The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1932
Page 6
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^Pj£UL_^~^ : — _ . _BLYTHEyiLLE'. (ARK.) COURIER N - EWS -•P* W\* ~"fw — -..^===^ : . =—*fc"S ==========;===;==- I|L^SDAXL_^yEMggR-^o.:.Mg3-' Papooses Play Here, Chickasaws To WilscnlVidav MEMPHIS JUNIOR CRUSHING UP SPORTS ByLaufcr I (lUPUnDiycliJjri TexanTiiTTT^~l s ?" j CWi^ !PII!M ^Sl^%, . ' MS III THIS ^"i±S,l, ! ^S^ Chicks Meet Wilson Bull-; do^s; Bellevue, Papoos-j es in Armistice Game. Armistice Day wili be a day of battle for BIyihovil!/? football teams. Th e -B!yth«viHe hlch Chicks will, mec-t the Wilson Bulldogs at Wil- : son in n game having an Import- < ant hea-ini? on the Mississippi '. coi'nly championship. The B!v(!ieril!? junior P.ipoosei • will play th? Bol!evi:e junior high ; It-am of Memphis, live times win-: of the Junior high conference title in Memphis, at Haley Field here. ' j The Papooses will be under dr-s i in tlv>lr clash with the Bnllevue Oranee Jerseys while ln» Chbks, and Bulldogs will enter the same at Wilson on about even terms. Dellevn? gained its first title in five years In the Memphis junior hteh conference by defeating SnoiTden junior high 13 to 0. The Orange 'Jerseys, coached by Bob King, are considered as. strong as rnms of the contenders in the Memphis preo league, composed of renior high 'teams. The Bcl!evue-Papoo?e pnmc will be called promptly at 3 o'clock, officials have announced. The Chicks may win or lose the Mteissippt county championship when Ihsy go to Wilson tomorrow. Shav.-nce has already tied the local eleven but the Chicks can still win the county title if they trim the Bulldogs provic'-icl the Bulldogs later tic or beH the Shawnee grid<ier<; when they meet. The tilt st Wilson will be hard, foueht 'on tl-e basis of i'-rtnt little fomDarisop Is available with neither team have a decided edge on lh«* other. Coach Charley Kramer will kr.?p Captain Jimmy Tioton in the backfield against Wilson. Tiutcn was moved Into -the rear ranks! Usually fro^n his center position for thej°f fighting get together, there is Jone.sboro came nnd Kramer has 'talk of Joe Gnus, and most of them (ibout decided to keep him there ! sny he was the greatest fighter thai the, rest of the senson. Holland is ever' threw leather, handling Tipion's pivot job. j But how much belter was lie est line-up axuinst the Bellevue. H he proved? fn his recent fight tram from Memphis 'in thi game I with Billy 1'elrolle, it seemed The here. Tlie Papoose eleven Is com- 1 '''He Italian toy from New Orle- wsed of junior high players nnd !fll 's 'u><I everything that a great hgh school plaj-ers who fnil (o j rliigman should have—and he had rrnke the varsity squad. to u=e It to halt the fury of the The probable opening line-up for Fargo Express. IN TEXflS TITLEJITtSI University of [Texas and T- C. U. In Important Till Saturday. «.v NK.V Scrvlrt ! FORT WORTH, Texas, Nov 10 I - Hie irinnah! - and n ',„,..• rnamplon. After Texas Christian nnd t),-, bnlvcrslty of Texas tear „„ tlio loco orldlron In their r ll( , n . m-t here next Saturday, "","„ 'obably .vro t( lc ncw chamolon O f HP Southwestern Conference. The local Christian bovs haven't dronji-d . an encounter 'tbl. ve"r nml Texas | IBS Io! , only 0| ^£ Centenary, a non-conference niem- The Tcxa* tonshorns are brine-1 ins one of ths best i^ms in flioi ' when veteran observers | cry (hat he helped to create. That man is Pete Herman, the old ban lamwclgtit champion, now nearly blind. Pete was nearlng the end of his Cars Improve Policemen's Efficiency ST. LOUrs (UP)—Use of radio- equipped automobiles has enabled Elytherille is: Eddie Saliba. center; Hal Moore, left guard; Jnmcs Dozier, right teckle; LeRoy Brown, riphl guard: Jamej; Kob- .