The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 7, 1948
Page 10
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PfV, J I _ TBS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Bt/YTHiiiv-iLLE (ARXJ COURIER NEWS IMMEDIATE DELIVER T PERFECTION COOK STOVES MUBBARD HARDWARE COMPANY 21* W. M»ia Phone 2015 4-6-ck-13 •WV* IV* I III •* OK ^* *•!«•• »nM A Mot* MplnhUoa will b« cterc- —• ' • i^ m SaSa£^!'buf-S2a! f ' **• V*. f °r Venetian Blinds. ~A4T*rttaint ooor *uk- OUUKU at lly ooeaput*d tro* t&« 17 /^ r> L • I 1 /•> ^. b. L. Kobmson Lumber Lo. ""*' 'Friendly Building Service" on* timu mto. w* i-!.i—nlim win k* take, for ^H*f tbu OB« ttWTHM l»MrtM> Of •- -•* 1 ractltcMd to IkMr prcp*r „ DI7l* UMl UP*. Tb« rrc> tb> right « *ttt or I «n» «*. -t- For Kent Cherrr. PitrnMud »p»rtment. Ml) W. C V 4;« AaaHmm HMt tr«M«r tor »Dt. 401 •. .)&.. ... - . 4j3-p«-8 TVo TboeB fumUhed apartment. coupler no children or pel«. MS K. MU- •oini «. 4|S-pk-» ;Ap»Hm*itts Wanted Tkrc* or tour room! O>U 4PH or 11M. unfurnished-. 3 3«-cH-lf Business Service "- Directory Auto Supplies and Services laundry done. Willis Belle Green now belween «J RI K hw>y mid n«h Street a Rear ot Chlcfcu>awba. rhone 4209. Curtftlni Itimderexl Bnd stretched Moved trom 314 s. Fr«nklln to JOO W Oherrr. , 33fl-uV-4'3d CUPMAM MBmcB STATION lit In * Dl»ulon Pbon* an Don't eBdan««r your u- lly wltb Hr«— BUT Ltt TOOK. Jeep parts now »Y»ila'bi« »t POOLE MOTOR CO. Biete Ha* BUB ne«d« Pftrta from our roOUC OWNBR A OPERATOR tr «1 It »U»1«. Mo . 8U*1> 4* Ulll-ek-tf Monej' To Loan On farm land or city property. We also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS G)enco« Hotel Building NOT the Cheapest— But the BEST! We have been making an<i mitallino; quality canvas awn- i»C for 22 yean. Carney Awning Company PHON* »72 Books PCOKS Fiction, Juveniles, Bibles, R«ligiou» Books, Reference Books, Dictionaries, Text Books• Sew and used. Tri-Stafes School Supply MI >.jnurr «i. _-• PHONX 3753 "'-'. v ,3jl3-ck-41J3 fviUing Material Bargain Pricug on Quality WALLPAPER. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Building Service' 1 "• W- *«* Phone Ul SPECIAL Do your own work and sav« Rent a concrete mixer. wheelbarrow and shovels. Any other tools you may APso For Sale HAY and COAL 4489 Blythevillt, Ark Box 659 3-3-ck-U think first of Wards. We can money on bathroom Goedt . Immediate "Delivery From Our Stock Jif w, A»b Fnou» ») W« o«n dellrer your new Mftytag uber today. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANT, XM W. Main, Phone 2071. Insurant* For Complete Insurance Protection ' 'Can 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 4-7-ck-tf Laundry Loans Estate Loans •*.H.A. Loans 6% Home Loans Farm Loans Commercial Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY Z1J V. WALNUT PHONE J3»l P»HSONAl, LCMlfl. Amomot>ll«-.lg- nature—cornaa*r-ftlrnuuie. Quick prt- r«» wrrtct. Penonallxed attention * in or telephone. 191D GENERAL CONTRACT HJRCHASE CORPORATIOM 1U W Ash St. , B)rth«rlll« Ark. ll;M-ck-tf Money to Loan °? S M {.'' Ka * to * rt "o res«lr or n. model? Ho down emrraent, mo mor- '•«•, no red Up« HIA APPROVKD RAT» i<K, ABK FOR ! Max Logan, Realtor fhon* MM Ljnch Bulldloc BlTtbe»(lIe. Art. *-ll ot-tr Mottressei IN VEST IN REST Whjf nun joiir BeMlh by sleeping . n »^5.