Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 8, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1895
Page 2
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'j phiuted nd 1 have .'yiodioiulrical, ..-••jv.wfic.-llt, 1H.TV- ()i-,s. " lived her before reius or .'ibuv.:-. Kf.ca.ity v.^s, arc I re; i led liiroiiv,h cor- •Iresponcle-nce at th'.-ir liomus, \v:lli K-tmiibrm .success. In $of the Invalids' HuU-1 am ^Institute, of Buffalo, X, Y. A hook 'of 136 large pa^s, devoted to the .^consideration of Hie maladies nbovc ^hinted at, may be had, mailed se- %urely sealed from observation, in a "•'•••'tin envelope, by scndins ro cents M,I one-cent stamps (for postage- on . S.Book), to Uic World's Dispensary | ^Medical Association, at the above ; ^mentioned Hotel. For more than ! fa quarter of a century, physicians j Iconnccted with this widely celc- Jirforated Institution, have made the ^treatment of the delicate diseases labove- referred to, their sole study fand practice. Thousands, have con- $:$ulted them. This vast experience t has naturally resulted in improved 'methods nnd means of cure. THZ M2DlTEnriAM2AN. ViU.ia &KEY TO IW rortr<- •• Qibniltiu peninsula M £;lv/ccn the */Macliterr:m i>r O!:..- :'•'!"• '""' in [: £1 i:.tl. itroper virtually occupies a i.it:ii;viini-ds the passage be- At la til.ti.- ocean mul the •:m. s:iys London Temple V..I..H. Itis'-i ravin-ill-military and navnj •jiK'.u-tion, wl.eroin ul.i--i.-rs of both services " e--n resign I'm-llu- .season tlieir professional en iv> I'm- lighter joys- Its works *,\ defenses its bomb-proof batteries ,: ami lillipiil fortresses heavily nrmo.il, ;' .more rosemi.le the bulwark.-, of nature |: tlmn those Ly the liand of i.ian. They 'hire well trr.'.iipo.l loge.tlicr. even in a •. t-.rmll area. L.-C:.I:SC Gibraltar in no '.-asc J:V-'c"::ecods Ihive-qni'.rtcrs of a mite in iroadth. ,,.. The roel; rises abruptly from the low, ;V sandy. pmiiiiMila-liUe isthmus to about "'fourteen lumdred feet ubf e the level ,if the sea. From its stun', it a view is 'obtained of unique sublinlty. It can only be, nppi-cciated when seen. Tho mighty M.-diterrunean sea stretches -away in the background, alike shadowy and grand in scenic beauty, steamers and shipping ever traversing its waters. In another direction the Atlantic ocean and expanded waters of the bay of [Jiscny, wa.-.hing the shores of Spain, !fr"iiro prominent features. Gill-altar was known to the Greeks 'and Romans as Ciilpe of Abyla. The :ntripof In"d near Ceula was named 'iVbylo. !•'"'• niiiny centuries they '•formed the renowned Pillars of Ilereu- ,ies, the llu-n limit of ocean enterprise and comm.Mve. t's strategical value to . ISnpland is <>f paramount importance, being- really the key of the position |y*:ilong which the merchants of the ; world pass upon the sens on their law- i I'ul vocations. If. unfortunately, this •'rountrv were enframed in war. with 'France nnd Russia combined nfrainst Vher, we might, find ourselves in "Queer "street" wit limit Gibraltar. Of course, •'the peninsula is nul< '' h exposed tc tho ,<!estniotive energies of the ocean etimes the sea is calro and hie Mv hero is not a ir.utilr.ted rrm nor a "spy." in the teehui':::! terns of tlH-p''- lice'. bnt. » k'.r;.fu, rolm.t. in:!;.;ni!i-.