The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1932
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bit the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OV NOHTIIKA HI- Am^va.TrTi.rx o^.^VJTo-,,...itl^.^* • * "* *. " » *—< VOL. XXIX—NO. 203 Hlylheville Daily News. Hlytlii-villu Courier. .Mississippi Valley Lender. Blythfvlllr Herald. NEWSPAPER 0* NORTIIKA KT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI W.YTHKVIU,B, ARKANSAS, HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS-: EH II SEEN Jimmy Walker Of I lo Europe With Actress ABOARD Tin; s. :-;. co>nv GRANDE, Ncv. 1! lUl'j—Ja:iu-.i ... J - Wiilkcv, New York's OIK.-.' .;u';- Let/il ll'/.nhOll al bliorl SeS- tacul -»' mayor, his political career »«• i , »,». i n •) definitely ended, w;:s in strict s?- SiOIl Mljitlt Make Special IclLskm aboard slnp toilu/ n. ri.ut- Tax SessionUnnecessaryj'K ^M"""""^ "cl-'M w™™. NO, „. ,„„_!!£ r^ie^ ™ £ <.>> UK Vclstead Act to,, f the s< 4 m . ,„,.,,., s , poriinil- s ? Ie or br.-r •«; urjcJ t-aay ! Wa'.ker was on "(ml on cliarccs or ns the first measure to bo 'jonsid-1 utidal misconduct, a-cil wlrai congress meets in. DT-- u ln(! ,,,,„ b ,. ou ,, lt ,.,„, cumber by Representative MeUuf-] received S7.5CC from" cue of i:,<- Ii2 lit.i ff! of Alabama, one of the leading ex-may r's 'acc'iiM-i K l:oiu-3 Democrats and a can-Mat; explained it wns "for a' for lie spt-akc-rship to .succeed Vies President-elect Garmr. CARRY ON! WASHINGTON. NOV. 11 <UP)—. The Democratic drive to ler.ili/e l;ter this winter was intensified today will) arguments that sucli action might make a special sts- ;:itn of can3ress in the spring tin- also waii tr.-.tilicei Misr. received approUr.iately stocks and other scciiri l;el". h : in from sourc-.'S close I-i Walker. The formar mayor into hiditiK even before Hie shij: sailed yesterday and not a sight of lilm could be had uy reporters who Li- ricged his suite. After r;;\i!i!i-'. the United I'ress sent a note to the suite and it was returned with a note "I am not the man yoii wain." Several cabins were reserved in ! necessary. Some Democratic congressmen advanced (he view that legalization of beer at lhc regular December, srssion, in addition to quickly fLdflllinj the party's cam- j Walked" name. Miss Coi.mton was paifcn pledge, would bring in i accompanied by her mother .Mrs enough revenue to cbvio.te large i Flcra compton. a, friend, Mrs filial 1 scroll' MS b ' J * S1H ' C "i' is L ™5 - anrt M's 5 Mcd "'o Oein- Wel leaders estimated that beer would bring the treasury up toj $500,000,000 :i year in new revenue. They contended this income, together with even a moderate >ip- lurn in business, which would increase the yield of the present taxes, would balance the budget. Drys, on the other hand, estimated the yield of beer tax at as low an $50,000,000. Chicajo Getting Ready CHICAGO, Nov. 11 (UP)—Beer \\fs; the wcrd of the hour in Chi- •'cagb-today as officials and business interests rushed preparations for possible modification of 'the prohibition law. Aldermen visioned the city's financial crisis being drowned in schooners of the amber beverage. Brewery slocks spurted on the local exchange. Sudden interest developed in barley on the Chicago board of trade. Foreign brewery' interests negotiated for Chicago plants and gangsters prepared to fight for their trade by entering the legalized beer field, but prohibition agents announced their determination to crntinue efforts to enforce Ihe law despite reduction in their forces' due to federal economies. Mayer Anlon Ccrmak assured Chicago brewers that as far