The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY. 12,.1944'.'. BLYTJIEVILLE (ARK.) COUlUEll' N.RWS PAGE Divorce:Pleas Granted In 22 Suits Filed Here When 22 divorce decrees were granted- In recent sessions of Chnn- cery Court, general Indignities was the charge in 11 of Ihe suits, while desertion ranked a close second with 10 granted on these grounds. One suit charged three, years separation. Custody of the two children, a son, 10, and 12-year-old daughter, was granted to the.•plaintiff in Hie divorce suit, of Eslelle Hudson vs. . It. L. Hudson, when indignities mwore charged. In other suits granted on Ihe same grounds, custody of the cighl-ycariold daughter was granted to her father in the divorce suit of COT! Paul Pryov vs Virginia May Pryor. The five children, who ranged in ages (vein four years to 19 years, were nol Involved in the litigation of the divorce suit, of Helen Golnszewski vs Walter GolowewsM. Others wanted divorce decrees on grounds of indignities were; May Bell vs. M C. Bell: Nelson R. Barnes vs. Annie Mae Barnes: Arthur Gardener Jr.. vs. Indiana Roberts Gardner: Nettie Evans Champlhi vs, Eugene Oliamplin; George n.' Denrden vs Eva Deardcn; Magdalene Zena Richardson vs. Conrad L>. Richardson; Made M. Bunch vs. Rosle Bunch, tind Irene Voting vs. Marshall Jack Youne. Custody of the only son. was awarded tlif> plaintiff in the divorce decree granted Hester II, Jackson from Andrew Jackson when desertion svas charged. Other djvorcc suits granted on grounds of desertion-were Andrew Rusher vs. Kathreen Rusher; James Roddy vs. R I,. Roddy; DeWIlt T. Smith vs Mable Smith; Frances Hnrclcslj vs. William Frances Harclesly; Aaron v Lee Alexander vs. Frances Alexander; Sidney Page vs. •Lucy Smith Page; Carrie Grimmett-vs. W. A. Grimmett; Patricia Bernke Poc vs. LeRoy Poc. and George Brcoks vs. Dorothy Bvooks. Lloyd Wyntt was granted a divorce from Margaret Wyatl on grounds of three years separation. Five suits for divorces recently filed in chancery Court were: Alice Story vs.. John W. Story; William M. Davis vs. Christine Da- j^vls; Floyd Gosweck vs. Scssel W-A'eck; Mary Alice Jordon vs. George Jordan, and Aveu Hodges vs Cora Map Hodges. ' • ' Battle Trophy Prodded by nn American. soldier •grenadier is shown being hurried back from (Copyright, 10-14, uy NEA Service.) with - fl pistol, n dispirited paired advanced Allied Piano, Violin Students To Give Recital Sunday, Mrs. Edith Stephun will . i)r«v cut some of her plnno and- violin students in u recltiil Sunday afternoon, 4 o'clock, lit the high school auditorium. Pupils appealing on the pro- grain arc Hazel Hryce, Eldon Drycc, Doris Bean, lances I'ylnnd, Al- frudn Stovull. Ernestine French. Miin'lti Hryce, Pat Godwin. Nancy Pavl|aw. Dick WUttnms-, Marlon Bonn (iixl Dnrbiini Monnghan. Friends, of the students tire invited to attend (he affair, Mrs. Slcphmi announced today. Mother's Day (JiwtuiKs; tu Mrs. V.. I\ Slielllesii-orlli from her son In Italy: iHKMOKlKS ()!•' MO't'HKlt I feel your presence at. dawn each diiy Receiving the message your love does convey, And Hie message I lienr Is so loving mid kind Tlmt I long for the sight of Hint (Mother of mine. Throughout, the day imiljliu night you are there Guiding my footstep, with such Infinite cure Thai the burdens I curry seem light cr to bear, When I think of my Mother, who Is anxious to share The torture and pain, endured on the road to Rome, Defending my Mother, America and home, But Uic memories I'll remember 'til the end of my