-/ts, left tackle; Bobbie Goodrich. Iffi end: Nirell Brlgham, right, end; Dick Tipton. quarterback; Gebber Saliba, left half: Iten Tills day and age hns soen no better fights than that one, nnd fe«- bsttflr fighters. Slashing at- tncks, clever defense, beautiful action nil the way! * « * In the Sliailows Tlie. ninn u-Jio Fisher, 'right half; Vernlce Drister, ! Tcny to the rilw wara sits tack fullback. /Substitutes: Dick Bums, jih the shadows now, unable lo see E. B. Rogers. Gepinc Cross. Mell ! Hie fmc piece of flghlin" machin Brooks, W. T. Burns, Bernard Me- ! -- - -- ^^ __ Farland. I fcnling Sl , 0 , V(tCtL y( , s(er(i!u , M , ( js . Jusf what linr-iip Bellevue will i probable (hat (he entire start ,s doubtful. Bellevue did not | string line-up will start a «-'c a single string regular in de- | Blythevllle's first r - THIS CURIOUS WORLD ~ «IENTISIS- CUT Off THE HEADS' OF WATER BSETLES- TRANSPLANTED THEM ON THE BODIES' OF OT HER. INSECTS: ' Cnnzoneri had been fighting in Johnny Gahvay's Gayoso Club in New Orleans. He started as an ain- aleur. weighing around 75 pounds. The 13-year-old boy, when examined prior to his first fight, was declared to have a weak heart. His mother objected, to his fighting, bub thc call of the ring was too loud In thc lad's ears. He finally persuaded his mother that the rough boys of the ring couldn't hurt him. In this he was assisted by his father, who u-ns proud of the little fellow's ability with his haivls. Herman had lost his title to Joe Lynch n short, time before Tony tcgan fighting, nnd tile veteran bantamweight already was suffering from eye trouble that hud l>eeu brought on by the pounding he ;ook during his long and busy career in the ring. * • • "Herman, Junior" Pete became Interested in l!:e Italinn lad, and wrote to ager. Sammy Goldman, telling of the prowess of thc boy. One day Herman telegraphed to Goldman announcing that lie was sending along a "Herman. Junior" and that he woiiid give a good account of himself In any kind of a bout. Goldman met tlie little fellow at the depot. For a time he kept him In the amateur ranks, patiently getting him ready for thc rigors of professional competition. Tony was 20 when he was given I'.ls first big assignment, six rounds against Jack Gardner at tlie Rockaway Beach Club. And he knocked out his opponent in a round. T.-.e boy went on to win 19 o:it of 29 six-i'ound A CROP CF tEAVES EACH N'tTA^, 6UT LO5E TliBW GRADUALLY. . . ~ - the ^miMinn i^ns. I he bovs from Austin f r ,-";h from victories over liice and SouUiern Methodist, two of the strongest sounds in tlv cotife-- encc. arc In (he PM: of rolldu(ou Clyde I,ittlcflcld nnd hh assistant coaches, nil! .lames, line, nnd Mnrlv Knrow. back field, have welted a sniaoth-funrtionln? null around the co-cawtams. Ernest Koy. AU-Conferenrr> fullback of: 1MO and Ml. nnd Wilson "Choeslc" i Cook, , All-Conference guard of' Koy Is a fast ami powc-rii? ( nlnnper. Football erilics aro watch- In? ,.hi s nliivlng for All-America choice. Ccok is n 20fl-i:onnder who Is pulled out of (he line to run interference, too. The l.oViEiinnis have two of the slronrest (ankles in. (he southwest In Claud "Ox" Blnnlon nnd A.r! Niebuhr. The "Ox" tins the bc.-iin nt 200. Is mi All-Conforence (nek- v . le of 1D29, and is back for his! increase in personnel since best year after bein? out of the { il ^ : <s stated. Pnmr: lust yenr. due lo Illneir He kicks the nf! tempts. Niebuhr is a 195-pomule: and plenty fast nuil clever. Th.e two halfbacks Imvj been thc talk of the south this year. jThcy arc Tinhn Hillinrd, 170 Founds of elusiveness, nnil Harrison Sinf- forcl. said lo be Hie harden hit- tlnar tackier in the section. The genera] of the (cam Is Charles Bnnkhenrt. qunrlHiiivk. who wears classes and does n bit of engineering study when he - —- CJEO. WASHING- The socrrr football season 1ms ^°^ U1UIHJR ill r-cnnl in ,.