as he is concerned they need not wail for the repeal of. the stale search and seizure act. Police, lie said, would not. interfere with the beer industry. .DEfrMCENEI Negro as Slayer of Sheriff llrlp nf IV nlythevlllr -ill CoimnC'ir.' in rnlshu; liindi \n liniinci! the work nf Ur Mul:i:i: Drulmi'.K' ii.":ni-iutlon In bi-.'siK the r,li'nn-;;mHli bill lor t:ix rellff wns nromlsnl of : 1 :;!!! niiiii, Ilul.i'il WliH- Ul). :.;o;.:-d Un i nrniliv; win n Olla-<'i-:, luvi! Uimlmy im.l A. O. c:ti-|iy IicJ'il Wave: Sweeps Inland I'ollowiiig Storm, Clo.inv in« Heavy -Toll CAMAOUKY. Cl:b:i, Nov. 11. <III')— The kiiovi'ii hurricane dead in CajiKi!(ii:y province n?arc:l l.W loduy wllh us many or more injured, according to rjporU to El Caiinsinyuno, leading nowspaiwr hire. Document Will Be Made Public Following Re- i turn of President Hoover ! _ i WASHINGTON. Nov. 11 (UP)— Secretary of State Stimson revealed tcday that he had received a note from Great Britain regarding adjustment of war debls IN PUf! TO JUSTICES TO ES b ,,,,,,i, 5 HujuMmem 01 war aeD:s iv; i i rr • an and had forwarded it to Presi-' Would Lliminate many dent Hcover in California, for his I P ,. ., n t „ F vn pn/-lrtiv(v; considevation. j L, o u n t y txnencuiiies The text of the note will be I and Reduce Othei'S. Stocks and Cotton I Continue to Advance NEW YORK. Nov. U (UP) -•• Stocks continued their advance today. In fairly activu lurn over prices rose one Jo more than ft<e points nnd he'Ki 'tn'nst ol the -giifii lo the finish. This second day of recovery following a drop the day after election brought the list to the highest levels since the. first week of made pifbllc simultaneously by the 1 British and American governments' within a short time, Stimson said. Meanwhile the secretary refused to discuss the note in any way. He said that neither the French cr Italian governments had yet addressed lhc state department 'on Ihe subject of debts. France and Ilaly, like Britain, have debt installments due De?ember lo. Will Decrease Crime JONESBOHO. Ark., Nov. II. (UP) —The return of beer will decrease I he present crime wave in the country in the opinion or W. o. Craig, president of the Arkansas Peace Officers association. "I believe the return of beer will uccroas; the crime wave an:! freez: cut petty bootlegger;," Craig, who is chief cf police here, said today. "We migru as well quit kidding oiir- sslws about, the return of beer, but when it do^s come back it should be .supervised by the government o*r by the bett2r class of people." Swedish Opera Star Honoreil STOCKHOLM. (UP)-Mme. C-oia I.iun^berg, Swedish s!ar of the Metropolitan Opera, in New York, !"r.-, teen decorated by King Gus- la f of Sweden with the L:t-:ris e! Artibus Medal. » is understood the text of the British note will be revealed soon ftcr President Hoover returns here lext Tuesday. Stimson declined to say whether copy of the note had been .sent ) President-elect Roosevelt. PARIS. Nov. 11 (UP)—France ollcwing Great Britain's lead, will sk for n pcstnoncment of the De- ember 15 debt payments to the United Slates if postponement is ;ranted to Berlin. Afler a meeting at the foreign ifTice today Finance Minister L-uis' -iermain Martin declined to make "in official announcement of th<Drench course. November First Ginning Figure Is 118,228 Bales Mississippi county ginned 118.228 runnin-? bales of lint cotton from the 1932 crop prior to November J. il was announced today by C. A. Danehower of Luxora census bureau statistical agent for this county. This compares with 00.491 bales ginned lo the same dale last. year. The ginning