-iM.t do;r. win-: C beautiful white- and curly tk-'e'ee. liUe that of a .vheep, was the cause of his being- named Mouton (sheep.) His eye i.s mik! nc'.l intelligent. r.nd at times, when hfi is in good humor, one would sayll-.M he laughs, sr> animated his eye h'-comes and his yaws wrifTgle so drol'.y. Mouton belong-.s to finite .1 , who resides in Charcl".!'. \VhonIsaythat he belonjjrt to tin. duke I'm mi.'itakcn, for he is the property of the adopted son, the friend, and the porter of .Itihn, his keeper. John ha.-, brought him up carefully :he he.-; taug-ht him to perform tricks, bill helms specially trained him to do his errands. Thc'villag-c from which the supplies are obtained is nearly two miles distant from the homestead, and when John has not time to go t.'.ore he writes an crder of what he needs on a piece of paper, puts the paper in a basket, nr.d the handle of the basket in tho dog-'s mouth, then pointing- in the direction ,.f the village, he says to him: -Run quick to Coulomier's." Con- loniier is the grocer who has John's inuiv hi.ini- at . Ci-iill. (it-:.!-;;-. 1 11'"'.-* Co-; were aim avreste Helton's litlli he iiif.:r!iiati:.ii lemliivr lii.wi.ol.. l:ul.. Veb. 7,-/.enn M the hiirt.-nd.-r who throw \!:II !,-om I 'a ul Clo-suifs wiKioii and him, has Ix-ea indicted l.y. tho jnrv for murder in killed grand Mouton trots off, and trots tvi',hout stopping", even though he meet a well-beloved female friend. Arriving at the village he depositshis bnskct in Coulomicr's store. If by change there is no one in the store he barks wo or *.hrec times to call attention. \Vhen he ocus the paper in the grocer's hands he goes out to rceonnoiter; ho drin.cs at the fountain, holding- a smelling conversation with the dogs stretched out in the sun, like lizards, but he calculates his time so well that his loafing never exceeds a quarter of an hour, when he returns to the grocer. Coulc- mier has placed what is ordered in the basket, gives it to Mouton, who seizes .is stronp for murder in the fir.it di.-gri-e I'eter 1-ane. the brother ,.f tin; murdered man, is pushing tin- pn>M.-ci:t:on. I Irii Slnki-1 Miiny Slt-ii III If. FOIIT WAY.NK. li«l-- l '' ( ' h - V.—The- Peters Hex nnd laimb.-r company's •factory was totally destroyed by lire Wednesday morning^ l-'»ss estimated atSiiO.OUO: insurance &i:i.:">0(>. Over I'lU men are thrown out of umployment. I.lrfl Siiil<lrnl.Y. A.vriKltso.v, Ind.. KeV 7.—,lohn I'ro- basco, brother of Harry IVobasco. the Cincinnati millionaire, died at his home near this city. He was a >-ur- vivor i.f the Mexican war and the rebellion, lib death was very .siidd.-n. AcriiUfntally KMI.-'I. Nom.Ksviu.u. Intl., 1-Vb. 7.-Chnrles Smith, aged 22. was accidentally killed near here while felling timber, lie leaves a young wife, having been married les-; than four mouths ago. Dry Comix IJwiltirs i-':ii!. Noni.Ksvn.i.K. Ind.. V'eli. T.—I'm'.cr- wuud Uros. wt Co., dry goods dealers, have assigned for the benefit of creditors. Liabilities. Sr.,00u. partly secured: assets, S1S.OOO. Sr.-nml Trlnl or .la-oics Gni.vixin'l. LA PORTE, fnd.. Feb. 7.—Tne second trial of James Gray ben 1 for the alleged murder of William Jones, an ex-convict, in June, IS'.U, was begun in the Oil-unit court here. 1'o!»o»<-(l by Kntinc Simiwitfo. CUAWKOKTSVITJ.I-:. Ind., Feb. 7,—Km* mett Wood worth, wife and three .sons HOULOU, \v..