^i2, 1I1 " >tlJ ' ">»<"•««' The SUJTH ATfKBSS CO. o( Blylhefllle, now oirerB to m«n« jour old relt mattitM like new «^ the low cp«l ot only ti 50 or 1C joil prefer An Innersprtnir made- out of your old mattress, we will do y> «i t!i* low price of »24.50. Kotnlnc but the heat of materials Is \is*d In renovpitlns of your old m«ltre.wesr»-lth me l»tt»t machlnerr. All work B "«r- •ntetd. PHONE 4819 OH DROI 1 A S A 2,° T0 SMIT H MATTRESS COM- PANL. OENERA1. DELIVERY FREE KUP AND DELIVERY WITHIN M "ONE DAY SERVICE" HOUSE MOVING. Thirteen years experience. Plenty of iqin'pmeul. References. Leveling, foundation repairing. Virgil Foley, phone 2105. 3-19-pk-4-19 Notice Receiving: new Dodge JOB- RATED trucks weekly. See us for immediate delivery on Bodge Job-Rated Trucks. g, siding, insulating, attic fans, water systems, watei h«*ters, and paints. Call 591 »nd ask-for estimates. Use your .credit. MONTGOMERY WARD ^ • 4-7-ck-tf Business Property For Rent Dodge-Plymouth „ Job-Rated Trucks 217 S. Second St. Phone 4422 horjse with railroad ;f connection, office and garage. ." C«n rent together or separ- David Real Estate & Investment Co. Main and Division , Phone 3633 __^ 4-7-ck-tf Foods R««ch for Hart'. Bread. .. . '"^^^r. UUMl'ANY now . Main, phone 2071. 4,3-ck-i;J ;,. SULUVAN-B RESTAURANT 11r Vesetablcs Well Se«sonert Irom city Hall Ph0 n, „ Wh, Personal ^^ u . nv> OICHK Acrosa Irom, c\lj Kan • and Chop* Phone 14 ned i»d tt * T !v "°. mc "" n B need «nd can t get nd ot. trr Albert S IE!" 1 * S ' r " t> Sllo »- Phon. »S* IM *"'"' l!l-cU-lt roil don' trr Olflce. city Hull. Blfthc»mp " 17-ck-U Plumber I tt-ck-U S«rvi'c«i We can Save you up to 50% _ on PAINT JOBS ho«s« metal TO and repaired. BIytheville j ». Shop, P|, 0 ne 28'S '>n ' " S. ". WI HANDLE ONLY THI BfST[ Gome And See Them HERE ARE A FEW OF OUR FINE " j RUNNING CARS— LOW-PRICED! 1941 Forri Tudor— AH racliv* Low Price 1042 Chevrolet Coach— New Motor 1937 Ford Tudor— New Ketondi Honed Motor 194« Ford I'icknp Truck \ 1945 Ford Pickup Truck 1944 Ford I, on K- \Vheellmse Truck with s<ak« body Plenty Others Now At 5th at Walnut ompang Phone 4453 For Salt, Cars, Trucks ,- WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1948 USRD TRUCK SPKCIALS 1941 Dodjje L,WB two speed axle. New paint job, heater ?750. , 1042 Dodge half ton pickup. New motor and paint job. $950. See us for used trucks. BLYTHKVILLE MOTOR CO. 217 S. Secon'd St. Phone 4422 4-6-ek-13 LOW COST HAULING WITH JKKP TRUCKS TH« complete); new llns of trucks tar medium duly, low cost haulm- pnwerrd by this mighty "Jeep" eiiain?' rA* °,'!,?i"" aj ' " 100LE MOTOR CO. ELUS PCX5LE. OWNER AND OPERATOR. S. H1UHWAY «1 AT 'Zr.LX: MO. PHONf BTZELI «. 13M Plymouth four door nedan. »500 fih. Clean a» a hoyincl'a tootli. Home runeriil Home, call J2M, 3J31-pk-«|Jl 10M Plymouth. Super Deluxe. 11250 Gtxxt condlllon. J"hone «ll. 4,3-ci-8 For Sale, Farm COTTON PLANTING SEED D. P. L.-U Stats' Certified. Blue Tug, Delinled and Treated. 100 Ib. new bags . ARK. BRYAN FARMS Service* PHONE 700 3|13-clC-4;i3 IF it is a GOOD PAINT JOB you want—call me. All work guaranteed. Reference given. Free estimates. "'.•• W.-W. BRYANT PHONE Hit - Sporting Goods. BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS .""nr"!!! 