-i n ir«t a( tlv Sndbury N K W YOKK fliool, what the came has been CITY Is the Ions- l!ic favoiile boys' sport over a esl suspension li- te-! led o.' y.-nrs. Three teams have the world.. r'l.Olt l:f:n ciir.scn from among tho boys o'-' tracks i to 0. These teams are bv ?ifr. Morris. Mr. . . !ir.uc>pr, and Mr. Stubte The "OHEUT LOUIS | captains, with their t.^am mem- : , fccrs. !ol!o'.v: ' Rnvmond Murrtauoh w ^T^'^TI T ''n V 'l "' hel1 ' ™ iim " ID * was I'UK CHASED from Sl'AI.V In 1S19. : s T E v K N SON . Vfrotfl UIQ baoX. ims, Rex Smiil, Burton. Edwin Sanders. Jack A1(rc(l Smi!)1 ' E!lrl Xo *' Billv Lavcrty. Fred IVrry Bllllc «k Beil. Hei rt ' " ek s tth T' M- - h. led ^11117, Murk An- , p'"l L wn nlUC ' Jolm - ian. Pniil Wallace, l^vis Jaek ciiisholm . James Lcise, Charles Purile ; . - Heffner Tom Tinker. Jack; Anclt-er ™ .. . ; MrC«b[nn. Mvurd Workman. I St |Sm,-rort..v»mon Thompson. Wil- He was'a caterer n he I Blttckwell. Fred Beetle. Willie league last season. P , u ? * Di , ? ,, s .. ham Itowell. Homer Webster, Jr.; other brother, ulavs with Co', m Stiles. Bry.uu Stewart. Huntir bus '"' for (he championship of the Southwestern Confi-a-me, urc Ilicse Bidders from the University of Texas, who'll meet Te-;as airi.slimi al For! AVurth, \ov. K . Above are "Ox" lilanlor, tackle, left, Co-c.iptain Wilson Ccok, guard, center, and Art XU-bulir latklf. Ilelow arc Co-captain Ernest Koy, fullbark, lefl, and Quarterback Charlie Bankhead. of the black variety almost cotn- plctelv popped ojicn on the side turned.toward the sun. n pa J Ueaa Iiollce here to reneli the -iccne of crimes in an average of 43 seconds after Ihe report. Use of modern crime detection metnccls has enabled thc SI. I.ouis polire force to operate without an -ir ar s In Cavern , e o nes-;. e off for the team and bakes] Farmer FinJc after touchdown nolnl nt-1 f, W flndS Popped Open /on the Ear r , FOWS ARE /AATEO I* QN&'CMS-HALF OF THE BROOD js BLL>£/ ONE-GC/ARTER is, BLACK, AMD ONE-QUARTER, 18 WHITE, TO PROOOC6 AN AU-QLU£ SROO3 IT IS NECESSARY TO CROSS" ANOAIUSIANS' WITH ^ O 1932 •rBIAStB Although there are blue-colored fowl« -nr-h ^ ,1 „, Ian, no blue pigment is know^ lo ^ ^, M . l *' nlllc ^^- oy a ono-ro«n<l knockout of A fowls. The blue color Is produced bv <L H I °' rtoni(1 * ll(! iSiiiser-and It WM a fight in which v l» ihn black pigment granules l>c had not been Hgured lo have n 'tx-lared Through When the new Madison Square j Garden was opened, Tex Rickard I offered n $500 prize lo the hover scoring the first knockout there. Tony wns the winner. He wont on to win the featherweight title from Benny Bass, nnd when it to Andre Routls four years ago, the belief was expressed that he was all washed up. But he came on again as a lightweight, working his way up to a match with Sammy Mandell three years ago. He lost again, and many boxing writers declared he was all through as a fighter. He started another campaign and Just .as he was beginning to click, along came Billy Pelrolle and beat him In Ills ncxf to last fight In f930. Undaunted, Tony carried on,'and won the lightweight championship V a ono-ro\md knockout of Al . r ------ n. u} uic being of a pccultor fhape and Mr.g , aw oRn that a blue effect Is given Instead of bhck „ , , Neither to there any w hite pigment I» the leather color appears to be due to air spaces Hght is renectea ar.d in