<J JM:I<.V;O ; UH-l>" >"•'"' ...•!.' jaws and runs offl.| are lying at the pmnt or deatn on .ic- ! count of having eaten sausage, which with it homeward bound. . ISut one day the basket contained live poisoned them, eels, wrapped in a napkin. The route ' was along near a canal, and follows it •for a long distance. Mouton, with tho basket in h'.^mouthi was trotting along, when suO-lenly the child of the lockkeeper, a baby two years old, fell ioto thocana'. The dog hears the cries of the infcuit and the sound of splashing in the water; he sets down his basket, leaps into the canal, seiy.es the baby by its clothing and brings it to terra firma. The child does not move, and Moutoc, •who hud laid it on the ground, takes it •up again by its garments, and bears :t to the lock-keeper's house. The mother was seated in the kitchen paring potatoes. Mouton enters at one bound K-waves. Sometimes tne sen. is euuu u.u« j ^v.... £ almost motionless, a picture of a vast j and places the child upon her lap, nnd '••plain of a/.., re-like glass. At other | then hurries off to get lus basket. But -•imesda.-k.-louds chase each other over he finds that those rascally eels, per' its'surface penis of thunder and forked I ceiving that they were near the water, !•' lightning are heard and seen, and then , have wriggled and struggled in such a 4'tho wave* become hi rid-like in their; wa y that they have succeeded m escap- £t - -isoect and break with a roar on the : ing from their cloth prison. They fc-iicntnsulii. The ocean's surfy, slow - wcre squirming in the dust, and aiming iiMeep "mi-How voice, full of nwc and for the canal. Mouton, instead of I'mystcrv. br.-nks night and day against | seizing them by the tail or the middle & "— rocks, moaning, as it were, over the- oi the body, grasped them by their d that it holds in its bosom, for the heads ,and wrung their necks. A.ter _ . _i * . Ai_ ._ _ i,.:i *i.n.TYi oil rtiit.' hf» .. iNDlANAi'dMS. Ind., I-'eb. ';'. —P.ev. John llax.cn \Vhite of Knribault. Minn., was elected bishop of this diocese to succeed David Knehl Knickerbocker, decased. Impure E!ocd Boiis, FivnpSsc, Humors, CurecJ by {-:occ! r s. Tho folli.wliii? icsuai.>:ii:vl fr.ini Mr. d-orpo W. 6"hiil7., a prlnti-r ,-il NY.M-!l,hmn, la "f siK-nial li.iflr,;st JL< It r.,\-irs .Ir-rcLiy upon tin- blood- ••Fur.-iliuiitiw.j ur lliruc yi-;ir:. I «.:-- troubled WILL iiliupics ur bulls ou my f:ico tti.J uuUj, i Getting Worse cr.d Worso ! I r«i<l .il.oiit the K(»«l Hoi"".- 5 S;irs:.[).irlll.-v win i lyvTsi'it-prU'tii'ii'en'I'^is L" 1 ^'" lo jilsappi-.-ir. ; \ow I am tn.-o irom Ui^n. 1 lijiU at IIH-VIUUS j ttoies tlioiigUt lliiil if I Ji'l not rid ""X I)"'" °' Hood's s> ^"Cures 0,13 impurity It mltfit lund ™ scrofula or «oru» ot!-«r terrible disease. I cliccrfully recommend n.n),r.s Siirsiipnrlllii to nil ilioso wlio IIMH • "load pui-lllcr.^(iao. W.Senm.'A Newell, IO»B. Hood's Pills are hand mmle and P< K proporilon au«l »i>pcarauc«. Sic, a boi. L-iiSON. Mi^..-... i-\ib. 7.—Cell Haven female college burned \Vcdnesda v i night. The l..v. started in the furnace room through the eu;: neer's c:«X-less- nes.s. Loss, .