figure, Mr. Danehower said, indicates a total Mississippi county crop of between 160.000 and 175.000 bnles, the flna figure depending largely on weather conditions from this dale to completion of the harvest. In nny case the sc-cond larges crcp in the history of the counts k virtually assured. Esccptln' only last year's record breakln crop of more than 200,000 bale the largest previous Mississlpp comity crop was 157,000 hale*, Members of the quorum c:url. who will meet at Oscecin next Menday morning to make appropriations for the conduct of Mississippi county's affairs through tlie y;->r 1933, have received letters from K. E. bee Wilson, (he comity's largest property owner. ur?in<* that "^v- penses of this county be reducer! very materially" or "we will certainly lose our property." The letter sets fort? I:i detail nearly all items of county expenditure. Attached to the letter h a detailed statement of county expenditures for 1931. and in connection Participation' of Secretary Hurley Resented by American Legion Group ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, Arlington. Vs., Nov. 11. ; (UP)—Tr.c while marble ir.mb of n ! Ihe unknown soldier was dedicated today in n solemn Armistice Day I, ~~~~ ~~.. i ceremony held within hearing ol HoOVCr Participates in jtho rolling drums and shrill fifes of Bends reached Iheir best i: since late October. Cclton rose n dollar n bale held most ef the rise. . A • .• •rirmlSUCe 1 1 ho American Legion i;os: trr.t was coiiflncting l!s own services In pro• | lest nt the presence cf Secretary of PALO ALTO. Cal.. Nov. 11 (UP) | War Hurley wllliin lhc nmphllhc- —-I'resldcnt Ho-.ver. looking n:-, alrc. frcsl'cd and in 'fntx\ spirits, par-i A hundred'men, most M llicm in llcSpntcd in Armistice Day cere-j the uniform or the fife and drum monies in front of his home to- ] corps of (he Victory pest of t-iic L:- dny. •• glen, marched to Ihe tomb, tut rc- The occasion, arranged In his] fused to participate in the dedication services. While Hurley was speaking 2P honrr. drew scores of persons v:hn nsEcmbled en the roadway and on the slope of San Jimn hill to see . men arose al one minute intervals the president before he leaves on. and left the amphitheatre. They with almost every item is a demand , his return trip lo Washington lo- moved e|iiiclly nnd without dlstnrb- "' " ' " ing Ihe ceremony. They rrfL-;c<l to that it be materially r::uce;l or night, eliminated altogether. i then do your best at quorum c:>urL." i Economy PrOfrmm I Mr. Wilson's requests incluue: I Elimination of wiilic nnd negro' s Extend Freight . identify themselves, but one said. - "I'm net Interested In anything Hurley says." Kates On Cotton Seed Tne sound of drums and flte- echoed over (he Virginia hills ,vhll-- a message from President Hoove/ ICiiiicliiii'iit nf the Olcnn-Smllh bill, Mr. ri-iiint (lei-lnreil. would uuikc pcsslbln a rcdui'lion of SO lo 7. r > ])?r I'l'iit In (liiilnii^e nnd lev.-. 1 I a KM. Tim bill iircivldi'.s for the ri'l\n,inc- inj! of dralt-age rlistrlct Dbli'jiiiini^ 1 ' by '10-yc:u' !;tiverninciil loans nl ;t j per cent- inioivsl. l-'or th^ llrsi Im- I years Ihu dtslrlcls would pay nn In| Icresl or principal, Uiu.s cnab»:iK t lhc dlslrhls nnd Ihclr taxiiaye-r.s lo I KCl on Ihclr feet financially. For Ihe second five years the dlslrlcli would p;ty only accrued and cur- I rent After Ihal Ihe loan would bi- jiiild olf In thlrly annual itislallmcnts. x 75 Per Cent Tux C'ui The bill provides. Mr. Prlnnt- explained. Hint (he current market vnlue of drnliiiigft dlslrlcl tends hu | taken inlo coiisidcrnllon In