The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1932
Page 7
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.THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 10, 1932 [FELT Iff T IN CINET Here Are Possibilities for Roosevelt Cabinet NEWS Miss Frances Perkins, Newton D. Baker and Alfred E. Smith Are Mentioned BY RODNEY DUTCHKR N'EA Service Correspondent WASHINGTON. Nov.. 9.- Who's BOlng to te In the new cabinet? With the election .of Franklin D Roosevelt as president, that question is being discussed vhereever pollllcinns gather. One guess Is as good as another,. There seems a strong chance that the nation may have Its tlrst woman cabinet member M'ivi Frances Perkins, state industrial commissioner in Mew York, was one of Roosevelt's advisers at Albany and'persistent reports place her In .the new cabinet as secretary of labor. She first came into prominence In .1811 when she and other militant industrial students started urging safeguards for women workers after the Triange Shirt Company fire in which scores of Plrt workers, were killed. In 1919 Alfred E. Smith, then governor of New York, named'her to the state Industrial board and in 1926 she was made chairman of that board She became , industrial commissioner •Smjth" also furnishes a big problem to-the political observer who . tries to name the new cabinet .in advance. His last minute speeclies In behalf of the Democratic ticket—after he ha'd sulked over , losing (he. nomination—reunited him '"itho his old friend, Roosevelt. Would Smith accept a cabinet -ost? What post? \ Suptr-AdvfetT? His . penchant for economy in government is recalted, partlcu- larly his success in co-ordinating various state departments when he was governor of New York. It )ia s been brought out that a new rablnet post might be made for him, a semi-government business manager with a full cabinet .title. Other observers thing he might be made something of a super- cabinet member, a minister without portfolio. The president may have as many members of his cabinet as he desires. The present cabinet posts have -been maintained, through tradition, rather than necessity. i Owen .D. Young seems certain pf a cabinet post if ha desires one. The originator of ths Young .Plan 1 on-'war "debts, an [internationally recognized authority oru finance, nne at thc nation's great indus- : irialists and financiers, he is ,am- possible for Roosevelt to be nominated. He has .-been on e of the most active speakers In the campaign. As attorney general of Maryland and as governor of that state, lie has become nationally prominent. He has been mentioned as attorney general and for the navy secretaryship. John \V. Davis, 1924 presidential candidate, former solicitor Jeneral of the United States and former ambassador to the court of St. James, has been an active campaigner for the national ticket. Observers have named him often as secretary of state or attorney-general. Senator Carter Glass of Virginia, i veteran legislator who fathered lliei Federal Reserve System and was co-author of the Glass-Slea?all bill in Ihe .last congress, often is discusMd for the treasury sec- retaryship. A. F. Whitney, president of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, las been mentoned frequently for the iubor post. The Clevclander carries much organized labor sup- Port. ' ... Bernard M. Baruch, New York banker; has been one of the .outstanding. Democratic. advisers for years. He was prominent. in the Wilson administration' and-'has „— ........„.„..,, .n, M ^,,4- iTiuuii nuiimiibLrauon and- lias Ply fitted for cabinet duty. His aided Democratic' drives -consist-name has been mentioned for the ently since thpn . *„ »,»<»,,....,..