^Ri.lWi); i.i.^i.-afioo, o-D,000. LONDON. Feb. 7.—The correspondent of th.i Ce.itiMl News lit Wei-llai-We- lele,r:iplis und..,' date of February 7 that" the Chinese ironclads. Chen-Yuc'n and Tiug-Vuen have been sunk. Sll,»\V-( Iril.llll^ < O^t.H AlOIH'V. NKW YOKK. Feb. 7.—The cleaning of sno.v from New York streets costs a o-reiit. deal of money. This was made manifest: wlu-n Col. \V:iring stated it hud cost him S77.300 to remove the snow from the streets from January 15 to February 4. During that time Col. Waring ha.s successfully handled four snowstorms. ^ Vetoed by tlic Jluyor. UROOKI.YN, N. V., Feb. ".—Mayor Seliieren Thm-sday vetoed the resolution passed by the aldermen on Tuesday n-voking the liccti>es and franchises of' the Brooklyn Heights Kail- road company and the Atlantic Avenue llailroad company. Ar.HAXV, N. Y.. Feu. 7.—The assembly Thursday morning Passed the llor- ton bill, prohibiting boxing or sparring exhibitions in this stale. Engagement, abM.sta.nce or encourageiacnt thereof is made a misdcincanor. is the h.rgest. of all cemeteries, and slunVb.-n-rs sleep without rnonn- 1 n other graveyards distinc- r .t"ti6n is shi.wn between the grave of lithe peer and tlutt of the peasant, but v'in the sea and ocean, closely encircling '• Our precious possession, Gibraltar, the j'/hamo waves roll over all, and the same it. Ming by the minstrelsy ol i;.',tUo oesan in their honor. Tho same rr.torm beats. :iud the same sunshine* their remains, but the grave* -e unmarked. It is the general and popular belief -lhat Gibraltar is an impregnable for- fSVross. but grave doubts have arisen dur- Ifeng tie last, twenty-five years as to f&whether."th.- roek" is really the impcn- ^trable q«:wlrilateni.l it is generally sup- Wsed to IK-. All political parties of the ^iiate appear to be agreed that if there iis-.ro any defect.-! they should be rectified, the -notion of the government in <«.- u ,~-£ out the eluko of Cambridge to fespectami report upon the necessary ^eqniremonts. the absolute necessary Strength of ihe garrison and other ma- ;t(irial and detail matter. PEAS ffTTHE GARDEN. il-t»ut Tl-rn. Kurlr In~th9 Spring In Soil Well Trt-p-ired. isi There are bxit very few people who So not like peas and there are bnt few gardens in which enough are n to supply aU tho family will S-nsninc. Seedsmen-have paid great "•tention to perfecting peaa and we " rhave them in such a number of having thus laid them all out he placed, their bodies in the basket again and took- them to his master. To go and carry that basket to the place where he had been taught to put it might, if necessary, be attributed to Instinct merely, b'utnobody had taught him to save a c'hild from drowning, and then, seeing the child inanimate, to take it np ngain and carry it to its mother, shows not only intelligence but goodness of heart. Many a man, less intelligent than Mouton, would not have reasoned so well as this: "In order to take to my master what has been intrusted to my care I must kill these eels, for living-1 cannot get them back into the napkin, as while I am picking up one " will get away?' And notice that the seven eels were killed in the same way! This brave dog is v according 1 to my idea, more intelligent and has more •mind than a good number of fresh young men of my acquaintance, who little suspect that they are far from being- of as much value as the good Mouton. The scene of saving 1 the child and . that of recapturing the eels was witnessed by two peasants who were on the other side of the canal. This story, one year old, is absolutely true.