lime, Are memories of you,' Mother, (Icnr i*»- Shovel-Shower FT" ' position in (lie town of Carroceto. Italy. .The region was under ai'tlllei'j fire DS Sergt. Brummclt Echohawk sketched this scene, and tired capto; iml captive were glad to step along briskly. Drawings hy Sergcan Echohawk, who Is a lull-blooded Pawnee Indian, nre the lira slid • battle Impressions to be produced-by a front-line fighting /Make' Quinine in Laboratory' At the HoJpitaU Walla Hospital J, M. Aycb'ck. Bl,i2, c ity. Mia, Rnl|))i Wolf,' city. > tilllle Snrntler, Steelo, Mo. Mrs. 0. H. • Hester, r-iu.,1, city. Illjihi'vllle llos|illal Admllleil— .noin to Mr. and Mm. .Clan Wright, city, twin sons this morn li'K. Ulsmlwcil— J. II. Melcnlf. Mi'iWHils Hai'Usl Hospital Admitted— Tlio Hev. II. N. Un('i, Dyess. Mrs. M. K. Staudcmaycr, vlllc, Marilyn Jones, city. Mother of mine. J. B. S, Advertisement. Puerto Rico'Vet Makes Hit With Hillbilly Rookie Strip '£, 5* i (USMC photo from NEA) Tlinnks to the co-operation of a friendly steam shovel operator, First lit. Arthur S. Curler, USMC, of Los Angeles, enjoys a cooling, shower on Cape Gloucester, New Britain. By MILTON I., CAKB . 1 United Press • Staff Correspondent SAN JUAN, P. R. (UP)—Snuffy (Yartl-hlrd) SmIUi, tlic comic strip's one-man army from the hills of Tennessee, Jias n Latin comrade-In- arms among; Puerto Rican troops, \vhicli proves that "hillbillies" arc just as colorful in any language nnd that C.I lingo is an international dialect, The Spanish version of tile rawest rookie In the rear ranks Is n pint-size litlle fellow named Bar- g'aro—something like Mortimer In | English—who came down the mountains of Puerto Rico to see to it that (he MPs didn't, lack for something to do. He was created by En- vur Azizi. 29-year-old headw.iiter hi T San Juan night club, who holies someday to become the Walt Disney of Spanish Films. Enlisted in Brooklyn . Azizi, who enlisted in the Armj in 1040 during an extended visil to Brooklyn—lie still considers Flatbush liis home—got the idea for in's character while undergoing traiiVini, al Camp Standing, Pla. He was given a medical discharge two year: later and returned to Piierto Rico The first drawings of MaVgnrn wcrr made by Azizi while lie was confined to bed with illness. Even now, lie does all of his drawings in bert — between 3 a.m., ami 6 a.m., when Azizi the he.idwniler becomes Aziz 1 the cartoonist. In appearance and habits, "Margaro the Recruit" does not diflei gvcntly from the comic [jicturiza- tton of the. American liillbilly (or 'Jlbaro" as they say in Puerto Ricol. For example, when he : receives his induction notice he ii lying under a tree with the inseparable jug of whisky (rum in this case) at his side. Even his speech is a Spanish version of the dialect spoken in mountainous sections of the United States. Copies Sent Overseas Apparently, Azizi lias created ii Mnrgara a truc-to-lifc reproduc lion of the colorful Puerto Rican jibnro. A, collection of the cartqoa K'liich was nublfshcd in book Corn five months ago already, is in it. hird printing.. Azlzi estimates llml at least 5.QOO coiites have been scnl o 1 Puerto Rican troops servlnB overseas. ;Tlie • book Is -dedicated lo the Puerto Rican soldter and \iadlcu- arly to five of Azlzi's comrailes h ,lie 18Ui Infantry Ueglment, Ptfs' Division. One of the five has sjuce ueen killed In action: iMal-garo, according lo reports, ii ail overnight, lift with the Puiilio Rican soldiers, many of whom, like the comic character, are mountaineers. 