father," interrupted Courl- right, "was too busy getting rich lo be bothered about a litlle thing like the advent of a new daughter." "Courtright, don't give Link the wrong idea about Dad," Norma said. "1 know you liked him.'* Her voice gentle, Courlright said, "Child, I loved him all my life. Your father was number six in a family of 14 children. Naturally lie wouldn't think another baby was a world-shaking event. Tell Link where you went' to school." "Very fine schools," Norma informed Link. "In New York and Connecticut, mostly." ; "Business schools, at papa's suggestion," said Courtright. A shade of annoyance entered Norma's lone. "Well,-that was sensible." "Eminently." Courlright turned to Link. "She was going to be as rich as Solomon's daughter. So naturally she should learn business management." "Moneybags, eh?" Link said : suspiciously. , * * * . Q UICKLY, as if a bank account" might be a hereditary disease or something, Norma explained, "Oh, but not any more. The Japs seized everything." "Didn't you say you were a Chinese citizen?" Link asked. ! 'lfow come?" "I did that on the advice of our lawyers," Norma explained, "it was part of the fighl we were making to keep Ihe Japs from getting our Chinese holdings legally. They were supposed lo respect the properly rights of the citizens of puppet China, "It worked for a while. Put on Dec. 7, the day of Pearl Harbor, 1 was arrested and I have been in jail since." "Since Dec. 7!" Link said indignantly. "What's wrong with American diplomats, letting you stay in jail that long!" "The diplomats were in jail themselves, weren't they?" "What," asked Link sourly, "about the million guys in love with you? There must have been that many." Norma smiled at him. "There wasn't any important man in mv life." . "You mean, just al Ihe lime?" asked Link, prying with much interest. "N'o one really serious, at any time," she said. "Actually." Courtright said, "She isn't fooling. But the chances she's had!" Link had.a blue gloomy moment. He was having a silly emotion. He was bitterly jealous of the guys who had been Ihe chances. (To Be Continued) ,*• •i I

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