„ name has been mentioned for the state secretaryship, .the treasury and commerce posts. ' • Newton D/'Baker, war-time sec• retary of war, Wilsonian Democrat : ahd one of the nation's lead' ing attorneys, Is another, often ' mentioned /or the cabinet. He re: fured to make a campaign for .the Democratic presidential nomination this year,-but took an active • part in the closing hours of thc - r.residential campaign. He has been mentioned for the slate sec- retaryship and as attorney general. He is an outstanding League of Nations man. Which for DaVls? Governor Albert C. Ritchie of Maryland released the delegation ently since then. An outstandin s financier, he frequently:'is mentioned -in connection with the treasury secretaryship. ; - "Melvin A. - Traylor,,. ; Chicago banker who stepped aside in the Chicago convention to'.-' permit nomination pf Roosevelt, also ,Is mentioned for the treasury . secre- taryshio and commerce- post. Senator .Thomas J. 'Walsh of Montana, prosecutor of the oil scandals and permanent -chairman of the last . Democratic national convention, is another often men- tioaeci for' cabinet honors. His name-.frequently is brought up for the attorney generalship. l-'arley Is "In" James A. Farley, - who guided Still Time if You Hurry to get the Turnout '5 "Parker 'Duq/b/dPen for only * <£2 and an old pen— or the great over-size '7 Duofold Sr. Pen for only "^ and an old pen Parker reserves the right to end this National Trade-in Sale any day! TV ' wer u0 ° «Wi This National Trade-in Sale by Parker, to make wav for fete fall and Chrtatmu shipment*, is the bf«4t clearance ever held in tho fountain pen industry i These are Parker's latest snd smartest colors'' h cludmg Burgimdy and Black, Sea Green a The pen you trade in must have a but it does not have to be a Parker. Company, Jannmlle, Wacocsia. eold Uien brought the Democratic victory, as chairman of the national committee, seems certain of cabr .Inet honors — possibly the postmaster . generalship. And Many Others The names of several westerners have been brought up, mainly in connection with th c Interior and agriculture posts. Among these are Governor Harry Woodring of Kansas, an dnrly Roofevelt supporter; J. Bruce Krcmer, .Democratic national commltteeman from Montana; Governor George • Den\ pf Utah; Senator Key Pittman of Nevada. ' • There are. many other names from which. Roosevelt intijhl fill out his, cabinet. These include: Senator ^Burton K. Wheeler of Montana; Frank L. Polk, former undersecretary of state, from New York; Norman Davis, member of the United States arms delegation, former foreign loan adviser ol the Treasury Department and former undersecretary of state. H e Is head of the Woodrow Wilson foundation; Summer Welles, a close friend of Roosevelt and ,one time State Department worker. Prof. Felix Frankfurter of Harvard University; Prof. Raymond Moley of .Columbia University who has been one of. Roosevelt's- close advisers during the campaign; Senator Robert F. Wagner of New York. ••Senator- John S. Cohen of Georgia, Democratic national corri- mitteeman and newspaper pub- ury sccrclary, who swung the 'Gnrner-pledgcd California gel tlon lo.nocscvcU at Chicago. Needy Children to Be Given Free HARRISBURG. Pa.' (UP)— Every needy undernourished child In Pennsylvania will he given free milk under (be plans of the Slafi. 1 Health Department. The department Is organizing county units to provide milk Ipr needy children, especially - during the coming winter. The distrlbt- tion is. flimnccd by an allocation of federal relief funds by the Stati; Emergency Relief Commlssioiv. ; For October, $100,000 was set aside' r for the work. • .'