'Although ,fhn captions imUirall] al-e written In Sjinnisli, Av.lzl hnsn 1 bothered 'to translate such armi terms as Guard House. KF anil MP "That is a language all Us own,' he explained. WAKNINtt OUDKIt , N THE CHANCERY COURT -OP. CHICKASAWDA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. lllas crew*. Plnlntllr, vs. No. 8489 Salnm Mtirtin .Crews, Defcjiiinnt. l''or tlie first time in hlslory, tiuininc, vlliil wartime ninlnvla remedy, luis been put together in llic Inboriilory \>y two 11-year-Mil American chemists, Dr. Robert 11. Woodward, left, above, of llnivnnl, and Dr. Willinm K. Doci'lne, of ColvimWa UniveisHy, working for Ihc Polaroid Corpovalioii nl Cambridge, Muss. Theli' font may point the way to devclopincni of n.bcUcr anli-ninlarlul thmi . . . , . .Miiininc itsc-lf. , COURTS In Munlclpnl C'ourt this wi>ek tin lollowtng plend (jiilHy lo chttrge. of liiimlntt nnd wero lined $5. Thcj WIT: Robert Crldor, Andrew llan vs. No. 1)510 Delta Mnc Lutes, ne. The defendant, Delhi Mae Lutes s hereby warned to npiienr ivlthh hilly days In tlio court mimed li lie caption hereof mid nnswer th ompliilnt uf the pliUnlllV, Artlm I. Llltl'S. Dnlcd this 20 dny of Jnnnary, 101 HAliVKY MOKK13, Clerk, Percy A. Wright, Ally, for 1'lf. - 1131-2J7-H-21 Tlin defendant Nnlma Crews Is hereby warned to appear wlllilii Ililrly day. 1 ; In llic court named In llic caption-hei'eof nnd answer Hie eoinplalnl of (lie iiliiln- tllf Sllns Crews. Dated tins'13 day of December, IIARVEV MOffRtS, Oierk' By Doris Mull', D. C, J. Qi'cilmin sudbiti'y, Ally, for f'ttf. O. W. liiirliam,' Ally 1 , ntl'm. 14-SI-J8-4 WAUNIN'G IN TUB 'CHANOEllY COUHT ' CIIIOICA'SAWUA DISTIllOT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AIl- MISSlSSlPl'I COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Arthur n. fAilcs, Plulntlfl, cr, Alvln McDanlel, RqMtt'^virdi- ' en, Olm Wright, Ralph Melton, C», .Ivlton,- Grady Leopard pt/iVa-^iiBt iolv Bishop aH ""•—'^ Nlncly pcr/ceiil oTthe uslncss In the United' via lelelyiiewrltcrs oourwr «e»« DANCE 1 i Thursday — Friday i— And Saturday NigKu 9:30 to'l O f Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission (>5e Incl, Tnx N 0 TI C E Notice is hereby given Hint Hi. undersigned" will within the linn fixed by Inw apply to the ConnniB sioner of Hevemies of the Stnte o Arknnsns for a permit to sell bee at i-etail ill 205 Main, Blythcyille Mississippi CoHnly. The undersigned slsilc? that he a citizen of Arkansas, of good rnora character, thai he has never bee convicted of a felony or other crlin involving moral turpitude; thnt no license to scl) beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; anrt thai the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this slate, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Edgar P. Boruin. Subscribed nud ssvorn lo before me this 12 day of May, 1044. Oscar Alexander (Sen!) .. Notary PuMic. My commission expires 3JH-W45. caused) CHECK ITCHING-BURNING Tlic anljsentio-slimiitaling ivay ivilli f:i- moan lilnck ami While'Ointment. Promotes liculmg, Uao only as directed. Over Jo jwra mrerosa. Bold in 10(, •!;<(, (.Of sizes. .Money-tack etinrantcc. I3f Cleanse daily with DIack uud White Skin Soap. THE OLD JUDGE SAYS... "Glad you dropped in, Judge, 1 was just trying to explain to Mary what you told us down at lodge last night...about al! the grain used lo distill war-alcohol not really being used up. She didn't realize it, either." "It's true, Mary. Wherever the government has