such a manner T reach I»w«r-I* contained cram of radium? chance. Now he stands with the slate cleaned, his victory over Petrolic in one of the greatest fights of Ihe Scar establishing beyond all doubt mat he is the greatest fighter of our time. Maybe Cans was Dealer. I con t know liow H could be shown. HYSHAM. Mont. (UP) — Pup- corn, sold by ihe car instead of the baff, may b? . tlie fashion in Montana if all growers have .'the fortune of J. M. Lohof. Harvesting ,a crop of the cohi recently, Ixjhof foirnd a large ear GREAT PALLS, Mont. (UP) — Herman Holy.heimev. lc;,il hunter, shot a 45p-rx>und blnek boar. He iras.certain (lie second shot, had 1907, killed the animal, but it seemed ' io disappear in (he ground. Inbestigation revealed the bear had tumbled [into a cavern, and nud to te dug oui bnforo Holz- hcimcr could retrieve it for mounting or rug-makins purposes. - ----.. ten ' 1 l )Ia - vitl ff football. Canned Brown [Bread To Replace Hardtack Everything for Your Entertainment and Comfort RITZ THEATER Thursday and Friday I*rison Ilns Rowling Alley NORFOLK. Mass. (UP) The new . Norfolk state prison is believed the only penitentiary in thc country where a bowling alley Is provided for inmates. Ads. , Captain William Ellis. Billy Me-; Gillette BLUE BLADE *S(op enduring discomfort when you shave. Try the "BLUE BLADE" and learn the ease nnd convenience thousands and thousands of men enjoy. Get the benefit of this blade's slotted flexing center and rust-resisting finish. Buy a package of "BLUE BLADES" on our money- back guarantee of satisfaction. MISSOULA. Mont. (UP)— T!a- lions for Uncle Sam's forest service employees in .nil pnrl-s of htc United States and Hawaii, narked here i?.Tch year for distribution, will contain no .'hardtack for the, year, officials have p.n- Ho llilfl ?50,000,000 and had " omiccd - ' novov—-boon kissed—hut she Aclm.—Matinee- -10 and —10 and 30c 25c rrn „ , . t li^U! UL' The 'army cake" formerly used on| r , l' the rnnrnrs a-ll Iw ^,,'^.,,i i,,, bUU " " XCU by thc rangers, wll be rcphcwi by canned brown bread, increasing the calory content of the foods packed for the forest workers. Tlv*. can in which the bread is purkr.l will bo used us n coffee |xit after Its contents have been removed, lightening the rangers' ririilnmcnt. Cans of hnsh, pork nnil becms. roast beef, fruit, coffee, and n bar of candy will 'be nlnced In e.i.'li rations 1'ack with the bread. Officials said that 32.000 pounds of Ihe bread would be required. Mother's Hair Sulfiilr Xmw VREDEUORP. iSonth Afiira (UP)—A IG-year-oltl schoolboy, Jan Dirk Johannes Fourle. hrm-r- ed himself recently Irom hoaks in the ceilin? of his bedroom with n plait of his mother's hnir. Women Claim Hiking: Ifftnnr I.OMOVIEW. Wash. (UP) - Mrs. L. W. Wright and Mrs. J. P. Liv- crmore. LQngvtcw. claim they are thc first women to hike n'ro-.inO. Mt. St. Helens alone. They - cred thc !50 miles, circliut; the of the mountain, in four "days. Last Time Today — "Okny America" with Low Ayvi-'s and Maureen O'Siillivan.' Fn day and Saturday Adm. — Matinee ami NJRlit 10 nnd 25c SEE 'Old Dark House' with Boris Karloff (His Grentpsl Hole Since Also Gtnm SUinrl, Milvyn Douglas nnd Lilian Hoiuf Serial and Comcdv in 'He Learned About Women' with Sluarl Efwin, Alison | Skipworth and Cartoon and Comedy STJX-MOX — "THR ALL AJIRRICAN" with Richard Arlcn. COMING ATTRACTIONS"Bill of Divorcement" with John Ban-ymorc. "Blessed Event" with Lee Tracy. 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You will profit by spending enough time to be convinced tliat voti can save if von buy here. GILLEN FURNITURE CO.

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