—Paris Eevue Spirite. r.nuiii f.i-ii.i i» )>>:. AM>KI;.-.IN, Ind.. Feb. 7. — Conrad SpoilH-l. aged •><) years, was found dead in his bed. His suppor-od that heart disc-arc w.v: the eru^o c,f death. .V.om-.y J.n'st on tliu K.Ui. MIUVAVKKK, Feb. 7.—Mrs. A. IJigcla, of Fond du Lac, who went, down with the .steamer Elbe, had ^,000 in gold in her baggage, half• oi which belonged to lier"brother of this city. She had been to Europe to collect an inheritance, and being suspicious of banks refused to adopt the usual methods. In till Fire lit Si-r.iiil"". I'a- SCBASTOS, I'a., Feb. 7.—Fire Thursday morning at 1'riceburg, 3 miles north of Scranton. destroyed two large double blocks, in one of which Joe Choporiuski, a Hungarian, conducted a saloon. ' Choporinski's xvit'e and 7- year-old child were burned to death. l.nmlpriitun. Hii. - e*u ... »»Isronrtin. Asur..o-D. \Vis-. Feb. 7.—Au extensive scheme has been inaugurated at .Madison in the creation of a state immigration bureau to locate people from cities on farming lands throughout northern \Yiscon>in. _^__ Mr*. I'ope Cli»r C ,..l iv.tn Mnr.lrr. DKTKorr.Mich., Feb. 7.—Mrs.Nellie Y\. Pope was arraigned in the police court Thursday on a charge of murdering her husband. Dr. Horace E. Pope. She pleaded not guilty, and her examination was set for February -J. William Hrusseau, he:- paramour, Trill be arraigned in a day or two- C2TKo law ever passed by tho eon- n »l Da ?iT^ I press of the United States ever dimiotheotncrs: p. , , .— ^-.j^ cri m-i>atlv as ished our foreign trade so _ the recent democratic tariff law.- lodo Blade. as To- Morton—Are you snre um.t Kenman EXPECTANT MOTHERS. That onr MOTHERS Griii.i, I'ruvimons. Ef. Ciru A o. Fob- T Fiourt-Dull and weak. W.nun— P .icuts, Si'SOtf.-.li.-.: sLndyhts. i2.:if.*..Al: ,10,^. Sj!. U S." secomls. .M.OJ^.UJ: lo»' K'-^e-. Si 00 ^•"5 siiniw-Piilciiis. $.U'l> .3.5J: .straljjhus. »iu.«iH>; briers'. aWj!-^': !°»' K™^; $i.75,.,i..SJ: K«J uoi'. *i.is^l..a: Ky«. s-wj ""IviirA-L 1 — -\uiiveaiul unsettled. Xo. -2 casli. 50y Sllic: January. SW&SlJJc: May. My® "^K-N'-Activo and ht--hor. Xo. 2 and No. 2 YOlow, «®-l3yc: Xo 3. 4iMc; No. .i \Ellow. 4.Mc: May -l5,l!WB«-=-. •'»»•• «M f^ ii; P- ti-ioucr. 40Wii(-4fiiie. OAl-s-Kair irauLv.' and- h! K !lOr Cash Xo. » -V^lB-'ac: May. -'.SMC^^^- Samples higher. '"iixla tv-?ells well and rules flrm. Common to"ood Xo. 4. ««»»: ->o. 3. ScmiSSMc. add No- : 'M«sPoilK-Tradln K was moderately activo Prices h "her. Quot .tlons r.inwd it 413.1 Ji4 |'?» rorc.-*h rorular: »ia!OaiO.W for Feb- rii-.rv and :-iO :!5 1,10.55 (or M ly t-rtn.-r active und hlftter. Quowtiom ran R n-nruarv "ad .-U.TOSS.'SS tor May. LIVE POUL"I v-Por pound: Turkeys. 53So: tbielens. 7,,Sc: Ducta. «B»c: G*«e. per ""'^^-ctaraery. l^=3e: dairy. SS20oi Packing St,ock. »a3c. n , en iH» XI OiLS-HejdliKhi. 173 test. 9c: Gasoline. 87 decs IDc- 7J cle-.-'s, 8c: Naphtha. 