11 " nlfo ' m « "> «ock. Whole- e prices 10 schools and learns wn son imd SpMildln* bnseUalll Complete ,° n , V 'i BOn """handlse. Temporir- n,? teli '" "' Sec ° nd St. nt. Norria Tc 1 .'"^ 01111 '"' 15 '- Ph °™ "»• R «'-IT'S WILSON TODAY IN SPORTS EQUIPMENT _.._ *r, SULLIVAN'S RESTAURANT . „ . Btsl Coflce In Town Acraw from city H»11 ptmne 2-162 Slogan lor Smoktrt TALLAHASSEE, PU. (UP)-C. E. Homes, hotel man, coiner! the newest slogan for Florida's state- -wlcie "rive against forest fires. It Is"Chaperone your cigarettes let them go out alone." Formers Co/urnn BABY CHICKS U. S. approved, pullorum .controlled. $ 1^.50 - BLAYLOCK HATCHERY N. Highway 61 Phone 3172 3-31-ck-tf FERTILIZER 3-9-18 & 6-8-12 Miss D r & L 14 Certified Cotton Seed. PLANTERS COOP. Phone 720 * .3-22-ck-4-15 Pore Ogden Soybean Seed^ Knit Seed fftrm. flurdette. phone 702. 4,7-cJe-tf For Snle: International plcX-un hay bnler. good condition. J. H. Rhodes, bteele. Mo. pnone 48. 4,7-plc-14 The healthiest chicks on the market: AAAA Grade Pulloveum-Tested. BABY CHICKS ' per 100 at •p J *tn7t) |lc[ JLUU rtb fwwt ui,^ ^ t n runj Jim Brown Store—Phone 584 t * lis> '*• is worth tlie money. -"--•-- 3-18-ck-tf , For Sale: T»o new 8 Don't dl!lc hnrro\vs. KllJweH V »onle I, Qllcresl Fnrm. Sewing '' tlons ' butlonliol««. Mrs. chcrrr. Phone 3133 240 ACRES good land. Four houses, three barns on good gravel -road. Five Guiles from Blytlieville. Price .?2iO acre. Johnny Marr Real Estate 112 S. Second Phone 4111 New** three room nouse on * North 'J'enlri Street, Nona at Rallrond. Jirn. , Harry. _ 3 : 25-pH;s I nRTe slock and Brain, poultry and cotton rnnns ror sale. Prices rea*on- afcle. call or wrlt« C, W. Smith, Der- Mlssourl. 4!l-plc-5|7 „. Acre hill farm. New six room House, one large stock barn, one small burn, n large concrete cellar, good well. KOod fence all around, chlckrrii nouses, nnd smoke house, young orchard, rxwd. HaH quarter from store, post ot- lice, school and church. A sood stock. farm. Jim Koons. AtllCA, Ark. 4!7-pk-21 160 acres on gravel. If this farm sells now the new owner will receive this year's rent. §205 per acre. 160 acres on gravel, well improved'with one main house and three tenant houses. §250 per acre. ! 60 acres West of Half Moon on State Highway. $210 per n David Real Estate & Investment Go. Division and Main Phone 3633 4-7-ck-lf For Sale —City Property Five room house with bath on Vine Street. $4250. Four room house on Lilly Street. ?2250. f JJW BUY PRICE, THAT'S FINE YOU BUY QUALITY, THAT'S BETTER YOU WANT BOTH, WE HAVE IT '41 CHEVROLET TOWN SEDAN Real K ood finish. Motor A-1 condition, K ood rubber. You can own thin one now for ontv $925 '41 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR SEDAN Motor completely overhauled. Runs Jike new. Deluxe model radio and heater. Special $895 '39 CHEVROLET TOWN SEDAN $695 2-door. New finish low mileage. Motor O. K. Car .has been carefully checked. This one for only '41 DODGE 4-DOOR SEDAN Gre«n finish, Mat covers, hot water heater- good rubber. Reduced for (his sale from $1195 to $895 '41 D.SOTO 4-DOOR SEDAN Beautiful blue finish. Ra- *jfc*k» di«, heater, new Mat cor- \XW | ers. Tire* )ik« new. Onl.r . Y**/J '39 FORD TUDOR SEDAN Deluxe 85 HP motor. Mo(or completely overhauled. Low mileage. One owner. Priced (o sell quickly .... $495 \ 50 - More on our big Used Car lot - 50 i -i Easy G.MAC. Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY We Never Close 301 W. Wolnuf Phone 578 578 Safes Dept. Open HI 8 p.m. For Sale, City Property Five room house located on North Highway 6.1, inside city (cash. Terms. n . bath. On bus line, now vacant. Price $4,000, |1500 lot on Ash Street. Four room house on Holly Street. Priced to sell at $5,0.00. Four room house East of Town. ¥3500. Two new brick homes on West Main, Butane gas, attic fans, hardwood floors', modern throughout. Shown by appointment only. Grocery store building and stock on" South 16th Street limits. Ideal spot for business location. Immediate possession. House can be moved to rear of lot and space on Highway could be" used for stove or shop. . : . . Two bedroom home equipped with rv'.tbmatic hot water !or"wm" r en heater, Venetian blinds, ga-! one jSJS'on ... rage, only three blocks from il lsed ,, sl , x ln ontns:"o"n"e"Toi V edo"'c»i I e^ Osljorne National sllcer.,new; one OntVI rflj!>l rix.lcT..-- «'j .. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 4446 or 2930 ^Office 210 S. Second "I have no sidelines" i • " 4-5-c.k-8 „ GROCERY STORV.: ColKpieTe 01 groceries, notion and ilraiis s 8 ' ieaiV-bu,Yd,r;J main business district. -Owner can move in today. Beautiful super ona sll NBllonrvl cash register: i """.," ^"-" »«- S, uiie 14 Joo Klass snow c» s .e marble bi.«; on. 14 loot counter, wslmit finish. 75 rt i?™i »?• °" e p'"' orin «»>; two four- modern Neon- Vl"° r ^. C - n L."» ht ' i : thl «I teet good buy at 24 room new brick tourist hotel on Highway 61 doing capacity business. Owner retiring. Will sell for less than replacement cost. A good investment. Two story building at Braggadocio for sale at the low sum of $3500. See us about Spotted Poland China Boars — Sired by Delta Challenger. !lt l "B°M:! oulstalul 'n(r son of Wilson's Grocery store, building; and stock with railroad connec- ier. i.uxor.. tiolls on Highway 61. This has '4 : s- P n-i2 five rental houses included in the sale. Terms can be ar- porch, . approved and financed. Built for enjoyable living. One of our best locations. Comfortsble , wi-ll - located duplex. Hai-dM-riofl floors. \Vell insulated, nitii-k possession Can he financed. Sue or call MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Building, phone 2034 e Wlth rlnanceo. rour room house „ ° SCAR ALEXANDEB — ^ ^ ....... tl , jjij - theville. This is one of the best buys on today's market. Did ?66,000 business last year. Plenty of equipment and a large clean stock of merchandise. Good five room living quarters and bath in connection. Rent ?^0 a month. Good lease. Walk-out proposition ?7,000. Wil| be glad to-show if interested. ' Johnny Marr Real Estate 112 S. Second St. , Phone 4111, Russell Marr 807 4-3-ck-10 TWO CHAIR boutv parlor UMlalr. "'"£"""„ bullt ""8 completels.Tn.p™ SfnJ ??**?'• ""m»ner>l mS- »n?»f , th o c ' htr e 'iul:"pent. Good ""'.nrS'e Pr ' Ce «' 15 °- whl<:h " "•« W. M. BURNS, Realtor . ... u ..^ Phone 33« . I. «ubb«rd. Salssm*,. Phone 4119 y>k-i;il Typewriter TYPEWRITERS u»r?X t .!