eirecl- Ing iclllcmenls wllli Ihe holders of Ihesc bonds. He expressed lhc opinion that In vlow of the greatly depreciated value ol thisc bands II would be possible to settle wllh Ih lolders at 00 cents on lliu dollar, on the average, thus cutting Ilic dlslrlct cbllanllons in half. The 3 icr cc-nt Interest rate nnd lhc prcndhiB of payments over 40 ; vould reduce the annual charges nolher SO per cent, thus enabling 25 cents to carry the drainage c'is- rict debt lond that has required $1 n annum revenue In lhc past. While prospects for the adoption of Ihe measure are excellent, Mr. ? rianl said. Us Importance lo Ilic 'armer.'; and landowners of the drainage areas Is such Hint- notli- should l>3 left lo chance. T? nnkc an ndeniinlc presc-nliitlein !:e c.isc for the bill, lis said, may 'cqulrc as much o.s $25,000, air^ th; Drainage association (eels Ihat thl; Mich should be available. The money, he sold, will b; used chiefly Ir pay the expenses of •.•:lti'.:sF.e3 froir all parts of the country who may needed at congressioniil hearings on the measure. In the past nclivltle. 1 ; of the Nn- licnnl Drainage nssociation have been financed chidly by Ihe dr.tln- tge dl'itrlels llienisr-lv".?. Now. however, 111051 of tiiric are In retrrlvor- and are no lniv;r M; lMr nnd Itjv.'iinl curann I.nki', Ihe nt'i'ro was repoited lo si try nl (he WrincllllCU Of tllL' ncxro's wile cciuld 31:1111111.11 here. Accorillnx lo , she (Jld niriclnl:i her hus- Extension of frrijbt rale? on cct- .,,,,, , '. Son seed to permit'shipments to a wn -' ret "' ( o U* a.Kwmbly and wh!!i -igricultui-al and home demon.lra- dlslancc of 2M m . ;lM nl lh(v lrv> . Hurley was cellvcrinj Ihe princlpa. HANOVER, Kan. (UP)_ Jim Tj r . an constructed a burclar alarm for h ls dr i:ir store. Thieves not only took every movable thing m he store, but also disconnected the alarm and carted it nway. Stock Price* A- T. nnd T. .~ ........ m M Anaconda Copper ....... n 3.3 Auburn ................ 49 Caterpillar Tractor . . .'.' 8 7-8 Chrysler ............... ]7 Cities -(Service ........... 33-4 Coca Cola ............. | 91 Continental Bakin» . 514 General Elcclrlc .... ' is I-R General Motors ..... 15 j 8 Montgomery Ward . New York Cenlral . Packard ....... Radio ............ ','_ Simmons Beds I ____ '. Standard of N. j. Texas Co ....... U. 5. Steel ...... .'.'.' 14 1-4 26 3-4 3 0 7-8 9 3-4 32 1-2 15 1-2 39 3-8 NEW YORK, Nov. U (TJP)- , Cotton closed firm.. t.on agents. rates available only for dls- address. Elimination of cn= deputy In J^sc^ ,75 mite or te to bc^ ' Commander Raymond Bur.:, o' comity clerks office. approved. H. T Cuh>, conun-rcfal thc vlctor >' I> :st K!llcl res;nlment Elimination of white and negro a ^ m fw ^ cot^n Belt raUr-iil, nmong veterans at Hurley's part Ir ichool supervisors. Reduction cf county highway engineer's salary lo S125 p?r month ind restriction of his expense allowance to S25 a month. Cut of 25 per cent in pay of court reporters. Reduction of county auditor's salary to $150 per month. Elimination of expense allowance to county assessor. Reduction of allowance for care and feeding of county poor lo 35 or 40 cents n day. Rcductlcn of county's share of county superintendent's salary lo $50 per month and elimination of expense allowance. Reduction of department of education clerk's salary to $75 a month. Restriction of the sheriff to fcur lo!d the Courier N"ws today tnc eviction of the bonus army last The rate extension will k-- -lf«c- MlmmC1 ' caiis-=rl Ihe pretest, "We nr: live November 12 on Inlra-sltit' not ECin '->' imUIc wlllls Secretary shipments: nnd November 17 on n- • H!lrl «>' Is speaking cr nfl?r,var:l.' ter-state shipments i Burkc sni(l " W3 wl1 ' cnntluct cur The change, Mr. Gulp said will! Ow " ceremony at the tomb of the ive ginners a wide- market for j Lllk »°'™ soldier." give wrd, buy territory. and will enable oil mills to eJ frcm a more extensive I Nfr. Hcovcr's inesj?