63 Jeff's, .c. uprjons-wnisky quoted steady at tl.2i per gallon for hl^hwiocs. _ XEW YOKK. Feb. t. Ptate and Western dull, steady. --NO. 2 red steaily. fairly actlvo. toy X 1 1-16 JSOMc: , July. 59WS5VXC; Aucust, W CORS-7Co. 2 moderately active, Irrecular. May. «*««3e: July, «K<a50!ic : No. - 43d '"OATS-NO. S qalet. firm. May. 33;<@33Ho: state. 35 i-iO^ic: western, 34340i^c. BEEF-Qulet. uncbacKCd. yo»K-Dull. steady. Me-s. tn.-OHi.Jj. steady: steam-rendered. J4« 'j- steady: limited TAKE NOTHING BUT ..... MOTHERS FRIEND. ... SOLD 3V ALL MCWtlRl. ;-. faccy steady, unchanged in Ilpbt st ' " ' :; limed.: live stork. CirrcAGO. Feb. I HOGS-Quillty fair. Market, moderate^ active f^inc rtrm. Prices SglOc mpher. ^a.es 1 at SlSftfrUO tor T>igs: . t3 -^ l l. J '^ ft 00 tilStor tousll paclatf;: t4.WiH.-H" . tor miiJi "Qd 54.203^50 lor hc^vy pac-ons • 'c^nL^-Sla. 1 ^ ratber active.. The feellns ' vus strong anJ be-^Brades atrlfle bigber. Qoo- • tauoasran-ed ntS.00 ^.63 for cboicd ;o e.ttra ihipptaE Steers; J4.40J4.9i lor cood w cMic« do.- «4.00X 63 toe (-iljr to ROOJ: s.-iujji.uj -uc coi^oa to medium iao -; ii .^ e ". t ^.^a for Feeders: Si -W #*•*' for Cov * : • ^'i 1 *^^ .tor Hetfer" ti<X>£i^ lor Bulls: &^-»-lJ 1 or T«x»s. Steers.- ana SiOO.io.53 t ^ r . l: .V < ~ 1 Ir. AUIIU.I! <-<l by K Ci»..al- 1 S.mie ih:iO ago tho fcrmos-s : .:i a 'J'*'^ valley, not far from tbe w—-t. <-.-'st -. ' Norway and south of the ci:y of ItifrgiMi, j to the gnT;rn~r--. ;o :v.-.-i- tf;cni from the ruiri tlv.t n\- L -r-.vi^':v< • them every few. renrs througli th.c ab- j normal rise of their river. Abov.r one ; hundred people live i;i this fvrt.ii.- vali-. > nnd above ilv.-ir <iii»!l Airins. sl-ining | the river od::e. to\v.-r s.nnw of iho I wildest nnd gi-andusr of Norw:.ys numu- , tains. Tin- ]'..-i>r>i<j :nv <K:iK-^<i»-nt, UIKHI , the protinoc of Uu-ir fariu^. :.:id tho.v i would be iu-o:-peri)i:s iind vo;:to:il.^i u , were not for one .hinge.;- thiil ^ire^'.i-^..-. tiie.n cvurv vear, iiJiu L.i.il L.v:^c six yoar:;"hris completely swopt ay.v.y ; their crops, ruids "••--'• b: 1 :...:---. i..-, ca.u:io of ihe'.r 11,!.,:..r.-;:e i:; v.,..:-:1: ,.-- suriiiiiu:. .MI-t!u ;.:.--:. ;--•:- .::.-'-••:••• denly !.v,-e!ls their litl.'e i-ive:-to a r;i-.'- ing to:-r.-:it. •:!.'.v iVi.-:. ;:..ov,' :.,.,: .,.'.-.- O-.-.e u:" '.'.--0 !::r;;est iiik-ts in this deep- l;s i-.:i-.-ruv,- v::'.'ey ^-.:s.-.-.-. :.:•' ; •:• -• of t-:'i* bra:-.L-hesat its lu-ad o;K-nstho iie'ur.-si:\:c ;::v.l WsiMiiK'i- ^- ; ' ; - - ;: ' The head of 'J. : .s r:.vr--i-.v v.';':-; 1 ^'~ of a procipi'otis clilV over whose tumbles occ of t'.ie Gru-sL of >-.- wh;;:b is wori.li goir.g far to ;-.-?e. m:i!:ing this plun;-.: the w::U-v?_ ^ away, a swift-ilowin;: river, sin^v.od !-y ! WO* bridges and bordered by paU-.'n-s ' of cultivation. Tli'.s is a gh;-i;il river. I for hi;;!) above the wnrerfr.l! isn .'i-ineier ' desceudiug frnra a vast snow l-e'.d o;i the upper rcountnin slopes, nnd the torrents that pour from under the molting ice stream become the waterfall and river. This glacier is the c:iuse of the mischief in the valley below. The glacier is one of the most conspicuous illustrations of a great jeo stream in a main valley descending across tho mouth of a side valley r.n<. damming up tho drainage collected