£" h - °° rm - "« Beo "«DON EDWARDS no rht Tjp,wiu»r *. Second s». Pn^ne 333S 10 rl tl Boars are subject to registration and priced right. D. Ben Holly, Cooter, Mo. 3-30-pk-4-16 For Sale: Two Case hfty bp.lera S950 and J1250. 'IV-o John Deere aLde de!lv- erlcji. .lames Vf. Perj. on« mile E»st ol blcele. 4 l-plc-7 IS4T Chevrolet plcKUp. Phone 973 S^i-ck-l-lS Typist TVP1KO. Phone 42J2 or 2i79 3.1S-PX-4.15 Cots, and Pett Sale or Trade: 194« Chevrolet truck two speed axle and 1946 Kabors trailer In KCKXI condition. Low mileage, M^o good tarpaulin. Triced for quick sale fcee ^or call Tom Crawford, 3349 Oob- ne "' 32i-*. One blue* thoroughbred mala choV ?!w rT °' S ' "o 1 """". pnonc v/£l **.'5 : S'" rk thoroilghbrrrt «n- Weoring Apparel h. »K BEIlI>A l"<ll»Wti«lly designer! ne«itn .Mipporln «re recommpnded for ""«<• rondiuonn: Industrial nnd chro- "ir. [ainvip. post operative rondltlonfl, JKOSI.^ of Inlr-rnn! organs, fnnltr pos"ire, tKirrmcm oDe.Mt)-. »nd mnlernltv PI,!' 2? Schcrcr. Splrella DeBler. '•lone 3«5j. fitted m joor home 42-px-SJ For Safe, Cars & Trucks 1940 Packard rout aoor Redan. All new accessories Including molor New namt job. l-rlce J640. cull 32J1 or 37B2 alter -i p.m. 3.30-clc-tf FOR SALK: — In perfect *hap« On« A-mod el rord C»II 783 after 4:00 Farmer's Column Stale- Improved Burdette One and halt' ton UMl Chevrolet trurk. Stake body, dual wheel. Sacrifice, $450. See 116 N T . Second. 4-7-ck-lO 194R SWB FORD truck, excellent condition. Two speed _. -.--.-.— axle, radio and heater, foe- BurclcUe, llghlsaiKl X)t lf M Arksov Soy- u . aiter bvjlkea> air , )01 . n> Plantation. '«r S«le: One Al)l» , f , ,. ' nf • 4-G-ck-tf i ,' cri >»l" tractor, c >.r, li i ,i WJ p(m) Bylu im :ti»lmer Model ilelely rehnllt. nent.-<;7-cfc-31 825x20 tires, 2 750x^0 tires A veal buy for only ?1550. BLYTHSVILLK MOTOR CO 21.7 S. Second St. Phone 442i 4-6-ck-13 you are interested in a lice business well located and loing good business with nice idme in connection, see us, ve have what you want. David Real Estate & Investment Co. .Main and Division Street Phone 3G33 4-7-ck-tf Two lots, two new building rrrv South IAORC St., J500. AbsirHct, de«d. Mrs. BIX HOOM HOUSE ami'bath, conveniently located ncro^s street -from Snlt^loifn* 1001 " PtU ' C M '°°°'- WUI CBrry HAVE TWO more four room noxiscs i-ell locatct), SPO LUThtR GRAY BOLE AOENT—Tclpphonf 513 120 E, Sycamore On Holly Street rot? rolton plow th« 5«m« week. Kedut. chr>jirinic r more eoltnn. STATK CKRTIFTKn YAK1KTIK8 L. N«. 14, f*r M I*. b»f StWKTlUc 2-II, ft, J« |k. 1 OlhM- T>rlctlM H»K «r H»lf lUltvrrdl per .i« lt>. Coktm 1»« Wilt ResisUnt, per S»'». F.mplrf, ptr A4> Jb, buy...,. C«m tm >n4 plum jour orrtrr »r jet your ««f •t.YTrlF.VIU.r. SOYBKAN CORP. ' M« MrtlMVIII*, Ark. FK.M »»t -^^ r.«ck».: I.e«chirlll«. Ark. Csirdwell, M« HttnerovlUt, >n<l Scn«th, Mo. Cooper Building. 114 K.' Second. " ./-_»• J w. ~ 4n.eir.-9 Continued on Nexf Page) CHECK WHEEL BEARINGS Worn wheel • bearings can cans* nasty accidents and costly repairs. Why (ake chances when our mechanic. will check and repack your hearings in x jiffy. Rrlvt in tomorrow . . . Orivt sway KNOWING your bearingc will not fail. BRING YOUR TRUCKS TO OUR MODERN SHQP! w — — •WAUJUT AT BROADWAY

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