<;c. senl Iron I Palo AUo, expressed t'e [rratitud of tlv; nation for Ihe "glorious that nothing could be done rcprd- Ing many of them b:cause the Ciiio- rum court has no authorily lo with- eepullcs at $123 a monlh all:! a sle- j-.old or reduce salaries or all:v;- roeranhpr nt S75 n month- limits- n «— * .-_-, n..^., ,... ,v,« ..-.- rographer al $75 a month: limits lion of sheriff's car expense tD $125 s month; elimination of various other items of sheriff's expanse. In regard to t'.:e county health unit there Is the notation: "I am in favor of Health Unit, but expenses should be hold down all possible." There is also alimenting the vnulli who pive their llv.'s to de- TRENTCN. Neb. ii;Pi-Cn;-'n!n i rcn '- our hcrltarr of lllrrty." Roberls of Ihe Trciucn high I school foo'.ball le:'.m ran 102 y.irds 1 UrgR Rev/ Or!e3.R5 Man kickm'or'trlrrirsrgame "of'Thc for Secretary of War NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 11 (UP) — The ndvisory committee of the nn- l!onal rivers and hnrbcrs con- vrcss in session here today started a move lo urge the appointment of Jamr-s M. Thompson. New Orlerns nr-wrpapcr publisher, a sr^retery of v.-ar. Rcpretenlalive Frank R. Reid a notation corn- record of W. W. Dec . Jan . Mar May Jul :. Oct' Holllpcter, county treasurer, in 636 643 647 661 672 G87 H ]flj Low Close turning In to Ihe county $3,828 from the fees of Ills office over ani r.bavc the actual exi>enscs and $5.000 salary to himself. Ontside Court's Authority Questioned concerning Mr. Wilson's recommendnlions. County Judge Zal B. Harrison pointed out 660 666 676 687 637 111 628 634 644 654 C64 678 57 664 673 6S5 693 710 Spols closde at 670, up 25, qnict. nnccs that are fixed by the stnc legislature or by other tad:?;. Pu' of county engineer, courl rcpor'.ers, county department of c.ucaticn em- ployes, and sheriff's emnhvos. h not subject to action of the quorum court, he said. Mr. Harrison said that with ons or two exceptions where cstr.i em- ployes were approved by the cosmty taxnayers a>social!on all counts' <1v pdrlments are now operaiin? within lhc limits fixed by law. t.'.a' Ml- arlrs not fixed by l?.w Inve b?:n reduced as far as seems compatible with adequate service lo the public, and Ihat In his judgm?nl there- Is lltllc ixxviibility of furllicr f.iv- ings without action by U'.c lalure. . Pepubllcan, Illinois, chairman o Ihe flocd conlrol co:i)mlltec i: -IITPSJ: air! Colonel l!obe-rt nan dolph cf Ch'.cag,-, presIrieiU of ti'.! Mississippi Valley assorla'ion. botl fiionsoretl the appoiulment o Tlirmpscn. of Camtijuey end Santa Clnni provinces where un- ctficlal er.llmntca place the death' Hi,i rrmn i.ooc 10 i.aoo. Tlia Injured worn csllmatcd at mere than I.OCO. Nutu; of the r.sllin:itc» were officially conflnn- buml had killed i,cvcnil ne"rf,cs | (xl lts Communication \vas frag-- uid iihiidu-'d n slii-rirr .'vcklnu i " lcn ' nl ' y nilrt '"«"y by r:>.c!lr>. Us nm-,1 ii[--ri;i,. Ui t .y jnovi-d' (••! '" ! - lov '' 11 of Smln Cr(l " del Ul.'!slra!i)ni ((unity linin near IMue I El "' v;us lolKl| y 'tolroynil by a 'llutl tc-vtiT.l inninh. 