••>•; A careful canvass wns instituted in all communities severely affected by the depression to determine the number of children ;J milk. Terrier Is Made ! First Dog of the .Land LONDON (UP)-Bob, a terrier; is the first dog i n the land.' He .has not won a great dog show'championship, no r has . he made a gallant rescue at a fire, hut lie has Jjst . passed through Uob now occuptes Ihc snine i» slllon in hl s royal muster's nITec lions formerly occupied by th lnt c . nnd widely InmciHctl Sull who died some months ago. Whe iiccoinpaiiyhii; his royal master I Simdrlngham recently. Bob was allowed to travel in the royal sa loon Instead of in (he guard's va as hitherto, unit showed his ap preclntloh of the honor by vigor owsly wagging his Inll. Wipe your stove-oil ivllii n'n soaked with vlneunr before polish ing. This removes all the greaso. HISPERED Great Complexion Secret! her We ml tin-con •l?ve Vita pV' Tt ^ l ^* ^if J "«"^ I SprnI5l4 KC hearJachtal <lullncu v a nidi. ill UruxEUtft* j^TO-NICHT "T| IfclC" '•' +**"* f rcltcCfor acid itJii i[H]iec& ly 1^:. means s-l- i-p-p-e-r-y roads! SMOOra tires don't hold on wet pavement. Punctures are more dangerous When it s slippery. 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They urc not alfsclttl In the Irnxl." ,• • "onii Shepherd ssM.'laiv sln- < ; ?iils nvc liuigiu respect for tlie ">ui. 'Yes, your honor," nnd "No will 1 lionur," iiru imprevscj upon In . (ho ]u-i:uiiH'iil"lhal underTs'e lator Inw 1,1, ,,osl shmiM |,1U" wi'ii Rlvnu to u Mexican cl!l/."n Auto License Plates Arc Over-produced IIBIJOM. Mont. (UI-) ~ over- prcductlon of iuitonu>blt<> license plates In Iho prison factory i'C[iilp- "•"(• to mnnufmaure llic plates lias •n rcparlcd. . 5.'ilcs of license pliilcs (Jih y,. a r wore fnr b-.^lnd I hose nr 1031 There have Uci'n 81,727- licenses Issued f3i- motor-curs, eompwl to 101,till lust year; Truck licenses <.cclin«l by approximately 3.000 'l\i- Inl license rec'i'lpls were .snld to b- «03,«)4.41 below lasl year's. On Snake g Lawyers Must Develop Own Dramatics SEATTLE. (Ul'V-Fledglliijj lawyers with n flnlr for tile dramatic will hnvo to develop thril flntr themselves—It won't, be tnnslu them nl. University of' Washington Law School. Dctin Hproid Shepherd, says tlmt fiimlaniowals slmll be (lie hi of future narrows. "Tlierc would be no need for dramatics In law if MKXICO CITY (UP)-A mnkc miiiiinii exiH-dltlon composed of Aiiit-ilcans has lofl Mexico Clly; Imlla. ' ' oa ."l Thi- s.nko liunlws ti fc Wllllniii a. WnssiTinnn. Philadelphia hank«''•: Cliovge Howe, 1'hlladclpliln nrchlliiji. nod Dodiilns D If March. Mmlenl of snakes. The bunker imrt nrchltecl hnvo inwii up nmke Minting for the K l'ort of It. Muroli hnvliiR hludlcil vi-iioiuoiis leutllo.s for niimy years, din-tin: which lime. ho tins been bitten H times, hopes lo produce a new effective scrum ngnlnsl their Alnrcl) iwMil'ly spent Jimch.llmc In Honduras studying reptiles (here, rtmoiii;. ills duvliljj Ihc visa (o C'culiiilln will b c that of rliisblfylnu snnkiM In tlmt stale nflcr exlj-ncllnjt the venom. Ikadi Bunds J'unntd KEVEHK. MUSS. (UP)—drouns of unumpluycii Imvo been dtgnliv; pniiPliiR" the samis of Ke- .MU Bench for .coins. Jewelry nml oilier valuables lost by Withers Am! visitors during (ho summer. ST .LOUIS (UP)-Jack Rabbit, a mborcr, wns Sentenced to ten Jays In the workhouse when' found guilty of careless driving. Ifu sati to Jiiimi. Delightful airy rooms with tub or shower and beds like eider down, Beautiful swim- {'lififf pool, howling a [leys, rand lw!l courts and even a Turkish bath.- No ch race for time to drag when you live licre. Enjoy these pleasures as our guest. . Rooms from $2.00 Up HOTEL i _ Memphis, 'Tenn. FOR INSIST QN RIGHTNESS ^ 1 ' "'. 'i fT* HESK are suited i hat have Iwen pi|t' f 'fb t|»e' most rffi;id"scTU(iny.:!l)yi, styte.l censors '. . , as;' to 1 Correct-' ness, of" style, '(iuJilUy";ijf fabrics and cxpertneas ;;oif'> Iriiloring.' ' , : '•' 18' Fall Topcoats Camel Hair, Mama, Tweeds and NoveKy Woo.'ens fcoiji- prise the fine, lonB-wearin'g fabrics these -smart Coats arc fashioned of ... new in co.'or .... new in slyle . . . ne\v in value . . . STKTSON OH DOI51iS HATS NUNN-BUSH ANKI.E FASHIONED OXFORDS The same quality that you formerly'.paid $S lor. Now Onlv " . D. HUGHES &CO.

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