there so that it forms a lake. In ordinary years the snow whose melted waters form this lake melt slowly and the laivt, ,m=," 6 ra(!v..">lly until il is on a level with the surface ;f the glncicv, when the water begins to cut a chimnei between the ice and the lofty hill at its side. As the channel deepens the lake- is gradually drained and no c. 1 .am::ye'is done in the valley 'below. When, however, the summer thaw is unusually rapid the lake fills in a remarkably short time and tho weight of the pent-up waters forces a channel ur.- der the glacier. It digs a large Uinnc'. in the ice, through wliich the great volume of water is precipitated in a few hours upon the farm lands of tho valley, destroying all the property within roach, and blasting every hope of the season's harvest. Tho g-overnment has eomo to the rescue and tho poor farmers are not to be driven from their homes by forces of nature which, unaided, they cannot control. A canal is to be blasted through the solid rock alongside tho glacier, which will carry o:T the waters of the lake before they have risen to any great' height. This is one of the few instances in which it has bcei found necessary to circumvent a glacie, in order to render it powerless to do mischief. Sumc funny stori-ies nrc told about the marriage" service. One of them relates how an o 1 . 1 man, brought rather unwillingly to the altar, could not be induced to repeat the responses. "My good man," at length e.-ckirjcd the clergyman, "I -cally ecinnot inarry von unless you do as you arc told." Hut tho man still remained silent. At this unexpected hitch the bride lost all patience with her future spouse and burst out with: "Go on. you old toot! Say it after him just the same us if you ivas mockin" him." The .same diHicnlty occurred in another case. The clergyman, after explaining what was necessary and going over the responses several times «ithout_thc smallest effect r'aocr cicrors arc one 1 of the most recent lortns of adulteration in Germany, where two manufacturers have been punished for making them. In one case only the outside leaf consisted of tobacco, the rest of the cigar being composed of brown paper previously steeped in tobacco juice and then dried. In the other case the cigar maker had actually entered in a contract with a paper manufacturer to make for him a special kind of brown paper with tobacco remnants and paper pulp, the r.heets being afterward cut into strips wnd rolled into the fonu of cigars. AT. r- !>'•- Vl'lmnt. Pain is always a iprrlr.1* vlsliant, and oft«Mi do "Idles 1 self *l-h onn for ll'e. Th's I. fli-tion l« piev-ntaM-. In cases of rheumati-m nTJUlT-. Ij- rworcto Ro toiler's Sfc.macli Bitters, wtilcb cli«;-*ih*'-r.cp.i>chm-i.tii ortuls ob-Unatrt and ria R-rOus ma Mi! at tH« Out*t The U-rm ••d*ngmra*" I" "'"d I'dvihfdlv. for rhi'umatsm Isal.Hjs llai.le to attack Hi« T'ta- or t^rmlnat* lit". NO t« Hrn"ny Is more c -nd roncnrront <h n that of ph. Iclsns who testl- f it.itlic«>x fllfiit Hfle^-t ot the 3m*«tn this atft+v. P^rso'iR ln-.ir a w^ tine Iti r Inyor ,nfiwr* ( '« | n i ' r . and who are «p"ifd to .rau hts, *bond n«> !h« Biters »» z. preventive of W -ff«!t» *«lar'a, dr-p»pi«ia. IWot a.irt kidney trouble, nerv. usnpf 5 and debl ily «r<> also among ih-^ aliments to »nlch ihis popalar m«lU.io»'R ndaptod. l-or the Infirmities, s»rpn-(a andsUff- nw» of the a«e i !t H tUphl] beneadal. Children Cry foi Pitcfier's r Wben you fe=l bad v/ith headache, lake Kio«-b8ri' B Li»er Pills. One a do?e. So'-a b? B F^. KseeUD? and ru Btore.,.. . : Children Cry foi «r'« Ca»torla. , - fl v ^?i.'l rSf^c—^,—•JSTS'/if tX"--\ KNOWLEDGE . ., oxpi-!..ii:i-.fo, L: ii'"" { .. ..:!;•• lU \vurld\- IK-SI |'!'