permitted distillers to putchasG the equipment necessary to reprocess the used grain, at least 50% of the feed value (25% by weight) of the whole grain is being recovered and returned to farms like yours, in the form of premium-quality live- stock feed. Only the etarch is removed during distilling..,the part recovered is a highly-prized concentrate containing valuable proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The distilling industry really has taken a leading part in the development of new cattle and poultry feed products from reprocessed grain...products rich in vitamins BI and Bj,,. so essential to satisfactory growth and production, And the recovery of grain vvil! apply also to the making of whiskey when production is resumed.'^ Weep Ho More, My Lady! • , . i'i Dry. your pretty eyes and look at these £ beautiful Summer piece goods N 1 THIN WHITE SUMMER CREPE «9t vd SHIMMERING WHITE RAYON JERSEY. 13$ yd' BLACK & WHITE CHECKED TAFFETA 1 65 vd' DAINTILY FLOWERED PRINTED CREPE l'50 vd' BEAUTIFUL SUMMER SPUNS— COOL SUMMER FLOWERS 98c vd DELICATELY FLOWERED DIMITY ; 49c vd' SHEER VOILE 49c yd BEAUTIFUL BLUE BONNET BATISTE 35c vd' NAVY BLUE DOTTED SWISS: 49c yd! THIN RAYON CHAMBRAY, Dull Pastels . . . 69c yd. -Also- 361/2'Inch Extra Good Grade Brown Sheeting J4.1 In 10 yard pieces *'V yd. . 45 Inch White Broadcloth 49c yd. 36 Inch White Slub Broadcloth 49c yd. FINE QUALITY PACIFIC SHEETS 99X108 2.85 FINE QUALITY PACIFIC SHEETS 81X99 2.29 HEAUT1FUJ.' PEQUOT PILLOW CASES 42X36 50 Best Grade 42 inch Pillow Tubing ......... 49c yd. One Lot HATES Cotnhcd Percale Sheets 4.50 each One I,ot Chiltlrens' Fine RAYON PANTIES 50c pair o Elastic AH Around TMl ottnttHmmt t In Jail id,. lot., One Lot Heavy Cannon Dish Cloths 15c each Beautiful Flowered Luncheon Cloths 1.75 each DIAPERS CHICK Down Weave Knitted Dinner PHOENIX Soft Double Knitted Dinpcr Special BIRDSEYE Diapers BATHING TRUNKS For Little ttoys —Big Roys and Men BATHING SUITS For Ladies. Don't wear yourself out shopping for "hard-to-get" items . . . JUST REMEMBER ... FRITZIUS Has It! 2017 W. Main Phone 2637 SYNTHETIC RUBBER TIRE Here's good news (or certificate holders. Prices go dauin } on now Goodyoars—whllo quality atayi up! Thiy <Kt tho Jinosl tiros boing made today. Measured in miles or months or dollars, you got a roal PLUS VALUE) dUa (o Goodyear Research bvor 29 yoars of leadership. J Remombor-it's got to bo GOOD to bo a GOODYEAR/ Thoso now synthetic rubber tires have a tough, sturdy carcass wilh pra-war quality Suportwst cord, plus the well-known wear-lighting Goodyear troad design. more than over, «'< pays io invest in the belt/: New low p rice on :v .^ Slzo 6.00-lfi ^""3 ^33 plus tax - r +& EXTRA-MILEAGE RECAPPING !V ,..->,? HO RATION PERMIT NEEDED NOW '„$• 11' "!( Lot us help you get all tho miles left in your old fires. Drive into TIRE SERVICE HEADQUARTERS for our careful, expect inspection. We'll tell you when to recap—then use Goodyear materials and methods io give Y OU many extra months ol safe driving, _, f , jjji Auto Tire Resapping '|- . _-. SUo 6,00-16 $*< (You fumlihtecjppMe tilt) ,»• r AN OFFICIAL TIRE^INSPECnON STATIOr? * We're specialists in truck ) tire service. Be sure to see \ us beloro your old .tires • are worn thin. Ounecap- *' ping retains the original ; tire shape and balance— -I •keeps precious casings i rolling (or thousands'ol , ? extra'miles. Don't delay— J drive in today. _ / ,, Truck Tire Recapping

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