1 , ni;o. '1'he uomiu Kill] oiriccrii .she dceldt'd lo tell of lhc killhiBu utter 'hrrntrnud ycslcrdny. v.all cf water 10 feet ov more Isl-jh v.hlch nidvcd in from the sea In I ho path of the hurricane, Burying houses, men, women, children nnd animals In Its rush tof [icr.lnicllon. Bodies wsrc ccntter- cd 11 considerable distance Inland and hundreds were rcporlcd rals- i~, presumably swept to ce-a. Ihelr nssocbllrin due.-:. Support c' drainage cILslrlel iraidlrjid.'rs hii^ occn allentitrd hy the provision In the bill for s:lilcm.-ni an th-j basis of the dcprcclald vnlu: ol (he bone's, so the nssoclaticn Is forced to look for'help rrom ti'.c landowners, who will be Ihe principal bencllclarijs ol the measure's a-.IcpMo:i. He suggested thai clrainajo district landowners be asked lo contribule G cents per acre, and it 15 probably on this basis that the chamber or commerce will seek contributions. Oullnnk Favoralilc Mr. Frbnl based his confidence that t;-.c mensinv won!;! win -:arly ac'option en (lie unanimous favorable vote given it by the present .^n- atc. the stroiu support which i! mustered In the present house, where it falKxi of adoption onH througn the c;ji>oi!tion c-I Prc3ld?m Hoover nn<I cichninl.s'.ialien leaders and lhc symin'.lic-tic Interest s;;own In the meeturc by Prcsidcnl-;lecl Roo;cvcll. In the regular order of business the measure will con 1 -' be-fore the approaching short session of t::c old congress l.Ue In December or early In January, ff it pisses, as seems likely. i:s ta'.-o will dcpeml on Prssldenl Heaver W!ID. Mi 1 . Frlan; sal^. has shown some indications of mollifying his early opposition to it If it falls lo pa.v>, cr If President Hoover vetoes il. luiopllon must wait lhc first rrsslon of Ihe newh ckcled congress. Mr. Frbnt gave liberal praise In Clifton II. scoit. receiver for Drain age District. 17. who he said iia. given unsparingly of time and effort in behalf of the measure. His interest, he said, Is all the nolablc because he is Ihe onlv federal receiver of a drainage district Democrats Will Have 306 Representatives and 59 Members' of Senate. NKW YORK,' NOC. ii (UP) — A check-up on Ihe political storm which swcnl the coimliy Tuesday vhowed thnl lhc Democrats ap- :arcnlly returned complete- house dele-nations from '23 states and not •ne- cr more stats In 45 ritnlcs lu iniiiss n belter lh:in two-thirds majority in the 1933 house ol representatives. nemoernls will have 59 scats in he new sennle. le-n more than :h e iiinjorily. This transfer ol :cr.!jreB5lonnl prjwer which began n 1530 In Ihe nff-ycar election I: ilmcst unprecerlcntrd in Its ompha.- ic repudiation rl n p3llticnl parly. Returns which In mosl instances inlcl not bo overcome by scattered missing ] winds showed hat Iho Demncrnts will have bgO ^(e;: In lhc new ho;:se, the Rc- :ul;llcnns 12-1 nnd Fnrmcr-Lal:or Ivu. All Fnrmrr-Labor roprcscnta- IVPS are rrom Minnesota. Republicans In the senate will >ivo 3G seals and Farmer-Labor one. Close In Coiorailn DENVER. Colo.. Nov. II. (UP) — The le.-id of Karl Schiiyter. D3iw;r Republican, over Walter Walker Grand Junction Dcmccral, for the Colorado vacancy senntorship carrying voting ccnlrol of th: sonata it the !«ime Duck session was whittled tcday to 30S votes. T.-.e absentee ballots of approximately C.OOC voters and the count in six unro I>or(cd precincts will c'ecldc lhc wln- cr. Unltetl Press re-checks of tho vote of 1,543 of the stale's 1,549 precinct gave Schuylcr 201.313 and Walks- 201.008. Senalc anc Dcmccrats arc tied with 47 vote! each, giving the tnlanco of power to Senator Henry Shlpstoad. Farm or-I/iber. of Mlnncsjla. until t;-.t Colorado culcome is dccleled. Five-Lesgcd Calf Bnrn STANFORD. MOD!. (UP) — A five-legged oalt war, born on [hi ranch of Clarence Schmltt rccjnt „. „ „ „ 'y. Two weeks old, It was said to'who has worked in bc-haif cf th: T.