.. ' u.- t,. it.- pr.-M-i.tn.!-' :,.,- i,..;i. isiiK-t :H-iv|.Uii'U- am! \>^ ,',i Lv. '.!,v taste, the n>fr.-^h:ti{i all" tnil> .',;>:iei..! |.::.ju-rtii--.- of » i^-rtir' la.v ,.i',.."- l '-; l ';-(.u:ili.V oli':insii':-' t'..- .-\-tnu, •'.,,-"-'Vi. i- IM'-U,' he:iU:u-hi-.- a:»i tev.-i*- ..,!' jvrmnnenllv curing eun^iuHU.n,. , ... ' .^vcii sjili>f:iCol.)li K' inilli-ii>=i''«l ....T'tt-ftli I,he appruvnl of 'he "'.•< iea, ,,,lV-iioii, beeau^ it act-" •»' tllr Kl ;'' ,-v-, .,i, !ri Lh.-n. .1»>1 i- is pertVetly tree .(-rv .ibjec:-i'iii:ihU' snbf-tam*. -V'ui, nf l r i^ is lor suh by ah drug- ,.\;'iM .Wc.-n.>l*l b.»t.tl<> but it is in:'",i : ,riureii hy the Canfi.rni:. Fi^ byrup •., ,,uh wliust; iminc is pnnu-d on every ^'.kiw.' :iU the name, -Svvup ,.l FipN ,„, bciut! *«H infon;.«.1, y»u *'ill "••• Oiler-* (OLUtyBIA PAP CALENDAR Par * * • A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind o! storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest of all —full'of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of .the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to thai, ol course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnt stamps. Addr«» Cakndw D«p«rtnient, POPE MFC. CO., Mention thii piptr. Hartford, Conn. fM.se «ml Curr or ll,«rt«(-.l.i-. Hi-adHcrj-s I* Ke"=r*.iy o*uM;d by tbe ivcn mum u.g-in.-, tbe liver and kid. vs, not ijcrriirmmir ih'-1'- i-everal nnd imoa-iinff <o the blood impurities • liht in t-.rn ii.fl m- the svHcm »nd urnquce 'ever* ard b. ad-ehe Tbe remedy i-o prevent, and cure ineBO .ro.ir,!esiB Rint-hanV Pule. Sold by 8. F. K'-tBbpg and K-ys-ODe d>uR -lore. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cartorla. Rinebsri'd Worm LfK-r>|?eB are tbe ne^t bechu.e ib.-y remote tbe worm nests. Sold by B. F. KeeBlltg and Koyatooe i » CWla. «o* cn«J tor Caawrtfc, «Tben ow Waea «ne Wlw tan a»a Cnuoren. Wjr»« nil Worm 5»U. Worms lire «eoer«liy troubleBOtnc 10 youne cblld-Ilftr, nod »re often the caii-eof pale, emnclated and llf^lesi condition of children. The best retn- ^dj to (iifpcl all kind* of worms it Rioebari'e Worm Lozenges. It la the only remedy that d-siroj» the worm rest, which, if not removed, soon breeds more of the p^sts Sola by B. F. Keesllog ana Kejotone drug store. _ For Ortr FUly T«tr» Mre. Winniow'. Suuibioj, Syrup hM beeo used for over flilj yenru bj millions of mothers for tbelr cblicren wbile teethlrjf, with perfect ttuccee*. It soothta the child «oflenu tbe gum«, allajsali pain, cures wild colic, and Is the bcsv remedy for dlarrbos*. Il wl 1 relieve tbe poor little cufferor Itn. mediaiely. Sold by drug(fi»t* IB e»ery part of the world. T-eniy-five ceot* l. bottle. Besareaod »stt for • Mr«. WJoilow's Soothing 8?rup." »«>d tak* no oiber kind..,"/.;,

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