-.wn Is Wiped Out CAMAQUEY, Cuba, Nov. 11 (UP) -Wcunded, deslllule refugees •oured into Cainngucy today from he lown, of S?.n!a Cnii: del Sur,- ibhteraled by a hurricane and Idrtl wave with ' a less of life. inoHlclaHy" esllniEtcd as high as ,000,' vvllh as many or mere-Inu:-d. ' .. *.•- .-_.-. ..j",.t, : -, The lov; lying coastnl lw:i\ with" Is fragile wooden houses .was nl r.05t literally swept off the-map" ly n tldnl wave 20 feet high hat surged In from the sea In lie wake of Uic storm. Nol a house was left standing, .urvlvors said. Most of those killed were drowned and nearly all of Ihe remainder of tho popit- • atlon were injured. All municipal official'; were among those d;ad nil also all soldiers stationed here. . A complete accurate account ol he dcr.d may never be made. The survivors arrived here in • a pitiful state. Hundreds were pain- "ully injured nnd many died en •outc. Seme were almost naked and all were hungry, wet and miserable. Improvised hospitals were set up lere in four houses and every Jhyslclan In Ihe city worked, aided >y regular and volunteer nurses. Roosevelt Confined to Home With Siight Cold ALBANY, N. Y.. Nov. 11. (UP) — Presldenl-clc-cl Roosevelt, sufrcrlns from n slight cold today, cancelled plans for hh trip lo Hyde, Park tonight. Mrs. Roosevelt sM the jov;r would remain In bed nnd waul: rest most o fthe day. If his cold I. better by tomorrow he may proceed to his Hudson valloy home tc main until Mondny.nlght. MARTINEZ. Cal.(UP)—A chrys anllii'iiium of two colors, divided exactly In half, has r.:en producso In Hie garden of Mrs. Raymond Johnson. The flower is half bronze color and half yellow. E. H,' Plaxico, Yarbro, Dies Today at Age 78 Funeral services will be conduct- Hi from the family residence Saturday morniny. 10 o'clock, for -E. H. Plaxlco, "it. vno died at his home nt Ynrbro this mornlne. The Rev. J. H. Walters will ofticlate and burial will be made at Matfe Grove cemetery. The deceased,' who had lived at Yarbro for a number of years where he formerly farmed, is survived by Ihree daughters, Airs. Ophelia Grimes and Mrs. EShel ; Alfofd. of here, and Mrs. Alver-.,. toa Pirvla, of Corinth. Miss., and two sons, Tom Pla.xlco. of Blythc- vlllc, nnd Clifford Plaxsco, of Co.-- Inlh. The L. O. Mess Underlaklng company is in charge of r.rr.mse- mcnts. Maj-be Hc'H Do It Babe Ruth needs 43 hem; runs next year to realiz? his ambition of obtaining 700 circuit blows during his baseball career. Church Has 133rd Anniversary RICHMOND. Vn. (UP)—Trinity Methodist Church here recently celebrated Its 133rd anniversary wllh a general be in gco:i health nn:i normal In leg. rcsiMft other than tho extra bill. Others, ha said. renli?.lng, Its adoption would undoubtedly re- BRECKENRIDGR Minn. (UP) — The most expensive shot of (he rhossant hunlin? senson was fired by Anto Janu, he claimed lodny. Jami shot over the head of a WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair with continued cold. Frest and hmperaturcs -below freszinj tonight. Saturday fair. The minimum temperature last night wes 33 or one c",rigree above freezing, which was the coldest n!<rht;of the winter so far. The maximum temperature yesterday was 58 d.5gre« with the rain falling in the afternoon recorded «t .43 inches. Today a year n?o the minimum temperature was 52 de- (ConUnucd on Page 3) dead of heart failure, liorse at n bird. The horse dropped | grecs and the urmimum, 75 cfc- | grecs. cloudy.

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